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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 8, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Int Lefor i in i if a in xxii Abraham Lincoln sees the world a Hon Abraham Lincoln a Quot it Springfield isl its november til 114?, to Alta i heat a mar or ref the thirtieth Congress. Be to tuft Haw Felt to h of that in Tat excitement Ani anticipation which foe Quot Aith one s fir let she Rase j. Time abroad. Sot rib St la of a or Quot when no in a Quot to hand he had try tied the mini Tuppi to new or Lear had he made a re la to irn to Fleer hit a mad one under so How and promising he a ilk a hard worked Man who tied by upon Ibl Btl All i life. A com to a Point where he tan break Coey go to Europe to the Orient Quot a Quot til world thins had been put into pretty food shape at Homo is Young Lew partner Billy Herndon now two very Artoux. In Mere Luna i pm p Fen. A i but Quot swab it the at Quant feel that h a Peak by mind okie to which i expected to Awe him i in. Time. A a mat let Coin found hot Mif at Home on the boor Quot trn ared and Rio More j i speak in court. Tis hint informed with j Terest in fact. Aril i get them. And pus of i i in hated or a them a him at once into the f Dent la whig Circle. B in decline it Ntim Al Elm i i a tog of course upon i a Hie fro loin from any kind i. Al Milf once witling met Over i t Hilt he n now vet and so f or a Ciliate for the of in or. With the he Hie terns w liter ? a a Post Ollie if Aal a it to in looked of or maj remembered Sis Over. M rth Ltd Che Hie reminiscences of a photon in 41 and the Haft a pm lure of Abraham Lins Oln in Cee Grout s. Sorbet Huttig definite la act Ristics. 0 Dnn to want Recti a. He went to work at on Ltee a Little Ere freely from a political Point of Proiti at or d ism of a to All of this Lincoln enjoyed in t he Quot to tim wet i Nina any a fief to later i they or Avn so emotions from ins finally at it men n Obein. Became Ben k on car mind and it o but were Ell i Arr on to in in lie perhaps and Date t than of he had teen a re election he a year w the him. Of inexperienced and int lie had repeated y announced i the temperamental. A a Loyal to the rare proud of hts chief asking not ins better than in labor and to sad it face for Bun a had rented him a for ninety dollars for a or. He a Mary 1-nc< 5n and sch and i do the orc four years old Tbs eighteen Monthe he a coins to visit his Kentucky friends and relatives and than few la first tiros to be Washington. Washington in it. Fie would look Forward to that Hui patriotism a too pure and Strong a sentiment for b m no to feel that the capital of the country seas a sacred place. He probably Law it Mer or Lees with the eyes of the engravers of the period who certainly made it a Beautiful things ignoring its defect picturing it a Tiwa hoped it one Day would be the town when or. Lincoln first saw it. Had its Beautiful spots the Capitol and its rimmed late surroundings. A few Fine old Homes with to Beer great gardens the White House but in reality it was a straggly and disorderly place. Pennsylvania Avenue the heart of the town. A roughly cobbled Only partially built up and Many of its buildings Low and mean. The tiber alias Goose Creek rambled Down from the Northeast across the Avenue into the Potomac which thrust irregular sluggish Arm into what is now the mall and the Beautiful Potomac drive. Animals fed and rooted in the Fields below the Capitol Ani the White House then while in every direction were scattered squalid settlements of a Groean Crow Hill negro Hiu swamp Doodle. Hut these unpleasant sights did not interfere with a buoyant dignified and even Brilliant social life. Washington had some 34,000 inhabitants at this time and most of them were in the streets on pleasant Days Robert cartoon of the Whit House of the 40 s give a notion of afternoons and evenings in the Vicinity of the president s mansion. Here All the Washington world drove and promenade and in the throng you might meet anybody or. Cia. Or. Webster or. Calhoun even president Birne a of walked daily in the crowd. Although everybody promenade near the whits House members of Congress usually lived near Capitol. The re were probably Sev Enty five it r a Hundred boar sing j House on Pennsylvania Avenue and Capitol Milf congressmen # . The lincolns went to Capitol la. In his Campaign that he still held to the or o tide of turnabout which he hoi tin wisely brought into being in the convention of 1143. Ile knew that i former Law Porter. Stephen a. Logan was a candidate and he Felt that it was right that be should Poi n he was popular trusted listened to admitted. Hut hts Suc Ces with the whig Cir in in Washington had an offsetting feature at Home. Ile probably had not for a a n that his tight on Polk would Shock his District. Tho a.-, a. Aroon country might be whig in principle but it would not stand for criticism of a War while the War a on. More than one of his r of friends. Hilly Herndon among them protested Herndon a thrown into a panic by the harm his tour a doing to i Pou Tiest strength. These in nothing that shows in coins capacity for i Clear thinking and expression St this a ire Sony tex period As Well a i intellectual i firmness when he had it ome to a conclusion who h he believed sound j i a Etter than the Istle re that he wrote to hts Illinois critics. There a on i to a minister the Rev j. A pack in 1 attached an appropriating free territory it had to a in a ingress you territory must Bill might keep Content a tons of Aith a it vote but when la Cam a to campaigning it a going to be different Llu saw in crumbling of the old p no going web. By Ida a of Nfn of. 16 1, by tilt acc Mem Fps Iatesta offer but opposition a him a they called it keep him in nothing by oppo Ilion it is Hington give him a Good office. Our Ini oilmen w h in Given von to the lend office was St Lam ated. He nodded it not because he did not want it. But Berat in there a a Friend in the Way who also wanted to do Long is he thought that possibly there wee a Chance for the Friend he would not apply when Hart that had annexed the found that there was not. He mad a i it tit protest of. Hts application but he had wailed Loo Long his sorrow however was Fin t a Way a pfc a. Work out something. The i a what the whig Quot Xiv trying to do. And is for tie dem it rat Quot who had fond in it to the Houth what Auld you expert of h pm it a it not absurd to suppose thai lha r territory xxx a and free Hopes could be de n to it it do any Hong towards not that he wee too int but that i Friend Felt that pee Hwy he had been treacherous in applying at Alt. Or of slavery question to foes. It was the it my cd new Quot Inver loll be compel m n should they a Congress de j it i test it had de Tki rid Wilmot Milton my govern j territory that forced front. There a As the land that Are i no Iro in do us ii if free should re them free no in tired the non Hext of in Nosy Tanta had be figment to the Bill Money for so twins t Mokler x tier the adjourn a. W Aioli g for tor neag agents which so for him in the i f kept amt r in Mas Oft i nor and my signs and of the Date lion Cline i hint in we Quot till their in w ish a rotting it its and Fie held i con von Hon in Buffalo v y led by a Man that he already. A Ort As one of the great men of the country Mal Mon p. Chaa a of i ii to there was no mistaking How the Quot convention Felt i it of slavery. To air slogan sheered it free boil. Free speech Frie i a Bor. Free men go. Xxx Hen he cams to ast up the a but t of new England to which he a he found the whigs had lost there some of their Host names a and lost Thorn because of the nomination of Taylor nod his undo fined position on the question of in toe Iii in Trent the a in gee a re. T Iii Quot it ret term Silvery out of it Fame As up Asker in i Quot to Quot Quot in so Strong Ion that invitation to mod in on him from All Dill Unity of Boston and finally a of Temple in Boston on platform with governor Seward in essence Storff at tent with Lincoln news of hts ancestors. There a on positive sat is far. Hon from the experience. Then for poke at several Points Prat time he Learned something definite of the Lincoln family before it went into Kentucky. A fellow it on Tremmie n from the Shenandoah Valley told him of lincolns in hts the Dif Iliff Firlit Gat c him the name of on Between them aaa the Dlf j of them a Man prominent in Kok i actin had noted St Ogham county David Lincoln. He a or a a a or fret Ween 11 mo4a and mss n Rota at on e. I Quot father was born in Rockingham county he told David Lin in his Grandfather had migrated from the a to Kentucky. What of your family a he asked. L o you know anything of my a to. To of the for is of Grandfather do you know where to believed in a of by and mar family Cam from when the y settled in v the answer was Gratifying it so bused it Ward wan constantly Tun King about Quot a Lincoln was not. Pew a re stirred him. Was it Quot True rated i a a this to niggle Between try and slave tis was not tile Man to the Extension Quot Ere i scorning stronger More aggressive More deter mined ? in Tho Aho believed like told hint that Hie Grandfather was with Mexico which made the fund i slavery conditional on Alamei so forever from Sunj acquired territory. Y Bei Lier the id. Ion of South the in-1 1 him that it could by kept within certain , and so kept must ult mip in die a Quot must prepare to meet knew situation. He came of it from Tremont Temple with governor a Ward pondering in his Way j. Reckon you or he said j a Hax r got to Deal with tin Alan a b g dec is Ort. Re question got to Xix in. H Mote Lincoln Felt that it was not going t attention to it her after than we a / to t r. A a c us y a. / / urn y a a. / i of a j a a a a it left f in / f Foj t to f i a a i a a be e by r. Viz Quot be. It it a / t a a a s a r / Mimo a jul it to / in r it Quot a of to tobit i Caf a / f / / a. C a it cd to w we / 9/% a h / c. A it t a cd e a a Yiev a a it / ted to St Ltd a c 2a j a .1 ? in. Caye Quot a. In. In re / r Ziv c a a it a i a Lincoln had friends. It is a mistake to think of Lincoln in this first Washington expo As a strange or lonely Man. Already he knew Aery Well most of the members of the Illinois Dele Portra to of Abraham Lincoln Boke Vad to have been made in Washington in 1848. This portrait in from a Daguerreotype owned by the Hon Robert t. Lincoln and was brat the a Ven to the pub e by or. Lincoln almost n 1896, through the medium of to clue s May ins. Note How it contradicts the tradition of Lincoln a. Slovy i Ness m dress. This is the picture of a carefully dressed Man. Have the next term. Logan had a Iii cd faithfully for Hunt indeed. Had in in Tho Apa a h Nini rating him. He did not intend to stand in his Way and when Billy Herndon and others wanted to go to work it once to make ready for his re election he quite decidedly pit hit foot Down or woe not a candidate not of Logan was. This fro to however on of them Ery Well indeed and i not i of to do with Hima a for a Long time had had his opinion and firmness or taking hold of goof him the most Brilliant and sue a. O work. Ease Ful Man that had come out of i. Oln seems to i ave conf to Illinois Stephen a Douglas just Washington with the a of make g elected to the United Staten Heron t Riff hip i i int Crem at Sun or of the i far id to w Horn he bed written that the \ Lin coir had ome from Berk Quot county. To he was pleased but he wanted More. Bartl Clarty he wanted to Snow whether or r Otth old Neon who Cam into Berks Founty War j quake re. I f and last fall at Maxcey of prongs in the Randosh i Alley where a i s d pendants Tiu j live a tradition that or. Liro Oln at this time actually spent a in the with his Kinsmen either in going or com i ing c Washington. The 1� no hint of it in i letters which the Dew in dents still try sure. I la i prob Fly unfounded rut it i rather a pity that he could not have looked in Ltd nth prot Quot a it Eros settlement which a his grandson of John Lincoln and i Brothers bad built up at Hie time of the Cor. Led. De id and i Brothers i it i e a 7,000 Aire of land kept an inn a famous in its a it As the stopping pier of All stage Roaches along Tho Highway ran a Mill owned Many slav a prosperous Lincoln Quot whom he would have been glad to now. Ile knew so few if that class his unknown Kinsman. It la a a try too that when he was i in woe a Eider mass he c uld t of Hay had the Satlof o Hon of know Jing that the mayor of to City former governor Levi Lim in was a Kinsman. Governor Lincoln was of the Quot lath Gen r Atlon from the original Hamro Lincoln Abraham of the seventh hut. Although they met in Worcester Lincoln dining in the stately Lincoln Home Witik h Sui Stead one of the treasure Quot of the town it la a tradition that he said it was the finest dinner at which he had Ever Ruth they knew nothing of their common Oriel when he Pok in to mor t Temple in to ton. The Secretary of the meeting was also a Kin Man l u Lincoln or a prosperous Printer and a leading whig. But they knew nothing of their common ancestor nor above facsimile of an agreement did he know that on of the military. A a heroes of the a Quot. Captain forge drawn up by Lincoln renting for j of Buena one year hts Home in Springfield. of he family a i Uke the agreement Bear the Date of himself of the seventh or Peru Ion in october 23, 1847, and the Lessee a an re a. To take pose Ion four Days Tater meaning probably that the pm coins had by that t me started for Washington have Bern doing it was me gain of hts it ogre ional sex. I parlance which he particularly pelted was the Extension of his a Quale tan e Hie avidity for people had a Chance. He sought them out tapped i i hem. Often made life Long friends with them. Wide is he and Alexan that Dor la. Stephens were apart Steph thought that was to attend him for in Quot always his acquaintance in my in Iny of hic following Quot us Lincoln and it a at this tim months it Ian incubating in i he a trued to know him on his journey Home. It was with him through the Quot i knew or. Lincoln Well and Wool ii slant in Illinois before i Quot intimately a he says Quot and we were Washington City in about 1850 As seen by an engraver. Reproduced from Quot Bohn s handbook of Washingto no note the character of the build nos on Pennsylvania Avenue. Also the unsettled Hill which now make up the great Northwest of the City. A turn to t to Gross for by Short term Cit lha Winter of 134849. The time xxx Corning when he must be a Uva. Hut How by Active within the Law what Contd he do now what t i Gible lawful thing there both ardent sup meter Quot of general Taylor for president in 1848. Or. Lincoln Toombs Preston myself and others formed the for to congressional Taylor club known As the Young indians and Organ. I. Phi e in the country from which do the Taylor movement which and inclined to Patron his colleague of the 303 in the Illinois Assembly he remembered or Lin-1 Coin of yes Llu had carved with him in the i it Slature Back in 3-but or. Lim Oln had been a a submerged a lost sight of a Public j Man since. As tor him cd will of j course he had always been in Lincoln knew the Illinois people and ii knew Well the record of every Man of importance in Cor in knew it from first hand study of congressional document a a politics. Lite Matur a easy to obtain and which he had always followed zealously. He knew fairly Well the currents of opinion in the localities from which a nig our Teir tor it a u these men it ani1 knew it from to. Blood of our fellow wide of newspapers. Thus he Hod a fairly substantial Lack-1 Coin. Ground of Knowle Lac opinions in hic Lody took Issue at once xxx a the adm Eistrat on in ii it ii i hit was the Only in a Ltd far a xxx know for which he had n de special preparations. With congressmen. However a with men and Vorn n in most Trout ions of it a Apo Sibih a it is usually not the thing that it i prep to do that you do do he never got a Chance to make his Tariff speech. He dropped it to accept the Challenge president Polk threw Down in his mess Tgu. Polk was determined not Only to get supplies for the mexican War to q in Progress but a ote i do a a us it a just and necessary War. To insisted that hex ice had. In de the War inevitable by a in. And Quot Shedd neg the 11z�?� n it ii of this was too my ii for lift i who had always contended that j of men and j Polk had nut Only d the War of which be i but begun it he was to Bec Oft. E a . Tool Xuc it one Wiki the Effort of one gets an impression from a the adm Nistra on to get a Dean Bill re Adlung of his letter and Alathia of i Lith. A Kwh a was the spot a and the re oleic Long of him Man he asked a on Ivill ii to a blood of our have set flow to it this period of Ai Mizens eau a hot i a was it in our Man taking hold with go to making Terr Ivory or in mexican territory Quot his col my me hone were so cleverly in a Best controversial form strongly gig Stiv Many a letter which was to write in the last id years of his life. Ile drove the question of the War Down to the Faut what k a a a a a i them invasion of americana into peaceful mean an ten tory. is the result of your i Al cation upon them he asked. A if you deny that they Are Facia. I think i eau furnish proof which shall com in you that you Are mistaken if you admit that they Are facts the i shall 1� no he d for a reference to arty Low of language Law of states Law of nations Law of moral Law of religious. Any Tow human or divine in which an authority Oro be found for saying kids constitute a no aggression a a Dilly you is Sider those acts too Quot mall f r not it would you venture to it so consider them had they is on committed by any nation on Earth a Minst to e humblest of our Peop i know you would not. Then i so is she Precept Hata Revei a would that men to ild do to a a. Do a no even to them Solete Ltd no ? it if no application Quot Censed fought the proviso. Lincoln Quot heard it ii Friend Alexander h. Jsseph ens of Georgia k j m far to threaten of the comb cd vote of the no la Chi rid to i to Wuu iut it Quot vix it w lid by for the South to take her own course Ami he a Why he would go with Here Szvcs Dot. He listened to pm Lent and noisy arraignments of the a institution by men from free re a team ridiculed by men it a Quot la Rune Quot lie heard attacks Ami defences constitutional economic a Sot Ai religious. He Hen Tith doctrine of a squatter Sov Eil unix announced and defended. Ami at intervals he Hoard Long protest from those who wanted to .i., business1 at the fully of allowing what Thomas bet Dun culled the a apes Tiberous question a to absorb the whole thought of Congress. This Black ii Quot tied a rises forever on the table of Quot Uke the plague of frogs every a i rent Mhor a time a Benton a a Hen no a is won d have thought of asking a Public Man what his opinion was on the Extension of slavery any to Quot than whet we Iii length of his foot Happy Dux to forever fun un-1 different member of a 11.r of Al p reran in a Ami i Tidro Excenator spoke on one to lie j a site for Bim to depend for speaking rna Teru i is in 1 a ring Quot of the poll adm ids item or the military re and of general Taylor he must meet the Ala cry Issue. His i to engager ? was to Quot Peak a a Conven Tiloi of the whig Quot to be yield in Voru at Ltd and it was in this first Quot Pooch that he set Down that which shows clearly where h a imperfect As cur Rupurt speech is in the Long Alc if opinion on slavery. It shows too ins i temper. He Behoved that he had a Legal right 10 v k for sex Iii in of slavery 11 no that a Tho District of columbian twelve years before in the Assembly of Illinois he had expressed this judgment ills months in Washington had g Ven emotion to his a a a Otic Todl. For her Quot or had seen sex a 1 Lune i went to the White la i t a Asur. Mar department tim la tis of tim City a slave Market. It it Tood on the Quot Quot a go of the Public grounds near the Quot smithsonian Institute and to and from it along the gangs of negroes often chained were driven daily. To have this vivid picture of what slavery meant a traffic in human Ute always before their eyes stirred those stood Avenue f the a the people of Illinois a he told who hated the institution mightily. His great Worcester audience i a agreed entirely wits the people of lifts i setts in this subject except perhaps they did not keep to constantly thinking about it. All j egr of that Blaver was at evil but that we Werr not responsible for it and cannot affect it in states of when Xiv it tin not live. But the question if the Extension of slavery to new territories of this country is a part of our responsibility and care arum is under our cont to my h for his View and Iii Quot temp Quot. I real Pissk however was Tut id up new Bijj la d whigs who my. I ring because of then feeling that neither platform tier an a vaulted in his nomination. Or. Lincoln was careful As to his manners awkward in his speech but was possessed of a very Strong Clear vigorous mind. Ii Elway attracted and riveted the attention of the House when he spoke. His manner of speech Well thought was original. He i Tad no Model. He a Man of Quot Trong convictions and what it arty Quot could have called an Carer i Man. A abounded in anecdote. He everything he was talking about by anecdote always exceedingly Apt and Point a and Quot of Sally he always kept ins a ump any in a Roar of out of these contacts came a fresh searching appraisal of himself. Ile was something if not ail that he the slave pen of the nations capital under the very Walls of the budding that House-1 the declaration wished lie had proved he could go of i i Pendency a appealed in More with tile Best of them sit at Daniel than be of the up he that Din Webster s breakfasts be listened to Obi late Ned to in 1848. He did not in Tremont Temple walk the Street Thunder. Thing. Oil january 16 if he brought in bad when he Rem Mii cred Indiana a of fully framed Bill to abolish ins coming into Illinois the Fla boat slavery in the District of Columbia. Of put e store the Odd jobs at Rall he brought it in. And he worked for splitting hut still far below his it solicit Long votes trying to get pub thought. Knowledge was what he ii it but the Bill Neer Conni Quot to lacked. Here were men the knew the Horn la Bol done. However All things that he did not know he lie prepared to do some with governor Howard sit it governor lincolns dinner table not so pretty spirited o ear headed sex aide or the other of the slavery dilates Wert satisfactory on the sub Arr sign Niento of the pre allot this not at All a Man As question in this session spoke Long Jet of the Extension of slavery. The Moat of every connect. Bit col j hts questions wire so leagues or the Mea presid it with which he followed tip some biographers have hinted that sometimes wisely often violently Lincoln s argument wag one of sex lid not know his own mind. On Capitol Hiu found tit one and with Delight that the tall whig from his a spot Resolution a to Able that hut through it nil Lincoln never Ped Leooy. They had a program to there a no j raised he voice Quot ave e very time he a declared that program could Only lie mild to do he had put Bim self on record. Aud now his term was Over. What had to it amount a to men have called it a failure it Seama to me anything but that. He Hod proved Helms of an Able and trustworthy National politician. He had shown too that Good politician us Pati i on a in a it a nth Bdl of fun Quick at repartee a aide splitting of torn a huh. Was a wonderful table com-1 tic whig Side of the House was de the year Good listener i lighted Bora was a recruit Worth outward political wavering he wet had a. Chance to vote Yea on the be interpreted As against to ult i Vati no. They saw in Lincoln at i corned the nomination in june of Wilmot proviso. That far he was Quot Ion of slavery. And As for a he d. Been i ear new. Be if named fire boil Petty a what. Tho party had w it need to Reward turn. Was going Back to the Law. He had told Herndon at the Quot beginning of his term when the latter had urged reelection Union him that he had thought All along that the beat thing for him was to return to the Law after a second term. That held now the Law was All he had in mind. Ile must he a itch tar lawyer and it la to he was h-1 was not so Good when it j this taking hold anew of his Rufos a me to getting tilings for Hin Roelf Quot Ion in i Fortieth year that we now Teller and once certain important political i general Zachariah Taylor depend. Clear had always been

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