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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 16, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Journal. City edition i Oft x k % la. Veil Len Xiv. No. In. Sixteen pages Albuquerque new Mexico sunday july 16, 1922. Sixteen pages daily of i irk for Mal his in month _ a a or 4st Western roads Issue a i virtual ultimatum to men who Are on strike John d. Celebrates his birthday and does some fission by Wark alleged i. In. In. Be adhered to says statement strikers paid off birders Oyer age not evidenced honors at Golf fifteenth Day of the strike Gene Sanzen of Pittsburgh passes quietly shop pa., takes the open or evident look in can t walkout be cd ate i a Settle held Nti Nues. Key worker assailed in the Street Calls police. Championship at the Skokie country club. Ter roads preparing to reopen their shops Cummins announce inns will be Hing toward a re i rans notation a in in it my t ook in c King showmen and Lief Berb in feet in id d in Tho est Day morning line t of Tim Iii Nin to Ltd k Elt in Tho in tit a be t House Sud received their for the inst half of jut ii few hours some of them 1 or until to o clock on the of of july i when the strike try Tel so i Ltd St let i re. I Tiro. July or thy the there in kind. Iii a Fleer it. Is chaff of that had pen. Led a. Hut the or t disturb Murphy Fey elated Preth i h i Row a k if i not i the Ullin ii y showmen in strike Ltd it i pm. Tis Maiks the i att p a cd in of and today Pear a no Ottn t ions the or Kors. On the fifth nth Day virtually it it a stun a us foil Wing i of to Icet Tike the Rny to Del not Vest Day j up i of. Infer a no Esi Arlt la Ltd cd be ii a tags a that Between rail exalt i if Ives s a v i a j a hopeful of us Cestou Heads and Railroad he a f .1 mein i us Lusann of thet when the difference toot clerk i linked. Scribed a of in Danei ital a i did met. Is a a a a re of Hook by tits i re i i too til., j press y is by the a soc i lied i a i a a ill it la 21 of year i 111 s # old n to e to american if 1 Alian a do it put h d h is we y out in fun t of the world s or it est Golt a re no of them old it ugh to a his fat her. And a it nth a a tonal open i cinch am Pion i p w us a score c d $ fee a a a a \ a two Hob f of pm it a hot i a Ding two Day .1 i Ivy a t of Boun de on the Ety fist ii a of Low a d a Mower ? p iter by a wed Poon roof to to j Black f aka and. A Alifi prof. A1, tic for by t in the strokes. W Ith a miss i Bitt a few greens e a Lier kept i in from win Western carriers to Gilt i s v Cruft a ultimatum to the it i i no it cling Ilia they will re a a f i. To Liny plan to consistent re it to k is of tile j it r a a it e i it the walkout continues the rent. Issued both w Quot Terr Fie it a commits it in teens placed responsibility cont infant of the stills of 1ederi. Nod apparently i one course open for a St of w tilt tier to rotifer the executives the Ste Slid Quot Are perfectly witling tend any in a it or j rtt i any hearing its cd % aboard with a v a a to a settlement that Wood n hut uphold and carry it Board decisions b. M Jewell j. Id of the men. Indicate i yesterday working rules and Way based nit the i a must be petted or will consent to can off i and take the matter is a Ltd to b it to of in r Thi d in h Llie a i us d a Quot Quot i re la it rth but int he poll ii if Mads i fort in Nam nerf d ii an inv to and Sttne a i Dir a to Cap of put sheriff i who work f i. If ii Arn till so i i tie with Atlanta Willi tin i Jim a was r ii Luenia to plan. I. Of re a fending it of the it in the n typical in h ii1 i by Lily at to had to making camera men attend John d. Rockefeller photographed Afu Church. John d. Rockefeller besides being the Monarch of the Oil world has developed into a very efficient missionary when camera men Asker j pockets of men taken into custody him to pts for his picture the Day after his eighty third birthday a a a a sons crud on condition that they attend Church services first. They did Kansas started a Roundup at the beginning of the Harvest season organization has new name. If i ass Iris 11 to pro i i Topeka. Kans., july a than 58 alleged members of the i w. Vav. Are now in Kansas Jai i us i result of the drive against Tho j Olgan Zahon inaugurated by state 1 a local authorities when the present Harv it Seison begin. These men Are a nor held in county jails it Hutchinson Pratt. Ind to it a i Nee and other Central Points it of the or at Kansu wheal i it. Literature taken from Many this i year indicate according to off it rials that the i. Vav. Vav now is organizing under another name a to e lied feathers. I a for e of half a dozen Field j deputies under state fir mar j it Hussey is scouring the Quot tin i a try in search of i. Vav. Vav. Organ j pliers and member. Reports from i j his men the fire marshal says in j i Ducate that Many a full Are in the in heat country. J the Tiro marshal paid that i. Vav. Vav. Workers ars not moving in i Large numbers As in previous j year. Where alleged groups of a High As 200 were found moving across the country in previous years he said Small bands of tonally less than ten Arn reported this i season. I belts it carrying i Large numbers of men re lug to and i from the Harvest Are being Quot worked Quot by organizers of the i Vav report indicate but when such reports Corno in offs ors Are immediately Dis Hod to the scene to make investigations and Mote arrest s. The fire marshal d played i Stark of Little phosphorus phial collected by his Force from the insanity May be defense of mrs. Phillips her husband tells his attorneys he believes she is a insane and danc Crous to the Community admits she is Phillips it the t it to Quot fat p d to off him thai mrs i i to a me ado n to the a Hamer i Art i it lie Day that Biri cd re 10 Lith a r res i of to son. A and n to ii id Rny it flt in murder. Cor in f to a Saferna a in re 11 Dot v to is a i in is my vhf the a pm i fill c to nigh f _ off eel a Ned to the i is a spent n t o St of the Day invest i at no Varlyn is nil Cir # of tiie it tory to lid a to i a f fit t grand jury v a it f Erin it it v mrs per v j a of tvs to mid i is add Een mrs pm Del Fps ii at or min rid o w it n Loath Vav us a hat no Rrth # off a is As a cd her we re vet�a1 d is re pane irs in mrs of St Ary. The v re f i led to nuke k no n the i Osu it of the Clr love f if it a to Lav Hilt de dared that the a e w ill he i in port int Cham yes in the fam Hon a a lha in que a. W id la will by held might Nha it is wanted in death of mrs. A. Meadows admission of prisoner As to her went to comes after free hour conference with her counsel Day morning. V a it port i in Ching the sheriff office late today that a Man had Alan watched the 1 tying from a Hillside nearby a lonely Road where or. Meadow body Una fou do a re it v evening a quickly cheeked by deputies and found to to it it incorrect. Fred a. To Ernane and Genora Etc male fat he ran i sister of a he Blain woman were brought to the sheriff office fur interrogation. Though refusing to d a cd no a the information furnished by than. Office Bald they had borne doubt a to the truth of he it Barren of Joti ado Advt state Recti by to in cub my Attal the me to to thursday after aha Ady while St limited. A to of to m it a at h Lep hoi a port i a Hon cd or d Dom have wife Vest i Hall i Felcia vat i it y Thyl and it the its h n w in ing red efficient v tis i not look for of ? Denar to of Vav i that a it pm if to who i Wail k o u t o cd to in n to i and it r i ail eced slaver 15, russian of his Iee is babies will be a Bessel by . Tor Board virtually i i in Belfier to Dong to i a prepare f it it to a rat of the shot is fired during a fake Complete outfits from Holdup and woman is shirts to socks Are 3c killed one of the other ing distributed by the american Relief party. Of to with it to a up to till i bandits is caught. Ii. Rue a. In a a in Francisco july 15. Tic Brj i Vav ilk in we arrested yest Erda i charged with the murder of i i in if Anna Wilkens Nath it i result of a statement alleged to i have been made by Arthur Oak Illy the Vina elated a�.1 mom july 5. Fifteenth and four Hundred Limo Kin babies a of the famine wit in top to too froth in warm America born in this Viti nun for Antun i Ady he by a walk w Hli at Fet Erat Ion have voted the week. A ii of a a Dent Hardin head of the of o to see in re or a or ran Lastlo it Ald t her was no Pic aspect c of t in in in 11 at author to Adon of it Attr Lka of ids 400008 men but Nodi led the f i a to a ref a mrs Mig it j i. B a it it a Hon a rely Rolf g to a xxx hit it i t of in ent conc in ing the ii no or. I Rah a by his it to the 9 i ire ident thie first 0 f Fie in i Pix Des t to vat r 11 re its re i in ring d eel Dot it a s of the is Bor boar d and it rest cd the Cir Ito Ion to vat i it open n arc new Vav out end in aet tier urn senator i a Immons a Man of to in inters at fromn or it it i a mils is on said that Hen i i i a will i he held Sci on look i in Iowa re Rev lion of lie Ira Nap it Art Ilion wet and to Deal Vav sri prob Cir is by Dor Ted by time Rike on of the a her s to Llu t Ken up he said i in i men a tiles for vol Lett on or the b i a a but r Board to Mufti on. Chicago i a a Hub of Fri a Rike. Unc cd thief it i r Vav ilk Tabt my p Gtna he Hihi it it to be Pacific missionary returned from Soochow says China is suspicious of Nippon s activities in Siberia. It of to to that a a i with i i All in n head by he in a that ism a i received u to the Cham Tott Rof medal in Nodl y the goes to a Hen he was pre fist s and asked to the lit to player hair and said Imti invt Hows Art and nothing in Jit it like All the n no admin Irti nth Diarl hated to houses at Moscow to to limits of the famine stricken districts. In and these there h Ive been a Ltd clothing outfits in sizes for larger children. Two thous d in in lat ratio do us in for the mans \ j of to Hiwa quiet. Or. Jewel announced he would have nothing to say Over the week end. While labor Board in pm her were appear n y non i gtd by Hie Iliff Loce i yes or Day a coif rence. At , off it ii in to re said to he hopeful for a set Bement but the and milk Stratton was Japan is showing some signs of to ii in 11 i t i r i ii attitude. And her disposition to meddle in chinese affairs is much it than ii the recent past according to .1 it senti Whiteside of Soochow chitin who arrived Here last night a. Companies by mrs Whiteside and their four children. Or. Whiteside said that China is somewhat Sun ions of the god Faith of Jap us of the Good Faith and some europeans and americans in the Orient Are watching developments with interest China a suspicions arg amused ii a a s. Because of Japan s activities in Siber i i where japanese nationals Are acquiring _. Large amounts of property and prepared for emergency fiction l whore troops still a numerous. Fid a has the kind Liest feelings., towards the United states or. Yontl Nwart to of a a a okd a eth r Chilt to. Quot i it Borders occurred it Scranton. ,. Rat. I i. Re it so cd tit Irona Ioc a incr b Al Tjon i a. Where one Man was shot ami.,. Quot at Ennis to it x i nations. A Hina was Dis 1 Odi cations that the a Trike Mil a i of cd somewhat because this have an Early effect on crops a mid the occasion aril orders. Seen in statement from Fresno t Leif. That $�?~.�?T00,Fine, Mhz Worth of fruit is endangered my from a. In. On., that railroads have begun to withdraw their solicitor from the peach and Melon districts. Country could not see ii i Way Clear to affording Lier All that was asked it the i armament conference. Internal dissension. Or Whiteside raid tile conflict bet the forces of North and South Rhina who Are contending with each oth r is made somewhat More Complex by internal j dissensions in both the North and Tho South. T or Whiteside has been for if a i teen years professor of English info it Eca St. I Orehow Imide y. An institution Deriver colo., july j maintained by the Southern Moth Mexico fair Sinith local Thunder 0<lft Church his a Alldren were showers North portion sunday and Hora in China and he has decided Jones. Not a pin the or n to is i prof. We 2e list. Cond clonal the second place Money receive a Silver plate at since As an Amateur h Rcpt a Cash award. Orders to Speed up coinage of dollars fib the attn Luff d tve.n.1 Philadelphia. July i a order to Speed up the coinage of Silver dollars to replace part of the $308,008,000 so i during the War As Bullion to England have a on received at the Pella Dell i mint fifty thousand a to Ltd it mined daily and shipped to Washington for Deposit in the reason by units Silver certificates will be issued a Airt them. Die mint has up pro proximately 4.0oo olt a ounces of Silver by i Nan on hand. Ltd it of a total Olnage of <t1,0f>3.-Otf, ounces of Silver in the fiscal year closed Juno 30. There was a wastage of Only i,<59 Cline officials announced today. Thi wet but. 2 per cent of he we age permissible tinder the Law. Civ us Tor to District attorn y Brad in Cost. An j police woman a theratt 1 i 00 of Connor it was anti porn m Day by i. A Golden 1 i i Sty District attorney aft had been lodged in jail Here. Wilkens a shot and killed i night of May 30. Supposedly one of three highwaymen in an attempted Holdup. Arthur Castor held in jail Here on charge of passing worthless checks a is s id to be one of the highs Lymen. According to casters purported statement he and i is by a r. Walter had arranged with Wilkens to j singe a fake Holdup of the Wilkens j automobile. The castors it is claimed by the police were to have i robbed Wilkens of what Money he i had and mrs. Wilkens of her a a dry. It dirtied i staged a planned. A into third the Holdup. Arthur Castor is tie waived mid to have declared was a staged i Fiat John a planned with Wal Erca St exp could take i Erie idling the revolver. In the Jones will Holdup according to the rept d confession a shot was fired hut Arthur Castor is said to have dented that he knew who fired it his brother Walter or Wilkens. In the robbery Arthur is reported to have said Walter Castor took a Wallet from Wilkens. Aft r the Holdup continued the statement the pair drove Back into to e City and the next morning Walter complained that Wilkins had double crossed him that the Walt was empty and that mrs Wilkens had worn no jewelry. Then. Arthur Castor is said to i fall into their hand have explained he and his brother j unt to Tho Wilkens Home when Wilkens gave them three $ i >�0 Bills. Two $100 Bills were found on the castors when they were a Crest i the Day following the shooting of a inoculation program. I comparan Ylan physic i plague Stric earn a Nous their own $ who have n have Specif kept it Only Are about 2 1-2 inches Long i and the size of an Ordinary Pencil. One end is capped with a brass Knob which is Nelly removed disclosing a thin Lay r of paraffin. This gum when a tube is stuck in a Shock or stack of Grain mobs quit Kly and the contents of the j phial flame immediately the air j strikes it. The other end of Tho tuba holds a diminutive magnifying Glass which when exposed to the Sun heats the phosphorus causing it to it smoke and break Tho i Glass. All those arrested according to the fire marshal carried cred no i trials of their organisation and All i of them seemed to have plenty of i Money. As High a $458 was a four i Eft on of them. Corr a a expo Dench taken from them this year the marshal added indicate i that the directing head of the or i rat Ion is local d in Denver j whereas heretofore Chicago appeared to be Headquarters. A restraining order granted attorney general Richord j. Hopkins of Kansas against the Industrial workers of the world and their general executive boned by judge a. T. Ayre in Butler coun a District court in june 1920, has he n made final and copies of the order have been posted All Over the state the attorney general a id. The defendants. Including Thomas Whitehead genre .1 acre tary treasurer of the i. W. A and George Speed chairman of the general executive Board have appealed Tho order to the mate us Amer can Relief j Premie court. C. B Griffith assistant attorney l he general of Kansas has been As j a a nation. Signed to co operate with the St the fire marshal s office in combating radicals in this state. Tic the it run Ltd press j in Ari. July 15.-Man who gave or i officials lure i it As Clara Mcguy i Heen taken a Ard an East Boi Ltd today that her real a int. Mrs. Clara . The Yows placed under Arr or on is from ens Angeles Whiten d that so was in Coon with a Hammer murder Case. Of which mrs. Alberta Meadows was the victim. I he admission of the prisoner is to fun r identity was mad after re Quot bad t in closeted in her cell foe tire hours with John i Annush Kirk local attorney who has been engaged to act As her counsel will la taken i tack. Sheriff w. K. Tractor of l its Angeles. Who arrived in Tucson inn night for the purpose of taking the prisoner in i custody declare die return trip to the coast would born ule tonight after mrs. Phillip to it accompany to officer i 11 in. I to t layettes hts a i Amerl i and they in its Ware uttermost rid plague add Flosi to a Tell agreed fint by Between a. I. Phillips bus voluntarily. Band of or Clara Phillips and curio Ltd probably was Thim mrs. Meadows As alleged to have Helling Force that led to the Wobio be a made by mrs Phillips to mrs a admission a carding Lur Den Fyffee Profir to tin attack upon if previously Aho had Emp Haft a s. Meadow. The Quot officers left Cav denied that she was the or. To interview or sch hours residing links named in the incl clone. T Neap the Phillips Home in an at Rhor Long murder. She said thin tempt to discover they said a r of Ime was Fri re Mcguyer. We. A her the intimacy charges a letter brought Here by sheriff were not a a met of More gossip trn or it a addressed to mrs. A. I. It a Learned at the sheriff and claimed by the sheriff off a that Phillips an Oil pro b a n Writt in my motor is Well known Ninon Oil .7 he a hu8, in of was the me men in Texas who have offered Una a Brough which the admission Shim financial a. For in la her was obtained. Merly resided at Houston Texas i it i Quot Hen sheriff tra Ger first apes m or Oivinn. In or at he p.,Hee station this aim Bernardino asks j morning and confronted the woman governor for troops a fused to act of it. She insisted that she was Clara Mcguyer. Immediately afr rejecting the in in in o. % �?~ai.r., july in. And epistle a he requested Perm do Ion Appeal for state troops to protect from authorities to consult with her Railroad property at san Bernardino attorney. After being closeted for a against the itt i. Us of striking shop three hours with her lawyer the Quot a rec pc i by gov latter came out of the cell and aah. Or. Top Berta from sheriff Walter we re not Law ready to g it the sheriff. A r con Bernardino county she has confided everything to me Quot and from the mayor of san Ber i the a a i a i governor Steph etis replied to to a Appeal with a Telegram to sheriff Shay asking him what step he had taken to maintain order in the county shortly after the tues Ign a received governor Stephan called adjutant general j. J conf Reno. Following state food packages o. Have i in set Ding of famished Are aiding the administration in 1 to ively few of the rub j is in the famine and i Ken a Are Ahlo to j b to t Hir practice for support. M Iny of them i of a r \ in to in food id t hat they pm id aeon condition thai they third prize cannot a be permitted to work to for it. A Banc american physician what i Hati of medical journals for Tim past three years to dispose of a a lid or. Henry Boer Kleos chief of a the medical division of the America Relief administration a a coulis icon Fer pm greater Boon upon the j medical fraternity of Russia than to til a them Over to Tim american j Relief administration for distribution Here. May v of the r asian doctors have not seen a medical j on Mal from the outside world for years. They Road them avidly and i treasure them if one chances to Empire City Derby won by Hep Hristos Eastern roads Are delaying settlement of showmen s strike seniority Ernen is far a the Northwest Ern Road Are concerned declared it. A. Henning general chairman Quot of the Federated shop crafts of the norths to in i statement tonight. Zvir. Henning a id in virtually had been conclude d with the Northwestern roads to return to work pending adjust thu it it of Stu disputed Points including warns but that i lit o could by in settlement except on a basis. A in he men in this District stick to the said or. Hen Ning. Lob Angeles sheriff Wax aum noned arum attorney Vambut Kirk accompanied by to Taecker police officials and los Angeles and local newspaper men led the Way to the basement cell where the prisoner was held Quot sheriff Traeger meet mrs Phi Iii said the attorney in Way borate into of introduction. Quot Well. Thax x Over. Bus conference with the a Well that s Over a remarked the Ulm titans general. Governor Steph sheriff. A we will leave tonight it is announced he would instruct j 11 35 for los Angelo. Loiter Notni axion or Walter a i m tickled to death Quot mrs. Matthewson to proceed at one Phi lips replied. San Bernardino to investigate j tree Ger then Tore open the envelope addressed to mrs. A. In a Phillips and handed the prisoner a Sheet of folded yellow paper apparently Only written on on Side. Mrs Phillips made a hurried protons of rending the note he moved Over to a Corner of the eel while those present turned then i backs in just a few seconds not orig enough for More than a cursory glance she turned a smiling face to the newspaper men and of i finials. A you May talk to me ail you i want now a was her next remark. But att questions in regard to Tho brutal murder were barred by her miners reject Federal offer by the associated or a a a tip i j Yonkers. Ky., july 15?hep mrs likens. The Brothers later Hristos Ridden by Earle Bande and were turned Loose because of in sufficient evidence against than carrying Jio pounds today took the sixth annual running rur it of likens claimed that be h id be n the Empire cps Derby covering weather probably monday blighty Coaler East of Tho mountains. Arizona sunday and monday f ill except possibly showers North Partikas not much change in to no a urn. Loc i i por i co by itt Ona for tie Twenty four Emir ended at to it a. M. Yesterday to corded by the University highest temperature. 96 i West. 6 s hang. 2s mean. X2 11 us laity at Al a. In. 4 i humidity at 6 In. 16 precipitation. I wind velocity. 17 direction of Luves a Haw ter of a. Partly Cloudy to locate in the United states to give than an education in their own country. The schools of Albuquerque were highly recommended to him to says and he May locate Here or. Whites Home is in Anniston Ala. I oses one Eye. Clovis n m., july 15?-elder s. E. Thompson of the Church of the Brethren suddenly and from an unknown cause lost the right of Iii left Eye while returning from a trip to the mountains with a picnic party the first of this week. Stopping at Santa Rosu for a few minutes with his Partyke Der Thompson says til vision of his Eye Amici ply left him. Veterinarian held on bigamy charge Quot �11 a re motoring along a i Suhm Fri Corint la j Uii Niit Clovis. No July 15 a. C. Col Bert. A veterinarian of Texaco was arrested by Deputy sheriff Wood ii in mule Lute. Texas charged with bigamy. It is alleged that he has a Evora wives and two arc said to live in this St Ite. Otic he ing located at Texico and the other at Mon officers say that Colbert admit that he has been married twice and that he was in an intoxicated condition when he was married the last time and did not know what he was doing. He waived preliminary hearing and is being held in the Curry county jail awaiting Tho action of the grand jury. Price of ii Heded. Tulsa okla., july 15?th� Prairie Oil and Gas company today announced a reduction of 25 cent in the Price of mid continent Oil. The new Price is $1,75 for Oklahoma and Kansas Oil \ir1 $2 for North i on Trul Tex a a nil. Robbed of three $100 s ills in the Holdup in which his wife was in Wilkens Story. According to the Story told to the police by Wilkens at Tho to d the shooting he and his wife. Children r sideline Street in ran fran Chico when another car crowded their Nulo Mobil Over the curb and forced him to Stop. Then Wilkens claim i. Three bandits held him up at. The Point of a pistol and robbed him of three Loo Bills. One of he bandits then reached for his if jewelry Wilkens said wherein to he attempted to pull a co a r which he carried in a pot let in the automobiles door. The Bandit swung his a to cover Wilkens and mrs who not throw herself in front of Hor he band just in time to r Clive the Bullet in her heart Wilkens asserted mrs Wilkens died on the Way to the Hospital. Waiter Castor is believe i to lie somewhere near Eureka Calif qua ter Over a fast it was Worth $8,550 the mile and i track in 2 07. To Tiiu a inn r. The Green tree stables totter Man Ridden by i. A or was see Ond two lengths Back. Firm Friend the favorite with Dang up finished third but was displaced by laity the Only other starter because of rough Riding in the stretch. No the Asoo Riat in pre 8t Paul minn., july 15, Tho refusal of Eastern railroads to re Instate striking shop crafts worker with their full seniority Trull _ by Quot or Quot a 1,7221 one Section of Tho Aethra-�. Acute. Owners May turn .5, of Quot,.�?��?� their pro Nortie fiver to he replied in Swei to a Querry a i o v to to of ions hid Heen mar chg u. O. To up Filc. Re j. Quot i was married nine years Iago. By to la a and ruled ?.> i have no cd ii Iron Quot she con Washington. July 15 by the As tinned. Rocia Ted pres foal mine work a yes i was married to a. I Era who Are on Latriko in he an it Phillips in Houston Texas Quot she thru cite Region and unionized by said. Then laughing Good Humoured numinous Fields which his Crip Jim to some fleeting thought she Quot piled the nations Coal production added Quot in the first Baptist a inc april i flatly refuted today Church?� through the Oft Leer and commit-1 one of the newspaper men asked 1 teem in of Union to submit if she would it to 111 her new pacing a porn i or i v to arb ration in a Maiden r Imp. On adv�-# f her Al do mad Cnorr 11 i an Ere Elf 8,1gr8sted by president Torney she declined. She declared by in Anual i uill0n in it by a in hey a Elf Neil the Pratsi tile re a for refusing this req Ltd a a Dent of their determination re was that she has a Good Many rein by re a am dated pre riving a resp it Nso mentioning the Tiv i living in Elpaso and oth r fort Miami Park in july 15 by ref i be i bitty they had assumed Iti s near Here. The Assn sated press a a new Mill am adjourned the session of their i basement cell hot. Record for the it it it was established of 11� controlling committee hold Tim basement Coll. Where this i in the Wilt s Overland take 2 3 Quot a born n hers in the Elt How Brief interview took place was hoc Pace the feature sex rut of the final a until monday i i it spite of being underground. Mrs. Program of the grand circuit Here a Cly a White House statement today when Margaret Dillon. Of effect that nothing would be driven by Tummy Murphy paced i Uhse until monday when the by the circuit in 2 00 Flat Beatti s the j Luminous Empl it yers Are expected years record of 2 02?T4. Established do respond to the same arbitration Friday by Roy Grattan and tied in proposal was aval today a race by e Viti he i Trook. Washington july 15. Weather Outlook for the week beginning monday Rocky Mountain and plateau regions generally fair temperature near or above Normal plaster Falls on Young girl injures Skull sure Lii to the journal Clovis n. A july 15. The tailing of a Largo Section of the plaster of the ceiling of her bedroom caused the serious injury of Helen i b of n. La year old daughter of or and i. Roy Brown 209 North Connelly Street at 3 of clock inst saturday morning. A four toot piece of plaster falling Edge ways struck the Little girl on the eld of the head causing a five Inch Kull fracture. Her a your old sister sleeping beside her in bed was uninjured she is resting &Quot>�11 Ami i hired to be beyond danger of complications the for to heat forget Dillon. This record established a record for the three Best heats of the year�?2 0 2 01 a. Ielo i to governments future policy. Anthracite operators Are know a to be divided it was intimated tonight ,1 that at least one Section of them would in addition to accepting con the great Volo driven by Cox id it Ion ally the arbitration prop u captured the 2 0 to get in straight Tendon their nones to the govern Hents Louis de Lopez driven by Ament for o Peru to in control or othe William Armstrong won the till disposition Trot i i straight heats. Devola i on group in Pennsylvania Tex with Derry up. Finished second petted to refuse Tho arbitration Titer Cox won big second race proposal and to continue to operate of Iii Day when lie piloted Sun j mines notwithstanding the strike b lash to a w in in straight heats in j a Dill the Dato Ftp Lois and Indiana the 2 15 Pace traversing the in hic operators Are still discussing their in 2 Quot?T4 in each heat Daisy i plops do enter was second and lady Todd Phillips used her handkerchief freely wiping her forehead and sometimes twitching it nervously Between Bor two Hinds. Her winning cml in however was never indicate lacking. Rings found upon the person of mrs. Phillips w Hen she was arrested its mrs. Mcguyer have been the Quot subject of considerable speculation among local officials. Three diamonds and on Pearl ring and two cameos Are included in the collection. A Are these your rings a she was asked. A you bet they Ore mine Ash r plied. Third in each heat. New Xiv de scale. Columbus fido. July 15?officials of the Pennsylvania Railroad Here tonight announced that beginning tomorrow the company will put into effect a Pew wage scale for shop employees which is a Little Mort than the scale provided by the railway labor Board. Tile new wage s ale was not made Public women s convention awarded to Portland \ i xxx Sci Khz Mountainair n. Riti dint. No july ii Chattanooga temp july 15 a Portland. Ore., was named Asun the two new building now being i next convention City by the cd eau a rec Ted by the Board of education live Board of the National Fedora will be ready for occupancy at the j thin of business and professional of Ming of the fall term of school. Women clubs Here late this after the Chisum building a the roof noon. Invitations were received on and the finishing work is going from Hartford Corm. Jacksonville ahead on the pleasant View i fla., Indianapolis and Des Moi be school the Walls Are going up. And j ta., for the mid ear glee Ting of this too a. La be ready in time for i the be Quot a title Board but no de1 a the school temp i a w n announced

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