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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 3, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Pm is Albuquerque morning journal to a 3, in \ m # in half j murders in connection with the Albuquerque morning journal pv�?~iv0&Quot. Of her n Raro a i a re a n n i War a r t. Increased Tifi Srnec on the part of put riot in a pc Umno combast lie officials is credited with part of the improvement. Prosperity is credited with More. Shovel or other working tools a that ought to hold him for a while Joseph t Al sek Mao Rina editor Ort is we oo1 replace gun or Blackjack. Telephone. A. It seems to be True that even among u in mini no tur m us few Tottle till person who commit the not log. F . It a. And airy to Santa be a crime More of them prefer to Lead Law a. In adopt tinder act of of mar to k. Abiding self respecting live than not. A a a a Quot circumstances drive Many weak willed att Nae min a St hates r persons to desperation. It it it such Cir a Cums Tanee removed none but prof a in signal criminals Are left and they a la so a fewer than most of a Sun note snap by the Way France has spurned the latest lies a no month i v Ltd a a la a or mall re Roo Watho. St m month. A Saaf. A a love Roxse Munts. The to Arnol own a the right to Rejer opt a Dafter that it May Dati i it proper. Cotta i it society meeting. A and of thar. A a rot. 1 ution of Foty and Chun h Doc Lisa a Etu. No i cat for Church wetting to except sunday. Saroti programs a Eon Iao taa a gtd Tison aaa proposals and thereby saved a or t Ltd vol to Cha Rcd for at regular advertising rate. World from death by show member a the associated a wuss a a a the a a oct ted pres la exclusively entitled to there has been a serious Mutiny in the the Nae for of att new cr�il4mi to a a cavalry of Trotzky de no or not otherwise credited in Thea Parer and Alan k Ossian Hen t. At Airt. S. Irti he to Ai Nowr Of he or i a. Look out Here is a movement which May a a a a drag him from his High horse. A Nadai Jins read the declaration the three mile dry Rule is now in Force funny when you think of it Whit a Dif Ference there is Between a in Force Quot an ask a on the fourth of july enforce. T by out St Root a aaa Peep a a discovered a in a rat Tara reaming their a Tea that in a a a d lags but a neither Hird a fish no and Kart Baa in dry for Etc a 40 obit the Day commemorates and he will probably say it a the throwing off of the British Yoke. Ask a mall boy and he will say its the Day to shoot firecrackers if he lives in a Community not yet blessed with the sane fourth or the anniversary of the declaration of Independence. Hell probably know More about the lad who shouted to his Grandfather to ring for Liberty than he will j that wi1a try mortality among thump know about the declaration document it a sunday Pirn. The official a i themselves duh Crow d disagreed with the t if there Are to minutes to spare before Jeu a # # # a he family starts to Park or country club key thu or i to a to do a # i or to picnic in the country it a i 7 i sgt Oil the Day at ail to gather them to1 Down. A fold the w it re it a n it w a h but f a Gether to read aloud the first two and the c in. They found it. Tit to r. It last paragraphs of the declaration of in Jav a Kiac a it f 7 or dependence. What lies Between is a con for.,_m# to 4�?znr�.rou, a r Cise statement of specific wrongs and is women a dangerous a any a. Of less importance today than it was when i vat topless to a i in # r r i written. But the rest is so Clear a pre so by. R i e. Manla be it sensation of the fundamental ideals of the Ion ago. United states of America and of any a a a. J i. _ a Elf your worried Gnu t eat. H1 Freedom Loving demoed by that it Mere Nklan. The t. Reading Renews ones Faith in ourselves looking at the waiter my As a nation. It should also inspire us to la four work out today a problems in tomorrow to the fourth with the principles of that declaration. To j., a it it there Are tyrannies today As bad a a logy and now la I ated to it anything the British government of the and Pifle 18th Century inflicted on its american j Ftp Elk Krow fat t of Ftp Hulk a thu lit by in a ii est to moms Light a a it if ohm. Is is f w to month ass Lis s.4 n. Lith annual Parade of cowboys is Leo by Hinkle governor dons cattleman a garb and rides throned streets of Las vegas at head of procession Hanm it try. July 3 or a of its a i it l f the n is la rtt need i to u n t i ittle it Benny s note Book la Vna it Ltd j that met a ii Quot Taf rippling rhymes St Walt i n t Fri a dins of % colonies. There Are injustices within of trounced. A it it # a a men h in r eve it Nutil Crown Borders Ami denials of the rights to 10 a a ,. ,. A the chairman the icy a ii of and inc Pursuit of happiness a they Are harder to throw off than was a George Iii but when they Are gone we j Whir a rn4n n will have achieved a higher degree of Independence than heretofore. Mer to till j Iii Mil in and a a nil i tin in he Nib on i imagination d. The new Flag the Par it to it vegas yet Day a a gala sight of coun a. But the a Galan Rte sight a beg a i Crnkic in a hours. A a a hut it won t prey will Atlantic liners of British registry arc carrying a new Flag unrecognizable by most sea going people. It is Green White j Wen r the fight it called off i i it and yellow. It is the Emblem of the Irish a indebted to the promoter r giving a excuse to work up an tit. This a a him perfectly willing to give Bai k the Advance t y free state and the liner display it in Honor of Ireland when entering the port of Queenstown on their Way to or from that were mad him America. But before Long there will be Irish ships at sea no doubt. Dying that Flag regularly in Home and foreign Waters alike a our ships Fly the stars and stripes. It is evidence to tourists and to All the world that Ireland at last is a self governing nation. 11y, it Only # i Thoi i in a cry of try do id no in b thai sep to if of Tom ii it i Iff As it i it. It or 111 priced shh it ii feel Uke win show and of i in i d i n i of wit it i to i produce d ii a cd Ashbro Eittie two sly to or kit that a going to Sod. Ll1 Little grand away outside. Ill Tell you All wan i t ome a lumped up or a in not Hov. A and in n a trusted in Thall about the to amok until Gra it ogre you wont eve it a a i Quot this feral via the. Narvellia Idee and i re it i in my so Illy to Ting rite Ermound to the d a 1 throw this it Igi i d ish rite in an a t my an Gatio rhe f <1. A ii i in i tit a but we hews a con i in i. A a to of a it can sch to a to v in p a it Al to on i rub trn it a Nail fed h ill k n Ltd to i it i Grain a rf.5 i of simplified holidays the Prospect of the Valley Atour i a a a a never looked better than they do t Day. T Ere a been ample water All the icon. Tri crop of Alfalfa of the Bret cutting Baa Beta i act a y All Ahir de and la bringing an average v i in a i a to ton there la a full crop of fruit a a a l Maxwell of Thornton who a the government firmer for the Santo i m Ngo a re Cochiti i f ,.coing the hew #. Indian Pueblo report that the Indian have in he did Cream of the acreage of their planting this year but that the overflow of t e of o g Anda has holidays in these times cover not rim ply Tho Days marked on the Calendar but a whole period of weeks preceding. Christmas begins the Day after thanksgiving with Santa Claus romping through department stores and advertising j eau aed tonal durable damage pages for a month. With the dismantling a a a of the Christmas tree come the Gay fes veg want the trolley cars to Tun until loons of Valentine hearts and these in a Viock to umm a evening. An Ever a g a i urn Are crowded out by easter bunnies be like a w a inaugurated. Long before easter itself arrives. Even Mot Puu 6c of Ltd in the City on in communities which have banned by bub Jne to ordinance the dangerous firecracker fireworks peddled along country roat s rom v Jaffa. Flor ter far Simon St a win Are set off fitfully for two full weeks a a a this for no for before the fourth of july dawns. Pc to it a. The sat thin about Chi commercial id. Emir a. Ii z at Ion of the holidays is that they lose if Iran Etta by or f m say through it much of their finest signify of to Yngee Ranee. They cease to he individual glorious red letter Days. It is harder to or and a b. W or Quot to r t a Crit Tell what any one of them is All about1t to it 1n the a to for v Quot and harder to enjoy the actual Cele Bra is John 5 Walker lion when it finally does come. The j who a to hew t1 it they Chat a a should be allowed to Eland in the j will lift my a path of Progress pop Mil. And he no i it went Down and put on i hat and Wen out a baying now wet do you think of that Man he or t delt Bitely took advantage of Terr to or could get get a i thro acre the markets the hew 2 people that do ail the \ a King nod none of the lint non g. By la Tat for a financial a Thirn m of in a fhe mar kit i my to Quot a a net do a $ 1,03a Iff a Ltd i or Dew to Ord bion r. Ulm s i Hack to a a a by port to f Ltd a in jut inc to h it Frt h Drdla late trading a Tib ago Bourd of i Rad Ira go. July t a it a. A Ltd it 1, a $ i tiber i ted % it n Tioff an i p. I in a c a Little laughter i j i fairly jut i wan n a a a a m d to a of or mined Man a he climbed into a or i r in the coils aum Barber shop. A a a done to want a haircut nor a shampoo. Neither do i want any Lay rum Witch Balei tonic hot Towel or face Massage i a can Ion trip to Eastern Don t want the manicure girl to hold my hand nor the Boot Lack to it it fondle my feet. I just want a Plain Iiah a with no trimming. To you understand that will Street pay tvs 11 to n. Twenty undue total a by 9.1 not gain i 10. St go. J Oft it urn 87 Ai Twenty Railroad averaged ret a or this i Ign a i. A 4 a r. New Tork to u 5 of ocl proc displayed a Ioc Dodly helter Tore in today # a it in i,.�?��.ba ton of stocks for impaired marginal account and Active Chort a a Eling of a few individual a a list arted ret in. A 11 it %. Men in West Aplin be to be during the connection Bear put particular it re on word a i a Wichita Kan a. Bad received to it a Toad of new. Wheat Todne end that Hutchinson. A Usa had evolved 90, i Leal de the forecast w for continued excellent Neath cd Crox or the entire Gra n Belt a. Of is of in Xor d s d no a ted 3 a additional Handicap or 1 he Bulla. An of in the m r a k r1 resulted i a Quot a of f n fart that in a iia Len t it july ? a red High i a new York Cotton Vee. Yolk july 2 a is let. Middling 27.15. I fed ton future doled july in to bar in a Ember 8 is j in tary Mif a 22 a fro in an increase if and from the Rcpt of a we n reef it or re execs of thes it it weather sent Fie Ember oat of Erie record Nev list of d orb it Sal York. J a la of. Douglas w a a to i a or formerly of f City. Spirit of these various he asks is some-1 seen Ltd a Gummer doing Genie Giconi work in what Bun a i he neat h \ 11v added trills and in y possibly is in before dim Down which All the prolonged places on it. A. Head of the d Sprat in to of a Leon Tco of there an error in the system some m u Ett Institute of e tip Oloc whore. The american Public will Wake a a a up one Fine Day to find that it has it it Vry Mer i h w1 Lyon and j co the Best pail of it holidays if it does not a r Wake up before then to simplify their Observance. A yes bit said Tho Barber. A will jibe open it g dealings but Good you Buve some lather on your face buying support made it a ppm it sir .1 a new Folk evening mail Ane around noon and induced exp. Tensive Short Rove ring in some of int month Standard by a. A a or re or ivs Eti a we a modest end in three no it h her. ? Emit Iva Man who d a a Ltd Dot get r sport �<3 tour of Tho tort apr a of. Lie h d fallen deliberate5 ajar in listen a there 1 had love with the prettiest Girt a Vitta j it a film of Stork to re. A a a a a Rule if the Camp but hesitated Moven sont of a i cd apparent proposing for tear she would turn Iwa governed by intern ii Market at last when be could Ondl is but it resulted in k break of Hearty i a Fri Vav is log i i i Ion tire i it ii of yet 7 i a to a n 9 a cd i s a the rec i and a Pipit in fat 1<j g a a i Flag r r ii i u 9 forge no cd turn a i lab Dinar a that i slow it never die e Loti e Mea i fief Fli Guith in or t. Of a Raker urges work As a Means to save the dying hawaiian race a a a a i or arder1 find i i re a t t d on or jes to. Haw Ai i e. The by de it r i v a them. To run the tar Prosperity is. Crime anticipation ont t0 by ton in the. Fan to worn. In. A a. A to a a 1t-Nrt, ,.,�?T "2rv he Sassu my sensing a pen. He wrote Berih Alness in the other Burnt an s non vinous letter asking her to Quot a Orono am and a read you t. At v in. Clean be g i in Rich Bond prices. A. Saturday s bad Breek just b a a its clo a resulted in Jurreit a a -a1 for ? Ltd a arc the qui k fee in pro i. A a 1 i a a a baggy t to to wiping or s to Supply Quot i Valu a this panting of nurse Ai 11 0,000.�?T a i thank you for your Frank -ness.1 reap ended the stranger. A i ii Init it Jim ? us. I % i Etc. Tin we a to of end to shy 7 2l future. 77 2. Or no steady so Northern a i>0 no r Mathern t a a on Fri 30.00 or. 2 Southern. 320.0"u 29.g&Quot. Of had a steady spot of by. Zinc quiet a a St -.po? and nearby Ftp or a a to. Ythinion1. Spot. $6 97 7.< i foreign bar Silver mexican dollars i a l r. This year s Cotton output is forecast at 11.412.000 Bales Dej orator were St w. Of clock St. The fair ground last n the g and stand ble Nebera and a of fourth of duly Celebration. In in on is i until 11 a end no it 8 i for Levi i by Knght a h at the opening. Mrs of the Quot Quot or i a a showed marked imprint cent Ira i tv.# a a div Jeu 7 wheat in to Quot by j i 0j, j Foj ,4 i a. A. Cut a. Quot i cd for big it it. 3 i it a i so 1 a roue v. A Civ it u 9&Quot a a Ltd no irwin.1�?T�- a Quot a Lily in a t it i it a a Al Loire Alfa 1 j 5 i a ? it i 7 ii Pra in to in my o i 9 no i Moth a a of a Are i l Ift d Dover $ 1 3.50 n web Langton duly 2 this Yea re. Cotton it pop Aru forecast at 4 12.000 bal re today by til a Quot Purl men of agr Cullire. The forecast aah based on to a condition of flu crop on Lim 2c. Vlf cd Haas h9d per it i i of Normal and in tim preliminary estimate of thar Indra a i hat by so to e Effort tent a 1 fire a let h i that the of Wallan race. The is my of Molokai i e ice from Kepier a stats a talk re Elf you us a a Linns could Der to Quot Al Oka i ii would r new your eur a a ration at d Ril e new Hope a Ltd o my u nhe 11d. \ it h Ive Hicaro in some to intr Blob to in the her Ige of a or log a so or i to. End y u a Jan Are americans Are re to f other a Way from work a i Bor yet unless education Lead us bae to the land it i vain. Miners reported to have bought strip mine at Herrin ill sprint fold in. July 2. An unt filled report Here today a to the to feet thut 11 m a Illinois mine worker had pit a filled Tho Kwh Fie at lit or the. Bout a hid. Riot a g a x car . Yuk a toll of 2v in or a a Quot Lotta of satisfy in Ivy Dama be pills contemplated Chicago police officials announce that Prosperity Iii that City has Cut the crime wave Down to a notable extent during the hard times of a year and two years a thought by thought a piled tin Ope p a at truth a nod la Point Back the City averaged50-hold-up8 airs Loo red a id the it 1 i a pm the tax anew of on to 2 vie Point be ins a at ll0,000 from an stain it a j registered by ate Ison Northern Point a went on the artist without. Part fac new York Central Gnu the a break. A of course you know in Wavor. Hod u one ally what the material Cost. In i this Cao that would be $2 for a Anay Rusty com night now there arc fewer than thai in shaken Ltd a whole week. Burglary have been Cut i their i the up a a v w it item Pacific find Southern railway completion of tin mid year set i a nth its results it in Ort a tor rat ii for a All Money which opened nt1 it Siv. Dropped to i or a the Etc to of a whore it Ouock tonic 1 Oik y j Ltd to f i of i with of j it t i i. J i cd for a t it to at rain arc i a i med of Dum livestock i Iii j 2t a a Ilea so july 5 Ltd p in of agriculture. In do a i Mai t Kiriy a it in i i 11 1 a i our d co loll of Lime which "48 .8 lit fit acre. Or per Cut morn the fun Ihm year Ama on that Runte. The acreage estimate and a on i coition on june 25 a Tate in elude pan Art-1 Texas. It,.077,Odo and 77 per lie cent Normal Gall Orn la 235,dog better in my i. Arizona i and 92 a time Oil other states. 11 5,Don Ami in. I Nora a it a 7 t it St 1 inor. Bulk Piti re a a Erat a inc Athu i i. It la do Ili a blk. Y 7. F 0 to i i u Elf jul. i Iran i it a Natl proc in a pm c in to p i a Arr if a j in by opt i Ester on in r of Hie or. A i him ported Price was 3 7 us too a pm i ii it Ion of the reported pm chose was delayed because of the unwillingness of other state officials of the mine workers to 1 Alk in the absence of president Frank Farrington acc rotary Walter n. A bit. Whose ip1 ii a is 111., declined it cd a 11111 it a tto raid Tho Only an ii it i Ino n n i by a a i i Blo Eliud a no t oui Dent i 1 ii r i it up whose to i Biet i a in it d be did my know

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