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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 20, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Former citizen or or Chis nos Mexico Beiter Albuquerque morning journal , january 20, 1921, in official income tax fax it t d t Jap troops sent into Korea District shot villagers and destroyed property is claim five him Outkine Quot Vav t k c i 1 your flair a Hun Jan i people Are tired of fighting and Are welcoming foreign capital. He says1 americans welcomed. Quot to to Ami a it tto a the a a a North ? i hip in. S m Jar. 19 for. Tilt Iona in Northern Max ten indicate a Long per b d of pea r and pros parity an Ordung to m in. Jon stall formerly county agricultural agent for Hun Miguel county. Or. Of Oneale Tim in Atis Nard ii a i no in tuareg or be Assorian. <1 with Tho Reimt met it not com puny tit is Hifp americana nod nationals of other countries Are visiting Mexico in Largo number a Curvey the Altun Tion xxx Ith a View to inv Eft pets and Polt a at Blo reside Nee or. Clod no say the arc Al Moat invariant pleased with the prop nos and Many ire in a i by inv eat Antal Quot mexican have had enough of righting mid on every hand the an indication Tim they will do All to rehabilitate the country and health scar of conflict a dec int a Quot it a Waya nil re Btl Imi Rte their i action it and botel and every town in the a hit Ian ire diet riot in rebuilding to it House and Public Huil Deifik. Aii Tow be in Fri Huahnan hive elected a tier mayors a and orderly fashion a Down to Tate lne Quot att i Coin Panier Are had Dong in Northern re a any a loomed by thou Node of head in crowed he Herder item fit Tea mexican o ame to the dotted tin a it Xua net ii it former much a or cd Leo. It d the. It e j i in / to i cd hard. W h or to Aff i a no id a on in i. The. Tot one half to ii n t r i i nit. I year in re Tiht tatter native Hoot Howa educated it in anti worked Fath. American Jitt in of x tha i the Oil in railway to install wireless outfits thamm Iii i or i ill. Kit. Jan. It be f Raj or. And Basin t a by Wirt n will by i reality in the. Cording to ruinous a Merit Lei graph he Peri ii ten -1 i i it the in Louis action i. Ait soon South Ai hire by it in i Foldie of the. Nashville Railroad. Has Purchase of wire will inroad the. In new a ans. To Ena Acola a ii. For the go ceral Mew ice of the com ii by. Train dispatching by however. Or Hobbs no practicable at this time sometime Are Many a five train with name j lev i i a t uhf it Lou i and a. Vote moult year. A method year in f weave Day of any camber to Hook on a quire to thai Basta. Tin Fly raw mater i that have i Nae in to i All finial Bood it disc Wold i i Tomei any i unto i eluded i i it end. It so Shandla to Natty Revei panted t the. Nth. Mil or the it that bit App r Ion old include not billed it at the Date of inv my out upon col Auch Good have the lies for tire in a Peak and Are i a in. R i inking m Lleo a them it i it of rattle from the cattlemen r is on to i timing in it the a i might my it a it country ated. The. Liner re time in tie or didst inn w i re in were Law it to not there 1 w. F a v a number invent. On the a k a n the it h Rived t the pm Ltd Tim or Rte Masi of a. Which red the. A i fit j in xxx e Tida t a yet s fiscal i hmm d of i i Quot j in if t j or i a pm the tar in re a in Critne i us a to did i Felt a or hand of the do p Chi Pun anew mind Hon a ban i whether x ten me and 1 that he me fit i if int or in wife. A Laid ii too x Mot a j return r a j inc urn has his pm r by ii missionary says town after town is being hazed and the Young men killed soldiers have no conversation with the people do their diabolical deeds and pass on. Hungarian statesman asks restoration of dynasty of hapsburg f i the a a Brne it fled if. To Iii to u Hill 1111 is. I i Hrth Al to i to in rom i a a too to id. Menu the. Int fit Anidi the we gov pm in Imi it a pm a a i on in i i to i Cli r a mini a Tith. A eth. Market. V he taken either a mar a Fumi the wife wan Ito and r w the the a i lower in of. W the did All would will a in rely supplementary to the a it Olar Wilri stat. A Din Trig the. Iii and rebel m in the Fin deput v urge Hull of Juneau Man to tie appointed. Riff in wine Oil Aln a Trochei it fair r. In of Tiff / it a counts App of interest. Tho to up of fun to t a d fat or Nett at the providing a rowed. To the to afid1 it n 11 f t h t h it invoice i curved j i it of if 11 a or Iez a a t v he cd tiring to in the Ca a be of a May Cost Quot n Tennis j for Faltot of a coat o supplies sex Fri indirect t Trad. H by. Cities seeking Stop guessing try Pyramid so. Of Al ii so f or or t a of legislators of the we if inn have a Ltd a a a a to Ruck it try a it Hinic or pile try Pyramid pile up Poi. Arle Der Mfd Pii been tha i. Net or it m a Rattan Tot or k to. A port h in ital the. Than. T orb proc. Vent he or i a in i log w irn in it you must say a a Bayer sign to inventor without i the. Com i it the tit be h or failure ret Quot in an the current hid Tex ailing Tho Date it re try for the Par it to Jar Merse the Burden or proof As Correct be s of the Price Pun the to if the a cos Apay r in a a h t or a Nark to a is Jelan of Good a itemize d and the Enst or Price of etch shown sup. The x Idu of a a a h item in a Mary May be measured by m irks xxx to i re is lower. A re St a a k May not h be inv a. At Cost ant als at Market or the lox or of the two in in ii wet tax Ial a Stern of Aee ounts or red by the hum u of nor men us hut to detail i t he a wok must a Rie. Put Sale in pit Al i live f moots ii Jar item a qui i cd in Mak an income to i turn. The Twenty five Bills prepared by new Mexico municipal league for Early submission to solons. Erns for Iii my my of that it staff it gym Iii it Lent. But. Be. Jan i then y fac. Mainly to Correct minor Matin Thad in in t ration of Cli town were Rneta dered at a Ting it it of the new Mexico Long n m re a a Ipi in hero in league program it a in a. It pad into final aha p. And pre influenza and Grippe like Ordinary colds require Cal tabs the purified and refined Calomel tablets that Are nausea less Safe and sure. To this Gen iture mime Tim of tin a few ult h will i form of of Ding. Unless you see the name a a Bayer on tablets it t getting genuine aspirin prescribed by i it i vain and proved Safe by millions. A unbroken package of Quot Bayer tablets of proper directions for colds headache rheumatism neuritis Lumbago. Lyon Are physicians accept Only an aspirin a Wlech contain pain rot ache neuralgia Tom mtg tin i aspirin a in the turn f s of a tits Audi a King the y. Xiv of 12 toilet cont but few cwt urge package. Re mgt or a a Nufo it turn of mount a Dlce Cut jct a of Point. It Bowne. Without n which Tho Bual either for acc Ltd to determined. Income to of in income tax year j >80, Tahnaj Aas Busine. Hod in wage earners hould present to following q you receive any to data ? a Yon any property you receive rent ? you reel Ive any income in or interest i a tix a the i licht to Levy re r a irk and i Tagro u of and an. The r to it proved a the it i a pair Ope in Jib intent h w it nil re my n id pal it in a in a a b paid flt or by i tax u a it it a on the. The that r i that prop i to own r put. I ii the in i pro it a Reni i Tho it it Aho the i of is i i Bill to make the i clerks appointed and Ann Thor tire Xiulan a Tho elect Ion of pol lice j 1 doctor that Sirni influx a of and other i they nay Fri Reive loaded the Ira to Mew Active the per Tab Iota Moat a one i a re i cot beat and the prop my men t upon ? Gnu the toe my did i Hank t Hay. Which did to a form of dividend from stocks or Bonds did you receive any during the year St ions i real from f House How to make Money in a hard times a of the j constitutional Ami. Would permit voting i special a 1 i there to a Jand Ine Orp j organise a Gal huge id the inn i the Road to i a share of n Money a municipality i giving cities the i elusive jurisdiction with regard to i weight and measures under the present system this Power is a Lxi a cd lid Ween the City and the sheriff. Another Law would give to Ltd try j Pollee definite police Powers with-1 in one mile outside of the City limits. Moat of the Bills Are prepared but Ara not in a final form. This to to done at once and the group of Hills win to it ready eduction about thursday Ming week. Who rid Reid As general elect it Hill to authorise Cit a rated municipalities adequate system of i lion a Livors the repeal of x. Law and believe that the automobile License mid be distr but d to a Law will he pro right to sex warning the Public Olds and mild cases of in Lead to pneumonia Rio a complications t every cold should re ate attention and that a Tep in the treatment is sore that the liver to or this purpose cts. To Usea pm re the surest Reahle laxative. L a Tab at bed time with a Swallow of writer the if. All no a ads no nausea and no upsetting of it e digestion and Apt Alit. Not morning your cold has vanished your liver a Active your system is purified and a it free a d and y of Are feeling Fine won a Hearty appetite for breakfast. Eat what you please i a no danger. For your Protection of a Al tabs Are sold Only in original sealed i packages Price thirty five Centi All druggists recommend and guar i Anta Cal tabs and Are authored to refund the Price of you Are not delighted with adv a w m Lyra Home made but hag no \ equal for cough m Ell Row n of a a Vicli Iii was it in i a a Iii Liffick Ifil mid foal v Riata i so tit go t do you need linoleum heavy Init Sci and Printa at 2ck? off see Gober. Do you want a baby Carriage the very Best made at reasonable prices. See Gober. Do you need a Good solid neat Kitchen table see Gober. Do you need a 45-Pound, White lint Cotton mattress at a Price unbelievably Low see Gober. Do you need continuous posts All steel Beds and Patent Slat steel Springs at 1921 prices which Means less see Gober. A a a a a a a a a a a a a to entire f or in of t he i a secret of that a a indefinable something Quot that enables one Man to Puli ahead and win while Twenty others May fail. Ai n�/0 0 Shu rot to pc Amu Rwm. Urn 0 Guf it room of 0� amb cerium Bliss native herbs pm Pic mat i Ltd. Hut Pata. A it a it pm rid be i t i. The t to 11 to of the t1 f. Golf t Uttof i million to wet taken Dally a clean healthy Akin to desired by every a Man. native Hek is tablets will que Ely produce it. Sallow Din \ in a my ii i centrals i compound c was pint to i hot in it it in no an do you need window shades shades made by hand of hand made cloth guaranteed not to crack and to give you satisfaction the Crescent tint the Best Shade cloth on the Market ? see Gober. Do you need a heating stove they Are going at Cost. See Gober j. L Gober furniture co. 216 South second Street phone 808. The Home of the Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet. Which Man in the picture below a Man May Bra Gran Xuy Corss in Quot a xxx Tiro Quot a hrs the 7, but Complete a i he in a hard Imes the Man North while the Man who can fat l., dept my of a a Hart time Quot with a mile and a Tili win. He com Tunt worry anxiety try a and no Ryoti trn n that a Juan is under in hard times of in Jap his vitality Sun brain a in Quot will Owen Quot and takes the of a and i veg Fores out of i blood without i fully realising what my it a cd to Hun he know some is it that he is nut kiting ahead a be should but a in Ltd a Efcy 1 vol it ban in balance is not up to he Mauk if things Are not coming look into your physical our Way noltion. R brain cannot work right the thoughts that bring Success a or you Lack bodily and mental a coh a great business Man Bis Sud that Emu is nothing but a capacity for hard 6 Ork a wizard is generally a Man w to thinks and harder than the other fellow a that a indefinable something that wins is often i thing More than an Quot i run will Quot up i red by Iron blood i Fob Benefit of i a a a a Quot v a com pie i Ion in caused by dior defend Stom Ach. Bilious Ness constipation Kubu Matlum the Tan by corroded by Lamit i iss native herbs tablets made of Mot hark and brr a Only. Money Back guarantee in acht a a a 0. Bliss co., Wash. C. 4 a i de on s the m Asi Khz Pltincipt. clip by too and Motel to lift. It Tati boo four Oish that Cheri a a of yarn toys Urain. W without .hi four brain kit to no Oil a. W Iii uni of Van Aud plenty of in ii red 7u_r,out. I re a Fleet Mea Dull and Heary. Iko r,.,s i of May ase ii. I visions to mings to h my Mony Oft in Fau s no i Natter Marl you May in by nature your weakened Phi i. I in lion y of Auk Uli aim v six in a Iyih r the is Kono m i v cd a Iii his a Man f n is i min i Acks Iron when Yon get up feeling ired in the morn me when you find yourself nervous irn Tat it and ea�. pwt when you. An no Loi ter do Day. Work without timing All tagged out to night Marttia a pains the in. K your face looks Yale and drawn do not Strait raw you go Al to Pic and Al a to Prott a Tot it or Unn by us d 7 a a a i mar ret Loos i m Itiu. a a Quot be or Quot not in like in x. Old Kon St to help in in h your Blond a. In a Quot a mom. Exhausted nerves Organ no ated Iron often in Treasea i i Quot of of West toe i i. Ii it in a Quot it 1�?~kr the Iron in Apia h. Lend and apples you by the ass Osth frees i it a n Var it i o t j ii n he a Henry d Watson to of iv. . I be yesterday executed a v. I Here by the terms of which 2t>0,000 is a quest Hoci to the state of a olo Tado upon or wat on death for the Benefit of pour Farmers it the state. The Xxiii provider i Remi Imit the trustee of this xxii to offer the bequest to the state or Colorado to to it a loaned by it for All time to assist the landless in procuring Homes xxx Hen the Money in to be safely loaned and also to a wrist at the discretion of the trustees people xxi shill Holt Small farms a who Are in defeat and need help because of failure of crops sickness in the family or Horny other reason xxx High is not their fault. Should Colorado decide not to accept this gift. I re in him it a the trustees to use their Best efforts to get some other state which xxii by Likely to Nae the to the Best interests of he inanity along the lines of Thi. Will i hereby nominate and App As my trustees Fred. I Lucas Denver Colo a a Simonson Denver redo Charlew a i us of Lincoln neb., and David Stone of Orand Junction the will also provides that or. Vav ii Tao n shall be buried in Colorado. A raw sore Throat f a i Imos it a eases quickly when you apply a Little m ust Erole. Ami mute role wont Blister Tike tile old fashioned Mustard plaster. Just spread it on with your fingers. It penetrates to the sore spot with a gel tie Tingle loosens the congestion and draws out the soreness and pain. Muster Ole is a clean White Point Niento made with Oil of Mustard. It is Fine for Quick Relief from sore Throat bronchitis ton Sistis croup stiff neck asthma neuralgia headache congestion a Meunsy rheumatism Lumbago pains and aches of the Back in join is sprains sore Muscles bruises c i , frosted Fex to colds on the ches., nothing like Moserole for croup children. Keen it Handy for instant use. J e and 65c Jon Hospital 13.00. Or. I of to front out a a shot a Lea we piles ii mimed. While i platen on them go cd s ill a Ere Able Bayon eted Tegt the thir Fate in the f Quot i know the Foote continued out of the Way a not Fertile Ani it of the a hang. Jap a a my in in h that Cretin k i a tried in my xxx Ith Mina Tion the Bod i in two it h to id and fuel xxx is bet re of the wound Rtse bul Wero Duad and met Lorn of the mixture. Appointment we for i n"xm xxx the foil i Recti j accept Anaf thru Al i j i x # rat of aet Ion or prop otly refunded. The Pine t it Vav Ayne. J rid ran in v to. Aching joints rheumatic Palma. Neuralgia can be relieved quickly by a rubbing approx Atluru of ral tardy a Enow ulment. It is a powerful pm Nei in a my remedy three air s9c, �,0& and to 20 per to Lle Gold ii All druggists in new hair for you a Ople xxx. They by t. The Wood is i a Cee and w the plenty of tin no ii Al t,i,-.f. 7 Quot in in a pin a. In Eugyl. You two my a us a lie Furj a a. I irs i a when Jln in w a a a Quot Tot ,,�?~ a a a Quot tie the ii roil Ign so Civ a Iron in much the ton h it hut a derided a do Oto a re i tier or lied mood Cor Iron Quot a he her a a a a a Tull woj we Khuc Quot a a a i i Wwgatkfssf. Salsa sir a ii fellow in i xxx a i. _ Quot sink tired out opponent Lyyii Violl Iron Yin k by Why also w ,.\vy, k Fig Cli a in it i huh in \ i Al Ells and 11 ssi y a i it d doth Iron. i i by to fool Yot no Ullin no you lire a Man of Quot blood and Wien t rvs Good Leeaon to urge Ltd t by wha Quot or yen. A a Quot a ii us i i Vii of v v a m in fact the More you cat the Hax. Had life Suwall pie is of Iron �jyt1r?, us Ltd it a by the word in a Ai Al on very a Rageand the letters n i on every Tablet. Yoni Money e n or re a Man is oni v Var Mik a a a a a do cloth n 1 vk1 it per Ecol satisfactory results Nelly attn i Pon riches the bl00d-gives cd i Hull you new strength Ano Energy Sewell to Lead off for indians team fir the Ash Loti a frees y Cleveland. Of Jan. Is a Job if Well a invest Ards sri erupt Short top who a ably filled the too Tim left vacant by the tragic death of Hay Chapman to slated to he Lead off Man fur the Indiana during the 1r21 Campaign. Manager Tri speaker intimates that of a Well Cornea through the training trip a a Felt As i expected he Xxiii try Joe nut in the Hatting position held so Many year by Jaxk Traney. Sewell baited ,32 during his to ant two games in u�20 and us vow Uius big us a bail Well know ii in in it reign t it Tutti in ii Xxiii be i Surpi in. To Manx to Al Quot Xiv that Chamberlain m cough Hirn May is Well known and highly esteemed in Manx foreign countries Chai to m. Cramer n vex 11 known xxx ail b maker of Colombo Cox Ion is is of it a i have not the slightest a sit Ancy in rex1 on mending in Ham i Erlain a South remedy to All who Are suffering from cough or Cokie i have repeatedly used it and it has alway been beneficial. Comfort baby a skin i with Cuti Cura soap and fragrant Talcum rvs a Aras i hey were a quiet hard a Ltd King people who struggled hard to make living their Church and school their Bible and hymn books their sunday worship and above ail. Their Saviour were their Joy tic were not patriotic addle us to id cd is Quot approve the Church part politics. Mio Emma m. Palethorpe of a member of the t Aadlan rim Mission at Tongjung i a r s at. Tent of the Exoe j f fix men from the Village j full hex Beer grow nag in fyn a Bald Nax. In Many ease. Tin is Nix s. Sen Lii ally proved \ ours mix in in amen Abl a use hut Jet if Sooj been using the proper Relief. Side not delay Uil pulp my Kotylko i be product ers a re it von fix i in i they offer Juu tut i tory Hso growth or tue Money a k be Tansil Lux of to t Alko St soy a Ivr drug store. A say hot Tike Eedeh Tisy a Antoh your Mirror do s k it ? Sot a Hoe Bald inc i it is tined it sri a Al. Up uric acid oui of joints tells rheumatism sufferers to eat less meat and take salts. Pie in tar Resev of shield tip i xxii by the j a pane of a Hill boil y Ong Jung and Quot in the top clares Quot there Low not Al dub Village the \ nit at the h ufos were slashed is reported by two words xxi the a Ofui work Baroness. The led p i Oah miss were in Soldier to the t it three Miles from then put to death. Of the Hill a she dels quite a Large hol from the Road or let in were made to in of this xxx Here thex at xxx Ith sword. It in Eye witness that broken and Thi n finished with the Loose Earth re id i to Cox in the the n Side of it slated t the Ignant Cia Ted Burn Yed in 0, not limed. Was pulled the hollow in answering inquiries japanese War office lie colonel Mala Tol the is press correspondent that tiber of japanese troop amp the Colento affair was of a 15,000. Village had been he said but Only in in sea where the majority of inhabitants were known to be in league w Ith the ,. Xxx to the charge that at organised attempt was made Quot to wipe out the whole Christian Community Quot colonel Llata said that to waa pose Iii Ietha a majority of the one who had been executed were it Brist i of. But it y were not Pun tried Tor their religion but fur banditry and rebellion no charge Baa made against lbs our it Naipun. _ arc you having trouble with your Shin if you Are suffering from Sconi ring xxx orm or set use similar item am Hurnelt. Erni Doii try re Ian it a h Vij and it i tent. Sec How it i eke a till of Utle to a atm it stops the it it in my Ihm is the Lulu Nevii irritated sur face. T tit ii i if a then i nut Bing in the Retinol prod aet to injure the tender Kin us bund Ted of letters from Tau Ted liter teat try. At All drug a re p. I in Idem i easier to avoid than to cure it am a Well known nut Bority we Are advised to dress warmly keep a he Leat dry avoid oat Leas meat but drink of it of water a at ism is a direct result of too much meat and other of that produce to Rte acid a which in absorb d into the blood i j is the fun lion of Tho kidneys to Fluor this acid from the blood and to it out in the urine the pare i of the Kin Are a so to mean xxx freeing the Quot Moil of this impurity. In Damp anti est Lex Chi weather the skin pores ar1 eloped thus fare i lug the kidneys to do double work icy become weak and sluggish and to eliminate the uric mid who h let a a pm accumulating and a Tirui iting through the system eventually set Jiung in the joints and in use Lea in using stiffness soreness at i Lealh d rheumatism i Firat twinge of Rheums t am get from at v pharmacy about four ounces of Jed Nita put a i tablespoonful in a Glass of water Jand Demk before breakfast each morning for a week. Tru is said to eliminate uric acid by stimulate Mug the kidney to Normal action thus ridding the blood of these in. Putt Lea. Jad hah to in expensive harm a As and is made from the acid of it rapes and Lemon juice combined with ii Iii a and is used with Excel int result by thou Sand of Folk i who Aru sub Lect to rheumatism. A a in a Resinol if you would enjoy tomorrow like Chamberlain s Tablet tonight they produce Agre Anfel Femmi live effect Clear the bed and it on the Stomax. they a re of when Courti

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