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Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1926, Page 3

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 8, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page two Albuquerque morning journal january 8, 1926 new election code will co in the Oil Field i German masses protest huge Dole to sex Kaiser copies being prepared registration conduct of elections some of Points covered j in in Quot Quot Quot California operator Santa w in 7 tv"1 enters Bloomfield for live draft of the new election code now in the governor a hands cor 6 a typewritten pages. Quot at first glance this May appear cumbersome to the Layman but it s not said gov. A. T. Fannett. Quot i should judge it is less than half As Bulky As the present statutes on the same embraced within the code Are the subjects of registration of voters conduct of elections contest and election of United states senator to fill vacancies. The contest provides a simple method of contesting for both state and county offices. When the tentative draft is printed the governor will Send it out to All legislators a King them to offer any amendments they believe essential and furnish copt a to the state newspapers. The Straw vote of legislators to find out whether a majority of both houses can he mustered to support the measure will not be taken on this but tile final draft which is to be prepared by the Board at a inter i extensive development a Deal of considerable Imper Bunce to the Bloomfield Field was dosed recently Between we m. Smith of Aztec and e. J. Mile. Of los Angeles. Through this Deal or. Miley will join or. Smith in the development of a 20,000 acre holding North and South of the san Juan River at Bloomfield. Or. Ml-1 y has been identified with extensive Oil development in California. Or. Smith entered the Field a Short time ago and took Over the interests of the Bloomfield ii and Gas company at Bloomfield securing the Large Block of son age leases arid permits aggregating 20,000 acres. It is reported that in addition to drilling a Large number of shallow Wells for Small production in Tho Bloomfield Field the Milev interests plan to Drill two deep tests one North and one South of the san Juan River. The depth of the tests will be determined by drilling con Roff Rumpf of water state a Ine or of Colorado and Mexico but flows into Colorado i put Ai a Natii i n attorneys representing both states fore flowing into Ute Bio a de. Luhlo Iii Luo i Illi peking an agreement As to the is held in Denver division of the Waters of the cos 1 new Are sri Tsofi d w us their Tilia. River. District attorney t. A. Unless it is a Tot of Lite. Santa be Jan. 7�?state in Haiti to eighth judicial District in a a Elneer Eorge m. Neel is attending representing new Mexico with two can live on love alone until a conference in Denver with the Neel. The Costilla rises in new time to eat. Store Sanra Auu. News special a values for today it will be to your interest to see these values diction of Republican government to pay huge sums in settlement of claims of sex Kaiser win Helm an i other is causing a storm of condemnation among common people of Germany. La Hoto shows great meeting of protest in Berlin. One of the placards compares Wilhelm s >,000 Marks with the seven Marks Given to disabled veterans. Date in the Light of the changes a ,., unions and depth of sends but it proposed by Tho Law Muker. Graft alleged in com mutation of pen term of Denver banker continued from Page on is Suid that the drillers Ere prepared to go to a depth of Between 4 too arum 7.000 feet. Or Milev is the operator who drilled the 7 of foot Well at Athens t 11 if., the deepest Well in the world. The new Calt. Al i v us i Bael Djup Jpn cd Miro ton both employees of a line Riyu res j. Harrington a a a t the Bank received Shorter forms Snow 854.000 bbl. Than Mandril and were paroled do Tober 28 last. Deadlock is unbroken in Anthracite strike new Yob in Jan. 7 it a it a an thru it miners and for Artesia in 1925 pipe line figures to the first of the year shows that 704,000 barrels of crude have been handled through the lines of the new Mexico pipe Lino company and the Illinois Pip Dine company fhe. ,. Miners and operators la ter 1 0 no. A a Wuhs diary of the rip t a a a. 1,1 a Ato tit a o Oil company. Approximately negotiate a new wage contract1,.and end the hard Coal strike Are j. Is a a 1 waiting apparently for some fam Quot a in n tot1 production thing to turn up or for one or the .a10 a p of night Crux other Side to Hrak up the or to at of a Barr la. This pro conference. Auction is coming from 126 pro after holding another Long to a our pro re Quot majority of which Aro Aion today they adjourned toll pumpers although Many Wells in of clock tomorrow morning with Field continue to flow Natur the statement that their discus tuly. Aion Quot did not result in any Defi j obstruction work has been nit started by the Phillips Petroleum after the conference and company on its i62s.o0o casing journey. Rumours w. Re again head gasoline j Lant located in the spread the t the negotiators had Center the Field. It la the i agreed on a x to element. Despite a Fenton of this company to have the fact that Aronou Cement had the Plant in operation within 75 been made the to Tho situation re Dave. Main i unchanged. Addition a also Bein made to jibe Sullivan Brothers refinery a Fri sub i is Touw Small debtors court proves Worth in a m. A Bimi Ivy right of Way in Jemez Pueblo for railway enjoined Broadcloth and a Lama. Cloth 54 inches wide colors Black Brown tan and Cedar color. A regular $6.00 value on Sale today at $4.50 Yard. Shirting. 49c Plain and striped Madras Cheviot and Broadcloth fast colors regular 60c to 75c values today special a Yard 49c. Santa be j. N. 7.�?the drat suit to quiet title w is fib j at the instance of the Pueblo lands Boa re today styled u. S. Versus the Santa be die Northwestern rally by asking that the company be perpetually enjoined from its alleged trespass lip Ltd la tile Hinds re t of Jemez pm Blo the a a a a Many a i a a it to have acquired an easement let right of Way across the reservation and the government asks that such alleged claim be declared void. In Isi i. Ricl ibis Impi a Santa be. Jan. 7.�?local jest Effice receipts increased 111 im.50 during Tho past year. Lion $48,-83? 41 to $60,318.91, or 24 per cont. Money order business increased freon $196,000 to $2 7,000. Forest Mills a ladies Union suits a Man Winter weight High and Low neck ankle length. All sizes 36 to 44. Values up to $2.50 in this lot on Sale today at $1.48. Japanese rag in a a size 18x36, imported japanese rugs color fast and Fine weave regular 75c, today Only 50c. Wool filled comforts. To i to Fine silk Oline covered with sateen Border regular $10.50 values on Sale today at $7.95. 36-Inch Percale 25c Light and dark colors fast colors these sell regularly at 33c and especially Good patterns and colors today 25c Yard. Ladies Outing t t it Well made of Good Quality Outing in coloured stripes and Plain White a regular $1.50 value today a special $1.19. Sale Outing flannel coloured outings 27 inches wide today a special .15c 36-Inch coloured striped Outing today Only Yard.22c buy the Gordon Hose hard to Wear out. Phone 283 the growing store Ira Phot in nine month More than 300 Case s have Bern settled without Appeal in the Small debtors court in Wichita kin., Over which judge David i. Leahy presides. Suits where i is than $20 is involved Are handled by the court. There Are no attorn is plaintiff and defendant pleading for themselves. M my of the cases Are heard Over the Telephone. Photo shows the. Judge. Phoenix Ariz., Jan. 7 Abs a j Olith of Here which will Hovi. Parity of j,$00 barrel Dally Dawn freaks in the morning. Us the new Mexico pipe Lino Ham a. Lawrence Muskogee. T okla., Quot a i a a Phoenix polled at till m it Ariz. In a and Slayer of having a a Man. Will to hang j prison at Floren rom s refinery is now in operation it of 3 too barrel. I predict 10.000 bbl. Daily output soon in Pecos Valley Field m Ith the coming of the new vier and with till return of opera tors from the or Holiday vacations. A i k1 Are again moving Forward j it High Speed in the Artesia oil1 Quot Ash Field if Field is now producing 8.000 barrels of Oil Dally and Riper. A Eljer predict that 10,000 on the Beil ranch in san m Gruel county a the Sturm drilling completed the Well to de depth of v00 Fet employed to Drill it it it is Al. Reported of ii h a 1. A a depth of 3 a considerable show ii Tho geological in Structure indicate to Sylvania formation i countered at Alcuin 3 Smith a St in it bin 3-1 rom my has that Orit raft Abd has Boc to a to it i it or. The u 30 feet .1 i Covert d at 100 feet. V. Till in Vii it pm i Denver Jan. Jolln 96, founder dry goods company ago and Quot Dean Quot of Lodi \ i Iii a Ira 1 Tiiu Ami in w to cur. E Lexa a a a a a a income exemptions Cut 2.500,000 tax payers off lists tablets. Remedy cold a of i n t old in Onvy it i Day ii nine proven original a nature co Cli to. I a a ton to x Mon Cert mire. A Iglus sen now to i ing overwrought newes or Oune i x id per tune Vecuna to it a her h j of a re Ltd blood in or woman is wreck and you never saw ii thy Rich red. By Tho Active 11 h will be produced within to Ltd morn is. Quot a i he Illinois producers company h shot it Well no. .7 to Hee tide Well after the shul >11 in every direction a 1 in of Oil standing up Fop a in mutes. Operator declare ,-1 i St w ill make line of the Hon i u be re in the Center of the t to the menu Lotf o i company a ill in Ling a Rig to it no. Lo-1 from n Hee. 4 i s.2%. This to feet North of the no drilling operation Iii n. 7 a Mal i be on by in 11 ill Apnoea approve the a i to it d it ii o i t 40 i no Oil com Twiny in gee. Cloit a co Unity 14 of to it swell is after it shot Oil is into the hold from i Ltd the operators a tilt i ice j 5 b i of i. Nip any in me ret of a Towel egg Pera i tor u ii cd of i c is thous Patterson Stuppi no. I in Bloomfield studded you never anybody w blood pet tits of daily life. A i you no it weak blood Lack of healthy Rich red blood. That a the whole trouble with those whose nerves Aro overwrought. They Lack the resisting Powers the stamina that healthy red blood cells give that enable us to stand up under the Strain of a y lift. S. S. S. Is the salvation of these tin Happy people. Of jul t the thing needed try strengthen the nerves restore muscular Power to Tho body and increase the a Ndu Ranco of weak failing run Down women and men. Tided in mat week on the done to keep on to ing d we Elm or s my a suppl no i Well i ply because your t a a i i St Ary Mer it Iii for want of healthy red cell. You can get balk nerve Power with 8. 8. S can do it just As sure ands have done for the past Century. S. S. S. Abo clears the Ekin of pimples boils eczema a hollow Cheeks fill out Ani firm Flcik Tho place of flabby in Why 1 i i will a you la begin living All Over again. Get 8. S. 8. Today from a y go d and i i to la it it ,viun07 no. 13 drilled to. It mow economical. Quot a Christmas parole violated Man will go Back to prison Rug Anchor f s a a had he started to sit Down a at my a i by the Harvest company guarantees Corn will go to Dollar la b _ in As too barrel Well Indian jewelry rugs pottery curios get our i rec Cata logs i you Torrai to records a by Prier maj sell a it Opp Felt a or it. Al a fade oui Endi it i us t let c w x Iii ii it cd Midi in in at 70$ muted it it i Rajjo 11 work resumed on Marland company test on Bell ranch i i Zzz mar a i rih i s i to coughs arum , Are a nato but veto an unexpected Blazy a b id flt get f i on Marla i it might teat Well us i do font Anchor or when vim la Anchor on Rug Rug t slip gum Tsa b. I i i i i i i i i i i i Iii Kin the people Giyik our i sir Albuquerque and state of new to do a till More business with you. Led from Albuquerque on Pennsylvania products taken care of by the i Holesapple tire Coni am it of n a vice n a a take this Opportunity in Mexico for your past patronage and Epi in the future. All dealers in this state will in sup and contracts which Aro now in Force will Pany this warehouse was opened As appreciation for past business from the people Mexico on vacuum cup tires and further in order to give the dealers one Day any part of the state on their fill in orders. Our tires carry the Standard guarantee recommended by the rubber Tira. Our prices Are competitive with other Standard brands. When you use our vacuum cup tires say Good Bye to your chains no More lipping on wet pavement or roads. I ome in Anil la Ltd our tire Over before buying. Below is one of the Many letters we have on file telling of the merits of the Pennsylvania tires j Cruse Oille motor co. Of mtg to it i e mechanical and service de part in int Oldsmobile distributor and tin with it v i pc die i it ran Rug Anchor la practical and saves part in St rate Arnt Rug i pm to far 11 it of i i i i Tim Pioneer furniture co. Second and Copper 610 j. W. Holesapple manager wholesale and retail phone 591

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