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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 14, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico City edition i Albuquerque morning journal. City edition a hit a a a tilt tall. A a twill null. Ten Page Albuquerque new Mexico Friday january 14, 1921. Ten Page Bally by tarries or mall. My a mom Vincic inf Tell la i i my no him Imi Iii a Tomi. Ill him i a regrets shooting of yank 0 a to Quot cd Quot cd Khz he Khz Quot Chi a a a he Khz cd he he a a Khz he he Khz Khz Khz he a Ltd Khz Quot cd Khz Khz Khz Khan a paralysis of legislative Power threatens Cuba Crowder he he he Khz Koch Kallod a to 7�lls How he governed City of 100,000 while on the run nip ponese commander orders that sentries hereafter Are i not to Challenge americans formal expression of a deep sorrow by the Oriental officials is believed largely to j have cleared the surcharged diplomatic i atmosphere. A by Iii Ssan or a Washington fan. that Tho japanese commanding officer of Vladivostok had Given orders that hereafter sentries must not Challenge americans and the formal expression of regret by the japanese government went far today towards adjusting the situation which has Arisen Over the fatal shooting by a japanese Soldier there of lieutenant w. Ii. Langdon of the Cruiser Albany. Thousand diners pay least $100 per plate to Aid waifs i 2 Din i now. Bread a k n to a in a Iii in rut for h they paid lion my. To the incl whom the i mid Quot ones to inner will go or f ruin tight Al thu were a a of a. Hair ill Tai r Tun Ope att la Lief to in mind by in which no a and be fore which he same dinner who Contd notes la Quot Blithen i ego Al ration w a placed. I was Annott d i hat the Dunn or add $2 tis funds. Al Odd to the the action of 1 ii to i wan depart men i is command in Fleet mho Melivn risk to i lire j Al i. Imand nil i i Rifer the of hoi in h a i in rat i j ii if i a he lit i liar ii i trip to def from i i Sui a i n k if hts Ann left h r the hied to v of of Iii i of Etui. A i the a fit of Hail in in Clit Eho Ottn ii i a i to Fol Lineal offi Riat hrs Ullh Jih . Emf m Multi. A no was the that a in Merit i Mon <1 in Tomb of in s.,. In. Out Jbv Jne a this have i Iii that Allta a Nils ins Tish ? is entries no . By americans Jap an Zuffi ii High rank a apr i a l a Row Ai id Kiu \ anti state the lieutenant Lana who Ion his a Quot a a nor ii general i la has a a ?.t fight stopped former Bantam Champ puts englishman through the ropes 3 times wants another Chance Lynch the a mum in tilt to Rte i i i Udo o 111 n w his a Brin la Tot. F the Jam la of a i ii la in Hirr a and r fret. Am those in re hoped a Admi Kaw Aura the sen to who is not the Ameri n Walt i Aam a is i its she of run leu i Ion i .-1 i the rein rut Ca Quot very ignore Quot a i in n message i 1 scribed i Yurt Uhuad by id Tiara is i a quoth i. I he Biol in Imit Lri still a. A a i rom Rue. I Ina i have of f in a of a Fri Ai Wright ight in. Alshet a Jimmy a Lynh idol. Til and am round with n to and stopped the from i Knor i although in Throe Tim through the r v nit in in the i a terse i a Iii . He Tarn i a Tad Hipes ii my Vii if courts continue to fail i to function and interim Rule will be necessary on Island special representative of president Wilson issues gloomy report in connection with fiasco of electoral Board and judicial tribunals Havana Jan. 13.�? by the associated pros a major general Enoch fit. Crowder special representative of i irishman to if win Naf president Wilson investigating conditions in Cuba in a i Eisnman Iasi Liying before statement tonight after referring to the failure of the committee of Hundred electors Board and courts to function within the pre says he has not slut i scribed limit declared Home for two years a if these agencies continue to fall Cuba in due course of time will be confronted with and interim pro files 30 affidavits Vincis and National administrations and after the first alleging outrages monday in april next with a total paralysis of the Yegia a native thus far of the Quot instance of la president i the patriotic cooperation of the up me ourt and Central electoral Board in the Luau Anre of proper instructions and ii h the w a gtd by co a go rotary la secret Ort to a in fact. Hati i v i a Iii the a in in his i a 11 i . H la i the conferred j on May to Lay in an a develop hiring of i Here tint Ime lately Joned pit Utti a Ive a radio who divest of. In View i deem my in Arn Ary and have aha go a la re Punta tight Bim till an a Maria and vet i Iii american ship officials say they can compete with the liquor bearing foreign boats passenger Steamer men declare travellers prefer to Book passage on vessels that have John Barleycorn on their Register wont do to wait for a dry world assert. Min k Back for n jell the referee c in ended the i ii. to thru Fig tit had been a for tit Bantu my Oon Ehin of the world. Herman wifi gig iih1 tin men had agreed to v ilk Pound but ii in me and one half to n dalt stipulated weight. The Muni were in favor of Rhi the advantage alternated the fifteenth when i Man to Meh in the we Dight begin to in 11 on the is by to Washington Jan i Reid 13, passenger steam ship officials appealing today to the House judiciary committee for modification of the volstead act declared they would be unable to compete with ships of foreign registry for world Trade unless permitted to handle liquors for use by patrons beyond the three mile limit. About the Only Consolation they obtained was a pro not for the record by representative Dyer re diction. U publican of Missouri that a they did not have a Chance. This comment was mad Niter was be Wheeler. in a counsel for the Nett my Long league in of i using any let Down in the Laws expressed the opinion thai some Day the world would he dry and that All ships would a devoid of liquor. In Scalt i a tin Clint ions the shipping Hoar i Intel la in fluted however that they had to Deal with present problem that there and who ale cancellation of reservations on american whips by larders who found oth is unaffected by prohibition Fri Ait All Handi other Natu is for 1 Apa. In. A far Kiln president of the Maul mercantile Maline warm Al that the death Knell of the merchant Marine a sounded i the ruling by attorney the Palmer that amen an ships could not Sill liquor were permitted to stand. I a. Quarles president of the 1 United slates mail steam nip company declared owners would tie Quot fit subjects for examination in a psychopathic Ward Quot if they in a ated any vast aum in building and conditioning of ships with rest act ions and that the task of j gut assurances that they would Vati Rig to tit american Flag supreme clinic not he curried on in Competition with Grout Britain and weather i Ohi i ast. I nver Jan. I new Mexico Friday and Fiket tilday fair slightly Iolder i inlay Southeast portion. Arizona Friday Ami saturday fair Little Chang in Terni mature i Ltd i. Ali Fogt conditions for the Twenty font hours ended 6 a to yesterday Rekopf he by the University i itches temp and re. Lowest. I tango. A mean. Humidity g a in. Llu Midur Al to p. In Prue i i Tat Ion. Maximum wind velocity direct ton of wind ,�.�?� Northwest la in Buciur of Day. Cloudy & i 7 i ?. 2 8 #0 ast Trace 4 4 Blower to compete with the noun tries endeavouring now to dominate Ocean Commerce. Is isl hurl coi tis passenger. I Arris i evermore president of the fluted am ban line declined that construction of any trans Atlantic is Hail been 11 contemplated inn that Quot with this a Haf Nurik Over us we cannot go ahead until the question is half a Dosen witnesses tent Iliad that the Taw gave a tie Mon Don a cant age to foreign Laders. I Wheeler alone Yves heard in opposition to Tho plea on the steamship question mad a hearing on a Bill by representative run tour Republican in Enn sylvant. To i i met passenger a Ltd a engaged in torrian Trade from provisions of the volstead Law a f Iling thai Many ships Wen or heeler sold the a me Mirn in would multiply the difficulty of tin dry Laws enforcement was in answer to a suggestion . Cuu ubed in fag two a hurly in the seventeenth a right a the jaw sent Wilde through the ropes this was w ice repeated j and the referee ended the tiniest. I Herman surprised the crowd by i his Sixing who h discounted Wilde Ngor naive Ness. The armr ican fought a spot tame Nick a on-1 tint throughout and was Well re a revived by the Spectator. He will sail for Horn saturday and says he Hopes again to to Joe by neb to whom he recently i,.hp the world championship in i i out in mad Loon a a Garden new York wild still a Milo although Lief ated Ihie still is great Britain boxing hero As he is considered to have saved tonight program from being a com Piete fiasco by entering the ring against Herman notwithstanding Mubi hts of the american to make tie stipulated weight fifteen min jut. Before the Battle. Ten thousand persons including j the print Wales and other not Jan is witnessed the contest and evinced enthusiasm throughout tit j fight especially in the fifteenth round when there was a terrine j Baith on the ropes. Herman with j left to ribs and i Glit to the jaw. Appeared to hat e is tide Nom a out hut the Bell saved the Weighman. Levi sky injures "1. Battling l.evm�k&\ american Ligpit i he weight was to have fought Bombardier wed the englishman hut he injured his right aim in training yesterday and tin match had to be called off. An x Ray picture is said to have Dis i closed a dislocation of the right Elbow to a tut hoped among boxing enthusiasts that the injury la the american will mend sufficiently in two or three weeks to formed Carranza commander takes the Field in opposition to the mexican government general Francisco Murgia flees after Battle with federals in state of san Luis Potosi i Consul general Elpaso reports. Killings. Burnings robberies and tortures detailed in papers entered on commissions records to Tbs a men to Ted to a a Washington Jan. Is a lord mayor of Taghan of Cork today described before the commission from the committee of one Hundred investigating Irish conditions his efforts to function As Hief executive of a City of 100,000 population while on the i ii i la of Cork fee mild found Imp a a. Til to devote their taxi for a i to in a a Dpi in Iota Winn a a v wet in Dally fear of Street or raied nation. Utji id he had not to own Horn for two the in i Fiban his i a a i to Brit k Glt a Baa Mal Bing Moe. Wurr until tonight i absolute air no hic arrival Here on the pm Leer min Neamota a week ago. His statement.,. Which sets Forth Quot what h to be. I Reg Uhlon and the patriotic co thus far the a. J operation of Pelt thu parts to to Tho to of tie president Quot re Laws waiving of certain a rom Sions of the a president afe nocal has to j Segal procedure of Cuba. All of into for Centi Ami a in and who by Al &.to, Tex. Jan. I Francis a Murguia do the Northi in ans of m the Ransa regime h Field in opposition to Merit of president by official dispatch in re i Mont tie to received today i ii of tween tile Murguia fore of the government in Bart Luis Potosi the Era j fled pursue by of a or eight of his rn-kill---1 Aud a Tutu Murguia who j til f is i ated vrk88 met As i ii of the the gov in a a on to Consul to Elpaso to Battle toes and state of my Milsapp in fir a o ice the death of a was recently shortly after Hiir a and was be i the country received re in i be by. T l of i had to r wound i been in Pri ii. \ d to i accordia the Lenroot sat Here Birru Zist agents have in spreading a Ltd i a tio Narv propaganda in Many of to garrisons in the Interior of alb of thus far the night result a a r ported has been an incipient re in Volt in the Garrison in Zuehla Fol a by the Arr--1 of three Gen i als anti the Cole Ittilio who e i. M i i get court Martiale. Eari Essly elated in his admirable i which mean a most expeditious setter to the Centra electoral procedure for the court in deciding Hoard the urgency of the present j Tisae numerous Appeal cases. A a Tori Latten he in the fact j of provides to sly to limit already through the Quot failure Quot the electoral code of Abt of the electoral Hoard and courts makes a special Appeal to the jul function within the i. -. la j f re mry of Cuba in such a situation a time limit a have today an a now exists. should be the a Gimlet in or pro vhf Iona municipal i id of every one to assume that administration in a majority of thei he cuban courts will meet that municipal districts of Cuba j situation and Dis Barge their full a Elf then a. Notes continue to i rep Ltd a dbl lit the have the f ii. Cuba in due course will i mandatory duty of decreeing the a confronted with interim prot a i jul hey of the elections in any Cal Vincini and nato -a1 Admiiftstra-11 p or Eoila Gea for any of toe i ? Lens and after the fir Morula a in j causes a to o inclusive in i april Nett with a total paralysis lion 1 in article 242 of said code i of the i i Dative Power due to the he authority to invalidate j fact that on that Dei one half of i election for other causes where a the ats of Congress will becom a Hall he a a a Tab lashed by proper raid j fight.mesiva ant. Proof that the re has been sop outre flu decide. Pression Ltd the vote or a failure of i the electoral Hoard have my scrutiny and canvass through function i Ami posted their pro intimidation Force or fraud or visions i returns what is Lack-1 other causes. Ing i the by of the cuban jul Quot i pint to these provisions in i Clary on the contested election order to remind All the contest leases of which there a a great a that that Law drawn gives Numier involving practically ail them an ample remedy and to sex of he College or Orient and a if in my we that the courts with Tan anti a la go number of the j courageous and fair in the a col egg of Hants whole municipal Mailer number of colleges in other prov inc Quot what has been is. Vista to the destroyed by fir Between and and Uhlric fairs wan a r he was living let Ito Lii Rishi by ills Tatun re mayor in App tiring to i ? hit Salmony and acc Omu i a of his i hit of Arr Erica h a Stilt Xuwu a and wit Hoot pass port won am wit an made Busi a Ai ii in cd unperturbed us f the Pius try of a de a Mon f rom la am Oriel a town rom Ai or g i r la i Ort till in Lief or com pie in o f tit in i in a a any. The but to in made today of i u. To d a y Eta hrs followed a refer erne by w us its the euro jury w la Ich found pm Ralei id of a i in a onto if u v of Murd a in Conn a cd i n we h killing of Laird m a v a m act to Ria j to 4 f Cork a our in in finn Laws. Then. Clara including Bliest Ion of the Law to the several District and a appeals which have been taken and of course this Means courage to Grant an Appeal and As Well the accomplish a i j Suris of vision of Drift Rolfs by the is i Ell pre Chicago Jan .�?judge i Inda spent his first Day As do tatar of organised base Hall in a Olasion to a Itzy with the new Bas in 11 advisory Hoard consisting of John a Seydler i president of the National league la. Johnson president of the american league m. I. Sexton i i Siti ent of the ton Al Assoc lion of the professional Erub. And John ii. Far ret . I Fendler an trounced that the j permit him & carry out his engage boar a i a Kun r,.vwjon of the i drafting rules. Bout tonight Herman ment after the said a Quot wild la the greatest How a that i have Ever seen i was in letter condition for Tiki tight than i have Vee i in before Quot butt Kenny an am Fri in Ami Galla. An italian in a weights list kit11 for la Vinsky Aud Vagt la. After having been warned several Tun. Kenny a ii. The sixth round for holding. Meikus dipl mint to sgt Mexico c Ity. Jan 11rgfhors i be that foreign minister Guiher Toj m Hidalgo tender a his Resigna lion to pursue actively his Eon pain for them of Root hip Fth Etal a of Hidalgo Frere in i a Cul Atten Here today. Most of the four Hundred of More baseball men who had been j attending the session which re j suited in new in Quot Al agreements and the appointment of judge i Landis had departed tonight. John la. Martin or i b of a Southern league and j. I a a Rob Eft. President of the Texas league announced that they Hail arranged a Post season soften for the championship of the South Between the Winner of that Pennon is in their leagues the Sti will consist of Ven gamer the championship to awarded to tin team w hdm four Garn m. Actors strike is looming up by tile a��<k-�t�<1 or re a new York Jan. Is a repetition of the nationwide stage strike of i sri May i -. In Fri a the by Vach of relations i then the actors equity a Ltd la turn tend the i a Duc ?.av is association which was precipitated today. The rupture a caused by the demand of rite actors equity ask i nation hat in and j j. Hub Quot itto expelled from the producing i a nag Rny association for ail god i violations of the or agreement with j that equity and Dis Rimato y treat Mentag inst equity a tora i Lee shit Bort tonight characterised the complain against the shit inst interest a a As silly and based on fix Dinky chorus girls the shut Ort interests employ More i.g.0 actor controlling virtually 5 per cent of the new York play hour and a like percentage throughout the country. Won bar lined Grgo from thl Rte i plat i Quot a marked m. J Doyle nuns i for out Callaghan. Quot tut the state department would let him in interjected senator Norris of Nebraska member if Tho commission. A to Britain go Rind l�?T8kr�. The mayor or set a a number of instance of wha he characterized is out lag on the people of Ireland and attacked american news a Latch As British controlled declaring the Quot outrages in rec in d Eft Pul try in the i United Tiit a a the killing of a unto of Man in Ireland the injury of by sister and other indignities to his family Hiss i Quot i delved five Hack Page of on of got pers Ocallaghan aued to be Ere i into the commission records thirty affidavits detailing killing burnings Roth Fri of and tortures which he asserted were committed against ten Irish by the British military and police. He dwelt largely on the execution of the Quot Law and the working of the sinn fein courts in to land and read several of the affidavits. Message of governor Mechem to speedily change to Laws legislative leaders secure Republican and democratic members of both House and Striate pronounce executives recommendations As deserving of United and immediate consideration by Clinton p. Anderson. Santa be Jan. 13.�?majority an Ltd minority leaders of both Senate and House Are United upon one issues that the. Message of governor Merritt c. Mechem to the fifth state bima to legislature should rank As one of the Best executive men a new a sages Ever delivered in the state and that in recommendations should and will of speedily enacted into Law. Arizona posse is on Trail of mexicans be la Ila int Llu a till arbitrators Biti is Jan is Francisco do la to former provisional president of Mexico today accepted the punt of president of the Risco Hal Mariun arbitration tribunal a blab will Cucut Here noun Phoenix ari., Jan. In. Sheriff j. Ii Montgomery and posse led is Mike Burns Apache Indian trailer late today were speeding along a Iran. Raid to he univ four his old. Anil which was believed be that of two mexican Bandit. I the Bandit tuesday evening robbed the Huber Ion gone Etc store Jai Tempe killed freest hints. A a mail boy wounded a m Spangler Lares a i Dix tend j licht marshal w to died later and new York Jan. Is ave on amt la .i�?~�?~,1y fatally wounded ii. C company one of the Quot Hie five Quot i 1�?� meat packets today declared a the Indian Aud the to a caught Stock dividend of 14 share for jibe Trail this Bemoon near Marl-iv.,-ii Tao Shat est of common in Hon copa forty mile Southeast of Here of a regular quarterly Cash dividend the Trail Ted South into a vast sex of i. Tins a Tion was taken pans of nearly uninhabited desert with to View to conservation of Bush Jodh few wat Bolis an i the id in Rte mourn to a blending the to turn of were a sleeved by the posse to to Zuur be Tiiu crud irinus cud aug Sua Tiht fur Monico. Political d0pesters wonder if Hughes is to acceptj>0rtf0u0 lev tin to Minu a pm a mat on a Bio Jan. A wit i his Eon Ferenc Here nearing a Condo Ion. Of id nth elect Harding Levit. Ii to via i Dis to Salon of incl-1 dial Public questions the Day conferences re v Ealey a no development in regard to Cabinet appointments nor any of the tither important problems await my solution speculation regarding the Cabi ent new a be the question of w i her Chari but in Hugh of new York is willing to accept the Post v f is a Ary of state there is no f i Denim a that a formal offer if the appointment hog been made but is understood that pome time ago feelers were put out to learn or. Hughes attitude let eve lop ment in regard Loic to tally All other Cabinet places hid fair to remain a Nta Deull for pome weeks. Most of Lite information or Harding Baa collected has been tit cod away to remain present indication forecast Lea until after his House boat a Cut Mon in Flot Ida. Judge is. . Wright majority floor Leader in the Senate fiday authorised the following statement relative to the Meto a Quot i am completely in Accord with the provision of the governor a message with exception that i am not yet ready to commit myself to the statewide primary Law there in hottest different of opinion among both democrats and republicans a to Type of primary jew further raise in pay. The first Glide certificate is not enough. The teacher to Merit $ 1,200, must have had either Norma or collegiate training or Tel a several years experience. I think there is too much overhead in county Ami state educational work. We want to look into the whole school situation. Game commission Chi. Quot As to the game commission no one in the a Nate has tried to Droit which should be passed whether . A should be county Only county or Dju 111 e members Are waiting District or statewide. In my open Ion the Senate will probably hold in open .halon to determine sentiment upon the subject. In ques to tenable a primary Law will be passed the Only question is As to Type f1r-i Bill la ignored. Quot the amendment to Grant women the right to hold office Etta been reported out of comm i a favourably arid will a on the Senate Calendar tomorrow. The Law giving equal rights in guardianship to women and the Hild labor Law Wilt be Eon steered later. I understand that women organisations Over the Quot state desire to be Beard on then matters and ouch Art Opportunity will i e extended. The budget system amendment a introduced today. I also includes a provision of opening the legislative session the second Tiv stay in june. Quot there will be a difference of opinion on the question of a 11,200 minimum salary for holders of first Grade teachers certificates. Personalty i feel that there a been a let Down in Standard and i favor raising Tbs Gia Adaid before any for the game protective association Bill to which we expect to give consideration. The unemotional amendment for a non partisan commission to handle the Public lands will be presented in due course. The corporation commission amendment was introduced today. The Revenue commis to a a report Witt to Given the consideration asked by the governor. I of a introduced a Bill covering one of the matters broached in the report. The Man problem has been told up pending la arrival of the Taw # which the Revenue cum Mission is drafted. The same is True with reference to the Fiat income tax. But her Wear also mailing for a supt in court decision on the present income tag Law. Ulv Rrt ballot and Doomany. Quot As to the Short ballot we Hays taken the first step by the Corpora Hon commission amendment Bdl Are not preps re to say How my Cit f Rifo r we Wilt go As to the reduction of a vies War doing All we can to keep Down expense tout the question of lev Tea i on

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