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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico January 17, 1926albuquerque journal Herald Pas no Kyj. Ca tells of work being done Here now a a smelly school los som =-=3 by Willham Ellis organization being operated economically but Many activities being maintained to keep free of debt a Melzing the interest that the Community has in the y. By. C. A. As evidenced by the support it gave a the Campaign for funds in octo a her. Inst officers saturday gave out a Brief review of x hat the 1 y w. Is doing and to Yin to do. I a we desire also to show that we Are keeping Faith in our promises i to try to keep the y. A. Out of j debt a the statement said. A the recreation room is being Iraln i mined. This feature is considered i the most important of our a Tiv cities. Tile work of the twirl so Ite a serve clubs is also being carried on. Very splendid work has been done. A dark night a great Light Tho International sundays it Tooi i Mon for january 17 is., a Jesus and j Din 3 117. And the cafeteria to gently run. Is being Effi Lecause he had something great to say John became a great writer. There is no other Way to literary Success. In Paris one meets Young men and women seeking n to sphere Quot and material that a Efcy May become successful writer. Others journey to China and South America and to the wilds i of Africa. This very fashion of i scurrying hither and Yon for some. Owing to write is one symptom of tis present dearth of authors of. A since last july we have had no i a a ulna Worth. Fisherman Johns 5 raid secretaries. Tho work or writings have survived the cent ,. These very important offices has because the very greatness Oft been Dom. By Volunteer help. I in gave them dignity an women of the y. W. Have Given f Beauty of form. His gospel is full front half a Day to a whole Day each week and spent the time at the recreation room performing the manifold duties pertaining to the of Brilliant pictures and deathless phrases. His portrayal of the visit of a jewish aristocrat to Jesus by night secretaries offices. This Lins made one of the most vivid and com a big saving to Hie association and tact passages in literature. Every with increasing experience the work word is like the stroke of a mrs Brush. The setting is in upper room in a Humble Jerusalem a the work of Tho girls Reserve j Home reached by an outside Stair clubs is Bra g conducted by Volun a a perhaps a the Quot upper room of the Wall to done More and More eff terms a cleanly per i Terr leadership. While there Are not vet As Many Chil a formed a., we would like full the results obtained Are very encouraging. And. There has been no a a a a a incurred i a St supper where Jesus lodged. Silent observant and awed the i disciples sat in the background after the easy fashion of Tho East. The unlighted Oriental City miss Xiy Jar line j chairman a liked the furtive movements of a the girls resent clubs and to Gether with the Rdv visors. Mrs. Al e Zaboth Metz Crocker miss Jai proud and dignified member of the Sanhedrin. After much indecision and struggle of spirit he Hail been Hirron mis. A. L. Mitchell Nisi prodded Forth into the night by the Gss hover fled has spent nun Ai Tim and obtained splendid results we Ith the girls. The cafeteria u a Der the menu Gem t of miss by Xii has been successful. We feel that a ii Hale attain d our main objectives but we a we not reached a maximum of service and St the Sam Tim Tho Burden seven sentence sermons Thoro is not any virtue the exorcise of which evea momentarily will not impress a new fairness upon the Ruskin. A a moderators of opinion Are often useful but tile glory or the shame belong to partisans. A Harper. A a a Hast thou kept Honor and Sweet Courtesy kept then is no loss that May be walled or wept. A a Richard Watson Gilder. A a a lie who cannot forgive others Breaks the Bridge Over which he must pans himself for we All need to be i a re Herbert. Ass if any limn inf for As a Christian let him not be shamed hut let him glorify god on this Peter 4 16. A a a for Hie soul that give is the soul that Lites. And is a ring another s Load doth lighten our own and shorten the Way. And Brighton the homeward Road. A Anonymous. A 66 vigilance in watching of Unity tart and daring in seizing upon Opportunity Forte and persistence in crowding of tor Unity to ifs utmost of possible achievement those Are the martial t Trines which must command Success. Phelps. Freight trains too Long to be Safe is claim railway brotherhoods Appeal to Kansas Public service commission ask i ing limit on tonnage theater today Ideal theater Jack Hoxie a popular screen Star is in town As tile principal actor in a two listed Jones Quot also showing another episode of a the perils of the wild Quot a a pct urination of a tile Swiss family Robinson Quot and a two reel com icily a faint heart Quot with Charlie puffy As the main Star. I love is the greatest moving Force in the universe. In life and on Ilie Boreen it Ideal theater Hoxie impelling motive is a love for a rancher s daughter. Without a bit of exaggeration and without being untrue to life it two reel comedy a ask property and North of the Alvara the Story of a the Warrens of do subdivision. It runs North to Virginia Quot deals with the last four Days of the existence of the confederacy and much hinges on an causes Hoxie to move through their Torch of the Wagon train which fastest series of surprising action the Southern forces need badly in that this whirlwind Western Atar Ord of to Kep on fighting. A deltas Ever essayed. J rightful love Story from the closing Ile tries to find a Man whenever of that struggle in which develop Tho land at the present. Existed and instead bumps into a Ira thers of the Enort hand South villainous plot against his new "f1 0 struggling for their very exp a it Jhu. Found sweetheart s father. J of ence. Told in this picture drama. A Friend of the Warrens. Wearing the Federal Blue Lieuten ant Burton Hus had Many the Menai school Road and East to Hui Road and fronts on both East and West of the main line trucks of the Santa be railway which crosses the tract or Ogle is not ready to announce any plans he May have to Sunshine theater another causes men to perform feats of Dor vaudeville program with an sex tune Totev to renew Quot hit hive Aff a Ito ing that their Normal selves would Cellenti movie picture at this Thea div a uni in shun in two listed Jones the tar. Tex Martin in a the roping j Dagmer Goth wan-en110111 Jack Hoxie starring vehicle at the fool Quot Hixon and Freeman in the a 1 _ play. A a minute late Quot Quot the Tan a re loot steppers Quot will make every North end trap train men Are in rebellion against body laugh in a eau types of Dane i in Innon n rnai the constant increase in their Ling Quot Roy Dove and a Girlie Quot both j or Lou ants brings Hazard Tho statement continues extra Good in Blythe Buffoon-1 j Topeka ran., Jan. 13 up a i what is believed to be the first Case. I appealed by two great labor or j gang nations to a state Public arrive commission was filed Here to _ Day by two of the big four rail lie policy of the r a broads to to cry Quot Clark Bros. Are noted As the Road brotherhoods asking that a refuse even a discussion of these j Quot triple horizontal Rar Check be placed upon what they <3uetlons bal to us Ive Are a this completes Tho vaudeville pro Seal rupture with a Quarter owner $75,000 a St too real estate Deal now you ran throw Sway forever Start Bande Chuting leg strap end other heavy makeshift devices. For a Well known american Acta n Tut has found a new easy Way to support rupture assisted by meant of a wonderful Little invent. A weighing less then 1-2 1 of in to As j ounce. Not Only do you do Sway wills characterize a the Ever Lucre Alang i Praun to Kansas for a hearing Gram followed by Louis la. Mayer 1 length of freight trains Tho and a remedy if we move our Cise presenting Robert z. Leonard s Ogle and associate length of freight trains. Tho i brotherhood of Railroad trainmen j and the brotherhood of Locombo a Tive engineers sought with the petition adjudication by the Kansas Public service commission Mcclar in that Long freight trains add materially to the Hazard of train service employees. At the same time e. T. Rafferty Argentine. Kansas chairman of the legislative department for Kansas of the brotherhood of Railroad trainmen and Glen Willett Wellington Kansas chairman of the legislative department of the brotherhood of locomotive firemen and engine men tainted a statement declaring that train Crew deaths had mounted nearly 50 per cent from 1921 to 1924. A regardless of the improvement claimed by the Railroad officials in the condition of equipment the ratio of deaths and injuries among train and engine employees in creases Quot the statement says. A this is attributable mainly to the ter Mendouse length of trains operated prove a at the hearing we expect to production of bring to the attention of the commission various matters including the failure of the railroads to move livestock at the rate of Speed required by Tho statutes of Kansas delays in the movement of perishables various train service no Yard conditions including inconvenience and delays due to blocking of traffic on streets and highways through inability to Bun Ile promptly and expeditiously Felt ight trains exceeding one mile in Tim complaint was drawn up by Clodo m. Reed attorney who was a cheaper to marry a completed saturday when a d a �t�?T3pctlf�?~nb pressure end tight strapping but Sot eliminate the Cornin id by a of rupture when running in dining encasing excreting which to frequently leads to strangulation. In great tins been the Sucre of purchased Iro acres of land in the North end Al with Lewis Stone Conrad Nagel a rid owned by mrs Andrea Perea and Marguerite de la Motte in the Garcia which has been of Ned -,b,#.wnn<lm� it Tavilee that it i being of both Garcia family Utic let re la a rest people for free Winsper in Gat a family since 18,7. Non. Pimply drop postcard of letter til tract lies across North questing a a literature to new science fourth Street from Tho Bezemek no a a by St Uby cart a Chen per to marry Quot a must Shipman s dramatic Success front the new York stage has been brought to the screen by Robert x. Leonard for metro Goldwyn a Mayer and is now at tile Sunshine theater. And at last a play has been filmed without a single Funda mental change in tile plot. A cheaper to marry Quot was screened with i unusual Fidelity to the playwrights i original Story. Based around a Man s contempt formerly Chelonian of the a. I Quot a i to la Quot re a pit Ora planning ending brings out with to in v is i a a realism that a free love Quot docs not Leges that the operation of Pas the a a Ftp senior and freight traffic subjects fun us mit1rr the the members of the complainant notion of or. Leonard producer organizations to a undue and in Rall Mae Murray a biggest vie reason Hie Hazard Quot and that it is ceases a Beautiful of uneconomical up p.,y whirl of modern social it names a respondents the lift provides the background for Atchison Topeka and Bania flt rollaway company tile Chic go. Rock Island and Pacific railway the intense dramatic action. Nobler Side of Bis nature which constrained him to learn More of the new rabbi front Nazareth who a setting old Jerusalem by the ears. Fear of Public opinion that vf., As link tyranny beneath which the Seoud Tive and highly placed so often writhed kept a Ledemus from an a Ith the sumo signal and other facilities that obtained Ninny years i to Tripany the Missouri Kmon Austin j a a freight trains of More than to Quot Railroad company the i a mile in length Are a common new url Pacific Railroad Conn any. Currant c and there Are records of fhe ,<5f�?T Luls san Frau Tao n ill operation within the state of Kan was company and tile i inon i san of freight trains having a a freight train gospel Quot and a the Golden text of the Bible Quot a for god so loved Tho Many As 169 cars. World that he gave his Only begot of 167 curs m More than 7,000 feet to n Bon that whosoever Beli Eveth on him should not perish but have Long or nearly i Miles it is beyond human endurance to of i owing Kis of on St himself by the like it of tender eyes brighter i than Hie dim lamp that broke the hot from the j Smit wifely trains of this length pastime theatre one of the greatest moxie pictures Ever filmed an american Piny fur nil american Peop a a opens an in i Gentne it at i Ida theater. We in in Fox present David Belasko s stage i Success Quot the Warrens of comm a i adapted from the Piny by William inn investigation with a View to c do Mille with one of the most ending the practice or Dun huh ii Nota by costs of screen stars thing the complaint is directed. Triable also showing a your gang Quot Lei Railroad company. The complaint Asp has been disproportionately borne. 1 n enrol but Daylight Confer darkness of the upper room Cam a need n in Volunteer worker for the work already boing Defsie and to take on More that la Nee Tad. We want women who will Kin e a half Day or More a week who will go to the y. A on their appointed a Day women who can be naked upon to by her and perform Tab air part of this wonderful service. We Reed also More adviser. For the girls i tubs i to Cut or Saip Many of Thorn. A it knocking for clubs Tita a Fine Citee with Christ. \ night yowling aristocrat this Man really xx., an aristocrat vex it to Fine High traditions even though it a unworthy of him to go prowling about in the darkness of the narrow streets of in Oriental in jackals and evil doers and or and it is Arn ii practices a the part of the railroads that tire hourly monthly and yearly making employment in train engine service More or. Rafferty explained that the chief danger Lay in the sudden jerking of the rear curs of tile Long trains As they were brought to a in a string of 150 than Iken up admission t formed. Til for Omen t vice. We it Ich Xiv it la or xxii in t tar talk <1, the a to. A the i a w. I a a a. In. I men Kex fat in liberally i x. A i to i i. A to in d. Tho d their til ,. or perhaps or for a differ i t xxiv. To Tite a i touching Tanal and in or a lug i Albite r. We Ruga Ami ii i fear commit the v oui d add wend1 in ��?~1and to tul Ltd much things in to hims obviate i Are not a Ippert unify he urge to a. E Utica expel v Nee Quot n tit of that Many to the in it i or a Hose words of life und truth to one whom any other teacher would Haxe refused to meet because of his snobbery. Llly the timid a Landing it zen Quot with the wonderful words ring i Stop or started. City a Here Only dolts in he a to drum Quot want fut i cars. He said a alack of More a Quot Dex ii doers and o Quot h in i it the Niht 100 fat his c to be Tak in a or r to a Vrr a i1&Quot by Quot r re or a a a it it a Quot it it it a. Mill i,., a. , of i. Cd. Usi \ to t Quot a a Quot a a Quot Quot in a a a Tiu i for truth no. M in t Ullh Quot . H in Ped from one who could a no other the a sult he said. Is a terrific than the Messiah. A second time j yank that hurls men from during the interview be had been rebuked by the allusion to men who a loved the darkness More than they loved the he realised that Jesus knew list is in Man my understood him perfect. He Helix i the truth that lying furn i or friends i. Id lib feel la not Ile Billie i Lane to in a # Al in i f cation up at so a Tao or rent. Re had i it Large table tint irs i ill Quot to the if Ort i the add gtd from lie ice Alt y e a. A. Tint a i flings a of Ca i spar Ltd a Nece. Jul Fen ent i aristocrat is fraught with significance it it it timid ones who feel lust we i it Iii their so my b that d an All at Oney in get to Il b the. A a i. La in de i sine Pate a a a s out b de ii 1< a for debt Ough i an urea Orny. A n in y a it Hole in we off great As ins fear for his reputation i and whenever to appears Dubse Iii Johns gospel Nicode it u4 of irs the or rid of his a owl like a the that Cam to Jesus by before sex r be a me blaring spices for the body of the dead it Deemer he i recorded is bribe lug a feeble voice of Faith which x in a immediately stifled by the fear n of in Fallows. John penned the biography of a Ledemus in a Phi use Quot for be loved tire Praise of nil n Mote than the phase of thai a Fig to ail the that they is Tiosh Quot even by Iii orifice of 1�?~oir Honor. The butt her Ami the grocer Are Jual fied to exo Rera in opinion of that in of Pride. Built in All c i re urn St a no a Moi polite than truthful it would seems nit Ideue greeted his Host a h i t in us rile of up. A it tinged la condescension if he. I. Ember of Tho ii cd go Art f tile Church had really believed that a Ltd a xes t teacher come from and injuries from 25, men from the trains beneath the Xvi Meta. Injuries i in nit ing quoting figure from the official report of Hie interstate Commerce commission the St a ement shows that deaths in passenger re riot a had had declined from sos in 19"1 to heard spoken. Nevertheless an in 1925. While deaths to train cursed be end most. He had not my Engin employee mounted from courage to i let True to the truth he 6 s to git had Learned the shackles of his to 36,1 self cot sojourn. Shas a a leading the brotherhood contend that citizen bound him still. A through congestion delay and Tho boor a Ledemus. W to instr payment of overtime the operation much for Lack of a by to in depend of these trains is uneconomical and Dent co . Yes and poor we. Tends to increase operating expenses of railroads and thereby adds to tile Burden Laid upon Hie Public in Hie pigment of a Harg i lie i Ixos of Kansas the state meld Adda a give the Public sender commission full Power to investigate and to regulate these matter if it Linda regulation to be Nelt is Harv in tile interest of Hie Public and of the employee. D h Aku on id up to Aho d a ii i of it god. Ii a1 re i ii. Luxe Conn a m the Sci s t palaver ? Cie to and of or. S. Nta of the Mas i t Ort from lie kingdom a of up. A rum legs i ted. Rabbi life is bid who like him. Are too convention ii i a to be Loyal to our noblest illumination and care More for a what they say than or what god ii a. After All is not Man s deepest need simply More courage it is no clearer licht upon f re and duty that Luck but Only firmer Force in following our go in. Belatedly hits tormented scholar i gentleman of old Jeri isolem Railroad official the two labor found t in a bold to. A to Ltd avow ii in leaders is if a Folk Xei it f in. Meath thus Are v How to shed aged or unsightly complexion a to ii a 11 it to the real in religion not ii Trig Tako . Ting to the. A i f be i ii is ufos to. M his psf it St Tai a of j my hic id Pean . I h v i Seid it i h t after his own in had. Dip damped Bim to death. Not for a moment can a Bello Nico Leniu was present when the fatal vote was cast be Shoil have beet of course to Register lbs official . By. Is fir would Tiave been amused he might to. Xxii for Hrinik. If a ply. A a Ltd a Cross alongside of t heist tile fir to i Artur of Ihu m a or it Tead set a i struggles that i pen ii by Icord this Sene time if Lei. J a i .St.rat, to to could see i Ore than ii dared to on Only i poor prix Lier of carrying spic. A t., to. I a a of the a Recta led if a a a regret in heaven today a i a be. A it nor keenly a a a Iii. The truth seeker a Fri. I if what he f Jim have refused to disown matter of the Long trains it ii the Brothel hoods. A your experienced engine amt desks safes filing cabinets then is True Economy in Hefter Busine a furniture. The Stock we have Oil hand is of the better qualify built by the Foremost manufacturers in the country. General fire proofing re co. All steel. Leopold desk co. Western desk co. Makers of the Bent Quality of office furniture obtainable for the Price. Whether your Purchase at this store is in the form of a desk Safe or filing Cabinet you can rest assured that you obtained full value. Strong a Book store a your Money Buck of you want it i in of a Iii Cine us i Arillia belonging Lor a. La Ucol Amiin for Hale it hic re atomism on a i Bird f Lour. I n ii Thiu a la d n How ill ice of a la loll of of he Laid him to rebuke a of Israel it my the 1 the James Devine. Veteran band Man. Dies at age of 53 la s t a cd for d met tiny gland makes men get up rights Are Xix no West Cen it xxii i pc 9 a clock of Church e req Kunii it w ill i e announcing the opening monday night Jan. 18 the Spanish Shack w e Cater to preparation of All Spanish dishes penalizing in a a real a Spanish Chili enchiladas and tamales native management Perfecto Armijo \ freshman master piece radio set for $9.5 1 Down and weekly h i to bin it i i the to lid f j. Lit w Hoft # the k a ii Nix try los for your sunday dinner Senad with the regular my Ai from la a. In. To 5 In. Turkey Chicken Goose with the trimmings Mecca cafe 214 it Central Avenue phone 648-w 6baaa#wa#a##na#waaawaaa#a###aaa#wi Battery do volts of k loud speaker. Head Ables and Plu Aerial installed read Only iwo sets these terms. First served ask your friends about the. Fri Shman every owner is a Booster ump in with Lur us. For Sale at first come electric Shor a brighter better store is at your service to serve you better we have just completed extensive alterations of you liked our store before you will like it better now. We have done our Best to make it More pleasant than Ever for you to shop Here. There has been no change in our unalterable principles of Square dealing and Selling Only merchandise of Merit. You can always feel Safe in dealing Here for a what we say it it it it see our $100 Diamond special Diamond merchant 314 West Central Avenue auction Sale tuesday january 19 Sale starts at 2 M. Sharp we will sell Al Public auction to the highest bidder a1/ Miles South on pavement second House South of Hubbell ranch on West Side of pavement known As the a. Is Stroup ranch the following property to wit 5 Good work horses in Good flesh and ready at this time for work. Terms farming implements and machinery 3 farm wagons i Riding plow 2 frescoes i scraper i Harrow i Lister i disk Milch cow and calf and Hay to feed them. Terms. I Hay Rake i Hay Baler i Bull Rake i land leveler i cultivator 2 mowers i Ditcher i a engine harness and Many other farm implements 2 mules in Good flesh and ready for work. Terms All .hid., under is of will be cull and a Uina above $25.00 can be settled by promissory note for six months bearing to per cent interest. 5 per cent discount for Cash on amounts above $25.00. Tuhcic desiring agriculture equipment May Benefit by attending this Sale. A. B. Stroup owner j. L. Gober auctioneer j. B. Montano clerk

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