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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 15, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico A thorough probe Admiral Ijuin. To be made death yank Albuquerque morning journal saturday january 15, 1921. Admiral Cleaves appoints a court inquiry to investigate shooting american by a Jap. By the Washington. I a j in a put Zapf Lynese assurances regret and i in Ion a. J i a i. A r a roue a thorough will made Lay Tho United Huntes Golf a Artir Neofit the killing a Vav. 11� i i 1 1 Ltd Vladivostok by i Jasbi Tonnu a Stry. Admiral its commander in i Iff Tho i a. rth Naif department today from Manti i i to 1 a i a i i is a to our in i to a a get the a ii no Ati Ltd us &<11ng fit to Tutti la Ufonda la lid 1 that Atit no a tit Curt would leave heat pour Lii 1 a a a i hip to. I a a no i la n. 1"�?~ v Holt look Vav Iii a Walt i Muling official his in the meantime Rill await the finding the naval Routt and an an to the not Ift patched teat night by the late. A i rement to the japanese Goy fib sent. The note requested an fun ail explanation he affair i hoi augg a la the i. Penes a verment Man us i i i a a a ton for the i Rig a Rigdon Chenewe a vet r me s regret i the aft Alt fume i a from tie Jap Nea government in a note i ,.t w Brough halon a 1 h. To i a a n a amen Ridot the also in Cleat cd that the Jaine govern Lieut Mas desirous preventing i i in h happening hid util r Quot path a a need to 1 in j ii in a u i ii huge a i i yes Vladivostok had Tati in i ii be a riot i Hill Rig \ in i a tis the int m i in a i i aves too to a the to j i a a a Thot Lei Lead inform to a Lim officer the i Tiht Albany to i h lieutenant i an Don Aas a. Lii in that the Woi i i a a ?. I >1 a a a to fighter dead for re a a mtr to i to inn 13�?Admiral High military councillor 1x14, in d Here Tori in Pankey a loser Leonard Victor in decision i Over Mitchell Cadillac title three Early pledges to give hotel drive a Start Post a twice Atrisco changed to Herre Raville Admiral Muir was born in rage. Shirn a in Rete Mart ims i father timing a former Samurai the Chin Kagoshima in the a Hino japanese War ult he had command the transport Balky Marti which with Admiral Hatasu my. Thin chief the naval lond command Hoard made a de. rat dash against the Hinsee ironclad Tien Yoti during the a Mons Buttle the yellow a a a 8eptembr is 1xx4. Ile was appointed a lice Admiral in 1x03, inter being made command in Clef the second standing squad ran in which Capa Ity a remained during the to a japanese War. Admiral mum represented Lipan the Jamestown exposition in 1x08 i i return to Japan wag appointed command the naval Bourd command and retiring wag made a morn Ber thu pre in War Council he was created a Baron in recognition his services during the Bungo Japan is a War. Supreme ruling giving him ownership to land held by others. M0uirl�rcy�rsei Hoer 01 worlds Lih committee discusses plan lower court weight Champion retains to limit title he technically knocks out his opponent Iii staff i quoth left i ran la me Jan. a decision handed Down both state supreme court today the suit brought by Benjamin Honkey against Antonio Ort and others to prevent them from trespassing a tract land known us the to a lib i alleged to within the Kan i isl Opal land giant ism Keg was derided against Hattrey Ami in favor the native who have been holding the land in Adverse Possession. The lands in question were sold to Hankey by Hants be people Prim Topalli. Ii. Catron its said that Hankey i protected to la Deposit made by the former a in a a a a a a j the individual subscriptions to $5,000 Din Ner monday night the a me Ria rec a Midi a Ltd 81 uht in i a leu. New York. Jan. I 4.�? be men Nail retain i his w i i id tight cd a m i by a a Iii hoi a i k n k i a i i to i hell much ilk her e ton ight the i a stopper i that a i lifter Oil in in ii i a a and to in be Ond x in the Nix the d. My hell pm Ere i that ring Al tended by his Brot he Willo ii rid Pinke while i a i Mard is Mak will the for launch i a go non hot 11 Bridge. I i Ronith the Vin. Shaif Mil 1 by w Berman students form self help organization will not recommend the amounts to be appropriated for various departments to let solons act. Stuff be Jan. hovered. To the title the land decision in the lower court was against the Small Farmers and is this derision w hich the supt erne churl reversed. The defendants in the Case Al leg 1 that their an Esters and predecessors had had open notorious. I Stronk i exclusive and Adverse Possession to the land since 1x46, when the territory in line under the owner ship the hosted states. The to to la which . Punker secured was obtained by a suit brought against j Quot unknown heirs a a and is claimed i that in pm tar was Given to the i defendants although they were Hon in Adverse Possession j the supt me court holds that a i suit to quiet title cannot he sus i to i tied when the defendants a in Adverse Possession and have Fen Ell arum Are cultivating the i land that in a suit to quiet tit a j where the defendants Are in Possession. The y a a right to trial j by jury and that the a our Annot i try the matter a a suit in equity a and that a court in equity cannot a take jut Isoli. Tion in a suit to quiet i title brought against numerous defendant to prevent multiplicity j suits when the defendants have i lug his Way Down the j Moth them faced a i camera operators w a i Era snapshots a Fth arid challenger Leonard who v i favorite in the petting. I v hit trunks Mitchell i tame Green a and the the referee for the was John Hakof i the judges were Tomm Oiler a voluntary made in in the i medical men hear noted neurologist i a in plot hit to tvs a in list wore the list line. Ain bout Klyn and abort la unti Wilt gov i n. And to new York a. V. The bout was the main att tin a in. i # n by american committee Lur Devad France. Tuddy the the tut my now being the Leader together with other a a grip inn the b the Campaign a r Well said a Nim 1 that the 15,000 v the inca Hank a i represent the Peru sons the men lit is the in he Piton pm a j. Ref Al i Omro a Hun Lier discuss is con Roosevelt Calls Harding Marion Fly pm Asse Rte Tea a Mabton o., Jan 14. About the whole scale Public questions win Emly Salt cd lignin today in president be to hurtling s talks with i Call the inn til in. I the i off k a m a ii i m Fie in r to in we pm i Aviv n n y m. A i re a w Iii in shit Fern ill let a m the Fie ii the cd nil to i Hon out cart tithe till i Ting <1 to req in i to him a my by i rom my \ hat Aff i Al All w pm in n tut the lit nor in Iii get a Hom $ a i. Tiie to p Wie a. no nth a no up off that 1 in Tim n Lark w i the fit my fit Birk la in orb in . Mind tin i no i yid i i Tatri p to u�?T. and tiring remit Universal aluminium Ware new prices now in erect now cent Selling to one prices show a raving to you fifty Dollar each utensil. We Tell this High Grade Ware the Sells in Chicago and new York. See our window display. Same Price As Whitney hardware co. R. F. Mead manager. 305-307 West Central ave. Albuquerque n. M. We deliver. I Ai he Illy the a is Ted press. Berlin Jan. 14 the Central commit tee Ltd the cd r Man student nation r i i item tied he a Tab Lisl ii i Naomi Bureau i Dud tit Heil the i i Mill y put a Quot a which w ill Holt a guard a against Pluto is in lion my varsity ill which is threatened try certain political parties and Ailo in w in i ill to -1 a ii i a til hut and Quot Ganz i inns men am a a a i i Tex -1 ft1 i Fiat i i a a a a a a 1 id lit fund.-, Aff a h r and my to. I tis arum a a j int i til Bur in a flowing opening i Chi la hic for i a a a a i a Sal i rive Grill be inaugurated to Scuro funds. A Cir til in left. oui in association head quart in he Atte Dat Quot in time Hatch is a a i Hove that pre Arlu m curtailed in the Intel Oan nation ii econ any As re by the Ltd i is till r a i u a n my .i Howe Var i <�?��?T1 a turn the exp pm la Santa Merritt c me hem win not pr#-1 nothing in common a to the Fri a pit i e a trn its j a As to the amounts that state department and institutions should receive in the next two fiscal yetis when he offer the budget which the budget comm Teuton is now preparing two years ago governor Loir Rasoft presented the requests the departments amt institution with i recommend tons hut the new chief executive does not feel that the time is sufficient to allow a creditable piece work to he done so he will leave the task strictly up to the legislature. Under Tho new Mexico budget Law the governor is charged with the preparation a hit Lye showing estimated needs the state and i plan for the raising the i avenues. is optional with him whether not he Wilt draw an r by in we cd j i a a commend Ion for the various worries were Given by Hie in Berg i depart men s Are eel Forth. As responsible for his attempt d frn the upon i to Mitt that til i for the a in . Weil a we want to n no my n try Ropo to the Small tin Utt Sci , m w is do Sierdy a californian attempts to end life train is in local Hospital a a Man giving the name Joseph Klemol erg lev Angeles 1 was taken from a Kant be train her yesterday morning his Throat j stash j with a razor. Lie was found in lavatory when the train j passed Grants mation. Ltd a arrival the train Here the injured Man was taken to . Joseph Hospital i where he was attended by . W. i Ovelace and . I Billot was stated last night by . I among those with whom conferred w As Theodore hoes veil who tune to mfg about pm a i Des As they affect the coming and ministration. Colonel Eft has be n re -1 commend 1 to . Art my by so j a a rat i for lems for appointment As an assistant Secretary in the War a Navy department but his visit developed nothing definite oui that subject. Representative a pharaoh a Jet majr urged the president i elect to give his approval to a Glt n-1 Era Hale tax and George h. River a _ following the publisher the Holt Burgh a setts times ask him to App i a a m Mellon hot Isburgh seer tary the Treasury. Bishop j. I Berry the methodist episcopal i a Hur Church was another the Days caller but mild lie had Only come to pay a personal visit. And tart thaid Nake this hotel Pitlon and arc Well As the tar r. Vii mid Felt in to tend us has i in ral several Albuquerque ans tit a the funeral services for i belts i Leta yesterday to a in Ovel Ham for re i that his Cove a Are Good. Member the train Crew stat Hie j that despondency and business Pacific Fleet has plotting exercises r must her ciliated la ii fit i Dana a j suit id will probably be the plan Chi the governor to Cal frequently in to conference the finance commit to is the h,.f,att and House and to allow them to draft their own Bettj. Making the suggestions 1� the Quot i he secs fit. His b Dot showing requests and i Revenue must be submit 1 to the legislature by the fifteenth Day the session. The governors first financial conference has already been held with member the state High us Masslon and the Senate finance committee and with prominent political leaders in attendance automobile trial in court Prescott by Tim Ama Ria ii pre a Boud in a 8 new Mexico a sea Jan. 14.�? by radio to the associated hrs a noon today the Pacific Fleet was about la do Miles off Acapia Salvador and about s6 Miles from Panama where will net the Atlantic Fleet for Maneu vers. The two battleship divisions with their destroyer escort furnishing smoke screens separated a distance 20,06 Yards Toda and engaged in plotting and to King exercises Tutem High mass Fatte r to Dot to i Fth hoi red heart Church who j Assim a in the ceremony thanked them for their presence the stating that the Mark i respect was appreciated by the i Indian trib men the slain officer. Among thee who were present from Albu Quern were j Walter m Ltd Onnell chairman j Hie try commission j. R. Or i ins a chief Pollee Romulo i a Lazar patrolman i oils hot a special Bantu Felt officer the Riff Tony i. A. Robinson Thi Engin in Indian irrigation vice i to Crane superintendent Pueblos and i Ute in Herry the Indian school. Seaplanes in test flight reported the Gulf Nicoya by the associate press san Francisco Calif Jan 14 a i to to Ive i l a ii sea Anes Mak my a 1 i by lit ii emn Diego to the canal Ion Wert i the Gulf Nicoya. Costa Rica night radio Meh pages receive j had not pushed the 12,000,000 Bonn my the Asea lated press ,.in,i Prescott Ari Jan. 14, att Quot _ i. I to Rohll a trial in the 8upe no court this afternoon Al the Hec Tai air Force arrived chug being an accomplice in i the Gulf Nicoya after a in . Violation the prohibition Law. Rut flight Ion Union a Ord rhe Cai was the property a. H Jing to radio messages picked up Morrison who has just finished by the Fleet. Four month imprisonment in co Nocturn with the importation several Hundred pints liquor. _ inv a i demand the sheriff for this conference Charles 8p, a Ftp hoi a a to i presented the state a re cd needs my urged the continuance the present levies three Mill Ani one and one half kids by that counties and state respectively la to to urged a Ial Levy from to two Mills Road building up a Siena Bond Issue not i re was urged by . Springer that the state Highway department Dav twelfth naval distil and quarters said ten them ached Here a Ines ii in a ii mailing two arrived last night rom Fonseca the two no planes nil Are i Oil a Ca. Wings the morning begin right now anti Start Lour Day right with a cup Good Coffee. Enjoy the Rich smooth Ste and the invigoration id set up for the Days mrk that really Good cot gives you costs no More per cup Lan Ordinary Coffee. The Fine Coffee Are mostly packed in Vatu unfilled tins. Schillings is be them. Chilling Contee be deft ated the november election and that had been agree j then that the levies were to he continued. La j. Hagerman representing the taxpayers association asserts that the agreement was that they would not oppose the continuance such levies As they deemed necessary a to continue the Road building program. While no definite results wer announced is thought Likely that the conference will recommend Tho cutting the three Mill Levy to two Mills the continuance the Levy one and one half Mills and the establishment an additional county Levy from to two Mills making the maximum five and one half Mills. 4 the car the county attorney Drew up an information against and the trial was held 1111 i for the automobile de matted had been caught in the act hut pleaded its owner had paid sufficient penalty. Judge j. J. Sweeney however ruled that the car he confiscated and sold by the sheriff. Counsel for the automobile noted an exception to the ruling the ground that the heating had not Peen held promptly a and. Second because the trial judge is biased and prejudiced against cars caught hauling whisky. Shot $100 Bird dog charge is arrested c. J. Nichols was arrested yesterday tar Charles bang Hart Deputy sheriff charged with shooting a Bird dog belonging to k. . Reeker 2100 North fourth . Reeker valued the dog too nil hots will be Given a before judge a. A Mcclellan monday morning. Five new members named a a a Board by the Amor Tate frats voting was Light in the election yesterday fit members the Hoard direct me the y. . C v. T Tho Mio ii candidates and their vote is us follows a att c Magee ii i Helm. 47 i a. L a 4x Sam Hay 33. F. A. Kohl 28. C. La. Barber received 20 votes and Harry Hrmann in. The names Ware written in As the successful candidates were those nominated for the Board by a committee the annual meeting the Board directors set for yesterday has been postponed to a week from monday tenant Farmer is in demand by landlords i by the associate press Paris to Jan 14 cd r. Burr is a tenant Farmer in Delta county who is in great demand by landlords with Large tracts land he has a family Nineteen and they Are compelled to act two tallies for each meal. Tho family occupies several houses for sleeping quarters but All Hac their domicile with their father and work with him his farm. Or. Burr paid an income tax $300 last year and will have As Large an As am silent this year. Bill is mini Over Pierre s i Jan Hill which would reinstate capital punishment in 8outh Dakota upon con Viet Ion first degree murder was Defeated in the Senate today when that body refused to reconsider its action yesterday when the by i was Laid Over until after a Corning recess. Counsel in Dublin Dies from wounds get . Edwards Olive tablets Ostli Oiivia . Buenos a ires. Jan 14. The Argentine government has recognized the Republic Esthonia. Resinol keeps a mans skin fit no matter How efficient a Man May he he Basun ugly skin eruption he in Bead to create an unfavourable impression. Why run this risk when re Moi ointment and Ite Algol soap Elear away eczema and similar Humours so easily this gentle treatment has been prescribed by physicians for years to heal Akin troubles and rarely fails Reston shaving stick makes the Dally have a plea our atle your drug. Gut for Tho pinot Trio. Forto Dayan monday Only in order to Clear our Stock before inventory we Are quoting the merchandise below prices below pre War Levels. Big lot menus Wool shirts and drawers $1.50 values now big lot menus fleece lined shirts and drawers $1.25 values now 69c 39c one lot menus leather work gloves $1.25 values big lot menus soft and stiff collars Odds and ends 49c 7c big lot menus ribbed Union suits $2.50 values now $1.69 All our boys suits values to $15.00, now $8.79 Mandell a the live clothiers to Darken hair apply Sage Tea a few application Sage Tea and Sulphur bring Hack its vigor color gloss and . By the Aguila i re pre Tendon Jan 14 William Mcgrath King s counsel to Dublin was mortal wounded w Hen fir i upon by an unidentified Man wha forced an Entrance into his Home Early this morning and died his wounds soon afterwards says Tien trial news dispatch. Hill to regulate Ioli a. Lincoln neb., Jan 14 a bit. Was introduced today in the Nebraska House which makes unlawful to any moving pictures that portray crime am thing a nature that suggests lewdness the social evil. The Gold mine . John a i Ray in Brasil is belies de to be the Ltd pet Metal mine in the world was opened More than so years ago and has now by Sung to Ogerly 7,000 sat that is the Joyful cry thousands since Edwards produced Olive tablets the substitute for Calomel. Or Edwards a practising physician for 17 years and Calomel s old time enemy discovered the formula for Olive tablets while treating patients lot chronic constipation and torpid livers. Or Edwards Olive tablets do not contain Calomel but a Healing soothing vegetable laxative. No griping is tile Quot keynote these Little sugar coated Olive coloured tablets they cause the bowels and liver to act normally. They never Force them to unnatural action. La you have a Quot dark Brown Mouth Quot a Tad breath a Dull tired feeling sick headache torpid liver a consultation you la Bud quit k. Sure Ami pleasant result from one two la Edwards Olive tablets bedtime. Thousand take them every night just to keep try them. J 5c inti g0�� common Garden Sage brewed into a heavy Tea with Sulphur added will turn Gray streaked and faded hair beautifully dark and luxuriant. Just a few applications will prove a revelation your hair is fading streaked Gray. Mixing the Hage Tea and Sulphur recipe Home though is troublesome. An easier Way is to get a bottle Wyeth s Sage and Sulphur compound any drug store All ready for use. This is the old time recipe improved by the addition other ingredients. While Wispy Gray faded hair is not sinful we ail desire to retain our Youthful appearance and attractiveness. By darkening your hair with Wyeth s Sage and Sulphur compound no one can Tell because does so naturally so evenly. You just Dampen a sponge soft Brush with and draw this through your hair taking one Small strand a time by morning All Crity hairs have disappeared and after another application two your hair becomes beautifully dark Lbw so no Salt Luxier Lent this preparation is a delightful toilet requisite and is not intended Tot the cure mitigation prevention disease. Bilious headache. When you have a sever headache a disordered stomach and constipation take three chamberlains tablets. They will Correct the disorders the liver Aud drum a to Otu a a a a a w. Bankrupt Sale a Boswell a Cash grocery i will receive Cash bids this Complete Stock groceries merchandise and fixtures situated Corner second and Silver the Best location in the City. Stock is in Fine condition and fixtures practically new this is a bargain. Written bids must be received before 17th Day january 1921. Any All bids May be rejected and successful bid must be appraised by the court. Parties interested May inspect Stock by seeing Henry g. Coors jr., attorney for trustee Grant building third and Centre Avenue. Rags rags must be least 18-in. Square we will pay 8-cts. Per Pound for Good clean Cotton rags delivered to us in any Quantity morning journal office

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