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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 12, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico A Page two Albuquerque morning journal january la ?92<> in qty str rrg1kq i Impi to Pui re Ford urged Ose ulnar a Elm Lhing j i in by ii la of guns caused Luders fights Over we Case Oil Field death of Pou it congressman convicted of violating the prohibition witnesses at trial of in an accused of Start in California riot say his talk was incendiary arvo or f Nils have Park la to a As in to Many other phases of our Rotter extant the m any of the Industrial welfare we Are very dem of is be i i. At i it la Tor pc it Jen upon Federal of operation f ii a t o that Tho Cine court of the. Ito a i s a i a a to to decision i and Good will and also upon our ,.lined the Ikue a to Tho use of ability to demonstrate to outside these fun n. It would be very in investors the Wisdom of coming in fort unite of Ute or. Rio it Vranay Dis Here with Tho millions Nee i y a i it program should to tied up i to establish these new lines of y the a i t inn of r 3 it Over lilo i communications. A Railroad into i \ to i suit which Han Juan would certainly he a by i St f. R years Esne god Send to new Mexico elate the fact that neither Trad a hic t a a rage it i n c _ i Clatt 1.110 i cd Cihi ilk la v 1111i Maui i Ispa us h f a a a a it Al t. L l la i Dap lion race nor other prejudices can to in it. My 0j a allowed to interfere we hot Fen it. My turn w limitation of debate on contest fails after argue Continental to Drill Cut that occupies All Tocito Structure on of Day Navajo reservation what is considered the most oni y one speech is important Ann unc Mient sine the Quot made in opposition a mahvvju., Laws is refused review by supreme court Washington Jan la of a Tho Rea ignation of representative i a Kiev Republican Kentucky wan received and accepted today by who a Louie. It was tendered in a but indications Are there will be plenty today Hopes of speedy ending Are abandoned Washington Jan. Lap a debate on whether Gerald p. Nye is to be sealed As a senator from North Dakota by appointment of the governor got out of the hands of Senate loaders today and developed into a free for All argument. Ruth the Republican and demo crate of Leader Sci it to Mark an end to the discussion and have a to a by 3 30 p. In. Tomorrow but their proposal for an unanimous consent agreement a i d. The question flt r unanimous consent a a is put twice. The f re time senator Blea a Democrat. South Carolina objected it n the grounds that the a gag Rule v. Is being i reposed and later senator Phi Democrat Wahington blocked agreement contending that sen to re should into Tho san Juan Basin Oil Field is the losing of a Deal by the Continental Oil company and the Gypsy Oil company whereby the former w ill Drill the Tocito a Trot j lure. The Tocito Structure a o Lectrid by competent be Mowgli a As the Best at Rutur on Tho Navajo reservation after the Hogback discovery and the Gypsy Campana i to i ?�5, f it a the Lens at the time that the Rattlesnake strut Bare brought Only $1,000. The toc to Structure a dulled and t nothing but a water Well by tight in at about the Santa time the j table Mesa was drilled by Tim i a mine Era ind refiners for the Carlton interests with the same re a suits. The Continental company geologist made a. Survey of the Structure Ami decided the to reducers mud Kafir. A location a wrong. Is j v. S in the Continental -11 reached the Sands a prod to in Well was the result. There is believed to lid the same possibility that Tho next Well on the Tocito Structure May Provo the Structure in be Oil i. Reducing. Jot or after the supreme court had refused to review his for collation of the calif., big. H Vav Lonesa it s i ailed today in the trial of Richard Quot Blackie Ford charged with the killing of Deputy sheriff Eugene Riordon on the Durst ranch in 1913, when for prison were killed testified that i Ord by i speeches incited a riot of hop pickers. To. J. Jamison now a resident of Willows who a on the Durst conviction j ranch in 1913, testified that he prohibition heard Ford remark Quot condition la is Here Are hell for my part i do the resignation a Smit some not want to live in hell. I would Limo ago to rear Bur hrs the other fellow in ton Republican Ohio who head the witness added that Ford cd a special committee to invest had also remarked in i presence Vale the charge a , him to j that Quot for lessor Rill officer would he tendered immediately of the have to Hae gun to take n court should Render an Adversa another witness i k. Smith in Sun decision and a present i to the House by speaker Longworth Tho Kentucky member reiterated in the letter that he was innocent of the Charley . Him a i predicted that urn would Vin him. In health coupled w the a desire not to cause Quot my colleagues any prevented his personal appearance it said. J in to 1913, Crow d Rimi Mung oni a Iriti to Tiu i i it i in i i Uson mint told of a meeting on the at Sundown on aug int 3, when he heard Ford Tell a of i adherent to stand Loyal in not let the officers take then Smith said he saw re Riff Georg Voss Anil other officers reach the meeting. Tho w a c it a it scribed the Battle which followed Vav a Roswell another witness a i the same meeting testified that i 1 heard Ford arty a the officer Ai Proa rhed Quot Here they come Don Jet them take in to arc is nothing that such i suit could determine which i not be As Termini and t y ii pact by a lilt a patient negotiation Between the three state involved Reyes. Colorado a Well As Tho Federal a it Borth a ready to renew conversations and negotiations. Will not new Mexico a j Bird in a ruin r Awuku ital and Emma it lasing position of she i a fro ins from entering heartily into negotiations which May reasonably be expected to resulta. A to Fieri sly interfere w ii to Nam action of this All import conservancy program rills is not a transitory or merely temporary Issue hut one which involves the future welfare of a great part of the agricultural area of our state and certainly a Hgt it uld be ii and ted in a big w. V. Situation i Quot Quot when we come to appraise new Mexico s Voi Itable resource my economic position at present is corp ired w it h w hut if w As ten years ago there Are worn grounds for encouragement but there is nothing a yet to warrant any material expansion in governmental expenditures. Whatever in Merit t in i e a y have teen lain Industrial and agric Oil development Quot Oil development in Tho Artel or bolter do a a District Are distinctly enc our a. Agi Iii. While they have not Jet resulted in great proud. Hon they Are quits sufficient to warrant a the trough going invest it a Hon of j South astern now Mexico and it a allowed to interfere with wholesome and undiluted patriotism nor with Progress in lha Best sense of that much abused term there is no reason Why what is Worth while from a cultural or arts tic or even a merely senti to Nta \ us Point should not at Tho am time be honoured and preserved what i been done elsewhere is being d Ine hot \ in spite of a Good Many difficulties. The picturesque col , artistic sentimental sacred a All Are part and parcel of life and a concern of government spare the drab dark unromantic hard shelled. Everyday realities. To Tat plish being a cd or ideally a cd in the process racial ,1 Mufti and other Ato becoming n. Cia a urdu Chwu i in is certain Btl prospecting Wilt not what most Public or it thud pubic Cen so ther until the whole Dis a officials from till highest to Tho strict d thoroughly treated out. Humblest Ere really trying to do Quot new Mexico a Recida div de i la of t tax a tariffs funds five i of eel in recent years a a Mecca dances expenditure economies for the health seeker tourist eth debts dances plans and policies so no Logist and to Reb a Logist and we Onci ionized and adjusted As to in j cannot too definitely emphasize the Safe Mill and Folt in for in fan to i invalid i that a nourishing a digestible a a cooking rho Home food Demk for Alt Aye inc v Vav have n free Range in tilt discussion. Each proposal would have limit Hagerman arranging to sell Navajo leases cd sen of r longer than Assurance to speak in senator Hie Jet Lon but ii i to one is sch of n thirty Mun uror on at no senator desired Gor than a half hour withdrew his of it of Nator Dill insisted he v in i it premed he i no ii in spa sly one w Aga in let the e Bantin g of or. No a. That w 1 s by Senate a Deuce. Democrat a �?�y1it 1? id who 1 argued list n e a tint it it in j to his 1 ? under t North Dakota St a Tut or the fed in i Eon let tuition. In j. Hagerman Navajo Indian a Lois in n Law in w Ashing ton a Iling arrangements for in at her Sale of exploration leases on the Navajo reservation during the oiling Spring. The bilk Abito about l o mile West and a the Rattlesnake i rated the Host promising Strucji in be a Sod. I r la r 11 Orth Hington j f per it a intact in e j oho if Ken icky convicted. It paling in a conspiracy 1 i f Jernel prohibition denied an Appeal Todd to u pre me court. Unless to now can rehearing from Tho court begin serving his two a Fence in the Atlanta fed ten Mary. The re Usa o pro me court to i eve w will i a followed wit i two by a forma Ord which a by circuit court it it Cincinnati May order mater Cut of Kangley in lants prison. I will not a iry for the circuit it it i be is defer act Ion be i a Kangley f Partl i violate Law was a by the a a Southpaw a saves it Cleveland copse our on by two bandits it in a must sen no i i be or h r it is Al if Din Hole it Hundred christians Are slain by ruses ? in to r Usa in i in a a or Ndon Jan 11 up thi a in n i in Iller in by til Der ? i i ailing to iodine Hul a it ail id saying that along the to t1 a the Hower re me in the of g with j he in i Ere druse burs in d regard Braden Gasser As important discovery i lie it Lar co very of a lilt Fri a of wet a in the Braden no i Well nude grift permit in Hee. Was one of the import it it in die a Cai i i id in past in Days. This ins Usco Verc d at a depth of Ink Quot a estimated at from t a four Ilion cd id t it j i is located Nix i not ii of the producing area according to local operators inn Aery la one of great by a elopement of Kingley s next i thu i Grevel uni two youth victim Daniel a endow s Quick id. Stifled today i v t hoi Fra to k a and j i h a m i in a land. A rid of de lift he i if to the i t that ii i Paw Quot As tie to. Abt pair of Obi Quot i y i it j revolver it liking i w it h a. I Rig lit. A lid hand Aldo to t Var and fire in to ii ent to turn a i i u it i f i i Vav Lei halt a come fool of to tit is la in i d in non to an luge of in tin men it a tits is lore u 1s-u o a eat i Hosp i plod a it io11 of our aft to Oil till encouraging but Here i i. Cd. Ther re Hie hts it Birt hat our climate scenery outdoor Joy of living our indians Aud prehistoric ruin constitutes Caen from a cold blooded viewpoint a no of our main resource. It is certain be the a advantage become better known to the outs de world our mean of communication in re Complete that great sums a hich now go Eek tier will be directed in re. In this connection we n ight Well emulate the example of the people of California Florida or s a i Orland who to their Ere n i to Togo make every Effort to Rater to Tho need and Comfort of visit or. There Are a Good in it try Way in which we might improve or co operative Effort in the Quot in clo my i nifty a lid hot India really end economically aul Tho a a Are. I take it Tho phase of olt in a Progress with v i h tax Piv ers Are Mote immediately concern Ejiu new Mexico Outlook is much better now Tii in it b is i ten at any time sine this association a instituted. To is improved Outlook is not a Quot pc rally due ? it any my ornery political conditions Bual or otherwise but rather to a broader s a i ene of civic responsibility to in Gay i increasing state and r be to u eness other he i once Kronsc Louisn a w i gun dually becoming a Ftp no those who i in. a tfx wat Clied event Lierz c d Sacco pc Kritil Dii Tinetti c ? lit toi rent i idly r a u a Hilt a la Al is i i i Iii sit we f i Alop using i Iii and Tik John \ cd his seat Gross from to leave i for a hint two year Peni Temin Luqu a Law or. Kin3 ? m ret it a a Tilli d. Jai Imp a sign it ii min m a Ille. By Langley us i Pic 1 in thl. Dirty Tomcsu 1 of to i a in i its Nee in ? for vol Lati i was in Triy ins wite a candid 1 to ii to t Ivy t a a Suer. C her m accompany him to Hagerman sees brighter future for the St Ati Lay was in he Isis May be j i Iiri Shuhi from i i r on i d i ,. La at not a r 1 Euler tin 1 lie j is. N a a recently the 1 Ai of discus i it e Nuu it a of or 11 Ion it con a re of ?.�?�> rata c teen ire 1 s compact i of years. It i quite Ever hard shelled r pirate the mate strictly int la it Iii t local find to it i 1 i a which aha per vent coition in this or a Muti try. New no doubt in Nom a. Cappi i by t lie to 1 a left of bet plot t ii past and i a a cation growl of acuity of Amain present Quot civil til.? Tern May an a we nil out it it Dill i Throe Tram loads of Oil leaving Artesia i la we url Lud weekly for refineries a us la u fur ii re re Iii i Vuk i Santa be. Bold of bar it log five Rpp Lle practice Law clones Doe e it. Or lab i \ no in \ i Ion an. I the state mimes to at Ion i an i a a cled by it . How doctors treat colds and flu to break to in up i to it v. I it. \ to i id to will me cult111 .1 busies cold a vent go a a Mirk it sore thro o an and j is Okinu us u c m in i of Al All aver ii an i do a Basie ii a Igo. F Trig tax it Iii sent it i. It he be Bot Vav. Bar it no l l r in i. I a i is i at la j it the to d in wed cd week. Larger appropriation for Carlsbad Cave is refused by Congress i git Waie i a Day in Washington the j ii by a he the Rcpt a Jan. I a a ted 1 \ a v it a rut met ? to the Ertme ? Supply y $10,000 and Lions record Ria bad Cave in proposal serf atthe Mer neuralgia Vicks is rest in i v vap rub or it ? Mil tift a try lit i a rip the purified and a fined Cal comm it in i i Tablet that x vat the #ff1 0 in i in e 1 and Corn id be i w the out the t n in a it Quot in of either a or two a in in a at bed w a h v a allow of water a n 11 no an 0 a us in i ghee ? inter Fen in re v a t ? a to k work or Pim sure morning tree Eod a i 1 or it a r by a pm la a a v purified Ord v of Ere few i be go it Hen a a v appetite. T n f 1 it r i t a that you i in ii or 1 or re family n a e k a g e contain ii h it reel Orr la 3 5 cents if or Quot a torn a Ade steel Transfer cases made of Sheet steel with solid sides that give rigidity front and Back reinforced with steel bands drawers equipped with roller bearings and with special followers shown in Small Circle of wonderful efficiency. C is interlock in horizontal or vertical arrangement making a Soli substantial Cabinet and the go plan of transferring makes papers easy to find southwestern educational Exchange it Lens i. M. Gui i Man Leer .1 in it i lust 1 idiotic i til pith a Vav a or i Muiir i a ind As by baby a Best laxative is a ult a b California Fig syrup the it the m it 1 i fun \ Iii d i to Din As held a in i to \ to Ltd v the la i had i it \ i to me made Supply of Fine cough syrup sol i nil lung store Asar. Cd news e walk a Milligan Bou i in England latest forecast t Fri in bring your roofing troubles to Rathe amp in a u g e res or Tele phone 305. Hrin it. In i try a a imm jewelry Rug pottery curios la our or a e Cata lot a and i a Jidy la Chi wow la s. Hrs it in Irader ten Tel nit in to in Vav syne i. I. Mexico construction co. Tin re were Crow los of cd 1< r hit Var Here Rester it Lav and tin v w e it away Happy with to an v hats that meant Mono avid. Jus i f ii vice Cauli \ Ca r Lur ii g our clearance ales will it fit t c or big t it t111 is a a ii i in included arc Iii \ \ Aorta 1 i a

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