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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 16, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Nary in 1926albuquerque morning journal duct10n of san Juan Basin s in Wells Over 12,000 barrels Sand s depth 700 to 2,000 feet continued from Page Ona Vered by s. C. Munoz to focus attention of Oil men in this a tory. Associated with the my. Interests in the development of Rattlesnake dome is the cont inti Oil company whose latest Chi no it proved to be better in 2,500 barrels at less than Soo i in depth making it the biggest i in production Ever discovered i this depth on this continent As will As eng of the highest Gravity a a haps in Tho world. Large of area lie fan Juan Imam comprises put 18,000 Square Miles and it i rated that there Are about 6,-000 a Ros where the Dakota ids May be reached at Depths or i it from 700 to 2,000 feet geologic Illy and str amp Olgra Focally a King Tho san Juan Basin is a in Semi circular Down Warp or Basin of Ere Tao eau and Sufle Riding strata. In which the dip from All direct Iona to a Imon Center in the Dearest part Hie Basin which lies at a Point or the fan Juan River close to Colorado line. In the Central part of the Basin him cretaceous rocks Are covered into a thin Mantle of eocene tertiary deposits which lie horizontal mid hide the cretaceous Roks from v$9w. These deposits w a re Laid Dow n after tile close of the Kooky Llo Untsain revolution and were therefore not subject to folding g the so called Hogback or ridges which surround the West North mid East rim of the Basin Are due to the steeply dipping Trunka Teil cd a of resistant Sandstone largely of the Mesa verde group which a Vert the Manco shale in this Mea having a thickness of Over 1,100 feet the Manco Shales forming the outer rim or lip of the Basin. Tin be shades in Ninny pin Cis lie horizontal and in some instances show a reversal of dip away from Tho Basin thus forming structures in the shape of domes Anticline and terraces a Uch a the Hogback Rattlesnake Tocito table Mesa a to and Haystack domes and Tho Sangha Chromo Dulce and Durango anti a knit and Rainy structural conditions yet unmapped. Sit n Tho cretaceous Oil zone is at or near the Baas of the Manco Shalt which in this arca is 1,100 fact thick it is eely along Tho outer Edge or lip of the Basin that the Oil tearing Sand can be reached at a depth of 2,000 feet or less. While the so called Tocito Sand w i re it hrs to the surface on such structures As have been drilled in this Field so far a been Ungro Obj Ivetti j it May be found to con Tam ii go pools of Oil where it is covered by sufficient impervious material to retain the Odas this Sand c relate with Hie Wall Crook r is of Wyoming and Mon i a and the highly productive a. Ochre Sand of a is and Lottig a a i. The Oil found in such huge j unti t a a on Rattlesnake hog la k and table Mesa dorm s comes Ironi Hie i group of Sand which correspond to the Muddy and t i Kola of Wyoming Montana and a undo a i tile Woodbine of i a a a a a too o in to i. A that Tim in at a til raid rat t Reft c n in it a a Wells Are strut lures ii s being t up St facture. F i f rid on the a re the Lurg-1 on the Ute to far 165, t i ave i Cen developed. Fast ure till Midwest i Gapey have four Wells r la Taji to of pro 0,i it t it tin Lur seat. K it. Well with 72,000,-�?�"ma Ler we at f in in in i i of of. Ii Ghat ure k flow uh1 it do�?~4 d i f. If i on the atle i in rat pro Saure. Or a ens pressure end 1 Al i rat a the gag of Hie a i Ive Hie us a re of i at a nature of is Zero. Live flow Pip i is a frosting t Days of Sumner arid a a tin j in s for g i in pee in the it Ion nigh 4 do trl to in tie it m fit id Dis Ive so i a proved disc our till water follows the Oil Ivet time that i Quot i Hope r for the shallow a my a a workable. Tile Entrance m. The California deep a its that Section May e Field Tutu a deep pro m they a la Drill to 7,00� a f in t tap the Dakota a a a the pm t re Cliff san i i tis e. I he latter by it 1,6 0 Tita at this i fat t de p. Ham Pion deep i having in a it. Is h of a a mile do a int was Tho to that Standard tools have been moved in. Operators Here say to at an 800-foot Hole can be trilled tor about $4,500, contracts Ere taken at $4 per foot. Two strings of casing Are All that Are required the second string being used for production. The ground is easily worked and after pudding in the shallow Well Are drilled in rapid time. The one Railroad serving this Section of the state in the narrow gauge line of the d. A r. G. W., running South from Durango colo., a distance of 60 Miles. Another narrow gauge runs from the latter Point East to Alamosa colo., where it connects with a Standard gauge Road. The other outlet is by Highway to Gallup a distance of 120 mile connecting with the main line of the Santa be Railroad. Operators use both North and South present outlets. The Well Road building into the Valley at the present time will materially reduce transportation costs a Well As give the Oil a cheaper outlet should production exceed the capacity of the pipe line promised by the Munoz continent in interests by april i. Geologists and scouts making Farmington their Headquarters arc Here in great numbers mapping and checking the numerous structures found in the Basin. From present indication the Field will be composed of both members of Tho Standard Oil group As Well As scores of Independent operators. The town of Farmington is taking on the airs of a real Oil Boom City. Hundreds of Psolla come in weekly by stage and train intent on becoming interested in the town and Fields. The Boom can he Felt All the Way up the Valley from As Tec to Durango. There is a Peculiar unanimity of interest shown by All the towns and when a worthy project to further the interests of this Section of the state is presented Aztec and Durango join with Farmington to put it across. Aztec is a car the Huntington Park Well that is producing such High Grade Oil and has created a stir in the Blanco District about 20 Miles to t e East. The Huntington Park Well is below 1,600 feet and its initial production was around 32 barrels it is now said to be doing about six barrels though Little Effort is being made at this time to bring tile Oil above ground on account of shortage of storage. Several new tests Are getting ready to Spud in in that Section and this summer it promises to be one of the Busy spot of the Basin. Present production present production of the Hogback Roo is As follows Midwest no. I barrels Cen enter off. Used a water Well. Midwest no. 2, 1.276 barrels first 2 4 hours. Midwest no. 2, plugged and abandoned m ii no. 4, water Well. A Ida est no. A barred in i nth d flow doing 2 barrels with 96 pounds Back pressure. Midwest no. 6, plugged and abandoned Midwest no. 7, 1,200 barrels. Midwest no. 8, 3 4 barrels Sand just touched pro bal Syas Good us no. 7. Midwest no. To 1,500 hands. Midwest no. To. 20 barrels plugged and abandoned. Midwest no. La 102 barrels. Mid Vest no. 12, 656 barrel a nth ii amount of water. Total. 6,613 barrels. Rattlesnake Pool no. 1, plugged. No. 2, water Well. No. 3. $0 barrels. In the Oil Fields Pat Sevan Artesia Oil Field Points to 1925 As year of development and has great Hope for 1926 v. K. F. No. 6 pumps 55 bbl in nine hours after shot pumping 55 barrels for the first nine hours the no. 6 Well of the v. K. F. Oil company in . 17-18-28 in the Artesia Field should he Good for 175 barrels when cleaned out. It was the intention of Thia company to Drill to the new deep pay Sand found at 5,700 feet but at a depth of 2,515 the Hole filled so rapidly with fluid that it was impossible to Drill deeper. The Oil is coming in from the 2.146 foot Sand at which a shot of 140 quarts was Given. Location for the no. 7 test has been made. It will be drilled Between the no. I and no. 2, the Best producers on this lease. I acreage blocked for drilling Campaign in Braden Vicinity acreage is now being blocked by operators of the Pecos Valley Field in the Vicinity of the Braden Well on the Vandergrift permit fee. 5-17-28, preparatory to a general drilling Campaign. The Braden is the discovery Well of fee. Ii and operators Here declare that within n few months there will be two producing townships in the Artesia Field instead of one As at present. Drillers on the Braden Well Ara now planning to go deeper in tha expectation of finding other producing Sands. The Sand from which the Oil is now coming in this Well. However makes certain a Good producer according to local operator. No. 4, too barrels. No. It 300 barrels no 6, 25 barrels. No. 7, Roi barrels. No 8, 1,000 barrels. No. 9, Iro barrels. No to dry Hole no. 11,85 barrels. No. 12, 136 barrels. No. 13. 80 barrels no. 17, 2,500 barrels. Total 5,540 barrels table Mesa r. No. A used As water Well by government. Font. Oil to. No. 1, 336 barrels. Font. Oil to no. 2. 350 barrels. Total 686 Barr. Cont Oil co. No 3. Cementing font. Oil Ca. No. 4. Dining at 500 feet. Follow in i a drilling report of the Basin ii f Irnel shed by the stat Oil and Cut inspector and the local representative of Tho u. S. Geological Survey Union a i at mining Carl tinier no. I fee. 6, twp. 29.n, Row. Studded Union till a mining Pool no. I est. La. 29n, k10w. Rig Huntington Park Oil Syndicate to. I kw84 se.?. I. Tup. Son Imp studded. M to nth be 4 . 28. Twp. Jsn h10w, location e j. Miler nk84 a 23, irk. R12w. Location Brown pres Coal Creek co. No. I be. 26 to p 2sn, r i 2w, Rig. Rob bin to. Jaytee dim., . 12, twp. Son i Ivy drilling at 150 Congress no 1, Bov . 34, twp. Jsn i Ivy drilling it 825 Beardsley no i ne�?T4 so twp. 26n, re Quot drilling at 1.030 room Cost noted from fags Ona which is expected to be in operation within two months and a half. Principal companies operating in the Field Are Flynn Welch and Yates Ohio Oil co., Maljamar Oil and Gas corp., twin lakes Oil co., dance Ger Oil and refining co., Snowden and me Sweeney dome Oil co., v. K. F. Co., pie her Oil Cooil co and Frontier Petroleum co. While the proved area does not approach the Gusher Type of Well so often found in Tho larger Fields this territory has proved to be a Bonanza to the operator with limited finances and gives every evidence that the Oil will not play out in a Day but is of a permanent nature inasmuch As the Oil is found i the Sand and not in the Lime. Present prospects indicate however that a prolific Sandy Lime arca even better than the Sand found in Wells around 2,000 feet May a opened up. But whether or not the present trend develops the Sandy Lime area the first pay found still offers an unusually attractive Prospect for Tho Small operator. Out Brill cheaply one of Tho principal drawing cards for the Field has been the ease with which a Well May be drilled because of the formation usually found a Well May a drilled to the first pay level with much Lese expense than in Many other Fields. One of the Pioneer producers was drilled to the 2,000 foot Sand with a shudder. Estimated costs of completed Wells Range from $9,000 to $16,000. Tha average Gravity of the Oil which is a paraffin base is 37.6 at the Well and 36.5 at the pipe line a distillation teat at the Rio Grande refining co. Plant St Elpaso shows the Artesia crude to yield 35 per cent gasoline. To per cent kerosene to per cent Gas Oil 43 per cent fuel and 2 per cent loss. A Flat Price of $1,35 a barrel is now Beng paid for the production by both the Ohio Oil co. And the Continental Oil co. Geologically the Artesia area has been somewhat difficult to work because of the level nature of the country the surface formations of which Are chiefly Limestone Gypsum Grey and red Sandstone and red shale of the Chupa dem formation of the permian age. Tim Brown Well in . 15-16-26, near Dayton was the Pioneer of the Artesia Field. It was started late in 1906 and taken Over and completed by Charles s. Brown of Oklahoma City. It yielded As much As 40 barrels a Day from an Oil Sand found Between 811 and 926 feet. In search of a greater Oil flow it a drilled into Sulphur water at 950. While it is still flowing Sulphur water it occasionally makes a big Oil flow. Martin Yates Tho Man who refused to be discouraged by defeat is Given most of Tho credit for Tho development of Tho Artesia Field. In 1906. To began working for Tho development of Tho Arthala area ant has kept ceaselessly at it since that Day. Tho Field stands today a Monument to hit perseverance. American radian anglican priest predatory animals killed in december in state total 243�?o two Hundred and forty predatory animal were killed or captured by the biological Survey to new Mexico during december 1925, 66 less than in the same month in 1924. Twenty two men in december 1925, killed 216 coyotes 21 bobcats. Two Mountain Lions and one Wolf. In the preceding year a men killed 269 coyotes. 48 bobcats ten Mountain Lions and two wolves. According to s. F. Pops. Assistant Leader predatory animal control Thoro Are not More than als wolves remaining in Tho state. Albert Pickens one of Tho surveys Force reported that a killed a Mountain lion end captured two cubs in the Montane mountains about 20 Miles East of Bolen Early Tho week. Tho cube will to raised. A classified data Tho journal Ronald will to Rood by Alt a red Fox St James Carlisle graduate is first red Indian Deacon of anglican Universal chores. In six months he will to g priest. Announcing the opening today of the Bebe service station 2002 East Central Avenue Texaco oils and gasoline Crank Case drained free. First class service always open until to of clock every evening a. E. Bebermeyer mgr. Fled Blanco no. I Kwh 4 Kwh or. 21, twp. 3�, but completed two Ganser Melton a. I shut Down at 1,795, will Complete to 2.000 okla. Oil a Gal. Red Mesa drilling three Wells chillier Syndicate . 19, twp. 3�, Row drilling at 2.040 Marvel ii a a no. I . 36, twp. Sin r12w, a hut Down Continental Oil co drilling at 2,670 at Gallina Frank Ellis drilling at Azotea Crow Murlock fit Gould no. I fe�?~4 . 19, twp. Sok Al 2&Quot, spudds Par Talt Oil amp ins co. No. I . 21, twp. 3�, 13w, drilling at 400 Rex Oil a in. No. I ase is twp. San. Row studded Knight Syndicate no. I a it 33, twp. Son Row d Ling at 900 Davidson it a1 Lapp no a . 19, twp. 29n, Row a us Jed Continental on co. Rat 1 Fie rink in no. Is completed 9� barrel. No 14, rigging tip to. 17, drilling at 925 deep to a Continental Oil to tabla Mucsi Lea a no. 3, cemented at 1,315 to. 4, drilling at 50 Continental Oil co., Tocito Structure Rig in t Ute. Among Amine of the major com pan a either operating in the Basin or holding St rueful a Are the mid went. Continental Gypsy in j Miler Union of California w. R fielders Carter i an american producer a refiners Standard of California and Texhoma Tho extraction of tagline from the Bavin Oil is Well Over i p. R event this contrast hug by with the a erase extraction from Ell Oil in Tho United state for 1928, w i h a 24.6 per cent. Hicks Dairy 4 % a to at rat a 4 a a i itch phone 738 announcing reduced prices on tile Fame pure wholesome milk that we have previously offered the Public. J laity is what counts and we maintain that superiority by test yet a Are now Able to off r you this High Quality at the a reduced Price. An unmatchable Cream line on every bottle quarts .15c pints .8c Cream that really whip 15c half pint i his i. Beyond doubt the Leighe to Grade Nill in Albuquerque now a special rate on Large quantities i i. P. I r i in i u the remarkable and rapid increase of is due strictly to the proven Vii my atm olt Oman amp do for advertisers our classified advertising sales Are promoted through a a Romul morning the self evident results obtained by the journal and Herald makes advertising elsewhere a waste of Money 0

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