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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 28, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Z january 28, 1926i Albuquerque morning journal Tega thro pleased with ii is a Rees to provisions of Bill 1 calling for payment for i development on the Colorado waterway in the Oil Fields Wood will do to face chech City s budget is exceeded by e l. S. Recognition denied usurper Bermejo Park Well is Down 4,300 feet Katon n. M., Jan. 2 7 a Washington Jan. 27 up a a Keement on All modifications of to swing Johnson Bill providing Katon n. M., Jan. 27. Janies for Colorado Rifer control and h. Wood who is connected with a or development As suggested the Union Oil company now Drill a Secretary work in a recent log in the a Irmajo Park was incitement was voiced by a Deniega a Raton tuesday. He says Tho Drill in consisting of representative Mug and four delegates from the k or Story affected who met w Ith 11�?Tclamation commissioner Mead 1 it wednesday. X i specific approval was Given the position that Tho lower Colorado is in hard Rook at a depth of 4.300 feet. Or. Wood had difficulty in getting from the location of the Well to Dawson because of the drop Snow. Tile drilling at the Eureka Well la Miles below Raton has been or improvement must be even-1 resumed. Manager Chambers has ally entirely paid for and that been Busy getting the water out of Ament must be assured by Defi the Hole. The water collected Dur the contracts with Power and lug the cessation of drilling. The iter users before construction to Eureka Well is Down 4.000 feet gun. The delegates agreed that land there Are Good indications of to revenues from Power to be sold 1 Oil. Son of major general is a run Over is about $5,000 used of obtaining Money receipts Are $300 above under false pretences in i estimate bulk of excess Florida is in Street work Quot Quot a a Havana Jan. 27 41�?osborne the City s expenditures for the c. A Coo said wednesday that he past year were approximately i Youia sail thursday for key i 000 n Excel a of he 1 926 budget i a. On is a a it to a in Roach a according to Complete financial to answer any charges that May be made against him i i connection Vav till passing alleged worthless checks. A a a Low Rato would assure repay jct of the entire Cost of develop i ent. It the All american canal came in a much discussion especially Asl a its Ovunc Rushiti and operation after c government bad been repaid f i r its Cost. Or Mead said he be a lived that to be a question for a ingress to determine when it Ose and that he personally did mystery Well changes hands will try to Cut off Gas pressure the Irwin no. I Section 8-16-17, located Southeast of Lake Arthur in Eddy county and better known As tile a mystery Well a has been taken Over by Hardendorf Brothers i it care whether ownership was re a of Casper wyo., who Are now run i. Ined by the government after that Nung Yoo feet of 6%-Inch easing Joe or transferred to water users into the Hole in order to Cut off a a besides a it pre a stat it it swing the water and the Gas pressure f Oso who conferred with or. Mead this Well at a depth of 860 feet i 67re Ralph cry a Well. Los Angeles encountered a terrific dry Gas i Rmer state senator William f. J pressure which wrecked tile Rig my a a Dens Tom c. Yeager land caused the Well to throw Rucks Rhella. And Charles l. Childers water and gravel into then a for f i Centro nil of California. More than two weeks. The pres sure is so Strong in this Well that All goal men to attend attempts to continue drilling have West Kalm Beach Fla., Jan. 27 a5 a sheriff r. A Raker tonight has in his Possession a warrant for tile arrest of Osborne it Wood a son of major general Leonard Wood governor general i of the Philippines on a charge of i obtaining Money under false pretences. According to the inform lion in the hands of the county solicitor Wood presented a Cheek i for $230 to the cashier of tile Bank saying tile account could to Veri a fled by calling the Asper Tea Santo 1 savings Bank at safety Harbor Fla. Tile latter Bank it is said stated Wood had funds to cover the Check but when it was presented later it was returned marked a no the county solicitor said he had in bus Possession eight other alleged worthless checks that the Palm reach National detective Agency claimed Wood had written. The total is Given is $3,400. V of meeting at Santa be i on n. C. Extension the chamber of Commerce is setting a co i in business i Hue que a 11 a up oration of ton no e Appl a to Antral rail a tend it 1 i i toe of Law the later been futile. Tile present operator believe that the string of 6%-Inch casing i win tie sufficient to Cut off Tho water and Tho Gas pressure and allow drilling to continue. They report released wednesday at the City Hall. Tho report showed that receipts wont Over the budget More than $300. The addition of two policemen to the Force an increase in the pay of Tho firemen and Hie opening of new streets in the Eastern portion of the City caused the excess it was stated. The bulk of the increase Falls in the building of dirt streets special service on the opening of new streets in the Santa be Hospital District is placed at $3,616,44. City manager Calkins expressed till opinion in a letter to mayor Ting Ley that the action of the commission in expending Money on the roads in the Vicinity of the proposed site for the Hospital was instrumental in bringing it Here. There was an excess of $700 Jover the budget for paved streets. The nudge permitted $3,500 for sewage disposal but the expenditure amounted to Only $1,721.78. There were drops of approximately $1,000 each in Street lighting. Sewer construction. Street sprinkling and the miscellaneous classification \ Park expenditure exceeded the budget by nearly . The police fire and building departments pit Lino Lima tor a for today i and the Library fund each exceed Only one of the Best vaudeville Al budget by approximately shows vet scheduled for the Pas City Ade urged the state department at Washington has refused to recognise Gen. Umiliano Chamorro As head of the nicaraguan government. Chamorro has been a disturbing foment in Nicaragua for Many years and in Secretary Kellogg a opinion gained his present Ascendancy in the Republic by such devious methods that die is not entitled to re Ogni Toru Heaters today smitten of Ai Luquer 1 a i plan to carry this Hob to 3,000 feet men to represent Al-1 the t tent my of t he omm lesion in aft it Moon to 1 Lacuna in of the new Mexico Gallup Kiwan ians and ladies to be guests Here on february 22 Mission denied to any Peru 11 this 1 a a put i if necessary. The levers we non no. 2. See a Tion 18-1s-28, in now drilling at 1.000 feet. Drillers on this test have i Cen making an average of i for permission to too feet a Day sine drilling War id to t. Ulna a Dis tarted ten Days ago. Tilts Well is i located 42h it North of the levers Wilson no. I now producing t iou Miles. Ate com met ii re add oni too barrels Dally its Road Tim Holeman no. I. On till a to sex Ting is being to id for spark Fease in Section 18-1s-28. Is i Dun the tall now drilling at 1,080 feet aft in 000.000 feet of Gas St a Bli Tiona Faits countering lightning locates its d of 1 11 Outi la inc 1,830 feet. Production in this waft is expected at 2 Oso feet. Tile Ohio new state no. 8, Sec nip nor non Cit 4-18-28, Bas drilled Iii and Rich Ore Deposit we it Ltd inn. Ai.,my. A. Is i considerable of in this Hole Abd drillers say that another Good producer assured. I he Phillips Petroleum company Vav to have started w Ork on a casing i by the owner head gasoline Plant in the Field the richest in a laying j3 i Inch feeder lines from the Gas welts in the Field to the site of Hoar Plant on Hie East Side of Section ll.18-38, this work is boing Rush. D to completion As rapidly As possible. Ani Dei i Jan. 27�? a storm la it Idaho real of liver i time Vav ill Delight the patrons of this theater beginning with matinee at 2 30 for the a fun Lierz is a rattling Good program Laddie i a is and Iris in a a Kong land dance revue Quot Clark and Donnelly in a eau in fun a Stacy i the Albuquerque Kievan is club Lavern the Side splitting farce. Wjt entertain the Gallup Al wants just nonsense Jerome and curb number and their ladies at i Nowell in a Bink episode a Andia dinner Here on february it chari., led Gar in one of the Best. Uvas announced wednesday at the baning 1 p resides tins pro club s meeting at the franciscan. Cram Mack Kennett presents the the ladies of the Albuquerque club comedy utello open faces a win be present. An interesting Hodge ledge bomb Bens and program is being prepared. Gov nonsense and Felix the fat i Lernor flannel a Gallup Kwa plan. Going Hunting it is a fun pro expected to attend accompanied or no i rom but ginning to end and by mrs. Plannett go i in. Jesse Bomi accompanied by mrs i b. Thompson Sang a Moth a is of men a a song written and dedicated to the War mothers memorial by mrs. A Quot Larn and Lloyd Hallam of Albuquerque. Major also showing a this n. Toulouse originator of the War outlaw a featuring mothers project was an Honor Smith in 1928. Ida h in i in 20 i to be mine com t House i Bot a i it spot has re a it ration. 1 $ of too or White done to that cold i turn into a a flu that cold May turn into Ipp Eor. Even aug a pneumonia in a you take c inc of it at once. It Hub m listen 4e on the contest <1 part of i see Ijo quickly it brings rebel Muster be 1 Ade from pure Oil of i turd camphor Menthe and other \ Isle ingredient it is a i unti a irritant u h stimulates circulation and helps i a up the cold. A Clio tic a it Hie r Essy old Mustard liter tit the work without Blister Hub it on with your linger tips von i feel a warm Tingle As it enters tile thai a i a a my Seii Datoo that no it Quot Cleome Relief. Jara 4k tubes Albuquerque plans Campaign to secure pipe line terminal at an informally called meet i g of about 1 try citizens it Tho chamber of Coni Merro wednesday nigh it was Dei med to wend a committee to Denti to interview i r will a Cha a Mati of till Beard of Dir Tom of the Continental Oil company t relative to tie proposed Pipo tin from the Sui Oil Fiebig a 1 of Mattce composed of Cha ides wit a the \ it n and till a maj Feci Iii of cd hint Henry g. Co be til Cornu 1 it be Clinton Anderso Ideal theater the main us feature at this theater is Quot the dangerous Coward a with Fred i Horn son As the leading Star of Snall Star cast majesty the Ben Wilson supported by Yakima guest. I a Quot Lite a Mii utile if n rent Kolow Quot so he meeting members or a i Rii w a a \ a in of the tub accepted an invitation a the i v.?t m. A j1 a a of in is a trek. County rom. Vols is to a by flu n mph Ion Quot a it to visit the new county xxx Ilson in Best pictures. He ins the role of an outlaw who fills in love with the daughter of Bis bitter enemy but the Way my bring the two together has nil the leg ring features of the elemental West. Yakima comm worlds Cham a Pion co Vav boy is liens faithful Follower it i introduces a stutter that is in comic la sides Hiest two screen celebrities Violet i a Blan a the Beautiful blonde sister of Laura la i Ante is the it harming heroin who wins the instant Ayre pal by of the audience. Program 1 being repeated today for the last time. I sound tvs amp i court House and m to Dei i Terte a go min it a i ii theater a Bolar r� prof to Hon Quot the monster with a wonderful eat Loo Chaney and John it if a metro a rattling go if g the Pitu t Iona i be w a d leg a id Vav in p including Arthur a a lure and i pres it a intern to w of reel met Jaffey company filed Stilt i the diet rid court hers wednesday morning against Herman Leek Lenburg for $6$2.71, alleged due on an account and for Ihm 23. Alleged due Oil a promissory note la. Male w is filed suit against Aaron Lewis wednesday morning asking divorce on the grounds of a is Ndon ment i a the divorce suit of Katherine Kosher Owens is goo. A Owens the defendant filed a motion in Lief it in it meet Mitt Fred i a of better than a mutter Piaster severe Gase of itchy eczema broke out in rash and affected limbs and face. Cuti Cura healed. A for months i did not know what it w As to to Joy a a it. A a it of Wien Ken sleep Fop had a severe Case of itch p re fee Whu b was torture it Bike out in a lash Ani sheeted my Bino end face a a a Friend advised me to try cunts soap a a d ointment to i purchased some. The first application Yave Relief so i c Ntina a the treatment Ami no about s month i was con ice in Bra eds is. i miss crud rur hrad. Hendry Sbur. Ohio. Jan. 31. 1325, Day use f Cut in Ufa soap keeps he pores a live sad the skin Clear. A hts Tho olm me tit heals pimple id other irritations. Tal a left i re it it Reihing. Canfield Hess id y and dres thu in it Quot to. T a in trip it i i Felting on the i or e the i or hide 30 and of in. I i. Mar big ii it e or it roti in a Ltd it Rong a i a w ill Ort to ceded i Neth the a lid it Rosini it it of the Tad a it d lugs a ii it n who Are in i in a eth Mon pc h metro Gold tit the Buna Hine have a ? it ugly t Ber alone Long r Evve t nothing. Dis Missal gah Tisl against or looming wed in is pro tries m n the d a l to Fen Alo Bena Thea in it e comp a Torburn by or was sub int. Ai Mug. A Ding Wen filed Beery wednesday <1 a Iii go we it of a Vav ii Iii. Iii Beer. Of the ainu que Rytie my is the m ii pity Tase i Mead As retired fat it rth <1 a in a Youk Jan. 2h <41�? be Publica Tih and democrats March to if Arm in Arm to the polls in i 28 nod voting a non partisan ticket with Calvin colliding for president and governor Al Smith for vice president was pictured As a by Chauncey m. Depew in an address wednesday before the re slims society. Ile described tin present is the a most wonderful age of non partisanship in Otolith s in bus seventy jus i f a a Pereni a Quot i was born in a d.�of Patty polities a or. Depew did a and a a lad i i tamed to shout for my party March for my party fight for in party and starve for my party of necessary. What do we find today Quot a tax Bill. Law a the subject for neat controversy and party feeling being unanimously by his House of representatives and slated to pass tin Senate with comparatively Little agitation i think Cal Coolidge must have studied old Bell Franklin for he has decided not of go up in in air plane and View the affairs of the nation from some Sod ilk position on High hut to come Down to Earth and meet the response of the people for Economy and Thrift Markie Heads local musicians for 1926 a la k Maklo w in elected president of the local six Anteri in federation of musician r a Quot announced wednesday other officers elected Are Charles Williams vies president in Eorge Hills treasurer Jolt it Kirk Patrhk Secretary Sud Busine a manager. And William Goodrich sergeant at Arm members of the. Ive Hoard Are John his be. It l l Mer by i i rank c m , tin i Quot Nahum i d Boss . Chamber of Commerce committee takes up matter with commission favors Stammos offer fifteen representatives of various luncheon clubs and civic organizations making up the chamber of Commerce Park committee attended his meeting of the City commissioners wednesday night and informally went into plans for More bigger Ami better Parks. There was discussion relative to a Bond Issue to adequately secure Parks for Albuquerque the commit Iez went Over plans with the City manager following which each will report to his respective organization the blam in offer was considered and it was slated by or. that the committee favored tile proposition to has made to the City commission this committee likewise suggested his apparent need of proposing to Hie City commission a re quest to be made by the latter to the governor for special legislation Lur Albuquerque to be passed at the special session to be called by governor Plannett tills was prompted his committee said because the War mothers memorial Hospital will Lay a i eater demand upon the City necessitating greater improvements and More Complete Public facilities. An additional one Mill Levy was spoken of to meet tits growing rued of More fire and police Protection by members of the committee. Or. J. A Derri Islin who headed the committee also spoke of a Bond Issue for in Audi Terluin. for John Milne was informed by the Cumuli a it a the City is now re any to go Ahad on its share in finishing his Washington High school playground. William la. Row a was informed that Itta request fur his paving of Richmond Avenue would by looked into by the City Engineer. Ordinance no. 233. Which governs his laying out of streets and alleys a passed on its first Reading. By letter the Albuquerque Beni estate association asked Flint cans and other trash being dumped on the outskirts of town lie moved. City manager Calkins was instructed to offer a Reward of s2f� to Nny-011� who gave information leading to the arrest and conviction of any. One violating the or i is Nee against dumping junk within the City limits. Beetle quarantine Boise Idaho Jan. 2ft mph a quarantine to prevent introduction of Tho Quot Colorado potato Beetle was pronounced against Hie states of Washington Oregon and Montana and 12 counties of Idaho by the commissioner of the state department of agriculture w. B. Kjosness today the quarantine would keep 25 Idaho counties listed As principal potato growing sections free from Hie Beetle. Provision is made for shipments accompanied by certificates by proper inspectors at Point of origin. Woman is burned by explosion of stove bucking Pueblo colo., Jan. 27. Of a an explosion of stove polish containing gasoline so seriously burned mrs. Paul Denton wednesday that she is believed to to dying. Neighbor women witnessed mrs Denton Roll on the Lawn a literal Fleming Torch while her sch cams were heart rending. One of her three children a baby was playing in Hie Yard. Freshen up nicest laxative a Casca rets 10c done to stay headache bilious nothing else cleans sweetens constipated sick take on of my refreshes the entire system two Quot Cason rets any time to mildly like pleasant harmless Candy stimulate your live and Start but they never your bowels. Then you will feel Tine your head become Clear stomach Sweet Tongue Pink and skin Rosy. Gripe Over act or sicken. Directions for men women children on each . 3 Handy packs t5i a stated. Was t part of the f several to Indue Continental out nips t it by it pipe in Lorn Hie san to id. T. A Bim ii i que. ,.j to Nev a s o Central rail intend us Pney Here through f t Las a a on. 8 it \ m or id i t of the rail id a a inter Etlo Oil development in the sin n .Rrd wednesday a if Vou have a suggestions to ii aka in to a for Iii a Rind practicable route f f Batt i Nape tru it t re to Al que Riis suggest Hist you pres Sarn to pm Ruch a a Oil Cornea at Denver Rontu la a e to leg to a enough to we i 1, a Vit Mountainair school 1 a i of ii fires investigated West to be Hie inst of Earth a i a no a a a love to a girl report front Mountainair Vav. No to any time there Lime pop wednesday a cry that i Vestiga i to the Pronto a Caliban joke per h n a being made of two fires. A a Quot �?�1 �?~1 a i nor Obj spik i mud Kat i da.and tuesday nights or a w liking a Kelston or the he h la to it 4 to Bogi a a Boul by. A doctor or just Plain . Or end damaged the new gum ii together it keeps Glide school bulb big. Origin of a no two i to s. Joi Iima Arthur and neither fir has been determined 1 a Quot a i a Ley pretty Busy or it my tit glad s Bool a saved after a e love to Gnu de oin hed. A nil i tuesday i it Levin p spite of All the exit. I i a a int. The to f pretty Well i Rij do y tortillas it ourt cafe. I hut big program i i a i g re a peeled for the last Tim today. I Hin a Ini its i it ii ugly i it a i a a hip i a. I i n 27. <4i in i so on la n ii Laa a Moonshiner Imp in i top. Federal it to Iii and col a pm a prongs police Wedny any a to t in in i in and confiscated hit Isi go still on of 20 fill a i a i s Sty fifty Gallons of Iller liquor on Hundred of it gallon by nil of a ii mid Complete i Tillery a Juippi 111 All ii i in int Poi i asks $2,500 for alleged injury to boy hit by Wagon i i Mote Ltd to in vet father of Bernardino Chavez Fil oaf suit against Abrin in Padiila in District court wed cads Eft Moon asking $2.mio damages for injuries Alleg d to been suffered by the 11 ear old boy when it was run a a Ltd by a Vav agon driven by the deft and int on the Hareln Bridge on August 26. 1925. The complaint alleges that Bernardino was walking across the Bridge when Tim Wagon driven by the defendant ran him Down from i in hand the wheel running Over ii leg mild Nim and crushing it that it will a permanently impaired Mccoy a keeps old folks feeling Yeung or tilts new my liter Imi i put Al iou to i or in a your Start ugali Vitalii Sud end Iran a Money Bick if it Dorisi t help you 1 any in t per in Tat feeble in them in those uliihi#a4 a a a vane Hun my this i . R i flt Attall mar Ltd Nar thins a a on a a Cattal i it by he Lucr talk in a i Felt in that. T a Taha Volt. It a r�4 get to at is a to us a Candy Aii Ltd a Pio Pertt spot shored by to a vet sign wars it the la Hunt in Huim i night. Tipi cd a do Are to Ward Fiat Long till i n a tor. 11 Toulon a on Salt a Matron a l yet get a t i of d it x p tend. Ill if i a a a Essen till in a by. Fete to u a adv. W ill % i i i i at i rn8 38wrll. V of Jan Albuquerque men incorporator of new land company of. The y of Ai d by r of i f it of to a d. Ogle. Ii pram cd x a tie in or to rut Arm. A a a a. Role Kliver to b x f i#.1 in n i it n nit \ i kit i Ralph t h a i. It w. A a a a a 1. Ii urn. A heft it to ohm ring Sut a 2s< u i la 11 by i urn Ilure i ii Weinman in i must Ort boy not by cd treat them externs ii with a Vicks a Varo rub Joi a 2 i i it Tam at Law yearly Spring a Wing in thu latest fancy Paini i i strip pus to match by co Home a wide Range of colors to select from Selhi awnings on the now Library building we installed them tuesday. They Are the newest patterns estimates gladly Given new Mexico tent and awning go. 212 North third is. R. E. Eddleman prop. Phone 198 new Handy pack More for your Money and the Best Peppermint chewing Sweet for any Money look for Wrigley on your dealer counter a 9/ to Winter climate like Egypt or piglets Day sump warm thai is Why so Mony persons a Winter after Winter a go to s Southern / Cutie hot Springs in the Bradshaw mountains is a Valley of peace off the beaten path Golf and Mountain hiking and Pony Riding. Phoenix in Salt River Valley has Many attractions for he tourist. The san Marcos at Chandler is a delightful retort hotel Golf and horse Back Riding. Ingleside inn and its cottages Are surrounded by Olive Orange and Date Groves covering a Square mile. A Trio egg Pullman doily to photon of the she Antly fun team California limited Ark Quot Aiti a Wister Fastert Miaw. R. W. Hoyt agent. Phone 204. Albuquerque n. N Mea in Dily k. Ctr fur Bale

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