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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 25, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico January 2o, 1124 by George Mcman still by the internet Rel Trot u. 8. Tai ii bringing up father my basketball methods Tmima a to what a aut Irvi a Tou Hau Isle Cut woj Navy r r Amu Tat sch a s ,11 Etc r v Tut trip Caw t i one f Serove / Jacw to 7 re int t / t i>\., Coho it out or he too Mac cat of in t catch too in a fac Hon. Tou a act do to to have a. Full of Beautiful Slack ml6te#h re theuer of mow a at Jim tits the inc Mac a lot of mahi a Kohlho tin and us it the i. I our it r a cd l it Al re 10uh f itt a it Sci of too have Psi Aht it us Iai us Teo c hit tawk Ltd till Moi Vasquez opponent pronounced physically unfit by club physician May get Monroe for Mike there will to thu Guerque Quot a my key Curran Mike Vique hem exam or a d id an besting a d my ism to for a t 0 mob a r not f Datum so re. Inc prices reduced lop Angel e my winning plays Goldsmith at Ormo sen for Olloe trawl Ca a Ltd we Raabe a Mauger ii aria who chm fan y first anti it of a for Rimnac Aik no him full la i min Imp la i Njo i a v of m i of Iii is Tern i but Rem comp Oil Monk e i m and my j Attila tit i til Rater 11 Monroe wed e into Riff t for War King to sides rot take a Chance m on r ,1r a biter May property for it Irgene he Ltd ii to overrun hip option of Hir Eliv melting into Oft Pii a Tine of by of on Enner the turn. N then hit the belting to win hive a ii a it want ads bring results our Elmoe a a full of Ltd a r Cao burp user a i or. C it Tike your pick of any Burdie. Nothing is Worth Lane thin to in a tune i Uear t lha great majority Are Worth mire positive value tip to is it i can to afford to rules it Como while the w rap a a err. East Miu better Boxer today fought Monroe to t should to o Arr to Battle. Mon Roe hold a decision Over pal Moore which make him look ilk a for in Ida me a we in re for any Feather Wright in Tho wept Padilla will try to tiring Eddie Mark or to fight the Winner of the Monroe a Stirr. Bout after a Ruddle of february. Zeno Noti rotarians will Back chamber of Commerce too per cent Strong destroy rats and mice Hoppe is seeking a postponement of his match with Horemans s marvelous formula fan Oil for ire to Laflec Rosnelt. Fief a few cake inlay and be rid a a rata Complete r for Sale by Chicago Jar. 2l,�?\v he Huppe. To id a Champion 11.2 balk line billiard player i in Quot King a p at pout Mer t of is tub match a Gal Fiat edouard Horemans the belgian Hall Nurr uhme Linier the Rule usual be played wit hit Fri do Hoppe said tonight be would demand that the match be poet poised Mil the Flint or Toad weal in april and that he wanted to met to night tomorrow Airt pm Maisels play no. 28 Woodworth s pharmacy phone us a. I int unbalanced Triangle formation. Long pass play a Cupino Weixl an it Tebolt a vegetable aperient5 taken at nig t will help keep Yea wed by toning anti your digestion and elimination. We Boul my York or Phil l a Quot i have defeat in 30 or a n j much to get Horeham wit lilt a Aid. A that not free King Kodak finishing get a 25-Bene 3c, 4c, so a print Mitson s. Bitts. Billot a. Imti i it Cigar Shir s drice Storr ind a Raju of in Impi. Is Orf Ida Reb m of Orem ans who finial i foul n the International tournament s of Yorkie i can Llmer in 1 lug to me hoop to ii a j already f posted Hie forfeit rep it id Tho name a a stunt by Yang at eleventh hour notice a re ital f in godot Tkv it hoi Wol d of brought ii idly i is. The frat fld a Fateeh play a ctn concerti Quot in it a a a Rondem Tulve von Cert a for the a rift s mph tray under the late Ndu tor Nikl Erh held by the property owners on St. Mary s off fats s0uth third pb0test Bernalillo 28 to 7 v it a Jaymot Iolj a / chips off Hie old bloc i juniors Little Ria one third the regular Doe made of the earn i Ign in it i then coated for Hil it Ren ant radiate. Mem Colo by your a hits the red Arrow 402 West Central Avenue return postage paid on mail order obliquely fora a states teat with a fully paid in capital of two Hundred and fifty thousand dollars and without any debts owing by it or to it the Chance of a lifetime be to to get a Radiant Gas Heater at the Imp a factory Price Legal notice a Otic Roi is 11 the District oui a of email county state it new Mexico. No. 4 0c. Hired in Moore a a fix it the estate of Patrick a it i pm Hushi 11-. A a Blain ii a. Margaret rub to and Jam Buhr Defot Dant. Thy a pm i named defendant you. And a it to of you ire her no Tikva that a suit a be Ltd us i by the above named plat opened for business y Kaman i Ltd As idea thu Doss Obbish for Jusi is i Gilt it con pc Iii oat to a j it have at any time of the year. In the Winter time is is used to supplement the Furnace and to heat the cold Corners. Spring anti fall when the Furnace is not in pre it provides immk1ha l h heat at a touch of a match. And now is t our Opportunity to i t your Radiant Heater at the factory Price. Sale and special demonstration of the id models now going on. Installed free unless More than to feet of pipe Are used. And easy terms if you desire them. Here Are the prices my and Ben new met \ , to Vav i it get to urn be at second Street and Central Avenue office red and directed by the undersigned who invite your and savings accounts in Versley Heights add Iii on to to a Sty of Albuquerque new Mexico Tho same ii shown and ii pirated of. A pint or of Gaid edition filed it Tho office of tile a Robat a Jerk a a a Rex offi Cio Larder of re in a Hilo county n in Wco on the Quot it nth to a a of i airy. A. Id. 1916 you. And each of iou arc Fui Lier notified that unless you t it ii Causo to by entered your up Iea Ranee Iii said Esu on or Belo. A lie fifth Day of March a. I1 $20.00 Gas heaters.$13.75 $25.00 Gas heaters.$16.35 $30.00 Las heaters.$19.25 $35.00 Gas heaters.$26.75 $40.00 is he aters. $29.50 $57.00 Gas he aters.$45.30 others at $15.15, $16.10, $16.80, $24.15 directors officers col. George e. Breece George a. Kaseman w. C. Reid. O. N. Marron j. D. Water.1 col George e. Breece chairman Board of directors George a. Kaseman president. W. C. Reid vice president and counsel. Roy Mcdonald vice president and cashier Jerre Haggard vice president. Marron amp Wood attorneys. I vat Lucy m. Har uis clerk in Harry f. Lebl put. I i t has Oft la is to i it la mom y Send this add ton cents to Fuley amp Civ 2885 Sheffield ave a i Yugu he Quot Iii your amt a d address it Arle you will re Eye i ten cent bottle of Foley h i Ioney and Tah compound for coughs colds and hoarseness to Frt no the ply packages of i Oley pills a stir a u of for the kudu tvs. Folly. A Athari in i \ b lord tor con patios Anet r . Thee a ones Raul Nha a 0 he lyse Teil teas of Paob i $ h a er5whr. Had gig electricity appliances and real service

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