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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 24, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Employees of the Golden state offers unique views to motor tourists receive Bois during Tho fist week of january the i Stern Auto r apply company clip to r it u t e d to 11a employees a Bonus in the form of common Stock in the o company. Each employee w to has been in he service of the Toni Pany for i. George Peppe Dine o Calendar year ending Jan lived a Bonus amounting to one it Fth of his annual earnings. This asst it m of distribution has a effect at the Western Auto up ply company during tile past in a a tirs. This year Over am Mayes will enjoy the Bonus Whit h a Sib of Tho company amount to Simp Throe like $100, 100, inc its inception tile officials Western Auto have encouraged i ploys to become stockholders t d v a i my in portion i f the t St Anding tuck is i Tho hands those w i i Are Ai Lively engaged the service of Tho company and to Are responsible for Tho rapid oath of tile concern. Tho Western Auto Supply Kornily advocates the theory that the rest of the it in love and to for is Mutual and that in order expect the Hest of operation from my coi l in must St of its Iii i i Ives i i i n i j r i it reason Tho Only profit 11 a is salaries As Asea 111kiir Igo i a als company to to pay High and than the to g be a pm i la of tin heart. I a r t h ii is i no co with Many Era go w nil Bon the company til Gas to Mon to 1� Tho Stock find the dividends m year to year and a or Milne North while interest in Tho Busi i l o a a torn Auto Supply com offi dais and employee Call Nisei pc tin a Western Auto earn tin spirit of frit null Ness and d Fellowship can to seen Ough Mit the Quot organic diem and i fac Tor is la g. By responsible for com Lent iou work among a1 Puoplo i putting Bath a very fort possible loan it of i he Bual is. Re and Ajax employees receive Holiday gifts v cry employee of the Nan ii m i ii j to i pm it of s bin and tile Seaman body Poi Ilion a Nash subsidiary. A 11111 be i ii a it a Tho Holl s in the form of a Cash gift. A than half a million dollars i distributed among the 1,1.000 let i Oyes Cath of whom ret Rived it \ Lope pet Sunn Fly of a w ii. President of Nash Mutoli a la x motors in ii of. Ii t ii s n it Pic a a til i -. J or. Nash pointed out a i 925 w is the most. Ice Fui r a the Hist by of the Nash with the creation of Eava. Beds National Monument in northeastern California by recent executive order of president Coolidge an i other unique attraction is perpetuated to motoring tourists it is pointed out by Tho touring Bureau of tile automobile club of Southern California i he lava Beds in Modoc county now a National Monument form a wonderland of fantastic and weird sights underground Rivers of ice remarkable Cave Crystal pools of cold water relics and my a evidences of bloody warfare tween Whit Quot and Indian in �?Ts73, and Indian hieroglyphics on Tho Walls of Thole Early Cave rendezvous Skull Avo. One of the lava bed structures so named in lure of the Many Skull of extinct animals found there is Over Soo feet Long with a dome like roof almost too feet High. Near Tho end it Breaks into three stories or drifts the lower one of Whit h is a River of lice in which is embedded not Only Bone. Of Anima but human Bones a Well. Tim catacombs is considered til Quot most Beautiful Cave in the lava heil., stain till s and stalagmites adding to its Brilliant a peal Are Tho main gulp in of i. Ivy inf h Cav Quot Over two in lies in length is pm. Reed in Many places with blowhole locally it Alliy a chimneys Quot which form skylights into the caverns Indian forts in the Battlefield Cartridge Hells and fragments of equipment s altered Juniper tree. Scarred from Root to top splintered rocks and bleached hones of horses still Mark the location of a be Battles after half a Century of t i to. Tile Modoc Enva Beds embrace an area of approximately to Square Miles just gout in of the Shore of tub Igwike. The new tin. To Opal Monument i approximately a a mile by automobile from Alturas California and 44 Miles a rom Klamath fails Oregon. 11 v Elb it Auto Road Lead to the Region largely consisting of state highways according to the touring Bureau of the automobile club. Short roads Lead off to the different Points of interest in the 1.1 a Beds. Which or cent no i travel hardships it is stated. Tile country and pointed out that because of the satisfactory per f a Nance a f the Ajax machinery i being installed which will double production a in icily of the factory beginning about february i Aith Quot factory employee passed through the Gay each was presented by or. Nash with an envelope containing a Cash remembrance and a personal message from or. Nash. The lower car big Auto show repair prices started 1926 year is predicted with big bang timely tips on k?7 % la Scott Width pc an lamp cenur5 How to adjust the headlights properly adjusted headlights Are As necessary a Good brakes when driving at night. Nothing i More dangerous than to meet another car on the Road at night that has blinding glaring headlight. Most states have passed legislation that makes glaring headlights an offence but unfortunately for everyone these Laws arc net enforced very stringently. It is up to every individual owner therefore to adjust his headlights properly or have it done for him at one of the headlight testing stations. Practically ail of the Large service stations have Means for doing tins very quickie. It however you Are unable to visit a proper testing station v on can follow the instructions go in in today a article and d a it it yourself. The lust thing to do is to make sure that the focus of both lamps is Correct. M my Drivers believe their lamps arc no Good because they Dot not throw a 1 earn of Light far enough ahead or because they throw a Light with a series of dark rings or a dark Circle right in the Center if the Road where the Light should he brightest this is not the fault of tile headlights but shows that the bulbs require focusing. The headlights have scientifically designed reflectors that throw a Clear White beam in parallel lines when the bulb is properly focused. If the bulb is not exactly in focus you will note a number of dark rings and probable a dark Circle right in the Middle of the Road where you want the most Brilliant Light. All headlights have an a just Anent that enables you to move the bulb in and out. Select a straight dark Roah then simply move the bulb in or out until have the Road directly ahead clearly illuminated w till a Long penetrating beam free from dark rings or circles. Adjust one lamp at a time. It is a Good idea to adjust the lamp on the right so that it throws a slightly broader i Cam of Light than the lamp on the left. This gives you Good illumination of each Side of the Road. If you have a spot Light then adjust the focus of both lamps to throw a Long beam straight ahead and use the spot Light to illuminate the Side of tie Road. Be re focusing the bulbs be that the reflectors Are perfectly. A. A Rean. Or me any dust with a a. Cd rom r ,1rlto the fran of 1� reflector. Nia r i. I at l l p Ilar to i Ion. Of there is any dirt that cannot he remove with t a duster then you will have to use a Good Silvi r polish. It possible keep All plish away from the reflector and Only use it when absolutely neck Sarv. Make sure also that be the lense Are t True Coly clean. Tse warm soap ant water and a Chamois. The bulbs must be free from Finger Marks etc., if you Are to get maximum results. Once the focus is Correct the he id fights should be checked to make sure they Are not glaring or at least that they Glare a i Mio As possible. Select a piece of level Road with a door or building about thirty feet away that v in can direct to o rays of the headlight Ava ast measure the distance from the ground to the Center of a lamp and draw a Hue at this heighten the w ill or door. Now measure the distance Between the lamp renters an Mark off this distance on the Hori Rontal brr stand the ear in the it Tho enter of the Radiator will come in the Center of the line Marl my a lie distance Between lamps of cover up one lamp and allow the beam of the other to strike the a if the adjustment is Correct the beam will inst no h the top line with the renter of the beam striking the vertical line. If the beam goes above the b Rintal line your bahts will Glare and the Jam should he tipped Down if however the beam goes muh w the lire. Then it will not throw a Light far ahead of the Cir it should Light up any object for to Jio to to let ahead when correctly adjusted. from Macuno to Cinter of Law checking v of k headlights More efficient service stations with lower charges to the consumer were predicted by Alvan in can Ley. President of Packard and the paper of Alfred p. Sloan jr., president of general motor speaking before the second world motor transport Congress concluding in new York recently. Delegates from great Britain and Australia likewise expressed Tho View that a More thorough Organiza Oln of repair work will yield lower Price to the buyer As Well a better returns to Tho merchant. S. D. Black representing the part makers pointed out the value of modern equipment in reducing service station costs Frank of the society of motor manufacturers and trader and Boland Winn motor agent association both of the knit cd kingdom expressed the View that Tho Congress had emphasised the diversity in Selling prob b ins in different countries a Well As Points of similarity. They Polo de out that the american High Speed merchandising method Are not adapted to the British buyer who becomes interested slowly hut is Loyal once his attention is i cured. The High Price of Oil and the Lack of Good roads As Well As in the 1926 motor car year got under Way with a bang at the new York automobile show when the various motor car companies gathered together their Eastern dist rib Suffi sent service stations were name-1 As obstacle to the motor Trade by Arthurt. Turner Delegate from Australia. Captain t. V. Tieken locker presided at the morning session Arthur t. Waterfall vice president of Dodge Brothers was chairman of the luncheon of. Ii. Rice of the general motors corporation mid treasurer of the National Antonio bile Cham Tor of Commerce read i or. Sloan a paper. I la Brin Siplo of Good Quot Era ice the essential of a first class service station a described by or. Macauley Are us Folio t 1 a cleanliness of building both inside and out. 2�?prompt greeting of custom j a to a courteous and Friendly spirit j 4�?�? definite delivery promises made and kept. 5�? prompt efficient careful and j Correct Weir Manship. 6�?definite standardized Price. J 7�?Correct Billing. 8�?avoidance of argument. Utor and dealers and unfolded plans for the year. It was the consensus of opinion that not a spick was apparent on the horizon to mar the Prosperity of the coming i car. Among Tho Many Large organization for gathered in business sea lion end banquet were the dealers and executives of the Olds motor works. Lansing Mich. Both sessions of this company were presided Over by d. S. De dins general ties manager. Tho Oft noon session was devoted to business the evening session to a banquet. Alfred p. Sloan jr., president of the general motors corporation stressed the value of manpower in any organization As Tho most powerful f to Tor for Success and told f the corporations Confidence in the personnel of the Olds motor works. In speaking of the future Outlook for Oldsmobile or. Sloan said. A general motors is right behind Oldsmobile. Oldsmobile tone of to members of the general motors family and has made pro it Ryfa Ami we Are planning for even greater Progress in the i. J. Reuter president and general manager of the Ltd ids motor works. Told of the additional facilities my personnel at the Oldsmobile factory preparing for the doubling of production during 1926. Lie told of new Type of machinery Ann new manuf i luring methods at the a id motor works and ended by reminding the dealers that their responsibility to the Public Only just began when a car was sold. Donaldson Brown vice president of the general motors corporation reiterated Many of the thought expressed by or. Sloan a to How strongly the corporation stood behind Oldsmobile. A. L. Dean vice it a Biden of the general motor acceptance corporation told of the part financing of deferred payment sales played in the Selling of cars. Or. B id ins and h. S. Weer assistant sales manager told of the Many merchandising helps that were being worked out at the factory to soil More motor cars. R. M. Vav. Shaw advertising manager briefly sketched the part to be pm nod by advertising in Helling cars l. A. Homely a neral manager of the general motors Export company b. G. Koether chairman of the sales Agency staff of general motors corporation and Thorne Aruiz. General salts manager of the Olds motor works of Canada ltd., were among the guests at Tho speakers table in addition to executive Heads of All principal departments of the olde motor a Quot Ork. Not any a waiter is this Apple or Cherry pie Quot Quot can to you Tell sir a a then whet difference does it make a Oklahoma whirlwind. Copyright. 1924, by s. To. L technic Syndicate y.,. A Nyi Quot or. La i it. Or. N t or induct lives a evil i i it at the Mcintosh a rebuilt cars 02.1 Ford touring a 2 24 a i i of roadster # # i �2i i a it Ril i in k �244 i Iii i of $2ut u 2 s a i v la rut a on a ii. $17. U a i Nifgi touring �40921 hoi. Ii touring Winfer i o i Ichiji a. §4,4 921 Maxwell sport touring. A too 92.1 Light 9 mud of tug. Baker 174 9 2.1 Fri i rim or 474 ugly i sex t �?z1 Lull. Shoo �?�22 011 of Orland i to 840 an a in. Ii ring. §1 it no i Quot it i Cim k .t4 144 it cml Luht i. I rut i 104 i v i ii i others i hey Doi Lars i p grades and terms for everybody Mcintosh Auto company a the sheriff pulls la Bajada we a re not talking a i tout sheriff Zamora but about the big six 120�?T wheel base Studebaker duplex Phaeton nicknamed a a j he sheriff a in Honor of twelve of the fourteen sheriffs in the state of Arizona. I High St univ durable car combined with All snide Baker qualities pulled la Bajada Hill in High gear on its Maiden trip to Call on the sheriff of Santa i c county f riday Mornine. I wed be 1 this Tai 111<�?~ i Iii it Yeii i ten Ili it is it any wonder then the sheriffs of Arizona have the t out to get their Man ? we have a Complete line models it it i this ear in Stock. All Tor a Demon Quot frat Ion of come in and let to take von for a ride in a the sheriff. J h open and can cd 214-216 West Copper phone 562 4pn sunday morning franciscan motors inc. I id 210 North fourth Street phone 888 them touring car 795 roadster 795 Type a Sedan 895 special Type a Sedan 1075 Coupe. 845 panel commercial car 885 screen commercial car 810 Chassis. 655 f. O. B. Detroit these astonishing new figures represent More than a Price reduction. They represent a Price sensation at one stroke they eliminate the necessity for Compromise in the Purchase of a motor car. They of an that henceforth no one need be forced by Economy to invest in less than Dodge Brothers Quality they mean that a car world renowned for its Long life and dependability is now Well within reach of every income. They Are in Ide possible by a $10,000,000 expansion program vastly increasing production and introducing the latest and most advanced efficiency processes into motor car manufacture. They apply to the finest line of motor cars Dodge Brothers have Ever produced Graceful and stylish new body lines. Rich and attractive new colors. Absolute smoothness of engine operations with new snap Power and silence. Perfected steel body construction affording among other things Complete vision from every Angle greater safety greater Beauty and longer car life j. Korber automobile company phone 783 2ig North f ourth Street Albuquerque n. M. A a Ess Brothers motor cars

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