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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 19, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico July 19, 1922.Albuquerque morning journal Page find woman a daily Magazine Page if by of oat for Foo autumn my on the Tweed Lur is four dancing feet social Calendar of Ehold hint a it i it Jane no i is. I in i Al i \ disappointment i a to hard Gertis n then she repeat Tai she knt hurting before. 8h� i she Only at fori by bit Lilly without Lilly and capability. Lips could out for herself but Cert Lcy a a when inertia was soft. Thinking of flow Engle. Even a is and books and such thing. P. But kept so would nth know How to keep no Fellows in their place As y did but All she said wait Stop worrying your sister. Tim i Ain t Well this Vanir if Are Gertie better go Lay Down he had i till time to mire he tier tic had scarcely heard any flood cheer Highland p Cha it by almost in a it in beside could not is Over and Over the letter y it every word e than the one i i v id told wanted to know often her to be a Kiwi crepe list coins with trimming of red aka of for month i you had fee metered. F it now that thing of what had been said her she knew to h id thought of her mind was on the letter should it brought her no Joy. I she answer it Tell him she had 1 in Ltd re Story be had rend i received the books with Thatter Tho Lover had written to lengthening Day had come again the girl to cared for she had pie tured Tom Norris As the writer herself Tho girl. But this cold Little note did not resemble those print epistle in any detail. It a such a letter Asho might have written a Man. I Hor hater and Clr morning sin hid it away knew her Moth e faded Flowers and the in the with s. Menu it the inn Quot Ila Jennie a he any my Quot Psi i supp it it Onn Haven ant fellow d wages kindly thoughts of Tom a desire to make excuses for the Unatie factory left a so Cliff font from what so had expected glad to be alone Gertie went into the Little room she shared with i the door. She would a she a not disturb d. So took out ads sh1 had taken from the1 left r and the few keepsakes where they had lunched. I that remind d her so poignantly of is your Tom wrote you Quot Tom and with them in her lop a id at dinner. Tried to think what to do. Even Gertie knew it was rude not to a gift t pm had sent her the books. Phi ought to a cite Sud thank him now bit she knew where to Send a letter. Then came a Happy thought a th1 Brit perhaps heft it Hurt because she haunt answered that other letter a the one she never re , to was t the kind a girl would ignore Ril answer it. But Imi be just a cold Asho i Quot she said aloud her love and her part within her. Khe reread the letter necessary. Him knew but she liked to look Isnit my Toto Ita Igo on him Quot i von need t by so Snappy i a you re in love with in or and that the reason you Don t care because he wrote Quot Quot what of i no it ulna to in t non of your business1&Quot again Gertie Host her temper and lentils stir cd at a r in no axe ment. Quot you need t snap a up like that leu nil right but he Ain t in the same Dies with Quot there there children eat your dinner and Stop quarrelling. Tom was a Fine gentleman hut he Ain t our kind. Len o Connor is a nne a plumbers make id. Fish i in t ill no hint. Breakfast. A d Oran ii juice i wheat sugar c Bacon buttered a a sliced tomatoes Coffee i am to. Ice age Ham i ans boiled potatoes n salad Corn Stic milk pineapple pie dinner. Tomato soup a to with Toast from do plump and the i thick and to should be Brool Canning Cher Well As for vhf i period cold a i Ping is Best \ d a w sliced i croons intended fort 1 the potatoes cold Alai Cracker berries be poured Olin Catling f filling or in sweetened fring water not the period c Messing is Lould b it l ii mrs it mini in-1 i the bold Terr up Quot yet i girl a in Eli sick o Jai irk i r i in be Don t 411 or s moot cd. I. N and Good t i do b and writ ing. I Quot my dear Gertie Quot be like to give a that a the Way an i i m Kung to dressed others w big too i m fir i and i wrote business letter having any fun unformed Bors of ext d her every minute the etiquette of by after this i am i he would knew e his up Wuu Quot to this wha flt her mrs this Fen n i san Horn the it w tier writ or g. Sure it working after this i am i or would know if ii made a mis out like other girl. Lilly i Tahr. Los a id he would be i i a sit around Horn non i Eon to think re had forgotten him in. She knows How to have if be Only knew How she he d 1 Ink Quot Gertie declared her i bought of him prayed fir him a full of by . Hit she in ight lie worthy of lib Ber and Gator stared at her Friendship. Tim so id Quot what ant t Kab King about a a to the bed no a herself Quot anyone would think i expected him to love met a perhaps Quot rho did t finish the sentence save by a Blush but so Felt happier after a derided to answer Tho letter thank him for to books and Tell him she had not received the other one St not know we re to write. Tomorrow Gertie it term it. Today item pics. Ing it ans Wash and string Messing is in Pound of Beans. Take about i Hurter of a Small cottage Ham to nth for Slat Cen no n Wash thoroughly and Boll in quart syrup is Sod my pm t a i it it of water f r about half an hour. Lites we n Only to i i then add Beans and boil in same used. Cherries should a Tor Odd utile Pepper Salt in t Sari pitted before hot h Nice Assai v As the Ham is Are then eked in enough a Small red Pepper can used jars Tho rubber be add d if liked. Cook until Well dipped in boiling water done then add four medium sited potatoes and Cook until done. Of. When adding potatoes you need More water put in a Little hot water 8 rvs Beans and potatoes Only Tho top Ball a tiler and slice Ham place if till screw to combination salad tomatoes i thru lha top is sere1 Green unions cucumbers seasoned Only the thumb and a Little vinegar and serve on a Leaf this allows space for the of lettuce. Ute. Is next adjust i. To rfcs in Tho Jay orc co medium syrup or wit water. If Glass top i t Anning it Barrios. By serves cherries either dilation with the no a preserves a. Be if Chi s�w4halone trip comb Nate it Witt other fruits such us r Ujj Jef a raspberries. Inv i it i it of air that the steam May the Jar Are then place in to water Bath for sixteen or t minutes varying As stated fib syrup or boiling water is use currants or i the medium syrup ii of one preserved in i sugar to two Paris of wit r. This can Only be done in Amel hair. An my to a in Grea made on strict. With Reg str r. C. Storrie injured when Auto capsize of to Gas n. A til f a builder of Thim 1 gallon of no Pfandl who a jeer iou in pm or i fit of five Virs Espo in an an a Vii Forth Ilij Tiff of yesterday w to n him a Short diet a flow v m. Or it or he a a a Neath his a it Huna spa from the x Fwy Wra to hts eve. I a wit nit to okla Hor Ria to visit which he v a gift tar f�?~<1 in his resort Chi Hla Lour to Wolf a m s Institute f Astron Temps the Sun a climate where there is a great a ii of Sunshine. The cherries should be washed dried stemmed. Sorted and weighed. One Pound of sugar and two Tablespoons of juice a glowed for each Pound of fruit. The a berries a placed in by i Loise. The Vogue for the mannish top nit in going to be a dominant note i the new fall fashions. Plaid ack materials and reversible Tib it no Aid of didst you Gerttu Quot f once ii tie did not reprove the brother for using Slang. Cd timing looked troubled was wit it she and always ?.it a 11 a would become i to to pm d her time Ai v in tin h her work at inc Hall that she would be to i Riff i m id an a it i i i w h to in a Fie p i w and i. I i of la and w re int be it or husband was i. Could a t i Toi i <1 a me my Frond got nor at me anti he told tier i was married and a Tot of other tilings that were not i us. How she wont talk to me i do hate to lose so Nice a girl and oct i Don t know what to do. J a few Days ago i was standing on she Coiner talking to Kotlier Fel my. 8 h a came along but i did t a a h r until Abe was most ii. Front of me. She spoke to me but passed t ight on. I called her up hat t ight for a Date but so would t go. It seems As of every a Imp i it i her aha is to Nice and pretty that my heart Longs for hot Ash told another fellow that spiked Rny but she said Quot you know How his wife will i Haven t lived with my Wolf for three year and so what would be the difference i am ruins away for several months and i Long to see her All a one. Could you Tell my How do it Quot a think this trick i have planned out is a fair one my Friend and his girl Are going to a nearby town to a Celebration and Are going to Tuke la r along. They Are going to us my car to run Down with and i am going to Tak the train Down and meet her there. She does not know this or she would not go. Let of you think i Ani doing the right by following Hor i really love this girl with ail my heart. In order to show you How much i will Tell you what i Ani doing i am adding my wife for a divorce Only i did no to file the paper Here because i did t want the girl to find out about it. Please state what you think Best. J Hope i Haven t done anything to ashamed of. Lonely Jack a girl with self respect will not go with a married Man. Und so it to Only natural that the girl with whom you Are in love will not consider you. I would not advise you to carry out your plan to see her in the other town when she does not know you will be there. A divorce is your Only course and you should Walt for it before you Force your attention on Ber. Probably when you Are free so will be glad a see you again at that time write her a letter telling her what you have done and ask her if you May come to see her. Dear mrs. Thompson i am a Young married woman Nineteen years of age and have a nine months old baby girl. My husband and i could not get along and at l is he deserted us. This happened eight months ago. Now he is wanting us Back and has promised to do right. Ile says he is not Happy and never will is without us. I done to miss him much is i have boy friends Call and go out with them. Still i would like a Home of my own. My parents and Many others wont even listen when i speak of going Back. Just what would you Deviso he was mean to us and a Jot us anything to eat or Wear and had us stay at Home. Do Wou quid print was of i i one so have to it t a k t do the r e got we Aba Lily i look for him. Ii. Get thing at he a eat your it this id a de f. Id the Cha act n and draw w is. Do you mgr so much the Titer we you. C r of the Jot mrow n cont think be co t now he v. A by Mary Brooks Picken some aay that women take up sports for tie smart clothes that out door activities permit them to Wear but All acne ran women Wear sports clothes la some form. Purely no Young girl need feel that she must be a Tennis Champion to Wear with and Comfort the design Illuv a rated a plaited Shin is always a do 1 Light the round my round tucks a of the middy have two a vantages giving balance to the Monte and keeping it in place on the figure. They also provide my attractive we it line finish for the skirt. The armhole line and tie hold interesting features and when Well executed add flinch to lie smartness of the Blouse two an one half to three widths of Pinch crepe de ii be should be used in the skirt to give Good fullness find the Bern should by at least two and one Quarter in bes deep. It Tuavao hand or Raa Rhine St itched to harmonize with the stitching on the Blouse the hat is of the sports Type made of White crepe de Chin adorned with a Jaunty red Feather. Medill is opposed to operating mines with unskilled help Illy the aet a filed Springfield ut., Only tempts to operate the mints of Illinois with unskilled help would to Quot absolutely suicide for Many of the Robert m. Madill Dir cot or of the state department of n in my minerals Slid today in commenting on attorney general Bluming it suggestion that the governor declare martial Law in the. Mining count s. There a t of not Urb soldiers in the stat to Iti a int Ain martial Law a. Declared because the mining to Rel torn com is two thirds of the stat. California hotels health and summer resorts Bead the of California s riotous lintels health. Beach and Mountain resort no Kolve Quot bit Outing problem literature Ami Roll information by writing direct or at Ere information Bureau at office of the morning journal. King Edward hotel fifth near main los Angeles a room and a Bath for a Dollar and a half. Rates $1.50 to $3.00 room a Cool outside room attempt is made to wreck Katy train 6 employees Are beaten la tile am minted Dallas Texas july employ of the Missouri Iva Usa a a a t x is railway lines in Texas were i Bettien in attempt was made to wreck a Katy train Between Chen t an Rex Kwell und a Sarlous tie up i in freight met a Mem is fast a i Proa a the Bryson a a ii a a a. X in h Ltd he re it. Iii i turd. Angrlyn a modern Apa Kim let Hothi. it i Rrt within of reach a a a and shopping Center. Maid re to strata. Long Beach a Al form a be a Good provider Aud n who would a fiend bus is with you Ami the baby to Pine. When you we sited to r a unless love is your motive not go Back it ii not pm u a warrant a reunion. I a 1> no do time in you children to give Benefit show for Day Nursery fund a Iti in Texas according to the wonder by ii an announcement late today at fh1 a Cool summer i Amati general offices of the Katy and bathing fishing Boa Texas amp in Anflic railways in Dallas. I of the celebrated t. A suit All sifts a. A on general riot Call Furj just Quot sounded at Muskogee it Tbs a Michimi Muskogee okla. July 18.�?a general riot All was founded hero rain is needed in is parts of nein Mexico the a ii girls will give a Benn fit entertainment for the Day Ary tonight shortly after a Nursery fund on thurs any evening a Duad of police armed with riot at t45 o clock at the Home of mrs 1t. A Winfrey at of West Silver. Cd Masslon tickets Are obtainable 1 cd showmen in a to Ltd ked molt1 r t cents each. Tor far Wert a a rounded by a i the program will consist of min threatening crowd. Cal numbers interpretative dances lha crowd apparently made up i dinging Ami dramatic Reading by i striking showmen quickly he very Mounif Talent of the City.1-�?~&Quot 1 to a Vernl Hundred. Jeers and i the lift to managers of the enter aunts were hurled at the to Flocs to aliment who will participate a it men. All the i Quot Ca i National guard Gurin. Rushed to a Down town Street Comer where several Atlas Well Are Marie Horton Florence bitten House and Dorothy Horton. Units turn no e at fort Camp. Sill. Of la Money saving values in All departments of. Sti Daly store. Special Corre a ital Rice to the Jon ird Santa be july 18.�?the Wale a shortage As to rang crop and towns is growing serious it is reported in the bulletin issued by the Federal weather Bureau for the week ending today the report shows Quot the week w is rather hot. Partly Cloudy and mostly dry although tight local thunderstorms occurred. These were insufficient and rain n by urgently needed. Water is scarce. Well and town supplies Are Low or dried up and conditions Are rapidly becoming serious. Ranges arc mostly dry much poor and burned up so that Tho Outlook thus far for fall and Winter Range is poor. Stock is fair in Eastern counties fair very poor in Central and West scarcely holding its own in the drier sections. Irrigated crops however Are doing Well the second cutting of Alfalfa is undo a a Way in Central counties being finished in Southern. Corn is growing rapidly and is Masseling in the Southern districts but Over dry land areas much is burned up. Or St Tat hated awaiting rain. Cotton is doing Well in South. The shipment of pears will begin in Southern District at the close of the week and of cantaloupes the following week. Tomatoes Are being marketed in the Southern Valley. Quot Albuquerque dry weather continues although showers appear in the distance. All irrigated crop1-however Are doing Well. Second cutting of Alfalfa under Way. Pastures and Range very dry. Early peaches coming to Market Quot Santa few tint mostly dry week showers too licht and local to relieve the drouth and Range is very Short and poor Stork poor to fair. Quot Elpaso ranges improved As n result of the Light showers hut need More rail. Roasting ears More plentiful. Cotton about ten Days ahead of the average season. Pears Are ripening and picking will begin at the close of the week. Cantaloupes Are maturing nicely and shipments will begin in about ten Days. Tomatoes being marketed. \ Quot Springer rain is beginning to to needed especially Over the Plains eastward. Corn is burning up and Range getting poorer we Hile forage crops Are at 1 standstill gasoline Park l Cut. Bill pm defeats jul Chicago july 18.�? a 2-cent re-1 Chicago july . G. But auction in the Prier of gasoline and Tam of Pasadena. Calif Defeated i a 1-cent Cut in the Price of re 11. H. Pavo of Newcastle. A. Fined Oil was announced today by relent medal Holder 32 to 6 and the Standard Iii company of in 32 to xxx in the opening play for Diana effective in the. Eleven e n the Oates und Hilt medal in the trial we Osteitis state company. Nerved by the american Coque ment today. League Tournai i Mier cation n h go v 40 minute to los Angeles. Iii men in iodine surf and plunge a a do. G g indic i. As Tiro Pirn. Home r 1 a i \ n i a. to is one of tie fastest growing Industrial so Dutiful residential City. Write for later Hamb it of Commerce i orig Bench California Cable apartments Anglra 1 110 Bhutto Ntreh in California. Sin c a a a t car to Union sing and utile apartments three blocks from Quot it so Purl Fth we ships 47jo. I c. It a in As Man a of 1.11 hotel motor inn 410 West Central ave. 4incorporated department stores Albuquerque n. M. Summer dresses extraordinary values bought from a manufacturer of High Grade dressed at a big Price Concession. We have just received our allotment. These Are offered to our friend1 priced so As to provide the most extraordinary values and the greatest saving of the year. Imported Organ Dies voiles dotted swisse Gingham ratings Canton crepes and Georgette. Sizes for girls 8 to 14 years for flappers id 15 and 17 years and for Small women wearing 14 to 20-year sizes. There is a wide Range of Dainty styles affording a pleasing individuality White and All the leading popular colors and shades. $4.98 $4.98 $4.98 european plan rate per in by Mehki do Btl too it 0� Joo rooms. 2.00 2.50 s no too rooms t et., f.50-3.50 a 00-4.00 400 rooms Bat or .50 1.00 3,00-7.00 Twenty Corner suites. Sin a. in double. 7 of Loloi free Auto busses meet All trains. For the automobile tourist and traveler a. A i a for in Ramut to i. Tax non Rulmal Oquim Peil an t Oon-�?��?�<>1 tic. Tad a it i a to a time roam v. A it tritium Bat ii we no Mthm Ico f or to it . �?~119 will til or bird., of to a a a or a Law Anu old. New of 7u� is. Isioro Bori sift of wow a Rny a in a a a a a a a i he journal is exclusive resort medium of new Mexico. California schools a it colleges 4 at free information. I �,.j y. Bureau at office of this newspaper f is girls collegiate school the san Diego army and thirty first year begins s it. 28th. T a to Orlou pc accredited. Offers Jenera col i Piave Luau my s legs preparatory. Special courses i Simmi in by is Ion 3 years Post graduate work Voca a Quot 1 r r see Yoa in by a Ajo Jav 3 a it a a a boaum.,1 Sny Rvl he is Bull dinks. Out door life a reality Ltd Fri it a land up it it pro Oivo re pc miss Dennon Parsons and miss principals. Adams Street los Angeles. Calif. Summer school of Cumnock school of expression log Angels a California june 10tb july tilth Rel Vert credit Tutor no in Wirhgt rho l and Rad subject fall term open october Jurii a Brooks a. Be. Los Angeles my Ita by acad i my in it a Angels a Calif. Delightfully a tube a on Huntington drive near Pasadena 2 the year students he Mlott in at any Oma. Hie Best standards in scholarship military tracing and general culture. 25 acres. Complete equipment. Ideal summer training at Mountain and Beach Camps a tutoring of desired. Phone 31411, Richard a Bah i preside no to eally a Vert expense. Write Captain Thomas a. Bavis Prea. Pacific Bench California. 13 13 an Elliott school Fob Iris c Gramercy Phi re to Angels. Val a summer Tome for your a ugh tar. Dpi ious estate fanned by c Oil pea Bro re. Superior educational . Character building. Sum in it r is Slop jul y the to August 16th. Writ for Booklet. Martha Comins Weaver m a., Prince Pat 99c Sale demands the attention of the True seeker of Economy. Ladles All Wool Over sweters floating Castile bars 3 ban for. Hip 99c Large 99c boys chambray Wash regular 11.60 seller. Special. Suit 99c Didies Swiss in he a Union suits. Real Vatu a St it. Coir special Leader at 65c, two for. Genuine cowhide i is ton Baga. Spacial. Yard wide Black Satin line regular $2 value. Special. 99c 99c Messa 99c girls White middy regular $1.2& values. Special. Blouses 99c girls Gingham dresses Ages 2 to years. Special 61.25 and 61.60 values. Now. 99c 111 boys Straw 900 Good Quality Yard wide unbleached Muslin. Of a 9 Yards for. A a a i and Lea sheer he stitched Lawn handkerchiefs. Very special a dozen hats. Knol wove boys athletic Union suits a Crackerjack a amp a value. Two for 99c ave fast suiting. Three a a Ards for silk brocaded brassiere ular 62.00 Sellers. Remnants. Values to 62.60. Special. Children s Stockird seven pairs for. Up red Seal Gingham \ big sort ment of Choice Pat terns 4 Yards for. 99c 99c. Reg 99c 99c 99c it in As 99c tight and dark per special Quality Bungalow aprons a Leader at of 16 and Sqq a special it to ladles White lingerie blouses renter 61 45. Sqq special. 7�7c 61.25 and 61 50 middies. Special. 99c go if Quality Mack White or Blue petticoats and Pettibon a a is sateen. I special. 99c 12-Lneh no striped Madras a hurting. A very Choice value it 16c, special two Vard a for. New Model Cor is to brocade. Real values at $2.50. Special children a Keda oxfords Mack or White. Siz 6 to 2 Spuccia unbleached Muslin trimmed House dress. Special. Imparted dotted Cotton Organ die regular 6195. Special. I 61.50 Corduroy. To i special. 99c 36-Inch heirloom lingerie cloth. A tonne special. 99c 27-Inch shirting flan. Nels. A Yard. Ladies Patent Lenthie Plain kid putt Iii 63.50 values. Special. Ladies genuine la nth a Ltd hand big. On beat specials at 11.0 a. Very special �ac1i ,.and 99c silk shirting special. 99c Swiss and 99c 99c charmeuse 99c 99c 99c nov i Amber coloured Bead necklaces a Irwin stunning Pendant styles. Special. Indies 62 and values. Special Man a 75c not Kali special 2 fat. ,. 99c Chine 99c 99c 99c Octagon shaped. Panama hat ski inca i powder boxes. Quot special. Silver plated 99c Novelty earrings Worth 62.00 special. Men s $ i special. Neck the menus heavy rib overalls. Special 99c menus Good Quality sateen shifty special. Menus 61.25 fancy silk sox special. Menus 25c Sot 6 pair for. Menus Khaki Coats. Special. Mercerized Cotton mull Cia 50c seller now 3 Yard for. Choice tissues Aud Gingham. T5e 1 Ilus to special 2 Yards for fancy White Basket a skirting regular 46c very special 4 Yards for. Plack 99c i199c 99c indies Cotton Stock 99c Inga. Nine pairs for. Indies White Fibre silk Stock Ings two Sqq pills Tor. A i a ladies Reindeer fabric Glove Hansen make a splendid $1.26 seller. Special 99c 99c 99c99c Yard wide Panama Fine Quality. 6 ands for. Check 99c soft sheer Quality Nain Sook. Lr.99c i organdy Gingham edged col pm Taring regular 75c of a 99c i value. ? virus for. A pc coloured Organ die embroidery sue i it .16 seller. Nov special. A i a 16-but ton Black a in gloves silk gloves. So. Only 62 value. Special. Good Quality to bet soap 20 bars for. 99c weave value 99c fat Oll six a 99c 99c Gingham Loop trimming 6 Yards for. 99c trimming. A Yards for 99c boys sport blouses in stripes dots and Khaki regular 61.25 values. 99c four piece enamel cannister sets Worth 62.00. Special. Hind painted Rattan b. Act. Special Wall paper special 5 Rolls for. Kitchen 99c 99c 99c Colonia or optic water a tumblers s Emiil 12 for�/7v City delivery of the journal every paper for subscribers in the City of Albuquerque should be delivered not later than 7 00 a. In. Weekdays and a a. In. Sundays. Of any subscriber fall to receive his paper properly s Porte Call before 9 30 will bring a new paper by messenger advertise in the morn-1 phones. Is or a a lug journal for Best the journal publishing company result so a

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