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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 28, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico Cd Exico a Reading newspaper Albuquerque morning journal j Cir to third i i hard i i \ \ it 2pi. Albuquerque new Mexico monday january 28, 1924. New Morico a leading advertising medium Success sure Senate to annul naval Oil leases is forecast three Are killed. Fourth injured in traffic accidents Quot says Toulouse annulment proceedings Are expected to be started within Twenty four hours special counsel drawn from both political parties will be selected by president Gric Sinator of plan for War mothers memorial Hospital answers questionnaire a a a a it Luttee a Iii. Jim i or for Hitik i ill in a Ltd a fulfil limit of flitting injun gift in to nth in evident ii. Re a i Nilli. T Lark Mcmo mid Ftfe m i i or a a. We death Uhll ii Iii to. Iii. 11 of tit i ii i it hey a. Re i of tit. A i. I into a nil i to Flatt at ii glitch Trixi Itig in a tin Down a to ii in i the ill ill us i it i i. Via j. I to k thru nit no i own tilth inn to i mrs 1.-h it. Of. To id in k Mill my tout til Hiti ill in Lull held in. 11 -1ltd Gnu of him in to it Toter. Homer Trent re Allol Btij Zirli a in the. A uhf a fit n a Blent find Uhlitz a Uirt Mutik Ait i in not of i. Chi. Washington Jan. 27 by Tho associated press �?1 ii feet action by both president Coolidge and the Senate toward annulment of the naval Oil lease u forceps Thill went of four hour. Announcement of the determination to act promptly on the basis of disclosures before the a a Natl Oil investigating committee was made at the White House last Midnight after the executive had conferred with several of his adv Sal both in the sonata and the department of just ice Ming i Mui 5 executed by Reed announces his candidacy for nomination Price five cents Are alleged to have been implicated in plan to turn Border City Over to the rebel leaders it a Jar it a i j f lilt v. To to or fell. Vry the a Hill vet Dun is u miners Are b to a a Jan a i y r firing it i i it sex Mexico Rem i following Al learn f i lot to turn Juarez la Al ctr ret olm Ion Ary is in a a i. Jan Lictor Dante v recoil of i us to la i Tom Mavd to min the ii a. Renoi nomination for the Ruhh Knirr mini a. Hoi Teal the Andor Nim i ref Tho demoed at . Nill my Tho my it it of. To try to i nut Ion i of Nirna Hon. In to run foil. In of conference h. To tilth wort the Tot of Iii fellow Era not a re enl tag nearly Eyer Nim in tingly of Tho iut it. Is an a eight Hurt in a impossibility Auto accidents As a candidate mrs Harry a bar Denver is crushed to death when car plunges from Platte River Bridge Payne declares j Eastern Campaign for Hiram Johnson says. In ooh in Tidi a from Tho racer. F j be i in it or died in beast main Fop Leftt fur tuareg Garrison an i that to Large Quantity of i pistols. Igor Jed grit la a ism in. Found after the i her n us cover Eft of 1 or n in Herr in Rev to taa bile is Bone As the i. I a. \ la insets Hail Iii the firmer. I ii Laving r Tho in i a a la a 11n of nil t of tip. A a till a lint Ion his ,i�?�11 # left f a a r it j a gift i in it ult Fen i a ital War mothers Mot Becj cd .4 lid to ivc i tv.-1�?~, a i j Mary 21, of a f i a i Jinn roil re t in of1 a Pici la i to am a reran lev Ion it <1 in in my von i flt i it i i Itri iinds of a i j to to Art of f a rtt ten us a Ign wan will it of a in in a Bra s j Burrt Nan a. Whit. Cite i t to. T a the Twenty bodies have been removed from Pennsylvania mine bodies of five others have been located a to t of to Sun to m Quot i part Aksi a the Al compromises on income rates arc regarded As inevitable further probe of Bok peace plan Denver Colo Jan. 2tcn#i a apis i is amp Meir is president should with Ciden to i in r t i afternoon. I or. Harry a. Bar Frau killer Teapot dome scandal a a rvs amp is Given As reas0m or. Has. Who a driving la was member of Cabinet in drive Quot ufos the Trifid. The �?z2 which fall Denby and ii a a in. A Quot a i buy Rise puberty sat when Tho of t ii Rii. Re or i fare in in it it Loreti Frau As of the h of leases were put Over i drafted thai nth the. Or. Hart a i it a w a Mil Tigon tart St a son tor to Lmh of i declared tonight ii lion til attention a a Ider to. Or Ami to i. Hit a Iii i a1 ii oat i. I ii in to a hit a lev Hilr f Ion the Ilia nationals r a Aven of Fiti Lilii. I a to my i Rita Ito Dot s Tutu or $ to others hat he la than i Quot i i 1,4 1 of 11v i ? get # f t r the ii a a it of if tip i Conin hoi Rig a a it quanteds with timing the March. A the ii ii a tip Tom of i if h Titan to it Are for death a. Other remove out Tiiu in of Milker washing on Jan it in lit naval Oil j a overshadow every it it before Congreve taxer farm Relief much tither removed j f he Boh peace plan in \ Eetla Hon a it Ruggli ii a it i of in t 9 ii Mea a by i t t i he in d Ai to am of it Nve Arf us in a Tbs a k o l fit la it Calif a. It i Ray five a or vat tuna i. I i i la Oil development is promised in Roy s Vicinity inned a a or fat Roll on adding Shafii Ere order. ,1 mite a Tood ii Cir hat to chief and Farad t i one at a in i v. Re nailed. La i of the Adobe Walt of the i a tin guard hone in to a cemetery i and mood a rigid attention a an Nannou Necemer t1 a so the mail of Firth limn president cools or that the a i of the Vrle Oner would fall to ministration in ground in death throes in in cd that by after the Volley a i Ray. How Tina Nam no tvr a. Bisi a at a tiered or furl or it a i re h two of she c Hli Dreu rna it i Neil to or. Rant a a a prove fatal statement Flint he knew Noth lop. J the i. N tiler la Ere or it to it it in. Or a f another Accident w him i a i ii Cir skidded and turned Over. It a sub j ing a Hrut it. Stewart is elected president Western Lawn Tennis ass n for Aouad. Pine in the Sun Btu Icen awl n he to Quot mra Quot re of a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 0-.e .1 of i t r ii a a it re them in Poult Ana i of h Tea go lats Day Tuut elected i Bairn t,.anager for be a tor la Prato f a Bac Urivi. Or Sid it of la wet. To i. In John a. In a state mint h4 new York Tan. the Tea pot Home Ana tidal he a mad Calvin Coolidge an a Republican Andi Fiat declared Corge Henry Payne end in Cam. I 1 Toto 1111 put 11 Iti if w my in Quot Iii i v i Ennia Asara Lilott at the Organtra i. ,.,. _ it rot. Annua meeting her. I teen leg tonight after a return Yau a ii b Knox of Chicago i. J from waa Hington where he hat offer i in i d Canary heal n m j n tit St w Ai Denver police f w Hitov i Smrdl j h Iii Imti a of i nil a and Fred i agent two Deva in Enn Fortne Frith for annulment of i a b a a Horn of were elected Fitman to to Naon and la of any who i in. It to Harry r a lab of Quot a. I lilt id wrong do tit a a a v. I i. Naoh. Or Arete Lara and i Saxnes Folio Arati decant thing the Only thing for or. Calvin Coelia to. Vic my. M. I Silas to guilty of tvrongdoih., the by. Co a Tito will Jiroch. A i tomorrow with a Tibt i j of a Resolution Vall user. Ii a a a in Secretary and of Lengo ire. Vav a i Qiric ii Iii How a to Iii i h Ai a v n i he a hit to is Villi . A it s. F it i. Bikih m i to Mills a id and f Tho putt d a Cut re Par agreed to it Aci mom us is it is. Iii i trip vol i ten Tuit in time perfected a org Nuit a ire three a of 1.-, tit is a abet it pod a differ lit Oil or f cd. This Vicinity j i Etc. N St a jewel robbery her vim Eritt Quot it a to a Quot x 212 to Len Vul to its to n,1, is to withdraw a Nama Row of a h i the Poi i n to of i #4 a by it Ftp a 4 la 11 lid la i a to 4b la i la ii it i of a. ,. _. I is 0,1-i, in i in scan i a Mira Tudor Chat Piei hip in candidate for the i. Coition of the cancellation 1 f a h Al Ogle. My doubles to a i j�?z.,r it a publican total nation for pre o1 to Tot affecting she California i i Quot i in and awarded the context i Dent. He was it member of the i n Erve Leas will be deferred iud., w Here they will be i Cabinet in which or. Fall or Aurum Quot a Ink he u�?�1 w9k a in by my or Daugherty Aas i Vav Lave a i .him,.? a via a a v by. For. It tovi., ill Iii St of build i h i of ii Vav bite ii. No f i Bot a i to in i. U it a the Raul. .iv,1 tract will a a Vana a it it a Ltd it am. To 1 a til be a a mint to a ant do the h teat wet a to Iii ii # uht lit build it a hid it. A. The. At. War a lumped National tuber f Virther Moit Quot he i a of a i a a Miner a Ira a who recovered them political Power in Colorado ten years ago gut Delegate were designated. 1 it attend the meeting a it a la i Lilied presented j bmis.#, ?la Akk ratios it a is Vrh next Bai urday. The i Ciega in is no Nln Trust Ltd in mgr i., Tho Assoc latin Nisi id re Sirilio to any action looking to in to i t Cradin mad i ars in i i it in tax id or f tin bus la a i Iii ton Ili Forni 11 left rred a Ender plans until a h lichens Baa had an Opportunity to i Ake an offer Over Iii own signature to re convey the base to the government his off. Through i attorney will it it Laid a la for til Senate and will figure in trying to determine if Man tvs. Quot tension of tin administration j Quot re prohibiting and Amateur a a in a the big Bon of Contention in the Quot rating aint a article on the was political Power in Melton to Hill the income Furtat Fey puh Urazon. Fetes probably will be reached by annoy Iacoi Irenita we Ira that i i ton w a m and in Ana a a on to Vicky five new cd new have been t Mitt by the of the week i a Mer i., Jan St Den is afterwards the Normal income ? jilt a. I a a is i a i King a Fil Sale will by fought out wish com. . I olo Den in whether to Mise on both Reganti duh in a he Vav. Maha a of new York who Ovll Abl recovered Sot in jewel Worth s a Ord from to pry pyrd Axt i Here by week was John a. 1 Hili i he will appear to i i aha six i Loop keeper and Midi. His offer for Macio a Mil Poir r m liens a ten years a. Waited by she but military com it jewelry Wath property of i Mil Piglet Hope to wind tip Mill or in 11 m o Schoellkopf of i a lugs on this Aub Jact by mid-1 when the corrupt of a a Wjt put Over on the american a top. Lie had a doubt responsibility in that he presided Over the acute when in april a 1922. Charge vier made that the a Leas War rus Lelous and a commute appointed to investigate Turin. He More i hag any file. To Mytr of president it a did a a cart not to it plug of course fall i a no admitted to the it ase in in due run Nul had tailed to Hla tis i a Vear. Attenson Tho fact that something i is a As it i he i it is Ltd i 4#,% a was m Nill r Vav ii b i a i ski rant i blk d it Ion Bull Kif a v to j we r Mullan a to on i it i Etc rvs r As a or re. Maynard was a a a a i f in i t h by Friend his when to lived her. I of first peace in wet k. Tho committee to to make in is basis for to re my of "1 s Lollie. It i Bonnie Oili. V Bleb authorises accept ant # of la bord bid. With the a pall vulture com been taken by Federal forces n j Vav if i a to de Clar ,1 ii Watt her w if la twit t ut1 a v tilt a Otis id a big i a a Verai or Olio n filet Are men on 1 la -1tfi a a i i Tui i of than i re be m Art up a Cut an la Aid to had Fra a led i i a to North i Csc a Rnic a a f has a Milf i in nil i it h to be i to is get t f i tips of la to the Farn a Era cd of i Tim a he ,., of. Amt inn and t a t sect son f of it in a get lit or a and bad i top pea i in Denver in i route let i mgr. 1111w or ii they a a i o a Friend who Iii i a hoi Vul tit Tias Quot ifs t of in in t hell r Mea had b in ill i a me it ii Alf. Asked s re a my Irso the \., r rifts inc-1? in him i a by it Man in or health a. Rut v1 Airt p., a nit ii Quot ii in Cui a t a is a wrong. It a to him that mar a full Edtl Rost i it Tai by Al j#21, with ail Thip clone a Iii ills that sri now proven to be false. Mimio no move to As Tot Fos seventeen months from apr 192?, to August 1955, the investigating committee was try ing to. Find evidence it the Crim a Elmr Coolidge who As chair Man of the renal had Hoard the original charge an i As % a my a of the Cabinet a associated with the shut were responsible for it mad not a single mock to sadist Vav la m a a m la Ikie unlit �i it i in. I h Hulf Fly i All i Citialin d in ii,., cd it Iii it f Pur Norway is second in contest at Chamonix France America finishes third and Sweden fourth Minter. The i it a h a a Al by thl a re in Bai a atty men Tho a a i a i i. I of t in h Vav i i d d a Quot liked to trave. Fard declared ii bid sold a motion picture business its new irk arum planted to return to tv r in by. When i # is it t to w url to yearn ago ii in a j a he ilk la d is la veil y i. Iyih. A and Abo in i to d Idle to motion picture people ii Cord at the Oxford hot i >1 it a it to m. H Owena of a a York. I. A Harri of Buffa i >1 j. Vav. Mali Ftp of new York tis prom the r i i i Law tin i it Fin in preparations for the handling it of Railroad it. Jot will he fund a tomorrow by the Senate Coinmcrm. Unitt it with the appointment of sub Aiu rail Teea to study Thi various Nic e. Which hav he u offered Tarn strategic position on a a a Quot Quot .7%5&Quot railway Between Mexico no. A cow. Wily and Vera Cruz i a Cam president of the United. State to it a mediately appoint Mcmo Lily i tit. I in. The it. D or. J on by Secreti c of th1 a Quot. Lated pr�#. I nor t m. A non a Haugh Ray to the it. A attorney Gen rash up and would met tax in a. Tin Naldy have appointed of Lorrant strategic position a Tho fab if that go it Lorn in had Nev hid we. In t a capital and already retired or fool logo a a f 4 re a and described a Tho first act As president was to ask to Quot 1 a in a Avo end Turtil j Point a his Secretary Mac Kak Irdi by Tho Federal forces in of a a a in Bleep a gentleman who a a re a or Hong to i on Tho finer of Congress had Beau trial statement made today charged on november 14, 1921, j i my r of the 1i. I j it v 21 Vav i att r f 4su i with id d with cd. Is kat�?Trjj. Or i Jan Iii a ital i lie flight of i Tai Chi i ult <1 out no 1 a a f 11 a i a e j. 11 to 11 ii r o Iii to however a. Auvaa a m a a i Bat a proposal will be i on j i Creary of War i Vixo Woltti having demanded end co m a a Tith for r 1s�j 4 a worm a i. A a a a cd from minister of porn Monts. It / cup went to i Lur Ida n ,nj7 a a i Quot 3923, when the 1 a ally Defeated Wool country avos beginning v and i mid r a. Mom ii further inquiry into the link Pion in the Senate prep a of Roitt a a planned for Owens and Harris on i gym Quot week with mind Hor Wherett to a f., i y /i4fr a Quot Wiadro country was beginning t of Quot rom re maims no Impo member in Bairn of the tic turn huh the Muy of the r poll a oin Mitt again a a v it. N. \ Irving a. ,. I tilt Calro it that had been committal huh Artal at Liming Mew a a she will present \ Arloua i privates killed the his ram c. Bascom Bleep Wen Quot i boxing or and a Ord shaving. With srew2 a a a m is re in Alfh to f�?~0rl<l& 1 8,1 thro Wyakid. He,., the ration of the award. H aia. A. The Mast of or Edward my go file it i i t his Sci i i plume Nii Zimiri a i dbl the ? i up lit he Able j 1 a a a inn i in he mate it Sou f Job a f ii i a Bune. T t a i ii v i too cd opt Bushi at a. Quot but the to Ilion ifs tit t tic j it Vok Tho picture away a his of a Abt ugly i a iou at that tin a v. Thought pub a ult Bopre his a vat it hire colonel fait Quot to Scis Ift of. S n 11 d i a ii Tho Force he 1. S f a of i no d would i Hee the operation of Tho award. Ii a Hill picture Bush Bills will m a a Nard cd 1 to a the to. M of to of the Ui i f fund for the the. Is to ii a. In the a j a he it Ufa i. Octal Aluman of final v Vori it a j a 11111 to return to who told them to 11 t ii it if or Iida. Oil j i a y a few a lie i urea that carry Interior Cli part to to i lug big . / ail Fin lion City die joint Vav Harden How i re a m eel of Iii i. For Ciu a Yon re was lid to How Al 3 list Ager of the or May the my Ria. Al Ahji it. Vii begin Conraid Traiton of wha wounded and d a i Hoti a largest peace pal Istir new apply Bill v. R o a a a it i cd is it slim Vin a Cov 11 of it Penhlurca in the Turin military it Ftp pursued run the in. Hij according co the i Aryh Cru Iii eel Era i s of e my Rinc. Ana i =., t left la til ids of curing f rth d to the Munici a a in x Here d a nerved a wrong with or. Fall durin i w it by t Tim a Baw Alibi was a a from in Ami for or fa5l la m i cd m Id Tift cadets announce basketball games i fun rectory Loon Al 11. A dirty or j list a to i Loon i a per living a att. The so Syi a Hick May gird Ai a living at 8�4 Kmer weather a . In m i it Tivit Sill it the to a. Ailt Sicie 1 a f altars r Maynard t j oms y Haj -.toffno, a it a stir. Of r sip fire time the two in i or Ltd have hem con to dated and will cry a to -. J h a a t cd on b. In fun Tel la i Flor thai half of this amour 1 of Over will her tur <1 to to i a &Ltj�Ri i t re so by a the Pps Tii receipt. Phi fit phia. To. I a my via i i \ int Yew o t j a a so wed tilt f a Par Ca Bari a Arm. It ii no a in a to i i it t mum. Opera d Cost Baret in administration >0 him and by a left a i returned for it fashionable Quot Tho Japan inquires As to nature of new immigration Bill is i Den Quot will cd Iii n f on feta it that ii lit i a a in a of Sumn Jan Sou s for the fro 11 in i w i a i a Hill it f or. V ado Vav Jig h t of 11 clan a tic a i c if in a chirp with Japan try Hrv Ltd i. S in i i. T to add or the adva new aft he Mitt Jenc of thug Partl Cula it proceeding Ott Nae a statement was give Fylma Natii Quot a sle Tnp a return Fror Hurlda. That in order to allow How Lap tie ration Waback off fall. Lha president Ava Iii having in Cap thinking of appointing him to the military train on both tits to Mexico. A if and let Lur of a Linn him Nelly port of affair i taht lug in Morelia a til particularly dastardly Par 1 a re i it mini a pot if Ilia i is w Lulu ter rib a affair la the b f shortly i a take trl Aba. Attempt of till Coolidge i 1, it a Tula v morning Geue Rul j the charge la Job against Preal Fiah i a 1 Ltd it. I i it i. D halva dont Hwahl Long a Clead Man Al a Quot a 11 w a t a Moi ill a. Presiding officer of the a rate where it. Will reinforce the local where the first charges wore made a 1 j has hoc righting j he a a member of the Cabinet 1 111 Chi past in Moi a Lions portfolio or. Cooled a 0hrff�n y Al Day via had opportune a of sensing this 1 ,iu1 returning in scandal that. President Hardin. ,. J d j. Go to in never had in Honor decency 1 a i Quot a Quot to tin i posed id gratitude to the Republica t.,7 v so i Quot Jont. I srm Refl f re Ray which for Twenty year has i nil r 1 a Quot a i. Lar a a Rov 1 r he with Public office 7 j ,7?j no Vul a of Lido should gov up hid ii us in of ii Aziz 5�rc a a a a or i i i. I la. J t i Quot a a a Quot a �?~1 4��?T of a to or ii a Naro air cad j j Hir re air or ban utile. Uff from Gaud a Ahus 4 1 Jav it cd i Jan 27. Hum in Kilt t t he id a n ii up. If i i test jilt Ion n in the and is Lea i the in 1 i it 1 h i he a Aat Hort hopeful is West in run feb a kind i Gati in the i lira r ring Maha r put the ,. A re. A we Viiu to a. In a a a a Sissy he a to make in quarm Al in i a l la a. Jan. 2�?the aspire 4 lha it it Xiep Artmont to Lothe it i by eclat a pats iwo from a him poo u it no af<5 determination o of a 1 a the of the Pimp i Adion. A reps a the nl the. In on Friday j a ecu a0d ppm a r Ritow t ii to or 0\vy n in no a mn1 ii it cd in o a j a hit or inept or York v it Beni or mrs. Obregon and her children arrived in Elpaso on sunday i u a. F j i i lip j the in d in g a Ina a n j to in Mart n h Toygh Llort it of it a a a Paul d lid nut visit the Lier citizens Wert assert m Lav been i Vnti t a 1 of la Reba i min heft t Tkiiugvva i to the world Hare in con 1 next of with the us Hting cof the 1,18 boost sign �?o20v00 in 1926-si Jar or Miles it the month j a a a Roswell grow a the Rex two att Ficu torpedo destroy a Dorlo sign is the largest or. A reported to hav Arr a Dit Ift Southwest. 3? is �,0 feet Long i it Jet i y or. F i or t ii a r a a a a a f the flirt a a a a a 4 fix 4a�% a a feet. Hassy it if understood that tto Jav �,j1, however did put attempt it department % Watrhirg a i . Into the port anchoring Yelo it n Eonni a term with the old but that it cannot at the a Tim throw Light upon what the Multi i if provisions of Tho Idu win it a a i he % a i Ai i f will i by Harr i 11.-.�?T,--. It i f a j j Ruer lid Rise exp Fri in wha a if. Attn i vat a c x a ii g i a old and Vul i by i a texan it. A or. Ai j Vero Fregon wife c f a he next is tip r a accompanied by her five j a a Hii irn arrived in gift today front irn Plato. She i in rout to a i a in Oi ill a. Who a h Francl o Tapia la a ill in Obr a a it n j Ravel. A Zou a a i trap. Guarded a ii i of flit Quot soldiers g at ii j hchuelik.,1 a i in Hon vet. M a a ii 9 w lie by is a. Leyork covery of the get to Hin. If f if her 4 proudly Quot our us i v Ftp i. Vav Ortity to Rte a the a Ragoza dropped the figures at the top being Tiro in considerable treasure i to Quot a r a try aiufuuu1 Pitts id i i High a i the Jotters four it i Itic re tin�nt Iii Jyom inf us Rolt ii Waters. 1 nearly Hoo Light Are used in to a n with .Hiarfn a a Ugino a. If Tlly a 7 i to mins Ting it. Judge Granville daughter is born to j a a a. A Law it a in Ltd Etc Phi Wacco a Ama a a to 1 the Batton we Tel r no Luntoo Yolanda Ahsu a the sign of be Fooded wit a i Light and delivered the Addry h re a san. ?7 by till h lick broadcaster from thl. Pymn i. A Prince of a Yolanda j clt7 eldest daughter of King Victor i a a a a a a Emmanuel today gave birth to Ai daughter i to with japanese cure in the United it gtd hip is St it rent in la United j a f to a ii legislation. The to or v1 v a in to a r to Ara thoroughly a r dual iffy w Ith the difficult a of re a tax position in w Holch each at Audi. However and officials believe it is i Irrrr ,.rikg-./ teat the Imrrigratlon is i hol Hom ? a Ier can Lessen the Good feeling j Iii. 27�? our glad which has Prev Otard Between the a hum Leicus d the Boff a of a a Tut two countries particularly enc a Quot of a v a Ltd 14 Quot 1-&Quot Diahl Ngun arms for nce Ofno Bing Tami Val / Aud which has beep demonstrated 11 a a a a Cardin to in Many Way in the month. Hix injured in Fure a St Paul Jan. 27�?six person were injured Ana property damage he i to in Higham postponed estimated at $ s 000 of wire red l it Angeles Jan., 27, by the fire which destroyed the la it i a in Mont until next Glendale apartments in the Down a 4,1 to a Ltd ,iri7iuk program j town District he re Early today i worm rescued from 1 i to bed bul to to held hero today at i thirty families Ascot a the by ii Ding

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