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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 28, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Uge deduction Normal head to to be debuted direct eugenics by roads Toom work in Stute Albuquerque morning journal Friday january 28, 1921 Worcester swept by $2,000,000 fire 11f step to be considered in Effort to solve precarious transportation situation officials announce h the amid Laarif two Iii in Ai Litell. #1 in ii in Ted i in . Fit ii id ii a a a the. I n r i r Tariff rebates Chicago school speak about Ili. journalism is things gets attention even one the senators experienced newspapermen has to admit colleagues cooperating with North discuss everything from Western University to give Quot negroes to battleships Quot institution practical turn five Tith a eel few pee a to e a a i % Erl Midi cd the cd in i a i. . J a. 27.-�?lisp in with North 11 to w h a pm j per work \ uric i Chi Wei i in a by and Gronom the school a grouped in la a a new �1 Hoot in addition to. Or Ira i hiding news sting. Adit Gtna r manna mint i mothers give the Little ones syrup pepsin the like or a id Walls and quickly relieve their constipation and headache Deon to teach the child regular daily elimination is Young As possible and nut h constipation will be avoided later in Hie the Moat convenient boor throughout Hie is immediately upon timing. do $ not then interfere with h a a Bool or work. When in spite your efforts a member the family becomes constipated give i or. Caldwell a syrup pepsin in the size dose directed on the bottle. is a mod gentle laxative Safe for Young babies eff be for grownup. is the largest telling liquid laxative in the world and Mort economical As a sixty cent bottle will last you Many months. For your information or. Caldwell syrup pepsin is a compound egyptian Senna and other simple laxative herbs with pepsin and pleasant tasting aromatics look on As a Good family Friend useful to relieve constipation and symptoms like headache bilious Ness. Colds fever bad breath loss appetite and sleep. is no exaggeration to my that millions families Are never without a bottle i a. Is id weirs syrup pepsin. safeguards their health Tsi Psi try and me w my and d to i an j i u ill tend you afr Tai Benic mgt a a a cps add me or a qaid us a j11 Wallington Stet to Mono cola Luton la body now and then need a laxative and Uell to know the . Write me to Ltd Smith Brothers i la Din . In and <1 the i rut to let n my Kahar and King. Demo Mashal Foch s strategy beaten crafts join senator Borah Quot to �?��?onatarhmoi.ndayl�?�0kin9 ,0 he and a ller a Are Defeated and american envoy helps do to a w nth i Fri tit a Ltd porn Hington. Jan. a Iii Ipp. for tie naval ii ? movement to Given e to do Turin Din unit get tin aha i a no j wee Ion r the a Tho j cd ate Xor. Hemni to Isth a i to so up i ask d no Lek atm Kin w hot or 11�c i nip a a Den j prod c i R the gov i in re i to the in Malm i san or Grain the ii lift Temei n he in Vav intent i la Tor Rah plat to Tei to Niit ton cd hut Alps in to program a a r m a liar to in tall do my . R Horah spoke i Jeff disarmament do Rind in the p i w i. For in i a Fri the future., american vim by no a and Ala. While behalf Jan a a try by till a a Rah to confound. Ssh he \ to Fri in i me. H Vav a w n a ital v Tou 111 id Iii pm i or a an into i Iii rot k. With ii i Actu Al i their flavor cannot be described in words. Only a trial will enable you to realize How Good they Are. Mont Beans with Tomato sauce. Poet mined indefinite y to hearing i Jenera eur thing on Dinert a in a Hedu led for tomorrow be. In. the. chairman Buller. Senator Horah declared that in., j a a a pie the dotted by . A ii i Italy anti Japan Jud von. Their opinion he Fedt con Talent they would speak for in agreement to reduce naval build lit. A a a a Are two a h to deft a moment 1 he declared a on in to Opp. A. conscientiously another to that adopted by other in Public life who me willing to give up Rev Ive to do armament. I a a conjure up ail conceivable no thou to secure delay,1 la Vai l in other Resolution Call in on the Senate naval committee for an opinion a to what thei the Amel i an naval b in Fang . Or am could i upended for Hix in. Nth o to i to value Ca pit ii to should but determined a design to a i Zelop a a definitely in in known what Wall in Jig to unit a fit i Navy. Many High naval officer he attic believe that capital Ehrp hit a Ltd their value because tid a Elop int Man no and Aerial warfare but were unable fee Aalto their real Oploh notice a served by the senator that the naval committee a Hou j not act on he a Reao iut on o in uni re he would introduce another i a a a a a i ton Almig for Thot r ugh invest i Gatlon the naval program senator Kin also urged in a sex haunt investigation to deter mine what unit would mine a modern Navy he tilted taut Tim precut la building program a adopted five year ago i fore the rotted states entered the War and before the change wrought by the submarine. Iff e l la i a to i Rig de j France i so e Aldern i d the j hey w a re a rim re. to or. Dot Jam risk a in by a or trl Tnp a1 and re meld Hod in ran r a Rbt is i i Dep a or the re int 4 # to Vera r till to is list in to ,.f h la 111 cot j 11 but min dominoes forgot r the a1 peal tic Bill the fro nth i. A <1 Ion the a hot i a Fleam Ralph hear Hoot a he appointment to shall give i journal Lam Aho newspaper men r Ardingly taking the roars for the current i Are As follow editing rewriting ropy Reading w a. Dill a i Tant night Mana go r Chicago off. A associated or an i formerly a a Tat ant prof journalism the to Verity o k a i a edit. R to writing a d pole Tif fatty Bink Hief tutorial writer Chicago Tri a Ute in \ i Hraf Vav. Ner i inn chief Edl Tot i a w a. Herald examiner. An brow Riel. Editorial writ daily new. Law live the pres prof cough drops Quot put one in your Mouth bedtime bake a Hies list supreme court decisions and the title panned by qui 1 this not with elation therefor us a a in i in and a. I Ilion omit i Bai i ring. Be for the a d m i d this Imp a no a Jean re Mony the or the ret Box t had in Hoe in interests Law Bay the i new writer Walter a War licit a event merge a Toft the poet animation w. A a a w Art la w e g an Hurni k Poe reporting by edit sperm Tjioe to a mind i Veteran sea Captain to retire after 30 years service. To run. We thou the wad Lins r m pen Dor to Rah to be protected boned m i tilt Tbs %wmm-i�te4 pie i Washington. Jan. 2?.�?<�?~ti the int. Mat i in. I i rime company headed by i1 Franklin president today Gay shipping Board acting As a Aly to ii Tot la r Chica Kverno is american Iii me do on no la Benti a a the i h i no Dally re Hunt a a Mali Walter my r a i Ira Ropi Only a win and r this head Lee to re on a la p has newspaper aking Wii la by Given. This by a course Fnu sue i latitude an Law in afford i the r i cd 111 Hrh Ooi a Luann list Aport la i rut to Priviti r to e Coop i i a i Many the Vedere in jut n Aliso not Only Fth a he Cage Fie id but the mid i i m la 11 i k i inc a a a a re first a i me beg an i. I went i Hen Twenty Sci ii or a mein to favor m. Xiii run i Aud mar j a the British Glt a a a a Antn int Ati Pui i Al Poth. That they a ret a no i toll in Juri Quot i knew a sigh Ted Poincare. A us to the Tnp Ato the b Quot let us a a a ii k toe in tile j i mercantile mar in or by ii i d a my game. A rest hmm i i or. Was or id the Agri a Mer Vav i by Ltd ugly i cup air. I i to the notice a the boat i i or my the second a tit in commenced 11 a add Dwa by sen Tor Jon la the Poincare sweeping Rand Fuch i the a a a. Our a revenge declared or president allow cd a deft . Venge a palpitating but id Tho game which for a swayed i the balance a i i a i ill a v i r i inc Walla a. Xor Xii i Alia i you Are i. Allerand Aid a to me or. President u or rejoined the a but what Adversa Hee care play very a i and in i by is a Champion Anklin r which ii a one h i Ashing on president history i cd policies tied a be in. Cent american i i a rented a hat substantiate he per cent the not spa to gtd by americans a in to and offers i oth to i show the Quot amen til s managing officials pome he declared wed la in gov a la he aide the instruction ilium itself various a flu a Urs a Are to be offered a Lent the new Chi a Ronael the faculty i w ill he As follow s. A v void Fly. Advertising. James Nom Kwh pro . P. R a prof Walter k Mem prof p an history a Rof european Rei Atio the d b pick crib by a k w. A. I rows there is strength in every table one dose often helps com mini to in Rich Yoch Looi Ano r i vitali7e to worn twit cd Merer nun Ted inns la org Aew in i quote in tur holed trip life la irs ii a a a i. So a a a a to is Anil in our or a b for disturb la Womack. May a be eaten. i i a afar Cit in in Date a a ref Ken an aim Lati both b and Wadk a waa Ahsu in rim in . N was. B Prunk Smitly take in not but id All. Ii Voa or a win g a Well you m to to i hawing test to oaf v u an m a a Bow far you car walk wit Ileal Bream a Tir-4. By a two t.i4#u Navale i Road . Lime pet Day. Quot a a j foe two week. This Tost boat w rent the Agan Moi a re hew Witiw Civ a Hay ameed. Year Money win be rear i by the Man Sfax d o Bot Obi for Aal by ail results. Rag gun. J i deed men that $4 any a own a the in cd i paper i i none whom. Tot signer. Mint tonnage Ini Iti Tiri ii a hmm question do a i pad that v7 pit cent the More than ton shipping operated by the company was registered Abr Tad and Wamul be i to requisition by these foreign government in Cai w to attention also a directed the Tilla. I Terry psychology i Howard and Ighut Vav by soc. Ology. Prof \ j. Todd tit time .,--. M Tau in a i ism will cont nue during to Cut a Lur which clo May 2. Dean Heilman has Survey the Chica lifts discover i cation la and Trade pit a very Large number foreign i language new Pap. In. Many the. Publications he mild will to represented among the the Joseph Mill Chat Nixa Tedron a word blood str Goth and endurance Legal notice oru r. Ton Iii Icv in to intent be later r. V a re Al # hams i # n m. January to the Rhi making go Field and Are �,00 pub by monthly Juda v or Antii 1 lit 7 a All n Utah Rownald s n i Hal Labish both Burt i. A and wife owned certain i _ Mao has property. They executed a War Al Quot a rarity deed in a hmm As to Grant a Sud delivered to the pre a claim Talent a corporation a who kept i c. Turf unto j unchanged for six Var and then j a Raahl i. I had Cit name written in As grantee7, a while the Basta part time. And recorded. In a meantime d.1 a a a a n Bart course is four Yeara work All who Elm mod to be the intended i Anteri Quot a Quot Chaves a amm the end which time on the Pas a grantee in the original deed set Ai. Ombre to a Pra a Armit no in examination diplomas cur. And recorded a quit claim1 a a to a ambe Armit. Tit army w j a Quot i a a a a will he Given. Is a Lent who already i leed from a and w be conveying to to new . A use tilt agreement specifying. ,. A a. Ayou a a i. To have College or or who Wen he said i pert a a get i Rua a in hat Ono ten m. She a april a a a we a n h a a Rel Fla w \ p. A flit s non tit intend i a year to To a blink in land i a a a tbsp. Herr. Wit mar a a Huau qua. Linty new , on mar. A 30 per cent off on tires 40 per cent off on tubes All guaranteed and fresh Stock. Butler Auto company phone 62 5th amp Copper Albuquerque Federal Board would Send More disabled men to state College or Walter j Quick in charge Tho educational work in the Southwest for disabled discharged soldiers Sailor and Marine has juju edit d the new Plexico agricultural and mechanics College and after looking Over the work being done stated that the Board would be g and to tend from too to 2f�0 additional students to that institution they could be accommodated. A a pitiless the a. And i College Quot a id in quirk a can Render still greater assist Ane in the further a Dot action lose men will be necessary to deprive in try the in the training that they should a there ail present the col leg about eighty disabled former Soldier malty whom were sent to Ltd Tho institution i said largely on account the mild climate that Purl the state. Training Tenter to have new quarters the big front apace the kit re r building next to the garage a Oil North second Street has been leased by the Federal Board and the training renter w do move into on saturday january 29, i he i vac Ding their sent crowded Quat let in the Whiting building representative Nestor Montoya editor i,.t Bandel. Americana is contributing copies i Ih. Piper to tto Federal Hoard Spanish Cia a is in the Hunt aria for use in their study Spanish. Albert klans Liaison bed Cross officer sport to Tho current events tuesday afternoon on Lim sub Juci in i Fig audition cd attain j. B. Ransom a tide i the h. H Adi Tat i leu new Yus k for Europe i aet trip a commander a Atlantic line i Captain i Lanai been in the a vice that to r line for More than years and or one the Best known a Kipper in the ail Mic s. T vice he commanded Many Vea aels during the War and w decorated by King tie org for his service in transporting troop to i arrival in Kukland Captain Ransom will retire to his farm. One training period daily will prepare indians for season Cleveland. Ohio in 27. To is speaker manager he leva Aud Algeriene in so an Lief led with a he training in la i Neaton til Ai he will continue when the team reaches a Ila Early in match. One workout a ibis instead id two a Many the other big Ndugu squads have will be All the practice the champions will get. They will turn out Between to and la o Dock each morning and work until about i p. In. A that amount practice had them jut tight the tart last Mea son. A Why run i he Rick getting the i Auric in the in week or More liar they re conditioning for the i i no tile Gen on ? speak. R said. Up Akre a to intend to sch Hie left funded and right handed batsmen be making to the Objio i c Jitter i ii Ilu i ran Cement fails to p tide a i nits he Aker declare in will Chin go . the end Mon Jumi a n played loft Fri when g fir by handed rite Elva k -1 to i the Opp. A j Smith Raht fit la and Johnson Flint Baa bul when a left hander was on in Mound against them they were Epi aced by Vang Wood a in a urfa respect in in. Gem nut Margarine moan tender poetry making tender Flaky pie crusts is not Only an Art but a matter using the right shortening. Pastry made with Gem nut fairly melts in your Mouth. Not a hand touches either in manufacture or packing until you open the Carton. Order one today Swift amp company u. S. A. I that a majority the director subsidiary compant in England might a British subject statement made on these Pointe both International mercantile Maun Offutt la la canned Cha or Man Benson to say that although american owned the vessel actual control rested with the for Ign director thu Baldy companies Al. Franklin declared the Stock was locked up in new York. Owned by americans a and the foreign control could not affect operation ship by i rom Pkt. Inv Vorva traction Gram. The next Tep in the inquiry will be taken by the Board in executive cession after the vase a been d be Ted by the commissioner the Board also will consider an a a invitation extended today by or Frank Ltd and i Legal adviser i Parker kit Lin to Tell the int emotional mercantile Marine what can do to a Era Tabilas the mercantile Marine in the mow de. A a ii and affective Way or. Franklin described his Compaq. As an a outcast despite the fact. He said had attempted to sell limit fifth tonnage to a get Muney to buy Anteri an vessel flying the american and would have done to but for the objection i re ident Wilson he said that the British fit to regarded the International Mer a to a j Maline us an a american Trust in Iglus rid Ami is in a in Visnu american financiers in by Tinh Trade a Tho feeling in England was so Strong he said. Thai Tim British kit Vern Merit was compelled to a take measures self reviewing the operations his vessels since the agreement was made or. Franklin declared the part and exp l Renee had proven that they would not unless an other emergency such a the world w n should eau them to requisition ship for the British flu Nehr said the agreement did not affect the v Ewe operated by the International mercantile Marina under the a Amar Luau Tigg. And recorded a quit claim in a and wife conveying to _ _ a a the nominal to a Brush up in one or another i consideration one do Lar Wail line work will be permitted to the original deed a la j in the Register and to Weir their Courvi i Power Lon by Ith Ultra my . R a mod Tiwa s Ting Entrance requirements Tor this corporation Rind for ii i meeter have not be n i Lai i exit a Ion and Nettlie o for some the More advanced the Ether s claim. tit time the sex Delgado fee ii work because As Dean Heilman explained int desirable to make the courses fit the need. the student rather than to attempt to lit the student to the few course that Are to Snible in the inception the project. The jul Eph Medill shool journalism is made possible through the co operation the Chicago Tribune with Northwestern University and is named in Honor Joseph Ledill Long editor the Tribune. No grantee oth for the i the Ira be or in knew held that. Cut Ion a and deliver a the quit claim deed the Mother s frien d for expectant Kotlier Bud by three Ceneda Tiosh a a to Roc Imus Iii Mot omoo a a lit Rad a a Tiu Mouth to ii a c to Meta tis never too late to marry. the 28 duo women who became brides in England last year nearly two Hundred and fifty were Over seventy years age. Is a papers cold compound Breaks any cold in few hours eat our bread regularly instant belief done to stay stuffed j up quit blowing and snuffling a1 dose a a paper a old compound Quot taken every to hour until three doses Are taken usually Breaks up i the very first dose opens clogged to our c Hildren i my health not Trlla and the air passage tin we a a a. Vii a Al a a. La head stops nose running relieve u l a a \ a i to a the headache dullness feverish i Only is wholesome a a no Quot Pape s cold compound Quot act. J a while Pur Quick. Sure. And Cost Only a few Flavoured cents drug stores. acts without assistance tastes Nice. Ont sons a Fay Ai Pioneer bakery to Iovu rum Ith let Mon pm run n k Ativo a spa rom the entert r to beet Quot . sent be. New Mexico. Do iritis a is. Lite. N tire to hat Aby str a that sat Oei a n Nova # Cwa my to tit a. my a ten. In tin on i a Ltd Aih a Tat Mafte �##l#at1 # Tran �3�33v r eve Aku eve swig ask Tkv fig4 we a be tip a . To Natita i North. Hanga i East. N m. P a Rte ten a flied Node a Titan Tob to Melee thru Rar i Root to Tat a hah a atm to the land a a or re be re us com in Taal Osar v Bult jul qua Bara Aliue o unto s web february la hit. A a a Roant Sam a attn a a Quirt Ai a Ottar Hunt saw Mexico Jaoes Medina Csc Tiiu. New Mexico a Nave in fare a cult us new Max to Nae a or Pae Hegeho cd Jiuu new Mexico Fkan Tsoo de to a Dix a Tia or. Sones Fok blk Ahova a part the tata rior. To a level office Santa a maw Mexico. De Rem i Ario. Him. Nolle to hereby Rte a thai Suttar. Oaf to Barton. New Mea Tao who a december la. Imm the Mea teed a a wry no Shim or Seu new v we who Neu eve Sam be Tea ii Fown trip i North ring eau n. Ii p Meridian Baa filed notice is Tenios or Nek three rear proof. To a a teb l r in to the i ii to bog to a v j Cnmieei-.oer. Kern Lille unto. New Mexico a fab nary to Liq a a Atman Barnee a wet Beatea Wal team Meo Elbbie therae sew Mexico a Quot a a Marfa flare Hart a. New hmm sew mkt 2ra we co Koas Cha Rem. m . New Milc acc the Ore notice i ii i-1 a n i pc a to a n. A a a Artmer to the Interior a in Sotire in hereby a Ien that wait Aoe Milt a or Quot a a a a a wha. Vet a a v Home Petawa in so ?.i, up n Swu Ivy s we i Ink. A a i Ivy sit. Quot our 18 township to sort nag Bott no v a a a Ltd a a a a Ujj a 7 or a a Mas three. Rear . To eatable a am to the and above described s Ofa a so Quot a Mit us due Rule her Pauw ill february to. 1 Tat Maat dam a Wittie Esee j a a by que Raue j �4aa. Banjo n m Flung Picq #. I a. I

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