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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 13, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Juif to Albuquerque morning journal july 12, 1022. Burns in Rill showmen sur Pari rivalry Jurik Hui Al i our National rail chiefs Luciy Tooy not willing to Strine is 0. I run for office rail men Dent says Hagerman wont meet to talk peace Vav Iii i v n neglect conflicting claims issued by real Issue former govern a mess Tome rival Camps regarding number employed Here Dorton dismissed. Or states is to bring about a stable financial condition in state. Hic Ruble Elf former no. Cranor la. I hic Mia i of fire til mom Bant .1 Inion of Llu pm ii Filkill h if anti it. A in la inter be Wii of ii i my til of Hill Fie in iliac a Lnu Lyl Llinat. Of who Ali Fin following i ill fir it h pos Arn or la i to Impi Ria in o to in Ami to re std to a Tho at and who in Flint to i for word too for i \ in r Dell to. R i let a n c \ of a no n. Wood or. In n the c i to App d the Enne. In the of Alit i Wood in r. W in for i ii of the rid we a uni t Png or gtd i led Frim rata one in in pm to t to abandon t to services on t on re propel Rito people Are for eight weeks of teachers Institute it Archil f of cd Piir to in arc la the Joi Irnel l l Rito. N. A full 12, Husn Lait a Mer Jean Normal Institute which a just cloned a Succoso Ful term it Whilt ii fifty nine student Wen Natl nil a <1 has passes resold Titow concurring in the recon mend Tefon of the Tierra a mahi id to to tit a that an cos rat Wycka in a it Ute Fin held in the summer of ish at the a Panish american Normal school. Tho resolutions thank state Houpei int and it John v. Con a. I of fatty superintendent i in ufos Trujillo county bup air tender a o. Valdez or to. And or and other for Dndr Csecs. I trains Annulli la. Napolis ind., july 12. atlatl. Indianapolis and West Ailway today annulled four Frame into Indianapolis Cincinnati according to m. V. Y. General superintendent for end. Tri import com san Francisco. July 12�?at.-, rated shortage of Coal in the i i cd states because of the i if t strike has result in More the it dozen ships being chartered by a Francisco interests to import a from Australia Glasgow and Cut Cliff. In it of to it for i the file an in it the prompt re Tho of Nisei Nard to an a he called i subject ii Inguld deter Iod for his lecture other a Eca of the faculty to he d Are misses Tolsa barn a Knox messes grown Ann Kounce. The plan for an week Normal Here Likely Sill e co opera ton with the Tierra Hio which had agreed to Cut a flute to two weeks if Nerces j Peru Lur tuition Nelson Stanfield. Brr Iran in Itman .,.,.oar Otma he of to d to to Levy District dry with crops being slowed Andre sowed special care Nonence to the user Mil the committee on resolutions is rabies Garcia in amp Lda Mon a i res Trace Romero Marino Siefo or. Marla Duran mrs. Laudia aurs i ja., i to in if t to it ii c d h of a d to the 1 la d from to Reb a if Coop five then the extend into p business or ii Well be Ion is tics As we other a i by the pro Ign a Emal Low i for Hay t will not a it it Wing and some has be t a and the land sowed to a. Reims and Corn or the drug Ali fairly a ii t by the partially Cloud i Ian fief Bonfig to Chic go. Chicago july 12 by the associated pre a a in gone fish of Deb ver former Sioux City Center fielder belongs to the Chicago americans according to a ruling of commissioner Landis today. The player was recently sold to the Pittsburgh nationals St a rep it it it it d proc of following w Binh the White flog protested thai Guy held prior rights on fish. Strong Bros. Furniture we Are offering our entire Stork of philippine Fibre furniture for summer tse at 331-3 per cent discount in fact at Cost first come first served i r Strong Block Copper at second he journal want ads firing results. La the tit a ii i to p Lihty to both parti for an adv Arriba Emir inon to Reft Rita Marvin i h Quot Bat governor. Konoid in Ilion the by rifles. Which he a were thai t the Post j i to is on i a contrite unit the nth polities a that no in Scurley. Governor Alf a Cen fury a til Factor i state trim of a free. Ins in 4 i. Row. Rio Arrab i i a a Trio a f Fin Cly i in princ a cello Abc it for t gov ror. Feeling ii sort inn May by Las have it Ltd it a Spur rant a a. A % orium Ltd try May by i dept and urn a r. Put Len n in from 1,400 to tic Lead a have at with i ill Lead my not of by rat Ven nary the to d Inoc ratio in n hop the re pub ii cans a ii candid at front Tion. Uni i surely f h of d ii and 14 Noff and sheriffs a rial of Flop hand top Gates i ibis with Are Prells in sanitary Ety screened. F ii of Chav we Titi a Rifle been in a iced Merit is and was Reno he i Ald i re it it a employee a Gate by grind was believed a yesterday was in sound by two was r leased d to Hay Satin. N out of the Gate that he lean tips the strikers. Pittsburgh Man is interested in War mothers Hospital Sacristy a or i a a up ear a hearing which will Federal Conn in in 20 before commie or the i Mer St ate comm the intr into the the Hod m r it in in for the us the pm i majority All this planning y not he known left Al ate but is com i Maji understand. Halljr a a Garet Burns Sis and to daughter is Pone of the leaders of the in h the Ira its who miso have great strength in hut and polite it la circles. Thus it Aas been alternately hoped and a ared that in certain contingencies family and Busine Eon Sidera on might outweigh political of Avith both of rime candidates in lining to enter the rare there is Little likelihood of a test of these Sarge tit Chance. William a sergeant of Santa #. A brother of i Dward and John of Rio Arriba remains a candidate or the nomination for governor o there May be a to St from an a sic a Gilt in different. With Edge Reed Holloman of Santa out of the race the Dunt by withdraw a1, surge anti a dances to a a our the Santa i nun to delegation ought to i really increased of course we hear a g about Harmony and co operation the lust before a political Campaign but i in the kind of in operation which a Good Many people have in mind at j for such times and the kind of her a Mony they have in mind i pro Manly party Harmony and partisan i in of Erntson. That la perfect Ivall right As far As it goes for political parties Are essential to our form of government but it really does t amount to very much in times like these unless through it we Are imbued with ideas of Good govern ment. Quite Independent of All parties which will impel the lenders of both parties to proclaim the right sort of principles it i nominate the right sort of men. That is about the Way i look at it. Renditions of such in Chiastic that unless a control them they will control us to our undoing. To control than. W must uncover til Quot surf acs and teach through to the underlying causes of Tho bad con ditto whew they exist. The com it of a Ritt Burch Man Only be done through unselfish cored help in the pre-1 operation amongst those who Lead mein of the War my those who follow amongst memorial Hospital pro those who disburse and those who Hon in this City furnished Public funds. I know of is East last no Community in the whole United n there in so me More in need of co operation amusing i an for the than new Mexico. We Ore cot tile Connarn lion of Raeji enough to ficht we. Re too urging. Poor to have to agree to anything for the Hospital la to1 a not what la right. A to cab was evolved it a Barly issues. Blouse who has Given far in new Mexico is con and i Effort to see the corned there arc at this Tim Here f his or in. He has actually no indies Between the two great parties. The Only Issue which actually divides the Demorn Republican parties in new y at the moment is the Issue t a a Ina As against the May not a so for Long be earn or the other of the major a riles Jit will by i May define the real issues in their Lions platform and the other May not the learn i an Issue a attend 1 by both Par a great prompt a practical talk on the problem a or Felt by sincere men in end the x. Of City school management based i n l la Ltd �?,< and As they have attorney not on i own go Peri Nee was Given hot in 4gftn�d by number of my Guggenheim i before the University summer j wh0 8re already co operating in mat Hall. Fan attempt to get the aint e Huck on j Amor f Olk. Coal traffic to be Bone of Contention at Santa be hearing in i a it i ii Iran a Tiju inter n Evert come up and people Are living a out of a tin can and a paper ii kith no prospects of anything better. Tile warm winds the past week have dried out the soil to in firming eat ant. This is the first so season this faction has had in four yearn to tax conference apr real i nor standi a re to the journal i Punta be july 12.�?deleuite-Iive Bern appointed by gov. M. C Mechem to represent the state of we b it y it Nta it out if we my j of t Fri a cd for cont in r .1. J. H. Tou she. To will i a finitely discussing tit upon. The co on to to v to to Ottai. Antral Bell of haul urn of m Iliad Ken Cdv they 11 Rath go a a sort a i ban by j. Held in Minneapolis september i to 22, inclusive. The Ile leg it is Bret la to. Brook la a in. I a. Reek r. Belen mrs t of Flake Hants be j. F. In thy. Albuquerque it. C. Reid Dexter. J. V. Tully. Glencoe j. M. Valdez Springer a j. Wolf i Tiger Alamogordo r. In. Isaacs Clayton j Smith i is. Rosw 11 j. K. Faint Santa be if. J. La. Germ an to Well f. J. Trace. Carl a i id of t Brown. Socorro he Ruvy Wilson Silver City John Boerne r. F. Asplund Hants be mins Adda Holmquist Albuquerque in c. Nan g. C Hanna Roswell Herndon w. W. Wilsdon. Al Only 15 Days left take advantage of our going out of business Sale it of cannot afford to miss Thi it Opportunity. Almost half the Stock already gone. Get tour s now do not let the other fellow beat you to it. Practically every shoe in the store sacrificed. Children a sandals sizes to toll 65c 550 pairs of women boots values to $0.00 $1.00 to $3.50 shoe polish 5c to i recently n j mint of i Fin Quot the i Floin i pub Hospital a fined a detailed Stafe a in of the institution Dern Hospital the oration of the american of Latten. School teachers at u learn methods of City superintendent 7, Quot and Una x i cot the i is i fl4c Vail one 1 a i Uhm Pion i it h wiil i Jorraine Ohio july i a wiling i Man. A guard at the is believed a be the count c s Champion life Iver during his eight hours on Aly yesterday a rescued eleven redo from drowning having been re Busy by treacherous under lorents. Menus shoes misses amp Childs from shoes and slippers $1.50 to $3.50 $1.00 to $1.98 child a High and Low shoes sizes 5 to 8 50c to $1.50 boys shoes from $1.25 to $2.98 min a Doria Flat who a he. Ill he Obj red to the City Council of no a in of j Trich. England i a theatrical May a Wilt Ager by profession she i 2f> �?T�?~1 my ii old and a the distinction of i Al by i Ina the youngest woman toe do re. A it Ciunci or in England. Misses White slippers sizes 8 to 11 to 12 $1.00 school yesterday by John Milne superintendent of the City w a Boob its feet Glen the fight in Lien it it Santa i a v la her it of Timi at to Echo f. The was a part election will he h cd in fight i e daily Assembly program. Tween clean antagonists a fight to Milne s remarks were Dif no the most worthy men to carry ton. I particularly to the students it policies which we a1 agree of count e hummers re Ion who a Are essential to our economic survival. Prom _ Acher. Ile treated on the 1 done to know whether you feel chatroom and r ill Gay Gardner a it attorney for the Road in Mere attorn 1 who will appear Havi prominently identified with Mever and i and gov i ton. The enter either the general it t. A nor All if the. V. Been i rail wind shield Glass lumber j c. Bai a Kilimik it Hilll h co 421 so ully i or i or 402. A 900 pairs of women slow dress shoes first class play values to $8.00. Oxfords All sizes $1.00 to $3.50 a duo �?o5 manufacturers Sale shoe store 301 North first d ii. Financial and human pro Lemn Way about it. Most of you. I but or a school a d i nest to t or a fact Ieve. Call yourselves Democrat?., and the personal school Roan As a Republican i cannot feel other problems of the Young teacher. Brave express agent rewarded by company Snyder denies that Jones. Santa be. Is narcotic inspector than that Way about it. State i Oliie 1 let. As to National Issue.-, til it is expected that the hearing will consume four or five dug and it will naturally be of intense interest to the Public of this Section the result it is generally a cog c. H. Carnes specialist in ocular refraction 107 8. Fourth. Phone i057-w especially the Tariff issues Blit. Ven that important As it is must largely lose its importance unless i a real adjustment of our state la director of prohibition d. Sues is first found. There is ult it Good reason Why the Republican nixed will be of momentous Conia we w Ith respect to the de i ment of this entire District. J Ltd on to meet uh.1>. New York. July 12.�?tut Jack a. Giant negro of Washington Gnad hat bout window shades a Meed rollers and Shad cloth lot us give you an Dlante. Anderson Bros. Phone 370-j mrs. George g. Smith of Birmingham ala., is a successful Church architect. Rosenwald july silk Sale saturday july 15 when Sun and brine make your face feel like Sand paper Jet a Cooling shave with Theair a no Wolf a lie safety razor Santa w in Santa be railway machinists boilermakers Sheet Metal workers electricians car men and helpers. For these classes apply in person or by letter to nearest local Santa be mechanical officer. The Republican party 1 Vince the people that it actually i Kotlier a Guy a a a Yod i i intends to carry such a program a woman. J into effect and that it will do so there Are ways in which the Republican party can without doubt so convince the people of i its intentions and its sincerity. Naturally As a Republican i sincerely Hope Tho Republican party will do this. Tho issues i refer to Are neither complicated nor abstruse nor clouded in mystery nor so numerous As to be confusing. Exit sea too High. First we Are spending a great Deal More Money on our govern ment than we can afford to spend even of we Are getting our moneys Worth. Second on the whole and in spite of some notables , j we Are not getting our Money a c Worth for what we spend a Ltd a a j third owing to these facts and. J related facts consequent upon i them the economic strength of Lour Community is being sapped lits social income reduced to Al most nothing and its wealth re Mains stationary or is diminishing j fourth the remedy lies first. In better governmental service at less Cost and. Secondly in curtailing or postponing certain worthy expenditures until we can afford them. I i have used the term Quot social by Quot income a i mean the net accretion of economic strength during a Given period or time and by Quot social income a the net accretion to the economic strength of the Community Dur i ing a certain period. As to Quot wealth Quot it Means Tho value of a Stock of economic goods or capital assets at a Given Point of j time. Now is it True that our social i income the aggregate net Inonu of the people of this state Aud of the economic interests in this lumber Glass Cement paint plaster Albuquerque lumber co. 423 North first Street state is increasing in such a w a v. Fire insurance riot insurance Auto insurance now insure keep insured workmen a compensation insurance Good insurance rain insurance Accident insurance health insurance any kind of insurance mail insurance 1184 South third Street Telephone .592 Albuquerque n. A dont carry Money on y0vr trip Money May be lost or stolen our travel Erst cheques Are Ca Shable everywhere Are Safe from theft and May be replaced if lost. Let us equip you for the trip. First savings Bank and Trust company , of. M. 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