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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 15, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Winter race meet at Tijuana mex., produces thrills i of us is Cut water Supply in 1926 at close of december the stored Supply in the mountains was much less than in 1924 to Santa Ijan. Llu the Wear r i. A u in. A the i lowing it ii snowfall in Tho elevated rot it f new Mexico in december 3 9 it a in was Fin a rape fall for the a Tate of j.5 Inch in october 2.s in november no i 4.6 in december 7.9 in Bee for the Gisoti compared wit h Quot n 1&Quot i of about 9 inches. The in t them Mountain an. S. As use. Received the great at it o. It close of i Ieese a i St. My depth ranged fro Quot i is a it .1 i Lichen at 10,000 a a 11 t it i,oi0 of t and Little it a the t. Fortunately How a a cell at the close of 11,. A -.Iii. R a a i tinted into and i is added materially Tot to. Depth. To e excess pre i i a a n of to o fall v ill also Aid it Quot i a i Quot i a it or it hoi of the Outi Onk is i t Over Bright for any of Tim tie mis of the state Aidian and Northeast Pongee 33 Inch twelve mommie All silk Pongee natural color la France Hose this Beautiful Good wearing Hose in All colors 3 pair Golden Rule store la i Yards. .$1.00 pc Best place to shop after All for .$5.00 a n d silk Hose never mend silk Hose All colors pair .$1.00 1-315 gloves Odds and ends of silk Cha Moisette and kid gloves pair .$1.00 s. Amp h. Stamps s. Amp h. Stamps Friday and saturday january 15th and 16th i lie greatest Money saving Sale Ever featured in Albuquerque. Many items arc offered at prices that Are Way below Cost. These photos from the Minter race meeting at the Tijuana mex., race track Mecca of turf lev. T1 v Quot f 1 1 he a Sora right now show a heating a Cherry tree and a clix Etter in the St. Nicholas Handi to r. 1 i v. Cap a Bachel Potter below at left with Buck up Winner of the Al Bio key Handicap and a firm a. Is til i inches a Friend a with midget jockey r. Jones up. Winner of the los Angeles Handicap. A Boot feet and 6 to 8 inches from Jig too to a too feet. I von and Southeast Tim average fall to the close of the last month was Only 4 r inches for tile District. There was Little stored Snow outside of the Moun j gains of san Miguel county but j Here the depth was rood�?20 to >26 inches from 9.000 to 10,000 feet. Ilia Grande there was an average fall Over the District of i 2 int h.Iii october i 4 7 in november and 6.9 in de i member or 12 r inches for the season considerably less than to tile close of december 1924. Ila and Southwest a v a a Der. Ivan Miley buys Kitten la in the Oil Fields Indian bicycles and motorcycles i to. Mountain refinery in san Juan in a a let Tro of Only 2.7 j. Milch of California w h o fur til Sun. With two to it recently took Over the Liloon Ifield six inches six it i Dpi a creates. J and tile Oil and Gas Wells r e the a or n j Rob is of the of a it in Omufil i nil and Gas i. A i. I company in the san Juan Field Lias san Juan and Northwest bought the kitted refinery at s i St Owoc mad in this Dis i Bloomfield. The refinery will be tie i i n Vee Lee. But the dec in j operated under the name of the Ber a a Era Quot was Light -4 6 inches j Kitten refining company. F a Tisi i i a i Little stored Arthur Kitten who it is understood 4 to Congress considers defense department for army. Navy. Air Lea Over i retains a one third interest in the j company will continue to Man-1 age it. Or. Miley is one of the Lai it t Independent Oil operators in it Lif Ria. Oil operators say Braden Well biggest find since new state til operators of the i cos Valley Field declare that the discovery of Hie Braden no. I on the Vandergrift permit in Tho Center of Section 5-17-2s is Tho most important Extension in the recon Valley Field Mace the new state no. I was discovered in the Northern area of tile Field More than a year ago. The Ilia Den Well is located on i. A a it. . North line Rix Miles from tin k 1 1 1 proud ing area and Means a six. Mile Extension of Tho Field from i i him t o Sti m is the North end if Tho i Din Irir township opening up no entirely new township for exploration. The Haynh Len i this Well was encountered Call at a depth of 1.2so feet and the Oil a is being forced out of the Well by a / Ilion Udy by Forward min a Tho dirigible nit tee Doest week proposing in. 14 Beacon probing 36 inches wide Good patterns on grounds of tan Rose Copen Nav Grey and Brown one and one halt shades Plain and Stripe patterns four Yards. Yards .$1.00 Bunney cloth �?T2 inches wide values up to 45c, medium and dark $1.00 unbleached Muslin 36 inches wide 25c Quality Nice smooth finish six Yards .$1.00 Pepperell sheeting 10-4 bleached and unbleached sheeting Good weight two Yards. $1.00 Art ticking table pads Linen towels 59c value 32 inches wide Pink an something new in fancy table pads All Linen towels embroidered ends. Blue Floral Stripe patterns two j assorted sizes 3 in a Box for $1.00 Yards. $1.00 Pilgrim sheets Feather pillows on i us of $1.75 value fancy tick covered Alue 8, 81 by j0 Hrc Quot 1 20x30, two for. .$3.00 for $1.69 value shades of Rose Copen tan and White two for $3.00 Pillow cases Arlington cases size 42 by 36, tour for. $5.00 Cotton blankets Premium sheets values to $6.50, slightly soiled in our regular $1.75 Sheet size 72 by Plain Grey Pink and Blue plaids 99, no Center seam an exceptional Tzc 60 by 80, pair. $3.00 in Good value two for.$3.00 $1.00 h serpentine crepe 30 inches wide Floral and japanese designs on grounds of tan Green Rose Grey Pink and Copen 3 Yards .$1.00 in Boul a a and affect opt a Ilion Tim i i he it Over <1, Hay that the to believe a r Gnu l prod in a a of till l he t from id the inuit de luxe bicycles Columbia bicycles italic de luxe bicycle tires Chicco heavy motorcycle studded bicycle tire they last and give satisfaction. Basket balls and supplies baseball supplies National Mazda lamp globes sweaters and sweater shirts. Now is Tho time to get your motorcycle.Iii condition for Spring. Get your bicycle put in condition. Bring it to Simonson Cycle co. Corduroy Wool Challies 36 inches wide narrow and medium Wales shades of27 and 30 inches wide $1.69 values Good color combi Grev Black tan White Copen and Silver 11 yds.$1.00 nations in pleasing pattern effects two Yards. $3.00 Velv onit coating Wool shirting 5 1 in in s wide. $4.75 value in Plain Brown and Khaki and Navy Wool mixed shirting 54 inches wide a a Brown tripe also Grey Stripe two Yards for. $5.00 Good heavy Quality two Yards for.$3.00 French Serge sponge and Zibaline coating 54 Inch wide a wonderful Serge value in shades of 54 inches wide values to $3.75, Navy Black and Brown Black Grey Brown and Beaver two Yards for. $5.00 3 Yards for.$5.00 Odds and ends of Silks lingerie cloth Radium printed crepe Canton and brocaded faille a 36 Inch Cross bar lingerie in shades of Pink peach or in to $3.50, three Yards for.$5.00 chid and yellow 3>5 Yards.$1.00 silk underwear vests gowns i. Values to $3.69 vests slips Bloom Keyser mercerized Lisle vests in ladies warm Outing gowns in Pink or and gowns in flesh Pink peach Pink Only values up to $1.50, Blue and tan stripes regular $1.69 i d Orchid 2 for.$5.00 j each .$1.00 gowns two for. $3.00 207 South second St. Phone 570-w Batiste Bloomer i Creyonne Creyonne Aillet. I bloomers la.-., trim. I i11-1 s a a a ? j9c> a a or i Quot Quot Quot value to $1.49, Width 3 1 i. In of Pink a a a Ltd a assortment of. Olor Ful a Imhee wonderful pattern.-, in terns to it Lect from 2 Yards. .$1.00 j Beautiful c o i o r combination % Yard. $1.00 nit $1.00 it Jan us to by the Best for less it i c Lei s of Field now Fri Sand i Rotruc Field will be in it will flow he i Coos Val predict that Tinl in Tho arte. Ii nil the i hid of Tho in. It f it a r h ii. The West coast co. To run Aztec refinery on 24-hour basis Field h Leal of i until Chi c/5 u cd o u. Don t Latten it1 it to Flat every time Jones moves curtain nets children a Hose boys Hose i the heavy a a Captain Kidd Hose 36 Inch u Ide values to 85c, White for boys Black Only not All sizes j Black and Brown heavy and Light i roam Aud Ecru two Yards. .$1.00 3 pair. $1.00 i Rill.Iii All sizes four pair. .$1.09 silk and Wool i Besses mrs. Join or. J one to tilt lit a mongol ii a Large to these Bea Bug. Mops up the Cong oleum it a Dis them up and off they Glt House. No tacks to rip up Only or needs any fastening k to select from and you la ii it fill practical and inexpensive i i i a.Iii ii i s i \ in k no i. H Chi la cd u x air rank Vav. Graham 11 kid is ref nit do font hug Anchor in is in in h Good styles values to $29.50 Good wok Mansi.Iii Good materials Star furniture co. Inc. 113115 West Colell a if. 11 ii i i j it i id i to Gay furniture the Best for l e s s o pc m in in agouti selection of colors the trimming effects Are Erv Clever Kach dress. $5 All Wool skirts value to $17.00 �?�<1 and Plain styles in Plain and Plait i at terns. Each silk i blouses values to $17.00 Canton crepe de Chine an fancy crepes. Each silk Anc Wool sweaters values to $10.00 c i o q d c o i o r s e i e c t i o n s latest styles. Each $5 $5 $3

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