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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 11, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Rag six. Albuquerque morning journal Albuquerque morning journal be git to from to min an in us int Loil Sidney Al. Wei 11 hushing comi \ if bedtime stories for Little ones Fry Howard b on Ria i a Mach fill kidney Wei Sun. It j. Anderson Ralph in. Mull entered a Seco of Albuquerque n m., pending unde i a ?. To. Is let a i gang 41 i of j. Is to r Clit co in v Fth i ii m a Btry in Bai term Daley by Tarrier Quot the Moi no he rating than is acc the a the of y paper j in the year. I of so Iii Cir by Tim f my mall of the associated the use for a it or not of Lier vim the it it is Nev. Wmk Frens in of i Creel j Ted Eric i a i in ii i it till a r and Ai 3 71 ass a Peg of pop. Copyright. 1321. By Mcclure Nawab act Syndicate t m la the markets i by the. A Ltd muted or. I financial unit of in Ito d2 $10,5 7 it tit n int. Onto ii St Ted ii f Rod the for an Fly a Fry. Including the Quot rim Oft were anti to Aport Cor summing race end High nod t known that the Ell Fri of to journey to the seashore i e # a dip a a the n a Era of n impounded to a Gold y hate right at bom one of atle Aport to t m found to the u in Quot. It till i wig it to i it b a to a Hollo for at h it to d a galled a a title a soon to a to u top Advent a irs kept a i vol Ltd Knny a it Elf sept is sept., into sept lid s Iti i 0, Ivor a. No a Fiss 5 St or no it it y to it urn in. To. J no. Log wheat. Little talks on Thrift july 11, 192-. His red. I \ t livestock a Ltd tis then a Rothli g else to do it should a Hill to make the Daisy the National n the Tariff Ute Bonus and the ship Sunborn disposed of. Iii ii e t to i i ii m i in. Til is i m i to what to. Tit Iii lit d d to a it a to log a it re of i t he i of in it in for dlr i the h to asian in right of edit in that tens of othe i but in spite Ilion of that at to a or to will a a late Meiiok at or nos. Discussion but t the part of the i it it a which rein than before. In almost broke i what the gov restitution of the Cable report Lowed with Fresque foil Dent it a reported bunds Delegate a were aet it Otis y from the conf Rente on at the soviet representatives. Secretary Hughes elated w Hen he gave t in re Moi Hon for America to Perth rite. I government la witling to recognize property there can be no basis of country and it la futile for the nation to attempt to Trode with h of that fact the meeting the Ila ing la persisting in a St Rich for t russian problem. European conferences May be hid wit flout num Ber but Little Progress will tie Hud toward recovery from the effects of the War until the n it ions a willing to discuss Hie real re aeon for their or a it depression. Limitation of Armil ments was excluded from the Agenda of thoth t a a ii. C a or i it will likewise be missing Felt it a the Hague a club rations yet it strikes at the Root of i i tie us of liquidation of International obligations chive ski attention i it Only in a in thus far All discussion of that a a it it i along the line of cancellation a Mutual w of All obligations of. By a j a. A t process which would pave to i ult i it passed of $11,600,000,000 of wort i i with no debts of its own to wipe off by a pens Atlon. The world has yet to acc a conf it Unco of european nations called for the purpose of a it movies re abnormalities that now prevent reconstruction. I no Progress can be inn de until budgets a balance i and they cannot be bal Anoid while a a Largo a portion of revenues is spent in the Quot maintenance off armies. Furthermore the countries of the Ltd world can never regain the in run Lor Al it Milt i or their own self reject in is and take Steps to repay to armies can a reduced by. Gets can to Balun a i and debts can be paid of Only they will apply themselves to the task. Poland attacked the problem alone and is rapidly a comp line nil t rec Ltd t the policies dominating it tile i a a it a Ludo any thing being done along those i in a a i tin Quot tin a will prove a failure so far As bringing no i u to Good to Europe is concerned. A a runaway horse injured student Quot a newspaper Nedline. We went entirely through our in attn Ute on a Bor and never got a Hump. But we Dnn to get any i attn either. A a hum t Dor i n a hither i ought to or not whispered the Bunny Rabbit to himself Quot this May he the lox the Wolf or Eten the t a id Pipus Wail tailing to me to Stop in they May Hill to by earn j i guess in Hosp on hopping Quot i my a Lac Gilys Art i to Huffy away As fast a he could but a l of a Slid Den j heard a Taug lifts vol noticed some tiny Bright eyes a Flash of a a n Teeth and sow a Fluffy tall whisked to and fro it was a tiny Squirrel scampering through the tree tops quoth to la that you Johnny Bushy tall a asked Uncle Wight in. Quot yes Quot chattered the Squirrel Chap. Quot nurse Jane sent me to Nak you to come Hack. Come Lack to the Bungalow Quot Quot gracious Good Ess in Sake 1 Albe and smite Peanut lollypops Quot cried Uncle i gaily. Quot i Hope nothing has happened nurse Jane was Safe and sound when i came away i Fin Iff pm few a m in a Kren new move u b Deuce adds i is j i Ca i tint it recoil Poi script Rati s. W. Or naut a nil last w of Cie tin a Aru her paid to o s re expand Reserve brought of available Fin i Loans ruled at 4 the final hour the cd to 4 per cent. Pm St a Mon i the Ive incidents was of i a cited states to Mage figures a Iso of a flout cd orders t a scout Leo Iller Snow if on a Mak it i per Cen Miv Eon in pull eel Jim an in is in until. Rift i last feb. Slier How St or -1 e a d a h a a Ruari the tunic there a so Many pretty girls in this town it is Iff in u it for a Young fellow to decide which one he and a ants Holbrook Tribune. F 70h Quot la right now laughed Johnnie a i e looked in a tree to i be if he could find a nut. But it and after head mad his decision he d probably was a Maple try and they never t some other fellow had made his mind a is. P pin of a int r iced the j Ahl a final or 1 to 21 Poi the i v is Active or mixed a bidding 2 Etc Low 1 butchers it steady bul a no vol fat cows and f 7,80 bulk Bologna 25 few around5.38 a Ives Early mostly Loire Handy weights r 0,f oi10.00, pts. Pola better mostly 16c to ice and packing grades slightly lower few r top. I o Ltd bulk it0.40# i 11 a in i n re find the quicker rat is pres lads in has a coloured boy named Mellon and to Umed he is the envy of All the other coloured to it Cate City. It that Dav lost whose descending Sun finds win nurse j i t this writ fingers Hornby knocks no new Home run. To above is Good for one appearance Sash sea it a a lilt simply a change of names. O a trop t v re been a off Quot and Don t water at once Mam and that no oftener than Cognomen Chat pm by Rome of our leading Moi in stars. Pilk Worms can live at a temperature of is def it of it in 2.-es i a Low Zero Ami that a probably the reason 1 Good not red the girl think they re warm enough in silk stockings when Winter comes. One thing leads to another. Which causes the j whee above to make us remark we have not a Lead Quot if Vav Titer Rome because it gives us unpleasant thoughts of the Coal Bill. What n the Guy on the Wandw ii i my of the Auto sings Quot How dry i am Quot then you begin to real j what is meant by liquid Tenor. Hut there Are other kind. In Days gone by when Good old Rye was just six n Boule. Twas easy to bring some song to sing King from Jour throttle. Since Gin and Beer grow nuts. Though from some Tim w e get Maple a Gar. Quot i guest nurse Jane w in you to do something it the Garden maybe pull out weeds a suggested the boy Squirrel Quot or in the Gard to Why i weeded it yesterday a said the Bunny. Quot but Iii hop Heck and see a of unto Al Gully w it Back with Johnnie scampering in the Trees Over Horn and when miss fussy fuzzy saw the Bunny she said Ltd a Gay. Will you please squirt to it ii be on the Garden the new part which you made and where i planted the late Beans Tiey Are just beginning to grow and they rued a fall right us to the very politely and in fashion turn on t begged la and a Mer Aren it Aln of 4 a Points. Oils tended in Many of the and Pedantic within for Titi amounted to i a losing quo rim n Bee mean can twi d in 80 a i 0.11 a Kiff so la rat. Of Tiva ii Ion. Loon in Poi a t a in i ii Hai y ird St us. Is e iou. With i. Bump nod id in a t. A t he amp ref. 101 act it hers. Kii Asna it y. A by july i it i ult a1 Ucon of its 15 too of s. W. Straub resident american society for Thrift. La file economic conditions a throughout the worm Ore gradually becoming stabilized there is still t much unrest and it is Well to Bear in mind the in j portent part Thrift must play in the a t a h Iii zing processes of this Post War Era it is natural that the Man who owns a Home who posse be a ravings account or who has the products of his Thrift Judi com by invested should be an avowed supporter of the orderly forms of Law and government. His every instinct is toward Progress and building. He la against destructive tendencies because he recognizes in them a danger to his patiently obtained peas talons. It also is to he borne in mind that the Man who is Thrifty is prosperous for the real meaning of Thrift is thriving. And the Man who Reab Zes that be is getting on in the world and has something Back of him for Tho Days of emergency and who its j his possessions though they May be slowly increasing is most Apt to judge social and economic problems on a basis of fairness to All. In All the efforts that Are being made to bring about More settled conditions and get the world Back to Normal conditions the very important part assume i by Thrift should not be overlooked. London leads world in fog. Smoke. Soot Wantt do a tack a in of it sail u f turn gift in my sum a f for in i t. Xii m a eth Esi furniture it a. in by a Nek it in a r Hajj. J. I a k of mistimed member. Mil. Or finishing f in. It Anne i Hami tend intr pit get auction to thin a it -. A t Ato for Sally Hon chef a ate a Rob a. To err of a Iii Erst in Brut. A in beef St id lib july i pm. A m a j Are to More Imre and Hoo his so expensive the Quot Ryc n kn0&Quot a a average Guy is awful shy of Lepert Bire extensive. A of Quot a to tons. Not it fief it caj0> maj bring Forth Bass in cadence Low 2 i a a 5 Vaal nov \1 Iii 9.00 stockers and i it is St Quot Ady to j5c higher. H i Hoig i a it r o i it too site Light 7 i or v Hialit to a hipper. Inc to or int Ion a others t a a 1 a r 8n�?T in f l0wf a Choice sort i Light 16.88 7i, bulk. 1 i to a Jio Pound weights in Quot no. 40 q 10.60 150 to 230 Pounder m 10.65 picker top $10.50 3 5 j a Tulk $10.16� t 10.60 throw out 31 60 wit very �4 saggy to 25 a $ 56 i. Fin jilt Iti Hulk no i is of i k pigs Tea ii Blo kind Ivlo i m nig ii a. Quot him no 25�?�� n if 60. Reply dec Cit 6,u00 . Rev 2 5 to 40�?T lox re most sorted $ i a i St 1 3.25 culls around $6.15 if a old a in he k a Cwi hum. Legal notice 11 j. I. Noth i it n so nut of i or ill us re so n. To to t ital lha to Tai i no i \ ii i la of alb i of tilt or a. La f a Rii Sis it porch. A Chick in is and i in Call wanted Hon so a r will i the to Pew kites 1 to t i d. It Blit l l oppy. But it takes a in my merry men to a t notes Barber Shoppy. Of All of which ice devoutly thank prohibition i 1 hat s til most tactical thing i Ever did. Said Quot of. Goodie n a -fi.livq, it 5 i women a ill Mil gains. Foreign i Lett hew York a a it i o fore ii a Bange irregular. Treat i Lemand 14.41 cables $4.4 4 1 Lay Billa on Hanks. $4.12. I demand 7.91 17 Cabins 7.92, ionian. 4.4 a. 4.45. A i a glum demand. 7.52�?Ti cables of lady who forgot to fasten the Rug on the fix urn a a ump Slick floor. From the Hies �e8. Norway demand. O Quot How can you do that Quot asked Sweden demand demand. 21.88 higher in Quot make a gentle and not a big or putting out lady housekeeper. J Spray like rain Stream us if you a a i Atli Quot said Uncle we gaily. J t 10.4 do 0.60 a Ken the voting reporter described the Quot artist As the Johnnie the Squirrel. A Yon answer d or. Cella Mosher of Stanford a Iver. Ivha Vin j mo7�.rtful person in the state and then he left Vul answer a to Uncle wiggly tied the nozzle end Man. O i of Tho Hoe to a clothes Post with my a a m completed a study of 4.023 girl student the paint thirty years says the am Ikin woman is becoming Large r. 8h� concludes that the a rage woman has grown a fraction More than an Inch in prof 1 hear of hts big Chan o o i of Lite Hose to a clothes Post with 1 f ? �71"or Pickett must have been something of s the no Zub i it a trealy each inc 9s�?~�4. Fitter judging by the frequency with which reacting skyrocket goes . i ,. . Vow or try Switzerland it Spain demand i 5. To. 2 s3, Poland a com to Silva i i i nine Demit id 13.62. I height during the period named 8he attributes the change to increased interest j or athletic sports on the part Ltd girls or i their ten a Dency to Wear clothing inter it ring leap physical development. 0 in former years it was unusual to be school girls playing Active Gam a d erg the r recess periods. Now you frequently find two Ball games going on one for Tho boys and one for the girls and often we re the rules do not forbid it thy a playing together. Girls do not yet spend As much time As boys in the vigorous games but the to ii Deney increase when both compete equally in to eff activities the fiction will disappear that women Are the weaker a x. The indians who made their squaws do the hard work never took Anc Stock in that theory. When he turned on the water at the faucet near tile Collar window the Money. New York july met Nev w a Quot my quo Taiho easier High. 4 m per Cut tit Low t .75. A musical burglar in Chicago sings grand opera Pray from the Host w it pm per cent ruling rite. 41 per f ont is. Joseph Eph july 10.-�?ut 0 few air a Light inc to 15c Low a a a a Rago bulk 30 pounds w packers a i iwo. Mostly $ i in. Iid 21 w i e prices last a it t �?~80 it in a receipts. 1,660 All a fully steady cows Strong to higher top weight steers. 0 practical top yearling. $0.50 desirable beef cows mostly $5.80�6.0o Choice , absent calves generally steady practical top $7.50 few Cholee to shippers. Of v Himo Jim a. Lot i if it Sillau for a of in rpm Strtt a a Siuth Furtta ill i i desirable tilt $ i 0.50 50 aver it 226 a $ 10 Cia Loc ? i ii Dillon to the new Mexico a and designated nothing j filed february Bald Isle be Anc to an Al out of the Abo the 2tith Day a said sex Peutl a said real Csutak Day of june a Sherif i n Alilin. In bin no big of a thirty rid and plug made in Purs sedition duly Dan in entitled cause a of june 1922. Who it wan duly a it d it e by a on the 26 1922. Ton to. Ortiz. The county off ate of new Mesic a St in Aru in pm a if you can to get warm water use cold with a r ton lotion a rot. Hour. At la we Tim. Bul what food i Mimi loan Gatan a o Nure Jane As Elm my the water a per cent i anybody started is eng grand opera in our cram spraying a the time firn a 41, House wed kill him for it. Though we could forgive a burglar. O nurse Jane As so saw the water a 4 re re a Quot from the Hose or tying in the time former Lair. A my Garden Isu t in the sky it s r n 4 Down on Earth. I want my Beans month �?T41i it a rent sprinkled. A what goes must com Down the populace in Anta be was so delighted Over la sighed Lunele wic Guj. Just Walt per cent bit Lorn i Loam ept ances 4 to or cent per cent six in Rome mercantile paper. 4 of 4 11 i ,.p a receipts. ,500 a lambs. 28c to 50. Loghe a. No Lamb sold Early Light Handy Lar Ely $6.50 to 6.60, weight produce Enyi a Al off a moment Quot and surely enough the defeat of the Greys that they began after la in try had sprayed itself j to the Quot Runager of their Hall club after a wee o i Arliene following the contest with Mountainair. Falling bar q the bed of a a hurray one at each sitting. 1 a in Pri. It a recent Ball game. Somebody wanted to Al a j unit Jep the falling water and the Umpire Quot go ahead and kill him if you want again As boys will to a said the Man behind him. A shut sit Down whits you re doing Liberty Bonds York. July to. Although a majority of the shop employees of the Santa be Railroad Here obeyed the order to strike a week ago lat saturday tile City has teen quiet. Picketing is being engaged in by the strikers but to far As is known the men have refrained from going on property by longing to the Railroad company and what Little trouble there has been see me not to have been started by the striker others a pm to have been the aggressors in the two or three a instances which have been called to the attention of the peace officers. The strike is being conducted Here without any of the serious disorders which have characterized it at Many other Points throughout the country which reflects very creditably upon the men who quit their pow. It is an indication that they arc Law abiding cd users and whether thy win or lose their d termination seems to be to conduct their end of the fight in a peaceable arid orderly manner j verse of today imagination now i can lie Down and take a sleep a said Uncle we gaily. Quot i done to have to hold the Hose since i have lied it to the clothes Post and it will water the Beans As i Quot ill sleep said Johnnie. Quot and when we Wake Well go adventuring How about that. Uncle we gaily Quot Quot All right a sleepily answered the in end out o the arabesque of words on the White shee4, a to caning fills and glimmers its mischievous elfin feet a in and out of the daily task and traffic men contrive. Go uninvited presences to keep their souls alive. The country of imagination shines at the open door and we its airy landscape see a we have eyes therefor. A Henry Bryan Binna in Hill tops. $100.80 Grain Chicago Board of Trade. Chicago july in the Price of wheat today resulted largely from talk about curtailment of Grain receipts because of railway and Coni strike interference it transportation. The wheat bugs Yusnel we gaily and Johnnie Market closed unsettled u to a went to sleep. Nurse Jane saw enough water on her Beans so she turned off the Hose at the faucet still leaving the nozzle tied to the clothes Post ready to rain again at and moment. And As Uncle we gaily and Johnnie Siept All of a Chicago. Rhi Eago. July 10. A potatoes slightly weaker receipts 498 to Eastern Shore barrels a an j. Butter steady Creamery extra my firsts. 32�34e seconds so Sio standards s5c. Eggs steady receipts Usu cases firsts 2m�22c Ordinary firsts 20 it @ 21c miscellaneous .1 �21k storage packed extra. ?.�of 23�?T storage packed firsts Dilir a 22 a. Poultry higher fowls 24c broilers 28� 38c roosters 15. Kansas hit. Kansas City july 16, unchanged firsts 22c, butter Creamery, lower ?.c, packing unchanged 2 . Poultry unchanged hens. I to 24c broilers 25�� 32c. And As they slept net higher with september #1.11 i that there Watn i1j1h and december $1.13m to $1.13�. Corn lost a in to i or Oats a Shade to he and provisions 2 he to 50c. Reports that the Chicago end Alton Railroad bad checked loading my heat in Illinois and had pm Slid Den Carne i Bargoed shipments of livestock and Quot Quot Iloilo Row a july. $21.83 or-r/otoine1 a the Buzz Fox the bad perishable commodities formed the h ?�i.s2 december. $21.88 most specific basis for disquiet j Jim re 21.s7 March $21.26. Vow i in Nek .�4 nibble hic wheat trader in a it Guarr new York Cotton. New York. July 1ft.�?Cotton Fumi Wim Lvi "v0yor% a i Quot Kent a rom str s it tul Quot l�rs5b& Over i tone .tub-1 however that strike Deve,. Crisp paragraphs a a i bed his toe Aud or for office i Nie Tho Squirrel heard him and Levi s of to 4 i Irshad. Done to you ordinarily a fourth of july Celebration the Days does not attract As much attention As it did a Quarter of a Century ago but Carlsbad known a Quot the City Beautiful Quot put on a be last week that is deserving of special mention a it indicates that the Little City in the Pecos Valley is populated by a bundt of live wires. It. Was decided some weeks ago among other things to have a fish Fry not imported Fuh but the Home grown product. Accordingly a party of expert anglers went to woj k and succeeded in catching 2,500 pounds of fish which were Fried anti served to the visitor wednesday the second Day of the Celebration. On tuesday a free Barbecue comm Tim of Beeves Aud seventeen sheep was a a x a i to to it thousand people and they were fed in Luna than an hour without the Lear bit of friction some idea of the amount of i Rod required to. A to enough to Ren nobody throws a fit because two women Art awakened running rapidly toward the United states Senate. A ooh to no you h d and yet Only a few car no men asked on Don t get i in in Kab j a another whether women had sense enough to vote. Johnnie. Quickly he ran to the Chicago news faucet and turned on the water. C hic ago Sewa. # # i l a a the air it sprayed and then wow fell Down. Of we understand or. Burley Baker Secretary Quot ifs raining of weeks is a Man who says what he thinks and Sakes alive it a raining and i dido t ought to he driven out of the Cabinet and a bring my umbrella. I lit Coward put in his place who will not say what Fox. 1 must ? he Post. My umbrella Quot and away he ran �?�4> Ltd it 4> hell be next to try comeback of Villa Only had known there would be another open season for americans in Mexico he probably never would have York Tribune. �?�4 it it a a a glad to get in by skin of Teeth no Republican Candida is sufficiently enthusiastic. To mention the word Quot landslide in in Necton with his prospects next 8tar. Ltd it it a blooms Ion Thi in noses i la Al it do i to getting rut flow is from Holland what was probably the first pub by air. Inland americans would like to get re-1 i it Library in the i med stat is freshment from Cuba that wait _. No Quot tour. W or attracting More attention bed his Tor. »n4�w.j0ahnvthat1 Bas been the Rule heretofore 1 and he was in surprised when he a out of Uncle wiggly a a Garden and found that it Wasny training a nil the Fox was so surprised that he did no to dare go Back. So he had no cars to nibble that Day. And if the Button Hook does no to pull the plate out from under the custard pie and let it fall with a splash on the Tablecloth. I la to l you next about Uncle wiggly and the j squirmed in tile wheat Market. The Only do. Cline which heirs were Able to Force came at the opening and was associated with uncertainty Over financial conditions. Evening for the government drop report occupied the wheat Trad in the late dealings. The majority of dealers anticipated that the report would prove bullish. Threshing delays with announcement of a decrease in the United states visible Supply total tended also to lift prices but in the final half hour the gains were offset More or less by Selling to realize profits. Corn and Oats Price were weaker on account of breaking of a Long drought in Northern Illinois. On the decline Oats wore in demand for new a England and for Export. Provisions reflected a setback or tile value of Boc it was Aid too. That germans were trying to a Anoel purchases. Closing prices now York metals. Not it a York july i0-�?copper, steady electrolytic spot Aud futures j 3 n a 14c, tin. Steady spot and near Oil. $31 37� is it futures $$1.50. Iron steady no. 1 Northern $25.00� 27.00 no. 2 Northern $24.00� a 25.00 no. 2 Southern $ 19.00 a 20.00. Lead steady spot,�?T$5.75. Zinc quilt East St. Louis and nearby delivery $5.60�5.55. Antimony spot $5.00�5.25. Foreign bar Silver 70"uc mexican dollars 6 4 4. 50 strikers at pass City return to work wheat july tic a Tai cd in to in Charleston in. J. $1.11 a dec., $1.13, by the associated tres Elpaso tex., july men who Wen on strike a week a go lust saturday returned to no in jobs this morning according to a Check announced today at no Quot by Railroad official leaders of the strikers declared the number was exaggerated and announced that the men a would sept., j stay out until they v in if it t a err lot Ascilla fast tre Ike Comfort convenience Courtesy i will be glad to Tell Vou about the details make your reservations Call or write Phons 204, r. W. Hoyt agent Albuquerque n. A

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