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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 1, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico A Albuquerque morning journal july i. 1022. Albuquerque morning journal a a Al is \ in Iii Imi no. Lump pm bedtime stories for Little ones by Howard f oar. A a a in by Root for Sale Hunch j for Ren a dwelling copy might 1�z1, by Mcclure newspaper Bro Ileal. Six a a a re font a i a 20. I it of. and i a Elk a pm la tax a till Ltd Ltd a a a a A. Of knife. Boti. To ii la Jam i ii i i Sci a ii v i in i Mhz i la i la no. Id la a a i id i 1v got Al Ami Imp of a pish. Inc rat ii i a p of by by la and to i kilns Tim 90 Day off it i to i 4 p Art Imp a a eke it. 1. It Btl a a a Cut Oil ii be. Ain i Shefi t a <1 s a Hood 11 Quot part t a lid i 4 i third i i i Libert i fir id fir Gin a m. To t Grain i to it hit i Ltd la Muhm. D i1 the arid Hida re i ill ii % in Mikki i i i it fail n a sing for Europe the the d. A erratic candidate for i go in a k a fling at the re Publ asserting among other thing beyond the end of Ila nose Quot a it . Cot ii not eat Iliad with the if the opt lican it in probable. In i that there i hut one Man in the country lid Hare restored Normal conditions in the Rod of fifteen to in in but unfortunate Era in november i $20, rejected him and i opponent to the let g a i Jot to Ever president 11 candidate i not difficult for even a per in of Ordinary be to forecast of the Campaign and two year hence will be. The ache a fan in this to it do it of we d to Dot Republica t Ieese failed Have a Tore Mican Pink to tit 1 Boon enough an sighing for Ava Jim t then \ win Trie by Musk i at lady h out Ort the pore with her apron. A i a a a x could Hare a la of the Orange ice no Iota Nim e Jane. A Ell i can t give Yon i can go g-1 you an if a one laugh <1 i Nde wig a up f hogged Xiii Quot and while you Aie at t get pie a Rake of Ana p. Min have their facet if the Neath in hip soap i will a promised Iso tile tee Cera Art. Of Ber i i y Hammer Ems that lain in both of be a stranger whet e a our guest. A say. A of self nit in it Al j Uda it in. Ago to a re of Trade Chicago june Tost reports from the Fiorta a West did # Good Deal to lift wheat Price today the bullish Effert fail t de to last. No actual damage pct Tot appropriately just be. Spring crop being noted the j noddy desk in police Market closed unsettled at a it net decile to file gain with july $1.14 a to to t e is and Hoffet Nhor Fot e the p. Lice be done 41.15 a to to of 1 Orn oat a to i they know the most into a. E to a e a of oat 11 of ret of your Hen parking House products the Fin Ign ran of St up sir a with five foot poti11 i Yrtti mile Quot to of it. We i Oft urls tilt Nullo a a Ell Hod Jane a for Fin Iii a Rise of Arket had cat m ids men i in and o bed. Varied from i be off to from a what we Haie . 2�?T?c. Of the he. Melvin f Trotter his hulls in the wheat in Pace to a e b 0 somewhat in initial advantage owing to a faster that that. Univ petted upturn in Liverpool quotation and because of Correct is to forecast that unofficial estimate d of of the Domestic Winter crop j Lobl i would be sharply reduced. A a a it Fern Tzvi business chancer a i a he sgt i t at a a t so to Moi a int Ai Edt mini in Ted ill Utti i a i i in in Quot the h of aft wire and having our whole i inconceivable w Tea a he ire How to a t of w Ca a pie m e the inquiry we could is of of i i a us re a i Road strike late buying Tab no chances vied also t Luck rust a he in Ltd it it in fat of re Buti them in o h Spect pie of condition to he i it a of is going to require where. Brins about their restoration Duck a i of fit n never will return regardless t old the affairs of the nation. Swing favorite sport of the Politi Ciai s a a la d of the party in Power. Oth in Quot lev do for Campaign Quot i so left than a. I a. C Vav j it i i Ved. Alb. Swinging on the Nance my a hit she told i Nelt a How i do w turf so i Quot id w of ooh in to the markets lid o a Ai w Iii ton int in their Peen us <1 lev use Iti the is ii�t�?Tn11 complied Iti in sin pie Tea he Power of n it did not it he Public. V not parts o the made pm. A Railroad t a Sta in they wage cite and in Law such i by the Bon id n that comp he government a t he i it j la. La Gator to Ted i financial .1 i w re of in howl a airs with More Money than probably will Rte occur to Iii result from an publicity it a to tin them nod of pro f la impair Tea of the Bath by King irs till a King never a a nil it ii ii i mum i of .1 St tonal a Art log heard confided a Hie criticism up erne court because of its ii by labor saw Unco Natitus Mno and Iti intention Ltd a empower Congress to Over verse of today Rini \ i ii like Minuit Loae pent Ort Ruhr Rbert ii wait id rotary it of Conin Iona i conference it. I. Wednesday Lunation of n an of dry and n 11 f fee in the ish that the rent and local re pent i re re Euvah that each and i it e 11�.if to the forefront vital a question refer i labor. It would be far better for of the Republic of till were Trueff i in now of Noti 11 no Moise Dis i aia it in Ino than the i a Duil no Justi he at j a it a Given to the Vente Ali zat Ion of to Quot Vel lament by continuous failure of local government in matters that affect tue \ \t1 n is a m holi. V. Us to growing population Abd growing complexity of our in Sal and a a i life. Til constant Rei Ort to Federal control for Elution of difficulties will yet untie mine the very basis of social preg to in he dealt set Ion of the sense of local in Nom dim id hem Vav i id me in on Bour upon i for the nuke in sounded a i what sons i hem in ant. He a <l1 k Fig ii Hope what is Tith crack in pro the a roared foolish heal i lantus ii of a tenement cause the Ann Wilt Shine i put of All tic Day. U. V ill take More care Ila in w Bat Row n i v Ca on the scar h that cannot end so in Wall that will not yield,0f be remembered Fields re famine Day by urn hot a Quot in to it it a a it in a id the wind that makes a deep disquietude a a Why in my Ellen heart i Hope renewed Bern ii e Lambie a a a capt a to Tup o f the High in it Tai la Al wite re we can to hut Al if tide you want to a Oft a via a lilt. It h a going to to t n it so j aft n n Stor in Alit it on find a a Ake of o l i it i a re1 ii get you of of is i u Filiti to hat 7 a inc of s a Ltd lion quacked the Duck girl y i t to a tact t a laugh Quot i done to i hic it it it up. I opt ii to hah Witti n in wig i im-1 a Eva i \ it be i we shed once Thirn a x a it i my tit i a a t it a a unit. Cup i i on lined la Quot 1 to f i i o f Quot that will cd. J Vul u. I think. Quot to it How Lov i of. Our i i will a quack id Al ice Quot it i a it kind of you s ii fluttered a i v. U div ii off the to walked. A a a id Uncle wig ii a Quot t la i in. Us the a col Forest. Hut the it oozed than of i Famore and but Rusht % Calic for no Jette. Not a they a a tie to i Llu k a \ store Ami to igbo tick it. Iii Ca h of i no also a us an j i thy in it rid a i a tinny Tine finn Quot now is a n claimed inc e Vav i univ hum a Iii i Ria a lice it Art cat my their on Hie Quot Hue reason Nemik Hurt of Wall it real. W y Ltd june so. Dull pcs in it wlm the approach g Holiday the f iture of tix Laj Amin be Tim i it. In him turnover of a a a nun made of tin i leaders were quoted Ocean tip How Ever Villi Tiiu in slue at Mihi Quot in a while t Mut he Dei Broad sea in. With Board of moods v and Lacker my a Vinci t t tides in the a for fort # Lur n s Bourn Sci far a tin 1 Arter d a ice Jar thai Datt Mee rep where Blick crc.1 w comme Pratt in ally a Abb i arc Tren i i a i to Tzvi u Vui Bung it a a a to i Komi 1 a a Allfie go it it it a i it Ihm Nee Belfa to in w e in site ill l f i get a f the to on i Dav get ame very irk t Nev it of it to a Csc in Fly to of up Char a time in part a sane of of a it m the places i of. To Duscov of increasing neb to do with it game in the v us a Lvi it Sale a a a a in Low none in were utterly neg p,.a \ i a. I by i it Are. Win a m for la to tent tar Pew lits were the strongest Issue in mutation Ltd some of the Mote nned mires of that group Evily indicated wait Street s grow conviction the mean would found to break the deadlock he employ a and Railroad cd eau a Ndeki a w Al Nantes prot for i. H a it car entering pet i font a emf Ait he of a a. Odd Ohrn j of u a n resumed but pres the Une Ertner lure against ilia1 insistent meal i a. Ted. However. Chi i cat la to i Quot Uorn jul Dee. M Arpi i i i re pair a Ark a Tika t>0x11 in m la s ii is of Troi Eun in Earl a How a it of i a it a Iii a of four Points of Duce to i 4 Point at the i. Rib to i it i I it a i of a it it irk i Hirabe a Quot of a a Chingting. Lint v a it f Laib. Icons Ruck by he Ord. ? t Orn no. 2 p in Tho Quot smart Crisp paragraphs \ Lull lilt a Nill is i it y. I Many m no ago a prominent personage in a lot y into a i Cylde Titial Campaign by a the to Iff to be n local. Ane. A Content Poi Ary Calls it Dom Cath and Tia Lional. Signor i Rhei styles it International i natl1�?T.?�?T inter a National Page the canny guests who say its a i Telegram. Al die a i w e rec read bul if is Impo by to secure this guard to our people by local go a a one of Tho who consider the sense of local responsibility Are is a t of e nation is a whole fail i stand for amendment to met it ution i at will give the recant authority to compel action lie lit a a which Are negligent of their Kim ibid in. Let us have our eyes open to fact however that the necessity for so in is a definite Stuj it to undermine the Auton of local government and the sacrifice of a Itono Tny that a few state Ais imposing All Tim whole will Only open the Gates of t through the Constitution every ume local cesspool must be drained. It h this thought in mind that i should to it s a Gest to you that a final a fort should made Lei bring All states into line to Abri child labor. Of that cannot be a com bed quickly. 1 regretfully join with Tho in j of Federal j Boon then w ent on to Point out that Quot out j misfiring Molt dim Fumii of this concern about whether Lenin we live be i is misplaced. There is nothing for him to do than what he has Dun Alin to nut tree fret. I. Is i a till 10011 4 >1x111 an 4 Hild of we Ake Tho Tariff out of politic w Here Are a going to put it theres no place for it in. Pion sense a Chai lesion Nev and courier i a Mon it. I Al Riel Iii Worth lire n the Money Quot a barrel of Money expresses unbounded weal strength of Bald d m Fidel Vnker at Ivan it of ohm to two and a int not t oth it gains of the a re limited to obscure Indus my specialities. Chief among a tote i i re 1 my a Oln to a gum and american ship and Commerce which was sustained by the do duration of ail Quot extra dividend on cramp ship shares. The United but leg steel moved within fractional limits Tho greater in t of the flu but was in demand inter with a a a Era of to. Independent steels Brooklyn rapid transit additional Rise of i Point act on non d reports showing Furtch marked recovery in the company a financial position. All Money s gradual Rise from Chi a the opening end renewal rate of Mark i. I cent to St per Cen it it m b fore the of traceable to piano in further withdrawal of funds i Quot lured St in. It tomorrow s interest and i i a a ind payments. Time loan rut a int Alt . T me to wit no n a t a i est Kan a t it Tii it Grain Al. In. It it june 30 a wheat no 2 Hare in a no. Red 1.1&Quot, la. Orn a no. 5 w hit in Cut a Din St a Era Rte of Quot Highet a Ririe i Quot a i i 1 w re to to opt to it bundt it Muic i islam j k. K n 21 Temh i Wani is in in a a a a re How Ca a a fetn<1 of a nil dog a fun to in Dew a. To Penner. By of i. R ton a i As Vav kor Trade livestock t by. Atm. A june no to. 15 it i in a rect fairly a to of steers Strong a $ a a bulk it x 1.1 it a tone Eara Dei fur Ai for a Quot a of wanted real estate Vuu a it a.1, a p to i a it to it w Ith m a Melmea a w the i Alice to coast cause i done to want nurse Jane a ice Cream to melt and another reason is i think Wear going to have a Thunder Shower a ,. A lie it a Thi in a t a it american a a at. 4$h weight. 11�?~mo n to. A a Ain Raineri a but in To no i a of and then a loud rumble Merman smelling a Lief a. ?s1 no 0 i 10.$f by t ll1 u build b barrel for the amount of paper rubies it am oar Quality top May steer a 9, 0. Annery wean to Loather Ria is generally steady eng into the year s last Quarter Luik desirable Scalere to packers re a ported at 4per it ,4 s. -0 a w Iii. Ltd is us let a a Rte Date being offered at 4 War Jio by i Bottom Bulla pee coot on High Grade be a Ritj. $4.$0fi 4 bub be in and a a i it Ping la Herman rate feeders let of in 7 of a a a a it u which yet another decline to hogs Benet pts of of Mal hot a to up soothe new Low of .0261-3 and another steady to 10c lower on Light and Lump in deck Bills the entire Light Butcher other 1 Quot a to ,.c Ringo of european Exchange was i0w<r. Top bulk $.655 substantially better. 10.99 bulk Good but fact a. Ji&Quot.40 closing primers _ u 10.90. Lacking sow i mostly 19 american Heel sugar. 4 a a -,##.$0 it $ 10.0� i 10.23 heavy mod him would i uric journal Fie Prospect promising. American Sumatra tobacco. It it i Light Light. 10 �4i pay Keg Quot of hurry a quacked Alice who american Tel amp tel12 a a a nows smooth of nth. Packing being romantic did not like than american Zinc. 1 it i tows rough. 16.81 to Ila u pigs id,6f ii i 0.50 Hahs $ i 0. 0 i to a throwout sgt a 30 a. Stock pigs at Ady. Sheep receipts i Soo she unevenly steady to so higher j it Wethers. $7.00 add tote a a i 10fr 4.7�0 others j 4 Ooi 5.2 Leady to Strong Tup nut in i Ai "0 clipped new crop la my $. The. I i. W Vav it killing most twice a nit Chas veer tiler. Would he pie enough to Angeles times. 76 a a Ding to government Rel Quot the Appl a a and of soap Torr Uncle w ski Yas Atchison. A. It a a sheep be Celt 11.000 Market peach crops lot w to e in y As if you have nurse Janei o Cresant Baltimore a Ohio. Strong to soc Lusher receipt a. A run Fri Cone and then we can hurry Las Bethlehem steel Quot by. Go Iouna Ariel a a Putte a Superior but hurry is they did. Uncle a California Petroleum inducement. Willy and Alice could not of �?ol0. Let women take Cape Tho rain. There was a in mitral leather. Produce recite i i Felt a a a Foh Sale livestock Miv it a a firsts Slid 34 be second. So Llic w there is Merit in the move to i i we Man a a a a a a a a a Peake a ohm up the Church collections they talk so outrage Ign timing a got e to under aul a Ien. Paul Ouile about and Man who won t put a lot of Down game the big drops splashing Cuney into a hat �?��?�?1�?o to Quot a i it me Kwa think Opp. children in America Between a a and 16 car of use the use of child Laboi so i our a kit la i fourteen til it re Tard proper development and education i at . i Soohoo re Illren. Int to wow Quot a we Quot among i. No it her nation can show in Small strength and an actual lower position when the sue of our Ai my is compared w Ith the coup Washington Post. J everywhere. Ki.,�nwi� St Ala it a Quot 1 w.�?o2 Quot of a a Cubi cal., suck it an t i Van tart it started. Soon All wet. That is. I in in Speed Laws ave vet. Being broken broken Givy was hut the feathers of the \rr0it Northern Ned i v the Boom for Henry transcript Duck girl being cowered with a sort inspiration Hopper a a a a of Oil. Did not get wet exit on I Ltd Marine pad. Smithp i a i he emf Day the t1 Quot a try a off Kennicott Copper i a j x i Ivl Al Vii i Jil Dai ill a of Alice Asfa to a it Ell mexican Petroleum. A but the Bunny gentleman fur Miami Copper. A soon quite snaked though he Missouri Pacific did not mind for i a not the Montana Power. . 4 i ago produce. 7,600 doct to Palt. A 1. Chicago june 30. Butter mat j a Luve Mamba. $,3-6 tut City Butcher cd tar $13.50 to packers by Fly $j.00. 3sft34i, is 4 a tort sorted cull .00atand�?Tardf 36c ,.o0. Fat a aes a a 1 poultry alive lower. Fowls _21c broilers 28 36c rooster. It q I 4 1j get to. Joseph. A St la a Pyle tru Quot a Kansa tits produce. A Reau of markets a hog receipt. V a a a. a a. Bulk Jiom re ans do it to 230-Pound weight. 010.80 a a Buluro . Creamery it Vav a m. A Handy Wright upward to $ to. 4q1 10.60 packing sows Stead bulk j ,0joti 73 d is.30 % Coo Avera a Cost yesterday. Poultry a la 3 3 a $ i Ltd. I s for 21$ pounds. To in Han /vr1 a i statement showing that the first to me he had Bren it to in the new York Central now occupies fourteenth plane a i ii it number is $00,000 below the ideals i no the armies of the world in numerical of America a proportion. Ii Ca population the War department Calls Atten . Hoovers doctrine regarding the tendency t j Ion l0 Ona other significant fact at this time nations along with peal a o to u Dei a1 government to solve local Dif pm to ally All rho european Ecru to he 5-ov,n-1 in the Mattei of a Hild Japan Quot have compulsory in u l Hal in.,ate thl. Cur., have i guarantee that every Able Fie labor the state done nothing to eliminate it then Why Appet to to a Call h Low no disposition to help then rain and he win neither Sugai Northern Pacific nor Salt. Pennsylvania. A it makes a Del he Ian consolidated Copper said a he hopped along Reading. Alice who was carrying the cake Republic Iron a steel. Sinclair Oil a refining. Southern Pacific. Southern railway. Studebaker corporation Texas company. The soap being very Tippery so i to tobacco product Down 1hr Hill inst As it hens 17� 20c broilers .178 $ Cattie-nvje.jss11 Tso. Market unchanged soc Csc. A 28 steady to Strong spot 10c if her new vault Olton a 511? top it it crr p new York june 5 a Hnz $. Hulk beef Ca ,t,,8 h turns closed b no i 9,0 beef cow mostly u us . 0 0 a few Choice a 50 part a my 4 2 4 i,iiu9 spayed Peifei 50 calve mostly steady top $,.i�n Cotton fun Toady july $$1.66 b t., $1 32 pm 521 to j Jan 521.05 March 520 03. P in ill s a 1.11-\ kit. I. E in Boulse. A hts at. Airreal. T 163x-j, Ca Golf sati by of Vav and try in re i Oksa Elk i ii a a vyv ire Vin Zitur . Milk it Tom his m h it a a ought i it it Hull in age to Vaara. Phon be i n rib \ Arginta flemish it want fit a Ftp of Quot a i a. U t wok. 1 a it Quot weal i Sij Vav. Fir claw ii ten in us no to a of a allot Charle q and Maria i which Noah Webster of soap soon they came to a Little Hill military service with and at the Fop Alice dropped the bodied youth will re j soap from which the paper e Iii taty training when he becomes of per i to been washed by to rain in added to the regular armies of Superior he Federal government when the com a arc nth Whir it the a foreign Powers possess there a Are the tin men a Reserve established by the Gen coasts Down the aide of the but ii 1 it ral training. Tut. There is a warning in this condition which j a ooh look a quacked Alice i it Annot safely a ignored by this country a i he just slip mud that bes fret Call if not for an imitation of tile policy of other stepped into the ulip Purv slim hell nations a Lite United states a not i teen and place where Thorn had ii j new will be n Militarist nation but it can be j Down the Hill. Arni i begs n loss because of his life Quot words i of n prepared and reasonably Alert to world coast also just a were on forgot to chronicle when he i conditions. The military policy of the United a vied of Union Pacific. In United states Copper. 127a $7.30 47h Quot 9 u. 13 9l pm i v i signs. Ria w a familiarly known i on Ary today step out a Blate was established two 5 ears ago. The out. Quot i am looking Quot said Uncle wig i Ole his a in us Dot Iona. Growth of Lesbon of the War. Ally. Quot but i did no to know you wet head Ltd the budget Bureau created by Congress in Qimat policy Calls not for compulsory univer going to do that Alice Quot a a it was his understanding w the preside Tuai military training but for the training of a body did no to know it in Elf a a 11.of Funk he of thai he would hold of re it res sufficient to assure the country a ten the Duck Gill. Quot i meant for Vot Harding when he tool to. H j Sony by Security in time of War for building up to look at the Soan sliding and a it but for one year by the end of Winch 111 the National guard and for maintenance of Ltd Rev a if and of honed to have the Bureau machinery working a regular army ample in strength for police duty vow wimpy it coasted Down Hill a. A a new no la fetal. A sheep receipts 60�k killing a w Voru a classes fair steady hat native steady. Electrolyte pot and later a a lambs. Is 2.73 a few Good vearling j l y. R la. A Etheln 56.00 Ewe $5.50 a till j.?. Spot and futures a a one deck medium clipped ear i in a Iron steady and unchanged. Lead end spot f i it. Denver. it. Let i Ai d Denver june 30.-<atile�?re 1. Be Cerepta $u0 Market steady. Hoof j an Mony hot. 5.00 a Quot a steer i<.t0 i too cows and heifers 55.00i. 5.00 calves. $6.00� to it 0 Stock Elk and feeder5.2 3 fun 6.ob. Hogs receipt a Oft Mark t d v. Lop $10.10. Bulk .5 it 9.00. Shcop a receipts 2,400, Mark unchanged. Ewes. $4.305.00 Tor a i n Ini u i a it in tit i of to id pout Market t in i Rrt i i 1 firs \ it the. J lust in i -.1 i. A Quot us it a tet i n. No i too in i uni 99 foreign Luv hang. New York june 30. Foreign Haiir firm. Great Britain demand $4.42?4 i cables. $4.42fx 60 i to Bill Ort Banks. ,. I ranch demand 8.42 cables 8.42 4. Daly demand its Cable. 4.73b. Ricl Giuin demand Able 8.o0ll Spring lambs $ 12.00 55 12.13. Germany demand .26 6i cables us i. Holland demand. $8.45 cables lh-.50. Norway demand 16.30. Sweden demand 25.70, pen foreign bar lid mexican Dollar 3 4 Okom i Lind i to we a go ii Van a it. Waik Henf from at but us a que hrs a. My Mem fat read. A i i Quot i to fifty i ,.r b .1 a to a in Vlf it i 111kim to i unit i a in j Clin of i Ive cd Supply i t h11 �1 a i v f ill Hal f a 1 in u Solo Quot la t ire i 11 unto hoped to moot Lily. Of course there a difference of opinion As to j summer in National guard encampments and in Dan in accomplished. As usual the school a for the Reserve officer a training corps us a inv Point uth Pride Quot and the democrats j them will be opportunities for carrying a by the and Tor instruction of other component part of rho service. In the Cit men training vamps Thi Down Hill did t 1 Quot and she looked up from Iii Bottom of the Lope. When she had suddenly at Down Quot you Jock me coasting after All to the Slippery soapy View with alarm a the fact rout Hoile lost Milit j a a formation of the mom do Vrabie kind of a 1 1 Quot a "1 w tevet that Daw a went into office under the it jul Enskip. T lie n in k. A quo Quot n a a buds t Bill to of on a in View of world cond Ilion anything Hor of 1p himself. Rut i on tuition la Bud it a inv i. A ,to american i. Ivan Stu City times 1 n--1 a in 1 t a a jct a Iii Cwi igl mid got through in but my a a a a Ifeta slide of enough. A Lane s the Cone was wrapped in waxed Popei so Ute rain did not Hurt it and the Muskrat lady enjoyed it very much. So the rain cooled the air. Alice had her slide and if the Tov poker does no to try to make a polite Bow to the dusting Brush and get a 1 looked Back Iti Tell von next mostly Kaunas City. Kansas City june 3u u a Bureau of Market a Cuttle receipts 1,200 beef steers i we to i a higher. Top heavies. $0.60 calve steady to Strong lie Nee realer. $8,50. Fairly Good 200 to 250-Pound calves $6.30@q,80j other classes steady few Good cows $5,7$ Plain kind. 4.00cr5,00 Cannelee Ami utters mostly 52.50 8-1 50 few loads common stockers $5.oo#5.40. Hogs receipts Market end bulk Good Narni a. Antii i m if Vav Irgil and hmm finer. I a to 20 Pound wifi by must hurry Home with Nutze skyrocket $10.5011 ,60, to to 2 5-Pound-, i Quot us Naley furniture free free free 500 pounds of ice with every refrigerator purchased at the Star furniture co., 113 West Gold until Stock is reduced. Done to delay. Act now and get the 500 Pound Coupon Book. I rut -. To i so Quot Iii Arn iou i a i i Totton tin Obi . I left m pm i i and 7 a ph.,nil t#0t.jf. A Drc Shtur it Fth Nak ftps. A j Vav. It Elk Al i us it Rha i it j Nuj Quot ii 1.1 . Of Edwim Cis a 2 3 .1, Krvin in bin eos my a inning tai.. 4 to. 6# a i Bai . 6 it in i ?.quarter in a. Com n Birls bicycle. I Wicker Arriage ref Iterator Bain to tile by it Piet a Tock of used to to it first. Kiel fab in i u i e to i ult i i a Miff Elk Eaid Furnet Alfh Eli 1&Quot exile 111 73 chair. Jet., bed. A Bod. Spring not areas tit a it fill >0 Lory die at Rig table a it Quot Minuit any Rocker i tin we . A Quot v mar v is he a la it min i Al ii,.ult Vataj a a it �23 amp i in Sec Btl

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