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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 26, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page four Albuquerque morning journal january 2g, 1926 e Between wills a Hub net title american Champion defeats mile. Vlasto in spectacular game at Cannes has Lenglen still to in meet Cannes Era Nee j n. 04s a a us Anne sri n alone Rem Iii a is rail it wills and in urn championship of France the California in Tod. After a strenuous Buttle in the of the mfr opel tournament Defeated mile. Vlad a who rank no. 2 among he i. play of France in a score of 6 a 7-,. A to fit ird y she Defeated mile. Conto Slavoff ranking no 3. She now Hane other opponent Quot of thy of her Racquet until he meets the mighty putt tide Mise m Ille Volt in easier than the score Lull tee she played Welt within her Hest form kith the French girl Lead the at tack until threaten. A. Then herself applying a Little in re and Power and winning with plenty in i a it Rve my fill w n the first two games then her Oigt Anent evened i note a later Brin i or the a co re to 3-3 All hot Tho american Champion ran out three games and won to set. Things to dark Fop the californian lit the second it with mile Elf Tsyn leading 5 a then again Superior Caplin a at i fighting spirit was revealed Ai id miss i la took four Sam Quot the Sot and the match Han opponent weary it xxx is thought by experts that miss will a r a Ike in playing is Elu sively to her oppo j rents hat t Ila xxx Tull e to lived to he no weak is in 1924, v Hen the a Mer in n girl Defeated her in the olympic. Poe showed her ability heir by main Shang every Hall to tie base line Corner. And running Mil Quot. Venal of weary the French player was tired f after the match that Helen and Suzanne will meet in Europe and when they do Well see some Brilliant Tennis j it Suzanne lenten second in l. A. Cross City Bace Sahlu Teewah Sheka leading at last mile by too Yards. Beaten by Humphrey redmen take 16 Sheka Zuni Indian a ending by i to Yards at the begin Bing of the last mile was beaten y Thomas Humphrey of the Sherman Institute saturday in the to Angeles Eros City met sponsored by the los Creole athletic dub i fording to word reaching Here monday thine were 7 2 entered the race of the first 20 places i went to indians most of whom represented the Sherman Indian Institute at Riverside Calif. Sheka Iva one of Tho five Zuni Indian taken to the coast by Mike Kirk Manuelito. N. Ju., Trad r. Ameen Pattison the famous olympic be Tenn. Took fifteenth place he i from Zuni. The Zuni showing a neatly handicapped by Lack of training which a caused by a Short notice of Tho race. J White runner in the race were completely outclassed. Of id. Amo i of the olympic dub Hun Francisco Premier distance runner finished fourth the first White Man to Rosa Tho tape wont to play Golf in three l lessons pm �?�-1 Jack Delaney seeks Pacific coast bout Oakland Calif., Jan. 23 4� Jack Delaney crack Light Hen weight of Bonn we held a knockout Victory be i i aul Wertenbach scored before the att or be rim los Pound Charpio of the world i in route to the Pacific coast for an invasion o Califon to i Osak circles. This in formation was on mined in advices received Hgt Tommy blk pop Oakland fight promoter front be tor it Illy mat a r of d. Piney. Leilly pc i his it hat Quot is re t o in eel any Box it r of his weight i is he id j to a a a get Tom no Burr in Detroit january and expect to Start for the Corm immediately of r. Legal notices Mil la i m Koen that Thyl in a tic Tradii x c1�?T u i. Is a me i a. I or. It Ltd or Leroy pc tined pet Bai the finn ant we of r any Bra Mara Eon Berteil with Ai i i a incr or in a bit i i a a a a Quot Fttie a it a and we Rah aet Al of the account o ten1 i Sot i a it it to Nim <5 this Cit. Fin t of by Hayi if i. A ii i a m�?z0 Mon in tio. To Tan "1 Quot ? a Quot it Noth Ivok is 11�?T int of be or a Ltd nov of but n a i a lit. Enie no. In a 7, on. Min i fauns a a. A m i Daft n dint to of a a Narn Ltd i i by i to it i a a inn Barit tilt , i u in la my May in t Hereof. In Mexico Fri if you would be a golfer of part stud these three poses of Watts Gunn fellow townsman of Hobby Jones and his rival in last summer s National Amateur tournament. I lie proper Way to s ar., top and finish a swing shown by Gunn in these photograph taken on the Druid Hills Golf course at Atlanta. It Tohl a Ali i i cd in i ii g Vul ii j i Niv furl Ito a i Rule for vap a i i not b in hell a ii Day of let a i i i a Reti Ilet you by Ltd of it no will a a Quot Grant a stiff attorn to in 11 i f t1b a i sch. I v a 11 v r tits Civ a. Lev la tint in. Pkg Deputy. Null Ltd ill Iii mum a a a Dohm i in \ ton s i in Viki ruin am Ai i of in Hor to Tho too n Omen who in to Roo tend foe Tho fetus i a lit in i i a i a f frat k urn my Lenglen Al a in Rem x a of tween min a will Ira j t pm ii chattilion Alp ii the finals of t a met in to ii to Star Naniot january 23, min will Defeated Mil Vin a a who rank number Texo among the women Tennis pin Era of frail saturday so def lied me. Cotto Auton. Aho ranked number Tim. Eckard Stein put too bavarian cavalry officers under the table got Diplo id i in in i widely Al Uli Hll in i i t in French in to it it >1 Fra. Able to go on with mile in a he Fin a i of 11. A worn ides and a Reg to est to t be postponed until Tomoru j Aeq new True non. Of attn Defeated i. La. M a in tilt it of the men # singles j Waun a i Alen radio programs time Kilmun in new my leu Lime a cup right iu53, till mils inert i Iuta lore. The prix a i of Aleein sent Lenglen plat ? r attire tint and demanded Money lock. Ads wills pm a cd is ext Fin epee the i ride \. Inn uni a 29 of los him it lac3. Via Alo Tim amt Snabl place to the close it ire a the i i etch m a i on the Vivial i in a j it red Prat us i k Yiv Chicago it fi3�.4m-sfi0kc it. Ii dinner t not cart Kaka g0r.� n in Uncle Hob pm in. Edison i revue Coon Nich Thuv is insomnia it lob. St a it leg re tit i. 307 30, Proem t tin men -1330kj. 7-r leg ram. A i a com Daf. Kansas try Star ifs fit him to b or he a trn to a Rixta a .70, bedtime it so mirth context ii Tun Titan a 10. Munich a part Timet. Com pan i i 1 3 Al ? if rate Pandoah Tiffin i 130 Vandern orig . Kit of it religion Dun us Hion o a Quot Tugan leu 1-2, Pipa orc i to cancel t to Hap it w s. It til of a a. Of Itti it a 7 m0ci�ky, cult 47 to 9rn-%3ik Nert 7 to. Fog rum 11 05, Nim # 30j>, Blit 11 to Mhz t hit a 21 Al in. I nov i by a it it41111 to. To Trio. A pub 5k. I. X 15. My Miller i 1 let 0 to a j ii a. Us i Liberty Skaf prom in guv. Sostene Ltd a a it pc dinner talk. F. 0, it Quot Tho Law in it tor flour of Quality play. Quot it to Wlk Chi in 5 30, Ralph Al a. D re and it. Trio it print i r Ltee a i t 7 3um-730-ctam# health lesson to 15, gift Ody i i Wiz d to Macdonald Smith wins Dallas cup Dau As Texas Jar i Mac Donald Smith cd in v York. Annexed hts Uez a it re open r if \ 1� a tory in t v a in to. V eels t w inning Tho open i mph it help Here the Aften to v a t a. It Kelf Tola fran it a a a end with a j taint i Aby it tick Wittik of Iii Igo third with p 3 7. The xxii to to open at p in Anto Tii it i St in a a Joe Kirkwood and Millie Hurter finished with s i it to f Atli plat i f Irry coot r. Xxx i t the or Angeles a a a look fifth berth a h a it Watrou and j i ten with so one att. A j t Wilna til m a la Quot. Xxx i i the v to ult a it. A a kit i 5, h i Moi of i air a 7 Ivio it in Kin lid 391 2m-s30kca gild the tax n of 45-1, 9 it a to inter Quot it Lynnl radio nigh the xxi i nil. Let Hestia pro i am t i la to. We ult 1 Hiag a 1 371,1 in a i Uke Kiu. Of a a my i i it 403 sin 7 i Quot i-7, it 11. 1 Quot ii Eit 01 Chest j Jar 7 3 a a so a Hilda Tea period it a of to Bril Light a 111 e i a 9.30,ape Tai or Hermit Iona i hit Hur 10-11 i to Oriole Dan e or Dlo b Eek Prog in i i Quot Pik it inn. It Beati a ape Al same Arti to. Koa i a Quot lit r 3�?~ j 4m-930kc>, c suit Faa. , a Nevi a out ii Oreh earn to Tuen a Chela than fir. A in 1 a a. 5 to 7 so Vav Bitt to. Khz mein a i Lawn Chica Ralph i Ogram 11 pm Tok. Son Oiga Nisi my i 4 i in see a met dal a i 7 30. T a in 7 j k r l i and it Aln to artiste a it p i ajar Matic Post As Reward he it Lin Jan 2 5 of the eat Cem held by i rime von Hla tuareg the Iron Coli in of Hor for a Man who cd i a try Ida liquor to c Iron id of in n Belk Juat Publ Alied Hie to moire of Cen. Victor von pod i chill late 1 urn Rounder of the part .01,111 Hup Nytta and once drug anti 1 not tatar of Agel culture it 37 Yeti ago tit a in Herr i7> u n of in then 1 Cap in in the a 1 Rue go Irda. To to of the Chancel 01 a attention by drink big too a finn cavalry t of i ii under the to hic at orc a t item amok or of fee feat in Iii id prefect Morain has de dared War on a Snappy literature even a part will Mot get by tor i it it cd til in 1 i a a of i 1 pm r ii Roc Cli a vial to to the a dare. Ill lie i m. I in my at 1 w a ii piece of bad Linn a to xxx Hen it j it Tho in a of Tardo no i Ruix a in 1.athing More 1 Fin but line i n tint Tiit re i m of my i of ringer red. Ii out of foul a in a a Tun a 1 from Bluey in. A t t e use Nib org the 7jt Lief. I o Tannd Ile i Niran a t to ruin. Cero red v Sti of ii a h Jim full la a to i i is by Era a fax to Rea. Capite to i Ltd t a a i t Imma the f in. A if t Bera Atilio c Al a tuts of m a i k end of u in get a i. Snit ii a to elate i d the Quot x a a re he is a to Iii drink i a sing his m ,. R it j f to Loo aft a Fath i a or he a i a. A i a ans a. Cop i Pic i in Hie liar u r Cross word Puzzle for assists is Ila serv 5�i ii i i a xxx the Al hav Cli i the i its sub pre chef a of him to a i <1 it Baron xxx window Vul \ i it or to. In. Hem. D he son Herbertj remarkable Man. It trooper xviii ? i 11 till Illy a i i Quot i to Jef. Hires from i to a l to n i leg placed diplomatic a reded to i inter is a re a ii. Ling my at 1 no i j i 2 Ftp Fau in. Home of xvii a r bring your roofing troubles to Robe amp \ m a u g e res or Telephone 305. An to Iti s 1 of Hist by. 1 til s ii id i in the i dinner he a con 14 be i i the in i xxx on two men arrested for killing cattle St. Louis americans Duple a Cate in 1925 a feat they Ltd made in 1919 also have lowest figure. Five to Law to for is flux a for to f t and a i t it to i. To Emp i it i in has t spent Eli for Medicine since Juli i equal to the i hit Ion it ? Ai. At the \ i id a Denver Man Arri his friends at the shop try to out eat each other since Karnak has fixed them up so Fine take y cold at Bro in i quinine k Quot a lab his serious Lilues Arni complications often follow an Ordinary cold. Check it use Tho old alienable Safe and proven remedy a laxative Bromo i imm. A the first and it r Pinal cold and grip Tab proven Safe for More than a Quarter of a Century. The Box. Bears the a big nature i is it i i to / psf of s a. Winit in Nuth o. Spring Quot lies yet and your uni ii i Quot the o pfc sort torts Price l r for pm Salt egg f it Winn re in a it a pc i Terr a Ftp a r a in k i v r. T Aren of. Tit i. I k a 1 in la to a will Tubby Iii e f 1 a ii or e t be Esh a h us my re a an q u e to t p a d in dam i s a g a p by i d a so u a by i s o Nis t e w r i Pino t t Debs t e h e a lib l o s h Gih e r o t q Rabb gov by a t 1 Nofs t o or bog u a Jap As t org or som a Vislay d e new a t i tied y e journal Herwid want ads co or a Laie Field. K Tut the i t \ la Iii i Santa i e a fall the Way Ideal route to c a Irnia. I red Harvey dining Hen ice another e pc i it i v Santa i e feature is sup Rem in the t rails to r t Atiqi world. I through pull mans Sia grand Canyon National Park a be Ecru Ai j in

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