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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 19, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico January in 1926albuquerque morning journal pig Fin while women a clubs Iii other cities May be honeycombed by secret agents of the communist movement the clubs in this City Are apparently free from any such infection. Or if the alleged soviet conspiracy has attempted sowing any of its seed on local soil it has done so without Success according to various club leaders. Mrs. George Ruoff president of the woman a club who was approached by this column on the matter of the communists getting their nefarious hands into local club work yen0w Beans salted wafers is certain that the a communists Haven to tried to do anything celery and nut salad a there is no evidence of any club being undermined by j chocolate we secret agents for the a reds in this City a she said. A i do not fear any outcropping of a red leaders in local clubs either As there Isnit the slightest hint of any such thing being on Man i hint breakfast sliced oranges cooked Cereal buttered Toast Coffee luncheon co in ome let Sandwich Apple sin pet currant. Jelly snails la incr veal Stew with Pepper a family affair by Jane Phelps author of a failure a a the Road to happen eat Quot a smothering Angel a a thee right to lire a Etc. Auto owners to get i pm a Tuit delinquent Penalo a Juull i or i today a hex types veal Stew one and one half Pound veal from Shank four medium potatoes one medium onion. And As president of the woman a club mrs. Ruoff keeps two peppers one quart Teaspoon her eyes open to things. She would not be asleep while celery snit do of paprika two the a a reds tramped merrily to Victory. Teaspoonfuls halt. Two cup Bolling traces of the secret agent Fin a a j have Oral performances and miss Helen j Quarter cup milk. The communist movement been found in new York Philadelphia Pittsburgh Chicago St. Louis. San Francisco and los Angeles in California the Quot red agents Are said to Laie secured admission to a number of women s clubs where they Arf a Boring from within to Rule or wreck Cie organizations on a syndicalist policy mrs. Frank a. Kelly a club i it adar in los Angeles declares that a woman member of the International executive commit tree of the communist party has been in that City for several months with instructions from Moscow. She states that the soviet strategy is to draw inexperienced women voters into the communist ranks Rind is by step into the revolution movement. A i Dag i a in m Iti i i it kit Kimm la mrs. Robert diet chairman of the state women voters recently d the member of j a w to have been assisting her Winter assembles at St i i Cli members aril b. Jam a. G. Kris eur Sron. Fin Woytych accompanied by mrs. Div. Faw played three violin selections the dancers had mrs. Harry a. Wilson for their pianist Anil appeared in a the White Ballet j and Brown Quot Marcheta a a classical interpret to at Ion a Scarf dance and an Indian Ballet. The dancers included the misses Virginia Kahnt Rosalia Britt a Hie Garcia Lucille Coffey Vivian s Herr Mary Louis Boze Mck in Thor Romero Hilda de Bahar Laura Knight and mrs Edgar Knight. Those j resent a the dinner be a it it the Honor guest were my. Mead Richard la. Hanna Arthur Prager a a. A. Matson Van of Ole son Emery Davis John Linn John a. Filch Edward Hackett Peter Steward x. To. Mcroden f. N Boule Charles a. Wright r. Berry Charles Sombke Thomas Wilkerson. \. J. Maloy p. Cameron b. L. Wilkes and f. I Bart. These last five Are wives of past not a Tats. Water three Tablespoons flour one Cut veal in Small pieces flour Well Quarter potatoes Cut onion Rind peppers into Small pieces. Put Ai into pan with three Tablespoons drippings add seasonings and water and Cook slowly about three hours until Hie meat is tender. Five minutes before serving add flour and milk mixed. Or or in thoroughly. Shining brass faucets rubbing the brass water faucet with furniture polish after cleaning will keep them Bright. The Oil in the polish prevents chemical action from splashing water. Suggestions a number of Towel Racks of varying sizes is essential to an orderly state of things in the bathroom. A combination Glass shelf and Towel bar placed Over the lavatory will he found a decided convenience. Install a number of Robe Hooks in the bathroom. You will find them a great convenience. Generally the mattress pad you buy Are narrow and wrinkle. Buy Muslin the length of your pad Cut it in two and sew on the sides of the pad. This makes it wide enough to tuck under the mattress and keep Nice and smooth. Jelly snails Jelly snails Are made from pie dough. Roil out into Oblong spread lightly we a butter generously with any tart Jelly Roll for Jelly Roll and Cut into Small slices. Bake in hot oven to to 12 minutes. The leg of a discarded White stocking makes a Good cover for the sleeve Board. It fits smoothly and needs no tacking and is easily drawn on and off. Lem looks in on Mario her ups. She fingered the soft a Chiffon with a childlike admiration synopsis of preceding chapters for the very feel of it then she sat Marlon Gray a Young school Down by the window to Walt teacher marries stodgy self Cen i life never would be the same tired Lemuel Clark a Bank clerk. I hard path it had been now she Lem refuses to allow Marion to had someone to love Here someone continue teaching refuses her in j who made a baby of Here who allowance requires much waiting deemed her up and who cared upon and never goes out. Their How she looked the children had boy Eustace is born later twin been so pleased just because she girls. Bessie and Blanche. Lems combed her hair becoming Lye she sister Dies the son in Law remark had been wrong to be so careless rips and lems Mother comes to1 Quot bout her appearance for their live with him. Mrs. Clark observes a wakes she should have kept herself sees How much is expected of Ma-1 looking better almost As pretty Ron and determines to help her. As Eustace a teachers Eustace did Marlon Falls and Breaks her leg. J a love Beauty she could t have mrs. Clark insists the children up it Money on herself but she share in the housework. Lent and night have fixed her hair in an it the children find the new regime j Tractive Way tried to keep her upsetting. His Mother tells Lem looks she considers him selfish she then a come to dinner Marion a her connived to Send Marion to the Mother in Law s voice interrupted seashore for two weeks and stocks by be careful come her up with new clothes. Down slowly we Don t scant you to. Break the other chapter xxv. 111 careful Quot Marlon called Bessie and Blanche escorted Cru a lev my Cit met it in their father to Marion room. Lem or guru re sow a number of Albuquerque Auto Drivers Are going to pay fines some of these Days for driving without licenses mrs. Ida v. Malone City clerk said monday Only 1,412 licenses have been issued to Date and there Are approximately 6,000 automobiles in the City with at least that Many Drivers who should have licenses. Develop into asks $5,000 damage persistent coughs and colds Lead to serious trouble. You can Stop them now with Creo Mullon a pay Femc Nis a eve Emula file 1 com mtg the run unit Blau ill a ant to take. Creo Mullon is a now Fred Tagliaferro filed suit against Camino a Arrighetti in District court monday risking $5,-000 damages for injuries alleged to have been inflicted on him by Arrighetti in a fist fight in the club Pool Hall sos North first Street on december 20. Tagliaferro charges that Arrighetti called him a vile name. The in struck him in the face with his fist medical discovery with twof6ld action it soothes and Asale Tho inflamed membrane and inhibits germ growth. A of All known drugs creosote is recognised by High neediest authorities As one of Tho greatest Healing agencies for persistent coughs and colds and other forms of Throat troubles. Crts Mullon contain in add los to creosote stopped on the threshold while Bessie with a flourish introduced him to mrs. Clark As Quot a lady you j ought to a i Quot Isnit she Lovely a Bessie said. A Crayon Chalk is be to for Mark your Mother alway looks Nice ing material in sewing. Never use 11� me a Lem replied then Quot i m a Wax or grease Chalk i glad you Are Able to sit up May. J Ron. It will seem like Homo again when Basting v Elvet use sew-1 Ben of downstairs. Lug silk. Basting thread Ltd a Cotton she was going to show Lent and the children the result of her work their Mother dressed Ike other women. Western Union office \ la Lea e la print the velvet. It of the thread on Corn Melet Sandwich one egg one half cup cooked Corn one Teaspoon butter two Tablespoons Mille snit. Put nil ingredients into Saucepan Over a slow fire. Stir constantly until egg is very firmly set. Put while hot Between slices of buttered bread or tons. When marking goods for hem Bessie turned away disappointed. Funny father did no to see How pretty Mother looked How different. But Lem had calmly turned saying a better go Down to dinner tomorrow off for the seashore. Imam bruising his fact and blacking his 1 other Healing elements which Eye also a causing him severe men-1 sooth and health infected Mem Tai and physical j bran and Stop the irritation end inflammation Whit Tbs creosote Dai i a la it Ali inc goer on to the atoms Chat a a Uliuli null i i Mer sorbed into Tbs blood attacks tha who took $40 from iyssmns1 a a a a Creo Mullon la guaranty and ant is factory in the treatment of pm police were still trying monday j Staten coughs and colds bronchial asthma bronchitis and other forms of respiratory diseases and is excellent for building up Tho system after colds or flu. Monty refunded of any cough or cold in not relieved after taking according to directions. Ask your druggist. Creo Mullon company. Atlanta adv n a i Tho i ice. I Daniel miss i Vii it mrs i i it m i tin mend Home Vav a of. Llulu thy entertained Mali Dong Chil at her Outh an a str a this to not my i he \ of i \ Iii 111 i miss Fisher of till Gin do s Lias gone on a t h a week or n w Holch w ill a a in late ii her vial i or on exhibit or in of Eurn Peanut Olja its incl Lea go i to this Moth. In Chica Eha Xvi the a title d by her a a a Miska the xxx Atmore. By Fri i chit ago mis fist a r i mends to it i i a it in ii St Hunt ii ii of in and % in k n v i x it x kit ii miss Winn if red Shuler be web in town Moo la gut of a. C. M. Fereti Orchard place. If Frances Willard school stays closed what will become of girl with no Home or relatives stitching use a thread Matching j Mother my it was a Faith material Ami you w ill probably Lowed by the children Lem donuts have to rip it out after the a ended the stairs. Work is Ion. A How did you think Marlon buy fruits in season. This i looked a lems Mother asked not Only Economy but the fruit is Quot Fine she really looks very of n better Quality at that time. Well. Shell be around soon _. _ i a yes to Hen she comes Back i a a pert Shell be ready to look of try you again a she too had been Dis on theft Chahee former postmaster at Bernalillo waives preliminary fails to furnish $5,000 Bond waiving preliminary hearing. Benign Zamora Arling postings Quot Mother How much did All my to Bernalillo was held to the appointed More. That Lem had said no to find the thief who pried open a drawer in the office of the Western Union company saturday night and took $40, no arrests had been made monday in connection with tile attempted robbery of the Safe of the j. U. Baldridge lumber company 421 South first which occurred saturday night. Auto Drivers warned 1 to procure License a a a 25 per cent penalty for Adin Saliency in returning automobile fur assessment will go into effect january 25, John flasks Deputy assessor said monday. The Extension granted until january is j applies Only to the obtaining of $ licenses he said. About i of of the 7,200 cars in Bernalillo county me tilt a assessed. A watch our feet Peggy Gooch and Rufe Harvey professional Charleston ers Sunshine today masonic xxx of i n la xxx i lilt. I Imi 111 n i i it . A Alt he xxx to b it i things Cost a Marlon asked As mrs Clark sat in her room busily sewing on the flowered Chiffon a elem gave is $150.&Quot Marion caught her breath. A Blit you did nth you get All my thing for that. Why i really have an elaborate a no. T did t. Marion although Lent really paid for them All. Of course he does t know it and i Don t intend he shall. To keep my secret. You remember i told you that has been sending me $10 Federal grand jury under Bond of $5,000 by United states commissioner John Baron Burg monday the charge against Zamora Van theft of a registered pack Ngy containing the $2,500 payroll for pm Toyea of the Hagan mercantile company. Zamora was unable to Niaki Bond and was committed to jail. Zamora also to under Bond of $2,500 on the chary of embezzling $1,025 of postal funds from the Post office at Bernalillo. Zamora a month for years since before you being represented by City actor and he were married. Well As i Naid. John he was a Good son in Law if Ever there was one would allow me to spend Ney of. B. Jamison. Tile government prosecution i in the Banda never i of assistant United slates actor lems i Ney Frank Westerfield. Money put it in the savings Bank each month for me. Ten dollars a Nhi to mild missionary la month for one year does no to i Greenwood i Quot a Jan. In. Amount to much Only $120, but uhf min Clifford Barrett a Tnp Jin is it Cara at interest it amounts missionary who was captured do quite a respectable sum you re j cd he need brigands in december. A Good mathematician figure it out. A us held lev them relatives hero i some time i insisted i buy John s a were informed today but had not and Nancy Christmas presents1 been harmed two weeks ago when lout of it. But that was All Johna Wra permitted to Send a letter would to a fellow missionary. A and you have spent so much 1for me of Mother a or it was Money you should have had Marion Flentse let me feel it t has Given you Soma pleasure done to look As of you or. Hoi ii in Rev really i have neglected Tbs Houm Oul of the no by terribly you be shocked if you sch our of Quot a a a la could see the mrs. Clark a hanged the subject. A yet in Little dust won t Hurt be end after i get 77tftye�?otangy�?T buckwheat you get them with just that special appetizing flavor that you love when you make them aunt Jemima a Way Heaters today i Kun Liliie Thaler this has it better than pills for liver ills. Tonight la to tons sad strengthen i i i in mgt Idi \ i it ill ill Ripe ill Jon he Horn tees item saw Lite franc a i xxx Iller a it la Al is re will lha organa lilt a engine of digestion an elimination improve appetite Stop sics t , relieve a i weness Correct cont spa Ion they set promptly pleasantly mildly yet . Tomorrow alright of u to a a i a no a t a wed j out s diets try of Mno year old Pearl i with no a ii illustrate the to mme j think of i Salty of crop Snong the Bun n father to arid Rufe Harvey tin worlds famous professional Charleston a. And they will a you off tomorrow i la have a grand a j 30 a re so in cleaning up Lim. Now take those Conn it 10,1 of i Luie. Or Hasting out. Marion. Everything i in a ment a Quot Hom ing a woman to packed but that on dress. I of a world a presented by want you to Wear it Down to dinner 0, Zukor and Jesse l. Bosky tonight let Lent and the Ehll Dren but a in Rhino in t picture with a be you dressed up for our. Be r,0,abl� cast headed by Bola Negri sure and make your hair look Nile a a presenting the pictures of the International and a Tau-1 the i. Led w is w i h to he x of i in a to and it Hurt you to put Lettl Rouge on your Cheeks. You re11 comedy a blow Down i atm a hardly i a a not own such a tiling As mothers grave Rouge. Marion laughed a id j a left the Little i think the Shock of seeing me in of a i thai Lovely dress will be enough la was t heard for them without it. I Wash you d than two years let me help with Hie dinner in-,1 i u bits i Steed of i easing up i in afraid full j to find me i d la. Twi Lien i 25c. Box druggist Al v la pro Pii xuv1 Xiv x in Coin Xiv i Xii a him Bipin 11 x t i i ii hrs. 11<�xx it \ i n ii in Ains let a i of i far 1 covered lop me be i a forced Ideal i beater a Quot Hoot Gibson popular with till Ideal tin air r fans i Here a a Hie i in Lim a tax in a ittle for your life a also showing Tom Tyler Aud ills Palm rankle Harrow and Hie Pony a it a us a in he a thrilling play. A eth Cowboy it la a double Bill anti a big one. Quot the Cowboy musketeers is the intriguing title of Tom t Lei a 1st-_ get w a St a it production now at thu h a you did Don idea theater and that Llie the beat making a a Lave of your of the Serif which this new Star l a. I. In doing it of a a making y it to a attest a a or two months while by the glowing reports on the production from i11, a and pith ii silk he Heigh Fritz Oxford a tse in town Honey a aunt Emma prepared buckwheat floor her own famous recipe ready mixed her p Ion got s. K v ailing upon doing the work and a x Quot i mind your Mother Young lady lems Mother Shook a Leger St Marion Quot i m not doing nearly no Bel a vein a Cir Ami i Only in Little o of kept it it for la y ears Gat a ire Ned but Don t Cone Down until dinner is on the table when Marion look j into the in rior after aha was <1 rated she could a a i eely believe it a a to reflection staring Back at her. He needed no Tuuga her Chaska Weir dyed with a Blush at her feel. Us of Delight in liar appear am a her Eves sparkled a Annie parted a Ritz Stet a i old 21 k a to i Xuy i i ski y a i till b d feel glorious nicest laxative. A a Cascaret Quot 10c Story deals with it it i a Ltd it it i 0 to a id will la is lost ii i Gordon due before he pie telling his Lovely or Hare the map to the hidden from that porn1 i the Vest Start of hit a Gordon la involved i thrilling ave Iuie breadth is a Oral n and is interest int. Lib i it daughter a Tai i ii a to on w hic ii tory Leila pastime greatest in t 1 a an Ai Arnn h an g a in cot t Fox pies i Heater in in i blinding headaches prevented in time i can t remind r in we did to Over. Re gutting in on of la have hit. K draught in my Mother s Ful Headset a. I have to Home Quot Bays my i k runner ass sad in to bed for a a Rem let it for xxii in i d if Jap i Iii it Xii it i Vii i la is. Xii Rivkin i i it i Xin i x n1 ii of it but Welcome a Fern brought by asthma Mikho a us for tire t is Oft. Vicks a a fat of rub ii Mitt Tom Jar i 4 rest d o rat stay�?T1 headache Lii 1 iou enss updated. Sick one x or two pleasant d a cos f carats Quot any Tim a will gently Stein t u St your liver a and Start your bowels. Then you will both look and feel refreshed your Tonga Able in Rel it the it. A the v from the ills wit lists of also she Igi it the and order to rightful or Days of Brothers were str a Clear stomach right pit and year skin Rosy. Bees uss cheery a rift less Cas crafts Quot never grip. Inc. Nve ism # or sick so a a Ltd a re so has become a largest semling Lasa Tii in the Werli Fop Mer women children i buy a bog at any drugstore. Adv drama. A or Vav Nan g the of ant v Ortun. I t unit is to i in p. A w Arda i daughter i Rug no in i f \ Irginia a i Lay by William my of Hie Mut a a a a n n Ara imag no our gang a ask a he Warrens cd ii the. Dei four run of the Conli Binge on in Rem train which % to j badly in fighting a do frown the closing aggie in which Ort land South s their very leg. I the plot tar lit the Warrens ii i i in incl in and Many oppor love affair of the net Ai s a Artri. Lepe gtd Budgy glib up bed for ser Erml Days. I have found that if i Ink Black draught la time it will prevent % rtt of tills kind but of i neg Laet St i always suffer for my careless a cow that is Why i hers Groom to Shitik a highly of a sunk dam Iii it k �?��j�5 me Well xxx never gel without Bedfor Tiv sent it arc i loan Aeva. A a he a was a Strong Blly or in the. Midi Ine for Eoutz suon and in Artive liver and we were brought up to think it Wath bust thing we a a Ould us. After i was married end pad a hum and faintly of u y own i guat naturally turned to Black draught when i need Cal a Medicine Itta k draught a to of a a a Al of this sort. I a kept in our Stiedl cons sometimes i suffer with Blind a i g re it to la children too log Heads has rim come on me i find thai they Are bilious or after a Little a pol of and nearly drive me crazy i get so May of the terrible nervous and upset when my ii a ache from which almost d of not Ait properly. My Coleur i Soffer at t usog Are simply due to Geta yellow and my skin just As a constipated condition. A grist Many or Tuple Hay found inks mrs. La Ramm it Wen to a my lifer Odner that thee headache ran it gets torpid then i begin to auf usually be pro Yent a by Eom Maut or with a kind of flee Thluai Loijj-1 use of Black Isen woks when nasal a1 Gellon which makes Ai sick ail i try in 25 roots. Ja-20 liver Medicine

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