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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 6, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico A Tull 6, 1022. No such thing As a typical american congressman Kearns sounds warning. Against Henry Fords muscle shoats Pean Isa i Iii i ii a ii Quot Kin a my t of the v la o in the i in to 24 if \ Mith 6 it in a t Iii it Trifi into it rep Fie tag inn if i p \ a ath of of pit sift la a it in Albuquerque morning journal Duke City born girl will hed Page three deaths and funerals stationary firemen in. At Chaffee strike a a it re it of nil i # i it i a. Fact ill conf i w a1 lilt h a Ftp Hoar. I met tit n miss Carroll Mccomas. A prominent theatrical Star will become the wife of Walter j. Enright. Full set dad Titi died at a to hold to front f to it a Atria o re m n fat. Troy. Has it to its ppm is tin i1 Wall too h int Etc a n h kit to h a her. I a if to i h Tiff hit to Arrow. The v Oil i i t la i Hor a i. Of tiding t to wan i i % i far off i y 13 or i Pari i in i of r i Largo Ihm i a gave her ag0 a e i tra old of tin it a i the new edison1 a the phonograph with a soul 8 i 1> m a night. I Mega i tint i a in r i Farr tin Anta in or r w f t f land it ame ism i a �., $ ii d f j is to i in s i in in of i in a i. I mils a i i Gilt of Arta no d Lair i m m 1 he i Ltd c i bodies of two Are found in City Park 11 it i Naii i in. The the d of july front of tit my Street i j f a k described Tad taken up by Maom j i 5 sat an Kearns who says food is fooling tue Farmer. Henry Fords plan to secure a i All Hui Turr i i hard Idle i to Ford Promise As designed to pain a Quot that or. Ford Dor not own popular support for his muscle these dam hut he is Given the ase Shoals plan. The congressmen of them. Hence if the Quot dam should who sign the report say Ford gives break the government Niton stand re Glia rant pc to manufacture Fer not Only the Cost of Reb willing hut v Milizer at All. Must pay any damage that arses in Conse it Juer be of the Quot a rape of this it i no t erf direr guarantee. Impounded water. How Many Mil Quot or. Ford has at All times Stead a Lions or even billions this is going Quot Henry pm Quot a used to bind i proposed to amour to in pm of too 100-year title to my Ria Boa the con Pony a Contrail to make year we do not know a Quot a neither Gigantic producer of water Power fertilizer if certain contingencies do has received a severe Jolt at the should to s this latent re if must or Shoals i it turned Over bands Al congressman c. C. Kearns port on the Ford plan. A your Posi to or. Ford. Or. Kearns ays of Ohio who tiled with the House Mon is that this is a hollow Promise Ford would to have to pay taxes of representative att official report made to enlist the rapport of the 2 on the coat of the Quot dams at. And charging Ford with an attempt to Farmers and not absolutely binding to inc during his 100-year period f a the Farnus r and Labouring Man of on any fact contained in the con the company to he organised by the to entry tract or existing outside of the con or. Ford would he a private com ,1 in his report Keams charges that Pany. He alleges doing business for Fords Promise of cheap fertilizer if Fords proposal is accepted itself and uncontrolled or Una amp to banners and the employment of congressman Kearns declares the ered in any Way by any Utility a million men if he should get company at muscle shoe s will or Commissi n. A Thor St Ile or Fedor t muscle Shoals Are without found Given the use of two dam and a1, except that if this company a t on the Ohio ingress Many a powerhouses fully equipped for a makes fertiliser it must make it charge have aroused in re oppose period of too years and it will Only at a profit not to exceed 8 per cent ten to the already much discussed he required to pay As rental there if or. Ford s promo to on is a Ford heme. For 4 per cent on $30,"00,000, a1 rented the Man declares or Pressman Keams report though the dams will have Cost the Ford will receive privilege and i a. It Kerned to sever other to payers of the country rights Denit i to re other Man ilm Tun Pun lids. I t in a gtd ii a t i. Quot White Hind foot it i on licht thigh Hay Mare la Quot ars old Star to and Ltd it Tii bind feet White 1, i pounds 1 r 1 nip d on left hav stallion to years old i Quot m pi>0tids. To and in Richt a the time feet Whit branded Ilia k uni c. I years Quot id i to Quot i n ads. Both Hind feet White Star in Torch Quot id both it. Branded on left thigh. A r o Vij Hua ctr marshal. Illy i or la la la Fri i the t enter k in. Lilly it it Carn i inc i 1 the ii at i a ii Tan in a r in 1 l uld the dead pod Tea of Man and wot Riata Ahot Quot death the Park. Tit i alien were id tidied As Tho divorced wife m n 1 Wood. F Ken in and v. J. Allen of Denver a mrs. Wood had been shot to limes in the Hak and Allen h two Bullet wounds in his ii breast. Two new in Venlo receiving station ii Ami a wireless Recd worn ill e a Fin in umbrella As Aerial. I wire s it n Toi it can to 1 a Diamond to ? in a ii eur it ii bin w is found in t a Lam a by one eyed employee after ten men wish perfect sight had searched i r it viral hours in vain. Rags wanted to 1 k Kurten left new j i attend the Kappa Kappa 1 National convention of Ivers Dies which conc in i f Ai r we want Good clean Cotton a oin rags Good size no Small to 1. V to a l pieces. Bring them to the journal office. Is Iii Denver Ami White on her w blent1 a i l l Siso sighed i f the hot no 4 2, kit port of contrition of state Trust amp savings Bank affers committee condemns the Mill Ary $07,090,000 it must be remembered or group of men in says states. He United it Al n .1 i. I 3 11 22 a in i f to it re i h f 1 Heaters i Olav t it a Ivy ilm at a. The i i Rudolph .1 i a Pii in i s. Matda d i a a a i or an ban la Quot 11e Ltd new Mexico at the Quot cd by of i in Fis Quot Thor than i. S. Lira i hts of by to Quot i i fit out of All phonographs we chose the new Edison to had the Hohenwald phonograph department because we Mere convinced by the same test that have convinced thousands that it is the ultimate achievement in phonograph invention construction and equipment tile most perfect instill in eat the machine which a i passed the Mere Power of reproduction and that has achieved that Marvel of tin Ayrc creation. You realize instantly when you stand before the. New Edison and hear that most Dif i ult of All instruments to Transfer the piano t hat the Edison has achieved rein at Ion. No other phonograph can approach the Marvel of piano presentation achieved by the Edison. No other phonograph even tries to do so. And if re creation can he achieved with the piano hum what can you expect with the violin the orchestra the human voice expect ally the new Edison the phonograph with a soul will not disappoint you for it re Ereatus in your very presence the music you hear. For there reasons aside from Beauty of housing master Cabinet work machinery that is practically a fool proof and of utmost easy of operations we urge you to consider the new Edison to hear and test it before you buy a phonograph. The Kuh Quot to morn third floor Are. �.<�, Light air Quot. It will in ii pleasure i., a in i to at Quot til a in w i Bison f a you at any time Arta play any 1 Ltd 1 it in Quot Quot ii luny i ii to i a r. Make the rid on room your Yeit room during the Quot Quot hot july Day. You re til wave w Lenin Quot. Other than i irk to. Storks Quot in t pc Bank. Davis and Cody go ten rounds to a draw Tai bomb ederal re a Arni fixtures. A a Al 1 Tate owned lot 1g Quot. Quot int due from Banks and Bank t Hun t ii that h phys ail ill in Biri Quot to Quot a amp \ 1 it to i w i to the Quot la ail of in its picture thu Atif a Quot a great m a i ear at till. Iii a a s i a it Yie Davie 1 let re i r it it a i to the lure is in it in i to Quot a d to in in i \ i a Quot a Bast int Quot i tit ii Quot re a at str it a the -.lf, i the main i he a pro t Abow int i la i but Ted w Onr-1 the Quot it it Ira Cutri Ayani no Vav Hen a Quot rights by i 1 s t blow n it Over Harry it a Over 3. Cut 16. Capita i e Al r Hanks in Ink. Quot a y. Une town us Kia by lit i is d in. V ,s2 including 28. to i bin tin Iii i a i it to and Orff a i n a the i a i f i i ring to a Odin a Asti 1 a a Rathbu a. 1 1 go with More Teeth population 3t f no Lipot Quot in be it to t v 1 i i i a Prog form of or i. To once to Raj in i Bidi. I ii ill Mikl is i is in i Iii n ill i la i i \ in i i i i \ a a it ill a 11 Hird Aire of to Gpe ending ii. Re a i the form Ai a a Ltd it ii id t if h a c Quot to can i r hav a the in the o a til in Ait found under t Iron in Quot tit to be one of to ii stent of Ltha rat Lei 1st. A a other prevalent not no Mii port in the Quot 1 ii \ n a i the i \ which by a the Quot a n a a of a this stiff to wid in. Go int age Quot it to Progress or in is show n by the lost til Quot pro id Lur tire pit a y i re a of tut f any the. In Cid i tune. T t he i the Fie a a Helm r to ii ass. 1 roiling uni St s Vai a Ai Ling play ii g the in a Walter. I Patio of a an of the amount pie repeated at for the Quot Law a pimples on face itched badly also on Chest. Face disfigured. Cuti Cura heals. A my Ace and Chest were Tenthy affected with pimples and Black-0�?heads. The pimples were hard Large and Ltd 3. Red and entered and i a scaled Over. They itched 1 Stvan it i burned so badly pm y. That i could not keep from scratching and i lost my test at Ace was terribly disputed. I began using Cuti Cura soap and ointment and after the Fust week i could see an improvement and after using three boxes of ointment together with the soap i was signed miss May a. Matcek r. F. D. I Box 195, Sherwood Ole use Cuti Cura for All toilet purposes. A a in of Tach Fri be my to a it Tali a a a Quot cot Quot a Rel a turn h 1 Mutt a pct. rum a it Point ant is and or i a m cd. Pm Quot Cutie urn soup have without Mug. A \ get a i tons in i. U i diff roil Quot Quot Between t ins of the Northeast the j to s. S wire fib to and the quote of the South to smart the Quot ship in san fran a is no difference of any to Bay. The two men were it the Quot people of the i a Jav 5�?~t a Lluz a la Filiti Kente Yankee Are neat j a tarted in Cir k and i Quot Gin a i difference j continued on up the rigging it rite h 11 they Rem Heel the Toro top. It Quot i Fin i a Thoma Well known lit malt of Wil Mintmi. Lid. Who de clares to Lac prom it it Over i Quot Iwuc Iii stubborn St inn it ii Trou Wilc i ii in Down to Moll follow lug two attacks of i Tivi of 11 a. Cis to Dalil Aud now feels Fin. A a 7. Hurp Lux fund x. Undivided prof 1, for. 2. Less current expenses interest and taxes paid. I. Individual do to 31. 2 25, Ashlei s Cheeks. 6, time certificates of Deposit due in 30 dais. To to ii demand deposits. Certify ties of depos to. It. Other time deposits including 36. A. Total Tim Quot Deposit. To Bills Jeu Able including obligations rep repenting Money borrowed. 19 1,901 i 4.315a3 Losi. 19 Viot. To 320,c 99,11 7 �2,013.22 76,�?~ $1,345,878.23 it Bier on i american Stock Are taller in la As Ai Quot Ilu to different ancestry Karl do. Scotch Huguenot do. But Tho whole Strain Hows a Plain tendency toward darkening or hair and diminution of blonde cab. The Long governmental invest Avion to Quot determine Whethe r in re is a being As the typical lid hoi take kilo consider i Ion those m aple who a to a be regard. ,.,l As Only trim ame re ans the j a Sun my of indians or amerind a they arc j from there thai fought on Tho end of a spar. After struggle the \ Ull in drops into the Quot a an. From the bitter shot a a uni leis lashed it it another spar mid thus a lbs it up it w of Iii Quot Knock out and la full was obtained. Dorothy Dalton plays the Fca to i role of Quot my a a 1 Tup m i y i in irk no r re u j \ a la n Fig in in u m 111 n my uniform. A not e me in if Sieight with a tendency to Quot Oier v a a 1 t inv a Fobb of red i r he a a a a ingrain product Mil pm a a n. Almost in \ aria in. I ice metro i runt to the bight now get Quot imm til at or play or or Copper coloured complexion with St ram lit Black hair Brown cats. High Heck hones and rather Broad faces. No one would Ever look upon a Pun blood Indian and have any doubts As to what he was As so Quot melting Iol of the Quot White races however it is not to he of to ,1 tit America will develop a decided Typo of limn to worry about her who teas a Quot readily identified Aii at from their physical Charas its. It is not surprising that it required eight years of a s Aicie to un-1 a to individuals showing at lip a Fie 111 Ltd a 11 i a gives Tho of Ali Wing Tiff in motion on How she keeps in Good condition a aet re secs. a. La. A i is i pct i a to i pro Bahlev it a Quot and Nim Quot time thinking about heir look j ilium any other class of persons except screen actors. Bul not Wor j trying. Is soon As an actress a looks Shes i Brough As far As leading roles Are contented. The Calin in Lins no pit Quot but Good looks and Good health Are twins. And in be got to confess that i be Peyer experienced a Day was a Chili. I total. Cate of n w Al Leo county of Bernalillo it a we a b. Herndon president Aud John j. Tierney if Tho ammo named Bank do solemnly swear that the above Stute a tit is True to Tho b t of our Kitow led Quot end belief. J. B. Herndon president. John j. Tierney it Ashier. Pub Rie Dimi sworn i before me this Rah Day of july. I 2�?T2. Kou Etta a. M j i Ibison. N try pub my commission expire. May 19, i .2 a Cor Reft attest i. N. Marron. J. B. Herndon. C. A. Kasem a i erector. Ugly wiggle serve a tall frosty Glass Ful of Tea or Coffee with plenty of cracked ire flouting and clinking around at each meal and watch the family so Ltd to weather grouch disappear. Schillings Tea 20c schillings Tea Upton a Tea a to cent size Vuk 39c Upton a Tea no report of Cut a Nodi Tjon a first savings Bank amp Trust go t for constipation bilious Ness headache indigestion stomach trouble sold everywhere Whie i a rent Gra i0-Pai eng and of j1oalt to ,.nu. Or Ca t gift n d Parent s i Tad been born in thin country. But there i no i irae Tevi 11&Quot Nln r la n i y a whirl Many a or opens insist is distinctly Amor 1 air Holt St fullness. They Quot a that we my superlatives Only in everything we say about ourselves nil-1 our country and our individual and National accomplishment it a. They even that we Lave pot been at All modest in discussions As to who won the Wor by War. Iti Ain is an filled. Cedar rapids Iowa july 5,�? keen i official of the Chicago amp Northwestern Railroad announced this a Bemoon that trains no and 33 running Between Ames and. Boone had been annulled because of the strike and freight trains no. 27 and 3s Between liar rapids and Clinton would i Quot run every Solhei Day. As Riha my Lurk largely to an att tilde i got from att old nurse Back at ply Hano in Vincennes id. A nurse would say a if you want a thing to come True. Just wish it True and if wishing wont work Pray a a therefore t Prav every Day that i May he spared from illness. I a think health Rind in a healthy. A but i run few risks. I done to cat very nun h and i avoid Rich foods. And i done to exercise very strenuously. I be no ambition to be an expert in sports. As a matter of fact Tho very strenuous athletic Type of woman it seems to frequently wears herself out too much. She suffers both in health and kinks. A for a Man the strenuous lift May he the Ideal although i know main believe that Theodore Roosevelt wore himself out before his time Iii being too Pei not gently Siren it Albuquerque in the state of new Mexico at tin u june so 1922. Roll x Riks 1 koans and discounts. Overdrafts secured none. I scour cd Quot. I s. Government securities i to Bonds owned a pledged. 8,3 total i s. S unties. I. Bonds. S a Imti a Etc other than u. S. Bonds i Bim to and so critics owned la pledged a total Bonds. Stocks Etc. A value of banking House. 7. Furniture and fixtures. Not amount due from Banks and Bankers. Checks on o in r bunks in a me town a k report lug Bank. Cash it in. Coin and Burien-1 total. Liabilities. Capital Stock paid in a. I. Surplus fund. Is undivided profits. A i individual deposits including f.8, 2 9, 31, is. 1. Cashier s chocks. A. Time certificates of Deposit d in in so Days. Ai. Dividends unpaid. I. Total demand deposits. In. Certificates of Deposit. A. Other time deposits including 36in. Total time deposits. Including obligations representing Money borrowed. Clos if Bushi it our Luck Coffee Hie Best Pound. Schillings Coffee Pound. Hills Bros red can Coffee Pound 41c 39c 45c 45 c 6,88 1,2 i 18,106.8 i 11,187 11 i Kall. I i i 2 2,7 16 three stores in Albuquerque 406 West Central Avenue 205 n. First St. 330 n. Third St. 0,000.0 0 111. U i i i it i 1, 190.9 3 639a70.4 4 27,6 i8,37 37.714.27 12, a 3 i 2.71 08 8 is,57&Quot i a 617,792.03 1,161,280.21 41.500,00 a a he flu left me in such a rundown condition life Tun miserable Anil work a burdens declared a Thomas Well known insurance Man 60n a i .-1nail St Wilmington Deb in a recent state ment regarding to Lilac. A twice i was a victim of Tho flu a he continued a the last tone about two years ago and since then i suffered from stomach trouble Ner ouse. And dizzy j to Bills Bai a i spells after eating Gas on my stomach worked up through my tit Chest Anil made my heart beat so total. -. In _,7 a. A fast it alarmed me in a i nearly s Rte of new Mexico. County of Bernalillo is Quot smothered. I could never get a we a m. Reynolds. President and j. E. Cox cashier of Tim Good night shop arum got up above named Bank do solemnly swear that the above statement is mornings with a mean taste in tree to the Best of our knowledge and belief. My Mouth and nil tired out a m Raynolds. President a other medicines sgt cities to do j. Al Cox. Cashier. Me harm instead of coed bul subscribed and sworn to Batara me this 5th Day of Only 1992, three bottle of int ism rid no ii Seal Ray c. Bailey. Notary Public indigestion the no millies and j my Fomuk Sion expires april 3rd, 1938. Dizziness. My sleep is restful and 1 iiirix.�?��?Tattest a i am feeling like a. Different Man. Llo i St roes to Nim is it train in great t i. J Robers by All Geed i m. Raynolds dirt Toga Santa be railway machinists boilermakers Sheet Metal worker electricians car men and helpers. For these classes apply in person or by letter to nearest local Santa be mechanical officer. The Alae druggists. Of sin id Adi

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