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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 9, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal. City edition Rofelty rift i tit. Voll. I \ t Iii Nii of sixteen Paget Albuquerque new Mexico sunday january 9, 1921. Sixteen Paget Hui of Carrier or mail Abc in Moratti illicit copies Dallen approves War on Townley 0&Quot> of of a Quot he he he he he he a a he he he # Survey shows beginning of Industrial revival at Detroit he he cd of of he he he Hho he he he he a Harding and Coolidge will be a a offic elected on february 9 Coveyou of Kansas supports efforts to keep non partisan league from gaining foothold organization hat Lott control of the state government in North Dakota weak Nett and Cost of the scheme have been exposed and new Fields Are being sought say. A in to a us my Iatan Topeka kulm., Jan. 8,- assailing the Campaign being made in Kansas by a. C. Townley and non partisan league organiser from North Dakota governor Allen in a statement tonight approved Steps taken by former service men to oppose the Campaign. Exclusive views of Moose factory where lost airmen landed. La Quot Townley has liven Abl Quot to in a vow raged voluntary still to a. If sent to North in Takota a lot of a a our a Tito select to ,. I and tended to braver or. Ama a a Ltd a a mud Roll. Ani. Man ,.w r 5�?z, i in a in i r tin statement Quot the non a part pc n tines do kit a the count go to go a age has Ion rot in of the Tali i to or for Germany Tho i map i5.v� input. Tbs weakness and1 in effect. Norman emissaries in Coots of i a he Ini hav finally the rear. Lilt a Foj exposed. A id i Wornley in j Quot the former service met a sri of Hunting new i i potting town inn with orders Quot to no it Ain hid Tri oppor it i propaganda Arni so Long As Bey a a proper tattoos for i i War Uit tilt i it it a in it ii their opposition to town and War in it rials upon which the j Levi pm with the Brave rom in int a v of of a my ten to legion boy i which they now exhibit in state depended it that hour in the Early will Baw a v. By reason to but it Gratis Days of Tho War their attitude Ilia-1 Ful Prfu Infanti 111 thousands have been pot Back umm Llila to work and the indications Are that the crisis is Over electors a Auto manufacturers expect the end of the slump in retail business to follow the annual shows Liberty motor company to take Back Many workers january 17. A rahy emf Annot i Atri purus Detroit Mich Jan. 8.�?a beginning of Industrial revival Here was noted the last week in a Survey of conditions by j. Grant Secretary of the employers association. Approximately 5,000 men have been put Back relieve workers of income tax Burden shift it to business plea of retail dry goods men representatives file a detailed plan for revision of the Laws which they estimate will provide Revenue for a four million Dollar annual budget. By i n Delv a. Tory a Post Moi with the luring la til Moom ii by i my the it. A i a ii i in which the v a bound Forest <1 to fight their a it la i a metals a the hire naval airmen in a tarted from Hock a Way x. Of Canada. The balloon Tan Way through unknown tra t a Ling bout of Tho Hudson it in Balli cd ii there to an a in wives did not weep until peril ended. A prayers a Mem i a a ill at Damp Urlile a i Lieut. A. A x j. I Griir Corv. Was bins meat of Tux the matter equal a a Chy 3m to Roll lifer of 0 into to e the Burden iced of the hot Meana committee Todt f Tai i a aft a hot i Ltd it 1 worker it l Attl pm ass $ 2. Soo flit single pc for i us of of Arroli my j too t my 11 Moi Ion into $5, a Tinati t i of exemptions a a i i Ai tax commission tall dry Tox elation re pct tailed plan f 3.i we a i ii provide Revenue annual Budvit. Tile plan i Tinetti Ltd be rim from mantis or income from i ment the pro exemption a by the the National it or association a it tentative filed it door Revi Ion of the tax t hey cat mated would be for a n ,000000,000 now a i a i to 1 from a Ion come Hight Dun to id d at a n Mesial wag the lne it me tax Lei in Tim red Romuli lows to inti Btl Aine at a ii other income from Aal Stu great to it Tow that a umbel a Ltd a income non Al eff it of. And in or invest Ani would fix the Quot income tax a at being tax derived it rate and including profit capital a amt it. To glee. A statement said that the b to club Ion s proposal had been concurred in through a refer Roduin among it 2,000 members the committee. Chairman for 1-Ney said would take up the Sug get Ion later. Toy party halts Tariff hearing staid s0l0ns become boys again by thu associated Washington Jan. 8 the a Brid Appeal for Tariff Protection on toy business of Tariff making halt i i particularly a Iii i id toy. Every Twiny in the his a and Means j time americana turned out a new committee room while Corn Matteu toy he a Ald japanese imitator member a ram bled for to it is rival i duplicate it Ami shipped Over Ion log a Christmas festivity committee Meti went Home with dolt and animal bulging from the or pocket. J. O. Foote a to a manufacturer played Santa clan for Wale at a Low r who Englc rate thin american factories could wireless to carry Harding a address to army and Navy in tile Ane int 1 pre i Washington. Jan 8 special wireless Telephone apparatus will transmit president elect Ltan Long s inaugural address to every army Post every battleship and Hall in various cities where Quot inaugural parti s will to held of u my. Iran chairman of the inaugural committee announced today. In Alce to support i argument. Or foot came armed with a huge to Ile came to of toy ii exhibited them seated solemnly behind the great hor1 she desk on its High platform. Ills Rig Ament finished foot Al he had no further use fat Rhi exhibits and the scramble began. The Solon were boys again in a second and when the Rush a stopped the toy bog was empty. Investigations in n. Burlesque electoral College will be in Porron to the Tom Vork hn<1 indications Are that a gradual improvement Oia Iob to Tany uni Ine will continue in the automobile Industry returns to nor Law s mandate. Generally expected the end of the slump in Retali business Yeti a to Ann la Ai in c Tai ma1, a it rant sat a. He added that the manufacturers Tonia 11 and flu but in to follow Tho annual automobile shows. Hold a joint session although some of the Large factories including . A Al. Ord an<1 i,0 1i?e plants Are closed and no definite Date vice president will open the set for their reopening there Are indications he said certificates announce the that the inactivity May not be extended. Result and live the win Xuy Deroui other factories Are. Held ready to rum within a u u e 1 e j maintaining Weldon Force to whisk should it to decided to toners names. I which men ,.r� being slowly added. n. Whits a notice it the Ford a the Liberty m Tor company today Plant says it will not reopen this the i re a a i Ann. Ii a we ral Hundred men Washington Jan. 8. A �?old"v-1 a v a Quot j0rll a via a a uary ii while unofficial report while Warren g. Harding was that the. I or ten Neal motors and Calvin Coolidge were Ipi Aat would partially reopen Mon chosen for president and Lay. The Dodge Plant it is lid. Month there Are report that the qua Petibon May not be for that Long a Tim. At the Ford Plant preparations or timing Mads of or the payment of the profit sharing Bonus of is practically $8. Too. So. Two important Steps remain to Complete their elec-1 Ion. One the meeting of the electoral College takes Etc a it place monday while the scouting parties Haven to final Steps Wilt be taken been heard from but february 9, at a joint meet today. Belief vice president in november s. Naval building program hinges on what other nations do in reducing their armament aeronaut Are thought in of the senat and House Harding is said to favor a big Navy but it is i a n. In a a a a when of of i fir of a of a in i. A i in Quot Ulvi Guiua hic i buy near civilization. When certificates of the vote of each state Are this ceremony vice president Marshall will Otfi-1 a la scially declare them elected. The people As is Well known did not vote directly of Ria Fri of the Amin prow Bra be t Inta in s surd of the Progress Mal Tiree american naval a aug Ai edding to civilization m Ooi factory the i u ii Eon la company a at j Amee Bay. I ii for or. Harding or or. Cox in november but for electors the successful electors of each state comprise the Beeri received late tonight. A Outing parti nent out to me the balloon Lata had not been heard from consequently the Verona its i turn not expected until tomorrow no Swap per men off dais and oth or a who had teen waiting Here j in the belief that th1 airmen in a Dan Guidea would Lead than Over i the barter Trail of the a Hatthi j River moved tonight to Mattice the lend of the mis Innabi River Trail. This move waa made following j report that lieutenant Kroot. J Farrell and Hinton had joined party going to Mattiee. It j i prix. Ami court Geo a women Al Ore the Olvea of Rietl tenant min k ton Jiuu Farrell two of the Mia eing us f a Navy aviator who Are reported on in f is Fol in their Way Home. Both women admitted that not once did they Dou it that the hair Soniat had land Al and a re of they did not a had a tear until they had been informed of their husband a eerie a i did t cry All the Days a a id mix. Hinton. Quot i had to keep telling myself everything was All right but since i know the Are Safe and Aouad i seem jut to cry Moat of the time. Our prayers have been Quot yes. In be been crying to Quot admitted mrs Farrell. It suppose us be aum we can watch Oura Elvea when xxx May be facing trouble and be on our guard hut great Joy Over Helms tis after the Strain of the illustration shows mis Stephen Tarrell Abd her rift. Al Aro a thing her a Miry lieutenant Farrell and mrs Walt r Hinton. Man alleged to be whisky runner has escaped to Italy by that a it Wii to it i Reim l i a Rose win., Jan. 8 when the Case of Augusta Castana alleged whisky r under Between Mil i Waukee and Hurley Xmas called by Federal Judy i Anglia tiday there was no response. Chi Tina District attorney a. Wolfe announced has escaped to Italy. William Sheila be a f hip Exxa Indian who h. Had charge of introducing ii i ii or to it in Indian reservation h Hunting Over him three Vears was discharged by Ludge i at Ndia after it was shown he Trad two forfeited his halt and j had been in jail several for the often diaries stops of suit Tudor xxx As by off xxx us a Idi Fine a for Havig we no of pepsin in his i Possession. By the swim Tatnai new York Jan. Turk City a investigations were but Iii nil it in ii ii Mirn a in nil v. To six a commit to inaugural radio i k m Ufa let a�?T"1 Atuogu be he a has obtained the co operation of the Arm and Navy Radu serv ices to Curry out stated. The plans it a. Weather i Denver forecast. V�?Tolo., Jan. N to i Mexico sunday arum monday fair warmer Mondo Star Ixo Tiu sunday and probably monday fair slowly rising temperature Ink i Iii Foht. Conditions for the Twenty four Jious end at 6 p. M yesterday re Ord cd Lay tie University tonight it la twentieth annual dinner of the amen Corner corporation. The Brethren of the amen Corners politicians and officials newspapermen lawyers and Cit sent Man it of whom once gathered in the a a Corner in the old fifth Avenue hotel and i cussed Polt til a and i lans. Were guests. Among those who accepted invitations were former unit t states Benet or Chauncey m Depew is ill Jin Norman l Mack i it. Iritis Aud others termed an a investigation of be the dinner o get i it i a Orth a prologue during a which that spirit of the amen Corner Quot stalked declaiming his Creed As the Quot Champion of True reds flayed by c k. C. A speaker s Trio i Al i so a a 0 Kwo of of a Goldstein Speaks Here tonight or Iii int a Aii dead. Niagara fulls n. Y., Jan. 8.�?. Noel b. Chamberlain 7x years old. La thirty third a Gree Mason and a grandson of ii to a Price the first grandmaster Mason in America who is said to have introduced Ila Sony in this country died suddenly j Here today. Highest t impel at ure. I or a est. Range. Mean. Humidity at to a. To. Humidity Al to p. In. ,. Precipitation. Maximum wind a Lousy direction of wind. A cum Vur of Day 38 it Oil la a min Shin Doan. 27 Butte. Mont., Jan s. According. La j to Arr announcement of the off i. 22 Ciulis of Hie Emma mine operate d4o1 try the Anaconda Copper Minim. 36 i company the property ceased up. None ration tonight indefinite a. Only. 3 ii 11> a men xxx r e employed in tire. Went mine which produced Mao and a a Clear manganese urea. A no one can thoroughly understand the movement unless he once has loved it i believe a said David Goldstein last night in speaking of socialism As defined Arni worshipped today by the modern socialists whose Creed is founded on that of the russian bolshevism. David Goldstein. As a Young Man rebelling against the injustices which Spring up in any social order which exist under even the Wisest government turned to socialism. Bitt today a la pts aching it i pm ii run hidden and open Dan dangers All of or the you hire bullhorn and having understood that he xxi speak Here Tony lit at the viewpoint having a worked himself into the psychological state where ii Quot Felt As they to Quot he can the bet vial the or auditorium he try a 8 of clock unit c or school in Alani g or Emp Der the auspice of the Columbus. The f to hear him talk on Nici Iutin an to Auk All the que Yettona it wit. Or in at re Iii is nil unusually Good platform speaker xxx it to a Good Deal of personality and magnetism and att easy address Knight of. A. ,. Hic i a invite 11 a 1 �?~11 he movement which is it in a site eks to replace the stars and Stripe xxi a the Ted Flag which i h to make the in til Vida i the Lur St of National safety lather than j i the family which seek to free thai j woman and give her an economic a knows Rad act ions a go Quot of Fortune of $500,000 left him in will is rejected by Molder Milwaukee nvj., Jan. Fit John Wagner said to be a comparatively poor Man a Molder in the West Milwaukee car shops today turned i Back on a Fortune of 1500,000 willed to him he was notified. By a woman whose Ute he or reported to have saved thirty years ago. Quot i am sure i am not the person referred to in the will Quot he said relatives and friends nay they remember the incident of the Rescue but that Wagner suffered a sunstroke a few years after the deed which erased previous expats from his memory. Electoral College. They Are equal in number to the senators and representatives of each state. They Are required to meet in their state capitals on the second monday in january to cast their votes in accordance with the wishes of the voters who elected them. The electoral College therefore will he in a onion in the forty eight a Tate capitals monday if any electors have died sine the november election the remaining elector of the state May select some one to fill the vacancy. After organisation balloting begins first of a t president and then for it a a president. Each elector vote for the candidate for whom he was elected to vote when ballots Are counted three certificates a ire prepared and signed in each a Tate me in sent to the judge of the United stale distr t court of the electors state on is sent by mall and another by messenger usually one of the electors to Tho president of the Senate. Thes. Certificates will ire opened by the vie president acting a president of the Senate in the presence of Congress this ceremony will take place in the House february 9. Employees of Edison company May share a its management by tit a of let a in a Chicago Jan i a plan whereby 8,000 employee of the common. Wealth company would a Hare in the management of the company which a up plier electricity for Chicago and suburban towns Xmas announced today. An Adu trial relations a part Enerst to a ii pol Vise the development. Introduction and operation of the a Industrial democracy Quot has been formed and i jul Quot int Tives ill be elected by the employee and by the management to form a joint Council to rattle All disputes it was stated. Believed the number of civilian employees will be curtailed All groups urged to take their share of after War depression by off associated Preus mar not a Jan fit a naval pol Quat Navy should be considered to icy to keep la untied states one of requisite to nations defense the Strong to sea Power until a Tho question of the Navy hinge. How ver. On what Prog re a May a Quot Lin disarmament agreement. F0und possible in the movement for be in ii.i� die Uay de at it j a Genera reduction of world Arra to Rife re Nee to. A a t we n Prest Ament. Or. Butler who is in dont feet Harding and Rcpt ent 0, d to place Little Faith in the Attey Butler of Pennsylvania chair 1� eve Loil 5, 11 remitted hearing not it week ail Man it a final Dee Mentz the Harding a of the Fie now in prs program h Terra Cir to us a naval committee or formation available on the prob i that although a Jab a of disarmament. He who turn Over a i Able it. This must await do iop item information attitude f senator to or. Harding. A a Ted to a continuation �?�1 am determined to know a a t construction program i sold in a statement Quot what other fro coupled with hum nations sin Ere in in the Way Wex or. Would lie u a j of an agreement to limit arms ailment in civilian pm j played of the. Navy department and or. Butler celled or Harding s various economies in the land Eta attention to the. Prevision if the lion under Navy jurisdiction. Naval appropriation of j918, Rem Han. Re lung har favored an j questing the president to make a a fun it Nix and he is understood cobra nos of world sentiment on Dis to feel a big Navy policy might be armament. He recommended that continued particularly if Steps ar1 the new administration take and taken to Curt til the strength of Tho Vantage of this authorization. A it a it gang lines he approved yes i another of president elect hard ter Day in conference with chair-1 inc a Valleca today was Daniel Man Kahn of the House military a a commit. He also favors strongly the Reserve system for both army and Navy and is understood to have indicated to chairman Butler an Ade Survey of local musical Talent is to by Maul find dynamite bombs in newspaper office a both a�#., Luna 1r###> Lisbon Portugal Jan 7 the police today searched the editorial rooms of Tho royalist newspaper Monarch finding six dynamite bombs and ammunition who h were seized Toffi Ltd m of the news Mitt a. P. Mcdowell head of music club. Names com-1 Mittee to find personnel for concert As suggested. W. P. Mcdowell 1 Lent of the fort tightly club its Ster May a rued a co Multi to the make a Survey of Albuquerque a musics Talent Xxiii a it xxx of drawing upon it for an All Albuquerque concert in the Early Spring a suggested in a recent editorial of the morning journal. The committee is composed of mesdames k. L. Bradford Emily it. A i Belle and c. Ii rpm Tom a a a r. A i heartily approve of the journal a suggestion a said or. Mcdowell. Quot in fact such a concert has bean one of my oxen ambit ions for some Tim. I know that we have the Talent right Here to stage a creditable performance and i feel Amite that tis Quot capable comps pet were closed and severs arrests wore made. Tire Moron Chia is the Organ of a he integral i let a party which refused to recognise former King Manuel us its head but instead favors Don Nuno Ducat to. A boy of it. Now at work Xxiii have no trouble in t i Ding it Quot smaller communities than Albuquerque have shown Whit can be accomplished in a musical Way by teamwork. Colbert of action can Lead to a concert of Good music. It is up to is of it to make this thing a a. Held new York manufacturer and financier who talked Over the Genera i financial situation and gave Hie opinion on the problem of getting Money systems Back to a sound Bas. Bit. Inman of Indianapolis manager of the Indiana chamber of Commerce presented senator Harding the results of a study made by his organization into financial conditions he advised that there in no attempts to remedy the situation try piecemeal measures hut that Farmers manufacturer and ail other groups is prevailed upon to take their a Hora of Ai ter War depression. Pacific coast cities rocked by explosions of Tbs Asse is Ted fess i a Angeles calif., Jan. 8.�? the i xxv of of Covina to tender a and Azusa in the ban Valley Twenty to Twenty five mites East of Here were rocked tonight by what was declared by inhabitants to be a series of explosions according to reports received Here. Every House in the town Tea wha Ken and window glasses were broken in some. It a said i the first Aback is Felt shout it 30, it xxx As stated and was followed by two More xxx thin half an hour. Each was accompanied by a loud report. Otherwise the trembling rata rubbed earthquakes it Wos said. Request is . Philadelphia Jan types have Sec opted Tho employ Era request hint the wag increase asked for by the Union he with drawn and a new agreement Walt ten on virtually the Aam Baal a tonight11 Ltd i 41 4

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