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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 20, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico January 20, 1924albuquerque morning journal i Tri have a mf4 Tai i Tirol Quot my Rake Jemal Adoti Emmate pay morning journal classified rates minimum Cit Argo 35c or Rel 1 a 1 i i Ortii i 3�?tnt Rte i it i St a 80 a p is a Perline fit or Tso psf Olliie Tift per in help wanted. A�1r w a i 2,100, a a Vav. Free a no a set i-02 at to 11. 44. My a Quot Fly 5 Money Money Money a min any to loot to have car a to at 3 $ a to a Ift filet Mort. Emu ill y n Varna v in Quot Al. I t and is Par to i out Rota p mourn brute i m Olughan Reali or to Gobi a u i Martina a a a in i to it a i ills milk Brand now to in a for an or. V it a is roof i c0tts$e, Ehlts finish Hardwood Boom bulb in Faut Tifa on lot 50x1 in Only a 4 .0, Titan payment Down. Bals be Uke rant. Up a. A Martin company realtors 223 to. Gobi Piton ibs Tea she pm h in in to by Faro i abet we cd on Ann a Trot a Day. It to Tad fur a r i paing Bual ated in to St i eaten in filing t it it a Cokelet i leg a a j i which Arr i a with beat an cwt i must Lese s count heart. J v ii Koike a a excy Hiti ran innit in Len Tyda Limas no pm a it waft o so. I x. Iii \ noun Ca you Nam any Altif fest than rial Vitato in album air a us ? a Flet till a it Anda in out proc on i Hon 1400.Ort, a r my Motif i Brills s tarment end Brick porn go Only j i too. Ena Pavin att to. .1. Ii. Al i Ell i it. Limiter phone 4io rift a Gold Hoti i or ii woo no Watt Ani a inf a fend no Nee Alan fan Buat Naa the gee Acauan. Tbs in pm a san a Rou t a a a i Tern kill x a ii Kah Oil oat fit us Pouf the or t. A a j i or a a i it it r prom Hhd i Nan it net i it it Al it Ai feet inn Sui to write or to a a a i It Pettlon a a, r it a Ion Sale r a United i a at a b rear it Prtela a it re a tory fetid Hardwood or ptts porch la a Fri to porch furu., a. Rara be attache to House cot re a Jot torti4j feat East flite Ament a near to never she. Other Good buys in Homes and Busine property a. Fleischer realtor fans Orenco surety Bonds Lorna no. Iii b fourth phone 6 74 for rent room. May a i or i fell Al phone to for it tint a Rte it a Quot a i re in is a Rel Xii sri or m. Ii in Frost a Jfe it a i r feat Isi South Retith. _ i i Kont Quot a a in a it i it Iii t in t a to i r i i Quot i for Sale houses. Kwh a i urn ba1 a term a. Loath Klith. It Alc m Rte Enaul it Raill i j it it Ira stucco is1 Furnace flt in i Afke to it int it it fit 1 a j ,02 to Tea by user flew room . 1844-3. In furnished House Atli a Quick Asia. For rent houses. I i a Axt a in it i tilt Hen to my the furnished cottage. Issi Hgt uth for rih. I Rte rooms. Soi ii la u 3 k re in t 40 West to tart. Pm a res i a i keep a it. Tit j in Pok Sale a i m Elm a to it i Welt Hub i two left esp a on Ute to Tea Ina it i in. I prom. My n rth second. Mum. Rooms t r a by hour it k i7j wee t in Marte individual Arar. A. It amt teed. T r Par a shit Taca Janet i Forth third. Karol e i Arr heated room with sleep a in Perch. A North Lush. A Kou rent one nicely furn Lahado roam i a Quot. Etch 78 Kerf ii i. A rvs a a a. j iut. It Rel Shkik to in iting k Lenin a rear isl r or cd Yareh Maia j. I no Ltd a sleeping rooms in Privet a he gone a ,7-w. Fill West a waste in a Jorl North third. A to my sir laundry to Raj Boe a pc the. Betel is a it re. Apr wan re Matt. Apr it on renin i r tis East it in i a1 i v. T y nth 5 Vitro Roc a in nil third for it ext sift modern pions a lube room Brick unfurnished House with garage phone Sot a Fop Fex a r nth cd Tea in is inquire is South a a Venth. For i ent wat fun Al tied Quot our room Foh . St furnished a it a a h a use a Ray in e. Phons it a a. Vale Fain i clo n. I two furn Lahado four room Butki Galesia i he Skik Pinci j in a Lallande. Apply it asses to Gertral. J porch cd a a 9 so rot rent a i re turn it and i us a j rooms at earn tate., h log j. Hee we adults . Rhine water. Nevi Marion Mot lev v in a Fop i three to Basuki a two a 7 v in. R. Jutt a. 11 j # a ii h no tit i it re in Housek Erlna i it v i to Raa k in so Ihrer Iii House. Under is. Hon at i 1 it North Al rat or at Isi Mort ii Pei Ond. A a rent when i to win Tutty a nne a it in Honeo i salt1, lie to and water. Inquire in put in ii Vii Beauty Futy furnished Sevan Hue. Corner t. At a each Rifca. A Nabia it offer refuted. 204 Booth to Fht Arre Finch thre mites from town. Hood re mom i in Art rut on g it lrr1gap--n sit h. Rap it i it a k. Ii. a Rry Tiu or fir a it i i�4 wet Ltd Ray. A Buji Ith i r offer it itt Corner lot at 14th and new vote ear front he a j h exp Gaur on pavement priced right for Quick net. Just completed a Horn consisting Els rooms Brick construction. No set Oak floors riled Bath room with Btu it in tub a necessary built in features. Al repay Erofili and rear Porchea hot Witter it id.000.00 in food term. Alai. To , realtor i hone to 313 a. Gold Kingsbury column a keen Little Home a Retona in Arn in respect wet arranged built in feat Urta Large clothe Vioteta select Oak floors hot water heat extra toed plumbing Good basement Good porches garage East front full Sis lot this heme is built Adobe and oho the beet constructed Homes in the City located in Good location. The owner this property la leaving town and a priced tame for a Quick gals. 4th Ward lots we have two Corner Iota in Cream residential Section. Priced at a bargain kith Good terms for Quick Sale. D. T. Kingsbury realtor phone a a re. Pm. Ism 210 West Gold Avenue m mix a woo ,. Himot. I r,.f iom>00n a Quot a a Quot a House converted into 2 205 a Gobi insurance loan in inmate apartment furnished. R Imp. I monthly income Iii . Primo for j quirk Yule for rent a a Arimenta. Hoi it 14 n two to a furnish inf it Fern xv.. an two room , attain at i mjg rial rot Ai Loh Hext it Wii int in. A a Iii Jota. Ret vat Coal. Two Nim front rooms Otis Bleck wast i r chops 9 4 r Ufi Thor 1 furl hot Howe. Iii w. It fruit Penna new to it i St modern four Rini .1 Tiki. A i Ai . Phi it a t 14-31. To Vic phom fun a or Ltd apart Myrtt. Sight. For Sall room Fratny Bath to late Etc. Full Tut i a a Cash $4 00, term. Emir room stucco modern f2.-f�no it Ash 11. Orth and term thro room modern furnished 12,30. Cash $400. Term a it Exchange Tammi Brick in by paso Villi Loo for Home in Highland Quot. Some Good rentals furnished and unfurnished. Al is. Ellen r w Alker 215 8, second phone 3ij Ackerson a Griffith 1u.altou8 122 b Aid the. Phons to for Sale 14,210 Doss in. A room Adobe furnished and 2 porches rent Al til two apartments at Isa per month. Good terms and ii 4 a bargain. R 7 a or i airy. To p it it wait it jul it fight us a a i a re or g re Ina i for Sale miscellaneous. Modern furn Lah Bossa Emma Flat Arp v 17 re. I 1 a a a. Will Iak y a 1 car 01 int ski a ached apartment. By it a heat 1 or a i by term add Imek car i w Cli Addis in. 14 wast it Lar a it to it a b Quot la Arr j. 1 Aren i in ii j a. 9 it Nevai. Pas thru Albuquerque realty co. Phons 673 pm first National Bank bldg a shr 1 this must sell pumice heat basement two sleeping porches flee Large rooms Beautiful Bath Den garage Are some the features this Modem Adobe stucco House in growing Section fourth Ward Large lot and garage. Place for chickens and rabbits. All got for Only 14,000,00. Terms. Guthridge amp Clark i a finders Homes 210 1st Natl Bank Poona 429 steam Flora with Privet i it orb Israr. 021 it re a no in Rel Fhone 31# to i i Sis to or Art tie a Hrej 1 i Hita. Rien i East it Plov a i Smtth h s eke e fix win play de lad turn i t h inn a a i cozy by Ream fit Onlah a. I for Rau Ligating Ai i o . It. 3t Brick built in Ftp Rolar and built to. $18,16. Till 14i�-w fur a in porch Arr a i heat Geed Harvard. I pea ver Diane far a Eltty. Weft it fee. Have to Atelj. Rot it room furn ahead apartment. Water i Mien 99�, 5 Tewner phase i3u-w. J and lights Reid Pill fill wast Era i. Tw.-. Yaar-m�.� Tonari. A m Jyh me a offer in Torta four Fem Marquette j $ a i right to. Fun i/11#? Itf-fl1? f,r-1 Hils Brit in in item a Mac j Roh Irwi 4, a i it h. �?~.1 Quot it la it no furl us garage ssi to at in turf fun i Mutt i it put in fir in 4 few any phone in Rion a a a a -4d-j. I a a a no. In re fur Salby old a snap Manor for lawns r., a a met a a a i int ii be it it. In part mint one and Flowers. J Hojic its a no ctr 1 n and win sail j re to and porch tis Sis South Amo. a t or car Utah to Dot a 1.1 a and atom pm sort 411 i bit lit Naxos to Quot a. Can r a a cd a in a it Rel v i re j a mid and a a a. I or Lima with Fred it fill a terms. So Wen slate. Whoa up in Ihie apartment a or. Terne ,. I avg it �?�47 or Stacey. Be pm vhf r m 147i-r for a bargain Price Stets Isa a a 7 r a. A t�?T4ft Safe one set puce a a mm4 re a or a 1 11 a Quot Quot a Quot a a Quot a a one g i Sec a is per m-.,. Prirca for a a re. Quot by a or Biary a or i Rynn porch. South b4�u in at a Tim Pas a Utica amp Wood. 4 a a ,. ,. Rte Wear Fin i. I m Hev. A a Tifi and hath ,. A in 2 t my j i Fin r Bernard a. Is Eyster a kinds insurance. Real estate 112 South third Street % Fhone. 14 per to . Rene exr j Vav vet do ii ii. in per get j. A a x pc v in. F eds a room h t Central j try a Ai api y cric Waher. A rent wit i a Hhd a it at use nihed w Chi h. To. It let d put a Man i .i.e. A. A a a or i Wrt a a old town. River a id Robert it met a. I a -4 a i i tilt a a i i i v 11j Job a 1 a a s. Or j pm i Cang Albuquerque. Two room . Or. .8.a i in Arn Lino x mat acetate agents Elm it he a plan ometry �84 rear Averin Baa a a Anda re uss. Tie. Do \ t1 a j ii a Vav to car journal. . Phone . A r m w in i a. F Par month. Key a in be 4 76ll few in to paved sir _ for rent i a plate v fur la 614 Vert t ii. Afew the Teal Lucre be Hicl Ion. Next by in the City i t . Modern in t water heat t d a rage Mutt i for Hilby a few it phonograph. Lac it 86 c in Mia use be month a a a a a Day. For in run Nom. W. 1 adv key-trr.i it to St#1y fun Riih j family private in i i #15 went a a i -. Even t a Tom in Phat for Kent rooms with Board. I by a Fri Al flt la. Tahr r#bra-1 a modern Boma n. In v. Rih Sec it titular. Piny part car Xiii Anil a v , Cit in fit. 7 a a rate on tit built no w a s t e a Thi i to r i a i w m 1 t 2jl. J male or Kern a la irk at a Niebert j a Fok Ken a us ii a a i. 63 i i 1 it m taa Pihu a a a a b. Salt a i inquire 111 it a1&Quot kor Lenov to it mod writ Quirn to Isid for Hin Galow. I int Fly a re it it. A tit who i tor his take an j in is. J nerf i # t i Ltd a m p. I a pm living \ a a it in a it i me at i 417 How the j fan Hun Vul ii in a r month. I Tea m he sled porch am a Central a Cru it i in is ii to single Furnaro seat cd t Vav eat u a it Ulm the hem Ujj it Sis North tenth. Is v wast g do. I a a n i. Jas. was i a Furoli in Cut to tax a j p Orch. In-1 r we i Ereal i Eft Hoard. Rho # 174 7 Vav. A re. Ii to a i. Al a. Fart. i i 7< v n ter it for. A room b no or. In a ept t porch. I tit Quot Revoir. A i to i to x to j get a a wanted Kane a a Denar and j ii a keeper. % i a Fiat hex i i. in j for Sale real estate e Coit Ca North first. Apply a a has x i. A two r 7n a Irtz a b r Marque k a a i Slat or. R i t a Xii i a rant h or -1 ii in Ltd. Ira i. a Cpl ii p is Wert Marquette. $5 7s0 North fourth. J a n rms Cotta a and j in lately furnished i Fie a it it a a. Z or Ira or i. Haul Earth Walter. Inquire t Horn j9t8-m. A i outs aph Furu a arg s. I 14- a Ireglia Hoot wits i i it a month it a Aland inquire Sisr i j in 1419 j. I Xic Eft Tori Perch Bat it with pin phone tool phone will Tell for i in Fern Lehew Apic me Gas said 1 to it can a get i.uitw.8 fir Quick Aal a it. I to t ton. In modern it a Columbia use the Foj a it Tutu nosed ver y Mala Mcafe tor lit Sun ii Strtt. _ 1 a a 1 Hau i a a i id pm Tilky. Till be apartment Fps Clara apart j and Uso it scr Natl Eiml aah leg int nit i. Rant apply it lie else. Later. 46 hurry gun $100 Cheek in Cabins and Bath per cent off Fuji tin retie and in i Hook s Rill Tidoni. At regular Price the eat n Supply com Furni Frad. With Bath. S re �li.4 a a Al to in cat. Jroy Baal Fen Jie Tun Smie bu., our Price make i Ira apply it 774 Erst cant Tel. I a a. To p i. Pitilli Orapha plane Wmk a i Stree rom apart met Light kill Quot a ave a a a Dpi Alhi end pm. Be paid. Am heat. Hot end no and violin deaf gated by i h a water 4 a Veuth brew Degy. A mtl9. R th0 a Imp giant talc or fent i c i i m for John Forn tailed inventions the poet a. Ade it pm a up Aimar. Wit sleeping p.-t�?��?�.-�#. Foj a for to their. Chil writ phone or . And i a month St South Broadway. George in learner. Piano Cor a a. Iii Ort i960. I 4 t h waiter a a que rape n m Phi one to fir clean apart apply at tuning Lilac-4 5 8 Volt or off aia a a Rifer 43 Mart a furniaii�4 in in in in Mirror. S fir. A private . Towel Bari a the Fri Koh Kalb 11,400�?three-room Frame fur air , plastered City water electric lights Fendorf High $100 Down and $30 monthly. $1,500�?�?-Good three room Frame House a furnished a Good buys #150 Dot jew i and $26 monthly 3.500�?whi build close in third Ward a modern three room cottage poo Jot Bitte prints at our office #200 Down find $30 monthly. $3,100-�? a modern room House newly painted and de corned All Hardwood floors Hull in features North part fourth wards $100 Down and to monthly 5.75$�?new six room White stucco near i never sly a a fiend. Bouse modern in every details $800 Down and $18 monthly. Ural ext at ii magi i hone 20, 408 Weait Copper Home nmn #3,800 for this modern atone 4 room residence garage Oak floors paving paid last Central big bargain. #3,550, 4-room Brick Stone almost new Hest part fourth Ward Oak floor and built in feat urea real Good terms. A 3,130, 6-room Adobe and Alt fur n thu re. Close in South Walter beet in town. Good Aud Good terms. Albi i Erke realty co. Phone �t3 314 first National Bank bldg. I room Brick kit eco fourth Ward Hardwood floors Furnace garage and at Tractive terms $5,750.00 and the Good . A. Ii. Milner phone is room 33�?T# w. Central Ideal land for fruit grapes. Berries and Chicken ranch beet land in the Valley and at a Pulca that mean doubling your investment within a year. Buy i or to acres at the earns Price you would pay for a 50-foot lot to Tho Shurba. Small payment Down balance on easy terms. Bee Steve Roehl 4 h Miles North town professional cards. Raft Myers a Iti nor private t s soul4 sixth. \ ran for a pm top it aul Cli in Ward. Tel hut a a Mer a Tea a Nfn a w Bung Ca Axl sixth eau a tit apartment Ait Utt Frulan Ert except rang. $37.16 per month _ _ r r 1 Roe Serif Orn room Rego room ? i Cie to Rrt a her # Ara apart not and in for lid a. Apartment Cie. Olith # Ivy Ping Ewh r psi4, 4 % wast a Quot a a kor rent offer it atty Ehne 781 mattress renovating Art s Erat a. I it s8iv4 East Centra ext a a fit �,.-i-Sa Alee Ping Ming want coup # tor each. I a Fra. 4 a Vav. Soma we sir rec Weir Tea per weal Elute it apart Petit. a Ai.4 Bathe v a it in heaping basement centrally Lo-4-w i air Ali we building. Affine or apply Bragg a a her Iacy win fact for me Fly occupied by to it the be end Krable have bean Nee Dan Matadi three Maas Era Sarge and air a Dave stun beat want and outlier a to a h Milner 81 Xuwu i Menife painting i Noel Baga Ovner bag 1 vkrs1ty it to i to til. Traits Llusa or Kaff a t Sty i a a a Quot a t a rent Madera 7 a Furnace he r Greffe rent Raae Nabit 165 rest Fentri. I for Rexi a i or Quot or Brid Netts a j m Dan. Two p re Hee. 90s South bread in a Way. Jonq More champs on. Grocery $ .4 hts a Quot West tiler. Phone 150, Quot in. For a knt a hip a4- fur Lahe j i it tiring fab sary Ai i March i j n in a a eople Only and nest v Clr a i angina. I. Morris the rift i big or rent St. Adj or automobiles. Had.<50 be ii charge. Room a and r Ace at l?f7 me i ii t by Exerv. Re. Nuree a. Rep mar a Reb or Are Isnec it a a phone 11633.1 to to run apart very private and Godein ale furnished bedroom to a arty Iii beat a j Sis i Painti Kaey it a Nln ., apartment completely far a , Gyu Rente or i four to m apart tit at Phum Tiff a Ell n a rags Delry i. . A. A apartment Vav # 4 Koel. A j it no Peper banging. in fur a a4 a i ,. A paperr�n1na Cit near a Chi a.1 a fully Given. To hone ult Vav. Ii. A. Lewis sri. I 5 404 South Arr. As Neicy to rough paved j Quot including v Atar garage i a a the t 1.1 ten til. Re. In 3 797-j. Ii Wei by renovating Tomee met tree Aud Tutow into a new or Weeh to. A Rug and car Pate a asked. Team denied dry cleaned sited Al or sewed furniture aph Olate red. A me treat Ca. Phone s828-w, for Sale a livestock. Seven Breeding a Golf you want a is Rabbit com a and a Tebee. 17-ftl n rib it to i Oil male Young fresh a Reey cow. Appl a. Vav a a a a n. J ult Are. Tho t>rli1 fms typewriters. Typewriters Alt make Over neuter end repaired a i it a for every it nil a x Ibn Coafou x pert a a Chang phone a a Ila South Smith. Wal sign and Wilson Mornay room 15, 17 end 19. Onmi Wau building. Phone tjt3. In Nuhi it Rinn and or . It to a talk Quot Quot Quot Quot. Dale areas the up Tongoh Sun a Aern Eit Mut ining bit. A to Clarke. Rya Bat. Nos and threat Ferneti building phone ass office flour a 9 la to and i to 4 do. A p eni ill Palmer school Giad Nata. 263 a vat Central. Albuquerque. Mass age and Bath Parlord Quot a a Beetle p Smith Mee Seuea. ban Ion a methods. Ream it melt i fun Quot fat a smog a. War Stam Amu a rent tailored out Angl Butte dam and it Springs. N m. Meet All train at bag Lex leaving hot Spring at toss a in and 8it0 p Ai. Old dam Drivers Best dam cars Sath dam to. We drive our own Aam. Write for rear vation at our a a pass. Heffernan Bros. Props net Springe n. we. Rehab s by cheap or re i o n is i v Safe a Tivoli fete in Corner i i room ated Ai to a i it. Good i Oca up it . Light pries i r Quick Phat by a it i a c Hick in i to lid a t.7-. In j-4, its Etraola for % it vat Herr apar4 it t Butine Boul. On it ext a or and Milf i a a b Rasht no Furr Thart sew a Inq 11 re i a hath to it to soft two Porcha a re get to or Furnace v. J a. T i 7 Al top v r or re sy�?318 Curt three A a a t p i 5 arg a it a a i j. A it inc a a i attractive i height a fit it by Ekfelt no in features hat photo Vav la old parti kor Salib a . Mill a it by 9j4 weal gis"4 Copper a pet Cerine. Wanted position in n ,.a need a scsver.g#r7 phone m74-j. A a to 4. It Fnu. Ift a in hot a Quot Tutti. A a a j to j p by err by hour. Phone 1643, i irk p the a Hrncir. Pho Ruffi amp Ewaskio awl or. Cd. Fir North .vfc�?6?-.-icl 14 pm hut i c4�r, a. I. For Sale ranches. 54 4 avg or uti a to bog or kale t Ham a i wait m a Sloley ave a ated. It Quot a to North j Quot Tom a a j9rg, Rvl a i a Roo ainu i. W anted Waahto g and ironing to to at int. Phene 147-j. Max t Orts by Tbs i a i re n m a 4 1 in a a till a Hitty y exp Aru lad j Niter font 1388�w a be in to Ami tit in. Usek Ceper a a ranch sub urn in a e a a. A to phone ted meat u to or action. The second Vav fit la he. F 7 i Mouth wa.1 in wanted business chances. Al Jyi Plet. A a aute Ane. Inquire 7 i is a it Iki a trials foe exp re up. ,_1 a i a. _ pah be its a. Obed to Euwer war.4 faintly end Kin a ii Andia i ii on i Juav or waging Tat n or. J a a it j. War we ii 14-vv. Around Baker Rte re arts tres b x a Rob ear e i 41 Der Afke on Terr. , Ftp Eli in a a treas Al i Snohr eee Tho overt to tach Auto a it Ca re Quot int a Auto c i or Saj. R. Ii re. Iii in he be. St 1-1 West or me cos ton a Booi to ayah or re Quot raid in vt-., re. I r via. And. La r it six it journal Middle a Ady want % a a Una Klepar for it Riv couple re �?T1 1 111 up s d-�r., a -m3?t Lepag peal on a keeper a a r min a hating i it. A . And it Rara Arf in. S. A a % n o. A. # j. Tahi a i j to i wanted ranches Kodak finishing it g run t i i it care to urn a Pri i. A by Rrt ppe i i aau wanted houses. R. Dev.ope1, Aud Kun Amati h a a. Brick s x right with or a r Antobe preferred to ? Ltd p a j to a he pro Al Rig. Add ret Xix i is nurseries i pm soil i. A i i. dogs and pets a i a Al in i Sixx a to your flair Hill Durango cc.3, 3 Ink a Ijaz a a a reliable Etab j a Quot i. Let a. Ii la j pecans j Fri in treated Varlet a Harrt. A a Nete pro Orn a mex . La heft paid Eft a a de v4 a for Kali a Leal a a a 5 a h a a a it Iredell Steed great Onahlea. J brn it in. Sim Quot ii r a. N one wanted real estate. A ld�?4 tto Quot a Cliv t. Utt Nir urinal was re tsp. Pm Pirk or Cuba nor b i a a. It Hatter. Ill h Quot for. Forth r a a a Vav Call and deliver. J. C clerk prop. Owned by a. C. Tibiae Itoh we Scott Anderson Lins item thinned to Eju to so i his addition is Well shops and Center City. Home Sites. Lots Art 50x142 feet located in South Highlands near the High and Well drained making Ideal with sixty foot streets and 16 foot alleys Ity improvements such As City water electric lights Telephone service City schools and graded streets. Till these lots Selling from $350.00 to $550.00, with $20.00 Down and $10/00 per month they will make a Good investment for the Home builder the builder for profit As Well As the Man and woman who wants to save $10.00 or More each month. E would consider building a few Homes on easy payments on this addition at this . Get in on the ground floor pick \ our lot out now. Car entering. Ort a Jota. S h i St 3. 43 mar a a car entering 415 nor til by alway. Phon si4 m _ by. I Fri no re pal re roofing a i in ate for to vim guaranty and. Phone 176g Vav k r Jaq Husin wifi John for rent miscellaneous. p in n n Pron 1i64-.7roif bad aul Able for Ait a big a. In ii a Arau i to get to this addition just go South on Broadway Amo Edith or Walter streets. Salesman on the grounds All Day sunday or phone phone 11o. A Leverett realtor 313 w. Gold Avenue in. Mid �?��3

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