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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 24, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Editorial classified Albuquerque journal Herald Albuquerque new Mexico sunday january 24, 1926. Second Section houses and lots in great demand House plans for Home planners express Confidence Iii future growth of City voice opinion that location of memorial has been of great Benefit As strengthener of real estate Market one Man Sells same House three times in two weeks predict growth in population Confidence in tile future growth i the next Day after the announce of Albuquerque and satisfaction at moot of the location of the Hospital the present find f t e r i Ltd Tate hero we had so Many Calls that we business Here wore expressed by a were sold Clear out of lots in the number of Albuquerque realtors Columbia Heights addition and interviewed by the morning Jour hot to Tun Down some buyers whoa a a a wanted property there. We Are pal saturday afternoon. All were ii. Going to open up another 160-acre a a a a a Quot Quot Ltd of i a r in Emht an a a a a a p. I. To i. A1 of a handsome Home of t plenty of space for Tho Kitchen utensils. Of a Kitchen Cabinet is i wanted it can to placed on the inner Wall of the Kitchen next to the stairway leading to Tho basement i beneath the Kitchen window is ample space for Tho maid s dining to Hie. I this House May he built of Metal lath and stucco or hollow tile Ami Concrete. It is 42 feet by 4 1 feet in size and a lot tit at. Least 75 feet frontage would to most appropriate. It would be a splendid plan for a Coiner lot. In this Case the i length of the lot would become the Width and a 50-foot frontage could easily be used. You will note that the Terrace has been carefully Aud beautifully i worked out. The House seems to Rise from the ground step by step ascending along terraced Leeds to the finished Structure. You do not i approach boldly along a stiff Cement walk but Are invited along i flagged or broken Stone path with informally made Stone Steps rising to each Terrace level. I when time has passed Tho House is reported in seven seven Homes of Pueblo architecture to be built in country club addition Many real estate agents report Many available tracts sold in few weeks selection of memorial Hospital site stimulates activity both in vacant and dwelling property As a it a it a it Benn of a real estate \aluc.s. One i Anim it realtor los said i it a a sin a a a a a three times in a Little a o to fieldstone or stucco . A people who would t buy to i am a ii Quot Tho i a t Fine exterior encloses an i a i of t d a ii a 1 a y h Lve confident in Hie Interior conveniently arranged in three suites i to it ii revived and the number it a at Tho population will in., equines is increasing rapidly. I ,. When All of the superficial ties pc years and a ill another that Albuquerque will a a a i p Ltd in -1 v yes the by. Tiai of Tho v a my lira memorial Hospital Here will Ake up Many people who have her la a t a 11 a a t Sib Edgar Knight society of Tho Albuquerque it i a 11 ors a would like to own tin r own Homes Ive open putting off buying Balu a of i irk Eon Fidino i in Albuquerque ital it. I thin. I Bat a Fidenso has been restored now. A i believe that anybody Abb to buy downtown b i hould do go it to a1 p. Apio do lot buy it outside capital i going am looking hopefully Forward to a a or of accelerated growth. Id rather not so a big Boom As reactions from booms Are often Elsas i Ais. La eople Are asking about big do s property As Well in about residence property. Many people Temh muting tile expansion of tie Busine District Are showing in Teret in property on the outskirts of this life have faded and you 1 Corno to realize tin n you go to. A the country Quot and build such a Home As this one that is a real Home to last forever. You dream i about it in the Days when Money is coming less easily and you wonder if it will Ever come True. Perhaps you Pim at least you watch. As you pass each Lovely wooded s int Ani and think that the time Isnit so far off As you have imagined i nor is it. A Mesa Haven t gone up Nolice. But there Are More custom to 1 by Whit is on the Market Quot c. Halcomb of Anderina Aud comb said. A if people do not it Huson plating buying if real est ate. A Rwy 5 to it on is not smell a of exorbitant i Iii Antiri Irhe re Uli my achieved Ratcil Mill wooded to makes years go by. Til increase in in opinion. Alb in in to Pula tic in in w i ii w i Al in. Re s. By a while tie in pm a Polly in the ens a things look i. Martin said. Ime House three t a a re the. Ii three w a Kreal a Tate is a it. Frankly i la it a t a business Hei l int any big Boom predict a populate x red lot any great a Avn real a Tate Fin it he Belim is Al ave a real Boom be months a i it Ess has already i. Is. Or i Dou be ii a a on their i business will it a i d it Man Miot or ire in a hit. Our a to put run in a yen Tail to All i i expect i i body a ave Toty it to find the state news of of s of n in these Days s one would it first suppose. It is saving Mon-1 tons for Home making we have a by to i Tilei n heme and it is a a introduced the Hall in such a Way my nerve Force. You i unas Wadi that it not Only Balds directly to a j.,&Quot a month to Jou self in a to tax living room hut la group of i Home As you car a it to a i my i windows a exults it Lii it get Light to i by ii and Etc nut Illy have nothing flood Tho dining room. A Trot Glass i a i a rented Doms could i. Bung Between Hall Ike shifts Only. A a dining room thus giving the a a it Nim s great dining room All the Light from the t it in Worth a front windows it own a Home. The position of this Hall also Toul in the to forms a Normal passageway to Tho it Gnu a we have Kitchen amt into the main body of i is built and Tho House where Tho bedrooms and Otago of this Bath Lave been placed. Ibis Arlt tangents tit r Ives three distinct Ping quarters the no Hie servants Ai h conv n in it in placed to the others yet East h my the others in a Way debit i Hie \. The can be shut away from f tile House by merely Loor. 17.0 ii bedroom Lias with posh interest. I Iii Viv in i from hic a perfect Amide Ila Well As up Date the furn Tut e the Al hath ate i Tho Horn every Den a v he above original of hair plans by a Buber ova Lier Volm a Tor citing Tor a Minuno that will grow More As tilt my closet i plenty to a lid to of e in t client Ini my is ii Villi i Ooi a s t i a i Der f or the it and Beal in a Cia Himi a a Parasc f. In it Hoty the i maid tit May be i or a Sev the frill could h w hit la i this in a Lai i Ati it it of s in Hie Mil Dresser ii with its d fit Pun Lull i ted from the t d Are comp that the housework Way with no extra no or Ber v room open -. Itch n i i t it Ion closet or a mild be Ling this unit of of to ill to i Abund to tit lies used plans a Kitchen stain i a Vej Opi i Iii Ca i ii a a is to i. Provided flt child s pin the door la to the and t be p Eon tin e Hail Eliv Virjes in for Dis in and the tile of the Drain boar Vav ill Ive banked w Ith shrubbery which w ill add much to the Long Low Appeal Ance try the House pleasingly to the Earth. Years and a intend yearn from now you will find this House lovelier than Ever for generations May pass and it w ill in Eta tiding in tones softened mid blended tin roof ii deeper Lov i Lier Hue. Kine the prices of Iua Tei la and a Hor vary my mat i i Illy in different localities to Ilo not attempt to a Ive an estimate As to list but a Gest that you consult your to enl builder who can give you doff onus Hod us to Tho costs exact needs to to installed Homie fur information As procuring of the building f tills design no. 91 and a i a rid a of add it used Milo t Fie House kill Tor of this a Pep r. Lied i knit i vet hinge / pie of i Ign for $500 Bot tile Driver in Aguilar Illy and were bound Over a Tho input Lur o a it 11 ii i ii a re \ Bing for a i b u a lira in of i Buhl Tho a i. Be and d nitrile. A i a i Over Church at Portales v. L i. Thurston i a Sermon showing so to a building that a aggregation was in in matter. The Cost Ding As will meet the town to around the Portland Valley liquor Moers report capture of four stills mme of of Mash i Bisky on i i ii i in it. In h kills Kim it Aton. N. Jan. Fly a Lloyd Lee Knotts to v a to old -.11 of or. And mrs. M. La. Knotts who live six l in a Soi a he to of Chi ago died at the Miner Hospital in Laton the Day night Loath is attributed to be i cd it a i thrombus of is stated by surgeons that the bids condition was brought on by a fall from a horse about a month ago Many people upon hearing that Albuquerque had been designated As th5 pit for the War mothers memorial Hospital immediately predicted growth and expansion for the City. Undoubtedly Tho locution of the Hospital Here will bring new Cilly huh and inert us d population. Hut even before the announcement was made decidedly encouraging indications for Albuquerque had be i notice Cable for some time past. Chief among these was Tho activity in real est to to development in tits City and its immediate suburbs. No less than seven residential districts ate under development All Are meeting with a ready Alo Anil on Many of them houses Aru already going up there is some buying for speculation real i estate men say but most of the lots it e being sold to prospective i Homo builders. Preparations ure now under Way for the construction of seven houses on Ceil in Street in the noun try club addition it was announced saturday night by James n. Gladding. All of the houses will he of Pueblo architecture. The construction of a new residence on Ixia Lunas Road in the same addition will he started in the next few Days it was stated also. The management of Ute addition at bounced that Many inquiries for lots in the addition had been made Ainee the announcement of the location of the memorial Hospital site. Only a few lots Are left on the adult Ion a paved streets heal estate charge of the not Filiti addition saturday night that All of Lite 4 five acre tracts lit that District had been sold out in the last two week thou who have purchased Tho Are planning to Divide them into lots for re sule. The Braun and Mcduffie Agency announced saturday that All of the tracts in in it. Columbia addition also quid been sold. The addition consisted of 32 five acre tracts. All have been sold since january i. North of the City on the paved Highway the Monk Ridge addition ii opening up in Fine style. Tit Mulo was begun on december 12 by i it infield and Kelly and More than i is to per cent of the tract consisting of of about 12h lots has been sold with new sales being made every Day. This motion has been Tho Cau. It of much interest because of the impending opening of tits Monk Ridge Sanatorium which is to occur about february i. The hos Langton property one of Tho Imi a h my some residence property i in the Southwest has been remodeler and enlarged for occupancy by the Hospital. Ii i Ada Heights addition East of Trio City which is being handled 1>, i. T. Kingsbury is a District which has been devoted strictly to residences of the finer Type. The lowest Cost residence per Iii itt d to be letter on this tract is $ i too to of too depending on the location. A $13,000 Homo is now under construction there and there ire numerous others of somewhat b or Cost. The District is inside the City limits. Sales Are reported to he taking place Dally. Iii the Buena Vista addition just West of University Heights which was not opened until a few months ago houses Are going up on every Side sum of them a Mon.the finest in the entire City. / Day in Washington charges against b. Anderson were hearings on Federal judge of. Ended. To of Whf amen Sudor Bertiger i ii mourn cd to was prepared to discuss Tho French debt. The 11 t it ii Tat i appropriation agents who were in Bill carrying $126,220,000 was reported to Tho House. Struts to obtain a unanimous to usent vote on the world court failed. The House was in adjournment because of till death of representative Flaker of California. Senator Norris delivered a general attack on conditions surrounding the Tariff commission. Senate leaders considered asking tilde this is till room whet nil us Cesar was assassinated. Visitors Why you showed us a different room last year guide i know hut that room is timing repaired a Lyndol bulletin. It a it it if i it Iii it i Iii de a i followed an v performed Tulaf operatic a. The funeral a held Friday if Tern no he Dill Tion of the r office if the Latten army. War Sill Ding says try journal Herald want and include Bill Ping in your plans hcs not overdrawn and hell see to it that to re not if Yoo consult Mim. Only court puled by a various the inlay r Msj a that lha sex i displayed by i re a the Al year to who lives so the Hospital h \ a kith. in ack to in k i lunge r. To. 4 a to i fit a l coi n i re club addition a i i let it Iii old Ltd Ieese bedroom suite special $59 \ it 11 11 it i i i suite at a wonderfully Low Price you can to afford to Overlook the extraordinary value in the a 3 pieces consist ii1 of Ivory lied Dresser and Chiff Onier. Thu delightful Little suite is one of the season s outstanding bargains. H Livingston amp co. Ome furnishes where Quality is higher than Price. 21 i-21 5 West Gold Avenue phone 660

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