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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 2, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Birthday celebrations by Goodyear plants at Akron Ohio. Ano los Angeles Calif. One Day motor trips to take from the City funds provided by the government will build 46,000 Miles of Road Studebaker six sets record in Mountain climb or Nam i information on on the trip1 from Wilt be fur it mind in r wet in flu la la a re to or off Ion in i to journal build it dispatch from Wash. In the magnitude of j a mint a Road building pc j us own by the following j it it it d by the act r j ii to i a Juno of. Starting of Tho third Yea Aro detion and Tho mane 1.124,607th a of no i auk1 ii. Factory 8up"nnt Dent h Tho 1 fit lied Tho production Ltd i particular Tiro by a luncheon Tho f h tory men who actually it i in building Tho tiny annoy a Tiro build a and Pillion a fir finisher. Ijar of the Goodyear textile presented that unit of thir factories St to Angelo it Rlee Tes Cotton into the Coni used in building Goodyear Hided a guest at the that did Honor to then who Rodth de the Tiro not mar of the Goody a Council i pre a Talver of is organisation the admin it a department and of. A. Manage r of the j of Angel Lang at it Rita j Fie a of a Ilion t. Y and rubber re d j Lions of Puma Iti r of j fur <1 by i a of for ifs i tire that in eve Obi worthy of the t the prod tired at Akron an i to font a n n a do. Quot it i with Pride that the c Oody or tie and bub Bor company of of Alifornia marts the la to d it Ltd of tire pod it ton and Mark the Pas i g of the end with he i Educ ton of i ,124, of a Kant a Bilo or and 1,2 48.421 Antonio ill tube ainu the Plant Start do the i t a selected front the pro auction of Jupe Lith in Cor n party with 1 is product t Ion ire from Tho first end the product on of a year Nill he exhibit i it the to aug is Branch of the Ponda car t to rubber con t party. 1200 8 Mth Olive a Ftp it at one and after i re a it on a to it or of the la a Eastern brunches of the Goody a tire and Bubber com r my to f Al Fornin end aft r this t i p w i la be on exhibition in the i Goody a Booth of the h a tit Ber of com re building log Ango i i i him. Pan Felipe lie thirty four Miles tip the River. To a t there you foil w the mad to Pinta re a fir As the a Tendon is turn and there Bear off to the i it or else you to on through tie a Domingo tut to the tonne Arroyo where Yon Lur i sharply to the West. Both Road a id you direct to the Village. Tho Lait r is longer but generally better. Of can m e of Tho old a is on a it Moo for the and Hunt a in tie South i Iljins Are numerous in Fri oar i Row strip of i in r nil v from Albuquerque to thin Felipe. An ancient Pueblo stood near the present site of Alameda. Where the Chute it land school now Eland in Tern Litho there was on a Art Indian town j Aero i the River from Bern Nhu it j j both North and South of the Bride i Cie a it re at least two town pc tidy four. Line of Iii be pliant v i figure prominently in the Chen Teles As Early n e Imo. A few mile toads department of agriculture. In february 13,906,660 a allot led and in March the figure jump i to 112,021,06�. In april plan for 22s projects j Wero approved by the Bureau the j of six a rond largest a Timber in the Ifor Arf of Federal Ald and indication if Eok Are that the number for May wit Ward 1 be even larger. In he putt the in i a it Cak in volume of plan approved rur i ame in june and july. The pm never i or occurrence ibis year show that the Quot tales Are making Good i to a the it pre Misc to. Get Namu h work a at under construction As possible to a a a a a t Ike advantage of lower prices and a Nof relieve the unemployment Situa-1 Rar i of read build Long on j non. A considerable portion of a so a ascent was n de As follows in pro the projects for which the Phi of in a it Footpath for no Roa Complete a total of Are approved should get under Eon in Pimmit. Boulders under construction True ton during the summer and growth and even Trees r in project ave Rah j add greatly to the 11 ii mile un-1 obstacles in climbing this in it Complete. A con Ider construction on March ii. Of Attall and Rock hut the t of the bitter Mil i a a mane Vered of was upward in always summer for a i hip a of Lehr d cent the Mountain rises to a Imiru of 700 feet in the course of the one mile trip from t cd to Summit the i a sit w i a it Ltd the unprecedented climb under it own i�0,�o� appropriated i Federal Aid in con with late fund will refile Cong auction of about Tib of Road. This Lull by parallel the a sir on i it a York to fan Francis i it 11nc a. Or if divid�?~1 among the state would nearly Milt to Ca h How to test the car spark plugs cd a d Quot instruction will result of in construction of 0,206 mibs a of Highway in March the fund Onvall tic first Tiro built on june a and the i Iii june 14. 191? i or. Picture i to thu the try changes that have taken St the Olds time Roe track St Park since the Crest on Goodyear Plant during a Little Heap Quot on tour of the West Blythe outlined the produce a Story of the company and i the successive step that increased product value pkg by examples of Rcpt a men fires if end h year Hove the nit factory is it it per sting in a itty Goodyear at Akron. It of tread Cord tire teat development of Good a exhibited also with fir at the base of Tanu to t your right just hero e you Eros the Man i clips Bridge tradition a it a thru w a no a Pueblo. The Only Well defined my a la a or Antic Iruin. However la to at already in Savage ads. Humid on the Cliff cd is of the Blick Ile a. It show a a Community House til feet Long in Ai Church c. By 23 feet in dimension. The modern Pueblo which re the Cliff Home about the he Jne of the eighteenth Century a in in a Buick motor Hon during the present season. Ile i _ this there is still available for the Buick motor is constant in new project 160,1 4�.ona, which on Power in acceleration and smoothing same ail a previous Baler Ness because its Carburettor automatic heat control function qually Well in summer or Winter in blk for new protect a taken in de very motoring rendition. Ail f the rat of to 2 a r onto the heat required for the proper and of than of lf.700.000 if a. Xor Srtatton of present Day Low Arr a ,. Ronde fuels i supplied automat �?�>001 the Progress being mad j a it thr0tlfl op#,npf1 re in f re in i and work s is sep Wren jew a Topf. Rurh ureter automatic that the slam Arr eating Ever Quot to tool is just me Mere of the of fort to fake the sea Nonfa int a. Hat make the Buick owner Diwali fled with any thing hut a Buick. A my record or for Road construct by in to that Bureau of Public utile that will Amin a much in to a Public Rye this year. Ii i going to a Loen me travelling anti a tiring the summer will visit Many 11 int greeting Pine throughout the k West. Tho put Quot certain w it Gill a and Point of ii a a in on t eve re olm know i i Jim in he is the Fra in a Hur Acter of tit up reek Cis a a Fang a a tire company of fan Diego Calif the Indian boy who i no familiar to Motorist Quot How to adjust the car Magneto remember 1, you Are an Engineer with a i f . 2 you control a highly piece of machinery t. A valuable cargo has tem Willard batteries he the mgt Pony Ope Beath r w min a i Tiscar its known h in or Nei fan Hitt fan frat Spokane tit Rase is not on Story in which pm of the Moraln Wien a spark plug is suspected Magneto it should first he i a. A a a not Nir Remau in that the Quot pm a per Cylinder is in fir him it a the Rne. Stuat d is b is at the foot by limn that in both j Peart to Bce a placed under your i 3 i ack lava ledges and with the cute. And the won brought a p up. Ii a Rande directly in front. Till to the highest Point which an he in or a or hand is in invent i a of till mountains from ascertained by running a red or f f m thousands of Dol Here is remarkably Lmpre-1vc. Wire through the spark plug or l Tim Plaia of Man i a a he is com-1 pet it Ock opening then the Point j j. You Are operating Over a Par Tiv by Large and somewhat i i reached the Notor should Jusn Wiur built Highway your High Snunk to thin latter fact Ina Keg the Bak a u1 an Elg the of a Quot. I Ivy you have one Tho ban Felipe dance in which i where the spark should my it Dort t forget that thu a ii t and full toned in a armr when the snark lever is fully. Rain a the a rur pm hand you also hath Hou a a i a i til Cliff a i of i Nadvan cd if it i desired to throw Hare in it Ile the motor Down very Low the. The it it Hof a car l by. Nark plug i ont should a open d n of it a shareholder. I it it. I they Are Smiy a Sixte nth of Jqhn for and or o9 you Aion an Inch apart. Power had previously been driven of or 80.000 mite and still ret Hoed the original front Brea that came with the car. Or Williams started up the Mountain Side with an Ordinary pair of automobile tire Chain on Hie air wheels hut the rough Lefone and boulders soon broke them to piece an i a it of heavy is lunch chains had to he attached. On Rich a tilt sum tuft of the precipice the a of it it one i the for one week. The headlight were turned on each night and the record making Ijah six could he seen for mile around at the end of a week. Tire lob of driving d we it the Mountain a tackled and proved almost a thrilling and Dlf ficut As the ascent. When a spark plus is due Pector d of not operating remove it from the Cylinder without disconnecting tile w ire terminal and Lay the Metal i part of Iii plug on the engine by turning the engine Over slowly the electrical circuit will then be completed by the commutator and of the spark plug is working a spark will Lump Between the two Point. Of not it i a Good indication that the plug i foul and pends cd aping or else is Short circuited and worthless. term open evenings sundays my used cars for Saie or tra in s3 to a a $225 5 re speedster. A no Tabt air a i Ford Sedan k to it per Etc. Jas grand Chevrolet tour of $300 Mitchell fix touting com he .$500 Nash bit touring 1920, a real bargain. Dort touring Worth the Money ,., it Twenty five orb a ranging tit fir in from to o up i foil Stork of in i tire an i part for All popular car Mcintosh Auto company Xii w Copper phone r0j filiation with ravage tin advertising. They have Een him countless times on Bull Quot in houses Ani tits calf boards and poster and to pos sounding Board. The annus Dan cd paper and my go i Ine adv Rise by jh9 Way occurs on May i. Thera punts now he i going to t Ike a Ira a a of a is two for. Houses the trip on fag it cords throughout ulva Ara located North an cast of a a a rules issued for a twists know your Battery Cost by buying a 66 v Estay Battery with a written factory guarantee for two year authorized distributors of m decide. Foil Rte y on tits Road among to j florists i Akin to safety and a new a court by a Peri it of a urge it lotions is a w being for the thou of motorists in this Section of the Quot country. Lack of Conte a it i pointed out. Often leads to re Etc Ness which in turn lends to accidents. Therefore motorists Are asked to Timken Hyatt and new departure bearings Joyce Battery station phone 941 107 South fifth in a bed in carved corbels. Proud to sell Willards a i stick out my Chest and feel proud Ever tin in i soil x Willard threaded but of Batter y because its manuf act Trees of cans and trucks has Dot idea on threaded Bubber Insch Litton is Standard equipment for their prot Fuet. The know that threaded it i her in mutation last Tho lift of the plat Quot and Doe a not have to be re new a we Ard serve a Man. Which to. A a w to i save visited the locality v la n v remember a a i in v to i a fore hut he is also going to Gluf Aram inter one data regarding til t mane Quot in that District. He w la t pit about a tuft Road cond. Am they affect Tiro service and h a w til Endeavor to a How the rout the spa Rifle statement of fact thut e tires Are tog consists it anti general Satis fat lion unde r e Tope of service in each sect of the country in which they Arlt a a rating. Ming Jour a in of Adver town. The old met Hod of r Nome Welt Trull discernible in the Hale Scenic View j a carved and painted beam Sui tem Cine a i port the projection inside it Ltd Gic. Dallas find a dirt floor Plain White id and quaintly hand Hen and paint i i la limn a d font. Pulp a and altar Oman a Ltd i i i to i Heap 11 u t Ion \ to hip Ling on a Phi a Bow fir the a Pun so ent of we ked. A rating a a a a. A �?��,0 Leaett g from the Nave o ii. Sacristy i it of the old veh d Type not a bit of Iron heil.,-�?�i Injo construction the rear be very old image in this inner Arkansas builds Highway at Cost of two millions % Gnu can wander about ban Felipe for some time without grow in weary visiting and bartering perhaps. If you Are fortunate you mat find a Turquoise Driller at w irk for the mines at Cerrillos Are not far lunch must he taken the t r in Fil ii is of you re ii y wish to a it pan Felt a though the trip imn i1 Maic in a half Day. Defective tubes ruin Best tires i As car and selected As a thread d Mccloskey Auto company 4 a a a o0a Road a just Hen completed in the North in Road improvement District of Arkansas near Pine Bluff including 7f� Miles i of Asphalt pavement and two i cop ran gravel compaction from Tuggart and Otho r Points to the j Jefferson county line. Motor i trucks will now he Iii a to pay Over the Highway with heavy Load i of Rice from so too acres of j i a i lands in that Vlco Niiya affording cheaper and quicker Access to the j Market. Finns Are now on of Quot of a for constructing a connecting Toad we a Pink Bluff Throe h Jefferson a Jonty. A automobile Fleet re cans. Willard Storako Battery distributors 1�?~honc 810-w. Copper. Sheer full sharing the Road with other makes Fri it rids. Blocking the Road make an unnecessary enemy. You c n t afford to make enemies the \ May prove expensive. A defective the will ruin the b. It tire. Just a it the heart that keeps the body going so it the tub that keeps the casing u a Man would be Gainly not eel t a Wiak heart because it was cheap hut would want the Hest. Of tic Motorist should Purchase the tub that will Best prolong the life of the rasing. The Ivetter the tulle on buys advise Miller tire service experts the greater Assurance one As of full and service from i casing. A Good casing is terribly handicapped with a detective or worn ont tube. Lead the world in motor car value the Man that spends from Twenty fourth to eighth place in less than five years fours and Sixes $1000.00 or More is entitled to a a six Why buy a cheap a a four when you hear a Horny it May he a i doctor on an errand of mercy von w a ill not willingly or knowingly take a life. But you mar if you per Slot in holding to the Center of the Road. Test him pass with a spirit of a god Hoover motor company 418 West Copper $1045 be o. B. Factory buys a the Universal car we have just receive seven carloads of Ford cars Light six a there is a difference and its All in favor of the a a six and after filling orders on file we have a limited number left for immediate Auto amp Supply company phone 750sixth and Central. Albuquerque new Mexico. The Quot Studebaker Light six has a string of records to its credit that will make you Quot sit up and take Cooper motor co.5 i 9 w. Central ave. Phone 67 in Quot our service station keeps owners Happy twp Dpi v j nyx a a f a. July 2. 1922. Albuquerque morning journal Paffi Jya

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