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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 8, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico July1022albuquerque morning journal woman a daily Magazine Page inspect of four dancing feet by Jane Pii Elias. She helped forty serbian students Jain education rippling rhymes u in in in be to it in i la it any i hate it i l Jennie returned from school Iri Imp faintly that afternoon and re a Annot to blamed if atle a Crow a into a Tim called it Over what who had door <1 Art to wan More than a Var determined aft should of a teach Why of it had t Horn for Jennie Aho would have a signed that paper and Hoe a Burg it Ould have kept her from marry nyx for Fly or fir not time Clertie seriously thought Tom Noral would want to marry Lur hut it a All such a Lovely dream that ranch Tho Row and it Hack a a the horse and Tho Ureal outdoor Moat wonderful of Iii and what Tho teacher had Aal i a dlr once tag. Quot Voln to Alan the Patpar oort and what did it nay Lilly asked when the had been told Aho waxed indignant tips Tai the he needed him and Ore than he needed Alao he had promised lds a Dollar would make it r for a and let her the i by a a he needed. To think in of Lea Vin me i a Tor d think of if f k Ore n o me a in c g it my o mrs the i by a of or it Quot a of the jul to Promise me one he it a Gnu what Joy ask you re Worth you la if you think of got no by in the business of re to leave me you la it it fore do any the old Atloff Froyln to tie you i a a ours t Wilt i m honest Wirht then Iti keep my part bargain although i Way i re getting the heat of it Quot or. Ito a to Hurt. You know me i Lilly Arnold came Here loin r. We re hum. She work Junt a hard a i do. Won t you her too up like that t thought there a v Nigger in the Abe declared. Quot i knew he d something up Ida sleeve. They think w e girl Don t know nothing. They would t have hied to put that Over with them Broadway girl. I heard they a getting of a we to a not the Host on tither. Ii Arnld hell in you. I Gaea Tom and i Friend paying you attention got him ared ton re awful pretty Clart a he went on generously Quot and Gaea he Afra of the big Pine in you a g a Chance. Hut you la try and git me in Loo Quot of Emir a t would but there a in Dart any Diane of Ivy doing anything like that not now any Way Bat the teacher cd of he a cd me to Ana i would t sign i e d help me Quot Quot gee Quot i Illy exclamation a hit vulgar her Prev lip v a a no ver help a expressive to Ive someone help it would he a a w expert my in the life of the o a re a Piyun i i a it d you la got i one i to Auk a if you do get Lilly will ii it a big knit i brows. If Iii la Arnold Del and Gertie were chum and a refused to Rah i her would t Aho influence Gertie to leave him lie knew i Illy but Good better than Moat girls who worked in place like i. Yea he d he r give her a mire too. Quot a a Iti give her what i offered de you lilt pot the extra Dollar my i m do r a it fat a you not her. Be i hut you Are grateful not lid do it a you he no git attn any paper. Leave Quot Damn the go muttered a the Gertie. Quot but that j Pat then Lone i Quot Well did a i Ger naked j Quot no refused to but i be got Hei Alay. And Jones new Mexico livestock and agricultural loan company orders action affecting $8,000,000. % had a i will he or Eon Nita Ider i to a Mexico Agrie Lutui Doon Corpora lion i arranged if the War it make the in Pec in at or. Itoi Alit Slaughter Morton. Or. Ilos Enburg. D hut she won t she and shed it a Enburg and of pen cd Ign i fix <1 watch the Man anything it to n to ii Kun Rosenburg listened to Gert a # a Efu sat to sign the taper we frown 8he i and t.1,1 him he do a to Noho by for five year a Quot make of three Quot h a trendy a in her Upit g from i Gnap. Quot a o. A two Quot what i it Yon want what do you think you re Worth anyway Quot i m the Only one who Over g pc you a enhance and now you re stalling out on in Quot Quot to i aint or. No Burg Hor. 1 Quot eat i aint hut i won t in in no a i Quot per anyway not that on. And Iti work hard for you it a ii Hava hut Iti work by the no,.�?T a a my i w int that extra Dollar too Quot a a i it i said re an lied at him girl water flt or a r i of id ii w us in n of to a g i t for r on Burg stamp in a purr Langh t r �11 and Windsor to lose them Quot you should a i sign that contract the cum a i Ming gift anyway i Tell you i some Folk i know min her they d pay her fur what Abe up it j Here j i Quot Don t go Hrag Glnn about Htu out la i aide Rhell a he a raised you Lilly Quot Gertie whip red a they went a for their turn. Quot Howa real decent about everything Quot thinks we re Worth More or he Len t a vet done it Quot f til v pored Hack Quot he a a Wise Guy an i x Peri me it in International education a begun three a Ira ego when or. To wait shins Bier Morton of new York Broil Gilt Over from Serbia forty girl and boys to he entered into the school and College of the United a a. Today part of til Quot Experiment i finished for four a a Lent Are returning to help their Homeland after three year of study in this country the International Serbia committee or mini j by or Morton in March he and in it Bead a j half or. Morton it to various College in the Eastern part of the x Forth part that ser War. The de Ola entry the destruct t University of Bel i to crying not i of her i. I Complete their cd of a Nasa Serouj spin of Adolf # i afford Jones. A svy ii Good Quantity of Dri it i too for ii Mala which in by plan tied ail it for it n when there i time a aking Ani Cook Trig the tire profit in is Anil Cornar special i Aff it Ory dried. Any a to 1 them in a r own oven. A wit be rare n tiding # Fine meshed Rind to a Chi a n May in used f a Fri Ltd simple a a k in a Cath take i out left a pm to Frann c. The dry big Rock aha in id i net o n the oven Hilf Rath r the on 11 Perm a floor of the oven it a Fie circulation of i air h Neath door i the drying food. The should a a a 1 of a a air to i Ireve the to temperature to cd Nilong 1-0 i Alt Bough Many Hon woe 1 and ii a ppr Are untied Gin i # a to Crest eloquence the bus play d in the of that cow of the Gret gra1e and Tho Young people to sea Tipoai training it a looked up undertaking to to a r without the ithe Momet a Tho a do Etc is never i if you would by do not know of own the Momie a it a but Earnings of class i roads $61,980,600 by the Amit Lrtil i a w a Heffi Sufon july one i Tai read of the United f?.f�- had a let Pei rating income in Liny of i ,, draft the rate of 4.ihi i per annul on their tentative Val-1 a Hon according to Complete re-1 turn filed with the inter he Cam Mere t Oman Aaion this compared i with an ladle at a annual return of s3 per cent in april and Peri it in May 1921. A dreads figuring in the returns numbered 201, their operating Revenue in May shewed a deers a a of .9 of i per cent tint operating Pense were reduced to 4,4 per it compared with lust slav. To ii a Tail to m far a oooo i Iowa a in thur a it at ii in me log v e w a re i t. Fie Akin Lnu veg k a. C a Ahoon. Rooks ii let paid win 8n Corro a. A 8 Irmi an j to. Hen Ndon o t Albite Guerque rep a a enter is the War fir Lan cd Hoard a ii. Atkins an to Well Vav m Riley. A a Arr or. Both la k. Harris the a i it in to Wuu a n a. A Perth. Carrier Asen for no Lar k. Albuquerque in Spect or a w. To Morley a cd Al a we. M array Silver l Fly ?. A. Mardorf. Snot of a. Fire Orv Pic. In i q. A a n. ton no i r. K j a i w Albu Quer quo re lire a it no then Ltd pm vie i a Veator a a and agr cd i turn i loan Compo i. Y. Ree Kahs and Odd wit Fellows install officers jointly tomorrow no letters. Their War torn c Vry different Atmo United state Friend Ever came to the support it Morton Money a Given i Enta for o the f the i and to in the Large n the world is a a lint we n de jut. Rest Brunswick Brunswick Brunswick everything in music Apollo music shop 405 West Central ave. Inc. Phone 401. Or it no i Tori re to p fun tuft 1 i Hie in. Nisi i a of j representative c Blan minister and other Ducet j american and p j Mitten thus for the students we. I or. Morton s pm i have nov Fin Illy or add Fin it entry p Zihere How a f or. V Cho,.is mor l i pre 1 to in that a i oven thut la ii i i to i. The the British occupy Tiloi Rhine 133 Flag Contil gtd Ere and men Hale married go of. Two Hun arc arum fifty a add Fewa no Heb Anharn t in it it a How Hull la i night to Atter in joint installation of the offs la Inch u y import mov s the for Man Dies i of prof d a both i d it do in Vav d v a. The Ca a to lid Hei Fin i i ii by we bed i it a hold hearing on division of state Coal rates Rapic Ute. Then p cd pea rapidly g. Let to j Wuu is set for july 29 i in a Ai n r j i ups Tai re ii Ndobi a toll re a twill j 11 re Nim be july an interesting i Abo hearing on division of conf rat a a Houri we new Mexico will he conducted in or Santa be on july 29 by Kex Miner inane Host a of the Intel state Commerce Nir ii Glit it commission. The Case is docketed j to dry no before the comma Aioli tender t new Mexico Central Rahway St am the company against tile at Bison to pm utes Pika find Sanja of railway Eom Jhc in ilk Pany. The former company con Ling a cold Plain that the division now allow land then it cd is not a quit a Hie nod ask for using favourable adjustment. Th1 Nea i knife. Mexico corporation commission will Quot a Down Ibe present hut will not participate. Hur main however the Eye lege introduced careful rot May he used later by the commis Chiff Ilion in regulating intrastate Coal and r rate. Mov in to cd. T i in to dip til it and is it Irth july clearance Sale prices on ail our White slippers read la. Tying ii d one ii d be that Nti ii til-1 aft r to. D fit Tat t bet face t the % a cob r of to o Sera o the in in of two misture Drain Well owe to re then Apical Hawkins the service stores fresh vegetables Green and Wax Beans yellow Squash native cucumbers cauliflower fresh tomatoes 1 beets carrots fresh fruits cantaloupes watermelons plums peaches yellow apples grape fruit oranges bananas Etc. New arrivals a grape fruit hearts no. 2 tins. Asparagus no. I round tins. Mammoth blackberries no. 2 tins. N. B. C. Bran biscuit package. Shelled pecans and walnuts Small jars Loganberry juice pint bottles. .35c .25c .45c15c .35c .40c w. L. Hawkins Ideal grocery phones 393�?394�?39b c. Ii. Mcmillan i Moue my e. Central Beauty chats i try to is by Edna Kent Forhia. Bleaching thu Finger Naii 8. Ordinary bleaches to keep the complexion soft and White Are rarely of any us fur bleaching the Nail something much stronger i required to remove the stairs that the Finger nails pick up in such miraculous fashion. Finger Nail bleach should not i be drying though i Ani afraid most Good bleaches have till Quot a Lendvan Juge the beat. One that i know of for general use is a Mon Juii a Wilch Ila quite a Strong bleach but which though drying is lops so than most i ready made preparations. Of the Nail Are badly stained Cut a Lemon in half and rub the jut # thoroughly into the fingertips and in under the nails. Then Wash off the juice and rub a Little Cream of la Acline into the cuticle of the Nail i to the Lemon juice will not dry and Harden this delicate skin. I it there Are no decided stains Suc h As those which come from fruit vegetables or Ink. Use the Lemon juice. Diluted. The handiest Way is to have a Small bottle of half Lemon j jute i and half water always ready in the bathroom cupboard. \ Little can be rubbed into the fingers every time the hands Are washed of the nails need special attention. Another Good idea is to squeeze the juice of one Quarter of a Lemon into the howl of warm soap water that you use when manicuring your nails. This makes the water deliriously fragrant and it cleanses stains while the Nai Sam being cared for. It is not drying used this Way because so much Cream is rubbed into the nails during the manicuring process. Lust As a hint. When the mils need manicuring and you Haven time to do them Wash them rut a Ith Lemon dry and polish. Two girls a possibly the reason your pores Are enlarged is due to the fact that you do not contract them after the Dally cleansing in which in have distended the pores through the hot water or the Cream Massage. Via is use plenty of cold water or he ice rub. After you hav opened the Poi Aud you will hair we have made a decisive markdown on All of our White kid reign skin a loth and Canvas pumps and oxfords offering you real bargains in summer shoes. Black and White a a flappers in White Keigi Iskin $6.50 value Only. L7tl White one strap a flappers cd regular $6.00 value. So White reign skin red Cross oxfords military heels $6.50 value Only. Many styles in White Canvas oxfords and pumps Low or High heels. $5.25 $2.25 209 Central exclusive shoe store for men women and children Par five ii j i --4 a linoleum and linoleum rugs i lie in s i to we co Kahrs grocery bulletin phone 353 _ toilet soap armours Industrial tar i soap a Good soap for mechanics 3 bars Luu extra Nice spuds Inq of per too pounds. To Gavm Cliquot club Ginger i a ale. It to Cliquot club Root 19c Bud Weiser Quot i pj/9 a Hatch. Adv Anhouse Bush Ginger .14c Anheuser Bush Root i a extra Nice peanuts 90/ Tor Poun Jwia a Pawnee Oats in five 9/ Pound bags. Tutt Vii bars p. Amp g. Soap i a weighs 13 1-2 pounds buy it by the Pound. Done to be misled by the number of bars you get. Monarch Peanut butter in 2 la. Cans 39c grandee Olive butter .3uc we have just received a Carload of the celebrated Washburn Crosby Gold medal flour. Try a sack today. Old Monk Olive Oil Sqq a pints. A a Doc old Monk Olive Oil a _ quarts. Volc old Monk Olive Oil a Quot i it half Gallons. Watermelon per lb4c cantaloupes extra Nice i a each. Hic Farmers Best Corn Iii each 2 la. Can. Lluc Libby a asparagus tips each can 35c Hunts supreme Brant peaches a each no. 21 a a can .0\jc Hunts supreme Brand apricots in each no. 2va can. Our Hunts supreme Brand pears of each no. 212 can our Del Monte Brand sliced peaches o i each no. a can. Oil Del Monte Brand Logan berries a each no. 2,> can. Yoc remember youth always do better at i09n. First St. I self serving Gro Ceteria i so Lemons for by a ins. A skin that is so Fine there is no Chance for blackheads. Instead of roughing your bul build it out. Try some of the ventilated forms. They can he tucked under a mat of hair and will not show. Another Way is to take n artificial curl and form it into a Ruff. After this is pinned under the Mas it act the Sam a a ventilated form and can never be detected. It Only adds to the Rij Rural hair and it lifts Tho whole mass from the Scalp. Discouraged a dark Circle around the Eye come from internal causes. Sometimes it la merely sluggish tiers of the liver but in Many cases it has los origin in t prolapsed Organ which is a pre lug the ii a i \ Ous a tent. Lathim a Cash and carry 109 North fourth Street sugar 15 pounds. $1.00 new potatoes 8 pounds. 25c guaranteed fresh eggs per dozen .30c p. Amp g. Soap bar 5c sedate soap bar .5c Legrande Corn Van .,10c j Clio package. So a Complete line of fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh meats beef pork veal and Spring Lamb. Lathim a Cash and carry 109 North fourth Street Raffs Psi my in. A ii a Ai

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