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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 15, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico Inst Active interest Iii Bents by our quo writers guarding against a titanic sinking payroll holdups tops by rear Admiral w. E Reynolds cd a Manju it u. S. Coati guard in april 14, uis the civilized a Ort a fit a gorged at the new a tor a Matt a Dlugg Stef the giant pm so eff go a a Tel rth by on j Maiden voyage from England to a York had at Rook an iceberg it latitude ii do a 46 minutes North Longitude a Quot egr ill minutes Wert and Chi p. A quipped with a try a fat y arrangement a. A vice known to naval architecture and gone Down with a Job i 20 her a Aam go re and we a the world Val appalled not Only at. Tho enormity this disaster but Alan at go danger that threatened other a a a i who roamers took them through water where icebergs might be encountered. Icebergs and derelict alway Hart been the dread Tranaas Latte a it Gator particularly along the a a a that run near the grand rank newfound land. In the Days a now steamships Mort the vessels took a course dire Tler Aero the Hanks which carried the through the ire Moat the % rat. Pine the ardent Large and fast tax alpe agreement have been m the whereby definite routes have been established to the southward the Normal 1 a Rone. the ice ton a re flied nothing More would to required to assure reasonable safety hut unfortunately the limits the ire Fields and Berg vary considerably in i oration As Well As in Seaton and a vessel might sail on a it our that a altar at the time her departure by i encounter in which had Drift d into her path before she reached the grand Mink demand for ice patrol Rose from every nation the loss the titanic was followed by an almost Universal demand for a patrol the fee tone to Virn parsing vessels the limit danger from a 41 to Day. The Navy department met this demand by detailing the scout Cruiser Cheeter and Birmingham which rimmed utely took up the patrol the Lee regions and continued it during the remainder that year. In the Spring i Ris Marine interest again applied to the Navy impart morn to perform Tho ice patrol Doty but that department had no vessels to Par application was the made to to Treasury department and Tho secret a j Ltd to Treasury elected the Cutter. Seneca and Miami those cutters being doomed the it fitted for i on account their fare moping Radii. The Miami subsequently renamed Tampa a one a Squadron Oast guard Cutter engaged during the world War in escorting convoys la Ewe Nen land and Gibraltar. Swap sunk in the Bristol Channel on september 26, 11-by an enemy submarine and All her complement. Us officer and men lost this was the greatest individual Low ult Fain by our naval for in the world War with the incl exception the Cyclops t Hoe fat Haw never bet rooter mined British sent out a trawler to make study tee the British government Akot up the question ice observation a ice patrol for ibis with the. Result ,a., the steam trawler Scotia a rift for this Erric the a no being hared by the British Board Trad and the British steamship com pm Ai operating Trail Atlantic. The work the Scotia was confined almost entirely to in and weather observation off the coast o Newfoundland. At the International conference on the safety Lite at sea which was veined in London on november 12 the subject patrolling thic Region was discuss a and the Convent sign on january lf14 provided Lei inter National derelict destruction in ii a lion and an ice patrol service to let con quoted by two vessels which should patrol the ice Region during the a on Dan Ger and attempt to a p the int atlatl lanes Clear derelict ill thy air the government the i nor d state w a n voted to undertake la management a Hie tips service. The proposition was. Favourably Conid red by the president and on february 7, 1914, he it i that the Revenue Cutter service it now the Coe -1 guard begin a Early aet Orsil the internal tonal ice observation and in patrol vice. Tach year since then with tic it caption 1917 and 19u, a patrol has been maintained by the cast guard the two cutters for in patrol duty a he Tampa named for i. A other to p. Sunk in the world War and the Modoc these Are two the Fin t a a 1 i coast guar Tinct. Bister ship i feet lore and 39 feet beam propelled by he tribally driven machinery end Bun . The iceberg peril is brought about by the fact that Lemenn apis s to it in breaking off from the glaciers on Tim coast Greenland a borne South Gay Ocean currents until they come Dang ? cutely near to the lanes followed by the steamships plying a the it the a noted skates and Europe. A the cold Wall to name give t a Boundary Between the Gulf Stream and the Labrador t Urr re off Tho grand Banks this Wail is nearly pro Dicu a i and extends downward 250 fathoms. Lieut. E. In Smith ., United states coast guard who a served for live season on the he patrol and who has studied the movements iceberg off the grand Banks More exhaustively thai probably any other on Man has called attention to a striking phenomenon water temperatures do to the Wallin 1922 pc be Calm a. A coast guard head tells How the iceberg patrol makes a similar disaster next to impossible through radio warnings Iii to denier a Hor be Jpe nth cold ctr wafer and the warm. My tropical water la Gulf St Ream a Lino a Well defined Permuting photos a #. I a Tokeo Iii patrol hip a in pin a a i i rot the cold Well a thermometer Ever the Bow Iii the cold w it a Register i 24 Der get while one Over the Stern Reolf to a 56 degree a rung 22 degree in much lets than a length the Little ship do % Fine 4.1�?T in june the same a a e. Iff fas and a. thens i i on it tit on the grand Banks u t up the i a Berg and warning with a it it i leaves the patrol no Circum Tan a a unless indeed i on i in sos pall. Until relieved a re bist few a Little was i the movements iceberg bit arrive in to i Jolly the a g a s my near theft help t m. O j. -. Coast d officers a patrol full Char i feet a Fyk he j eel i. A i estimate ii St contain i hard. I i hiring the season 1922 Cit bergs observed around k War tracked ufos. T pm t a re feet rid b a feet in Aff mile Long observed by the ice j j rpm one in Lier and the other i. to Tad. It a i re i so feet j 1% lately 36 was i on Tim s. La re a ran crimes daring Jin above is St a one the my Jester i bergs Clos the transatlantic hip Lane below is # same i erg Aier t was blown up. The inset is rear Admiral w a Reynolds permission vat granted to All hands t go a mining the v dived Over the Side the ship int m a i water 7 do re a temp1 rat it a Wadi on half my to the nor ii the vessel there Fth ated my Greenland iceberg the dung from Bere to the transit Binti teau Lahip traffic nub that a grand Bank Lumina All. Middle March Ann last usually not the Middle july \ mho he the i Peri begins to threaten tis a to up the Modoc a dispatched upon sin to it patrol the two vessels tin.,. Unfit i to t he it a go from the time the y come with Ope the patrol until they final disintegrate under the influence a Arm water the Gulf Stream a beyond the wherein they would be a menace. A a nod re Ord was obtained the Drift i Ary Berg sighted tour differ a a a Lime d ii k nth month in the Lee a l�?~>2i this Berg wan Unm Lydak in photographs and by Means ii it track a computed a Plott a it represent a typical Drift h # Arnd the grand Banks ? broadcasts the latest new every Niht uni morning i t at it s a it str in patrol broadcast brain the ates i we about i she also Sands daily a ports to Fie t in i bites Hydro ? pie office at was Bingo on which flee de direction it k i Bas Eft nit i by at no is cooperated with the Oast guard int ?.#lrfully Sod a i dlr in bring inf a a the a ended in tit Chara a i ice patrol 0110 t s # patrol is. com pc <hs�-ut#3\ indent upon the use radio this car a a patrol discontinued no july i _ a ring the a total 2%s, words fled and transmitted the chips radio and ill related top. Thin is a tremendous volume work til a handled by radio by on sin it Mallory Over position up so a received from parsing at inns help one Hundred and Mety Fth steamship re nested routing instructions a warding the track which they should follow in order to �\�.i1 i e Vii this a in addition to the regular broadcast that was a int out twice Dally j received a dozens Ftp forty Ait vessels were warned that their courses were carrying than into danger collision with i re Field ice it is to Pool to estimate How Many col to Long and no id it pro Ltd work is extremely trying because bad weather naturally the work to exceedingly arduous my trying to e Cutter must remain a a a for Many Days ii a inca lit notorious Gal an a groping about in a he fog in Cloe proximity to the heres lying Hove to in he a avy Gates the Little a i. 1 ship Mot is soon As the weather Clear proc at full Speed to corer is in id Are. A possible before thick weather it an shut in Fease a a a a vigilance re it remitting Devotion to duty <1 unaided. Since the j-.,t re was established not amp Atn Irle Iff a Hen lot in those regions a Brough collision with i beside Broad carting int in t ton the location it Feti to the vessels on patrol take hundreds water temperatures and obtain ancient Lilc data All for the purpose studying Tore. In rents under def Ferent condition to the end that the a pm tingly rep i movements the Harrt a i Mer fully understood it is a most important work and one directly in keeping with the primary peace a to distr the coast to Uarda a the say fug life a i property at sea a the Hundred put engery on Ocean Liney a Elf Torii peacefully in the brilliantly Light compartments Tho yes is As they Rush through the ice danger zones should know that lying off in the any Bink is a Little ship the a Oast Fuard which a Given the masters the ship . Hich they a travelling Complete information in enable Theta safely in Avn a thic pril and they it. V a St comfortably a the Assurance that because the patrol service conducted by the coast a i d the iceberg dancer no longer threatens them How Piedmont peasants Honor their Saint Fields a by Silvio Villa author the vnmn4en ton Italy i loll visited a it it tourist the id it the Piten tipi my made a re a by Many streams which flow throng the Green Valley and across the it Iii. Into the hirer to the people Thea the Ltd Tod in tis sonic the obit Georgic trait t one West in i trp in every their a there a i ii inn implicit a re their rites they betray under thut id Chr to in form a Wori help for the goddess Earth hid i us a touch Pagan i i Hay. to a Bec a present either a a pod tor it Ras a. A tire participant in on their a i Cost a and i but Hui do but port unit it a it to in ii la c i a jul brat a their com path to tip a differs materially from that in the Brothers Central and Southern Italy rather than lift their Pra it it re to Trail pendent image to. Madonna o in in no pc St it iou adoration 1 hum Turg. In Martyr the it it Piedmont shape their �?�,.r? Acci Ltd do i uglier i Fmiller to their is a them in an Srully i. A a Meadows. Having i to i m Villa Jyz a \ ii i Nati Asti i had the Anvic heirs Lader the a rot Moo St i a . ?. Aint who since the Golden Day-., Chi a fan it y keeps i benevolent. It. On the citizens to # v Holt and on the a the adjoining country Sid his image painted a Century Cut agony a local artist can to admired on the outside Wall Tho Chapel dedicated to his tow., it. Saint appear lying on a bundle rip heat. In to open Coutur it. Laow Tod it. Profound Kiter while a a a Tugel Bolding the a and a he u a the Xen to Cut a Furrow in ?Jot that i had when a a a a Ren rabble gone was Gina that being it i1,- tired from a. In by the at la. It Aud whue hot apr goof 1. A to i 1 the i a Kin a a 3i Nave Osti nation a Ltd it nac on it it Iii proof do to Tionson him by Laird and a Ai in in a pts u do re Hen the work in the ii i pct. Ai he Cath in t in 11.i a i it my a it celebrate a a feta h i Cle Bruti it a Row us the off it no. A a j a a the part a a ii i u 8 us it i a Fin we a 1# r a 10 Oil t ? Tri the co a nil to the j Ltd i to i a a up Gnu on the Rhes a a #1 a fattening the team Vav a Lii will play the Bio to a by i ii i the Paga Ilsk religious a rom it a a on the do cd Day the fat i itched to cart which Loco her part it the ctr jilt nth Century a a and habited on ii pc to thus use. 1 this cart As it is a in Oinen the cd apol on a Fri gift morning a it Cher j id d a pm i. Heels the solemn magnitude the i heir burgeon Harries and the avid Quot Lur the decorations t�?T.,. Voting men the Village stand on to cart one fing the hat St. Isidore and the other his assistant Carrvll a i dogs i i Host a to it in an with t the ital in tag a the cart Conn to a Stop in front Tho Chapel the priest step a and he tows i. A it a s a Hilo from the ii he Kotry abut the a play u Toimi festive Tuno. Ever body from the Xiii t Coll. #.- around the -diapc1 in Thim a in authorities in it Oung people then in the 1mck in it Ltd Asanta nod a few outsiders. The Saint s at Pul up at unction and la Man who makes the finn old has for to Dux the freed a the x ii cd it climbs in the cart and Given a Long pm no i with which to pricks he a oxen try lug to male then run the ponderous animals swinging the Load around step a fast a the a amid the yell Aud a Rowel. The a stops at than in i i Al building Chere the mayor in a a a a then everybody sit How t to. it banquet Given in the Turner a it the a. Every a lose i a inning a wines a the product f1<�?o a a in a the banquet take 11 a a u a Las 1 a ? in n Guet in no Chi Ion what can product and it How much Farmer can vat a lid it n a from noon till a undo to he no Ier i., amid great a lesions a it cheer and Hap Plum then the Nelv us cd possessor the hat opens the Hail and Fiance the local n with who prettiest Girt the. Diag Chile everybody Tunc around in w Cirri lapping Bande. For two Days tip Fedi Vitle continue Aud the great Saint the Farmers i honoured with rustic image made Field Flower and \ re tendrils. His Chapel in the Vau citing the Plain stand ilk a Pagan ten ply acred to the divinity core.-, a the end the second Cay Little by Little the round the festivities cease and then for the a St the year the Saint sleeps on his bundle what by the Side his Tram oxen hich a w hit Angel rads through the Furrow into the to setting sunny Fields criminals take greatest Chance. Says old detective but have advantage Surprise and Aid motor car by Charles. Robb mag criminal department in ii Ian j Burns int in Atio oaf la Teeth a in a inc. §1 Ell rim i timid there is non w to Tan Tho Cha aces that to e payroll Holdup Man Doe it tubes and bits to attack an Amir i t an la Iok u for a it a ult hut that exactly wha the payroll Holdup Roan Doe. And a he Hokin g up payroll is no a la comparatively new i a i an anal it in a Roll holdups shows that Roan. A i m one a no i planted inside the to nit a factory whatever May he Tov i frm�t1ot, a to the a a nut t. Pic me Gar. Holdup men ii it know to follow payroll me nor flt greeks 1� for attempting the actual. J the Legal depart in it t. Vin i banker a Oei Allon a int rpm ted a Hanking Law a to mean the St n to within the pro win # a Bank to carry Tun it it a factory Plant and Neith re tithe function a Bank to acc and for Deposit at a Factor Plant either is an accommodation not Hanking bark lug. Legally speaking transacted Only wit hit the four -h11s the Lank building. By Bank Fontina to Hac a Nevi Tilting. And Holdup in continue to it to pay a Roll a Ngy re. The payroll h a tip Man relies a stir. Upon the Al u it it. Surprise an fear he is Quick on the trigger and the River age Bank Ines song knows it in Tho a rage payroll Holdup there is at sex Bange shot in Many cases to it it me it a is injured not killed the average pay Roll Holdup Roan rate upon no Antonio i to make his a town it payroll holdups have taught Bankers to instruct their messenger not to us the Saree route twice i Ca by aug funds from the Bank to the factory Bank officers have Learned too that the guard should never walk Arm in Arm % till the in a ase u Are. Hut instead Shou allow the messenger to precede him by in High feet. I Bif Ormed messenger to. Ilk carrying a Flag for the Benefit the hold up Roar messengers and guard hould be is inconspicuously dressed a Fri even in new York. With it congested traffic condition where on would imag a that getaway to motor cars could a difficult payroll i my re it in Para Lively common manufacturer Quot Hecks 1 ,.v. Arg that the menace the. Avrov Holdup Man would be Lim a it it a tories and plants would us checks instead Cash in paying their Bills this. True hat investigation has Hgt in a at to pay la Torr by he gum i. N hardship Factor. A a rated re Lex for Cash Lear. That the Ettah Horwood a Tore were charging i it int Fop cashing Heck hat n in u Borer could not read were i lh-.?. ,.f la off Merer that others a t Rhc cos to dishonest .d�?Tv -nm5 a nothing. In fact the whole plan a a. Unsatisfactory and desp11< this company had two serious a ill Boi duh in aids two month to Back to the it Rig Aal plan paving the n it too a daring . I criminal is the Hattok Holdup mar Nitro Daylight worker lie know that is always the that some one will take it into his head to shoot at him but a relic upon the Clement Surprise nod upon fear. He works fast i Ulah he work in the smaller towns when Tho Bank fore is Small un-1 where it i not muh a problem to it the entire stuff with two three Mea. All up enter. The no Tori on a Hank Bandit who ii id up Twenty in Banks before he was finally killed a a Bot Federal pt.it1v# and deter Tim s our Agency representing the american banker association always work a during a a noon hour when on i two the Hank employees Ware out for Tun h. Every n it a and h on some Hank Holdup an attempts to hold up a Hank. And invariable when he Doe so some on is killed. Bit to kill a Man is Only an in it a lift the Hank Holdup Roan Moat people have to # idea that train robber i a Cromi the past there Law been two in the last three months. Train robbery i also a Crim during. The Wail clerk it it a trains a Arm and taught. Shoot quickly. The train robber know the and he a to be qui k on the go a what is particularly surprising about them . Robber is that a should attempt to tamper with t neb ban mails he can no i cd i More deadly Al Spencer entire gang to 1.1, crime a i. Robbing tin mails univ on i at Large and a pose Federal officers is a berth it one Roan and they will keep after him until they get him these. to lat the gang a Anre ted in Colorado recent i % when a came into town from a farm to buy Glass a Oda water t h local by Riff recognised him Arr to him and won a handsome Reward. Re train robber probably will never Tough naut her Glass a Oda water a Long in he lives a comparatively new Type rim daring is the automobile highwayman. When the automobile was new it was quit common for an own a car to pick up a to ?.rrr on Tho Road and give no a lift a a we Ald. To Day that a hazardous stranger on highways a us in so oui be avoided. Tourist log Long trip by motor should Tir e their journey thai Tiey will not to on protected Highway a night. Most people associate piracy with the Ghana seas hut piracy to Day is one to com a a but Crim. In Roh tuition Troug Boot going and rum running and it also brought the Taw Crim hijacking that i w Hen one criminal steals from another hijacking also spelled High jacking a an expression used in the i a West year ago for Holdup. To Day it a a new meaning. Flt Rex ample a gang � Bootlegger which operated Nar the Canadian Border in new York state were known to have a Obi quo in Large quantifies Only to have nth to embers the gang steal it Back. And. Orin the Perron from whom the in Utji was stolen could not report his loss Tho Nolle t a a a it a Crim is common Tho High a a \ rum rentier will buy a it a liquor Only to have it stolen. And it course the thru to not reported. Bootlegging and run running have also resulted in a increase in the Couit Dafiny and ratting in fed Blates gov Emmet currency. Most the a had Money is passed to the bootleggers who pass it along to the rum runners who Fry to Hank it and Are caught. This is exactly what happened when a big gang counterfeiters w As arrested recently. J#8�e Jam be much a criminal a War living to Day unless be had in automobile instead his hours and unless he adopted the ways the a modern criminal a to James and the Galion boys were Content to Rob a Ingle Bank in a night raid a single town it a Day Aud then make their a rapt on Hor Chank they were the abject Early movies but Henry Starr a notorious Hank burglar abandoned bin Hor and used an automobile. Al Span . The most recent train robbers and Batik burgle re. Also used a fast motor a. But All were criminals who took a Chance. And like All it rim nals the ook a Chance once too often. The Are All types Crim and All Type criminals but 1? is stories the criminal who fake chances which occupy most space in our newspapers la Confidence Man. Tho pickpocket and the ilk get Little attention in a l looked for i Roume Dormer to on fir. Lur t he a Quot a a your father a a family the carts s-ione1 critics. Tiv for it my Hung the ates Virn an unnamed Bing \ a Imp a Eyer thai Ede cube cd i Cave in x to it i Yth get might a Man with Bird Quot for Quot lady in her be., but what it most rear Boerne-1 a by . Fresh pin mid red k fall Sunset. Uke Fis fair boat Clouds Drift Aeres the ski White a i led upon a sea ? bin that pales As they Glide by now i de t a i y 11 1 irn. Tips the ii a Elk. Molten Glt us a. A Ting Sun mid myriad colors pats an grows the Roseate a a Green and Violet gleam on Cicada that Drift like fairy Benta to magi land Tonia to a the Rose rest. From the wader Gat Pekin he the latticed lanterns glow Orward to the Cherry Gardena m the Hart Tok i there a non who May outrank non we answers loves Behest none All my a even daughters ilk the Ith Rose res tier a Yea Are questing color mat. He re a a mirrors Delight Hie Turquoise Dawn Chan and the d i Kiness night lips ire pouting pot plea by love tender tempest blown that tremble with to secret Only Buddhu mid have it in. She cometh in the Twilight the the and to a he in i the near to serve me in the Sweet obscurity. A h to a Jingiu Trot a i a. I at and t to sic. Song her the Little Boa beet

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