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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 19, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Its club of ii. John Bolo Lili Dier or Thi it omit airy la a a Fhi fun to in it the. R lion a do it in a i. W. F. Ref Refl firm a in pm of the hotel a ii hot it a Pok it Bra Ftp he r if a f i it talk his p hot up i nil birr and three h. A the Al Albuquerque a Roll of Honor ii of 11 i i a Fin it. 7< trim a i k its it Wall a or Ai Fri tit i i ii t t he in the p i no banquet amended by More than 60. Of members of Church club1, Itzy Stock in hotel. It of. In Jim i in i the h the a fit no or of of Tho in it put in John Church it bundt the a n ruin h tit jul of the i us at h a at the a hmm do hold hut it i re to i Imi tither of in tin of adder a a a a of and tvs to a if re a it Mauri i in to Lynndo Nix i who to a a rat Man hit 11ird to mock in the new he a Vav info re Sunder Rector it. John it Huff i. a is t. R and la opening the of Short talk outlined the f it Fth Lulu to Larynx Tai it hot non Rudi efforts anti thru it did not St a it Siruy re a it a cts it its the a it it id id a Usu it Niwo it to Hgt a one a ii Ike president of the ailed attention of the Merit the i writ Ltd it and i of Iii in in Era my that the it us to ready a it of i re i w.111 is and i i in Ai men i fur the la in of the nit a hip Lith or no a shop s Lek i flow in who a <1 to cot. In a. N St w Mexico and n of Texas respond d to a to in an interesting talk up Milch to t her outlined t a pm Pomps it Hub bartering the its Roppo. Id i a even though soon Tim a i inn and in dlr i to pro the moral and t pit Dun forces i a Hornier or a in la i tzar a i Iii t ii r aft Vav u Hiti it Prog i in was log gtd ii Maori Khan who to i a turn to r of ii a Lect Etori it it d t in Idini met unit the men away with mile Accordi to the . A a a a of a i org m Hatpin Fern mtg during he p pc re of prof Lynn ii. Mil hell secret a to Fth Elui. To. Hymn it. In to. K i i her received a n Tun Ber of a poll a tin it. If Hannall. Trills Hahn nos for Terr no i ship from rued who Tor Montoya Huy i Aud. Haugh. J Wpm at the dinner i a. .ik,i�1 Mayer ii k to Hanson a j. Set follow Are the nam., of Alt Muerau citizen who have an to St Kin the new hotel company up to in. N aet n licht. The him la official and Furu Taucil by the acre ,. W Quot of a a a j Tan a a int Ailinn dub hotel committee name of Home sri it new \5 who have subscribed Are i inst it was explained in set a a Quot t cause their subscript ions have not yet been turned in by 1 a Quot Quot the committee. I he list contains but 118 of Ai Bur j u or j w Cir or n a to Tali que s 15,000 residents. I installation held 1 v 11til.uf.m, la hello i traveler s Hio assists 19,098 this past year Zopf a i i he regulation of pro officer attacked Jiff that ski Flats Fri Albright # a son i re Mph Antonio Home i nil. R h a irk i Arthur to lint i us Mihr i Jwa Burn f n higer it i Kahn. In i i i Kriati i Ari in p More la h. Itrat form a. I Martin. Arn. Hurting in. In v Modr floor up c Travis w. A i i a Lehet i i pox. In. Hail he a Minier r t French h or. John a be. cd r re i Mil Well r Van Plev. J a. I i ii a id spent if 1 it to is. Or. Arthurf Rac. R i a. To l thru an. Ft<1w8rd Nim i Al Ami Feii typewriter i y. W. C. A. Secretary renders invaluable Aid. With by women maccabees exp no Urce a $34.94 runaways found appoint receivers for brokerage firm or til Hamnet Matec a whim Burns May be fatal to Montana Deputy Rwy the a meet Iel be am. I it liners. Mont Dan. Ii a hums a like a Phy rth Tan tear May Niepp the Ami it attn of hip left Arm War a Abunad today by i i Der she gift w a. Cornea when a a wine tank u Art to tip ply fuel int nit lilt it Mill exploded who he and tit i i offers a to re moving it from in r., Alto to. The Bainie it John to. Gru Hiil. Near her ii a by if Waar it St cd. Roosevelt tw0-cent piece is endorsed a w i re Hie pm. W leis. Ii i a w i i m flt tailed i. I ii in the Federal court today i ital Kine til. Regulation of Frochio i ii ii in in la it i. 11 or a i i tip mis fab Lemon Ami m Ilver Mary to ii it in Uin Foi t x in ifs petition the it Rte a Hever a of Latiin Vitle. Re nested an or a r to it to Nill the i rut silliest i ii nit Riiel Ara other Fer ii off. A s from Ett Fot Ift the a tiles the emn tiny Ltd a a lend that to had up til huge tut i in manuf Turing to Everakes la he it Quot i Otille i in r a a and a i. A a r fit Yip Quot. I Rel i Odd a Tom not to it. He t Oft. Midi Jan v it 1 president of the Ford Mote company truth rent an operation for a ,.if. Ai 4 a it a Lay it hot Phi hip k to a i today it wow Are to in i his a favor do h j hat., of. A. Kin turn. Hilbert a St j ainu tier no a 5 Lith i Gumti i v. John i i p. It. Woodson Mefy of Lozieh Lle Zemek i i tiie it co i a Miha r a William 5 or Nan. A Mark til j. I Quot of Fey of a i it a i Farr. Cha tie \. Flor Tim in 1 w p. Mel.,Well, f h i no her company of owned hot i a a v. J Vandersypt. , w to Hope k i. Hyde la. L a a a i Mil. Mde Inch ,. A i. I s. It i it. Vav. Ii a million 11 la i Houghery Frnnk w r a a get in i. Id to Hod y i Ain. William Frye. Thomas a s. , Fri Nail for a a Kim a co Virgil or Knight May v. Williams. St i -. A rein i a a a it i. My ii i. A sit ii is i Orr Tkv a re a Man Dell 11, pm hmm or j. I pm ,. I. Lim w i rim fur i Eli a. Is. I. Ene rest ii i it. Hohri in i. We Quot i. M it \ nor it Lions it. I. Opp j vol it a. He a h i in to m k Vav Ider. Ltd a or Tiliti Gron i Quot my Hie Fri a in nov in Rumsfeld . G t Vann Man ii a it r fit. It let i w a id pros w a or Connell \. I. Lipid i i tilt Superior Kurn bet Eor Rupany your it of eld of j. Kaser Alhus or u a in the i no he a Rifer company i f Eft St a n. Liberty cafe City Caf in a. Of Aleph run ii Sirr tar Ltd it of to h i wry mpr or t la Al i f a i la com a. A to i a a i a p. La i i Vav Whit cd i a mrs churl it to Meyer a my it a or j k. A a he Joy Battery italian i us the Hof. J la h p. Roll it Watkins la m Iii. J fit Volt \ a i Steven m Hill. A. By qty. J a la To i. So no an left and s t i Irit it it Pun is k Porterfield Mountain state Mph not company la. A i he Juan it. Cast Hio Kin sin i Aura Chamberlain Cherie or own m. Paul Williamson. J m. It he pms a. In Rev i be i Hie Patti i. Chapla i ,1 y at n r nil nil i re men r but to i a off Lily i. My a r 22 injured in wreck of passenger train Loc,1 d to of wot k i Tima hat he til in lie Tipre it Fie in arable a cd Way girls and i h Jav i it i the 1 in til t he in nil to of invest Tai by the Ami ship remit so in it to Jon. by Tao it ent piece is in it t. I i i today repaved Mavorah ate i t authorizing the cot err Mitten Quot report Sal t the a Trent in. A let cd or it it a a two year d in i a ire of one w old i r i Rig net finer in which to Hon of a Groat american swear off he. H k t of p advertise Iii the mom my Jot results. Tine i Btl 4 Init f Den t i Infra eat spit i. Ifa Matt Al my journal Tor Hest i i i in los i a of Eriv a refer it. I of these St in no to fac Haa helped thou Sands to break the costly nerve t a Attar no tobacco Hal fit. When Ever you have a longing for a cigarette Cigar pipe. Or for n cd. A 1 jul place a harmless no to Mao Tablet in your Mouth in Lead to relieve that awful Dvore. Shortly the habit May be com it lately broken and you Are better 1 off mentally physically financial Fly. Iva no atry. A simple. Let a Box of no to Bac and it it Doe end to Rale aaa you torn ail craving for tots to in any form. Your druggist will refund your Money wit i Anent in Occidental life Sunne company Home office Albuquerque new Mexico a. B. Mcmillen statement at december 31st, 1920assets George Roslington vice president and Secretary record of Progress Liberty Bonds. .s250.0oo.o0 municipal Bonds Etc. 143,980.85 mortgage Loans. 475,044,39 policy Loans. 239,001.41 Home office bldg., and r a i estate. Pc cried interest. A 10,390.95 Premium notes and i Yum huns in course it get Coiler t i it i net. 10l744.i5 agents balances. Furniture and fixtures Tot Al assets. 125,170.30 assets not admitted let a insurance depart men. Admitted asset s liabilities 1-Cgal Reserve. I Tipa it i death claims in pro Cess of adjustment. Other liabilities. $ 1,457,933.24 20,039.34 $ l,437893.o0 $ 1,225,843.12 7,935.18 26,519.31 $ 1,266 8 61 admitted assets. I h.&Quot-i3 of end of irm Cash income. It , 04 $413,678.00 till 1912 a its Tjw $296,765.00 $581,871.00 1914 $296,196.00 $780,980.00 1916 $330,813.09 $912,693.00 1917 $406,184.00 $1,047,994.00 1918 $428498.00 $1,246,537,00 1919 $504,477.00 $1,437,893.00 1920 $614,049.00 insurance in Force. loot to end of iwo insurance issued in year i it to . I Kyoo $5,260,579.00 19 by 1912 $3,153,7 15.00 $2,242,700.00 $6.918074.00 1914 $2,197,348.00 $9,288,699.00 1916 $3,056,418.00 $10,417,601.00 1917 $3,175,287.00 $11,046,185.00 1918 $2,628,736.00 $13,244,791.00 1919 $4,438,332.00 capital Stock .$100,000.00surplus. 77,595.29 177,595 29 it it Tai. / $ 1,437,893.90 e Are the oldest and largest life insurance com Pany maintaining its i Tome t f a in e bet Wien a Nis is Cit a and los Angeles. We have in our employ Loh medical examiners and215 licensed agents. Ii ice organisation we i Lave id to our i a Dick holders in claims surrender \ Alucs Etc., including held now in Trust for their Benefit ,056,022,00

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