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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 27, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico leading newspaper a Otto 1111 to i it a v oi.-. Inv no at. Albuquerque morning journal Albuquerque new Mexico sunday january 27, 1924. Special counsel will be Quot emd be Coolidge to begin Couri Aguon in leasing of Oil reserves 20 pages too a it Tho sin it i new Mexico s i leading i advertising medium Mik i Fhi it ims i two figures in Oil inquiry nears finish three Story addition will Cost $100,000 institution will have total investment of $350,000 president will draw attorneys from both the Republican and democratic parties cases Are to be prosecuted so that if there is any guilt it will be punished Washington. Jan. 26.�?president a Obj idec a decided to employ special counsel drawn from both Tho Republican and democratic parties if. Proceed with court action a a result of evidence adduced at the Senate committee hearings to the leasing of naval Oil Reserve. In a statement issued at Midnight the president declared that counsel will be instructed to prosecute these cases m the courts 0 that if there is any guilt it will it w yeah punished if forced $ if then there Are an a contract cancelled. There is any civil liability is any fraud it will which Are lib Gal they been and if will be j Teapot dome to j Lincoln admits be an Issue in murdering wife 1914 Campaign Rule declares government is dominated a crowd of ruthless reactionaries a democratic conman states Oil reserves Given to private interests administration came in under the Newberry scandal and others followed in Quick succession cast in a Block of Concrete Heads of two Are found in a dump Heap Aurora authorities Aurora la Jan is the As a elated or ii Monk of conf ref Tho h �?�a1 for. I i rut Lincoln Ami Byron Ltd tip Lier brother nor found today in dump Heap bore the author Lues working under the direction of ors on a Lincoln eccentric Law i to i Cli and a i of v to i to h b f to \ Roble Roosevelt son of president Roosevelt testifying vol in tartly before the Teapot dome Eow Nilton of the Senate announced that he had resigned a it vice president of the Union Petroleum company and severed i connection with Harry f. Sinclair because he had Learned things in i office which aroused hts suspicions and tended to corroborate charge of corruption in the leasing of naval Oil reserves to private intercut Albertb fall. Secretary of the Interior Ort Ini curb heft murder. Staging i foil. A a it ii stat yemeni and i fifth Rotty Aaion in .1mal.>�?� Ila Lin it oin parly today j told his tin Bour that he had j shot both his wit nod her brother i hacked the. Or Lodi to Bita and Hu-1 1 bad t to ire a 1 ii i their head j in a Block of concert which he j unc a for a time a a Ai port to Der Ida porch and then threw in j the City dump lend s Litho title to Ullin a 1 then Tho lawyer Hori inuit ii rial j who Chi in relationship to Abra Ham Lincoln calmly the authorities to the dump pointed out the. Spot told Bent to 11 it gov log tto in hint w Hen they were get with the Teapot Horn., naval Oil Ioka a rms a Quot toonrrrf0 1 w Ash i Seton Jan. A f hat in an 11 Hull of the if Nisi rat in Hao a comm Ute issued a stat Merit tonight declaring the til i serve disclosure a another evidence that the government i dominated a a Creed of Ruth Lea reactionaries a a la multiplication Caudal under the Republican nut Luna i and mini ration which Cam into Power in March 4. If i ii said e of w ii it p i v it of i i its ii i i is i of Coolidge. Wife Ano guests cruising on presidential yacht <1 the. D he Loti it i Iii him j i it f Midi i Vav till or Mutu i i j k ill trim i Gill ii Hill in. N the i he up it App. To w \. Nativ in. In Aden r., to iou for it i. Chi president invited a agora Ipri v than Quot ii evening s Erulus a it i the Marty if Anayit a him to mrs. A i of Vepr. In sch it pre and Mel i Liana a tis e v and live expert Check artist sought i to be elected por big Hai in William Harkins believed to father Mandalari is Devot Chi can duh k of i rid la a f Justice i a tis supreme m Haji Mon i a j of. A Midi Al i Punk nay a moola toil i n i i b the Massa int and mis a bins of Chi Ieti of Boston president of n and or. Have been Man who forged plumbers name and got $650 Here a de if. Desert Iva at to forger wild i Bur practically whole time to project have Sites under option alb d no abuse of diplomatic liquor immunity is cause of Transfer for is. I 11 i All ii Pucar i i i la if sention to a a liquor curved i tonight co top dear int tit in inf Oriti <1 it dish i. Till i a matter i rib liar Al f i is he Man win believed j turned n i a Ait of i he a siding to Lei me m. Met Itomi Mil Hon A in argon the Ocie Lyl v i sit thu a Sec b n i i k. I in the Middle i. F of All h of ills Tine be Wilt be b poll�#., thin Fink i River for of biding til no the act Road h then we i till Bat cd nude rat i o or a f f Duchamp p e Chick urn blog us it i j v i in at or univ i it ural land scandal standing out Ashi great a it political sen min i of this or any Ether generation Jins created in i additional i a ill Tica i i a for the ,i9-i Campaign which wit Leut lessening the importance of Many sharply dam n Ufa issues to of i Paramount importance to every Cill sen regardless of political Aff Ilia Hona. The i due i hint in stated is a shall the i Idt Dut at is have 1 corrupt government or lean government ? Umeru Girnt i oot let j a when thl administration came a do pow leg on March 4, 1921, it a dominate. A the most reaction element Ever know n in the is Story a a f a poll i ii a1 party which wan in league with Tho most Aali ish Aud pred o iou financial and Industrial special interests Ever grouped together for poll ult a plunder and a j Liana exploitation the Pubil a react Iona leaders construed in huge majority of Jai us Tell Pedly reus to use til government for filch i their own selfish Sud party ends whorl Tho predatory Apical interests a no a which own and financially support ins it Ion Ary element in the Republican party levied tribute upon a is of the people god in it in w itch he had cast Tho bends of hts wife end brother a Law Aas reposed Lincoln swooned. Lincoln infest confession tits a first f hat is s inputted on cold enc it left him unnerved but tonight the i authorities were still Zoret toning j him in in Effort to learn any new detail of the gruesome crimes he j now cd mils As soon As Hie Concrete Block la inc in Long is inches wide Ami a Root thick had been uncovered i is bed official hurried with it to the Aurora police station where it was pounded to pieces with a italic a Rufii the two Heads we of them that which Thau it a Bol Iii. S no confident is the Skull a a i mrs. Lim in wag without hair and was in recognise Bis. The other although badly decomposed wan identified Means of in tax dispute Melton recommendation to permit husbands and wives to file separate returns is turned Down g. 0. P. Members of committee divided two groups fail at meetings to unite their forces for impending Battle Over in a come levies Washington j in. 2#, House w i and turn ii commute add a need a mop Merer Tho income tax Fei of the Revenue Bill today with in part of Tho a property tag Section if the pending measure but two grip of republicans failed As meetings to unit their Force for Hie Imp Riding income tax fight. Heere tary Mellon # recommend lion to prohibit husband and wive dividing family incomes for Pur posse of filing separate tax returns a allowed in eight states Ware jaded in committee on a parti san vote another vote monday another vote however will a taken monday on a proposal of chairman Greene to prohibit such d i vision of income when received alone for wage and salaries. Hee ret Ary Mellon estimated of adopted till Section would net $9,,Dos additional Revenue. Whether the republicans will unite on a party Bill in committee or nmn new overtures to the Democrat for a Compromise oath Mellon Bill a the subject of Dis crts slots at a meeting of the publican steering committee and at n conference of Republican members of the ways and Means committee to action however a taken redi meanwhile democratic members hair an i Tim shape of the head As of that maintained their i d far. Key i late hmm the eat of i oui the or f looted the government at property it sad resources t it of Iceni have to private inter a u Pun which a tit and merchant .-to rely upon in a us Ai ii in 4 ant ii i ulna Jim f unti to a a 11 to to i i t u n Hope for ukes of miners has from forty to fifty men Are trapped in Pennsylvania following explosion rescuers at work dip official. First i i rages i it a. Had a j Fth St corded i aph the Enn a til in ii might so i the tit in b a som it cled ii i lid kit ii duct a lev i m Peru a a will ii need inks will Or. I if Iii rum Alf ii military train of rebels bombarded Federal flyer in a d the. Of it old ill ii ii arg Ca i i i i unit a p his dispute based o preside. A i vat reported i o s. Her feral. Train in a i u causing according i is Cadi i declare i Ohr it Gen Era. Fey j destroyed i flied aril i us reached intended to. Who Are where mrs. Of ton i or id some f c i. I Belli. N i Nevi j to a Sci canvass shows Many sh00l children in Berlin Are hungry i Josephine is dead three Milner following Day illness f la it being Nril us Organ a i i the a. A Fried t Here Ali i i in a Lief on a to in id a aught if borne a Brief nine weather Thio deaths Are attributed to Vii i Mig Lim h Mill la in c dill19-voar of or. I it i mrs a p met l ult it Ardus afternoon aft a follow g a break. I >.,i. Y. R had made hot Horn. Ler end of Sli 9 p warm i to i Ciu Amy cd lib Reft in the ire showed hat i i 6 of Tbs cd Kidron had a d Dart. The be fore pre a Koi Jig or Ding to a so Day howl on in cent a i had on in ors n Tica i. The let to sing a so 11. A up Ltd crr cd i it we is nun Vav i f life icily f Eves turned Oci cwt of Oil Reserve ill burning a i Rene would hail1 j Tim of War. A l Hgt have immeasurably weak eyed if not vitally weakened their f i own nations ability to defend itself against foreign aggression. I a of is ii in in in a this administration came in nip i a a the Shadow of the Ket Berry i scandal and the Daugherty Sean a in. Other followed in Quick Suc a Cesal Cit. Including thu Bureau of i engraving scandal the dded Streitt scandal Tho ship in b s ii j., j slip Rales i i Nat the vet ran a Bureau i scandal the augur profiteering Brand-11, the naval Oil Reserve Nee a i Jal including Tea put dome a the reclamation service scandal the in a Aine tax Bureau scandal the packers and stockyard scandal the Tomb it i t scandal the Slemp scandal and a Long tint of other in known with oui now brewing in the Tariff co m in Boden where three commissioners Are or might to be disqualified from of Ling reason of present or past affiliation with Intel Cost. Affected their decisions. There i scarcely a department of the government under the administration that is not discredited of records and Many Bureau not already scandalised Are under Aux i Pinion it ooh go silent a a hiring the most of Isis administration or. Coolidge was vice president of the United state it and sat As an unofficial member of the presidents Cabinet. For i nearly his months a has been of Ider t of the brute a Tea i i in cd a1 this time ire has utter. Cd no word of condemnation Oft he mob if. Of Zero and sub Zero weather grips Michigan Railroad bus and Street traffic is demoralized .iu.aln a j High he kit High i hip h j of in Tern it and 1 celled j very popular Young hoc a i j was vie pre. More classic had been j tic in i Ltd a of funeral Arri i yet be n made a lit cd tic 192. Aud a lotion set kit in Utun Cri it w Sih Kappa Kapp of was Prounh Tatami to aril1. C it i Ting t %. It a to Ltd a ii to Kra Daiil in to i Hopt pm h use big stick of tag in in Rah in her of v i b i Cive j of i Lei Querim a Sophi Cli Iak m Kou i rated the Titi Dent at la Oft i a Iriqui Fibre to i ii to of i Hong duty soft , Quot Street Ca moral ised in Rind j Lin t Tho part Quot i to i oldest pts ted from w res scum i ii in City w a Ruffic pm Zero Fiebig cutly i Tow have mad bus in a been pcs in the seven arrested for running fast past North fourth school Tell president five Republican congressmen declare that Teapot dome lease matter demands vigorous action the scandal nor against the against the sued the Republica vies who Iii Miriam t Ira Ion. A it. Was not to rail when testimony con. A1 leg i Farisita i All bib that he Tut Iii lethargy to Mal n it ring the Teapot scandal and then Only to in j nil g in routed that of slump Lincoln a been questioned every Day sin ills arrest in Chicago two week ago i just Haid a killed his wife after mrs Lincoln Hail shot Lier brother and threatened in or husband. Then Lincoln made of Ber statements at variance with his confession. Hail violent quarrel i a in Coin ii had violent with i wife and her brother and decided a shoot i hem when in claimed a discovered an Nhat to in i Liaison Between them this Dis to very was made on january in 1 a 2 Abe said a i shot than both a he told chief min in-1#. Quot i become enraged and shot Byron with to pistol. The i went to the greenhouse end got ii a lab f sunni Hack Drew aim and and fired hacked 11<idle, to a Lecce i i he said a lab. In the Day and he kept til hollies in the House that Wight next Day a mid he carried both bellies to the basement of Tho h ohs ii and burled them under to Coal pile. A few Days later he dug them out Ami dismembered tit in hacking ten bodies to pieces and burying la pieces. Then he rest a Concrete Block and placed the Heads of i victims in it after wrapping them in Burlap i lie Block he said he placed under a Corner of a sleeping porch to make it appear a a porch sup port la stayed at the House for two months and exactly two months liter on March id filed to suit Shoup it Lincoln ills., charging alienation of bus wife a affection Vitric Ned on april so Fin april in the eccentric lawyer vanished paving behind garments which he inf said a soaked in Chicken food some of his a life i blood soaked clothing a blood it ire d Indian club Aud a House Dis arranged As of a terrific struggle. The authorities started a search for Shoup and mrs. Lincoln in the b if that they had slain Lincoln and disposed of the body be Amli was ill in Progress when the Law or made his appearance on jut e to. He declared ii had beep kidnapped a band led but ins wife and her Bro or. In mint cd Iii is at Chick i apparently there was no Caus to doubt i Tate ult it Anil lined a turned his Aurora Home. It Day i than he add Lief duels the the i Oon Critt Block worried Bim so to attitude of passive resistance to the Mellon Hill awaiting a move the republicans to support or Compromise on the Treasury recommendations. Day in Washington it. Bohay offered to cancel conditionally his lease of the naval Oil Reserve in California. Tho Tenuto Tea pot be tire committee heard further testimony from Archie i pc t and u. I. In a i Berg. President Coolidge ordered an inquiry the Interior department into the Wisdom of the fill Basing poll of former Secretary Kail Tho House military t omm Lutse requested Henry Ford to appear at its hearing on muscle Shoals next week. The House ways and Means committee voted Down the Mellon proposal for husbands and wive to be prohibited from dividing family incomes for purposes of filing separate return. The Senate agricultural committee discussed amendments to the nor Beck Burins crop diversification Bill and Beard Secretary Vai lace endorse Hie nary Haugen Bill to create an agricultural Export corporation. $86,200 Worth stolen jewels Are found in a sealed fruit Jar new York Jan l inspector John ii Coughlin announced tonight that $86,200 of the $300,000 Worth of jewels stolen from mrs c. P. Hugo Schoellkopf of Buffalo on new years eve 1922, were found in Denver thai week in a heated fruit Jar. Detective Martin a Owens of inspector to ought in a staff was led Tuth Cache in Denver John w. Mahon former Broadway Gem dealer who is now under $10,000 bail on an indictment for Cilmi the Pally receiving Tho stolen jewels. Mayans confession. Inspector cough in stated cleared All detail of the robbery. R a word Imp end til pure of Iona it Adsul nos ii duet from Htate-1 # Lite f that too i Bur. Ult has a Illy rat mar of Fermi after to Pere Tares w Ere territory around the readings to below Zero j fillip tit old Vav Vav i Oil Vii to i hip. Ohio ski. Re of Blo or rigid urea the up cedi s past the North four tin Street school resulted in arrest for St vers no Tome Bill ate saturday die Nio Turcy. In officer Etc played the Sheffoff a a office. The Fot moving were arraigned before Justice of the Peac. Flenorg toddy and Kiv n suspended fir of $10 and required to pay the Costa Rev it Art a Mer Altig Aipti ii a Leflein o. A nets., it it. A. A i Ink Hin is. La Ferrol id t a Rte i and Al Aynor. A be Sher 9# iffy office i now employing Ive offic a a b of tire to t speeding on North fourth Street Outi de the ,.y. If tit front k a it today jointly a i Quot adent Folbigg declaring the Teapot serve Iota it matter i j gallon a Senate c j Mand Vigo Rotts aet Loi t ident. They u i stick Husi it i. I the Kan a Cia red net in u i Woubie j ii Ere a ration i la to a Mare i. Tho Waves Gatio i the message com so Nap tip tory read believe Situ dome Sider i i the a t Tipre ii a Al alb d the a n or t Froia in Ped it a ii-7j. ii i bar i i of Quot. In Noh ii i its in a Tork a i. Tokib action p confirmation Dpi Wilt Kawra after a. Washington Jan. 26-�?confirms-> of Tver in of nth and Ploit of b Christian former a narc in i confide no Secretary to Prev Dent i Landing Ai lion like us it of i member of the Federal Trade Blay think i �?� j porn Simlon will to Del i cd until once and Bant h us a t t lha Sci at interstate it was signed t. Quot a Quot it an committee inquirer into his Quail a Homer Hoeb realtor in in York Jan. 26, tick i Nap Sci Dies n i i Gra to act Ary la rec v in i deft s a big Del id Sib i j ii. Pub is in Zig. Oil old Ira out at nub to Bill pc that any i Hen guilty of Erin intr in t that if t \ Ider. Of Crim i so wet the Adutsi in Intra j la inc action to p us the bring shout the an t of the in me which Oft coups�., would be a a matter i it routine in a ii he testimony referred to was Given he has been a Blind Appart Lily is Secretary j of the Navy Dent professed to i be Wien in Csuti Frfd in the Teapot i Dom scandal. Hee ret Ary Danby j w signed the naval a i Tea Jug i still in a resident Coolidge Cabi i net and Rheodore Loose tit. Who i testified a approved the lease is i a Ahi or Den # assistant. Or. It wort mph thatt fur the Attis nation service sea tidal i tipi i Secretary of the Interior. Others j i Quot a offensive. But a. Less lift. It red St cd. Continue to occupy to to oink of Honor and Trust a a Lobough the time would of Tori a tape for a Nous cleaning Fig set Ilia entire admin Stra Ner i to prom in c of if nor i indication filial b i Contr .�-1 Alit i a id rot. Us City dump and shortly thereafter disappeared but the a i quietly checkup in his earlier statements became More suspicious a he wrote letters to relatives wife asking for Money. Of . T it bad explained Ltd him t come Back to a after in disappear air. Week ago he was arrested London meet Boswell. X. M. Jan 26.�?William Hager will represent the Reswell advertising dub at th�?~3 annual convention in la it Ndon hug tills year air. Lingier Wilt Ieav it shortly for att extended european trip but will be in London in time for Tho annual convention. The local club since it Organ Tea lion her eight years ago Btl Neve Malsed sending to Delegate to the National convention. Inti ii Cia pug two. I Henry Harris Dies Chicago Jan. Harris. Said to to the ther of Mildred Harris motion picture actress died today of injury sustained in an altercation with a taxicab chauffeur. Union mine workers repudiate ruinous practice of striking on the Job Lewis commended the Al Gould Montreal Jan. Of Philadelphia be Holder a i limit mib 26.�?jay j Auld the defending ileum ins ted today and j Laren. # Pell of new York in us Semi final round of the Canadian i Aru u it championships. The Moore were ,-2 i,-3. In Tho other Ernt final match Stanley Mortimer of new York o i i d ii . U of a pc u o 5-< id Jan 26.-�?repudiation a it of the Quot ruinous practice of striking it u the jobs and a pledge of i heir High regard for the Quot Sanctity of Coni acts was voiced the United mine workers convention to Bay in carting an overwhelming veto. F Confidence in the. Leader and commending him i be co a Ulm f p deposits official of the Nova Boeotia District. Defending i action before the convention. International president John a Lewis paid he regretted he had to stand before the delegates to in War question put Tho deposed Novi Boeotia vice president Alex Mcintyre who he said is no longer n member of the United mine workers but u a keeper of a grog j on tight insurgent Delegate who a Tab a the wire Ive a the left Wing a Drew Consolation from a fact that although they had been decisively Defeated their leaders had been Given a full hearing the convention and had gotten an expression of their views into the ret . They gathered in their third caucus heard William z. Foster reputed communist Leader and planned further opposition to the and the ministration when the appeals of Alexander Howat. Deposed Kansas president and Thomas Myers cough expelled Pittsburgh member Are reported to the convention monday morning the committee on appeals and grievances. There was no doubt in any Quarter that the committee would commend Tho International executive Board for its action in the Howat and Myerscough cases and recommend that neither of these Mea be restored to membership

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