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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 31, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page two january 31 1921 face court in. Dines shooting City a problem attorneys declare that next would Cost a Quot a ji00 Quot wednesday they will ask too to $120,000 to for dismissal of Charlies against him handle traffic properly at Central ave. Crossing i i Lap anti Vlf. Tar. To Don t knows Quot and Don t r hers Quot that Hyp j Almony in the Ort a pice inst is will heat a a air fru i wed Leaday acco Ying to a a a a for the the Fen who declared t Day that on that data they to Aik for the la Mew in it the a 8 against their client a a a two Brief court a a w r i ism today in Tho wring or # charge against Horace a re 1 a a Ehat of r for Mabel a film acre a that he Fht it a f. Wounded court my to Tinea. A 1 or Oil operator new icon night during a party a Fps i attended by Mina Gormand and Edna up Viane another a Ere a afr a a. Aaa 1 3rerr. The accused out on a. A it if. Hobos on up Fri of the United states Indian irrigation service told la k Wauls club at its luncheon at the franciscan hotel wednesday that a subway is the heat solution 1 get the traffic problem at Tho railway crossing on Central Avenue. A per. and adequate subway which unlike a to tact. Would require Little if any expense for can to built for from 1100 too to j120,000, general Rob Inton said. He declared a it of that the amount of Tim inst by people of the City because of the us or the Grondo Cross info would total Tbs Cost of the viaduct in a period of four Yea is. _ following is general Robinson address the que Ion Mother walks More than 1.000 Miles to care for sick son conducts Oil inquiry along Tbs Tordy of. Tie Rolt mich., Dan a a a a or a a Tapir Flynn in wet Hoe the bedside of a r son heft. Today Niter wolfing Mere than i Mhz Titi he a from wow i n of i to take care of lit Fri. Three weeks a a 1 tee Elfid word thai r a. I Quot Kim Retro a. she marked owl on Low in v., Quot Quot Quot Tim Ald of Motorist no Arri Yod Tat or. Hansens hot am. A a lieutenant in the world \ nod a killed in tin a been Forest a me re n legion Poland nut Chariei for ibis in Ald. Helipad Lier along a a a this is the second trip mrs. Han in a Mode to foe or Lier Sot Joseph Howe time at she walked from Montana i. A Wellington to Appeal a Ltd Hie late i or evident Harding in to. A half of the Young Man when he a a prisoner at Lea veil Worth. Kan., Federal Primo. She sat she was a former resident of Marion. Ohio and i new Hie late president when to was learning Ute printing Trade. Father charged with murder of Young daughter a my i Ual organization founded in ims Millville I., Jan. Thompson la ear old father of Emma i Keo Lorie a Horo Lish school girl who body a Quot found to a swamp two Miles from her Bouto on september 22, la tonight uss formally charged with the murder of his dough ter Ami a arrested St i Home if county Ore w to has he it work ins on the Rny for the fed Fem months. New York life insurance co. Immor ported undo the Law Elm toil 348 Broadway new York n. Y seventy ninth annual statement Miles City. Mont. Mayor is suspended t put tinder Quot Bond of of Tori i witness sit i j i capital cot by a pure j my should not by i court w within fib is his Ball did to sea lion but the ii Fie in who was t $8,000 an is tied to h it timed lung Brough int according 1 Davit. When or or the morning the demanded a Ben and an increase too but no of the motion in the afternoon finn asked for a in february 0 end obit Atren on objections by fan. Following Gran tin demand do of a a so attorney in aft Fth crossing of Tho Railroad track Bat warn the lowlands Sod Tbs rant or n p it of the City 1# Tho poor. La alway with us. With Only three crowing or tween to City limits in the North and the City limits in the South nil Trofio Between Tho two a aria of the City is concentrated nil the Coal Avenue viaduct the senator Thomas j. Walsh who is leading the investigation of the Teapot Dom Oil inquiry. Aper the paved is unpaved ailed to attend la Fuma Avenue a District attorney i the r a gentle h warrant for him if a continues t in h a Ball to 5�, i Thrush hours. Ion was liken on a ing a Central and Thod very a l crowing a. To protect i it Over the Dong of the lactate they would ask for dismiss to of the Chara age left their client w ten the Cis us called next week. Again or four lines of president Crabbe of Colorado teachers College passes away Greeley. Col. I i John Grant Crabbe. Or the last seven Yenta president of the Colorado stat of Freuchet Here died it i Horn Early Uii morning. For the lust two Days i condition had regarded a i Astre in Cly critical but last night the attending physician expressed the opinion that or. Crabbe would live through the night la Creed from Arterine Scle Tosis. Mrs. J Crabb and other member of the family were at hts bedside when death came. Or Crabbe in me to Greeley from Kentucky where he Wasey in a superintendent of schools in i it s. Earning from that position to be a of president of the c Colorado state teachers College. 1 it Central Avern Law worse. At when there is in aim oat continuous string of vehicles going each Way Tho traffic l Likely to be. And generally is upped by a alow moving freight train of 8&Quot to leu car.-, and by the Tim the Gat or opened tiler will both re cars extending Back a far As r irs Street on the West and in equal diet aft to Thea to with the Vixo Ilion of delay and the danger arising from the congestion the Tim of every person so de a cd is of some monetary value Tho value of Lettl periods Star Una. In any w ii not alway recognized but in big or Ferric the factories whets motion a of. Afraid it will i it t ducted to Cut urn on the Varl r1 rut operations of work by seconds West. It is found la Tho aggregate of be the of fought by ail t along the so feet j iou object Ion won id w did remove the Eterei cent til aver o in by Avreet and Cut but who first Street. Mibu it i la the re females then fifth Way mentioned t subway for Tho Street Dor the track. in engineering this is entirely i a monetary san adj Cost no More the Concrete viaduct. Point of the a owners it would editions Between i Street thought it them from first Siree f Hui or not in the great Damn re a abutting i in int of re with the in the will be log prop being in by. Mont Jan. 80.�?the Iii last night suspended j. Brasen pending an in-1 of charges of n a on duct filed with til Council again him. February 13 was fixed a the Date for a hearing. W. T. Pm evident of the Council was appointed noting mayor. The charges which were filed to. Two citizen allege 11 1 mayor interfered with police officials in the performance f their duties permitted the Tate jaw and City ordinances fainting gambling nod liquor he Al a constantly and that he we int ted in profits for in contract the sole. F goods wore and a i no. To the City of mile t in to the Pouch holders arg Yam an cd Fly it treated la Tim Quality of your company Ami by the a Iii Iii 1 i a maa tint character of Ita tuna eat the Grade of it occur tie Ami Mimi maintained by a executive of Catt. I pm not paint a Complete picture but in order to drive Home oms of the truth i give Yor below a picture of Tho work of on committee during the year 1925. Dusk 1925 the finance committee made the Gooowin investment Bonds purchased u. A government Treasury note. Domestic Railroad Bond it a a a a a i Domestic municipal Bonds a a a a a a my in wow in wit Domestic Public Utility Bonds Canadian municipal Bonds British and other foreign Bonds total. A a a a a $11,013,860.00 13,569,960.00 4.050.912.00 >.216.596.00 494,700.00 5.470.312.00 a a it a 4.65% 5.44% v02% 5 49% 5.24% 5.14% 5.17% run it the la grit is r in far inv mini f,.vv engineering in f i St Iii it would Var blow the r line Iii a in would. J 11 v in no King a we Lviv. No Thouas it would lug Lien Coit a Lettl instruction features a. Instruction Ean be interfering with lev or Thop Tion he i Quot Vuk iou Rill Chirl ii us to a Parmar a a a ration of to urn. From the its u i the Only Chan t a in the Railto d ult i n it prop Rondlet Tofu Quot we us i he in Tho to not change. M a itching track w i h ii a Ait of if and a he Tho main track. The or Mitt ult to it a would re of the my Hwan would no let Meta f Avreet to v a he unto of t he Ira eke Are sly the id f a of i i a nil making two if it i Dinar try an one from than a rib and i. Be fro n to Hgt a or it uth. Thin would him it grind it will i # or of no a to i t were Ere mad ctn run e 120 f i i Man w of first o Ltd i in Nival at i but fair a the v int b set $59,262,432.00 18.097.561.00 5.81% 5.80% 5 38% St the Fadi Soi cd in grids melt $87,362,087.00 $131,178,427.00 .,.$12.991,730.00 #.72% 5.54% 5.50f a a a St map and prot use i that the r the subway will a f first Street and is end it will a it a it John Street often Cut approach a it to that to too feel Long the cover tinder the Traci its feet and open was on the East a a a feet total length of Sio feet. Letb ted til walks the subway xviii be Apprll the the to will it Witt of piles Send for Pyramid ill Jitu til v a too a w. Leat time in a a cords and minutes j on the often up he difference Between Street or profit which Means Success and testes which mean failure. I real i a a a of Tim at this crossing lfl0 persons de Laved for ten minutes and this i not infrequent will amount to 1,000 minutes or i it 23 hours or -.1 working Gays of valuable Tim a St i to mention the wasted gasoline i rom idling cars this occurs Many times a Day that sigh not always so Long nor so Many affected each time but the aggregate and the crossing keeper tills a that Tho Gate or dosed maybe 40, 60 or 0 times a Day Quot i of time lost every Day it til is Crow. I ing not less than St working Man a ted Days of eight hours each per rth month w hich at 15 per Day which i i in than the pay of any of the with the subway Only a men who work at trades nod at wide there will be a Clen r wid or lost any remunerative on either Side Ben a i. Iusti potential log to the City Wall end he i party la a. A a a a which will allow ample Width f ufos or a Jaye the track a they Are. Tub Way Woald h a \ a to a la not helped 120 fret in the Cov or 1 part and 35 in t in the a i Toa of Oriel. Who h to lid toe ref a a is per i a 7 up it r refit. Thi la it let Kable. But col Illy and lha Maki tug of the a Mill a club in i of through t Roncka would to. Particular i i a re hip a the Railroad nor on the Peep gis gis Gas $43,816,340.00 Bond and mortgage Loans made qty Loans. Residential Loans a a a a a farm loan. Total a. A a >4 Bonds bought and b. 8t m. Loans made. B. At m. Loan renewed. To Otal a a a a a a a a a a a a a this total�?$144,000,000.00 was much More than our net income. The committee believed ii Law an Opportunity to Benefit you through Seiling and reinvesting without risk. In order earning Power of invested Dunets. I hey therefore sold Bond amounting to Par value $44,845,459.2$ Durif Ute year of which $33,182,900.00 were United state government Bonds. By this Rio Cen. Anc by transferring certain foreign Bonds in re insuring foreign business they increase a Tho Camla Power of Ledger assets by Over $1,000,000.00 annually for an avers of nine years. We sold government Bond a 1st. Because our holdings were proportionately too Large in Pear Days $120,000,000 per 2d. Because we could sell at a profit $144,170,157.00 5.53f o id because we coma sen As a Fiu _ id. Because thereby earning Power could be increased and the Cost of your insurance reduced Chew a few pleasant tablets i instant stomach Relief Mill Width Ami a the put i needs less headroom will i three feet it ova the driveway with Ucli Cor gnat flour child itching. Lily ring or it truding in Umi. Slops pain quickly absorb a Gorr Ltd Pra victa Fric Uoo Uris a up in Pon t fait to try Tho. Rally us Marka it Lep it Raitid. Summation Dors All you want it to Del your pcs Are Gens. You if an completely All it set. I Rote it tree. All a Ruff it it sell Pyramid Pua Puppos Torlea St att pent it Boa. Freij Sample Colpo per amid Rorn com r any. 454 Pyramid bldg Marsha Marshall Mick. Kindle Send me a Frea of Pyramid pile treatment in Plain a name. Street. City a a a Beauty contented l you arc always confident that your Hearty has been developed to its highest possibilities after using Gouraud a Oriental create. While fish Rachel i Sunj i on for tried Stet. Hopkins son. He Vork your Guys Oriental Crea it from la .900 to $2,oho per month of Over 122,0#$ a year. %0% in say that gain a loss to album a a que of the equivalent of the labor of on in for one a and one Quarter year every month or 13 year of productive labor Ca h year and this will increase with the growth of the Cit a and the increase in traffic. Any big business Basing this amount of each a car would q a wkly take Steps to remedy it especially of the losses would represent a this on do is per a int to 20 a c cent on the investment required to Correct it. Id to no re it Long the solution is not More Grade it Rossini go but Crosa Zingg where the travel and the train travel will not interfere with it h other ted where the Street traffic will not be stopped at any Tim from crossing the Railroad tracks. As an Engineer i have Given Cor id Rahie thought to Tho matter j and have arrived at certain coast , from the preliminary studies made and i would ilk to submit them to the it wants club for consideration and if these conclusion Merit appt Oval the club May Tuke such action of it a fit. There Are Only five possible ways of carrying Street traffic across Railroad tracks tits Grade crossing 4 2to leave the Street at Grad and carry the Railroad Over the Street a a High Elevation Ltd i build the track in a subway under the tree 4h let the track remain at the level and carry the Street Over the track by mean of viaduct 3>, carry the Street under the tracks in a subway i the Grade crossing we have an t want to eliminate. The Railroad grades Are fixed Ltd it pot buildings built and platforms set to proper height and either raising depressing the to go Over or u would run into a very great tin of Money cml engineering out of proportion to the costs of other methods. To we will eliminate 2 and 3and plan to allow the Traks to remain a their present Grade. The fourth plan. That of Tho viaduct is it impractical with two outstanding objections. \ induct impracticable i have her a map of Central Avenue from second Street to Broadway and there is indicated of it in outline the Rad of a walks and it nn#-1 2 it for the Delv for the walk who married twelve years before baby came do Mew St to $606,439,726.60 200,663,277.46 157,123.382.09 8.976.134.75 8,238,684.28 211.256,00 1,620.800.00 comparison of invested assets Ai the beginning and end of 1923 Book value Bonds. B. Fit m. Loans policy loan. Premium notes. Real i late. Stock. A collateral Loans. Yuh ,62% .79% Jbf 26% ,81% 78% ,03% .53 $983,273,261.18 9,037.546.34 instant Relief from Sourn a gases or acidity of stomach from indigestion flatulence pal ablation headache or any stomach distress. The moment Gnu Chew Quot Pape s Dis pepsin Quot Tablet stomach feels Fine. Cd Orre digestion for a few cents. Anti Ham a is any Dru a do. $99210,807.52 o 4 98 2.26% 4 96rr Damn emf is. To $572,873,279,79 255.495,179,88 156.211.076 99 10.056,394.05 7.774,440.00 178.131 of 111.475.00 Cash and Misc. Total Ledger assets $1,002,699,976.71 7.137,982.26 $1,009,837,958.97 rum 66% 75% 33% 85% 24% 22% ,81% 5.08% 2.56%, 5 06% i y pie Elim a it ii a e i mid one la for i a a i it of the tio track fro it its a City a tile in pm a Gro Tim with. Ion Avis Maki and they we problem of Mic a Bav i n % Intel. T int A have in a in Albutt the or Quot id e of the Tyba Madr the St ret Narks tide growth at i it it. Get at the real cause a take or. Edwards Olive tablets in addition to the finance committee we have five other standing committee and several a committee. They All work. The standing committees make detailed report to the Board of direct monthly. The members of the Board arc in clo a touch with matters of fact As Well a matters of polio the new business in 1923 was. By Al the gain in outstanding insurance was Over. The total insurance outstanding is. The admitted assets at Market values aggregate. Slwb77ww the unassigned surplus is. .$6. A a have 125 Branch offices in the United states and Canella to which Over 8.000 agents report Darwin p. Kingsley preside gladly recommends Lydia a Pinkham a vegetable compound u red that our Louisville Nebraska. A i was married twelve years be fur my i it a was born. I had a lot t is do almost it of the. Old i crowing. Looked into t a sub standpoint of thus we that something into from that of the i v ant to decide on but i thin or 4 Btl what Urac Tica Hie. Hirn of female Trou Bles and had been treated by a physician for the but thy continue d much the Sam. Then i read your advertisement in do the e or it is a so but tip i n i and la \ bet t pm Artel the newspapers and thought i would give Lydia e.pmkham�?T8 vegetable com Jound a Good trial for if it had help cd outer inv not me i have taken 36 bottles h the of the Medicine and am never without it in the House. My baby boy is three years old now and i sure in Happy since i got Relief from my troll n n i m p n Blea. When any on Baa troubles i in a in Liui mine or any ways like mine i am a1 hot ways glad to recommend the vegetal lid to a i ted la it tis a Hber med of la p , and i i real savings i inti Querqui o \ attle of to pay for it in that a what thousands of stomach Suft Erom Are doing now instead of taking tonics or trying to Patch up a poor digestion the Are attacking the real cause of the ailments clogged liver and disordered bowels. Or. Edwards Olive tablets arouse the liver in a soothing Healing Way when the liver and bowels Are or i to that forming the or natural functions away a it ii in goes indigestion and stomach Routier have you a bad taste coated Tongue poor appetite a Lazy done to care fee in no ambition or Energy trouble with undigested foods take Olive i Tablet the substitute for Calomel. Or Edwards Olive tablets Are a purely vegetable compound mixed with Olive Oil. You will know them by thei Olive color. They do the work without griping cramps or pain. Take one or two at bedtime for Quick Relief. Eat what you like. Loc and 30c balance Sheet january i 1924 Bonds at Market value a. Determined by insurance department state of new t orb it Moil Pon outlet. Assets real estate owned. Ann my than t up. First mortgage to anal on farm. Liabilities $7,774,440.00 policy Reserve. $800,574,178 i other policy liabilities. 24,620,009 dividends left with company 66,239,961.23 s both the Tim thou a a. 189,255,218.63 166,267,471.04 92,274,810.00 Yieh or a feint or compound so that they will get the under a ass right Kis of Medicine. Mrs. Job Viggo does know whether he is engaged or not Novak Box 662, Louisville my. You a recent country wide in non a of purchaser of Lydia i Pink Ham a vegetable compound of out of Cir Ich report they were Ben la a by its use. I or Mike by druggists a it Lier a 1 Prince it of King bring your roofing troubles to Raabe amp Maugery a or Telephone 305. On residential and Busine properties. ,. Loan on policies. Bonds of the United state. Railroad Bonds ,283,480,416.77 Bonds of other government of state and municipal tie Cash i in. Other assets to accumulate at interest and 13,851,23 3,244,25? 130,950,765.53 6,835,903.11 60,694,776.13 premiums interest rentals prepaid. Taxes salaries account etc., due or accrued. 7,729,50 additional reserves .9,088,211 dividends payable in 1923. 54,800,32 dividends 20,352,91 general contingency fund not included above. 69,513,13 of d i Cly g. A c ourt month by to t know a no he Al on Hie the of til la of it Fath of the rail the viaduct should j w Cor proper it no Lea run of distance from t the floor of a a about 2 j feet. Of site to reach the Street level the approach Otth via due would a a i to the East duct second snet which would give a Grad of 5 per cent. A somewhat steeper t right but first id off he do to a it of w Ould he i must he e the approx amount would <1 room there and that St rest As from till a amp Vernc n viaduct on the Grad to old Only f be 14 and the depth of the j St mature would a it Luc this about a four feet. J the erection of such a mature i along our principal retail Street i for a dist inc of two blocks ousting off All of the business houses Between second Street and the tracks would no it v considered , a a a it von Al depreciate the value of the abutting i re Petty Nior that one half Ard still it a Cuti Cura heals itching burning eczema on hands by i of miss a drug Rohl a Yui ii Pook Highland pharmacy free delivery. Phone so total $1,003,773,762.46 total $1,003,773,762 a la Gam when my daughter was fifteen years of age eczema broke out on her hands and limbs. It itched and burned and when she scratched water blisters formed. It nearly drove her crazy at one time it gut so bad that it formed Scales in the Back of her hands her fingers were disfigured and out of shape and she lost her rest at night on account of the irritation. She had the trouble off Sud on fur eight years. A we began using Cuti Cura soap and ointment and it helped her. We continued the treatment and now she is completely signed mrs. ,Hiko Nevada oct. 12, 1923 Cuti Cura soap ointment and Talcum Are All you need for every Day toilet and Nursery purposes bold Evich x will Kun a Dun is sire would to a a yrs a 7viuc�r us ism oot in a h Kaaawa at. Min a , m in a a s we 24c Distant 26 and in try out naw Strini stick a. By Quot but to d Moum a a report on to miss tin in what r to twirler of or Jan ind Tungl ret s0v i i a i j t f a r 1 Looper. He a a dad j tract ply to a question i f i ice tin d a a Meed Bis right if 441 i a a a Salon. Would Boti Etc csar y of lit i i Iii cd n commoner. A a never thought fit Bel a a Nav he said \ reporter showed Bohdi a news i per in in hic h ii w to j 11 fio ii Nee d denatured alcohol for your car 123 Albuquerque lumber co. North first. Phone 4x1 Lawrence f. Abbott Alfred l. Aiken John e Andrus Cornelius n. Bliss Nicholas in. Butler George b. Cortelyou directors David a Francis Willard King m i Ron t. Herrick Darwin p. Kingsley Charles d. Hilles Richard i Manning ran i or a. Hgt la i Ster John g. Milburn Alba b Johnson Gerrish h Milliken Peron h Johnston Crank Presbrey s Davies Warfield John j. Up Ialeyn Fleming h. Rev George m. Rec Elbridge g Sno it Hiram r. Steele Jar s. Straus Mil id Tiv ill by pie journal want ads for results. Thought for a cd i id s welfare always includes Scotts emulsion Albuquerque Santa be Taos twice daily. Stab Stagi leave Iba Quenqua. It to Luquer it jul. Sarita a. Anta be. A hive Anta of. Anta of. To Buquo qua. A ibus t qua 7 pm m 3 t s p # til a m 4.00 p. In finance committee Darwin p. Kingsley. Chairman Harold Pala Gano go it or v Leard King John j pulleys Juhn e Andrus John g. Milburn George a Cortelyou under a program of rotation tic following additional directors served on the committee at i dines during the year Cornelius n. Bliss Gerrish la Milliken Charles d. Hilles m Frank Presbrey Percy h. Johnston a a to. Loo p m la 0# a. To. I of p to 7 so a m. Leave for too of Ftp i subs Oro Cigar s car cd set it0� Santa be office phone 22� since organization the company has paid to and on account of pol holders and beneficiaries Over $2,000,000,000.00

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