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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 23, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico s leading newspaper in hey i Hihi yeah v it Iii. Is. No. 23,Albuquerque morning journal new Albuquerque new Mexico wednesday january 23, 1924. Price me Cairn feed he Grid jury or Couri dry is Breu to investigate la of Tufo Ooi Oil Fields representative of attorney general Daugherty attends Senate committee probe to take note of any irregularities or illegal actions fall is subpoenaed Nicolai Lene. Bok offers to prime minister let committee of Russia Dies make selection of peace plan Washington Jan 22.�?in Tho pres once of Ian it enforcement officers of the government thu Senate Teapot dome investigating committee took Steps today to Cai again j before it Albertb fall former Secretary of the Interior. And Harry k. Sinclair Lessee of naval Oil reserves in Wyoming. A subpoena ret uni Able next Friday was issued for or. J i All. Who is now in new Orleans and about whose name i sensational charges in connection with the lease have entered recently. The committee informed counsel for i ii or. Sinclair that it desired his appearance at the earliest possible Date after his attorney had expressed willingness to Cable to or Sinclair to return from Europe. Death occurs at his country Home near Moscow news comes unexpectedly to the great majority Moscow Jan. 23 by the asst # to a press a a Nicolai i a nine a it ruler of Aorist Russia in dead. Tisz end Canso at Bito o clock monday afternoon but Tho death in not renounced f re Soma time afterwards i be nine death charred a i unto Villa to r my a where i he had he in living in Quot Eli rement. Lit Carne after a Midden turn for the wore culminating in a stroke Volch paralysed Itta respiratory organism. Announcement of his death was de i Ole Al Bur tars soviet to Vav Jill it to permit senators to select from the 22,-164 proposals the Ore they regale As Best will pay Cost of a National referendum tape who has been Active in the affairs of the award is expected testify today wage increase for 15,000 in linemen on a y. C. Railroad vow Lurk Jan 23.�?a wage Ftp of approximately Hie per rent a few ago rot i to anti for ref Larrr Ami Hor a Mon Ltd of Tik sow Lurk front Rel Lino i he ctn re a. Al Mew it Tenter Ami in it or a in i per Recti to the follow to in errs a i a in or Arne or St Cynta per uni Milt freight mkt 3 to Jar he Milt Yard and Tenter Eert Lor. 82 cants in Day. Lewis demands ceo. A. Kaseman miners wage anxious to help agreement for 0. N. M. Students from of fir president of new Bank i la Lull us i Lullu wishes those wh0 had miss in vet # of his Den to. While hot unpeeled to Tho a who had Hern set him came unexpectedly the. Gurri t majorly. A Ute most ant reports had been that a i considerably int pro and in j Kitty. W Hile there or s teen Eon j t ten pious anxiety for i condition i a Inee to wan stricken in Lune Public attention i h lately w a Hington Tan Plaat from Adward the Senate com twit the propaganda select to pinos submitted in a Tigs a .64 Ippei Ute it the be Coolidge in part Tiv r a ? say ice on to nay de vol till go la rtt Lej a part of p in the a represents rat Daugherty mitigation was get Hgt a of m i. A try acted Ilia s to take note or illegal army one w Holch course of Tho inquiry. Law officer a forms end from the depart Merit duty the Day said that Law of Fie or a Ai a w a s o i Laking inv est feat lot a re their own account. Rho Anne us smart adult d that w bile i apartment waited the result of to recent men Dan on. If a a c it a the e commit ice this d d not to thai there would not is Mior a >11 if a it Deuce were i a veloce d a tent to Lay be a rec i. Of .1 u r a re a court. Besides lint Issue i r or. I ill. A subpoena also wet t i t for j. It. Zev by per Rons Frie i of counsel for mrss and or w i the j of in new a Flea is. Ii a peeled to appear an 5 on i re a will a a Eft a i dint it. Pm a Day b the of testified Ade to him Grattan f. Sii of re. Eoo ii i for Ilni min a Lair consolidated it my corporation testified today thai both or. Shit Lair mild or 7/,t la had Mfd him of a lib a an mid thai or. Cal cd in him <1 Tipre a cede i Purt Law a lion pm a mar to i a Ltd. Munford added that a knew that the Hon a bad hem Torii met at the a of Aho it i in nun and that ii a net Nti ii Quot in i foe to >1 a Tat a to Mau a such inane i ii a ii ohs ring Tho testimony Ai d j tie pro Fin a before the Senate the statement said i a of has been making some in Vestiga tans on its a a it n account during the time Tho Remata cd Rny j 1 of n it in rating Tine under Way. A pursuance to ifs custom the deportment of Justice gives attention to these matter. Of course not to Only under Moat Cairn Ordinary eases Dank it interfere with con Greenie Ria i inquiries while the Are under v in. A itis department a Tai the suit or a it commen Daf Ion if an the committee. This docs mean the it till <3 a it in rut to Walt until an investigation is a Ludd where evidence co in i to Lay before a grand jury i court h showed Quot of officials was Auff Cien to the belief that convict follow a beets i m directed to the Tiff it enc is among the com in Inlet a to leaders and particularly to Tatus of lean Trotsky w to it i recently announced was i t p baath and had gone away Foi rest. Little has been said publicly in t of Fiji quarters lately f so Reid Mthm but that Little j to i e f % hopeful nature. Long ref not mid Ion a ret r a and it we n it the n it it a hit r. Were predicting to be fib to Advt Cli of ministers. is of maths Mission and whore the Corn after the. In noun nil wit to tin t some r Clive it yes Ould soon the Colin his americans award the one it regards As will be prevented to the com a Mitten tee urn or. Bott wan informed late Tod no by chairman m a it a a. Senator i is wrote that the suggestion i it wholly fed-1 Side the Mark add of that of the the j committee a wishes to have there or documents i a the newer Euf Poona to secure them a r a 1 or. Wok in a letter to senator mom today in t ply to Ope writ i ten Birn yesterday by the a nun t. Said he would be glad to give to the author of the Plait selected by the committee a a a a when a your committee has selected the better financiers at Parley discuss Aid for Banks comptroller Dawes declines to make any. Public announcement of Progress that has been made proposal to renew existing contract with operators placed. Before delegates to convention Long term contract opposed by owners Money in old institution to go on with schooling sessions Are without fire Jan. It wan darned from an authoritative Gourev that the total de posit in the new Albuquerque National Hank it the clo of Bual be on tuesday. It cond Day were approximately $188,00�. The a Deposit were for the most part in Amati amount. The offt Cert of the Bank were much plea works attempts to at-11.1 �?Thv2. . A a a or. I opened up it a stated. Tack officials reports tuesday when in resold it o. I us a i a Cut Corge a. A Atman of Tho ainu Bau Echea by hair ique Rqn National ran Learned of a a i the statement of Prast Dertat Hassid Indianapolis and. Jan 22 it by fun of the i adversity at the define associated of my Lier tvs a1 of Poltor meeting it it a monday night i the existing Miner wage contract i us it several student of the Matt Aith the operator for a term a floss Vuu a a i "11? ills la i. ,. The or a a hooting for the remainder four years no the Prospect put not th9 Al or they had a j before delegates it the Twenty count in the rioted it ate notion y the Assn ninth convention of the United a Hank and state tru to and Sav n Fere Nee be mine worker of America at it tog a of. He cd pm a d a desire Lent Auve of opening a Lon today he Ujj Quot Ald or. Bateman Feuu rated Tjell Verng i report. A Reelda it up int Ujj fun no with John k hew is omitted any men a a Tbs it Hitt names of student Hon of an increase but declared j who plans for an education for a a Mage agreement for a term might he hampered by the Hank of j closing. A effectuated without a strike or by tor Ltd a mtg feel meet i v joint meeting of Tho commit sup Nylon of production he Aahl representing depositor of the this would be of constr octave help Hunte National Hank Ami the Blate Tan Diplo her with pendent talked Maut agreed in expressing the Tir. I n that in Ine a death a it did prot Baldy pro it it it o not general disquiet in itus Siv but t Rev theles would have Fin important political effect so Long i but in presented which re Van a have although not be rim and in the opinion j in Tho gov a to j Natl or Ament he was he it i and i d p sit Ion to the plan and $60,000 additional a Elf and when the plan in substance Cha of 11, is f and Talent is approved by the event Fey 11 noted Tate he air Job of said. A j offered to pay the Cost of a a Eon beetles it referendum on the commit j Mere official tee selection. Votuc from in or licks new offer duplicates he refuted that to the author it it of Tho plan any Way nor would he say Erie ted by Tow jury of award a a i whether today meeting ended the which propose Volt clean e top. A Jon Ferance. Earlier in the Day i Altun with the league of nation i Eugene Meyer jr., managing do however Fedor of the Ltd in finance corp american to lion and a other of Tho four gov i meat plated term financial re the government and Bankers and i Busine lenders i f the Northwest. Locking toward Relief for Bank of that sect lot broke up Here late j today without any Public in Wimunc Tenent being made of the1 Progress made in two Days m meet a tag. The maned approach to an an Noncen Tveit Tam from Henry a Danes controller of the currency t or representatives. President Coolidge vipers ind Catt announcement in this visit of Tro vent ,g.� must s to am Phov this in labor to come a into Power in creat brith at noon today Macdonald kisses hand of King and seals his Entrance into the High office of prime minister Stanley Baldwin and ministers forced out Exchange of seals Between members of old Cabinet and new will take Placa in Downing Street Landen. Jan 23 Fey the Aan coated pressed a the labor government got into action ahead of sit expectations a flames Macdonald kissed the hand of the King at la irk Ingham Palace this afternoon thus ailing i Entrance upon the High office of prime minister and the Exchange of Seal Between the my Niviere of the old Cabinet and the new will take place at the Premier official residence in Downing Street at noon tomorrow. The name of the new Cabinet ministers were published officially soon after or. Macdonald submit. A a a a a no in it to 11< my i i Olin Nim in Nisi Quot. ,.fj1 to restoring stability to Tho Indus Trust and having hunk a held try and would indeed he a Boon to i into tuesday afternoon in Tho of a the Coal Wear i flee a f i Faroe a. Lodey it was this pronouncement according j stated after the me Ting that Noth to Hui u of president Lewis and lug definite could be Given for publication regarding the committee s action but that they would have a report for the depositors meeting a the High a Chou auditorium on next tuesday night. Vuu j least Lee thab the now opt Titi h there the cd fete that in the Case of pm i paid aft award the $�0,000 is to he he plat Baa hrs n nationwide refer co a. In i my ii l i i diva it n. I the i Uteri Era Day leave for my Ming nit ii Rorrer eco retards it arrived Here Tea from Florida Xiv. Abir Toti Toussi appear before the the j pot Dot a i i in i a it i .1 s for a i. I will is Tarot j. W it Natl trickles into shooting Case Greer is alleged to have shot dines because the latter a kept Mabel hopped up turn. Referring to a realer to Quot basement that lie i and refused to answer questions As to the amount of Money a pent his the conduct of the american Pear a award or Bok said lie did h now definitely the Hup spent it re to he spent. He lid 1 that to it in Atter of a Yordi nary Good taste Quot la ought not to a placed in the p a Union of d o cussing the amount of Money its a Hpe Riding a in a service i have tid artak nor. Few Hub of of the Arnee can a aph. Chairman move replied that it a t i he regretted that or b is tit not of t ii outs i base his a a a finial Quot to answer the c questions it it a eminent representative announced he would leave tonight for Loux b do. Shut would hot a what the future action of or. Daw it a to. Cunningham rms t forge it. Jam a members of tin fed at Reserve Hoard and the tiler government representatives hit ground a a ii Trad of attempting a Ltd act yourself up a a privileged a i of or a t j whom a special Rule Ipp Liee Quot aside from re i ing the Bok no peal tomorrow Tho or a a Vitta a i of a the a would id is of Ottar w Ould mite adne req d e of in red t o n i Gilt h fill. Nos Vogee i a p 22.�? a plan i in Pic j a a i Xuy a n a Eft Lap us Mich pm her in i Barge 4h# Tinor of Junction to i cult to Iii to if to policy c Ore Mitt a of the i Jim a id 41h of the i a to of r i it j n amp 11 it i a a it ins <�?~ai6 it w j a i and who h As been a Clive in a if incl Chi n r to today to min i y a to it have affairs of the award. Off. R that ate Tine of Tho Lufi Tsoui ejected the offers of s new Apa pet a to assign space i i Ai led to an a port from to the v. Miry. I is is Reeme. The new spa per. W i ii i. Ret and that tent i b t that ii pm a the re i could i hat s r of of umber f a what v t ? the Pic -1 n ie1-, i1 do i h Curt a a pc the n tin or w a �?�1 told the f bin Sal con 11nned on i mgr two. It rth i Utida Itig of inc Denver Ull Juan a it ids of of or. It a Omer c in for Mal. Norma of Trees Niv car s Tel t. Two pot Creeh front the a stand jingled the Gla i a pm b 1 s Hota that suddenly ended afternoon my ova tit paly dines it in it. Police officer main desc rib i Greer s visit to the police stat wit is arc pistol i the grand jury to c no bite Tai Rescue Crew of to report the shooting said that s Greer declared in shod Din bios us latter a a a up Mabel hip i Ped ask cd to ? or ii i r i a la to whether he eat i narcotics i or liquor a a rear or policeman i Auld replied a liquor 1 police lieutenant i. Go a Mun in ving a Ler. Pc in die Saree connection. Reported g Cep As having Aru my a Vii arc Ih-1�l� Amire Judy Ila Libs Condu a i do net Hpe or a it piles in the cold no it of Rev. Thomas Denver minister said to have accused u. S. Prosecutor of being in league with bootleggers tit re state District judge Colin 1 Neblett of new i ulc i sitting Here for j it la lid this after a pates attorney will appoint a a cuter Here to a it i in v t-1t i Gat ing Hargea j a i i to pulpit and press led states District Atli y Hilly or by the key Itta or. Thorn a Patant Avenue methodist Rel that or. Ill Jer us Hook Guf re and mid the n of 11 or be y. Urn had been j n f in i ooh attention bushed Cut it a a Pere re Ai Gino to steady Stream get Chi a Azo banker a Geed before the it. Of a cd today a id comptroller 1 i a it i a v. In understood by porno to indic St that a it a t Hong tangible in till h yes of i Luea aures he a i. Decided it ii and had bet Ai St to t to the White it. A. Quot a Ltd he tag a a to old fit Coolidge had Ait is Meed this morning that the fed Oral go rom coif would Dot everything in it pow of to i a Dan o to Hurt Nix lit cry to if situation in a he Northwest but added that he Felt the government should not fee a a peeled to car incurable ill or re place losses already made. Oso Fig m. Res folds a Hilr Nuxol a f the Hoard of the cont rental find co re me feta i Natrona hanta Chicago s largest financial institution and the second largest of the a on try a one of Tho appearing before the conference today Eugene a Stevens View presly of the 11 Unta merchants Quot a Ald to be the i a a it tatar Reed fit an i ii Leader of the City on banking conditions to the Dakotan n. It i m a nests was another a All so is or. Dawn and by a # octet is a was in j. Faith a presided of the i Iii no merchant bunk. I our Ila ult defunct but the opening of i conference yesterday four Banks in Tho Northwest District have either dosed Iii sir door or announced in Tendon of Pofeng to Tho International tale Bank of Sioux Falls s. In and Tho a Western National Bani of my hell s. La closed their doors yesterday and today the Security state Bank of havre., about of it thai on Effort will b made to a lose a contract for a term of four years or i Ore instead of front year to year a at present. The operator have already been advised. I was and have i a by tired their opposition to a con j i t in it obligating them for four Yea re or even three years. A a i Jymy them it i believed would i consent to a renewal for two years and Pip by to a for nothing More i than # contract for a year. Talk among the scale committs a members which i headed he Frank find ringtone the Illinois president and formerly a Leader of a factional fight against resident Lewis is that the Miner will go to Jacksonville fla., february 11 to demand a four year contract and that the operators will counter it with in offer of one year thus paving the Way for a renewal for two it ars. It was pointed out that a two year contract is the longest eve. Rough heretofore had in item ignored s a to tens w e re wit h o tit firework. All attempts to attack he report of the president was president Philip Murray and Bec rotary tree surer William Greet were squelched by Tho a hair with tits n to vice a to Walt until tomorrow for the committee s Itsel Dent Lewie completely Jug snored radicalism in his report and pops a of the officers mentioned a in a till i , former a Nan president who was deposed by Lewis firs noticeable applaud was drawn by a portion of v in president Murray report when he attack to radicals and Quot Quot propagator i of fifty a even varieties of new ideas. A i evolution i our Middle-1 name Quot he said a the nation was founded on it and we been j ii �11?.i#r St to lib i fist provocation Ever slue. The Only thing Veare fussy a bout to the Brand we tie. I a number of the boys fire attempt log to introduce the Var a to in thl country but i can attest to it Upp polarity in this country there is too much soap too Many Ghi it a a and net enough whiskers to accomplish the heard a cd philosophy of drastic flute adopted tomorrow when the committee on officer Quot report is triad thin part j of or. Murray a address will cause i an outburst from Many of the Rad Cai delegates it i believed. Al Philip e. Van Cise will be candidate for seat in Senate colors do Spring. Cota in. 22. Colonel to he Llop la Van cts Dis tract it torn a of Denver county w ill he a a a of id ate for the Republican nomination for t noted in St is , to succeed senator tee retie a Phipps. It was understood hot today. Van Cise who so dressed the annual convention of the Colorado sheriffs association this afternoon a inter asked of he would he a candidate. A i have circular ised the state on the subject of my candidacy he said a a it hat is of fur As i have gone and that is Nata a i wish to cow to of myself at this time. He declared that the democratic Paul it a in Colorado a in the hands of Tho Radical element White the reactionaries dominated the re publican and asserted that a eth progressive forces of the Republican party must unit on rent Lead or in whom the Public tins conf Dene a in Iii am in in rom ment Socorro a. Jan. 2. It Gas i ration in the new Mexico he Hoe of mines which closed at noon Hows a six per cent increase in the enrolment Over the a meter just closed authorities declare that till prospects to for an unusually successful year. I lab win goes to Palace Stanley Baldwin met his Cabinet for the last time us prime minister thl morning. To then proceeded to the Palace for the last official audience. Ilia final approach to the preclude of Royalty waa made like Ida Bret in a Humble taxicab. He started to walk through the Park but had to Hail a cab a a Refuge from the people who Presa cd around him. Boon after his departure the labor Leader or. Macdonald descended in the Palace Yard from a private motor car. The Brottish prime in in biter a he now is attired in frock coat and silk hate neglected none of the conventional ties of office. With him went two of his colleagues. Jam Henry Thomas and John Robert Dynes True to the proletariat typified Fey Bowler hats and Short jackets. They attended in their capacity of privy councillors for a privy Council was presided Over by the King at which or. Macdonald was worn in a a privy councillor. Ital a it lip Nam adjourn Partty Lwiws 11 wow los deliberations by adjournment of both houses until february 12. Later in the afternoon or. Alec Donald a again summoned Gem n meeting of the labor party to the Palace when he presented to to King the names of his ministers his own people gave the new Premier s warm Welcome when a merged from the Palace. In the House of commons air. Bald win the retiring Premier j merely announced that the govt eminent had tendered its Resigna Tion to the King and that its res ignition had been accepted. The he us adjourned until february 12 Ort the proposal of or Baldwin. In agreement with the new prime minister a Star witness for prosecution in n. Y. Forgery trial branded As a traitor and blackmailer new York Jan. 22.�?cb Bertsall Phillips chief prosecution witness tit the forgery trial of an �1� Roon state superintendent of the anti tin Loon league of Newyl Ork decided not to open because i Rule to rebuke any member for i today was characterised by formic withdrawals nod the conduct calculated to disturb the a pm r governor Charles s. Whit the fire of fetish on Blockman National Batik of fort convention enter mont., decided to go into fetid to expel him upon the second voluntary liquidation to practice never before resort cd to withdrawals from Loux Falls was adopted i Biol Banka a said to have Heron a so Large in to Han per every Bank of the Chis ii a of Thrift Stamps Treasury Cert i fica a Sud than pass in postal saving deposits bail i a a larger than Normal. Egret i of the riches by attune it. I happiness. In a it paper last week or. Thomas i .0, a a Gtna n or it being Berlin re Gera s a a eth set of Ine Truc a v. As Dis. A riches did not bring happiness to 19-year olo Creek Indian girl Muskogee okie Jan. 22-�?five thousand dollars daily from Oil it i <1 Kyxie Fife in Sears old Reeg Indian girl from poverty to it has not brought her in it a partial report of the Ere i a ii t la a it com Mitt a delegates from Kansas were refused seats Secretary treasurer Green said the Union a i in a most healthy and wound financial condition and not with Taw Ding the relentless Opp-1 kith die i t3<j Tuii Jno fit in All the i Border line of in. Jurisdiction it has maintained the Pak Point of its numerical strength the Treasury he a i showed a balance november in. I pcs. Of $1.117,021.16, Aud a total paid up my i bar he a of 603.23s. She agreed tfx pay divorce settlement to i in the Farmer boy n married a in after in red on her allot i a i have beet Torney Genera Washington will appoint St Denver lawyer to take charge of the in v St i Gat in of this Melter. In a few Days i Hope to be Able to Tell you the of Thiu attorney. Leu Are empowered to Call any number of with ase of the flew. Thomas so desires who will either Bear out or prove false the claim of this Man. 3 of arc ordered to make a 2 men indicted on a a charge of violating a a or ? state banking Laws 1 / "�?T,r"m1v Roadside Ori in so posed Popi a a a Haw Rig ton. 20, who sunday Rel fit re on a i if mile outside Helena Mont Jar 22.�?-l. Q. Shot and killed Jack King local in Cruz three naval tug 1 Skelton state superintendent of a cafe proprietor whom he attempt id been a a int from amen Banks and other director let the led to Rob. Was sentenced to death her a if Anco j defunct banking Corpora ii re of i in the electric chair today by a by the Montana were indicted by n grand i judge James i. Fac Lee in Law tract a thl minister Niento Sod she left a set a House on or. Billyer was the Prairie for a modern Home i a prosecutor in with Throe expensive automobiles my the charges in her garage an an indictment today process servers were seek j t m \ Tel layer or leg i re Kufalk her Home w la j a a Proi Fei treed Imper Sigil by mrs Ollie a Arr Dei. I a. 11 on at it it Henry n or n Deputy a her i. A id i a a a in Iff ail zing that the Rich Indian a i girl had alienated the a fee Lions of j notified that it her husband. Mrs. Carr ask j Daugherty at $�?z�.d00 dam a is. I friends of the girl said rho a pre liar no to a a a a f a California with a Bungalow fit Hollywood is i. Her object Ive. Been completed Between tire Maxi j been associated with several miss Eckles plans drive to eliminate illiteracy in n. M. Santa be Jan. £2.�?that she got scree valuable pointers As to How other states Are fighting illiteracy Wake a de by miss Isabel Jackles elate superintendent of school in a ism is included in the Aalt Ber return from the National ii this bring the surplus War Matey governor Mon principal defense counsel us a traitor to his country a blackmailer and an extortionist. Attack t no a pcs mentation the attack delivered in a barrage of alternate questions and accusations caused a sensation in the court i torn crowded to the doors for tin second Day of the trial in the course of his denunciation the former governor accused the Star v ii new of having attempted to a Mae ii to Ute Tho Hague head to a half score interests identified with tin forties opposing prohibition. Philips left i be stand facing another ordeal a court wus adjourned until u of o clock with Whitman in the midst of the Cross examination. Conspicuous among their a mentioned As having been approached by Phillips for Money in return for Bis Promise to a deliver Anderson were the Rockefeller father and son Henry j. A limb i in official of Tho Foj Etschman brewing interests and the National Brewer association numb a of new York newspapers colonel Jacob Bupp it a Brewer and owner of the new York Yankees Ami Titi. Gillett chief counsel for the new York us a division of to association against a a disposes of untie to i imbibition inc dment. It to to i Floc Ai if am of in a Kink the 1 Mir Whit Man charged that Milit of r in Luleff i Phillps. Who said be now was a ammunition delivery to fund solicitor fur the Young menus o is pm n Christian association offered to be made at to Raso a deliver Anderson fur 125,000. The name of j. In Morgan and another company was mentioned by Whit Man in connection with fete Maccumb men another lot of t Washington Jan. Sale of surplus army War materials to the Oregon government fens Hatton that Phillips had in ran embassy Here end officials of the Washington government. The transaction involves the delivery to representatives of the mexican Federal go Vernm it at la paso Texas of five thousand Enfield rifles and 2,Roo army Colt 48 calibre Autem at to pistols. A Quantity of pistol ammunition in port and Ore Safe. A cry criminal Viola banking lass. Ire Char the of 81 ate plea the execution literacy a a reference in Washington d. C. Where she also conferred with to m. Senator Jones As to the introduction of an anti illiteracy measure in Congress. She is work the sentence followed a ii a our plan for a definite Cam j mexican government will pay guilty april 4 was set tor i Nign to a urn Ina in ii literacy in slightly Jess than $700,000 for the w Mexico i entire to. Ter is is sold by the United states to Mexico to a total of 10,000 Enfield rifles fight air planes five million rounds of Rifle am Unitan and 2,500 revolvers or pistol. The who had purchased from an employ in the Morgan offices info phases by the allies and had there based by the Antes and bal thereafter hold the secrets to american in unities interests. Quot did you rot to addition to abandoning your wife and six old Loren attempt to sell out your country 2�?o the former governor thundered. Witness stammers the witness stammered hesitated thou replied in the negative. Pressed by the attorney he admitted liar lug had Burines relations with some of the men later identified As having been concerned in the Sale of munitions secrets but pleaded that he knew nothing of their activities. Phillips the third witness of the Day. Told under questioning of assistant District attorney record. Of his employment by Anderson a a league fund solicitor in. May 19ll, a it do Anderson i we Ould work. In a Tan per cent Tatofi Natalon Baals Phillips testified a but he said he would have me sign a con tract giving me a salary of 20 per cedi of the first $25,000 i collected. With to per cent of a very additional sum. Anderson told be to wanted to enter into this agreement in fool the Rockefeller who had been told any league collector would be n a salary basis and not in commission arrangement. A Anderson said to in i get $10,000 a year end i won t let anybody in this organisation get any More than i do when your commissions come to More than that amount you la have to spilt with to fifty-fifty., i agreed be Cartel i had to in order to hold my Job Phillips then related that the first commission split occurred in of is when he govt Anderson approximately ,5o0, in 1920, however his commissions totalled 818,893, he said. Without his knowledge to explained Anderson Budhi Andersons share of the commissions paid to him in checks drawn to himself by the leagues assistant treasurer against Phillips salary account. Protey led to Potter a in March 183/&Quot he continued a i received an office not that the government internal Revenue de part input had been noted that my Inco Tae for the previous tax year 1020, had been $18.89$. I protested to William Ai. Potter then head bookkeeper that i had received Only a utile More than $14,000, More than $4,000 having gone to Anderson on split commissions. He said he would be about it a Phillip said Potter discussed the matter with Anderson and that Anderson directed the bookkeeper to Transfer on the books $4, from Phillips salary account to the leagues botel and travelling expenses account. A new statement was made out for the government and he paid income tax Only on the sums he had actually received. Pee Ora introduced into evidence an order signed by Anderson directing Potter to make the Transfer of the i too item on the leagues books. The witness was then Given Over to Whitman for Cross examination

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