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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 14, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico Sunday. Iii nary la. Dix the at. Rio Qiu Ero Ink Morni my j Ott in a. Page be tfx. Sheridan me Albuquerque real estate Exchange l outcroppings extend Over seven Wiles. Returns with Hopewell from trip to mines j. J Sill Redan returned last evening from Littin Coal fed to where i has been fur pint Iii Day a Tho guest of colonel w. S Hope Well. drove Iii from the Mountain arriving last night. Quot there is the Fin eat body of Coal at the Hagan Field that i Ever Laid eyes on without exception quot Dei Lanai or Sheridan last eve Ning quot the cropping How fur a distance of Over seven Lea and there Baa been enough development Dune to show the enormity a if the Coal Depoala the main Shaft at Hagan is Down 1026 feet first Light entry is in f. Feet tile Uichi tight entry in in Fiir feet and left entry Baa been driven fur a distance of r.12 feet and in this property tiler i considerable Over a million tons of Coal blocked out Iii the imn Oitto Triine there is Over half is much Block a d out and the development work Hie just blurted. The people a of Albuquerque would a pen or. Yes to a a what wealth there i in the not a it Ial Camp and when mice there is a in i in the it is Safe to s.,a that tiler will i in inure Coal Short age in Albuquerque i nought Buck a fat w lumps in ii pocket to lid Over Pic but cont famine Anil would have taken More of i a mild have done it without the cobol i a a a a a a lug Ai a a an movement of a Bow is wit limit i a plea nit off Ltd t i 1 produced by Cha nil. I lain Stoma no end liver Tablet for a by Iii druggist. Rodey leaves to Pui la crimp in the anus in Washington former Delegate in Cong re Safi in Mew Mexico it s Rodey i a last i on the limited for Washington where la will take an Active part right on be ground Iii tight fat naut Tat. Hood or Hod v is the non parti san joint it ate Hood i ago and is a a it a to do effect in work it this crucial time Tow a re throwing the Balant e in a of of tto ill ii Hill ugly or Rodey experiences a i Legal he has a lag acquaintance in the Halls and in do my ii to push the movement hmm ii or Rodey re Pic cuts As a Lott it is To speak the majority it the people of new Mexico i r t a s a 11 v id who the Uklin i Unmuth Pei to curated by the statehood league him placed themed pc a ally on i. A cont As in favor of joint statehood or Patev Kepi a r make ii., Pic a i us to being official representative of any kind. Ile w ill merely use hts in-1 Ftp Ericc avid Ahi Iii to finite a to loin lure movement a Beth r could id be found Lian ilm i lain i Iii Glt remedy Hiss Intel Hanoi a the fault of giving i to i id a to Nodi in a a a it lining injurious substances is tone my s More disastrous than the Lisco. Fiorin w it they Are suffering Moiler know that oui ii i ii rial la Clinch Lien a in i it i Fetty Safe for Alldren to Lak. It t on ins nothing and for a ugh i old and Loup is Ammi pie i. It ail Bill ii Zugi Rolind the limn Murray Ami Mack the popular p it Vors of Irish a a me in will be a the season in entirely the a Effort entitled quot Anni lid the which has been written with a View to fit their personality that the auth a succeeded is established i n t. It ii a Lur of Lii i lit. In a w y us City and the complications follow ii rapid order As a laugh or Duer ii is a wonder killing specialities big com Pauy Beautiful a Stone it Lull equip no it a of Celety. A ii Stu of in i and ii vol. Army of Tiefu Itury it of this new production of you need a Carpi Imi Lei Plum la a Chien. Iron i a. A. Or i Malta Dor when ii Book go to id.-. Is lift on of our full leather covers and Zuur Book will site in Good shape out d us. To in in tuner till i i Ithaca Al join ii 11 fib e a i in i tug i a. What Why in Leal duplicating statement Aysun i vet a i to quot just Call a up an a we Wail ii of von Hie quot tiow quot of this Mon. A time and Energy Aas lug system Mitchner a digit ago i a bomb re. It the journal off Tea. An accidental Opportunity for you owing to the Frozen condition of the ground our contractors will not be Able to begin work on improving the unsold lots in the Eastern addition Highlands for perhaps 30 Days hence we have concluded to put the lots again on the Market until work can Start at the old prices $125.00 to $175.00 per fifty foot lot this is an exceptional Chance for every Man or woman who wishes to save $1.00 or More a week to make a Small investment that is sure to double in value within a few years Only $10 Down balance $1 per week # / also whole half Block in Perea addition for this week Only $950 $100 Down balance $10 per month Send your address or Call at the Soltice and we will drive you Over the ground. See the Man with the White horse surety investment company owners for Sale by a real Fatale quot dealers in Ummel Muhm haled bid Corliss engine ii before the Disi Rici the lumber Mills cobra Fob Coni Empi Breaks bowl Mac Lind a in a ted for contempt of court in a Bench Wari lived by j wig. Int x absent Fiat court Ami big wit. n divorce in i nerf for Nom tune Paul my the Lef. Of in wan Orth toil by a it court to turn Over hum of i no a to a i Lin Tift i a Ama it a gun feb in i lied in ti., Aud was Brough a a a for the bulge if 11pre Eta. D that a dbl not . The fat. Not . Warn him by the Curt i raise the Minny by giving i chattel Mort gag. On Nom of the Looper in which ii St i in ii tied up by in Titi i Bacilli Ilijin t Nim ii loin. Is Iii lid it i a a Iii my opinion t a lamber Tai u n quot Nugh Herm Dot is the be. A i to col min in 4�?� it i Vav ilk. R of rut to Ervehe t Tho b no do sub about it b. Try the Yoth i Wilt a ult a Miqui. Al nil Ullin Nola a preventive of x a other in so i a lilt in tto the his a. Good is in it a hatted to a i a Fen j to ans us. A the fact is Hill f. W people arc Motif cd Vav till any oth after h is my or a to i this remedy. For Cal by i druggists v. A a div min ii a ugly. Is hint furl the a in i lean Ion in p Down Bority if. I in a climb t Bleu out to lug do pal to r t of la pm Idle until monday m o nil compares. a s a to paired Ami in Hap to Btu the. A Ngioc to on. Of ii i in n aril try jut. I i Iii ii a i Ici v i ii a i. I Ici i i a i i Iii in in \ xxx la i m ii a x a will a ii xxx 111v to xxx x in i i i i x i ii xxx i i it i i i la in till i Xixi till Vii Vuk 11 i i i tfx a s my \ a a a \ i v i ill i in Iii 11 u \ xxx la is ill Ici till. It univ Xvi i Iii 11 Iii it xxx i \ ii i \ Ici i i x i i is \ xxx a i loth xxx i to. T your Limmag Exir. Boun a for hey get i and it tees Bindi a it Al on t i i. No the old Leaky roof. Gel a new one a will endure. Put f a a it of i no on your building Sod you ill Man Carr How hard it Rami or How hut the Sun a Hurt. A Tai Oil la i a sati , in Tun la x i i i a i Umit pm i ill i i a Natl Vonu. A tint ill \. I i i Ery. Teed anti sate stables. it Iii a a i allx Al la it Hor Iii xxx Lvii Xvi inn it Miu a in Rico hotel i i Iii a b in Amli a Qixi mix. Ills i am i Ici a pm is. Lit m \ to i i i it i i i Albuquerque Novelty works f. S. Hopping prop a it i i \ of Lins i at i .11-1 we do Vit i i hid x a i i x i i x in it x i i. I i ii Fri St i i th1i> i i s in i i la i la Xvi i a to lilt x i your old friends Back East out Hilo must Southwest a a Gen colonization ., As \ us rail a Exchange i to. A. 111 Ioc till i x a i v i lid a ill xxxv x g i no in i i lilt �?1�< k my i a a i n jct a i i i la i a a v it -1 Ici i i i in lips i in a of in 11 to i Ici x t Xii v i Iii be to Xiii i in iwo i i it n x i la ill ski i Iii x i i i. In. Xii a co 314 i v ill i Ici l l elks opera Hoise one night Only monday. Jan. 15 Safford b. Ricka Bxs Sye inf lit and Lerry we. H. M est Rig i Bufe minstrels i him x i i Thini till i isl Iii i xxx i Toltl in Iii in Iii i a vol of it Xiv i in xvii Xii sit is la Xvi Parah will i. X i prices 75c. $1.00 and $1.50 Al on Abai Alp nil it had. Slur Halonia v last tar in or sir. Ii and turn in i xxx Tito lift Iii. St la a a in. Small 4 Mio a a it k stoic apply ii xxx fruit Fuji a 4 pm ill molding i i in no 1-9 it Xii in tor in Lilii Alton i no. Lii. No of the 1111�?� Rio or i listed tute i. Id a . Kalita a. N. M january 3. I e is hereby Givin that la following u a Rne a claimant h a filed no to a of in intention try rink final proof in support of in claim under it Euhon i Kiel i a of the i a i a mat. H i i lit t to Kilts 64. As ii fax it it it february is i Iii. To. Kilt t a hid that Aud Pimp w a mad before in k i it u of cd onion More r at Man Rafael s m on Ivy. I us. I Kau in 11 route fill . T. Lot 2 sect ii a 11 it ii and it t 11 s lot i lot 3 it la Rev. Poem. Xiv. La 111 i 1 follow is t Itll-.-. To actual continuous aversion of said Ira for Twenty i. In Nevi Ore. Ell my the Survey of township Viz Gorgonio Figueroa of Jab to m Pablo Lap i in of libel. N i he list i Iii. C i Roll Bein n i Juan j. M in Tolu. Of Lurn n i a by rain who Des re to . T a i inst the allow am of said proof it win knows of Tov substantial reason under the i a i and of a Guhm Lull of site Interior department w born to proof . Not be allowed will be Al. Ii who a port ii titty at la above mentioned tune and a in crows v nun trip Lissim of said claimant and to off. R in in rebuttal of that submitted by i lineup am Hill us Lold Reg Eter. X5he future Railroad Center of Flebut Meccico located on the Belen Cut a of the Atchison Tolocka ice. Santa be Hail toc a the new City of Belen is 31 Miles South of Albuquerque n. M., i it at the Junction of the main lines of the Santa be system leading East and West from Chicago to san and los Angeles la paso Texas and old Mexico the Belen is Ovnand improvement company Arr f own from to Fork Tow is it. C to sting of is .�?Tsxs renter of the. Litt and it feet Ivai on the Santa a Hep Iii re a Mil Long i spa. Try of v Emty Guiba of track to a. A. Elte its is Viviin a v i id ii f Pori -11�ks1�?T k Mots a vol Sarita Ivha ii Way i . A Hyk v fat Xii it 11 a Grad. Could Ila the Ary of a Beles cd Paay xxx Gat to his a population or Rou and several Large men inti he use Pater j r it in new Mexico Pron its to it Iii upon the Ureal trunk inc i Tings uth at Aii Faut limited mull a i Prat and freight Trina will pass the Roufis Helen to Ltd. T is is. Hurdles a commercial club three hotels restaurants it. It needs i get ii . I a m w in Pricer and thrum Bak y. On third of Purchase Money Cash two the r is May remain on not an j in Given. Corb a Rhy if Tou Lmh to a Curk tub a Holly loth. A Faith i it Ulara and or a of my. La Hie i1 w Nery Etc. It to the i shipping p a foe it s item pc a a Alii old m it i o it future g wits a it a a the w at r i goad and to mafia Mitau Spahe a. A maker Plum iming in i drug it Are h Arnew a Glt for one it a with inter to in person or write to Gilt per Cut a r annul. A venues it to it in the Busl Nea id Val t Umi feel w in and Ala Lune hops. Hie. We. T wine bean Bay and fruit no t to Point moot by , b a a fir a a it to Public school House tub a to off Bro Arf Iii perfect Ani warranty deed the Belen town and improvement company Johs Bec Kew. R re j Dent we. Bew a

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