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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 9, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal july it 1022.society in perpetual motion Between Home and vacation spots informal parties and Chautauqua for those who remain in Cit i ii lit h Noti White Chiffon and lace parties in Dainty summer dress i dudes from the East with scholars and artists for ballast make up vacation it fee n Ith to a cd and a i Mion. Two # a of a h i a a n has turned a a # a # with relatives the pet Al Star Anil be Gav will Lclive to banquet a Albuquerqu a miss is bled it 2 City. And Tun to t he Pecos of hours Sere taken tip features by Mcdonald. Capital Cit a w Elk end Buque que of mrs. My . A a it i of a f a in f n Khz my i l let xxi a i it to mfr w to til i nil Iii in mum i it ii i i i x it i a c wow a is us in a not to Jtb a p#hl9 9mtvk4 i Smi Ion new i a i a. A War it nil clubs. Alta i ice i of i in fun Dat hit on to a he h la conversation t re Guir meeting inn a y evening i Home a in North Kiev la of in ruin lilt unit flourished in the be Paris. Mer top on Cai oath to the Brink f made i beater the Rito in n steeped in a a of is Alrh Abas to the door of tiie Hoise in the airily hinted heart of the Fau St and there was do Ltd to flu Corr no escape from Folk 4. Uninhabited lust in Likely 1 it lift dwellings Are 11 from n in cd permanent in. Int Wahoo even t to anticipated the Forf Nna it Jukes for comp to stand sine a 1 past few week w it in vac i Loneis ate vet y unlike their Erat late refit work say selves. Heir company lug and Wal Flat a quite acc table for instance to 1 in the Bito is reach Ltd by Automa the f Intas de n bile from Santa a from Huck Cabinet. Wulc Ai a Man. And by hot he Han to p. A on 1 feeling Strong Lone hut must inure i. It has Boon by try the ten Tho Ort i tie x Kerfoot who is the Reafie notch i i in. Silt a v i it in of to a to Ile from the i Flint 1 i a i i up of the Mesa Al fill of v tis ran the h to the Tan. H at the Bottom of the sitting through i of on Canton is Init Tab however the there w s trip out s made aft that a drink Tongue pint Quot Lier a turn that shitting it Ito and dint i of Shaws Are the most vital things in the and directed i world interest in he pc historic Tor sojourning i rave of Hift a is on y Rev in of after was a private re about the Hee pita hip table of by finer a poem put t i cd John boat i of Al Rito self at his St he House wet the Aster tier found at the Willard Nash ranch a str Lou up 4, non when the a pin about their Cha a t tear sombreros and poets. On of ast thir a j digs and to Elf horses fre mixing Boa Ai a i Huntly purchased for private a a Ultra mod in during t heir slav in the West. The Young Many Sal a get tremendously b orned and wild the week in in and woo j a looking. But their bos writers Moon 111 if Lei of the Reynolds t Ulster. Miss Al in Kmic my the he by Titre a a a p. Metes it and of a enter at Tesuque. Thomas la i titty and son have right i Ankles to attend in miss Nellie. Wetter he brother. Mrs hut of in ii a to Braes in Heink. Chic Keleher has Rune i morning for n v s to he Tho Rue of it Esti the at Quot a. F. A in Moore a1 Eye be k. Al Lihr Nola n to con i incl for t demo i xxx this v id i Jim Friend. He it at i till meeting a1 wave a the. Parr have a i re a end it tie h their daughter a and family Beaufort to f in the Harry left yester do a to their old Home in i no a i a Nib attorney a in meal then Art family and mrs. Nelson Ami Daugh ter who had intended to leave a be w Days for the Upp it pent received n disappointment Agal yesterday morning in thoth a a Ltd of a letter from to the. Of. It that n ii ii i a a a i Moi i in i Milt i it e la of St puck no dec Ive Ai them. the re v . a if it mrs. I nod of he of Chi inv Mcdonald have inc a few tin is at the 1 Hon will Hon v p i it a Quot that of t re ii Durn la. The i d cum i Xiii i get tin n i xxx Lum ii xxx Redpath la play on t Ruth j a ilium i n Quot mod i h the pfc the flow i i i Len in i int i 4 fax i i d with a i Anil yellow Fyk w a to fits held last v a of mrs. I. H. I to adm Day a is punish a Patriot it if to if he p the i lid to ii k c. I i i Foj served at la i in it a luncheon he Steward by cd n a noun l it a nit tee in charge no mrs. 1a Ever Coop i s. Hopewell Willjo t in Kolch i if t Thi Ksn Gove a a Trio of pc to of is i. This est Balao . I Leer of a Var i and Horton i. Is. Has d in which t of Simps h tvs the want crested a. R from the i in a dark Neutral mate Oil f cock u n a hut it pc i a Broad i n n usually played Fri Ivorn i la and sir Peen and Philadelphia accent rive j i hem away. Their solicitude for f. He in Taii Alles Comfort is also Tell the ii. I be Little girl dude from j decl f Orange x. Jse tiny that Sheto i on a is p Box to v it Pony spent let minute 4 lug to pc Ravade her j i Cit a Quot to take the pit. There Are always of course Alane at Home with their motor table Shar of Wester Ere. By Jinun attractive Littlejr Irth adoption Echo Tel out the Ion College a Venin that i to for Het a rest and Diven cd on and to on if a tin a who usually stay much Longet i have been Able to learn ban they anticipate Tine til paso i of Santa be is infinite roman who came for a week end j a most enjoyable a not heed it to three whole Wen us i we tuck tip for alb Tiu and us d Rte it quantities of a is i mate summer every lech., Whit a were Man lid i j organizations endure any such sex tens a Vul i s i s i c . Among the other Tegu ifs was it congenial Hulth College irl whom Joseph ller Gesh inter to had tried Titi the c til cart n Joel to Mira ssh i a a a i a f xxx i i i coi n i it i xxii i Imi Ort. Jar v Al Ive a pleasant i of her Cotmon to to cull a g a me and t my More int a poll were won id xxx Airon at Quot tint. Refresh e l to it its were Horn it 2# in to for the Redja a Helen \ san fur the d Al i la event party in less Lemon. High five w to Ake the n Ting. Seven we in offer i of use a l. M ii it. R Pratt on rout cum Way at it a Ara titration an intr of a Chott the local i hired to Able coming of i it of. From i cd vega4 to a Buque que i,., i thorough trained musician a Success fat cot society in the sic in tis p in. I in the pro Bah to. Man rued to it if in Ai i Titi it in a tut inst night tilt it. Met a a a Ott miss j i attorn. R Raturi h he to Iii h to of Sun arrived h main tit Cleft to f it Ca i a in and t -4 ext for no lit i n , of of o i Ota i a Ila n x Rii Kix in on i 111 it 11 a i Quot whom did von sic on d the it the Ward the p .1 Tho enter o n 11 Al 11 blah x n Xxxii n to Ihm. Ii a xxx a dinner at in four try it july 13 to be utter it distinguished p state has been pit publican women of heir next a served at a can women my simple a a n,.m Rye Rosa of taffeta a the Crown a a a a a it j the a i Cia Grot the off Armijo a the Rita Estlar the pres byte ranch Home private Secretary while at Bishops. A \ j hive and whom. In card in Quot Mph no j in veiled into doing a review pc j the Book Corner. The guests wit i remain at the ranch cat adic. I tie table in order of length of residence the oldest timers having 11 Iron no i place at the head near inc wer played o gaily lighted i japanese tar t served i in thu at the Vitt in la of John intended Milt a Regina Tonew id left v. Gerdav for i. It a where a will be he burst it relative of few do is in Volt t he tit i a a v j lib of. A i. Ltd i Sty i w i in i by a numb Cia tis of the i by the to intr. Bitont Pecos h Echo live n the the do my St a t t 11 a -1 the Timber. I d Mon mire. Ile the Creed Lee to to Lith h Wash Quot hate has ii. J boost thro w cottage in i Are rent a she Routt Corte i of a the posed it mrs. In Reid Lee axes cr1 strut n Nestor Montoya n women a re a n from is. Adelina t hero Warren me Rritt c. Mech in Ion .-, k. J. Strong mrs. Dudley Liny Der Union committee is com mrs. Creighton l Oraker i to Rumsfeld mrs. W a mrs. F. O. Breece mrs. Fred mrs. Herman motor mrs. In t Uke s George Craig. Of smart one piece frocks of straight t i util be and the in i a sign riven a touch of of a by the. Filmy lingerie for i he tin set s with w hich they ire a worn. The Trock May p. Cut in j a t to deep a shape at the front Rev Din a mass of Fine frills and j i a i tics it May be simply j Las bed and the edges turned Bick j a trifle. La effect of a White hem re h particularly with an a la Lack frock which it May be said is a frock that seems a to be included in the w a re Robe of every smartly Row nod woman weddings. Mill Ihm a Orth. The mar . Of Ugiss i Iaru n Mills and Hay i this City took evening at 8 of a to go of the i a did Church. T a a performed by the item. F i fire. Durn Worth is Enins of cd it the a tit a be ail pro Aldi a try in the a Gnu o. Tile new to t twice a week mrs. Alberto i mrs Munu it it it Adolfo Lac s Busti n Terra Tai ailed by the it 0 Cele by Standard furniture co by Smith Cir. M. Phone a i ii xxx buy. Soil a a no a cd sri be new and us to furniture hand rom Piete line Kitchen utensil. an annual in of the j gains a Oata of Mitten. The club w Al be Clit. 31ft no next meeting of t w. H mrs. M. A Ca la Arne Street. Ins. A pan headed both i left the i. O. I s so o clock i for Sedillo hit took place baseball and were the ent i. It a a i a p in of the Lay Mea aloud Ket it Worth Bath of ice on at the Par in Avenue Mutton Husban spend ? was print. It Rancho de Atrisco the members brought bes and invited their it for supper and Tai vetting. A Largo crowd a lit. Of in i Xiii xxx to 11 Xiv Coxx i Vik in plans for providing rep Hon of the Albuquerque american i. Lay of Moor d mrs it xxx uni Doval Cha tut to a a Barriage ceremony for miss tit a Hind t ii lighter of a by mrs Ai. Rand. And Chav performed on last sunday. Vet. No t a sleek at Hie Hurt h it it rth ii Maculate con of 0n\ to Rolf Quot was Aid by a to land Ilari. The was a Treen Fri White Georgette in Whit, credit for the to the Ideal Brit entertained on t by mrs. Volution 10 Tel a n _ i its a ii i i Keg i Jill it. xxx i i i is Akk in. The Quot Marion March written by mrs. Rattle Holder Wheeler of artists it treat this City and Dot do fated to president Harding was played at the Marion reunion at tended lost week by the . Id it according to the Marion Star Hie president s paper. The March was play. D As the opening number at in afternoon concert by the kale in Grotto band of no pieces the selection a enthusiastically applauded and due the night time be ranch when s Cep in the Sfa be cot tag under the big Pines is Worth a Dollar an hour is broken each Dux both Advent of tourist parti j from Santa be. The a furnish end. Less diversion to the regular boarders at the ranch. Xxx in ring exp tithing from Kansas to Nev. Port flannels they Trail Down front the Mea top snapping pictures of the ruins and Cliff dwellings the Indian attendants and asking a thousand questions. It the More serious minded tourist j j Quot tip Ai Quot cd no up in a it in spends night in Ole Rito. The be it Orleana in october will be Atison n a1 of t i i Romano in i a Pixel Al in Otin of the h Dory of the deserted Indian Chi. ,.rc,rj.,., Orth a Row t. To there tire such men us the nu., to if wlm a he t curator of the Leland Stanford Tau of airs j la shuffle. Is it it urn who eagerly Skot. Hed designs j j.,a Iron Al enu at 8 of Eio from priceless Indian 8 expected to give a hip pottery in the Possession of . In0r> a dance Aud a a a re part he an Alert Learned Little Fri j use Money to n i in it to Del. Net a who deliver. A dinner Tali by to the Convent ii it a. R is. Wall i ire on the similarity of the Chi 1made tomorrow fat a to n ties and indigo types and the Ell j Bers Haftl drive which will lie t relation professors of his j shortly a larg att Nduati a i Tore with thick Gas uses from cast j sired at the it Setinc g i s Florre a re Millet re Aiby d mrs. To p for a not a blemish mfg the perfect appearance he Compi Sion. Permanent Ami temporary y join troubles Are effectively concealed deduce unnatural color and Correct Greasy Kinc. Tit Ghlyn Antiseptic. Sen i Etc. Tow trial Siam Lex to Hopkins 6l son Nee York Gouraud Oriental Cream in. Summer is the Ideal 11mo for pc it to Raplis of the youngsters. Till school out of session there is time in plenty to plan for a it Ittin. Phone 923 for an appointment. The miners a Wal tons studio 313 2 West Central Quot a of mrs. Thomas who a it a. Hanson mrs. A a. Him. Al Harbor. Gnu. To irm not a to White Natins to wore j us Tor to composition a a a a of 1 a a awl. I s \ hic ii and carried a Dow t ult to Ati s. A a tier a form key and Alisa mat of a Ros. She was attend Dent of Marion. Ruin Sandoval. Air i mrs. Wheeler tons recently re o by a a cd Quot a by . Fan i a a a a d a letter from .-. Hard a okb1i x Vilh boys is Joa a Vij a a t a a dding supper it girlhood Friend ,.r. No i of Kwh of Illa a a j a no the couple lift Gret that she could not be it Day Wax a big a. I p obey Moon in Colorado. Airs j for the reunion Tho president Quot f St a a pin to Quot by the wife wrote bit she had Jock the i Curt i it at Trust and Bank for j mrs. J. I. Gould repro in Wmk j the new mountings in the celebrated a Belais White gold1 wears better looks better costs 2-3 less than of a i rid. I of Norm a1 t Phan age form my a Dis a p i a Max Ort i a those w brat i on tie to Diana a a the 5h�?~�?~ put it a 1 a Quot a i Chav Thomaj a he Federated Weium a r id. Tune it i. Ii. A a Taofo a it Sun with the j new Mexico who caned p j at noon Furnace by j a lilt and re hone i of presentation from mrs. Wheel t t Al f in a Gam -. Is i i k St i it n set. T0 1 . Arid airs George it have returned from a Loop trip Quot to Taos going by Way of Espanol by for h and i the -1 Orth we re 1 a. V. But Alt i t it. I t v. Father Claude o. F. It Ltd a at the St. Franci. I Hooi in torsion a the -11 assisted the boys in per j t Tunis both old i of fist works was the Cli a e Day. The Risters at Tho sex.-s>cl to a it id to i made iut Stiblo the tear their Small wards. A xvii n x Oti is Lohi Xuy 1k� it Sioux Hock. A a of to. Most attractive Fen ures of the summer session at the sic University is the a torn telling to h. Which holds its meetings n the Campus in the Cool of the new. I averting every thursday evening in prob a Quot of Tho Lead do Gal her country and met in of t Fps of Frau �1 in it Jay Hilr Jurn unt Rin and View Quot of of let 1s Nastor pieces in Mountain and returning through tans in von Moron Talky eagles next dam stopping in Cimarron can Yon to f so thence through Etc Park Cimarron Springer. A get it it a Mound Las vegas and fanta few a there is magnificent scenery Ros Jig the Fang de Christo f huh t s x l i Hon Ond of the enchanted mean Quot d. I i through co Faue a the re "1 my inspiration atm be add. i and Eros h Quot peaking of the trip. A. To i. Rom s Lii Rit a 11 plus it the it ,. ,. M. In a up p. Of the mrs t. E Whit Mer. Miss Cath o clock. U a Quot 1 Vav Fri a j re a Bueil and h. I Raynolds Are in h we. K i v a. Lf00 re miss end limping trip at \ Orru w Quot -�th.nn, 8h.ffl.l4ill h. In j mi., of a. Gnu a a ? i Tours. Start shed 1883 i Iii re liable we ?d5 amp jewel 22u xxx est Central ave. A is from to a i it rom ii lit attorn a the league of women voters Call d league for next tuesday evening. July la in the chamber of Commerce i Hon. I ferry 8. Bowman attorney i general of new Mexico has con i seated to come from Santa be is a. Ally to address the league on a he stat const lotion giving Pas -1i _ Loular explanation of Lawn relat-1 i of May pay More you May pay less. But Hon. John Simms of ainu in whatever you pay you will never get As much a women s part in this silk stocking value As you will receive from a too a to be a ii a of a to a a it ii re a. Of special inspiration to All women pair Rosenwald s special silk Hose at Kiel men who tire inter Ted in Ca to a i. a a a to no we i$2.50. I he popularity of the Rosenwald soem n will be welcomed. There a i ill a i a t i i _ win to no discussions As til two Cia she Stockig is Toun Ciecel upon the perfect themes a not related but the a a a a. A. Speakers will reply to any questions Anc continuous satisfaction its use has Given scented verbally in writing. _ la Jim a a ii the hour will to s of clock. Toone i to hundreds of women in Albuquerque and to sex zvzzit01 of hark throughout the Southwest. A no a july clearance Sale of the most fashionable materials colors and styles sacrificed to close out suits to close out formerly to $32.50 Tweed and Jersey models to t swagger Long line and sport types. L silk lined. Suits that can get. Worn straight in a a through the season. / o 535.00 to $45.00 values Sale Price suits carried from last season. Sartre and velours to Sqq in Navy and Black. Formerly to $55.00 smartly silk lined of finest twill fabrics and finn tit0 also tweeds tailored Boa. I o to close out formerly to $32.50 dresses of Rotten including linens. Organ Dies and to Quot to dotted Swiss. formerly to $45.00 distinctive sports and general Wear models of Roshanara crepe crepe knit crepe Satin Georgette and Canton crepe. Plain embellished is 9.98 formerly to $13.50 the pretty Gingham. Organdy and Hick Back tip trimmed. a the growing store phone 283 dry goods shop buy the Gordon Hose a hard to Wear oui Quot

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