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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 12, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page six Albuquerque morning journal january 12, 1923 Albuquerque morning journal an in depend Jun i n eur spa per a published by to Unal publishing company there will always be agricultural discontent in this country for this reason despite whatever legislation May be passed. The same fickle Fortune that attends the growing crops likewise accompanies the Rais t m. ing livestock. During the past year Cir 11. In Cums ances however were More favourable Quot Ilson for the cattlemen sheep raisers and hog telephone6�-34b producers than for the crop growers. Live Stock prices generally were much higher. Entered As second Clasa matter at the it a Fig their Lucky season. This with More la psnr2nd�naamof mar. Us a. Is v. Favourable Range conditions is responsible a for the come Back the livestock Man in is use no Roux rates new Mexico. It is a More hopeful Outlook one month by Carrier mail a a for the Public As Well As the livestock pros �?��?�7- Dimer because late years Domestic pro one year 7,00 auction livestock has More anti met it a Quot Quot lagged behind the demand for it. Member audit Bureau a they a circulation member the associated press juries and judges tuesday. January i the Ai a cd pics is sex Kusiv it by entitled to a a a a _ the. Uso it ,.�?Tn a a. A writer in Scribner a Magazine disc it not otherwise credited in Tbs taper and Ala my a a i he jurors part in crime makes a the local news published a Cin. Drastic arraignment jurors in Genera ,2.�?T, for disregarding the Patent facts in Crim Inal cases and turning Loose so Many Dan-hagerman�?T5 diagnosis serous criminals. Criminal Justice undoubtedly is weak former governor Hagerman has made ened and perverted by indifference and a Cavern the elate in hic address the part citizens sew a Catena l to. My juries. There needs to be a general to the annual meeting the new Mexico stiffening the pubic conscience in thir taxpayers association. He finds our regard and a quickening jurors sense conditions tar from flourishing but holds responsibility in the discharge their out Many rays Hope. In View his duties. Normal propensity toward pessimism this. V a a v la judges themselves Are guiltless is no imaging. Many an Nom St and intelligent citizen. The a Best bet for the state As former a Erving As juror for the first time has been governor Hagerman describes it is Oil. In shocked when he once got his bearings by Smuch As he is interested in both the the readiness with which the average mgt Artesia and san Juan Fields his opinion is permits postponements and retrial in it u i Iii favor criminals tolerates the Supre a some Merit. He has Large land holdings Jon f illuminating Evi Lence to in the Pecos Valley is commissioner to the Aii King Mere technicalities the upshot Navajo indians and in his governmental which is often to defy common sense and capacity has a Clear insight into the Possi give the criminal an unfair advantage in abilities in the san Juan Basin where most 00 the production thus far is Navajo a h by att Quot in a n a i lir k quote defense to play their intricate game land. But he does not believe that search thwarting Justice instead cutting for Oil will be confined solely to these Sec through technical nonsense to reach the tons. He sees a big development Cam heart the matter is himself perverting pain in All parts the state. Justice. Of vital importance to Albuquerque at a Kep an it together it i it Safe to. To a say Are at least As responsible As juries for this time . Hagerman says the Middle Tho failure criminal Justice to fun tinn. Rio Grande reclamation project cannot for the Legal profession not Only applies Hope to succeed under state Laws alone and the Law but broadly speaking makes the that Complete coordination Between state Law m Hen the bar does its duty to society and Federal agencies will have to be sea As t0 Cen so the jury will do better cured. Determination water lights Between Colorado and Texas should be worked out by Friendly negotiation unless he warns the whole thing is tied up in the courts for Many years. Tho utilization our water resources,1 the Wenther blamed by a a ,. T1 Bena was seen chasing Butterfly . Hagerman ranks next to stopping tag be How he got that Way wastage our ranges. Livestock production still is the chief asset the state. It is being wiped out he says by the erosion and deluding the ranges. As he aptly says with the grass gone from the ranges there will not be much left to tax in the state. His Survey has not overlooked the health seeker tourist ethnologist and Archaeol. A ,.thera War it Gist. Rhese he recognizes As a legitimate write the part the resources the state. They referring to by Are contributing More and More each year 1 we to our Prosperity. He Points out that the state might Well emulate the example the people California Florida Switzerland and Cater to the needs and comforts these people. We believe the cities await the i est by . Frank Crane i a g v three items appeared in the papers recently ail Edda at Jing the same truth. J an innocent Man placed in Ai a commit cd suit . Just before news was brought that the guilty Man had co fessed. A woman bringing her pct Monk it America Over heard someone say monkeys were nut a in a without waiting to see she returned to her Staten to t a pet and then fainted with grief. A business Man who failed left t 1 a creditors were discussing the situation aul i a i Clever stories to his death just before they came i a a decision. In Cadi these three cases the person to Ltd k rna Iii that the worst possible ending was inevitable. L lies thought they could see Aroon i the c in. They did not await the test. Act nothing worse could have happened in each cases to than the thing they themselves decreed. Socrates in his trial let before the athenians ail a to fear death my friends is Only to think our a Vesej Wise without being Wise for it is to think we know what we do not to assume the future is a ii is a similarly f .1 Zacious As-%1 sumption Wisdom. For no Man knows whether it is Good bad until he has put it to the test. Fate likes to test a Many a Metal by suspense. Men can lace sudden catastrophe with heroic front Wapl crack under the Strain an impending Uncertain danger. I one de Maupassant a stories tells a Man who feared he might be killed in a Duel so lie committed suicide. Some men can die but they cannot wait. A great Deal needless suffering would be avoided if we were Wise enough to follow the injunction Marcu Aurelius. A i see that my child is sick a lie wrote. A this i do sue but that lie is in danger t do not see. Thus then alway abide by the first appearances and add nothing thyself fron abide by first appearances and add nothing from within is sane counsel when the future looks dark. J a a a a a Lily that win ii Bas w a we which \ a can see and await tile test. \ i copyright i pcs by Tho m adore newspaper Syndicate Little f"1 he Benny note Book by Lee -3-Pape who a who in the Days news x. The markets no la. Thompson a pro grim farm legislation to to but for Congress is being mapped out by Sam in Thompson Quincy indecently elected financial Oto out by too was ii up in Al now comes a scientist who say colors the leaves j., like it color naturally a woodsman sitting in a v Day we resent this implication in s the Trees. A propagandist spare that Tio sue its reputation it never drinks in a sine. Ii i n spot. Wall Street new York. Jin. La by the associated press a Stock Market n lost we will ext can fell us that Inge the Senate rub d i \ i Iglus in Murk Lent the american farm averages Tion. A Farmer himself he appreciates their problems and has bad considerable executive experience. In add to in to being head a Quincy Bank he has served As president the Illinois agricultural association for three years attracting National attention because Hies in marketing tax rend successful negotiations i Way co in. Pan Lea to secure e Tariff arid schedules. As the National Bureau he in a devote special attention Irmal surplus Grain. A born in a farm in Adams r,2 year ago and married us by a Farmer. Miss Dickhut when he was 2r�. Be seven Childre an farm Ive Farmers. 20 20 into Industrial. monday. .142.44 116.73 a .143 to 116.65 Tiro 1 43 6 2 i i 7. Yorr ago .121.63 104 07 High 1926 ,.143.62 i i 7.<9 Low 1926. .142.39 116.6 5 total to. K Salaa 2,304,200 re Rusness ing in to ext ret sed the Market reaction prof. A a sir decline. Closed a Long list net declines ranging from i to 9 Points interspersed with a much smaller number corresponding gains. Total Des Rin close to two and one Cuba. Cane sup. Pad. Dodge Bros. A a a. Do font de no a. Electric pow. Amp la cts. Urie Railroad. Famous players. Fisk rubber. Foundation co. General Asphalt. General electric. General motors. Tit. Nor. Iron Ore cts it. Northern pad. Gulf states steel. Hudson motors. Illinois Central. Independent to. Amp o., i int. Combustion Ling. Int. Harvester. Int. Mer. Mar. Pad. I int. Nickel. Kennicott cop. I i High Valley. Ash. Lara Ter i t a incl i amp which underwent a Sharp i a r no recoil red by �?z011 n in Peou Latners a he a Quot i Ontl nent get.imo., k in. X Tex. A cuing quotations Dis Missouri Pac. Ward Nat. I end. New York centrals. Y., n. If a irm Norfolk . Western nor. American. Northern Pacific. 1 was inf need to a by he it ulat Ion proved to be univ. C. Durant Auto who is reported millions in paper Long s de the last m months had Pacific r Packard pan. Am Penns i i Phillips a car. A a a Quot. 43"s unchanged to off Oats in 4 3 changed to a Shade Down an 3-s f provisions varying from Lac de 31 Cline to a Rise 12c. N Dpi that a ruling that the when 307 Market is is responsive at Turnea to 344 such St 11 Ilia t a g items As 1,016, 13 goo bushels decrease in the do Quot a Mastic visible Supply last weel Quot and an announcement that tax Ion puts and Calls Are void Ever. -6�?Tv� Price Advance today turned out to a Only transient. From Tho out set. Wheat values wore bearish affected by news that world ship mints were 4,000,000 bushels lat Ger than a week ago and tha Liverpool quotations were weal in addition Export demand a lacking. European purchases wheat today wire confined to 40. Too bushels durum a Grade be Dom used f it a bread making Pui pose in the United states. Corn and Oats eased Down n a i the last owing chiefly to word tha �?T33 for the first time this season the 4 a i cd in Isil to Supply is larger tha if to ,10 re i a it pending time la year. Earl r in the Day Roug weather Over the Corn Belt had strengthen log effect. On the Otho hand Trade estimates Tot stocks Corn in All positions an total disappearance Corn a far the hearts in nov 114 i 20 7 31 x a 912 12 s a 41 44 <4 6 s r4 \ i 39 \ 14r 4 i 67 132 4 3 s 15 i h 64h 7 4 "4 a re corp. Met the state Are doing this. Santa be especially is trying to fill the wants the artists archaeologists ethnologist and tourists who Are going there in increasing numbers. A a hello Sweet a the re St to when her Palt i and lid he d just a a f things not yet Ligated by Cong state Aid is Issue in reclamation Bill introduced in Senate a i a ii nth to in Albuquerque is advert Ising for the lug Aith seeker and do ing All that is pos. Ible to c u11 for him alter he arrives. While his speech was delivered be so a ship in a Florida i re fore a taxi i verse b Ody former gov nto a hot. I capsized tills error Hager Man has i dealt More with i re by 111 quite a Ulm u the economic e Condit ions the state an Indian who belongs than with the taxi lying i id. Lie a be met Iii # Bam there will be. Ira f Iii n v i. Ii hexes that a Ive first Xxiii have to find air. Judi i in us Silling Tux a a a i gation in Uklin something to tax and in the in cant i in xxx e 11 4st thai Long. Will have to exercise rigid it Onomy and # 4 in lining hold Down governor rental e ares. A what has become it t there is not Ling in to in ionic it hate to iture rain car i gave you for Jan. La a3 St the i a Iron t is i 95 in in i Oil to vision mexi Llie by Tallis a try Fyk Dillon d d 41 Vav Cal. Iblis rippling re Yrnes by it i i i it Ltd a end i Jan ii 5 4 4 in 4 i to 4$ Soe co i lot 1 ii 5 $1 44 .121 too .147 .19 8 134 47 ins with is Mark train and construed f g values the vision Mark in new $1.771 ill St 51 it a a 46 q i livestock. He h.lier 7 4 Moi ral Iii i i \ in i it t <1 a Corn and livestock Iowa has the eyes the nation fight for Relief from Low Corn prices. Mexico people Tan sit by and Wau fight this time knowing that the i producer l r once a fared but r to Lellow producer in Iowa. For Chi prices agricultural prod cts in have tended lower the livestock i 1925 showed a material increase the Iowa Farmer has found a hat crop does not necessarily no an a la come a Small crop often yields Mer tie to the producer because the s. Results in a Price sufficiently High to the Cost per unit production and in addition a handsome profit. Cora f not Tho Only product 19 2"� that has proved the fallacy the belief that in the Farmers viewpoint solely a bumper crop is a Blessing. The third Large Cotton crop in our history has been harvested but the aggregate financial returns were in than they were last year and course a a profit per Bale to the planters is considerably smaller. Agricultural production unhappily cannot be accurately gauged like Man fact Irons foresight eau be exercised in deciding the number acres to to planted but nature holds the Dot vision a it to the size the crop that a it ill appear the e acres., s55.000.000 paper merger is effected tha class. My he demand goner i it a Iii a t is 1 firm i Ibi in y bin its Yurk. Jar., la. Up i Oil lox t x 4 la Wal d 4 143 u in grains Kim Rimoli i it i Lodi i i it is

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