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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 30, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page six Albuquerque morning journal january 30, 1926 Albuquerque morning journal lumber across the transatlantic lanes jays Pride goeth before a fall an i nou Lun i eve i n e tvs i a be ii a published by Joi Kim in bushing com Tani n v pc v a Iii Tavui to c ii i q i it Tkv entered As second Clansa matter at the Postoff Ioe enc Oun ered the iceberg peril. Is be better course the bergs the Providence journal. Coast guard cutters for some months every it Pring and summer patrol the High t. M. Peime Rda publisher Way and give timely warning by wireless h. In editor be presence icebergs in the path q Landis na<3i4ert shipping. This tedious duty has been so office.310 West Gold Avenue for. Telephone. Well performed that not since the titanic went Down fourteen years ago has a ship i it would i bergs themselves could be done away with. Next summer subscription rates i on Alm Qiu professor Barnes Mcgill University an month i v Carrier. Ice research specialist will head a party Hrc m nulls is i a p-8 l75 in a Lle no rth to test his opinion that Tho Oro o a. annual iceberg crop can be destroyed at Ember Aptt Bureau in the party will be equipped with the Prole Ember the associated press Fessor so heat mines a the destructive Ole a Aal Ato ment which is called Hermit. Occasion the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for to publication ail news credited to ally the coast guard Cutter will attempt to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also wreck ail iceberg with explosives but it the local news published herein. Seems that Tho heat mine does not work it. Quot Jini Inry in 10.6 Liko an Ordinary bomb. It does not work at All except when in Contact with ice. Wit run i then it is Aid to develop heat so intense colonel much that there is a violent explosion before the ice has time to melt. Colonel Mitt hell having retired Fiona the Prospect is for an interesting sum the army by resignation while under Mer for the professors experimenting with sentence court martial for criticism blowing up icebergs before they can get his Superior officers and the conduct the. A u Tami the in England Waters. m should be a Lively Tim too for the Scien air service Wii go on the lecture Pla torn tight who hag or Kina de the promising and Campaign for what he believes to be scheme tells us that when a heat mine is the aviation necessities for National do properly planted on a Berg an explosion is fens Likely to follow quickly. Thus As a civilian he can express View contrary to those the army chiefs As some scary persons insist that a lot ,. J. or Coll the student organizations Are freely a he wishes. And the 1 suit prob Tail on Lora from we did no to ably will be As effective As his utterances suppose the present generation students while an army officer. Would take orders from anybody. In his determination to a take it to the a a country a perhaps he would have been w Bat pedestrians need is individual Heli More successful Hail he first resigned his a a pm a Kra Quot a n "1 1 Quot i a the a he would not Holch the a 001,1 1 soar Ekht up or do the air army commission. Then he would not u Dodge an autom Obi a have been in the position violating discipline. Without which the army would be judging from the Boom in Home build worse than useless. And on the other Jug. There must be considerable Home life band he might have found As he is quite Bdl in this country. Likely to find now that in a taking it to the people he had his cause where it a Are you oxi or those Phr Soss aug ays Rio it j i i Here Are persons von know who arc always right. I litre is no country or race lilt theirs no Church no political party no profession. Think them a you read this Little Cassav by Voltaire who braved imprisonment and death when he put his thoughts in print Tor there was Little tolerance in France in his time for a preacher tolerance know that men have disorders in their brain. V e have seen a musician die mad because his music did not appear Good enough. A some folks have imagined that their noses were made girls but any were so violently afflicted As to fancy for instance that they were always right would there be cause enough for such a strange disorder Quot and these patients in order to maintain they were always in the right should threaten with immediate death any who thought them in tile wrong a they they appointed spies to discover those who were refractory a they condemned a father upon the testimony Liis son. A Mother upon that her daughter to perish in flames a should in it these pc it it pc be confined and i Bedl mites a these words were written two centuries ago. When men and a men and children were burned to rid them evil j spirits. F human beings Are still subjected to the inquisition by persons who Are always right. In Jirtle heard with interest and perhaps indignation by thousands who forgot their interest and their indignation the following Day stale engaged in the making o a living or . A. the Pursuit happiness which is one Ltd plotting Canton out the prison furnishes Tho the things the Constitution permits us a1 ars Arnut Tho ways prosecuting Ai / Ben Nous note Book Hie markets financial the result you know the Glt us wartime it a a to pursue. A a a answer. We Are glad to learn that Tho left handed Polo it would seem that colonel Mitchell As Lay a is a e a it a ted As we had been led for flt car sum a them depicted their in ins a military Man heroic wartime expert a livelihood might starve to death no Urt met a a. W enee would have been heard gladly by his turn May apply to the traffic i lbs nicely but make i Ivy was smoking and Lookin get the paper and a sed Vav Willyun in i As Stout As mrs. Bardln hell ? Ivy i is pilose so put. St keeping on reeding and n in rot to How dare co a to Hall xxx military chiefs had his remarks and opinions been directed to them and not to the Public. And they probably would Baw had some weight. The Appeal to Public opinion in this instance May be the slowest Way to get results. For Public opinion just now is not directed along topics related to War or even National defense More is the pity. The Public at present is More interested in getting Back to business stability and solving the employment and crop problems than it is in the management our defense system. The time May come when the nation will be sorry for its apathy. In the meantime probably. Colonel Mitchell will be the most listened to lecturer because the notoriety his Case attained and one the least to be paid attention to. Be traffic Rule gut to do with Polo a a a Xii informal affair it is reported that the new executioner at sing Iti was not Robed when he executed hts Fine two in. It s in Ltd it to make these affairs As informal possible but it does seem like the executioner a uld have at least worn his it. Cd a or his a 4 Lur i inc minute Ivy Gale in sweeping the Atlantic coast. An avy Gale i it sweeping the Pacific coast. Still heavy Gale in sweeping the Gulf. And the in that is sweeping Albuquerque is the Street i not Lei Only til Lef Hartmi with Vin god. I Iii b Rit make statement pop Sod. In sit Beer trying to Reed my Piper an honest peaceable it it Hon Ai Blad bricks Falls on me. He i l Ope you Are not null Udine me Wen von make that minis n. A Sod. Centeny not. At least i i or a in a g. Fri i a pop wat did i do to deserve nil t he sed. And a very Well that Tim Vav i i s i Al i m new Vork bin 2 a i. The usso olnsted press Stock Market a cringes to Pate Industrial Friday i 4 j.65 Thornill .14 .07 week ago. .140,20 year ago 122.5,1 High. 1126 143 0 2 Low. 1926. I 12 x a sex dividend xxx sex. Stock Sale i i 4.23 1 <i2. T i my 1,7 12.60 Eon i hive interest ii shre3. Uund he upward move St Quot cd Market Angia played a n to a v s Trad -1 iced i v prospects i action Money y Jai to i on e platform a a a Quot colonel Mitchell on the deified air control and senator Horah on the is lighting the world court the approaching to als fair to be middling warm. Or a a Eppro Prunte Prajer for Burbank in him True names i names a Spade a Spade Aid the sales i Tren i Trei i k and i and i my porn Legraff to a now Vav e. In not National Lead. New York Central. X. Y. N. In Hartford Norfolk a Western. Nor. American. Northern Pacific. Pao Fly us. A re motor car. Pan am. Pet. A to Quot. Pennsylvania. Phillips pct. Pierce Arrow Mot. Car radio corp. Reading. Rep. Or. Amp steel. By. I. Amp san i ran. Seaboard air line. Soars Roebuck. Sinclair con nil. Southern Pacific. Southern by. Standard Oil Cal. B Nard Oil x. A. S Ewart Wimer sex div. St ii Debaker. Texas co. To Gulf Sulphur. Texas a Pacific. Tobacco products. I Nion pc . I o a i Cigar s. Cast or. Pipe. U. S i re alcohol. U s rubber. U. S steel. Wabash try. War raking Quot in. Westinghouse Klee. White motor. Vav h a Overland. Woolworth. 16 7 29. Miscellaneous for Sale 33. Poultry amp eggs for a pit Eph be j. L. Phillip. T40-j4 it a k a a m oils Xiv. For s v i Kyi tonal Iron Safe. 6 0 lbs., a Rwjr no Quot ural hot us a us a a i urn Ture. 2 xxx. It. I a ill a a Vav hit 4 por be be to and to Walt Prie its five a Sal Rea 42 a tube i and i a St i fiber Wood. Ill Cor till a \ t 1523 Nell. Phone 2440-j. S c. It. I. Its l is. Cihua Tsiun Utah in bidding Maea for a i it i. R it r Navy Chic Early and 72% us a four Tim bar. A Delia Pool us. A p. 7 7\ o r i h Temh _ 40 i lilt Salk or Quot omit h a with e. A Al. Al it Kock a it -1 3 Lauren place five mile but on null s. C. It i. He la. Kerez a unt Breeding a fourth. Pere Alto hatching a or. Blue ribbon 1923. 45>i. 39. 4 4 % a 5 Overland Redbird a it a 2 a 9 in v nit pm. 4 5 a a i i by m i .219 and Worth Al it y Polla is mor e. 24 .101 %. 116 s. 67. 46. 84%. 68% Vav Ai. But. A j Vav eat phial Vav. Haltli y West can ii to Nae Chicks Iron a a. To aft earn i 8 p. White la i i. Pm. I a r rut >1 ii i. It. I it. I me a a a a air a a an i Istocka. Lit c Nipra Karat Hatch by Harden cit.,j this or prick i j1 Wood motor com Pax v St i min i tic a Knap kor Salk m Berry Plant Hundred. I a p. U Clin to str i by. Misi a 1� North k 12 Riti .126% ,. 68 i 96%. .14786% 196% Croskey sri Ahu an. Orc be. C j m Traic Mailer. Ita>1l a Ottier a i Tou in get the it it u want he. Ail a a 8 5 time a vain East Tira. Lie Erin elector 111 Simp. Rat App rata cd it. Up a vet a. Y it m Diun a i a tart Price n m 2 Ca. I weal capper. A a Hei y i i it Frei Vav i i i 1 a Ltd a. I % i an aet. Cut the m _ a n so a. V ans to i it a p 1 Mil a Hio Priidu i a. La by my hatching in in. Supply limit for cat. A a today. I Ika. T i. N i j. A to it Ai us Rqn a. \ it cd tit a let elect re. Civ Auh i Elm Kut Alt popular v Ariette i nit. Aby it k Imp Cit by week Alfa i r it. In a ii teed. A tit for j a a. I Hatch by. Iou k Klor a k a. Vito a dept la. Nun. A by chix Black mini n a a Lack Titre i hair War la n a a a t e a i ted the Greaten lied Baile a la r it it red a Inu to i. Let it Kii a i i by i rus in urbe replied to w a mail i i Ohi i it la x new York Jan. 29. It amp foreign cd h nig steady quotation hic to Britain a Mand 4rv 15-16 a lbs 486 60-Day Bills on la Uke. 4 81&Quot,. France demand 3 79% Cable a a to i i ii. Phi in free Jne Irac i Rik to imports it id poultry brain a in d or u i 8 tin t ii a 11 a 11 a i fan a and Egga. Fancy it ii and Nucci edited at or i to i it Ful Lur. K 1 and instruct at i Iii a it. Fend p a or poultry Farr k a r i i a i Perhaj j a an a it ology is i lie for t he hat in Vur tis Al Fox e. H it the re is a i carte tin fell c Ity in the Iii that is Harti to sex pres 8 j la dirt vol Ables so Angl ish. The old roil 11 a n poet hoi Ace i s s Aid to s have i use d the p a lira i be to de it i i be that Little Villa the pm Pere r a ugly stun gave h in in the e Uilbur is. I hid it xxx it c 01 Jib. A i. To i t a it gave Hii in i t it i the lit Ives o the i City along xxx till Tho i a ural lit e. I t our i Viii a Hon Ever turns to latin Mot toes again to is will be a prop rial to Mil ame re am y on can be e to he tem Lency a a is pm Rill a a pikes a . To he late i <4 in lit i lie pro ill Cox Sunggi Tith at unit re ii Tow no is gon Rig to has pc Gnu am sizing e1 Bensh i in the future. I a Esla thie gee at he Etria Iii i live i Dor. Pit dict it i a Matt iral d Eveh it pent Rad Wil i Chubb pen de to Bee by me ans i a lilt i in in it it j ment led i ii their to e k v to we ii is go Mig it u at a i Istance us in a Malf in c in to bal. Thus xxx e shall s e e Presl Den its in us Gujrati cd xxx Orlds g series i id Bat ties i a r i t ii at a s performed i Al tc., a Tho ugh a Vav were pres Cut. Arizona hardware to trouble fur Calili Ware. led to teach i during Vival Lins written a eat a i a j evident ii my. Berlin Ilia id fax i Ord d to on Hie Honey St Dipti t take lie be ill right in Trice at a r tied in the i happen to i flu in a a it a t Fly not i \ i k ref a Tel Reg Iii Demit i 4 a i demand. 4 5 i to Den and 23 demand i 4.14. Ables. Cadillac san i pm v Eton pit i hrs o it la 1 i 11 is. Is j x i i a r in it i. Y a it it Niht i n in Vii i v1 do Al til a a Al a kor spar. Siu it to Var h or extra terms desired. La Wood motor com Pax 34. Money wanted y wanted in l do Iii pm. Nix x him Ltd i x a York Jan. 29. A cop Lull i Lutr Olyus up Quot to and fun 14 asked i a kiss in i it distr i nor i la t i ii a Himi. I Calk Auen y. To third. Phona 144, 35. Money to loan v in v y a. Tit. Cat Prticia r tis Ira. It it a i it it an n Eta. 8. Id i Hilt 9 let i 1 10 in a ibo Ltd i qua Rem a Alala. J. D rather Fife Vav at and nearby unchanged w 30. Dog and frets i a Annuli i Eft Rie Silt Alyta Luau. Ivd Umbi Aba tug Appel att to at Teal set spurt. Comp Sci Tine a Law i re and it att a a Melee it h it rat Vav i Nicu a a a. A a pc3it<�?~na few in i Ute y ii to j Merit for to in a Cut i re re j a a be Fijux it j p pit a a it j ,.f j i m gut a Inpan a i r m it re who a who a tilt lilt news a tend stut 9.25. Easy St Louis shot produce it lilt .fl a he Zofi Jan 29 Jpn pc try a. Steady i rices unchanged4 ? 4 j 4 rust j Kukich a 7 sold Lea to. 36 for Sale or Trade i \ x 11 i i i Midi xxx Nhin it tit to in t seem impossible. And added to present radio facilities Aud Means transportation it. Points to a future �?ode-cpiit1 Aliza Tion to to which our cities have a a a we 8i?i a car total into White. M Neve most riia Goin a Ca me note i a people can ii dates As in the or Lite remaining there in col Hack and Forth at will. It your Forest Nook mom a sea Island build a Colt but a it a Okus in urge a . Heat Ming International ice patrol \ maintained by our coast it or titanic on her Maiden x a in Ort j stroke by Coll Sjo t he 43.9 lacked hah i 4.15 Ivan Xhu t i i x a City Jan. 29 <4�?T a lower firsts ,0c, , t butter butter fax poultry r High i t extra 4 i % n 12% 5,1 21 to 14c second 92 North kit anti. Kor Sake to Floe n Saraa it. 6 �?T4 i7sa-w. . Phone 14 a Anarco. J. D-4�?~Hon s. Is. Chain Quaty Toat main. Zan a a sad or ant han.1 Ary. Ill Xiv Eft 31. Household goods another us did a t front g Aid new Ane Nellh Nar la. V. to it Angus drub i in i t o a it Irh i r it a 1 ill. I it or. M no s = fit Phot tvs m n r a i a a Laj Ruga Alt or. Murray s my \ Dua to 1 a it to d to Hurt. Ii r Ess g i r it Tii fiiu1 a i a ii no i Burgara Alt in Lull null Isi 32. Livestock amp vehicles u each j it a her. I uth v. Plan ssi Radez huh it t Alagi so. Vav. Gat a 37 musical instrument a rely and a Chon 1441 a planar pud Hart plane id la Quot 4<m i i 4. I noir i null it i pm Iii la a i Ris 1 i i a. F p la 3 4 . A Swan i want ads using Legal notice my ii i hip i Virn is. I us it it 11ne 1924 11 a fat corp i ii l l i a i i it i i i a i Ion win an not mine Cedar ii by a group in scientists proves try to blow up the barged into the sea lathers la a clean Ere will be no Ber Wood motor Compa a

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