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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 15, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Rage two Albuquerque morning journal january i a 1920 on vote Feo. To on Revenue at. To Stop fight democratic spokesman in Senate finance committee says administration is using propaganda does t want his party to be blamed la s. Dry six years but bootleggers keep dry men Busy o politics must thinks Early passage would be advantageous to country alcohol tax Cut is decided upon Washington Jan. 14 i apr an offer to set february to or earlier As a date1 for a final vote on Parage j of tax reduction Bill woe made to the Senate today by senator Simmons of North Carolina spokesman for the democratic members of the finance committee which is considering the measure. The proposal Mot Tveith approx j Val from chairman Smoot of the c Mitt �n<1 senator Simmons said he it no id put his proposition j up to the Senate after debate on the Bill had started. The North Carolina senator who is ranking Democrat on the committee told the Senate he made this offer to Stop a Ythi cowardly propaganda emanating from and j ministration sources and papers j that the determination of demo crate to remedy the Bill by ro�?~1 m pm finn i Iii Ido pc liar their substitute would de hard Coal miners Lay tax reduction beyond March j blame Green men Flection code than 40. I do not believe that this is in the interest of Good government. A two need a new election Law everyone should earnestly support any movement to pet a better Law. But not a Law that would disfranchised voters irrespective of the motives of those concerned. I believe with a few amendments that Law As proposed will be judge Holloman says he believes that proposed code has Many rep. Mccullough says he splendid provisions among them has no intention of Call Tho a cutting t Ting District to rot ing democratic caucus Holloman is displeased Holwell n. Al fan. It ply i in sent u Hie Ullin Iii h. My u. Lough int no intention of tailing a Cali us of the democratic members of the mate legislature to go into tile merits of the proposed election code. Or. Mccullough takes the View hint tills proposed code is strictly a non partisan measure and is not one which in rut sense should in made a political Issue. Quot generally speaking i no much in favor of Hie proposed code a a or Mccullough said Here today. Quot i have not had on no it or Unity to make no exhaustive study of the let or sunni registration features of the a Quot a be hut the code generally appeals to More than 3<�0 voters and for uniform Sheet Metal ballot boxes. A most emphatically yes Quot he said when naked of he in in favor of letting illiterates vote. They Are guaranteed that right by the Constitution he said. And to deprive them of St by a Bitle act would be a Quot palpable i i la said a after watching the Progress of i Nome communistic societies the i activities of parlor socialists and the ridiculous Abs drum of free love Organ in a it occurs to me that those very highly developed intellects Are not Superior to the Ahee herders who cannot tend or Basket Ball results thirsty throats in Tho u. S. Will Hac been parched for six Iona dry ? years on january loth. Tile eighteenth amendment went into Force on that Date in 1u20, one year after its ratification. In the Center above is a photo of Carne nation famous Temperance reformer now dead. At tile right is Andrew j. Volstead former congressman from Minnesota author of Hie Federal dry Law. Other photos show a Fleet of ruin chasers tied up at Lockwood Basin near Boston mass., ready for Atlantic duty and a group of dry agents in Boston destroying 75 Moonshine stills my other apparatus. To when first income tax instalments Are agreement for a vote on the Date Nam a would continue the Revenue Bill on the record breaking course set by its speedy Pas manufacturers oppose Albuquerque gets rail labor act which publicity Over san for Oklahoma blast roads and men favor Hazleton la., Jan. Lab a Washington Jan. 1 i judge Milton j h a i Mirk who just returned from washing the scale committee of the anthrax Tho Watson Parker Railroad labor i 3 n receiving a a a Vul a cite miners representing every local Bill was endorsed today before the j publicity in wish in glob because Sage in the House and would is Union in the hard Coal Fields to it semite interstate t Miner. Ltd com of having been selected As the location fur the National children s tuberculosis Sanatorium. pock store Denver 24 Max walkers. Omaha cd. Holtom Xiv Hill j e is school. I a Ive dim Ltd i Isis thousands Newt n High s h of Spring. In. It. Ranta be Jan. 14.�?saying Kin sic 2 8 Grinnell 2 0. The v w ill work to a sends of voters. Judge Reed it Mim or \ i. I his Iii. Holloman declares himself opposed Calif Jan la 14p> to the provisions of the new Clee a Barbara Lamarr film Star. Who Hon Codo relative to legislation Bas Bein ill sine last summer was removing the Circle from the ballot described by her physic in tonight j Ami refusing assistance to illiterate j quite ill Quot but nut hopelessly Oteis. She his developed Peel los i a unless these provisions Are that is inflammation of Tho Pel changed the evils attending the. A a a of the kidney pin in proposed Law will outweigh any said. A and few. It got that Clear Good that can be expected he said. A gtd up. She will be All Quot during the let Campaign a National movement was inaugurated to get out a full vote. One Hundred per cent vote was the slogan. It was realized that tile Hope of our country depends upon the people being interested in our govern rent and expressing that interest by voting. And in the face of that i we fire expected to accept and support a proposal that will tend to Cut Down our vote from its pres-1 ent percentage of about do to less it Isnit a Home without a Telephone e a a. Emmerce co insure application of tax reduction Day Adnil a Resolution reaffirm in. Of s is by i Trch to. I. ,. Ing to the world our motion a rail Rune operator and a Mph Aye a. Reduction of alcohol tax Eft j 2 20 a gallon toll a j after Jan Proval in 1 Fhy plan uary i 1927, and to 11.10 arter0 policies of the Union i Idem. January i 192r, a House Bill pro the scale committee condemned virion was accepted by the finance Hie movement in the Pennsylvania committee. I legislature for the repeal of the reduction of the alcohol Levy Miner. Certificate Law. Had been strenuously opposed by in connection with the manufacturer on the ground cd repeal of this Law president that it would stimulate Bootleg Lew is read a Telegram from inter Ging and Patent Medicine Manu National representatives of the managers of the Bill predicted it would to re tee Wii Hou i Rcd by Tho i Iii Xii it delay and would be Whitlo he was there the City was placarded with announcements of shows being Given by a a Roxy and for placards Nin 1 a As the Loon i oat orium. Fact ring. Falls from fast moving freight sprains ankle Maury Correll brakeman on the s Tun a it Railroad escaped with a few bruises and a sprained ankh after falling from i Engineer s est on a fast moving freight train wednesday afternoon. T Orrell whose Home is at to i vegas had returned from placing lanterns on the front of the engine anti while crawling balk into the Cable missed his footing and Fdl rolling a distance of 20 feet after striking the ground. The to n was going about Amiles an Horn the train was a special freight westbound. Corral was picked up and brought into Albuquerque w Here he was met by Strong s ambulance. At the Santa be Hospital Bis injuries were Bald to be minor Union at Mcalester okla., stating that the explosion at Wilburton when nearly Loo miners Wei killed was said to have been Quot caused by Green inexperienced men. A silk prints Are Vogue tor Spring his gang Quot for Tho Benefit of the passed by Congress holding that Sanatorium. The it would mean Iii end of Railroad honed a Binal strike and Tho Protection of Tho non Public interest. A first opposition to the Bill is sex _ pelted to be heard tomorrow when in present a of the National manufacturers association will appear before the committee. Cd Ticora soap Best for baby 09. Font int to pm Cwm a rold of of is borate Quot. A dept r of Aldan Tex Leanor was almost frantic. It was i a. In. And the baby was sick for the first time. She kept saying a to if Mother were Only so w i i b u r finally dressed went out in the Snow and found a Telephone. The baby was Well by noon the n e x t d a a h ii t even before that Vav i i b ii r ii a d signed a contract for his own Telephone. In Sealskin coat at woman s club slashed by Vandal mrs. . I Toepperwein someone entered the mail cloak a in in the woman s dub build thursday night and s Hod \ Al us by Sealskin coat Bil Ging to or. Oleo e. Purdy. I it c at vat Cut Bec. Of repair. A mischief maker dbl by work ing to i. Antei to Minim it w bit ii k Given at the club rooms. I rih i i a Al i ski it a i is old Aker Al Buiji re and Mig Eunice i a i Mowere tar St 2 of clock thurn i culmination of Quot i h in i f Colorado several a int their Honey turning Heri Xxiii it l i Irr into la i n a a a ii i in Jan it a Abl unit of Dubuque. La., e Teri Sontore Belt it ii world la door pol vault no in. A a. In the x a in xxii Mux la rho it i or 1. I j of t. It Retei Rill of the in a Dania. I Xin Iii he Al., bin. Ii 14 a my William Boyd Fin lied a Pici it a a do Mullion Brit Ted apposite a a h role eloped no Ana and wet a double treatment scolds Call for our final season end clearance for cleaning and pressing men s suits a that a the Price at file Imperial laundry you can have one for a few cents a Day w Ca i a Leal Evi of \ a another Day in f there in anything it it you need. For it a u to National Garni u it i must g it Bingel. It Lur i a a very neighbourhood it it t of the wonderful Baric Ding i foil a Way of a. In Tima that in Jour share. Si2.95 to Ltd $75.00 is it. $19.95 to $89.50 0 a to xxx int red it hat. Bilk <1 Den Lgth Elk Oku window s National garment co. 403 be i Central ave. Meyer Osoff i 1 c the Imperial up rior service 30 minutes a Day j vented to int Ere practice at the piano a Dav Orvice Quot it it pc extra is the foundation of lit time understanding and greater enjoyment of All music. The younger i the child begins the easier it is to master the keyboard and implant firmly in the mind a lasting knowledge of the fundamentals and a i True sense of Harmony. ,1 Send us your extra suits without Daviay and let us show you w hat 50c will do toward making them spic amt Span attain. The Imperial laundry i a. I rom tile Petite up ii d he first requisite is a grand or upright As the ? determine. In either Tyr modern Small grands am the More conventional size the Ideal instrument for sour child education. And it will he a pleasure for a t with you also our time sales plan who it easy to pay while enjoying the to instrument. T no. Hah either e May Ultra hts to u w Chil my my re �?��?�11 Lascu is makes of the i 17 a phone i 18 Riedling music c company o j phone 987 304 West Central journal her Ald want ads bring results p it ilk lit not a kuibm4 i i to Cut cd a nil a up by in do ail it f Ini Al. A b. C. I Uin St. A Dei it or pm or in Buffalo. N. X it fit min do it at Aib tiled to it to Froc a an and us la m Ahi i. L r to Turyna v los rom ii la re of 5 inia i a of a i to add a Ai Indian jewelry rugs pottery curios let our free cats Dogu in i. T a let a Liao no Hall i Ria Maisels la to. Ural Al. Al i of 4lo�r�i or Ali Tel xxx Lien a a a l it i a i Obi canting Fin Asp Oeub Over to Frost and Vicks act in to 1 direct to to rages with us Rnka Ted by the in 2 direct throw a i or Hio neti pot. It the to Thuie pain i my ugh to it snob a piste c id indeed that can relist the direct doable action of a Hen it is rubbed Hest at bedtime Way at once inflamed air pay rated Vaj irs Leat and in skin like an a a drawing sureness and to j tablets to Wilo fortify to i a a f j a ant Box tear i la Roth. Ii Mani i a today by ti., j to View la a Complete 1 the Cloudy Quot in a a e xxx if the a i to die cold May easily up y if vitality and undermine you health. Don t neglect them. Views Vapori on it cd Mumm Jam Jsam Lumix i done to fail to see the Blac Friar players tonight at 8 15 Admi Stion 50c Hish school auditorium rickets on Sale at Matson a auspices of red Cross compliments of Meyer Raoff store news Semi annual Sale of remnants All Kiln Iii. I no curtain of Silks Wool far ii ets and draperies cot on Sale Friday. A a a

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