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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page two ii Yuqu esque Jou Nal Herald january la. 102f> a a a of h i Uii a inn in Ullin urn to mar mum m , i we color splashes for afternoon and evening weeks social Calendar 81 n i \ v housekeepers club dinner at the Cannery. Sacred conc it at the first congregational mrs. Sol Benjamin dinner party. Monday pm Fin it lire ale department of woman club at mrs. George Irwin Stern apart fits mrs. Homer Sid pm user and mrs. Emmett Rogers second Bridge party. Annual election of y. A. C. A. Officers at mrs. E. I. Moulton a 129 South i my in nth tweet. One table duplicate Bridge club. Past matrons club at i e m. A. Jones 401 West Coal Avenue. New Monico hair dressers association t chamber of Commerce 7 3 1 o clock. A cd , an Crl it to at woman a clo 9 of clock. Royal a Mhora at did South third Street. To i spy merry m Kris at 2 30 at mrs. B t. Phillips Home. La n ire c us it mrs. A. I Wilde a 3< i West Roma , to hum rum United trades unions dinner at franciscan. Fortnightly musical at Nic ids Thompson studio i p bib it v. W. C. A. Brei a rooms for supper. Spanish Cla it a at 2 of Elock woman a club. Mrs. D. W. Fay a party for for nightly club Chain at 3 30 Quot a nurses dance it it Ltd a Bridge party at woman a dub. Soph a i i \ v league of women voters in Indian room frat a it in 9 o clock. St. Toh s Gin at mrs. Joseph or often read a i Ops West Tijeras Avenue. Sew Ai so club at mrs. A. It Heflin a 12? fist Central c v in no. Cafeteria supper. I. Rid Avenue m. E. Church. Music Dot apartment of woman a club at 2 30 of clock. Fainting elms of woman s club at i it Quot clock. Mrs. St pc Balling s pm a for or. Mary Schain Benell. Mrs. S. 11 Miller s party Tor fortnightly club Chain. A St it a Hague a ?.>? v 1$sfp in. Or in Geml tui k in fill Vii As Ion a it a i vits. A. J. C i i s. Ii. A. In Iii us Tyll Broadway Christian Church at c to for St. Mary Schain in a dub. J u s arty for fortnightly club Chain f a v York life insurance company at flan i bid a o at countr 30 o clock. To a till Nung. There was a Largo attendance of women. Several women representing the w. C t. I were also present. The same evening the men s convention Bible class also held a meeting at the Chun h. Is a vim so t i l in the sew and and so dub will meet a tuesday afternoon with mrs. A it. Heflin. 1217 fast Central Avenue. To the right Black in pc. A featured. The so for the Ever crepe with Conli a beads below in oddly business meeting at 3 of o clock double quartet Bridge club at miss Dorothy Wolfe s Home. A Hansel and Gretel Quot St High school auditorium 8 o clock. Madrigal Chih at 7 30 o clock Sii North tenth Street. Valentine urn of i. I a. Of North i Anil a i it school \ i Frd mrs. George u Dillman a Bridge luncheon at the franciscan. By Beta Phi s Benefit Bridge at mrs j. Nankin a Quot of North second Street. Miss Lorena Burton and mrs George Savage entertain Kappa Kappa Ila in in a alumnae at 10 _ a Orchard place. League of women voters dance at the franciscan a v the weeks events Are of a More than varied nature. There Are Musicales plays More and More Chain parties club meetings benefits in both Bridge and dance form and several elaborate dinners and luncheons. No one ought to be hard put for Lack of amusement. The week will be More or less of a social whirl As it were. Perhaps music and the drama will receive a bit More attention than any other form of entertainment this first week in february and yet shut out the musical events anti there Avill till remain a bulging calender. With such a state of affairs this column is obliged tit shut her eyes and pick the most important social event for the week at random. The Madrigal club won the honors. And As it is a new club still in its infancy it i not remiss to bid it a Hearty Welcome and wish it All the Joy Prosperity and Long life thai is customary in Well wishing a club. While the club is two weeks old its members have kept its birth More or less a secret. Now however its Secretary . George Dinkci has announced that it will meet every Friday evening at 31 i North tenth Street. The Madrigal club is to a Quot Quot us a a _ v the wooing a of Henry v of la skirt. Wii Iii k is rounded Aud Utti h frock with ride hop Girdle a i my h ii. Bed with a circular a me a delightful Bai Atte of Sapphire s at la a shown Tho a o d., hts of plat is of instead of binding the Tunbi Tidei cd t by. T Wist Situ and the so and tin in u. T orations with a Gay a Are its skirt is it the materia1 is of p i cad it luge arc is made of crinkly of unmatched a a a it it ii a rim of thin Bandeau is j mrs. It. I lie the afternoon ii a Gram on tile s for Christ. A lows in its entire Bong. I it Zion la 1 James Dearing i i gtd missionary i Everman Diano Eros no Quot Porte i piano Solo. Mis Cleave Quot thu Alo Ward Iff of a Mize a letter fron Mize Circle of i it will be an members have i privilege of Brit g to the meeting Mimi la it holds old it the Mush club que school of i program in the i Dent. A p a in fit Paul it Kenney George Stahl j a tues Scott a favor please headers of this Page will j i in i i it make till column or it j if 11 a v will j i o 11 c i r of 111 Iii 1 lilt i \ i i n 4 it Vii bit no their my Lees for meeting and parties for Siil Lav s palier i afternoon. All notices must in Iii by noon saturday. By gelling Iii your Hents Early greater Courtesy can la Altoun to you. Xxx re to will bold a monday night tub a Antu Laro a i. Vav ill speak in origin of latin Romero will play my mrs. A. V. Lied by mrs. In f. V t Spanish songs. V e presi a a ill it cd Ide in the it. A . Stand fax goverd their daughter. Ram. Cards log enjoyed and Ved. The Host no include mrs. Mrs. Tony wer anti by Viv it p Ria or. And mrs. James Robison and or. And mrs. A. E. Gray entertained at a Valentine Bridge party at the Gray a Lovely new Homo in Manza no court Friday evening. Late Iti Hie evening a two course supper was served. Their guests included hrs. And Mes c. F. Coati of. It. Rodgers messes and Mes. Walter Simpson James l. Waite Frank Roberts. J. P. Davis Donald Wilson Ray la none mines. Ivy Petty Anna got Spall Hie misses a Era Kelt ii Lillian by tips Anita Osuna to. Georue or. Clair messes. Harry tred Idohl and Yeon Kelch. X oing Vav i Isis Foix it pm xxx the Young Pupis of mrs Pisa Hormann White s school of dramatic Art Vav til present the fairy play 1 a Hansel and Gretel a at the High school auditorium Friday evening it 9 of ii it cd a Little comedy a the sick will lie presented is a curtain Raiser by Nettie May St rib Ling. Ann Robertson Ami Caroline Mandell. Following in the cast f in Hansel and Gretel Hansel Evie Ross grand Clare Weiner for it Nch awl h Sandman Elizabeth Lee a Story Teller Ruth Stern the elocution St. Nettie May Stripling Johnson playmate Florence Lee in Robertson Betsy Ann to Rich Stem Caroline Aln rut Al i. Ernestine excl a nettle May Stribling. Sheila Rodey. Dwarfs Clare Weiner. Ernestine Welch Charlotte Martin Bois French Smilda Chavez Ruth Stern Dorcas Johnson Florence Lee. Fairy Piper Betsy Ann Rosa. Sheila Rodey Caroline mail la Angels Luelle Quickel Dorothy Branson. Angela Coons k till rim Clark Maxilla Nordhus Man Dell. A Beautiful colonial minuet Wall he Dar. ,1 lift Ween a cts on and two with a prologue by Lucile Quickel Al Axine Nordhaus Charlotte Martin. Elizabeth Leo. Idle Cav Angela Coons. Maxine m Inden Dorothy Branson Ernestine tile dress rehearsal on saturday was timed and the t a a Anent prom bes that there will he no wait ranged in twelve groups or h group representing a month in the year. Over each group Hung a crepe paper fan each month having a different color. Small fans of the Aamy color were pinned on the guests according to their birth months. After the groups were All seated each group give a stunt typical of its month. January held the hour Glass february typified George Avash in ton March brought out its dust mops indicative of Spring House cleaning april opened up an umbrella May danced around the May pole june exercised rakes and planted seed july Sang Dixie August sat still fanning september went to school october spelled itself out in song november Sang Praise god from where All blessings ,�?� and december handed out gifts. As the different stunt were presented the guests tried to outguess each other on the months. Following the stunt program a delightful Buffet lunch was served. The dining room was Beautiful with bouquets of Jonquil and Smilax. Large birthday cake with candles was one of the big Zittra Otsons the members of the refreshment committee were Almes. J. It. Franklin. F. A Schneider v Tams a. L. Blair ii n xxx ital x a Lovater Legget larges Ami Ai a Brey. Each woman at the party filled a Small sack Given her with is Many pennies a she was years old. Those afraid to Tell their Ages disguised them by filling the sacks with a Hundred pennies. This collection amounted to $100,53. Foraker messes. Johnle hoc i Agene Calkins and Frank Bio via n. Following the program Light. Freshment were served. Valentim prix i or Cill Omeg x a very pretty x Alonto c pc i As tendered members of the c i Omega sorority at the Horn j mrs. Jack Stiltz 315 North to i Street saturday evening by Al Stutz and mrs. Frank Mindlin. Valentine motifs were to throughout in the decorations in i appointments. The favors w j cunning Little umbrellas in Ira shades with Dainty handler dih and powder puffs inside. I. It was played followed by a Deli 1 fill two couts a Blip the guests included mums c. Oon Treim on next Page David la. Mavis. M. D. Diseases of to Eye and fitting glasses hours�?9 to 12. I to 6. And sunday. 9 to 12. 3 to 6 suite 621 first National Bank building. Phone 672 of pit s Gix ii Al 4 i i i. The pupils of mrs. P. W. Fave a a beginner and int wed be class entertained their r Theis at n recital saturday afternoon at 3 3<1 a clock at the Kaw Home. 915 a St Roma Avenue. Those taking part in the in Ware the misses Quot Leo Mohr. A Herl re fell Fern h nip Petty Gilt Margaret at arrant Louise to doff Estelle Mcdonald Mary a How big is baby a so of those wonderful baby Days. Mother Don t neglect having baby s smile perpetuated. Let us photograph your baby now Psi Mer stoic Over Kistler and Collete phone 132 a i i 4 i i n i Ting bib i Iii xxi Xii i x Foh 8 �4 11 in it a of the Mot Liest parti for the week was tin birthday try Given by the xxx unan s missionary to lety of the first i re Abs Tei inn. H Reb in honour of its sixth birthday anniversary. Thursday afternoon. Afore than on h my red Winton w Ere present. They were received by Almes la Isth a Cooper i g. Rice and l. To. Lackey the Church Parlours in which the party was Hep were very prettily Ash i Chen Elgh Bor for 8ou ii third report will i auditor of 4r a in turn r 8.titer in j pc la a i i a i airs Iii xxi to i Nii 11 i will xxx i l n in a i \ a 1. A Ida e examination of the Eye and a up Plag and a ii stir g glaces. G. C. Hornier o. D. Optometrist be Harla esp Asoy to Quot soul ii i of Rill Street xxx till or. C. Ii. La Rue �?�4.4 i it \ i i in x \ la Blini is i g Tork or. J i Zimmerman head of Tho political science department at 1 a �?T1 y. Wei speak on Quot gov Rind Buhi is at the meet thai b ii be. Us of a la Xiii Chi s. A in i m they must go Vav in apply a Menhir with but i i i it n i Nii i i i n 4. I Jainer soon to 102 West Central a not xxx ant i move any of the i in ii a location. There has been emus styles to this special. 4n Abs n j is Ila All Ehm. Dam in. I is i x \ m la m a x Xii Anni 84 4 i Ali it la 1883 192tj making old rings like new Jarv w to i Nii it Xin in x it \ i i i \ \ i \ i. Sci. Lei he up i ii o k i v a it ii i l l by in xxx i ii xxx i. I x xxi x i la i ices in this special f a every hoes for a hike in the Mounter the very formal occasion. There is a Good a run of sizes to choose from. In this special there Are patents satins i Lack and calf ins in pumps or oxfords West Cut orto a jewellers phone �48-j a i by i i in be ii i i in x x Caine a brow Objet shoe store colonial drapery fabrics my Tell the chilling breezes outside your isl windows cannot detract from the cart alarming effect of colonial i draperies within. Rather they serve to emphasize the deep brilliance of these fabrics and their possibilities for making your rooms inviting. Bec the new designs now Here. Choice creations in Nelly Don a rocks for Street business sport Home and afternoon Wear specially featured at $4.95 $7.95 $12.50 Lustrous mope and Chanticleer Silky Ord Sheen and Beautiful flowered and figured crepes. Every color Iii tile Rainbow from Bright vivid combinations to soft shades and pastel hues. Every style note of the Model each flare of the new Silhouette is fount in these one and two piece frocks with the style lines lit and finish the Moat fastidious demand. New printed Silks a pre Spring moods in Mezzo-1 one in exquisite patterns from French designers. Crepe Cie Chine $3.50 and $4.50 a Yard quaint All Over motifs tiny brightly hued flow 4 r thoughts curious geometrical and fascinating chinese designs. With the new pastel in-1 Wuence blending the brightest tones in perfect Harmony. Inspiration for Many Lovely Spring frocks for every daytime occasion. Satin c reps at $3.50 a Yard Spring Fror straight Lim Ness by Emp Holl i i jilt As tht�?~4o Saio inches xxx Flat crepe $3.00 be t

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