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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 30, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico[ CFTY EDITION I fom\ 11iimt ai \n I I A v III N < ll ALBUQUERQUE morning journal. Fourteen Paget CITY EDITION Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sunday, January 30, 1921. Fourteen Paget Gally bf < .I r br .,p Mn ll, alw* rn Mon Uh HI nu I*- ( opp.* ’n' *o-    -o*    -o- “O-    -o-    -O-    -o *o*    -O-    -O-    -o-    -o*    -o- Is Recommended As Site For Naval Base *o«    -O-    -o-    -o-    -o-    -o- -O-    -o-    -o- BELGIAN SHIP IS BRINGING THE SURVIVORS TO HAMPTON ROADS; SEVERAL OF CREW BADLY BURNED WTe!f*8 fA^V'Ce* Receiv«l Newport News I ells of Destruction of the Neptunia; Quarantine Officials Are Asked to Meet the Incoming Vessel With Doctors and Nurses. »•    .    €!»%' TIII \ss<H UTI ll I’m MV. > with    n,,;v‘'    V- Jan 29 The HMPWlnn- St HPS. with a probable I..*- of |if, . „f an Italian al. amsMn, NVI-juno, was rrportofi tonight in a wirdusM dispatch The •    said    a Belgian .stcamahip believed to in* the Mumhn wan bringing tho nurvivors of the crew to Haun ion Koans..    1 Several of the rescued were reported seriously burned it    J    *' h, vu    to    ***« medical aid at Oui I omt Comfort, where the VCSH®J is ctc&ei ted to- STi«Ti!.!r;s..-J-1. i,“" “S . WAVE OF DISCORTEKT OVER PLAN OF PREPARING APPROPRIATION BILLS SWEEPS OVER THE HOOSE Upshot Is the Virtual Riddling of the Eight Million Dollar Diplomatic and Consular Measure; Many Items Eliminated May Be Put Back By the Senate or By Special Rule. THERE S NETHING REVOLUTIONARY ABOUT PRIMING A PUMP TO GET THE WATER STARTED. tOv* y a, /wusmn • Al*—TP WU SM • u T\ \ st < sA&mJJL Ax rn ✓ /I "'n 9 OFFICER SA YS FXPFNSF CHT ATTEMPT TO UPSET DECISION IS LAILIIJL UU I DEFEATED; MARE ISLAND WILL BE RETAINED AS A REPAIR STATION Subcommittee Submits Its Report and the Full Committee Is Expected to Concur Monday; Poindexter’s Insistence Lands An Aviation Station at Sand Point, Washington. W V/P/l to* Jhm I alp wm- rn. tm ; r .}\    J (I*’. TIM \vv( M I V I I I» rill Ms ) Wa»hmgton. J mu SS. -Growing . »»r wh;*t it > r. , ! •    • • ’ •    *    ■    • • V*    ■.*»., f i aminj.    •;11.    f., ti,ii,.i, ,    ,    «.f    11    ,    „ umi    j., »h*    Lt.ti-f lay Mitt    'n I til % J».’< * ©,J t ti i: v. Iii. uj. b • .* .. th# virtu,.t i ••Big lf • f; ■    •    .    • KU ti nm    . diploma tin    anil    <**> nsuia*- ». s * *    w i . Hi, « lit In | if, #** i,ti point* iif ui I der. ■j lier.' M ,* n,, k,. . . J ,* attempt lo '■ wreek th#    bl!!    M* t)itifi'h    situj.iv    ‘ ism t..    k,M..    viui*.i.t    • ton ti* *hf *:,'i11».*■ i    *if jis framing    P Not Mil wit* willing i<> tm ’I it far f mony objector* vs. i *• uuwiJiltig Ti en tm hni' .ij ground' f •    * I* ti' ‘'ruction. On# member how*    »fi uv« r. attal kl ! it. rn    aft. it. rn an h« '. w. ut nut ,i^ vv    hout auth, tit*    ll f law,    ta J /'felt * 4 fiJj'iyK if? ll Hell ■* ... k ■ anil th v It e f t th* Inn ign ti .rh with Th# attal k a W i min jAtY    ^ Sgfc- 'M- OJf "V Failure of the Traffic Lines To Gam Expected Earnings. and Decline in Business Given As Cause. PRESENT AGREEMENTS PROHIBIT ECONOMIES Cost of Operation Must Be Reduced Between $400,-000,000 and $500,-000,000, It Is Agreed til? Th# tMtvliilmt I *re«M» I * hit ago, .Jan. 20. — Kail-r»*ad executives, after a two-day < 'inference behind closed doors, tonight hat! outlined a tentative plan of action designed to make such readjustments as the railways consider necessary for efficient and economical operation. The labor committee of the American Association of Railway Executives wa* still conferring to-* night on a program, but j with pro 'peds of action. I Monday. IRV TIII A SM KI ATTID I* REMIS.) a^hington, Jan. 29.—An agreement definitely recommending Alameda, ^'alif., as a site for new Pacific naval base and tor location ox other subsidiary west coast naval bases, was reached late today by a subcommittee of the joint congressional committee considering Pacific bases. Controversy over locating the general fleet base at A ameda was -' tiled and the subcommittee completed its report for presentation to the full committee next Monday. The subcommittee aho confirmed previous recommendations Tor location of an aviation base at Sand Point, Wash., a submarine base at San Pedro. Cal., and dc-stroyer and aviation base at San Diego, Cal. th. <! A pl UM KING IS CRITICISED FOR REPORTED DELAY TO THE TARIFF BILL 'By Til# Ami—PrM«) Sait I Ak# oitjf, Utah, Jut), Th# Nations! Wool Grow it** elation and th*- Utah St-al# Th# th# %li .* ii tvy a* neural 'ta vv » ll mid rent- la nd Hem IHI VV hi ng I hi hay* rn H sport.' in thi 'a aiioo-# Wool KSnf of I artlon Ford m y Si orgftI vi/.at Jan wiredfolio warool gi. rywff jTf$ grea(lrreport* ■d Set ii un in1 n yf ciiii office la ra-inking UK IO rn Xntn ii if id I net vo ur ar-ng vol# on Pi m*in yForces of sec romero likely TO LOSE IN CLASH FOR SPOILS; OTERO GROUP IN THE LEAD NOW Albuquerque Man Seems Slated For United States MarshaUhip With Romolo Lopez As Chief Deputy; San Miguel County’s One Big Plum May Be Abolished By Legislature. DV < I IN IMN I* Bania Fe. Tun, 28 What i tot n B.tri Miguel » ahai.< of the apolta f " «•’ This is th# quean<>n hich pl tel a Hi piditi' l.tna are ask : IL' ll*' ins.-lv,-    Po, th. re arri un; »>i -    I th* • i on ( an to dtapmttion which will h# made I f political poaltiona, and thus# iinu*rs do not m* n• on Ban Mig. I ■. - I > a' ll ■ > t wan i vet i it, uentty. ill th*' ini*;    ie; nl.ll,,,,, fetatf! at# of!.<•* from Ban Mitt1!#! conn failed ti. K<>t on the ticket. In pi- the phrase of returning dele- Ilf."-    . (hit    •    ft,,    i j j v i ■ i on, “Ban Miguel sol th-- aergeant- 1* .nits a; I Ti><lav, In the dletrihution of fed* rat ll .    1    I    I I*. ... s • lh ' lit I' Ilk* Iv to Le    s* uidino Itono r*> f ader of the San isle I Cire Ie, w Ult* to Le United tales mal 'ii.,I    uh-^fua Itnmem oui ! appreciate th* i* ..-itt>of nr. I en of th* penitentiary, l,o* IMH ICSOX "lxo iKdgaili nu*- a , cm pi fillre would like to run* In of tho mounted WEATHER I ORIA I Denver, * '..In , Jan 2!» New 'ii' " Bi nu I sty a ii.I Mend , K..n. • i *ir, caid*, t tm et of lh nu n Ina. A i l7.ona Sunday fair; Monday ie ’r ii I \vm in*-; I .CX VI, Ii! 1*0 RT. Condition* for the t wi-nfy.foyt >ura ended ai 6 ii. m yraterday, icmded by tho tint varsity: iyUi ft t» mi*, i at ure    , . . it [*w* *1 l,’K«  ....       111 n:"i ...............   .17    j 'Hill'll!)' Hi I ti:    J    ' pmidliy it »; }i til ..... •H ip'* ti La* ....    Tr    ti. >\'inmn f ind \. m !*y . ...    22 rection rf wind . . . Nfrthwea: iaracter of day........   clear ll I" generally eoneeded that Manuel ft Otero, of Albuquerque, baa th* In'Hie et thi* track in the tao# for th. Should he receive it, It Us exp*-,*t#d that lifi-tnolo l,<ip.’z, of Santa Fe, will be his ihi**f deputy Ho mo to i-. now etui* todian of Hi# * api'id and grounda. If he resigns that leaves a vacancy, 1mi' h vv 111 nut help s.,n Miguel eountv any, fur t’anutu Abt rid '#ems slated for the post. Cleofus IIornero Ii is already (thrown tip his hand" In th** scrap .for warden of the pen it ut;.* IV*. I rh# selection of Placid** J a ram 11 lo, of \ aleneia * **unt.', t.** h«-ing for*--< a ted Ly ma ny shrewd observers (of ►'at*- affairs. This would be i j decided v p tory fur 11 *. Otero fin e* Gov* ! nor .M<-ch* tit, hnw-ii-vir, could i-Msily ueu'i alts'# the J*'*•’»f ct by a straight efficiency ap* i pointtuunt the naming <*f P J. I I 'tigan, the present vt trdcrj, to sue c*-d himself. Ban Miguel c«*unty did get th# j ca ptainey of th# mottnt* d police, • hi- piuto gotrsii to Lur- 11350 fi«dKa do, Hut a f*1 w days I.lier, the gov* '»rnt>r‘s r< commendation to th# leg* J adat tiro advised th# dlM-*ontinutiu*-e (of the ut umh d police, and the leg* isiatqre is i > • -reeding with due jill igence on its cotirs-* of carrying out his recommendations. , Hut vv hen some division Is flg-J "red out so that San Migugl county I ge'■* it-- share, what w ill be done (With Uiu Arriba ami Taos? What vv nj Le given to the n**w republican coo; t\ of I nion " What vt ill r< pa* Ban Juan for its deflections to th# republican harmer? Stories* of possible conflicts over t #*1 era I and state patronage have been braided !*> th* s' md-pat laths aa th* ‘harris of imaginative voung men    Hut did you notice that Chaves county pm <4 full ii* ket |n th* n, id lf so. r#m«m -her San Miguel and Valencia and I aion and Grant! GIRLS BAR “COFFIN " SMOKERS BOYS RETALIATE AND ISSUE EDICT CUPID’S BUSINESS ' NEARLY RUINED st    tnv TIII \vs*K I VITTI Pltl ss ) Mattoon, III., .Ian. 29. Dan Cupid is finding hi* bows and arrows aru thus tar quito ii se leas against tho hearts ot tho girls rn tho VV est Side Christian church of this city who have formed a club not to keep company with boys who smoke cigarets or use tobacco in any form. rho club is continuing to grow, according to its sponsor, Edward McKee, superintendent of the Sunday school "t that church, and though a marked decrease in the number of “matches” is noted, according to Mr. McKee quite a few local boys have given up tho bad habit. Cc WARSHIPS PLlt i .» #d that f Rimed ;*• Li-**. #n i ploy. j* I ftr#t xop lr; i it m*-d mim * iv#n in t* hi»w#v#r. -und« to i And th# * •#d th#n i. I *n# of I road art t 'h* *1 l< or SH’!..It ». ***.- at- Hand I*.urn, th# ground that airpian* I * nt#r It from ©very #*d* * PoindtVt*!, r#pUb.»* HR, Hon. wa# Mid to h**v. an Rol'llRjr lr* th# commit tm-i-* th# i tvi-L■». of Bund u«> w.«xh \\ lid h-• d«-d find- and th#ii *-r I*ated that t! t ii* >f th# nit railroad! •I L-* tm d >r HOUSE BILL NO. 59 IS SIGNED BY GOVERNOR (IL stuff Corr*—*}#*nd**tit.) tariff bill Th# n him ini "W#»* nill Th* Mal# < rganlsation w ir#d him as follow! lf pr#s» di*pat*-h#a fr**m iVaah-ti irtiin r**pr###ni th# tru# rondJtl<>n *>f th# Ft ah stat# Wool Orowira’ .i-#*.-tat in pi ut* a? your artlon in th# arnut# y#at#rd»y af’»-rnoon. find (Basat you do not r« pr#n#nt th# mi nt of th# p* -,j I*- of th# Mat# of I 'tab. Th*- groW#ra d#-marid that your a*-tIon b# favor#-bi# tun?* rd th# Ford nay #merg#n*’y tariff hill ’ Ibm ' Lipid*# «#c«nd hard* blow -—th# blow that sent him r##llng dixzily—cnmc when a nutnt>#r of gtudenta at th*- Mattoon high •choel r#uli *t#d t*> forming an opp# ung orKaniz.|tion to trv fo nuke out of t‘>«> Kiri-! of today th# kind of girls our moth* I*- w* r*-.’* It Mi- .it a in*-#tiny f th# Christian Kndi-avor soc bu \ ,» w.-ok ago thai Mt M#K> # uru#d th# girls to -!*-'n pL-dg#*. not I** k##p *-ompHnv with Lo* , who ■; "ti th# W#«‘*i " Tw#nf> fix. pl#dg#s wert* hkb#*! Imtoi .Iiat#iv and during th# j*ast I vv*.* k th# < !uh gt#w in l#Hps and I hounds Th# Uhristian Hnd-avor! soe|*tv siru now hop# to induce] pva rx girl in town lo Join th* ir I ranks, "IK* you want to sLind around* while sot a boy is smoking a cie -ir*-t or walk up th. stro-d will him as h# d ingl- s th# -tllv thin. In his troth or do you want ti. •moll th* nasty smoke?" they! argued. Th# answer, th* y say. t#: usuttlly "no and i ii. vv- Higner to J th# pledge is obtained. It was .then thin th# b©v>» d#-j citied s..met bing must t># don# They miss# I seeing their sweetheart# and a number of th# inst# siud#nt« at th# lo#**I high I school form.**! a club the mem-J hers signing pl#dg#s as follow-* I do solemnly affirm that I wdl not court * girt who p< rsiets in    ] "Wearing k ne#-1 em: t ii skirts “Wearing low cut Waists below th# point wh#re mot hor wort them w h* ti st*# vv,is « Kirl. Wearing silk stockings "Using paint or rouge. \ '(ending dances minus her corset Fulling out her eyebrows or wearing lot .lair- In stub a style so a** 'o hid# her cars." Mr. McKee looks upon th# hoys' organization *» '‘merely a bluff club to frighten th# girls oui of their stand against tobacco."    I ‘ It would be a good thing, though." he added, “lf Uke that could L* don* more girls today UK# our In th# meantime both holding firm. according Lera, and "much good don**." according to Mr, “ Lh Im I** not a tempore m#nt on said M r earnest “ “Bo nr# th# McK* cornet hlng vs. need root hers " sill#.** ar* to mentis tieing McKee i v move* part of #. "Tin th* rls," retaliated th# boy* former prohibition AGENT FOUND GUILTY OF SLAYING WATCHMAN De (H* Th# Ai*a**rUlNl Pr#«a) Kansas City, Mo., Jan 2) Armand Bt#wart, former prohiW* tuui Hc#n» wia found giiltv of second d< itr,murder here today and sentenced to tm years unsri# onment f**r the killing of Th*>#dor*-VV Hup#, *» watchman in a down town office building, th# tits;tit of * Njtober 2 v. Hop# found Stewart loitering in th# hall building and ordered him <*u» Stewart returned a !#w minutes later and shot th# watchman. Stewart pleaded temporary insanity PACIFIC OCH Fourteen Battleships, With 18 Destroyers Protecting Them, Are Attacked; the Maneuvers Satisfactory. iii* Th# A hmm-lated !>.-•« > On Hoard th# U. .s. H Flagship F< I .    van la    Jan 2,x (by VV ir. ;#M- vii CV!*o !‘#ru, lo th# Ak#*.elated In - » Th# American buttle fleets M* pa rated tonight about mid-w ny between (ilia** and Va I pa tai#«>, Uhil#, th* Atlantic turning and steaming I" ' tllrt.o, and th*- r*a«:fi# r ai proceeding to Vaiparnis divleiun# nr# «>vpect«d to their d#st Ina lion# January remain until February 6 War nm*- condition# j • st#rday *-v* nlng w in i battleahips with eight*-* cts protecting them pri battle formation with,i while a a#* ond sqtiadrm cen destroyers staged , u alt iti*1 M-ne-al staff ha# ann' | itself a# pleased with th# pi shown albee th# combined b* nan maneuvrs after I Panama January 22. Admiral H H ilK*»n tot.av '- tit congratula lion# to t'i«> un i# and cgpressed th*- hope for equal progress whet1 th. ti##?** t• unit. February 7 fur the return lo panama CONSERVATOR NAMED FOR CHICAGO ESTATE ii** i»# fun* the mi rd railroad la bm rAfl fi f % Mer hem Fe, .la? has sign* *d ll *.—• 'lover ti or OUK* Bill SS,**Thm t rampart a ti •'n act charges the bill I > pr* scrll .# a new percent-he mai.ay* re .of tm railroads with age id rn im*'? fr- rn w i ich th# Jury•ffm#nt and ecor • •mi* a1 opera- list shall be draw ti an I also to in-i< a," ort# I.t ;;•#;■ de*;lar»Ht, "but validate the draw ing »f a jury byhat is Im pow bi# under th# na- Judge <* It. Brl*-* Th* bill changestonal #• men's The rajlr* ad »h© perce ntag# of names Lo be needatua'nm is a' a cr ut ial point and from 20 per rent of 'he legalicmands Immediate action. voters to IO per 0 * nt The changeTh# national yr. •■men's, he d> • will not alter th* 1 me tai nu rn I-#rdared were the t-rti x >*f the situs - drawn, s ne# th*- PM 1 f voters haston. • '"iiipm **d w it nereaa© for * II .-nil is general wage Moj.a of 16 per been ?i01 woman e .Lit- I hy uffrcge.. the advent ofper ult It '•out era ti IWC OOO. ‘II til It VV, up* nwe civ*>d a |3 ' sud, This! I. wss the j ire# manta. I i I by th#I 1 hat operil# cut be I SOO,OOO,- FORMER GAMBLER’S STRONGHOLD BURNS til- Th# Am..,#>#•*> New York, Jan. 29*—Fir# today (partly destroyed th# building at Pf * Eh st K r*y. fourth street OFI' A the stronghold of Richard A Uan-f mid, gambler. Firemen had to * battering ram to break tho mahogany doors, Much of th# antique furniture and art treasures ■ cf owned by Canfield, sud tho wood #arced catling, said to hsva e -St $100,000, were destroyed I! fi north aquad-o. Poth reach J 1. to obtained f 4 * vi r ? #*#* t\ ray -» de*ti in Hshtn, »f ciiThf- ag run fleet iii vim COLORADO IS SEEKING SETTLEMENT OF WATER DISPUTE WITH N. M. (fly stuff tNifTxv*jKmdci!t.) Bantu F#, J hi* 28.—Coho ado I* »e*‘k tug ii S«t! I* in* tit With New Mexico in th© suit authorized by Hu- last state legislature to recover VV alecs diverted from th* I.aPiata tor** th- wgiera <■*<*'#*•*! th* > liu« of eldorado into New I'**; j*h j. Carpenter, a "t the Color Ado state leg-has arrived in Santa Fe a lottei from Govern*)! !!■ river b M 226 BILLION MARKS IS AMOUNT GERMANY WILL BE CALLED UPON TO PAY ALLIES AS WAR DAMAGE ——  .........   in    a Huns Mutt Disarm By July I and Disband All Civic Guards Not Provided For in the Peace Treaty; Supreme Council Adjourns After a Very Harmonious Meeting at Paris. Pa i i; "ti re J rn* ut a lions I by the ii entrusted with th ting New Mexico to turtling the appointee mini*'I on to KC. -impala, turtled by N* w M#x->f ’Ie- appropriation #* 1 of 1 it*, waters of v«r when prior UK# ■ rn ar# vested in the PLANS TO DEDICATE MEMORIAL TO LINCOLN HAVE BEEN CANCELLED <lt> Th# .%#»<M-|j*t#*t l*r#«i».1 We sh ingle n Inn 29 Plan* for dedication of th** Lincoln M«-mortal * r#<-t#(1 a1 a cost of $1,000,"Oft to the memory if th© martyred prcK blent, bs vt- been postponed indefinitely. In announcing th# delay today, th© rom mission said the foundations of th* terrace and approaches were settling and would have to bo underpinned. 'Bx Th* A •••»<-bt tea I* rn*# > < hic-xg*. Jan. 29. A trust om-l*an> wits appointed cop#, t x *t<*r for t c eMaie of George F, Steger, un-GI recently ti. iMrn-r of th*> Steger .ni Bons I‘la no company ll* wax declared mentally incompetent and (iuancially ii r«-#pon*ihle in Judge 11 or net a probate court yest«*rda> It developed at the hearing that st* gel had accepted hundr* d« of loans f 1 *qn foreign horn residents and had paid interest nu#' as high 1    .0 pet rent, and that th# mil# ion do! ti estate left hun by hi** father, the founder of the piaro-* *»i * * t»« ny, had dwindled to about < 1 a,(mo so gel - investments proved unprofitable t »n*< mn ti rn said to have obtained I *00,000 from Steger in iw-ttllng a loan originally amounting to ti,OOO, and now has a suit on file fin , IH'O.OOO addition*!* i •> • a :    .tntI rn* iii til .< pun! tie tin- w mu < The suit aul! leo arle. - ©iii. , by Colorado us th# La I* la rn ri and right to ii# C it Ll* IIM ct N . V verted that th conitniaaton ha water rights » line that now col of w at* r ct'tis'i-s available to N« w la contended that the N'*iw residents ha*) prior right waters ,*n*l have been usi f.*r hundreds of years. lf the Uoloradq plan is ca rn .ai thro tilth, a pm, cgm mi*'mn w.ra.l I be *-rented to consider lh® validity J of th# N'« w Mesic*, claims and set -1 ti# th# nii*tt*>i without the expen of a court trial. (HY TIII ASSI Kl,ATED PRESS.) Lnil agreement, tries neat <ierntany which are *0 ba n fie. lied W ith goods made in Gel -#»- i many at a low cost. ted J IL unities agreed on for > io'ationa id- will apply to al) agreements alike in * * !>■* rat ion, disarm** no n* and • •'' ib'hvi-rp a a feature of lh*? reparation plsn, from th* French point of view, is thai it ae-wk; (airs th© alliee In the benefits of Clef* many’s prosperity Jan. 29 'rations, German tiimi id a!} other important q 'for** it had been r>-1 * up re me coun«dl when ii meet Journed this evening t Lbndon, February ll. The greatest result obtained was as Premier Hriand expressed st maintenance I y the all eg of a i front aa united in making pea* * at waging war.” Count Bf Oran. Italian foreign mini-Ur, and M Hiland l'|\ IM. HI I’Ml.ATlONs feud Me *-oni#rcrc» hod r#'ult rd    Wild    \svKl    it iinrr the aattafaction of nil concerned    assist    Kl RflfS A protocol was signed api-r«.vmg Washington, Jan 29 Fixing of ? 11 X 1    -i*.    I>    -i s    . .    -    ■    --.w    * - *--■’■■*»*«f, *    tgdpgxi    ,    if    f*    IX    ift    1 U I do w ‘terr"* '"i"    !*eh»-m*.    *s    agreed    «-y    t: minny .* reparations, treasury - funt.,1 ho many I . sparta Ucommttt.H* and also the f iota la said fmitsht should' go far bove the boundary I r*'l",rt "0 the disarmament of Qcr-! towards removing the lift©«*rt.aintv .• a small amount j rn*n>' HM presented by the military in Europe lf „ e«rotain inernne can the line and is '‘b-rmanv must d ««rm j he aewured the gill##, they said th* M* xii'’** users. M \ JV v I. disbanding *& her civic fsrcceas of unwinding the ,„„*»« in Mexico I k!,,H! da not provided tm ,jpg . Pe©' # treaty them Germany will called on t< Hat WorkoiV hp ('ut Orange* N. J , lait 2i* A 20 per crmt decrease in wage* was **#-cep ted today by hut finish©! -s' local No. 4. ,.f the Orang# district The man will return to the ached* ulc? of November, im, a day. the! left by th* war can, in their opinion. proceed with good prospects of P ' V success. IU Hi vittle* on a sliding acale SH. Except indirectly however of I'HUHMi.nnn go,*, marks lier crucial,* iud. "ic fixing of "he rep^: 1 ITJI    would    he    Without effect en CK 'lh. ii rr rT ,f°r ’hr    liquidation of th# $|«,»M,#t£ On hr basts or last year a cg.I Mf war loan to th# antes bv this ? no Iii# ftfuw'Iii ^ w    ' “(intry The moral effect r,f trm ",    ,    .    f,'    marks    *»r    12    settlement, they contended, might pet cent of whatevet money    in    somewhat    a-.cie,ate    payment    bv I" h <h« rwwyrts are paid    for.    th* a I He a,    *    *    m    * Thus, ii M eat teated, the firm pay* Th* United BGU#* officials said I J OOO*OOO ^.wr^arkd Vi' h''« ?** ‘*<;nG«tenilv held that no Scheme A. ,«>.'OD, 0 OO gold mat Us, the    eg-    fot llqumatin* the    allied    I os ti port tax being paid in cash    would b#    acceotabl*    vSbicb    „!    * ‘ it in po nied out, beiiii1o» b^lng a * pavn<»tit rantimrr nt # a ^ rn.™ m«M «r oollMllon, U will fulf il i2 ii_?L.a*T?"' art a- » protect#, .aril! rn co»B-Tuon»    '•©>«"«.» "WW

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