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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 12, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Air Hosp a Hunting big game with a .32 Winchester deciphering old mss. T pro too aph cd 4 they own obtain 0 by Adam by Cebu Unis Ltd Day if a Petra be i St. Rte fro is Hafting neb. To a it to tia h new of Las at a rom Bluefield Utara lat a a id a of Fri of to a compelled to to the Only run o a Tun �?T2 Black famous Western shot describes his kill for a try Quot Quot will far i Nicaragua. Leaf an october Al. I. A had and Rrt fed a that i of Hart my Rue a Era Tom a officials and Start for Tbs inter to i be ure an to ted a Winche ter i want of gasoline launch from Blue Fields to r Sis i a it it to and from thurs to the Brand rag Ham banana Plantation where t put in Tao Days Bantin Bat without Sabre a a of raids and t got a it it in to a Jung for tires hours is walked in a Fife always coming bark loth starting pm fort. Finally the Grid bit upon the Happy thought of Clim Bing Coconut from and Offett Fig or a a Quot n hit Way the did and upon Landing i tied a handkerchief to a Bamboo pol and kept it pointed in the direction we wanted to go the a ids f of by observation from Fht a Ambon t of and with by Long Macb Fin Alt acc ceded in chopping oar in oat of a jangle and finding oar Way a Felt hark to the Plantation after a bet Fiat the i afar Tad oat with thro Indian and a native Kcf 14 rears of age who we ailed Napoleon. We had a larg Dory hat a the Indiana were Strong and expert with a Canoe we made splendid tim rein up the Wawa Ahan Fleer. Far Beck into the Jua glee where there a no sign of Bornean life nothing but a the gators mockers. Intense Mountain cow Tiger cats Jaguar Boa Cofia Fictor pin Ennola reptiles and a Grest variety of Parrot and other Bird the first Der out we established crap St 4 o clock in the afternoon and within an hour the Indian bad a Good Strong but erected from Bamboo Palms and Era end the on i ii implement this Suaad in conf my ins the Camp a a Machete it purely in pro song to be just what these people can do with such a crud implement. Vin were need in place of rope or nails and when the hut was completed it was Strong serviceable and rain proof to Ere a no end to ants and flies or Mosquito in the Tropic erd t surely came n Contact with my Shat of them judging from the appearance of Rev Banda and my i resembled a smallpox patient am and file from the Little creature of m1erocopo proportions to those a a erg a Bumblebee bed a picnic camping on me Sod each one appeared to be great pm a ure in k#ep1ra apr a keen torment of Pond Tang my skin in or a the backs of my a tvs looked Uke Nutmeg graters but of All a he ant that Ever a angled a the Black int he the All going these ant mad their be # in tree the nests Are Mads from leaves and gras the Are cemented Roget fee w us mud amt the hang Down from Trees ilk sack of Grain these ant Ere Mem industrious and a a re in whole armies t in bite is Polson and the sting worse than the t1ng of a Bee thee a i devouring Black ants to Val by million that Lake Twenty four hours to up 0 riven Point Thor number being of vast every creeping Craw jog. Running Bing Cive Way to this Black animal. When Thedo attack an nil Toast or person it is so thorough a devoured that no. Fir coaids so Cample sly cd. The flesh from the Bone even be Bushmaster the Large and deadliest and Alto the rarest of a entree american serpents is helpless when once it i attacked by an army of the by ack devils of the jangles the firs ramp we established on the Wawa Ahan River was abandoned in twelve Hong it rested on a comparatively High ground Cloes to the River and was surrounded in thru sides by a Der a penetrable mangrove swamp which was interspersed with Small Deriv Stream which were thorough Clive with every kind of insect that Ever visited the tropics. But our final Camp we Faith up the River toward the mountains was on High ground end proved quite comfortable. The most important event of this trip in the Interior came about when Nap Leon the fourteen year old native who was my constant companion cried a a Monkey Monk Quot As we were gliding Over the water in our Dor -. Looking up i saw a Largo Reddish object in the Trees almost Over a a i grabbed the Rifle Nespo Ieon cried out but this tim he a d to a cry Tiger a and i knew from the Way he said it that he was greatly agitated. As i looked up and saw the animal was ready to Spring. I shot it without making any further Effort to see i to head. Almost simultaneously with the report of the gun came the thud of the animal s heavy body striking the group above it sounded just like a sack of wheat hit tog the ground from a two Story barn. There Vii a commotion and quickly As possible we climbed to the Hank above by to dead Tiger a in sight hollow leg his tracks and drops of Hood a Trail d to e beast n the Jungle Back. Bark into the Quot Palms and reads whee the underbrush was one big tangled a of Thorn a f network of delusions. Deeper and deeper to the Jungle we went cutting our Way through with machetes and trying i Quot fight off insect a the Sam 11 me. It was hot and t lose and is each step took us Leper late the rot ten mass if also carried us into a deeper tvr Kness until we were eventually compelled to abandon the Chase he a Sun a a could no longer follow the Trail to me it was a great disappointment for it mad me feel like a Man out Hunting elephants with a bean shooter the first wild animal i was such earful n pulling entirely out of commission Aith the Small Rifle a a is a was cd of tree. It too like the a eur a it a Trad of or in to n behind Stout uni Hird a in sent Rel America Are without number and i shot several Fine n a Short time among Tbs glowing cola iguanas see quite plentiful up the we. Wasahan Rev a and Thev afforded a much amusement when on land they ran ilk a Blue a reak and Whan in tha Topmost branches of a High tree they will d Velry of the River like a rocket. I have san them shoot out from the top branches of a tree a Vir one Hundred feet High and of the water a a straddled out when thee Truk it would Amord Uke some one a Isar no the water with a Large wide Hoard and Many times there Weald be two or three of them jump out of the rams tree. Regardless of the set that the gun i was using could no will by game i made an Effort to Kilt a Dante or Saft is More commonly railed a Mountain cow or til a these beast a lok met re ilk an Aleph in than anything else. To a Are Rad coloured have Throe toes on each foot Short Stocky legs Shoat St inches in diameter Tat eight inc gee Long and the male a a Little trunk and a r Radium sited head. Tha to g a inn Sering along and is almost As much at Home in water Asoa Sud he keep quiet Ell Der but moves about o feed and it Ercse at right he he Fen int Long Teeth and an equal number of grinder and live upon bananas plants and roots hts my is Varv thick and he has wonderful strength we found s mibs tra l close to our Camp a id we put in two Ray and part of on eight Irving to kill one hut were an in Case a i we then dug a pit five feet esp and four Fet wide. Right n the Trail it Are ally covered it with Reeds and great and halted it with bans Aas. But the Mountain cow eras too a a a for the game have found that of different effects when quarts Tampa Are used in place of the More common son re in of Light the reason to simple enough. The Quarte allow tha ready pm Tbs of the so called Ultra Violet rave of Light which wit not , retest Glass and them in urn pro due a different offer from he pest of Tva Rev with coloured vase Flower or dress go lds he effects Ere equally a r prising sad sometime May it a to important Appi Ealons for in Anre a French photographer a found that Ink which by faded into i legibility May still a opaque to tie Ultra Violet rays by photographing do cubing in which the Ink had faded a has been Able to re store the moreover he la found that in some old or Ament dating Back to the twelfth Century i quart Light photographs shewed the original wording which h id later been changed in a atm legible Ink such a deciphering of old Mann Tripta which heretofore have not been Road e a ugh to a l g a a to our knowledge of other Day. Tif caretaker and hts wife had been left an tag to the guest of their is a Roc pm Sving the p Ano. The its Rry of the hoi tee was a piano sin Lent and the to Eek conf of splendid dream. After the Pic i had left the fretting the caretaker said to her Quot Well i guess there s Acme Dlf Ferer a hat Ween her pie Vin and yours floes she must a a prof Nastonas All Rte it a i was rather a Frank Catt Clern. But the wife a apology was wort Quot Ven Quot she sad to her Matree the next. Day. Quot Are to tit a a i says to him after. To k n think what yer ilk. But you should t have fold her Bow def sent the Plavin sounded Quot to Cerf. To a proc a of French invention for Harden g St Elba mean of an electric current travers no the a h t Meta tools Tho hardened sri said to have giver att Rorling result a sharpened table knife Cut in eighth Inch Bon wire a if it had been a St Ina Iron bar were Ely Cut web a circular a a a. Drills pierced cast Iron plates and in a i in the fool allowed no injury hungry flounder sea Robin and skate a. Quot he est a my a v a a v Misam a cd k Asse i a i j a it. A 11 Adam Breed. Hunter. It make a difficult Mark to vat w the a Rifle a it swims with Only St proboscis protruding. A splendid Opportunity to secure a Kin of a a a a go Boa Cai a Rte tor when we ran into a Snake that measured about Twenty feet Long att eight not is thick it a another Case where a snap a hot had to lie made and while on of the indians poured the Content of a old single liar re my a it loader Shotgun info its hide i drove a Rifle Ball into it vital for a record or two the Long apse melt. A chiding a Tiger Ogle Long thanked Heron White and Ara id it ibis Augrette Bill Bird Turkey and Parrot of course Tho Turkey and Parrot w a ate and by the Way. Parrot Rose Good eating. They a a Little Tough but when properly Cook d their meat become tender and to like Mallard Duck while in Camp we never lacked fresh meat f r is ii lie o it Indian Vera f a Hing i so Quot game Birds and the a thee were prepared gave them a it a a Coua flame the fish were inked whole in the ashes of the campfire afer cleaning he fish the Indian Cook would Salt them and Roll them in a Large Leaf an i the place them n the hot a Tea where Thev were left for in or than an hour. When taken cur the Leaf would crumble ilk burned paper and there would he the linked fish steaming hot the game Birds would be pit de in a Large Kettle Cige her with a half Dorsa sliced Green bananas a handful of Salt would be added with water and then the Kettle placed on the fire in forty it it mini a a Titi Stew would be Rev h to Sere and then in place of putting it in plate it was All dumped into a coup of Large Green leave and with a Large Ai on each Man selected hit portion and carefully placed it onto a smaller Leaf which barred a i plate. This Way the in Diane got along without plate knives or Fork and it should a added also that the it manage to a along Verj no Cly without Deb rags or Tea Rowel the Mosquito Indian can keep better and Cly Aner crap with fewer Art i cd than any person i have Ever been in All my Hunting experience he will go into the Wood with nothing but a fish Hook and line and a Machete and in a Short time he will not Only Hare a rain proof i it erected but will Hare the Trubl spread and a piping Bot meal served. The second Lay in Camp we ran the Ort of bread so i ordered the Indian Cook to bake borne and Here is the Way he did it he sprinkled Amir on a Large Leaf and made dough without even wetting the Leaf not Haring anything by a frying pan to Baka it in he used that and mad a in in Nice round loaves orgy reptile thrashed the Brach with its thick tall and then pulled itself into its Den a Fie Hole a the Root of r giant curious use for garlic a nth to raw rr�?Tr1al for the manufacture of a Strong adhesive has been found abroad in the shape of garlic. According to a Patent recently granted garlic yield a Glutinous substance of High adhesive Power. The bulbs Are crushed and pressed and the juice thus obtained boiled Down at a temperature of to degree g. The residual from the pressing prof est is then rolled in orator for an hour arid again subjected to Pleura and the juice obtained is in its turn boiled Down and added to the extract ural obtained the filial product yields an in reliant adhesive and binding medium. Not Only cultivated hut Edh garlic can be treated to this Way with the a me result the Viell of adhesive amount to from Tovy per Quot ii of the ran Matt rial. By j. Mcrae of Bottine begged off from work at a Quarter to one and grabbed a Sandwich lunch. My Nephew Hay and Eddie brought a bit from thir Home in Lery. I picked up porn package eat at the Buffet to All met on to run at an Entrance to the b Al t. And were soon on a Brighton express headed for sheep head in with our fishing tackle. To a Bosia eave at two o clock Baarde afternoon and it took some Hue t ing to finish up the week end Rush at the office and i get the a on time we Hung on to an upright with one hand it raced a a my named beef Quot sandwiches info our Mouth with the other and did no to min i at All the Quot Medicine Ball Quot Hammer a of swaying Al against our Anat m up promised a Good digestion enough food had been procured to assure us of a Good lunch during the afternoon for there is nothing Uke the warmth o the Sun a Salt Bra a and peasant air he in the trash air to work up an a pet lie. Arrived a be station we jammed into a by and were Oon spilled out again of the docks where we climbed Down to the deck of a fifty foot Power boat Jai before Thev Ca off out the bar we chugged Vittle everybody aet to and be can opening True a for Batt. A Lisp had in Gre Rad a try for sea bad and Black fish there were Keg o Kelli Flash to be used in Case the Law did not bit and it a re de idea later to try for Fluke. The Quot Kiln a a a they a commonly railed Are g is Ash the k bodied Little fellow w the Black marking about three Inch Long a oafs were soon shocked sleeves rolled up it err Onta opened some few even hanging their trouser and shoes so As to Hab n sit shoo the deck As thee re a and wipe fishy bands on their i i it. Boy a tip in teat a i quickest a v to keep the r attend on strictly on Chstr flab log and be Bare to worry about keeping the Amsel re c Ean Tho abandon of Wear log old dude was a much a primitive Call to Many of them a the excitement Ever the Rrt of Angling for the big fellow carafe relaxation from the conventional Job of living a c1reumape�t life among Cyril ted Folk rap a larg Par of the App a which Drew the men a t boy thirty five in Alt aboard out on the water. Old sailors Oft yield to the swell. Both Shore of Tbs Atlantic have i seen. But not once have i come a near to being sick As on hts fifty foot boat the weather was not Stormy but Thna rat swell of a deep deep Ocean when it undertook to adjust itself to the Shaw. A Ower water not a far from land flopped this Little boat about with Strong heavy buffets Tbs Bow would raise up for Timo bal the length of the Little Craft then s a Hack info a rising trough with a he ook and a Abaca which seemed a of it would Knock the Bottom out of her when Abs went Down it caused a feeling a if the rat of you could not keep up with the base of your stomach you know and you gritted your Teeth and clenched your fists a though trying to hold yourself All together there were those who did not succeed when Fisher Folk get together whether they know each other or not something congenial Cornea thrilling into their hearts and Thev feel like celebrating. Even though near Beer Ginger ale and Sarsaparilla a rather a me beverage for tobacco bowing. Sons gel toothed be cussed dds Lff the a Fang less liquid or better than nothing St All in a Pinch and it a not Long before corks were popping. It was an Eye wetting erects in to see a spread logged old codger jump inc about in unison with the hinge of the boat digging in by jeans for Money with one hand while with the other a waved n bottle about a if keeping time to a drinking song to if the Rhan Cea a nobody was sing lug they were too Busy the bottle waving a merely an ret of balancing find the Money being dug up was to pay the 91 is far re Well As possibly for a drink and an equity in the Pool which a to go As Sprira to those catching the t to biggest fish. Not until the engine stopped and tha Boa swung round did one of us know whether pc a re on the Mot favourable fide for the first Drift. Fach time the sail Down the Bay and come Back loaded Captain ran up the wind for a Nfn Drift be alter ated the position of hit boat so a to give every on a fair Deal of Lourae the of in the extreme b it a item had re a damage All tha Lima f r hey could flab with equal a on either Side of the boat. A the brat or Beds do is. Thou a to the Windward had the better position. A the r line dragged Quot it and away from the boat while the it Nee of thou to the Leeward were dragger so Reighl Down and under the keel Quot i get a big Oner Elt a Quot a out Joe from the lot Ward Side of the firs Drift shortly after the who a Quot a tooted and Allun were in the water hold Bim tight Quot said fiddle for the other site. Then. Of of i got one too Quot Thor pulled in in and of the 1 be be came taut at the same Lima refusing to give further then the began to Jek and give. Jerk and go a alternately self much Chaco of a fish nibbling his Bel without sounding the alarm. With one a a re he could extract More wet line from the water than Many e Nan could Witt Hie pole. A i a Bate Ani v1<"kftah were net biting much. Her a Only a Small catch after an Bour of f pcs the Apt Aln said we d try for Fink and the Little boat plunged further out to aaa off Bend Hook hardly a re the Lead on the Bot Tom before several of the n an were Baul ing away with Broad Grin on their face Quot net the yell went up her erd there at the end of some fifty feet or More of line what had cac Raed like ton of Brick came to the surface a mottled Brown Fluke with White Bolty much Weaner than the hop of a tugging fish rms. No soon had the dip net Beati Slid neatly under and up Landing a fluttering Beauty on de it a than nth t a of Quot net Quot in dose enc Cera or it be Pink Tbs a crowd of deep bes Utah ans. In opposite enc of h crosscut saw Wmk the Hull of the boat a the log for their line were a. A. Underneath this often happened hut everybody a Good natured about the be in shape end it a part of the fun and excitement. Moat of the old timer used Short Strong pole with enormous reels on them but a great Man fished with hand lines. The advantage of i iring poles would not he definitely decided by the sire of catches Mads there is no doubt that poles Are convenient and have cer Fain advantages when detecting bites end Landing fish ted various other realms a various As the men who us Tham. Joe Bourne did not need n pole he in very tall find slim int has a forefinger almost As Long is a flab pole Vohen be ran a line out the length of by Ana and Over that fug a to the tip there a not flurry of pm a Good frit Rev bed landed one medium tied one while the going a Good while Joe end Eddie and i him end hoped for a bite Quot Hope we Bava no re Luck than Leat said Hay letting out hts line Hor re Eddy self he fully expected that a Woald. No matter what happen on any fishing rip one of tha greatest no Setures of that a seem to be the telling of past pretence it it i nothing actually happening at the time seems near so interesting a that which has become a matter of history of on the other hand that which is looked Forward to. After the flurry there a a Lull in the hit fish two hard looking Conte were Tadj in each other about their poor Lack Quot How d o you Ever eve i to get in to Nome your Way of you keep Rhet Fralc Yin a feb it vere pm a a jute eff the loathe fared Horny handed said to his one legged pal fit the the under lip Quot Chevin ainu to no worse than be old Stogie you smoke a1�?T the time Don t you Row them Cloud of smoke Yon puff a tit make Shadow on the est and lock like Harln or f a i of How you expect the Al to 1 to Ftp around a ban they think de in have be up Quot Well the Star of i catch a err but n y Soraoka shadows ainu to no a a Rae oth Shadow i this Here boat. Tbs make a tarnation big Shad w an they .1 n a Era to be scared o that Quot Quot Yea both Shadow o the boat ii More or in still. It Ain t a Oving Alc g Tike a flab Quot Quot of shot up. You make me tired. Anyhow. There Ain t no use of you Chopin car bait in often that Way you could t attract a minnow a you used your brain for bait Quot How the fish bit at rain thudded deck a Cloud obscured the son ram View. The wind risked a a Little and it ran to look shadowy in the South eat the Captain looked intent a a a the Lapening Bort Iron for a moment shrugged hts shoulders tooted or line to Cora in and raw into he wind for Enot of Drift. The fish began to bit is a few big drape of rain thudded on deck. The Boa thai i and Ioir of tha other fishermen put on of la Kins bom flew of the other had Raincoat to of a just put on Coats and tarred up the Collar pulling hats Down far Over our Eye Ray and i landed a big Fluke apiece almost Almuly Tane Nunaly near a every on declared for a Ravin out in the ans i. Tinder the is there in great excitement on Alt Aid a a the fish rams Over the Rati in rapid succession but a unforeseen turn in a nature of the storm drove us below in a Sam pm no tumbling mass of wet Obi cloth Ell trying to get Down into the Small Cabin opening at one and the same time fishing tackle was dropped on deck at the feet of each of us and left to Luck. Nothing a put in order it was a hot. Stoa my Mouthy a a my a. Btu at Hart Beury on of a a jammed into tha restricted Apara below. Uke a lot of of a jellyfish and the Hach door ringed borne held the Hailstone War As big Larker eggs at least they were big enough to drive the bar let old Salt aboard to better and left great welts on several Heads. It was Clote the chill from the cold air above soon turned to a i Tacky warmth in the congested quarters below. There were Tho who were Perry for things they had eaten. The Gale Sod Hall was soon Over How Ever and Manv shouts of Joy went up when it was discovered that the fish had not departed and were still hungry. Except for snagged old shoe buckets of mud and seaweed and the annoyance of hooking such things As crab. Skates and sea Robins the haul Mads in he space of to half hour swelled a with Triumph. Hunting a Job with a pm. D. T by Harriet to Elstein. To months ago an ominous and tufted unto Erslev faculty invited in to participate in the third de Grey the Oral defense of my thesis came off Whf heat great m a rap a a Good tim was enjoyed by All Quot and i emerged a pm. D. With unrighteous Pride t up rolled my Parchment pinned it to my Wall with four thumb tacks and called the family to join in Tbs rejoicing a i Iii cud it to it it you Quot i said grandly and i forthwith declaimed that diploma in a most feeling manner. When i got to the Quot to whom the presents May come Gre tile Parang a my voice took on notes of worm cordiality and at the Quot rights and privilege thereunto appertaining it quivered with emotion two Days off to gloat then i decided to let myst of Loose on the Potdar for the Groat Good to the greatest number. In other words. I was out for a Job. Quot Well a now a a he began which i always a discouraging Start a we be hey Iii supporting the candidacy of a Lurer in Trot it Quot it re a it now Ali ill i by hesitated to boast of making Oft with a a d at i i had never supposed it would count against in scholarship degree and academic distinctions such As Yon have to offer count for very Little i should advise your seeking sex Pere Tioy in Tho High school or better the Junior Bleb Quot Bools doubt sea they might use you there or even in the Grade Quot then Sud there i determined to soak my Fortune sex Cathedra stressing the. I wondered the to Quot to in a Blue Funk end h Crimson rage my own world had a ast me out. I would snap Raj Finger in it face. I would go into the follies. There the first he. D. In the Folliet. I was balancing on the narrow held a Beta sen new encouragement nod old despair when i met a College chum to whom i poured out my heart. Tubby listened with Sam Pithy and spoke with authority Quot if i were in your shoes i d go and i made him repeat that to to whether he had used n conjunction or a preposition. I had no idea of How to go about devising but the name of the act was certainly appealing to explained. I till reviews statistics translations any thing my oily Blini pickup but Thoro a a Chause Quot i thanked Tabby and proceeded a once to wait upon the editor of a Reader s guide bastion to ask for some work he waa Bland and banal and he tapped i Teeth with the cd of his glasses when a asked me whether i had any acquaintance with Hooka i presented by credential without too much Strops on the looter degree Sud far he seemed Pacific. Then he a Kod whether i had specialised in any one Branch of Reading i told him foreign literature in general and admitted to a knowledge of French. Italian German Brandi Rivlan and dutch. That worked like a red Flag to to Bull Quot that s the worst of these Young whippersnappers who t i to k they ran write reviews he shouted. Quot there Are thirteen to the dozen who Gas about Continental culture and such rot. But not one of pm Oats vim Good american i caught the elevator that Bud brought is up on its return trip Down. The next pilgrimage i ventured wag to the office of a Magazine that uses sons foreign material in translation. The editor listened to me and showed no Al Gist of overt hostility thee was nothing for my to to it present but he would take my name in Case of future Amar Olafur a a a jul amp Ort he a a

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