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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 28, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page four Albuquerque morning journal january 28, 1926 panthers will Helen Fine Day How Coke scouts passed him up will be question if Alex delivers radio programs a. Copyright iu55, by time shown la new Mexico time Hart lot pm Best mexican enchiladas con . Fight for Lead old rivals to meet saturday French Champion Speaks night in game to decide of everything but exact first place in City league Date when she will standing meet american Champion Tho Albuquerque the Menai panthers will meet on Ltd it bulldogs and canner. France Jan chaperoned officially by mile. Suzanne a Nglen miss Helen Willi the Panther court saturday ,1 the courts of the im-1 in the most important game of the t at Nice. Suzanne show City Scholastic league to Date. Poth girl Over tile Cen a Tea us Are in a triple the with in a Titi r court where she Defeated mrs. Iii inn Junior High for first Phi e Mallory in m3. There were toasts j in Tho league with three victories in each other s Honor and to one and one defeat. The Winner of another s health. All topics of in-1 a turds via contest will go into first i to rest except Long �nni1 wits it. Place in the league. Viewed in the Short thirty minutes. The bulldogs will meet that pan of their companionship. J ther Crew the night after they take while officially mile Lenglen on Tho Elpaso tigers and will noted As sponsor for miss wills quite Likely still be without the there was no lunch and no Tea just services of w Hor Bellman rest one Plain Glass of Champagne car Center. There is Little probable which in France amounts to try that Bellman will got into cloth a drinking one cup of Coffee in bout or the Tiger or Panther Gamo j Amer t. Panthers and bulldogs always miss wills in certain to Pla it at furnish plenty of fireworks when Nice in february i and the i they got together whether it be on French Champion will probably the football Field or on the a also play. Hut whether they i Teeth ill court. The last time they meet in the singles in that tournament is not yet decided. The awl re in girl is paired with c. F. I acs it Liru inn in the mixed doubles while till French Champion is pair i of with ii nil Cochet. On Satur of Day to at Suzanne will make up her n and whether she will play in the singles. When asked to Tell frankly whether she intended to meet the californian mile. Lenglen replied Quot my program is unchanged a lure i made in statement on december to i will in ii in the singles in Bree tournaments is i planned i previous to Mio wilis till american Champion sell i met in basketball heart was prevalent nosed Mena Iii out of ? second Basket to Xvi championship last years ago Mena til no dogs out by a stuff Semi finals of the the dope to s ame is mixed up eat Washington i i at on heat the bulldogs so to 18. The panthers lost to the indians Ito 8. The bulldogs Lieut Tho indians 12 to 1<\ Mentil beat Harwood of Loio while the bulldogs in at them jul to 22. Menaul won from by. Mary s 3to 12 the bulldogs beat St Mary a 21 to 7. A to Las vegas i Bleb a in Prospect for she Panther has been called off As they could not get games with Montezuma College my la vegas huh. In a her play in the Gallia a Nan but at a Anne tomorrow n St. Will meet Bovine Laslo thursday january 28 kit los Angeles 467m-6l0kc8, i of Southern California student program to program Chickering Hall la program. Ken in Bho Enan Doah i. 266m-1130-ke6, concert Northboro schools. Kiu i a its Angeles 405.2m-7 40kc6,45-10, special International radio week program to in it Ria in. Roa Denver 32 2 i dinner concert. Hon Box. Apo san Francis pc airman i l h program in phony orchestra kid St. Louis 345 pm Skouci Chain a bid will i. Mer by i Mayes wha i Good will i in to Chicago i i 5-6, concert. Kokane St 30ke6.30, farm ques 4 2 s 2 m too Al orchestra Hight by in Post dispatch 5 5, weak Roy no 6 30, pianist 7, us i. Ini-560keh 6 05-6 30, by 7, Good Uncle i Reading 7 20, musical programs hour of music. Commonwealth Edison company 12-1, insomnia Hub. Co on said c is original nighthawks. What. Worth Star Telegram 17 5.0 in c 3 0 k c a 6 30-7 30, my steal program 8 30-9, program we by Chicago 266m-13s0kc7-9, tip Trio Ziegler Sisters Moulin Rouge orchestra two jays 10-11, popular program Moulin Rouge orchestra artists Daf Kansas City Star 365.5m 820kt it 5, school of the air 10 45 12, frolic Plantation play Era ted Moyn organist web ii Chicago 370,2m-l 11 or to Quot. 7, Oriole concert orchestra songs s-9, Oriole dance orches Ira artists 10-11 30, Oriole orchestra artists revue. W a a Dallas nows journal 475 9m�6l0kc5 30, Baker hotel orchestra 7 10-8 80, Crawford a orchestra musicians 10-11, Zed Rick Moore songsters Mustang band 10-11, Clines collegians. Vav Nia of Chicago news 447.5m-670kcof a Chicago theater Organ recital 5 30, hotel ii Salle orchestra 7, concerto 7 30, talk 8, la of Chicago lecture 82q, Grace and Robert Whitney cellist and pianist 8 53, u. Of Chicago Chimes. A in lie 11 Suff a of. Let a a. To Xin Are a i t to Way St was lest of non vat is Rue Alex Gaston m ma0rid miners beat Boston baseball i f Pill Vlasto finalist on lesson to it by Che ing sea so some tin it a Gas should weather both a ii diff ult. Pole then lifer in the ill play miss Cadiz who its Mallory at Mentone i a Mere it the rom have had for Drift b it w in it Alexs c or with to in the one big reason is i s with the a to voting Catcher on a vim re an a a a it. I ii of i i i bees a May a fans to wonder Why to Pine away in the no. Players who have let l in Call hint the in the minors. Wun n Hagan Crew 21 to 16 Hill to speak at regional confab the Madrid miners Defeated h int to 21 to 16 Lnu to sunday on the i Miner court. The miners i of Iii Tho b of in the fit i Quarter mid kept my i it throughout. The first half end j a ing with the count 16 to 14 in tilth fun favor t to i Vav ii Atar Forward of the min it a re. Wit my Abl to play. M. It in foil it Ogham and Harper a tarred for Tho till Miner Davis and Ivron tor Etal David h. Hill will be pm of i Iker at a Western regional at san Francisco pet re Locking Forward to the 11 /11 i n of n to a soda a adult a Duc Atton. Ii of London r of the workers Loduca a a a la to on. S til i a to a a be i t of the regional conferee Normanel Brown Defeated 37 17 j Cross word Puzzle v. It la Ai 40 4? 37 20 55 33 la 41 25 g 7 9 la 2g 2238 51 a 30 15t it the n oter if Vrat a rally referred to l y in a Poi Topi a a a i in run lev it in a Recti and a highly Proffatt it Ici Back in the Day of i or roller and c her is a f Ltd a x gone h. Thie believe that Vry St lib of t la it in Hixy lire it to we arc conf Lade of two world Cham t Strangler i Joe Steelie ing we belie did not nub the occasion a Hie Mal ii. Any of the we know the around i Kfir Lobos Phy Good passing game but Are unable to hit the Loon regularly arrive Home Friday night to Xiv it it a a a i Ltd a Xiv it. In Mcnide terminal is negative i to dry cell u by cell Adit a Batter y Loso service Batty sky is in of try has Bee fit y Ltd be Cpd for redo us a a. Vol Pru in j&Quot-11 Fine longer a rv1 Leeds tha Notnac a a it a a a Iii a so a a wow Ith will. Wd-12 or similar tules Stone cffl1 pm feb or is us in multiple for thu j a a Quot Carbon co., och a eel fsan05 Eva a a Ife w 6nnnv <1 w ill it f a n full of Pep and Power i Unn la i Uri by dry cell radio a a batteries maintain their Pep and p nver longest. That s because they arc designed especially for radio use. There san Ever Cady dealer nearby. Ask for no. 7111. Of 11 1 a i it guaranteed i y National Carbon co., inc. N to r in san i ran \ co a a a a Quot a cr1 i co l. Nil and. Tor Lute Oulu id c Colorado it >7 Eil radio batteries they hit longer no. Stas am i n Isi k Ato k s Kotick in the Pru Bata court of Bern who couty new Mexico. In the matter of the estate of Kumb Monto it a y Apodaca of ceased. Notice to hereby Given that the in Eig neti a on tile i Mil Day of j a Noar l .t.i, duly appointed administrator the ate of Huo Katelo Montoya y a a a deceased by the a Folti court Bernal to county and having aau Oil a d min la to a tor and per a Ila ii claim against the Hetata of and a aced Are hereby n lifted and required i Aam Tho same to the unde Laignel in to manner and within the time presort by by Law Mauricio Montoya administrator dated january in 19sfl. J a Jan. St is feb. 4-11. Notice of is it in the Dietrict court of Bernalillo couty Dute of no pc Mexico no. 1&627. P. Of Mccanna inc., a corporate plaintiff \ Bennie o. In Allegra Tiro it alien a. Unknown heir Margarita Chaves a in Sanches d eased Kiiu Euid Sanchex caled Souchex. Adolfo Sanches Marla a Kinta san Che. Unknown heir. Of t. Lands Sanchex Wjt eased t Knox he to of Manuel Sanches deceased i known heirs of Jose Manuel Janelu deceased Fred Collott Felipe z More shei Ift f Bernalillo count new Mexico. Board of trustees Pajarito land Brant a Corporal and a i unknown claimants and a i non i brits of i not Ion Lair ants of interest Adverse to Lite plat Tiff in the premises hereinafter v it Ribe i defendants. You. Tits above named defendants a each of you Ara hereby notified that t above named plaintiff by begun act a a you and each of you the Obj t it re f being to quiet the title of plat Tiff in Ais i f a estate situs in Bema i to it enlist new Mexico d scribed a f it a a a i Jins in the Bela to cart a i and m ire Pati. Olar / described its follows to Toben lining at Tho s. Uth West Corner. Pol it at the East aide of the old Milita r bid in 1. S i Adidas from which t Corner of Selt Trona a i j it an i to j n. It. I. N. M p. M. Beala ious. T a Green 4. Nitwit cd a St by j be thence North 14 degrees 29 minutes a . T he Tice Iff the of degree minutes East 79 feet to Ltd the North i Corn r. Them a South is degrees to min x Cut i i feet to the n it heart Cut tor at the Fink of til Blo Grant then i Tith a decrees 3o minutes sit be. A Lite e s Lith 19 degrees to my Ute West a did feet to the souths St k a i i Erie to it a a a by degree it 5 West i be. Ai Hen at rth of Deer time Quot Atte West Jwj feet. Three nor t degree in Mil it it a Sui 4 a feet t >.,� f beginning a one Leti a tract appearing of Founty Survey Bho no in to # name f i. A Bencher i t no 4 of the estate of a a a Manx a is by Partite a to a Riar san ii it in <1 in the not it by i. F Mariatita bad a a uth by Anda Francisco a dare and Adolfo Banchi East by the i a a a Rande and Quot est by a a i a it a e a my i rated i to of sting a f Enar i to re or i is toe ii Orth by / j a a a Ai a to Lea e Stab ii t be lib i eur a i in nth a e i i a f t ii i if bied a j or n ,. It Iii. Feet Hen in r it ii. S 44 toil a a i it a 7 9 feet to t a �?��?�-1 r in rth a a uth 1 it la i n tee 1.4�?o feet to tit. St Collie Quot. I Al South 3 a i Semi Batik i i id i to uness Ria til say Tot n Cie i a 1 Iii us k Merit a Iii to i v default in Aud a Plain i. V a ii tip i a no v f . Bet Ute. A a the. A a if Jan car. In a i 4 it Mill i 11 i i t my in. A in i ii i i Al no i la i Iii to i j j me us triple tie in City Scholastic Basket league i i it the Best for less Hor rental Vert Cal i a i arg Mead a w i a a a i 16 i met a Nee fat or Strainer 2 mistake pie t f dinner a i i to j a night i re 1 Missouri a a v a abbr a i i ii g far a Pillow in in a our i plot Basket Ball results a a i f ii Terr Art y finer furniture for less t Tima a Quot a i i in Taw Al ii Oil i la i Mhz a ii in i to i i i i in s if a a i ii so a Ester it a tents tax Dir a Gam hike fowl pm i t your Home is furniture not tit your present or Nitro which no longer or Home. Wyeth it r it be a Tiro m or dining room i Nicus. Now i the a Titre More Grace 6 Hap foil 65�?i at Loilo still appear la ant in. Yesterdays Puzzle solved better than whiskey for colds and flu Ita Ite i v at rapt baptists to play 8ta a Ris Montezuma quintet res o r tha u h acc a j in i a u pm r u m b l Mel o a a bus n 0.0 pop is i r e spew Jubic an id r o t ski a Quot us jul Al a Vej fit h t of u r n Sha d e p g of dts by a Pisa i in ramp a i r sir i a a a Nib a r r. O Oills Dima Tsyn a i a l Earth by Quot Tam at vegas saturday that Star furniture company inc. In i 113-115 West Gold i j t h e b e s i for less of w if Adfield

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