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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 15, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Two Albuquerque morning journal an Independent newspaper a published Rye born i. Peb Jyh no comp butt Ahl c. Ii of. E. A. Ai act e son. P of heat. Secretary. 15. A St aply of i la Shroh. Busine manager Pahi it m Yoke. Editor in he f ii be it a Ose Hie 8. New editor ill c la baby. Telegraph editor h. A . City and stat editor i a am a e Sims society editor t v Ichi set til to t n.,. I in r a gut plier i r k i ties e n t a Tiv est j. Anders it a Marquette bldg. Cd ago 111. A Eph r i . 4 k. 42,1 St., new Yor Gnu Rad h a. It it no i it it a a Mattar St talk it a Toffee a j of Ai Luquer to Al., under act of con Aren of Ai it la i. 18 t9. _ the r m s of St Csc it 11 i Ion Dally by Carrier or by mar. On Mooth. Is yearly in Advance. It of. Quot the Mern Ling journal has a higher circulation i rating than la accorded to any other paper in Nev a to o the american newspaper director the Only paper to new me to co sued Ever it in the fear _ Mem of tit f the a Sosa to la pm Ess. The a c Tat 1 Presa or a delusive a entitled to the Nee. For re put nation Cfall new edited to it or not a thermae it r edited in this Piper and a so the Loi a1 Newt herein. January 15. 1121 whole Way with the tavern deem their party pledges our own colonel be lie re Denim s. Den 11 i it All i of to the v hop if m i leu lid. N i do Albuquerque Momma journal saturday. January 15, 1921. It v a a or Welt Merton a Quotin a a i a. <�?T4 i Quot rpm i Fri a of in ii thus a % a i 4-? sith i put i a was the people View it 99 i my ii Al ton Filiti i m n Ine of i tit upper a a n i 11 i d upper i4 ir�4 a i ,1 2 Ifil f a if. Re i if i ill i Yipu y i to i s ii y v i ii of ii i him i col Hsi. Of h in Pouf i i i y to Mio i a re j to ii i i Tot v to. To. A of <1 i Rte Rnea a did p t i Syren Day tier it or f1a to orm. ,1 a i. A primary election Law which will Rector the a r to tie to rid of slim opt. Where it belong. 3. A n a partisan commission of tire or it to Lair charge of our school and Multi tribal Ian Aud the y remanent Trum fund derived the ref Rota. 3. A fair adequate and j aet Tai Law which will a tunable dial of Brut the Burden of government we ii War real reference Ieth mining Tat Law although we Lii mrk to reach any other evaders big or let to whom a find. We favor a min Tai Lair based Olton an and Saloma property Baals a other property la Laird. 4. A Fuller budget system for the elate in an Effort to pot late spend Turea on an eff Clem Roo Mornh no and Prog Razalee Itata face the. It tire. D v. A i thie to i if in a i 4 i i i of Hill lion let of tie j Ane Phelps a \ 11 aft Albuquerque Busine men have decided to build a hotel. The non Vasa will be made. Tiv a. La no Way to atop that now. We think Thor de. Ision we a wide on but that docs not Matt even if it would have to. N Wiser to a tit i a in it in too late now to atop without destroys a a the moral it it of the of the Ity. Every of jul feel a in take a made in a Penton my. It is to iat get. I Aruba that it belong to the path. Futon i ill that count. Albuquerque a set herself a . Of Aile rat do it successfully her Confidence in her ability to a # omphale things will r be to the Point it it of cont int i Oua achievement. The. Try will go Forward rapidly under the impetus of the new morale. If so fad now the psychology of failure will Mak her Arn of defeat pm Man it it. She will not rally her Confidence in her ability to again f r the neat five years. Yve Are it the great turning in the. Tai1 of Albuquerque it i that a Obde in the Affa but Albuquerque which taken at the flood Lea the. On to Hatunen. Pm bloc spirited men in Rhom we All have confided and who Dearv. Our thank for their unselfish Devotion have decided the to lev the and the direction for this pen dilute of a great Community Effort. Thir de. Talon should be unanimously accepted. Division in opinion on the. Points dissipation instead of concentration get Public Energy. All Shouble readily a. That. The Only thing needed now i. A unanimous and enthusiastic Effort of in h one will do his beet th1 task will not be a d. It r. Ads subscriptions to the limit of the reasonable ability of East h but it ale., be de about four Days of your time four Days to put Albuquerque a on the m ire it is not a ase of by ing Abb to afford the time. Y or a not afford not to take the time. With failure now Star in the Slough of despond with Success in this undertaking nothing can prevent Ash being the Banner year for Albuquerque. Ber soda i opinion Dews nor count Low. Community Effort is our salvation. The test of our ability to do team work under whatever worthy Leader hip May be developed is on. Mea Tan afford to hold Back. The s thing he dime. A i i hotel Vlam o Schwarts s a first a. La k.i�?�. I rj11 t third a the Ian a it i it i oui the i in11 in in a use which i you take it a Little Benny s note Book \�leep3 tit Milto a , late. To a f a ? of i is to a v it Itti to r. Ii i i cd ant provi i to a mar Aav for a it i til ism tags r Seq. T of y i h in sting i me without A on the in i hit t ii a a 1 in the ii i s than and it was d Ltd to i do ii i i la i i i Dill nun i d it it the i it air. And. I to i b will n i Mills i i it .1 s i it Mons in i right eld. Of i Monsieur a Retro let it hid single round i Kout. La ii Shu Ming the left Blat from the. Sout ties by swing i i left and i to a. Howe. I the kid is her of Depute i Iii to a h i had been Kilt sith. Kid i it. Ii id it i of. A to t \ i ut., rn1 a irk it h pm in Isis i to s % Tiki,1 a of to i in Vav Youk a Ottow in at the kid Vav it a i a i ing both blow. A sind left in went d p Rob ably the. Champ having eleven Duel in Lieut last night i Holt i. R of i it a right kid it to int ital inn. Tipton tips Nern a ii fit we Mellk Monin h the i the ii n v. Hant discount. In change i. I 11�ti. Low loan. A up r a i have j simple Vav a Evv hat s the i have kick he s got t a used by ii Jas i Eti a i to i is ski he the american people now have to Walt four month., after ordering a change of administration. Before the new men can take hold of their Job. at in. Mcarthur of Oregon has int reduced is St in. Nil men t to do away with thin preposterous arrangement. He w it uld Hay. The new Congress la office the. F to a a Al or id a in december who the new president would com in the f following week. In vie a of possible election disputes i might be i Fetter to have the president inaugurated january i. Hut he it meal me at As offer i would be preferable to the present Drifting policy the american people want prompt action a i should not be Satis died to have the government stand still four months. I f your uni t St v wondering if that awful try body could Haw be n i a the Simp. Wit a a a a thet. May he plenty or poor fish in the Stream but you never hear of anybody killing on. A a a a Theja arg fling to i. So Many of them that a represent alive in Congress is Tike the Dollar not Worth Mote than of whist he used to be. A a a a soc i a in a Post Ion to i thankful for la weather w. It had up to this time anyway. A a a a Well thus Albuquerque ans Back in is a Rullod and by ? hoi i. We Ltd do it again. A a a a a woman shot in jaw la phone a i Lead Tine. Lreh up is iou id b to known it was an Invulnerable spot. Efficient by Luvi a. Kirkman i Kum Ising Fitt of. Governor Mer hem Abo ared his ability for leadership by leading. Ile did not talk much he simply led on and pointed the Way. Judge bit. Wright of san a be Senate floor Leader is with the governor in his program la hesitates Only upon the Natter of a stateside up Mary. We believe he will see me Wisdom of not inviting others to have an objection to the whole program by having none himself. Much depends upon senator Wright. He is an extremely Able Man. Albert Nancy the speaker of the House declares himself Tor the governor program. Some doubt his ability to swing the House into Jim. We do not. Ii has the Abb assistance of a. H faster Republican floor Leader who is with tin governors Plana. Senators Phillips and Henburg very powerful Senate members arc on record in to. Of use tilings. This group of men can control the action of the Republican members of the legislature unless there Are powerful and sinister influences outside Tho legislature which Block them. On the outside the party Haw or. Ursula and or. Craig who Are beyond doubt for the governor s policies. If other influences and special interests attempt to Block legislation they should be a sat upon and sent Home. They hold no official position and have no responsibility to the people. They can work in the dark and get members of the legislature a in bad if their advice is followed in the democratic Side it is a a guess that the democrats will practically unanimously go the just folks copyright 1921, by Edgar a. Guest an Mvi Sci iou i it hoi is. St. Haul is sleeping to the boor Boswell and Johnston to a Bench she says a it hic. It room Tov More \ Balza who wrote of people fun h. Must rest wherever he Hance to fall. Old i tuts Are tossed in Dusty nooks now every shelf in the room or Hall a is mad a lodging place for books. 4 a there is no room says she for More a who shares my every Wal and wot a there s Stevenson behind the door and there s your old Friend Edgar foe get rid of some of them a so. Cries a out with hem bag and baggage now a but of. They arho Good and Wise i want to keep them All somehow. In double rows in be bunked Tho throng and Friendly like in be squeezed them in the poets with their gift of song Rem Ruble sardines in a tin Chris Morley in to Steep Between John of ase fit id and the elder Keats. And in though they be unclean there is no room to Chang the sheets. N never i venture Forth to roam but what when i return i bring some other new or old Friend Home and bid him cease his wandering. And Mother tells in to my face a Aho puts on her blackest looks in be mad the House a lodging place a crowded tenement of Hooks. Hit Ipi i i Viri Mil by. F my j i i a of my read Hough t and cts have Beer in the follow a it her Omen Reader a i pea for a. M i i. Chocolate to sues i a i t ii v i cals mum Ling Cupi cup flour rounding Tea spot Tiba Kine Jai w do i it i Lea spoon Ltd a butt a i. I to p i egg up with milk. Flu vol with Anil a Al i a 11 to Goth i my Bai i i t w o i yer. Sit by flour Rug u Ami baking pow r together foul Lim -. Icing i cup pm fact Ion re sugar 3 Tea up rout Iii g of Cocoa. I left1 but i cd Quot a a s to 11 Tai ii i Ila. Fat it boiling i re. Mix 111 Dureth a w it bout cooking find spread warm. It Iii Vav bib ii., Ca i is mid Idu to i f Niu Youk in i i m s. In York. J Is tin 3 it. I Tai Tir its f jul pm. I i it i it. Blast St. I r in Tab urn h a need. It him Nho 1�?~ltolh it a ago by 1.1 Vav. A r v and. 4 7 Mark i 4. Butter. Met v a tip a mar 4 be High it la Aliy r. Receipt i i it i d i n a r the ase in i Era i at Hist Low r. Fowl i in Dot. Is i. Alai Ket Dull. Root int of he t to it lilt garbed my t to a i Vav a Dought r la i f i i 11 tis Vav ii Home it it j 3 pro i i the following Cracker-1i make an Ordinary boiled it i spread tin upon saltines Jio i in oven and i a e col i they will be it up. If m is j hopped nuts raisins or be. I icing bet re spin ailing it a j Dow Ake came Well a a id i t a i will warm m cup of y. Ii motile k ors Hie i funny get a Piggie boy were Quot it a j to in a i v Slop w i 1 bad fro a. In Mie wiggly Wam Oft j having More fun than he id Coin i Hen j to him in mane i Long Day and h a Odds and Cully Over just beginning Wal Street Man Ami leg Down in want to the to tie i ii mrs t a my Arent Cunt mad to out the Best bread pudding that anyone could make and i have in of it for my husband and Chil a or o for ten yearn Lici t it is for Oiler w Linen to have auntie�?T1 Iii Al pudding Ike Junta tweet milk i pint of bread Crumb to or Small pieces of bread is is in is j be used cup sugar 2 egg Yolks two stiffly beaten egg Whit and 2 Tablespoons of any kind of sugar i Pink dual pref i �1 i a drop r f Vanilla. Is my the bread crumbs in the. Milk for half an hour then add the incur and egg Yolks bake this mixture in a medium Maizi pudding dish for i to bout s in a j medium a W Lien it should lie of Tius consistency of Mush. Now take the dish film the oven arid spend Over the top tile egg Whites w hich have Imen beaten stiff then sweetened with the powdered sugar i and Flavoured with the Vanilla put j Back in the oven for hour. The i is Good served either hot or t old no no lice is Mary a a thank to for the recipe yay Siut me to is one of mine in a t in n icing for Small i a Cut the unbeaten White of j i egg into a i no and add to it j i Tablespoons of milk top milk preferred it. Now stir in confection Era sugar until thick or ugh to spread i flavor this with tither Vanilla Lemon Almond Orang j Rind Maple or Hoe spite. It is just j Ideal for Small i inv a there is the nov t make i meringue for the top of Lemon up s amyl a meringue beat two com Whites until Miff. Then add to them Al dessert spoon of granulated to Gar j and a Pinch of Cream of tartar. Now spread this mixture on that restless pie and bake for then v minutes in a slow oven it is tender and Fluffy High. J believe the reason Why most Cooks have some trouble in achieving a meringue that bedtime stories for Little ones by Howard r. Gaits. Copyright 1921. By met i it newspaper Syndicate i n it i i wig Al by uni cd Ray s is Idi of d a m in w Negev i., Arf tin no by i no Rabbit gentleman vim hopping a1 by Over the t seids and through Tho Woods to old a intr it Day w Hen nil of a Mold a ii came i it it the huh Vahie curl and floppy twisty Tai i the Piggie boys ii cd. A i think i ii just Stop in at d Hay cup of in nip Tea a with m i a twisty to ii a thought the Bunny Gen la ii an to hire Etc a it we warm in. Ami i can ask to w floppy in getting along since i Iris be fast to die to itch in his Snow Boti. Yes i ii go in Aud see mrs. Twist Tali a but just As i nolo Xvi gaily wan Krediet my on the door of the i. In pen Houst he heard a v Oice ail ing a do. In Mcie win trily it ill you please hip me Cany it a a a a to you carry what a said Tho Bunny gentleman to him of. A i Bop it int the fuzzy Fox wanting no to carry a bag that to in a cud to i Quot me nibbles in that he May nibble off my ears a i but when the Bunny gent Leman i Gla need around Over his ? Boulder a co to Only raw curly the other Little Jothi Piggie boy with a Large jut ii of be water so in of which had slopped Over a it to try s shoes. By lint a you doing with that wad Cully asked f Dele Wisl of i age it Nall ii Len at the top of the silo a under Ami Savage von a i want you i want a by oif your cars a Aud the i a was tin fozzy Fox of tin top of the slide a Cit. You want nibbles off it ars. Do you ? it j. D i m Fly. At the Bot t of i of the slide. May la you can t Hue any a Ach i can barked the Fox. In a coming right after them Quot ii one step in Chi in. Dip Pere Slid and then Allaf once. The be t of the bad it Gid out from u i o in -1 him Ami Down to Cam Ker hunks Binko on ids set Aud tend pose. A a it a Wouch nit How Ltd the Fox. Its he Slid All the was Down the Slid a his be. Quot it i not want to do this Quot a a a i Quot i Luched to i we Guy and curly. Quot do you want to nibble Tov ears any ask Tho Bunny. howled the Fox. A my Nom j too sore and off to the w of he Limp not inn to tin Rabbit of til Pigie Poy. Dlf. Of me Jack d04�n to take t it dish Nan ii a a a a drum and Forgit to briny it in a a in a can pm i v i in a i 1 i a i you next about i p., any leg i a and Willie Tail new Dull the a to t rom by 1i�k aon., Tat a brr. In l l k k in Erk i i s. R a t d a a Huchim a Fin it Gay was very trop in Ltd my Iest Nim ill Ait la 11 nil lilt and kind it of a red a Ofa d Flay to it Elk stg i Iii sum Khi ago Jan. I 4.�?< Atli a in a is <,x0o. If St a re in a he Stock alow Snady to lower. By St in be steer. Ute Stu bulk fat cow Ami in it. Is a of. A to i Lulb St Ady Best Bologna bulk $5 to i tas veal calves steady bulk t it packets $ i Omo ii, Stock s ii and feeder Teudy j hogs it it its Market the i in Rren f a i 11 v Active. I to i in Towel than hit in favor a yesterday average. Tup 3s�.#u, get lout hers i bulk 99.�?o0 or 9.40 pigs mostly Al too i a lower i nil k a a �?~0 fun i Job i ail a mid pm Talt do 9 x.,. A Otis of one she pts i . I rim is 1,1 a hide of Vav a 2�?T>e Lowet top. Til to bulk lowing Especial i $10 7 la ,0 your lift 2b� to so j Low or. Early top fetid she Pam in More i factional y issues of morning re Vero d thir cd Gnu. A fading As no d leadership of Market in the fit to hours inst end me ins is were it Itig to cover f sift.18 Hulk. Lamb steady and it prize fat Ewe a. 7 a feed in fusing a degree of a Edom a a oils and Allied is me i in ibs. Steel Al a net Rise of i a Fedov. Red a1 Lait ii traction of its it Eird. Intern to Luna i duper gum. Cd about two Points Goodrich i i and Kelly Spring it i tire 31, a to ii improvement ruling quit in a a the Clon sales a , d to aft .m1 Shat in Ansa it it it i Bestock e City. Jan. I t a Attl it Ham its 11.40. Lie steers sea to 2ft Low r. Top $9.00 nth Rales ii flu a Pettib to weak oud heft a a is $7,50 Yeai Ling Heifer 9?-3a most fowl be Law 96 to mocker and finder steady to a Ltd ail other Best a it Liers , i iou a receipts 2.koo. Mark icy Market was in j a Quot in Hon i uht of Fol it Short time Lea Rte were 4l��lmrs Aroul 10c lower a the a hang. A a so a la 45o to pc by. Dot Ion and fat. Rat a in v s Tota Belier trend to Mark pm a Al 9.&#, j Good Ana Choice fat pigs $9.25 lots ii come Derbite the question is not an my h How tee t a cold but i no. Lit of it with the least be Tilem Mal inconvenience of you will consider the expel in e to others a a my similar who stave but in most successful lit he. Kink the or colds i Tim beginning you will secure bottle of h Imbor Iain a cough in be 1> with oui delay and use it t it lit ally there Many families wha Hay used preparation sure awfully for a Ami hold it in High esteem. It is excellent. Pay. A Al of you hop catch whale of him pie minion did in i. Mot he h j Tail a a ooh to in a not going fishing a every year Sumatra Imp this Hun or is tit Tom of old newspapers the Equator runs Throm a i a ads and the a pet a used in Parn no # to protect tender rubber and sugar canc shoots. I it it a edit inv Tan re Mitt a t Well a de fit a a a a he spoiling to Money Tim beep he a apts 5,s00, math Bono Market was him i Strong i id new a a a too lambs us total sales nut value were i 2 -1 a a �?T1 of a \ Clower a i pout 1 a Flor do lambs $ a. Aine t Oft old i piled state. Wert Une Haa get on Call. It losing pm a american Licet sugar.,�� a Uteri an it att atm ii an Mcl tiny in heft a american Sumatra tobacco a not in an to a to it a met it an Zinc. Anaconda Copper. It Chiron. A Altin Quot a a it it. Bethlehem so i a Al la. Bott Superior. California bes oleum it t mutism Pacific it it Attal Heather. Chenalt Ake a Ohio. Can ago. Mil amp St. Haul. Cd 112. A j i mils i 11 2 k utes i i 6 a a in. La 2.v.?4 la 1.1, if it in la it Vee mar Sittre. Denver Jan i i a attic a a it k Ini. Market Slowa hot Leady. Be f steers % by 6.5 of. And h c feta $ 1. 7 Quot a to. To hives 9 a i i it stockers att ceders. $>.90 of , Hock receipt 700. Mark \ Heady. Top 99.70 bulk. 99,25. In 6 5. So 1 a retain 2 too mat i a dead weak lambs ?9,2f> j to Vav. I cop i 7. Feed lambs it .00 fit 9,25. Bino i a Oppi tit cubic a i,1 us Hugi i Erie. 91 a up to not tip. I ii pad 7 to i a the to i i c u fact tire discs Vvhs if now t Ink among the lending it dust i irs in a dozen or More stat of the Union h re its beginning i in i in w h h to year the fit St Chee i Alto v a. Tile i state i sub Lith d it Rome A

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