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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 12, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Motif Fiji Jota annl wednesday january 12, 1921. Albuquerque morning journal As newspaper a j 1 by Fot r v of. I i ulis Hinh com inv. Carlo Marek la. A Madix Eusona president. Sri try. J i a ii Arfy Alviti fins. Slusin Mariner Ahi. Cd m Vbk. I liter re it Jbf of it Cost Culf. Ken # a do to i it r Herby. A it i Fath ii. I. Markes. City Ana mat re it or a a i i a r Sims. Society editor Etc or Rit j la k Presentati hrs c A Noe is. \ a Remdt Bldr Chicago Iii it 4lph ii ecu i Jan. 41 e. 4 2.1 St. No Torii i enter #4 a mod Rig matter at the j it a to Fol a a of attic qty Rhu n. Launder a of Cong a of March i. Ult _ j terms to sobs in vion i a by. I t Carr or of by Man. It. Ltd non the. K5c j _ yearly in Advance in. A Quot a a the meant re journal a a higher circulation it rating than in a. Corded to any ctr paper in a w Utko a that it. An new of Aper to. Che Only paper in it 3uex.i> o turd a a y Day in the y car member up the Asb id ated . The Amo lated or a lat Ual my eat it i to the <1 a. For re publication of All Newt credited to it or not others Aeri it lit d in this Piper incl also tha local Nwa published Bert in. Wednesday. J a no. I i i. Is tar a Mill or. A it we v a Bri Ilg Tan la i to 80 Mill 1� of you in Monico to ill Oil platform i. A or smart election Law will. To will re a lore the Power to the hands of tie people where it Beton. J. A to on Parl an col Mise ton of thre or five to have Charre of our school and in Titu tonal land and the Pennan it funds derived la Roar Oil. 8. A Lair adequate Ami just Tai Law which will equitably Fletr Chute the Burden of gut eminent. We hair Especial reference to the mining Tat Law although we will seek to mat h any other evader i or Little whom we find we favor in mine Tat Law hinted upon an and Valorme prop by , a Oiler property la lated. 4. A Fuller budget system for Tike state la an Effort to put Tate it Pend kure on an a to in it economical and Perm wave bawl an xxi Fri ii Aisi no. the late travelling auditor wham we hav never Teeri. But whom we understands. I. A Nult a Genii Man in his private fit Ion. A it a very Wroth at Tim if. J. Hagerman Churm in j the ape isl revel be commit adm. Tev i daring to have expert on behalf i f the nuns Ion it p their foot inside the sacred or in a it the land off. So it there anything wrong j a a a i it i it in none of the commission a it a w i it mean of court none of the Public a hindu a. The a land office evidently belong a a a i Tant it it mini i a loner Fritz Mueller and the Bitte travelling Audi j Tor according to the View of thew gentlemen. The i Law give it to than and to Enaam in must keep out. A More ill advised ill tempered ill Tom a re i port waa never made than the reply of the trawling auditor to the nuff Eltion of the Revenue. On. J min Aiona expert a accounting after Reading the first Page the Reader in Purtha the stat of mind of la auditor bord in on 1 rabies and that he is in a mental condition to i make him incompetent to aet impartially or i gently. Why ail this excitement Over delving into the j land office must if be Stepp <1, sat upon quashed and otherwise d m Al a i in order a. Protect gum body the Public pc 11 accept this ill tempered retort with grate in lag rings a great perturbations. The impression that the land office needs a thorough overhauling and disinfection in increased by the uns Emin Gly und undignified anti of the auditor. When bureaucrats Fly to the assistance of bureaucrats with such hot Bruh the Public May \ Well grow resale the Republican party owes it to it. Of to find out what Bug it is. . H moves the Chip. Per. N k ii. . A. Cd w in Vitiz . W l l of i rein Den the Many in by it Ion att till in t v. Iii b i h it p i i in silent without it Nitia Ding w he h i Lia i Rath <1 to Iii commission kor i of i its mint. We have just examined the draft for a Bill for a new Alex. I state Lam a. I i a he Minini Van. It provides for three unpaid it in Murion i woo a re Given Hart of our game Ami fish re sour. A a just us a Hoard of directors la Given charge of a corporation. They employ a state game Warden at an adequate salary. Jus a a Board of directors a in ploys a general a nag. Wren the Vard n that ii heeds a Kame Refuge. Lot Ai Clos of season or any other reasonable proposition to get results the commissioners have authority to a t without waiting for the legislature. This i of p a it <1 Lei Ilion looks to us like an importer t. P to the Light direction. The parallel with the Corporal in of managing a business is a i we i the n a More i tin less in to a an ass in a it a in bus Ness a state Gam Uden re Poi ii athe a unpaid i Ommi Smo a count i to hot people for their stewards,.constitutes an e my ii and practical me d of handling on of the most important resources of the stat. This Bill we ire told. Has the baking of All the local gun prof. T a. Assoria the Affiliated with the Quot a me Xii it i. A. It is Mol a Sod Iii the Phi we runs of both political parties it is recommended by the new Mcm o Revenue o in misos iou. It should become Law. til to ii the to Inkom. When v inures enter our Homes by Way of the transom they need not be is Chi used ii Quot a it ask them to leave by the front door. Daniel , lord mayor of Cork recently entered the United stat s through an International transom namely As a stowaway and without a passport now the american people have no quarrel with or. Ocallaghan. He is no doubt actuated by patriotic motives in trying to come to the knit. Slates and stir up sentiment on behalf of Ireland which has suffered much in her Phi by fight Fot Freedom hut there is an american a a finn involved. Are we to continue to regulate immigration in an orderly manner in Are we to say to the world a come on. Gentlemen the bars Are Down tie Only passport you need is a grievance against other country one with who h Wear at peace Quot we have passport regulations which we strictly enforce against our own citizen. A tourist cannot Cross the River at Al paso into Juarez without a Bifid r permit and if he wishes to go into tie Interior of Mexico he must get a departmental passport which expires in six months. No enlightened american will object to such rest fictions. Although he May be put to some inconvenience because of them. We All realize that immigration and emigration restrictions Are Cor til common Protection of All civilized nations. Why then should not foreigners be subject to my Iii in it it Walt halon a a i h my ii hid it True a benny5 Noth i too a a. Ism. I in of it t Sina it at were held do likelihood that in i 111 my no his i i Nin. Col a ifin., i i r it i t it m w Nook >11 t i in or Len big in i fir i our. I ii Nho Krim i i 9 Arf Lou do. A. Kiri a. Is i re i s i i j k a Quot a i in i Horii a i fall Street Levi Tun i to i it of a. I i it a i. To i Ort. I Ivr stmt4 in Miki i Quot. I i sir. I ii to i. F Lis t 0 f s u p fee m in court decisions top 0. I 2 i i i Kau to i log a i. Bedtime stories for Little ones in Howard ii. Cai a. Tipton tips after a Man has Marri it i in comes a a a # Mal a something but ins wife who going to finish it. A a a a the honeymoon is Over we n he to it it remark about the Bis ult a Mother us to 4 4 4 4 when v Poy do a Long line a Chatta i about the Liming i. If a a Pri Hubby s Mouth in t the Only thin. Tha like a trap. T hot re the noticeable old to Keti look. A a a # a it we understand a Chicago a it. A it is the Pei a nce of pay a ing baby talk to i thy that keeps bab1 learning to talk Plain i of gush to then. A a a a 111 Biff the Bird that As a in bight pm tin snout hut a by dung the Speed fiend Bug that r who Jyman shout Quot sex i just folks copyright. 1921, by Edgar a. Flu i ills i lit t Vii to 111 vat. Ile had a v about him that a and kind hts did no to have no h #rh�<�nr.g, i h t # up rid id mind and he seemed to know the right thing a it studying ii out the kind of must you Uke to know Ami want to have about. Or milk. W ii if but i d v. A a r i 111.?. Of to. A. A m d and i m Al Vav v \ i i 111 Pim ii hip .1 ifs Cuiffi ult to picture a it of How Good he a to know hts words a get Plain u r. My. Arse lie Warry of built i fir show rut he seemed to know exactly what to say and what to do to smooth the Way fro Cit or ii and the people that he knew. Horn Folk i to thing by leading an Tome a trained in school and Many Stu dust it a Man sin be a blundering fool but he did Little it Odin and in so Bool he was t Ama Rill see math Good lord gave him an educated heart. He never said a mean thing at lie never did a wrong Ile seemed to know exactly How to help a Man along i Giammar was t perfect an i writing far from Good but the needs of human being were the things a understood. Jim it r and i ii ban Ltd Ane h by. it in a urn it Opi by Mali Imas i ,.pp of d to the t. H flit is wat a a i i Titi i Miami Copper. Missouri a if Ien w Vork Central be ii to. In. Iii i men by i Varn. It in i t it i Al i in h. Ai ii ill the by it it a fit i hire la court i a a a i sit late its the to Wirf. Gun it v is tin i i i f e it it no is i it i a a n i a it a i n railway. ,. ,1 a 4 >4 i 21 ii 5 a i to in his ii theft it Barer. A Olio Wing ii Ting on a charge of i rid Tai a in the court of Joti e Vav. Vav men. Thin a #t-r<i.,\. Jim so nil a sour w it held for a. I Ion of the grand jury on Bond of rho. He was remanded to jail in default of hotel. Swot Glicr w a chary i w i it fouling automobile j tires from to garage of a laundry Here to waived a Amyuit Tori at j the hearing yesterday. To Al we in a it rim no Ftp Titi i Vej lid. Not tis a Ole Ano in a pre tie his his i it Bot. 4 to. I i Oil alive Ai,.i in a m hum to i Slie in 1 tis i Dow la ii the a a his Paw til in will ii for a i guess i 1 be f in the loth ? Bink to my Rutm Bunga i could t in t Loo until the Pullet thought the Bunny. Man dog a Aine and took him away i took up a wet Sheet from thaw ing his claws off with warm j the Basket and ii1 noticed that the water. A a loth it As beginning Ain Ady to j then the Bunny put on his no of a a a. Stiff ill the cold Frost tvs pot. Home clothes Pun Hill fair. Out til rest of the cloth a and All no Winder nurse Jam is paws j a a do. I it in n d bricks Foj a ii jump out of lie Jimne. Iii Down in the Yard and play wit ii Tho croquet by i is ii von next about Uncle Wick the i i 1 pm til i would Chap a Thour j Carn As he blew is i the air with h ii held tin 15 Paw a. Ling Dor i Ings in Holt v. Inn a i. Tag Shet Over the line t p i t i my a a died the cask t 1 a get it it be might fast ii to and be with one Paw other a in in the Clothespin so the i n it on t j hold no Ltd it a he.-, a Huixi Jam roust have forgotten to give Tilem to me a thought f i Nie m i gaily. Til go t a. K in the j i Unga Low a ii i get tin in Quot i said j out ii i Thi i Quot of no you Neain t trouble i Tou have them with you Quot Quot spoke a a loud harsh voice As tile Bunny it the shot slip Back into tile Busket. And just in time. Too. For ins paws were beginning to freeze fast to it jus he held it or i inline Quot i have what with to Quot asked a the Bunny turning around. Quot it Yon mean Clothespin. You re Rols taken i Quot i mein Yoni a re a cried the j vol e then turning around undo i Vav i gaily my a pig. Black Bug lug wed by pay Mer it it d he maturity of the i and a and r a writ ten Cut Ort raid with Tam of which i i t i in to i it h a to his evil Enen Joie per he id. Int for the same ii to to 11 note nid a a Money Row in i is Bot. Pas t Hgt not. That h1 his h div dual me. Itu1 tit to tin rentier and see in by Huttl rn�?�&Quot.-�. Aud Rattle Are sold ull>1 r agreement and Tho Money is p i and i n re remains a <1 pc. J. Rid \ ref us. K to carry out term of t ii i Ltd it urn t Eon to i Ltd hat tin ube quent it on t did not it ups Ca i. A Mya or a or of 1 a riot and be a Gage thin had a no at to pro de fore Losi ire Titer on ont arts illegal because rip cd to dilute of to Public police i Good moral Catinat be r at i hut c out in t a obtain i by act fraud by air Dan in Tom nce by a cd of fiduciary Dury find the Piny ii confirmed of ratified party to a a a a a the remedial t. To have a contract avoided on ground of fraud i it obtain Quot i now i due of All the material ire of cd in t is to ans Eton be me fully Nair of it or it a lion Ami it Ltd lib own rigid to Sieh it. Or ought and might reasonable Dilig be in it get i it a so is War a Ltd and All u min info Lien h wholly removed to that ire can Cive a perfectly free Coria Cut. And of Commerce it j p., pts deliberately cd with the la urn eat cad in a amended it intuition of vat ifs ing the vol dark a i Quot i in it i n Komis. York. Jan. 11, of. It were it a it Guiar ski gig .1 in i l 4#, j a a a d i. I 96f 11 ast 4 #. a a a Iid 4 14 is. Ixo a third 4 it i fourth Vij. 4 ii Iti v or i wry j a 4quot i Victory 4 a its $9?,of. My v irk in a i n. New York Jan i prime inerrant Pap r in hanged Exchange t Strong it Liing demand Uhul e idea a a Al 12�?T, per a Ait discount i time loan is Ady unchanged. It it nun it v St Ady High Rul Jing rate it be rut at and just loan to Jar Cut Low Arni closing hid to Peel cent. I re it. In Ned do trim. Old t he 1&Quot r Frisco gangster is sentenced to prison by l a. A uhf Rifted in of ban in re new of j a ii a sen to Nee of from it. E a wit yeas in prison a today or lament to a y criminal Gar Gat. It my. It d Recomb a 2 Ltd a a Al tack on m prs f a pm it Mont Ron to it y a i e 11 it # c i v t Days slay of execution to Jie fee jail a1. He is the Bird member of hot gang tic ii de of attack a min Montgomery to in a a i ii cd tire Chat he a do by la a so a to Al Init women to Lull member ship 11 ringlet Ion Tien Firma the to is binding and Iii remedial Light diner a Jan la foreign buy ice together with indication of better Domestic pulling demand brought by Advance today Iii wheat prices my Reb touched a b e i i the Topmost Point Birne november la. The clone a tin it tip at de to i a c net a Ain with a u ii $1 the to jts u Aud May 11,t�8toll t,9, Corn finished us it rang 1 to 11c higher Oats be too off and provisions showing an upturn of 12c to 4 a. Chief attention in wheat entered a n the fact that hedge Here Wen to in a d on Between 1.000,06 1 and jog out bus Ltd hold for sport Themert by hint is was Don. To or the fad of assertions that a none wheat was quoted to cent it Bushel it Heap than current Fig Utts in tis United states Nettie was also Tab a of signs of improve non la the flour Trade especially wed thar Minneapolis Mil a it a i i Caput to per cont of capacity a it j., i cent a month ago. In ii or contended that la i states iiu1 Airo amp by exported too Good resolutions it Ood resolutions Are essential to Success and Are always in order. Start now and be farther along a year hence. The Albright Moore addition just North of Mountain Road and West of fourth Street is an especially Choice location. Fine land cite water magnificent View just off paved Road and close to heart of the City. Study the map. Its bound to grow and lots increase in value. Fifty foot lots from $275 to $500 look them Over. $20 gets a contract and starts you on the Road to Home hardiness and Success. I to in. F>57 and our car will cull. W. C. Thaxton Franklin amp co. I Hird and Deli

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