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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 16, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page eight Albuquerque morning journal to flu a a it 16, 1624 Albuquerque morning journal an Tom Zwy amp tit my in to it Bushi Bomfim of a a a a i f i it. A a n>.-,n Joseph Tal to. A or to the pal a Pinta retd a Arm a Lhnn it a Rqn it h. M j fit t it tall off six Ike Kos Loo and Rimi shrunk in ii desert St Fetcher. Hit % a hid 2$ feet Long built pm a Wilt motor bus Frame w Ith aluminium Boily Ami Plato Glass window protect <1 by broils to fees ii it a snug Little ship on wheels with Roomy Cabin state Roony it Galley and lavatory and everything a i needed for a Long comfortable voyage including a Salt to set. Before Many years the Western Hige ways will probably be filled with id aft big and Little Ira it Ell Rig in both cd rec ton. In i a natural and obvious do the reason for that Sao. Moaning sound from Washington other things the army does besides fight by or. Frank Crane s eur it pm porno u f i h Ltd r of or car fora it v a Mury the Way a d rho Lech Arch wee 1�?Teopu or a peace Ivai tto a i Ita cell the. Cations but Chr a with Mhz Mir a p does t Cern to have occurred get t Ait of our leading Unive Witie. To instil a chair o radio announcing. A a i to a fir to i fit i the greatest invention for Telephone the radio Fth a it nip each in its turn. A been Calili fre test invention of he a att invention they Are Bot wha a rot he brain or hand of Man Coneen a it i the Hunt �?~1 Roo tin moment i hat in Lair in Teminie a bobbed woman a i begun cd brain it did no tvs a a a that a a the Harn a a o n a # re modern College ticks to latin but a Mitotes tedium for stadium Iii rub i real an a mar pod ? what nth i Hon. Save nature Aion endures to in pm in to oot it rid abut to which th1 b Iman Bod of. Too solid f1��?~i&Quot i objected i d All things it is the to pre Blo is a orld to is Fri reflection Albut Encuna Cutti it that impel us at times top Al accidents involving human life a Nira Ltd a automobile plunge Var a Bank to Rushing at terrific Speed swerves front a our and is overtime. Pin dug i human freight under the wreckage one ii utterly amused after awful a per a Don to free the occupant come out unscathed steel and Iron Are crushed and a or parts disc timbered but the Burn Ai body is often unhurt. It i of course a Miracle the Miracle of creation which nothing a surpassed and nothing cont pretended a few Day ago such a teem a 5 no becoming a daily occurrence in our Laa witnessed h Hundred a Scopi the outskirts of Albuquerque c pm 1 pie men women and children v a hurled still in the machine in which hey w Era. Apposed to u enjoying i a. Through space and were a nil 1 a it thought crushed he ism h the car. But not -0. I Here v Ere of a 11 Aud Bruker Bones but no Oriole int Cit of the human Bodi the Cai a lop tired. When will Man cease trifling with Tho Miracle of All the ag.5- Quot an Addry to called attend irs fighting. I that conch Itic i this Ivy i a v Hun tor War c Cace until by prepared f to a liver a i it Quot by but every a i member Atis in a mat Snez in of a of a a a lit a ? in yeas san n i in 1 is Casc tit re i a is health e has Quot be a of Arf Rin i fourteen in the Gnu my in the world Nie Ca i War Twenty Fra y w of a rippling rhymes i w ii in a him it Mill 1iii-im. I a Little laughter i i. A i. I a a to leases to e remark-na1 0 rps theft Breeding a a floods Scha of theft who have Ade records of a mph National achoo 11. Of i min., a vie Imp fat a. Ary he at r and the brr a a pm it of the a in want of our National of a army i a a a Cor by it Prie and to preserve an Tro t e Best preparation 11 % a National array Tho a a a Man or woman r a right i to re. It it lure new fat apr of sad Loite a capitalism saves Russia vyv up m in Haneen dotted for a couple of getterution.-. A i resumed b re Jiuu american traveler. A it War a failure and the. Country h turning to Eaf ital ism the government ays the people Are not ready for it that hey still like individual reward5 for id dual efforts. So russian., after All am vets much Uke race and rut Sian tit Chat Are very to jell but Public officials elsewhere who they find that a theoretical program will not work and their administration is Lomeii t failure univ it changes its. Program the go aloud am Han when they run it quatre up against Baste fact in human nature they Urrea Der to human nature theory in Public administration always a to yield to fact r Ltd later. The re ult is seen in the in prove men in the life of the poop a when i went to it Russia eighteen months ago May tit traveler a i Alfh he Der n j begging a the railway station it i Hen -. I none of that nowhere is no censor j hip no starvation Little poverty. It 1 hard to co mph the Chang. has taken plact so hated a capita a is living u la a after All it a its defects but it Hap pens to be the Only system at presell4 on this Earth which will Gli Muriatt men and women to sufficient economic production to keep a a piety alive and mud my eve Atwall the. Desire fur personal Gall May be supplanted by a Glt neral do ire to j a Ork for the Community. It so Ciali. In i tit it. J the Market j financial Wah a Newt Arr i it a. Baraer. \ it a a i c Quot so tit. Ftp to. Wooler a in i la Copper. \ a Timon a a i Tim to amp Omo. St. California petrol Turr p 4 fat 4 15 a a 147 to a Aiau t is a # a 3i#r Mot a. Or a .it1 i 5 \ w f i is t. A m supa. Chiro capper. A co n prods cts. Tips for taxpayers Caf p i Loam. I a Quot i. F motors rib rpm. Of. I of it t 0 p .10 Marin of. I Ltd a rfcs. Win was Stio muck Uane. P., Mio. In in tum i i Mai a i \ no no i p. A a to Vur i 4 i f i a i i i b or i Van. Bite or n amp be i a j a a it Oil to 15 f Tel Noa Bern pay a. . Id Ltd a or Portal or t Intra a. In a v i if. A. J i i t the i of Ign i a Puangc a it t i. Clr a Joo Toui ire jest tio visit a i Quot 1 i i spa will come As a matter of course but tin Wilt probably Kamore than Quot a couple of generations in Russia or elsewhere so e Ivin v modern Prairie Schoon i r fhe Recai a Prairie ath Ouner Sites. A qty i a. To. Western Pioneer stories and in Ucli ? a -4 Orr if the Frinier. Art a a the covered. A Vargot an modification of is the qua that equipage is about to set sail from a Taha a a a hic to California. It is a Lineal do we rid j Atit of he tented Wagon bu4 might beg a termed More accurately a a land y j horse and oxen give Way to a to s run from Power engine. There Are pneumatic a a ire instead of rho tee fifes that leu i is s. ? a i us i Tho of for Fey ii a o a 4 it v a la a a m no i a Quot i us. I o i it o in i St of Par to p a Quot of in which he 4 i. Ai it i i St the f b to a i v i cwt priv a my # to i Furr j ? a i it to t Var Iii Cir cd 4 p at j use a i vast As. A in i a a a r min m i a ba.4 4 to 4. -1 and v t Bein f is a of a i j r toil to set of Tim Iota. In i on it. I a brah n in Rem Aln t in the District of a a. Got bad Indira de. Anal at1 % i a j he i Reb i a. be a 1 i re be Cor . C the film t. I a Jet us Quot by by i a r or to Quot lord a Quot i or but that re i on deft and i the 3 inner Sodom and gome Rah taken. To to i somebody a waft a Ftp tured and carried it of. ,�\cr5clatln� 1.- Vyr Ltd up Point e-1 put of it St s. S0 it a s Iii in the a a no rent t Iii to a i i four g. Re a a i it rec a n f inn cd i a of v in or a Bushi a -. 1 f m r a tto stiffen cd 1 or k t in Orcas id ?1 a ult a vol Market t Tan v1 oped Rther-1 Siva need to 4 4 u Ani a t it a to. Fix where a itch t. To in e tit raft a Jia 4 in 5 per it the ? i Ksn St t he v a. Hadj r it. Bai get r in i it to fit. In a til b tit Poth i Mere a pop i ii heard j it Vas j t h # took place at to Quot z Praw Erie an a 4 Pap pen chs \ irk Ion f 1 i a or to i a a 1 a it. I. St i. A a a a. It a f i to i a d -30 so i is. La text \ i 1 Ber to 112 nil re. Tax a a. To l. Beri i it of i Fatmi of in j1�?T.#

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