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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 29, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal an i night to i Ion i in l newspaper a published by Joi in slim hushing company effects of the War. Crops have been abundant in most instances certainly in 1925 they were excellent. Industry too has thrive. No better evidence could be afforded than the fact that unemployment t m i Foppe widay. Publisher has never been a problem in France since h. V in Ickrell. the War. It does not exist. On the con q. Landis manager rare it was necessary to import about office a 310 a it c a 34 200,000 labourers in 1923 and also in 1921 Telephone. To meet the demand for worker. Immi a entered As second class matter at Tho Post office ration was not As Large last year but Tho j member of foreigners brought in was about is Bosch i it i on hates foil Aliu i la i e whether the continued uncertainty of one month by. Fat a the financial situation particularly the three months sn.?� vagueness with respect to taxation will Hix n,0?v,.hs end this remarkable period of Prosperity i ,. Cannot be for. Told. But certainly the past i in bed a Dit i Beau of 1 few years have been fruitful in agriculture me mite it of the associated press Industry and comme be. A. Mi.,.--. A the associated press is exclusively entitled to Tho use for re publication of All news credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Smoking out the Varmint a legislative achievement George Washington a the passage by the House of repro a iry in 2 c. Sedatives of the tax Hill is a piece of work almost without precedent. Such a thing could not have come by Accident. It a the result of planning far in Advance a somebody Aid Tho other Day comment Verv to something More than ing on the charges of Lapelt in its priumpj1 0f party discipline. There is the novelist that George a Ashington was a Triumph of a practical idea. More than two Quot great card player distiller of whisky and years ago the administration announced a Champion cursor a that the father of his through Secretary Mellon a plan of tax re i a a i a a a a auction on scientific and sensible lines country had a wonderful reputation As no c ,.i a tiny i which Congress recused to accept save in gossip about him had leaked out in it a mangled form. But the ideas have All years. The while been germinating. Now they Are there has been much discussion of Tho coming to Flower. One of the most unusual hurtle charges the sons of the Anteri features in the drafting and enacting of the can revolution arc reported to have admit Bil in Oen the general acquiescence it \ i in its details and the non partisan nature of ted some of them. A i i supper the Stone which the builders the paymaster in Washington army says rejected has become the head of the Corner. He has documents to prov e that the general in giving Praise to the House of represent not Only abhorred profanity but provided Alives for the Speed and efficiency shown a penalty for us use by any of the soldiers. A pass Quot a he ill. Let a it Quot of a a 1 w. I a ii la r ret those whose firm grasp of truth and of what Good is the up >1 Ca no it it. It Energy of thought furnished the driving real or reported shortcomings of our a Power to the whole movement which so tonal heroes it would seem that the bet Long seemed Ter thing is to emphasize their Virtues especially their patriotism so that new Gen Don i think a Motorist is profane when orations May emulate them. In Quot the on he Maya ifs a Quot hell of a maybe he it cml Wagon recently decided by a Quot a a it a Means Nuh Good intentions. Federal judge in Kansas Ity the tilling every time vice president Dawes critic was that Quot ones ancestors were not de Cizes the Senate for talking too much the famed when there was imputed to them Senate criticizes him for talking too much. Acts and conduct which Tho conventions of to i. ,. Paiit the prison populations any criterion their Day tolerated to indeed they tit. Not Tina. Is a a might Len Star a License even though such acts and conducts _ would he reprobate by the Convent on of the Day to which they Are the judge held a that the standards of Mankind change with the generations a and that the moral Quality of ones life and habits is determinable by conventions of the time that he lived and that accordingly his de-1 seen Dante not affronted nor injured when a True picture of them is presented to the present generation even though the i present generation should think him Disso-1 this it would seem answers the Hughes charges against Washington. Washington May or May cot have sworn prof Anely but he did not hesitate to take j a sacred oath to defend his country. He j May Lave taken a Chance at cards but he risked his life and his Fortune in the cause of America. The real estimate of the Many a character is formed by consideration j of his bravery patriotism and firmness in time of american crises. That he had those qualities and exercised them history shows. He is still America s greatest hero. R Eles irl k. Nam in n Why not by or. Frank Crane i Grange the Young gentleman who excelled in school it football has retired from the Amateur class Aud become a professional. I to is to get something like .sjo,<900 a Day. And signed a contract with a moving picture concern for something like a <4. M it a. Well Why not red Grange is capitalizing his publicity and his talents and making Money out of it. For this reas it ii he is condemned by a great Many people who affect to look Down upon Money making. But inst Why a Man who can run Laster than anyone else across a Field and Buck any kind of a football line and win nit a tile Public is willing to pay Money to Sec. Should not reap the financial rewards it f this Peculiar ability inst As much As the1/ manipulator of the took Market Mould became Rich because of his Peculiar ability it is hard to see. After All red Grange is but doing what we Are All doing making Money out of his Peculiar Talent. _ a Man is not paid in thi world for the value of his Scrv-., ice. But he is paid in proportion Asut people wish to Mak Eife use of his services. Thousands of people would pay to see red a Grange run across the football Field who would not give one a cent to hear Socrates talk or buy a Book containing the in elections of Plato. This is not saying that Socrates and Pinto arc not doing More for the world than a football player but it is stating the Peculiar Law of remuneration that holds everywhere. People pay Money for what they want not for what rip Good for them. Marv Richford gets a million dollars or so a year no because she deserves it so much perhaps As because people arc willing to pay Money to be her. \ Good Deal of the objection to red Grange s Money jul making comes from people who Are in the Money making a. Business themselves but Are not satisfied with their gains. If this boy can make a Young Fortune in a few years be cause of Bis endowments we ought to wish him Well instead of being envious of Lulu. A few years activity at the late a which lie is at present making Money should place him on easy Street and those who Are Rich already because of endowment or because of a Fox like ability to make Money should not b envious of him hut should Welcome him among their number copyright. 19by till Mcclure newspaper Syndicate r Wile f1 Ben ays a t note Book paper due oot by Koot c. L. Bigler editor of the Vaughn Nvvf Sci in in Hie following i Era shh in a doing it breathes Thor a Man in tins Obi town who now refrains from telling a Roun that he met on night with nerves All Jerk non a local fare Gay Martin Durkin a morning journal. Dear Douglas of Thoro was n Man in your Burg that did t net lha bold Bandit at least it was not John it it a sister dear and Del vat in a the new that going a round the Bandit Lunk while in alb Kirk met everyone in town. A i 1�?Tidit Man in Albuquerque whose Given name was Martin a a it i everyone in town of that we Are quite fart a a a i cot Ding to the sports write r not or presented in t w w ii red it its a no i it t h i pop cd till not Taw Klim refilling to to a a Hor of c. Erin a by made an Excel Ani. Tri. Amp Tel. It Imp sin on his former one am. Tobacco. Ii. S. Convincing them that while am. To was in Power in Berlin they Anaconda cop. Eel Feir neither communist up Armour of in. A by. Sing nor Monarch t coup. . Coast line. I Public opinion j Ichi i Timi. California pet. Xii twi Lungi to or i Tor a Ilka i in p editor morning journal cent. Erath pad. My i tear sir observing that de Pasco. Of. A f Bandi r motor. A it in 1 1 a i i no Chesapeake Tchlo a l r or. Burbank. I should like to it. Northwestern. I King pm i the int. P. It a id. Llod my. Amp St. P. Pad. T. I v Omen of g. Nius who Chic. It. A amp Pac. I1 a f 36 for Sale or Trade 143 a 4 4 n 8 a a a i 32. Livestock amp vehicles \ l i just ands a los 23s4 Jersey Bull flt a serv re. Svan a. 117 Faith second. in a unit of Quot of Bhonn i Jav a. I it i a of run in Quot i vim a Urasin Ltd it a a. A # j i have a a in in i Arz. That in i Iii for Albu Quer it Juc 1924 4 32\ my pop to property. Photic i�?T317�w. R in t a Iii a Cucui it a fur Kur it Coupe or , Wilt Rorn of in it a Pii in 3u.w. My ii Alta Dkl my equity of i inc i Llop had scrap. Pm no a t Ltd Hwesi i \. Swi a c a a j car it i. Quot i. Ash. L h n4 a Chalmers touring 6,>4 in i it am n r a a 1,1 i it la f a n farm 4 \ am new a i Ain zip a Quot it a a r a. In. Rats. 120,i and huns like Neula Quot \ rakes to tilt. Tou will get j a Money a Vav Uluth Ai. A lit. Ted to a a be Copper. D holds Btu ser corp. Coca cola. Ore for land Sakes p p so. Tho in Stu c period. A to it to i is Book let i hav a to a camera for in How i dred it. In Taim Rem by Hilly in addition i think duty to have ills Ever once in a Terv als. A Hod. You cant give me pop Sod. In. -.1. One Rea then of u11 have a then let Eti Tir of ital t Colorado fuel. Bid. A on Ablated tins Corn Quot re Cable stroj c a a can s is pad. I Yod go Bro. Quot a. Do pout de Nom. 3 4. 44. . 35i. 40. Tr1. 47. 4 it. 230 i and v All the. Find fixed o. L it lid i la t he us Ider fest i i ment hol a Rush Sive i Usa my out Cut in 2nd id Are Trie pow. A it. Cts. 20to a or it Sun Iron. I3 j to a Tous Plav erg .112 i libber. 24 and lion. .109 f a a r ii a a he Lait it a f t aril Eire Trio. .23s� d. If t Ai Mote in. 125 to Wood motor company rerun a i is it it Tii Kou it it 1921 i Kwh fat Coupe 37 musical instruments in Ani Asi an sex at. Olt it re con did ates like so onal a a la e. I. M toi la 4 .119 v. 30 to i Wood motor com Pax piano or rent. Phorn 7i4� Var by Ana a a a piano Pia or Pix no 11 Art Llano co., tit Vav a a id a Hen Tot i i t. Al Soi it soil i to Iii Mihm. I in i u i , Fth Ruaro 3. La i. F county Contil Alonar. I y f r the a one Trucolo an a for the i Unda t. It v to urdu e my a Ltd .i<l.line. A. Atte. To. Pren gone Juda a to to it a i a a a a ii qua to 3 per tent of i Ai i 11��� i i in right to reject m. Ii a r it i a no i ii i of l l Iii it v i Ion i let Noh la f urn s Ere a a in is to two major i objection to t erg. I m. Igich. I Ball rare Over production i Here is again a Good Deal of talk Iii Tho South about a movement to restrict the Cotton acreage. The fort Worth Texas Star Telegram thinks this is attacking the problem in an entirely wrong and futile say. Since new Mexico is a Cotton producing state the Star Telegram a a conclusion a co interesting. In the Tir t place no general movement of reduction c possible because every grower wants to leave the actual reducing to his neighbors. Ahu such an attempted solution leaves the fundamental problems of the Cotton growers troubles till untouched. The Star Telegram offers a suggestion of it own. It say Quot the Farmers of the South should raise As much Cotton a it the world needs of them but they should it Ltd manage their business that they can obtain a fair Reward for their labors. I hey can do this by cooperation by elimination it wasteful methods by improvement of grades and by sounder there is sense Iii that argument which could be applied equally Well to the problems of other agriculturists or even to i i Lusty. There is always Jess danger of i Over production of any useful commodity than there i Quot of foolish hand alter it it grown or Manilla rid y w All i wlil.1 the markets Lent p at to financial m l Hill i t Evv Vulikh. Bin 2s i Vav aril. I a or i ult 21 i ii i ii i i i,11. A the f lid am. A 141 Fey 4 a 3 4 4 41 to k a s 7 4 to .129 4 i toi 3 i Ais 4 to i 4 9 a 33. Poultry amp eggs ii Sale Whit i in Tiff on Dot i i p r a 4 j i 14 Tola ii Vin r. Finer i White a nut in a for a sir it Noble 1411 a Quot re a a Tutti. A. A. It t. Hei.?, Tia a it of a i Uchneat. A to nil flt it a Ariff it in t at. It irk Arlo and ,1 us Prini i a App it it a Rte it i c. P. Ila in North Toh Tut a e. To i. Pat a. A Art a Kerf a Bree t is it tilt. Fuso a Luo ribbon i to 4.4 Vve to a ant i la 9 i a ill tool Art of r who a who Iii till la a it s new 4.1 \ Vox in ill i in it of t run prosperous France one of the remarkable Phenomena of the pot War period in Europe has been th-1 continuous Prosperity of France. A report i from our commercial attache in Paris just made Public by the department of Quot in Merce shows that throughout 1925 thi High level of Prosperity was maintained. We Are sometimes aft to forget the favourable lot of the French people when so much is being said about the on v Tate of their political affairs with cabinets Short lived anti parties engaged Iii Tea he snuggle for supremacy. T he Small peasant is particularly Well Toff. Agni Deture a from the j a re. W mat. Car t. Or. A St i. L. A s in i ran. I. A re air line a an con. Oil. Lam Pacific them by. Inlaid of pal. Sil l a til n. J. W Art Vav a Mer. ,. Delia a. Quot a g co. A. 4 to it Gulf sail Bur a a Pacific. Acco product to Pacific. I a or pipe alcohol. V la i i a div. Elect motor 44 to so to 4 3 Quot 4 4 to 221 21 to too to4 3 % a5% %52�?T 12 to St to97 i 4 it a i 197 4 to m<5 to i 33 % 4 9 % 5 2 %73 si1 31sos mull i Iii l l Roll a i Ion i Iii i a of a err to to 34. Money wanted own d re Ruly a. Gnu v i ii hts Hovik Yolk. Jan 2s spa lib 35. Id clawed stot i of. I first a first 4 to a 102 second third 4 4 to jao.31, is 102 la. I. S govern re Ai 4i i4 j o Money to loan a to we Pat is. In attend i in Iii j Way i. W. Str to i n 1-1 i i i it of i i i

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