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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 19, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico R july to 1022.Albuquerque morning journal swim Honaker Lis Bui fein hours after shouting coroners jury finds verdict of suicide w. L. Do Bell recovering from wound in foot. Carriers version of causes leading up to present strike is set Forth by executives Ano milk records set by local cows or i cd Rhi i. I n shot cry Uben monday night cd i weapon on ii Ivy it Day morn i it orium. A euro be it Ort of Justice w. Yet fir morning dict that Honaker Rama of nth result re \ Gat hot wound. I rot ight out at the Hon Tho., published j it Ste Day morning. T i Iii darn of the and Rig Hor who on whom a i it n in danger. No Irr d at the do wet ? Rulf ave nut or. At a Honjio in a in hmm the body a i Rived a wire Ycu a to mount Orth. Of rom Honaker nth a Ker of Cleveland Van the owner of n Nome other personal jury a composed up in Smith. A. A be nor. It. C. Howell of Turk in Honaker but yester to lied at i Home Hon into i brain. The following Piffier from t. Question to the labor Board were de Witt Cuyler chairman of adv a Midi d to fake the necessary step association of railway executive. A Bat Board jurisdiction and to it. M Jewell give the rail Ith it labor Board after you Road a views As to the Yauae Toad and insisted on before it the leading up to t he strike of Roll Lebut Colon which you now reiterate Road showmen Chicago hi., june 29. 1922. Or. La. A Jewell president Hall Way employees department. Am orb an federation of i abot its Roadway Chicago 111. Der flirt i have received your of the 17th instant an presented it to a meeting association of hallway lives which convened in Chicago today for another purpose in no in your Telegram proceeded to d ride the Ca thereby determining i that the Carrier had made All of i the Effort required by the is to Lettl with their employ by Nego to fion before appealing to the labor Iboa re. You further know hut do not mate a i Quot a Ltd a new state butter up r Arn r f cd an a in Iai i ?. Re 1 it. Which in it ultimate application j amounted to approximately t00, 000,000 making it derision Retro-1 Active to May i. The Carrier a a loyally accepted the decision and j the new mexi paid the increased v tee. Mock i Pion Holstein Lac then the volume of Busine has _ agent de it of be enormously declined and the Cost Herd of Thor of living has diminished. Underpay and these Circum stances the Carrier j county dairymen reached the conclusion that they 2 year it and in the could not continue to pay Scales a of has produced 14.04. Wage to meet conditions no longer j Mejt it making Soi pour existing without imposing a a Patter. The Public a scale of rates out of Champion s rear relation to business conditions a to her half sister against which the Public was Man ing vigorous protest. They a poultry growers to study handling of flocks in summer the thought to be the 1 to til r Champion having j Cordingly pursue individually in nil i of Muk d course pointed out by the Law. Ana j0hutt r or applied to the bar Quot it Pound for that period View the changed condition and enter an order granting a prop r reduction in wag 1, in the Appl Slof Chat by coun to r i tin h a rot Briony to the Der by Ormurd As 8� Clit Ion Holstein is i % a a if cd a1 Pant be a r Iti a re. I pounds of i to unix a of by it by h of w to comp in july to j Evchich v a 1 a re no 2-Yrnr-c lid 1 re i in Tell be the Aker Thaul and d to Banty poultry a a it ening of her of com s Quot care k Dur ill b Pou i Mal or Quot by in acted with any pending in bar controversy. While that Anocia Tion of railway executive Doe not undertake to Deal with labor policies such matters being left to the regions and to the individual roads your Telegram because of the shortness of time a Allahl a considered by those present at the me Ting today and by unanimous vote i is instructed to make to you Tho following reply your Telegram conveys on behalf of the a hop crafts an unlit la believed by Telegram , w 9m% 00 1,1,1 reduction in wage in my a a a a Quot a if non it vow i h i a a Vatu that the difficulty in agree cation both parties were fully Beard i 8tl in Owr y ing in a reduction in wages a j a no circumstance were co Sld an a in cantly Vino Sancet ova Iju Quot of butter during the f ived by them from your ofgant i stated fixing to new and reduced j a a a a cation that they instead of agree schedule of wages for the Cia of reduced is,00 flocks a ring the past i Young St re shows St i and cart ill be t ill and if this . A hat the employees would no t Agre i to it because of instructions a Ltd the senior state having county ago v senior to a to grown Champion of to produced 1,028 i i u it is urls a so invited egg Proi or. Has to Ding d forum my in p to Atter the s4sk your grocer today Cov j old1 Monk Olive Oil fro in perfect olives1 d thing. A Quot a a urn w wings a Mumme journal want ads bring Quick surf. Results log to reduction shout insist on increases. This Foliar to agree is further evidenced by the fact that when lha reduction in question a directly ordered by the labor Hoard you proposed not to accept it but on the contrary to strike for the purpose of timing up the a a tire rail transportation facilities of the unit cd states to prevent the reduction going into off it. 4. You charge that various Railroad system have undertaken to contract out both work and shops in order to take the men employed out from under the Protection of inn urn that unless Tho Carrier Railroad labor organisations turn the ii Back on the United lurid to deprive them of the protect hta pm Railroad labor Hoard and on of my transportation act tobit recent your term i whom you i 1 92 2�?do v decision and accept the employ for speak will on july i after tomorrow re sort to Force in the shape of a strike and will attempt to Ini Rupf the orderly processes of Lull four preliminaries in the alleged vice cases set for today pro a min Rob it iring in the cases of four men who have Bernar in St i in Conns to n with the moral i n up to Hui been under Way it Albu cur que fir the Pant ten Days will be held this m Oto till in the. Met of j a. Of. Erg. Roddy. A of t a a ? i who Are to her sex i or Quot tin if Juan tirade for Mer of nit a state marshal who in a of a statutory crime ii. I Quot f m us Ivl Dunn on july 2, i m Tayidi n in keen in a pre sex nun Cor Ilion i it of the time a inc that it alleged attack and i Raper not to have Rej. Lined her strength or Complete mental pot t Mas a ret and Frank Herna act a Ltd a a dub i for or a ring in Eon a Colon with charge brought be. U it of the or fold by Ethel it intr i. To iia old girl who v. Is w Hub 1�?~avldaon the night la Art cd is alleged to have been made upon her by Juan ready. Sam Weinberg held in connect Tjon with Case of Mildred four a in will i in a hearing today in a Ptah a Rod Lye a court tile exact hour i id not hot a n St Lait night. Oppi Oil i tit a err. Shreveport 1.1 july of a ant turd it i o Uip my today tin iodine n n of 25 it ent per i Irry on All Gide of crude Oil in which latter it i assumed you mean the Protection of the labor Board whose order you now defy a i arming hut Quot work. You do not state although you doubtless know that the contracting out of work and shops a been a Talon on which the by j resorted to by comparatively few Ness Comfort and welfare of the Carrier and that in doing so they american Public depend. Mean-1hay acted individually and upon while before consideration of a heir own responsibility. Your Telegram could be had and they have been advised by their this reply sent the Public pres counsel a we Are informed that i Arrie today the announcement that you have actually issued your strike order effective 10 00 o clock a. In. July 1st., Al though the Railroad managements present today state that they Are without any official notice from the employees whom your it present in letting such contract they Are strictly within the or Legal right that the labor Board has no jurisdiction to determine otherwise and that they Are ready to submit this question of bonafide difference to the properly constituted Legal tribunals. And will loyally abide by of the intention to suspend work. The result. Makes a a our charge. I it seems appropriate however to you seek to justify your a j Point out the of you have a Grev Tion by making four charge Mcm against the a individual line. Against lha railway executive. J you should add res them this you i. You Char Quot that they de do not do but a seeking to make dined to establish by agreement it an excuse for an attempt to in a the their employ Railroad. To erupt transportation on All line Board of labor Ltd Tenn 302 of in Transf set although you will know that adjustment under including the few contracting Road the transport n land also the Many oth a who have not resorted to the contract method it should also he noted that there employees some of whom you rep a resent. State of tribunal. You demand that we accept your decision and reject that of the labor Board. You Are clothed with none of the Power or authority of organised government. The labor Board is a creature of the United state statutes is a part of the government to whom All Good citizens own Loyal to and allegiance and in what it has done in the matter of which you complain has been performing a function expressly Dele gated to it by Congress. To submit now to your demand and to reject the decision of the labor Hoard would he to recon Leo your Power and authority greater than that of the government. The consequence of the rejection of this constituted governmental authority and obedience to your invisible and irresponsible Power would be to continue a charge on the producing and consuming Public for transportation in excess of that which the government through los labor Board a now declared to by just and fair. This unjust Burden shall not be put upon the Public by a surrender on our part to your threat of Force. If the just authority of the government i to he successfully defied and the government is to be rendered helpless to protect it Cit. Gens in their peaceful and lawful Pursuit of patriotic and Loyal shed Lance to government authority is to tie denied the aet and the responsibility must by your. It shall not be our. If you strike it will in against an order of a government tribunal it will be a strike a Arnist the government of the i United states. Very truly your. Mich adjustment Board of a Stab i shed could under the Plain in a marked difference Between the terms of the Law have no Juris attitude of the contracting Road diction Over the question of Ltd the on hand and the attitude wages. Moreover in your quota-1 yourself and those whom j eur lion of the language of a represent on the other for the lion 302. You show that the Law contracting Road decline to in express term leave it of. A decision of the labor Bourd in a tonal with each Carrier to agree Ltd a where there i a bonafide Dif or not to agree to establish such i Rencz of opinion a to the Bon Rdv and you How that the j jurisdiction Lait Are ready United state Railroad labor i1 a to i Fitt Sta i Board expressly held on do eem by on. 5t�p a. To Lim Ber t. 1920, that it had no Power Thor Ltd it i. Determined to to require the establishment of yf.,u a it it lawful h adjustment boards. I2. You charge that the car i riders after the United state Railroad i Abor Board had re ferret to them and their employ i the negotiation of an agreement a a the erroneous Ami As to and Worket g Condi statements contained in Lions presented proposal. To Telegram. Suffice it to say. Which the employee found it h Een and la nothing in the Pool by to agree and thereupon1 f the Carrer to justify that the matter in dispute were order in a proceeding confessedly within it jurisdiction. Strike not fun tufted. It i impossible within any reasonable limit of space to single out Rondou and f answers to questions. Submitted to the United state Railroad i Borha re. You show that the labor Hoard f n such Suhm Salon decided in favor of the Contention of the Carrier in respect to amendment to rules to to 12. 14, 15, the act which you notify a you arc about to commit. Then can be no question about the facts. The facts Are that the term on which in your Telegram you now insist have been duly and fully presented to the labor Board. This 45 and 177, and you late that a Hoard is patiently heard the Evl this decision of the labor boards new on which you rely to support a not acceptable to the pm your demand a Well As that of play a j Fen d in opposition and have listen it i not Clear from this charge. Tto an 1 duly considered your Are bother your is against Kucment in support of your position till carriers for carrying their Clin j you Funy participated in this Law put to the labor Board establish fun arbitration Ami had your Day in de by Law to hear and determine court your new glasses in the colonial pattern. These newly shaped lenses blend with the lines of the face thereby adding to the Beauty of the it or against tin labor Board for deciding on till Law and the evidence against Jou. 3. You charge that while Tho Tabor Board had still before it proceedings concerning rules and working condition the managements on the respective railroads presented to their employees pro Posada for a uniform reduction in notre and without a genuine Effort to agree with their employees carried the question As a controversy to the labor Board. Hoard let Ltd iils it it ase. You also know but do not state that the carriers before taking this men summer suits $9.90 a Fol Flykt Sti Busy slur the Board on this hearing de old d against you and rejected the demand which you new insist under penalty of a strike that we accept and rendered a decision fixing the wages which in its opinion Are just and fair under the Clr it a stances. Creation of Tabor Hoard. The labor Board was created by an act of Congress. In its labor provision it constituted a serious and maturely considered Effort by Congress peaceably and equitably to adjust labor Contr version protect every just right of labor and to prevent strikes and lookouts by providing it duly organised government tribunal to hear and determine labor controversies affecting carriers and their employees and thus Avert from the Public the disaster which must inevitably follow an interruption of transportation. Up to the present moment it has happily accomplished that purpose. 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