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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 8, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page six Albuquerque morning journal an Independent newspaper a published by journal publishing company transmission All were produced during this marvelous Quarter of a Century. Hut science hurrying headlong has still to say Many last words before exhausting her vocabulary and As we peer into the t. M. Peppe it a y a. P u bit Quot her not Quarter of a Century the years Iii to. P. Pickrel editor which the children of today will be the con q. Landis Wilson Dver Tisins m a no k a trolling Power we Are simply lost in the omc�.310 West Gold a Rue Mazo 0f possibilities and probabilities As to. Whither Are we entered As second cps matter at the p a Sto Tiee it a often said that no Man Ever ii nag of Albuquerque. N. Mand entry in Santa be. N Ineck such things possible but that is not my pending under act or cow. Or March i Trup the Book of has taught the subscription rates truth of a progressive creation. To subdue on month by Carrier or c the resources of this planet was announced. Three months six months one year. Albuquerque morning journal its a great life if you done to weaken from the first As the supreme task of Man. And provisions of his achievement stagger. Our credibility As we read. What was the member audit Bureau of circulation Genius that enabled Ezekiel to argue from his potters wheel and the Flash of Light Ning to an air plane with its wheels member of tub associated press it or not otherwise credited in this paper and i the local news published herein Friday the Awakening of agriculture the associated press is exclusively entitled to within wheels driven by electricity and the use for republication of nil pews credited to guided by Man How arts we to explain if if not of Horn Fin Eft wider or f v is i i i i a s i 1 Chi a the descriptions of artillery in the apocalypse and the astonishing declaration in january us the gospels that the utterances of the chamber would be broadcaster from the housetops that the lame should walk., the lepers be cleansed the deaf should agriculture seems to be Awakening from Hoar he Blind shoud Sce a Mes no its primitive state and proposes to adopt Surprise to Faith. Here is the elaboration those practices which have been found of a plan already disclosed to tile noblest necessary and profitable in other great in consciousness of our race. Destries. Agriculture is beginning to Ina seems to be no less than the., of that divine spirit of which Der tand that Tho old Law of Competition Verv Man i particle and which Means business death and that the Ortho we Are on the was to a better understand Dox theory of the Law of Supply and de ing. Mand Only applies to that portion of a a commodity which is offered for Sale. German Tariff threat Industry has made unprecedented Prog. I. American Millers Are exerting every of Cess through org maarion and reduction of fort t0 present germ from adding 7,1 Competition while the Farmer has retained per cent Tariff on flour. Millers contend his old methods. As a result his product that such a tax by Germany would Pratti Tion has become the speculative plaything 7ajijar american flour from that Market. Of a constantly decreasing number of or0 act fhe matter is that several Pagani Zed buyer instead of fixing his own pro Par a to prot by the exam Ganiea n in r in. A v n pee Sot pm great Britain on rubber and Price As other industries do he is compelled Wool and meet America with its own to take what is offered by close common weapons. Canada has made a Strong a Arr Ion syndicates. A his direction through its Law on Wood the Farmers hardest problem today is and some of the South american a concerned with the marketing of his prod 10n Are 1jfurm in similar methods. Acts at a Price which will enable him to live and continue to produce. Cooperative associations seem to solve part of the problem but there Are those who argue that this system seeks to avoid the Law of Supply and demand and will result in High inflame Quot prices to the consumer. Powerful interests Quot a Hen a in Era Enow a railing and ? whose Large profits Are threatened oppose this movement even men who would not Sto out la Koot a Roar through the to it i git her by the fireside and and sneeze Quot a cd Arlo Nta cd a our and knee i it a a Milf today la Long at aka invest a Dollar in any Industry that was Quot h hat 1 Quot a buried of d resting thru air in i a nah i Tan to in arrested d powder in lid h Iva thou did t find safeguarded by cooperation combination or trusts. For More than a Quarter of a Century Tho Standard Oil company has practically demonstrated the value of cooperation and prices of its products have been materially reduced. The fundamental principles of the Standard Oil company have been a education organization and cooperation. Hundreds of other industries have followed their example with pronounced Success. Agriculture is sadly out of gear with other great Industrial structures and has been made the Quot Goat for Many fortunes through legislation and manipulation. A the governor a Riei Liture has had an expensive education. T the next step is organization and cooperation will naturally result. Any business must be thoroughly organized if it proposes to successfully compete in Industrial life. And this a equally True of an individual whether in business or drawing salary he needs to be organized. Grape growers smile Alifornia grape growers and dealer Are All smiles these Days. The reason i ruling of attorney Genera of the i United states that a person can lawfully pos. Fermented fruit juices in his Home for blown use i he to tile Al form a Vineyard will not revert into a part of the great american Sahara. Q he average person perhaps Doe not know that California a grape Industry ranks second Only to Hay in California. The states grape Industry has Little c i Peti Tion and a been More prosperous Nee the wineries closed Down. L a oily Cloud has been the secretiveness with Quot i h the Home makers of wine hate Felt the \ i a to surround their activity s in the eel a. Q his discouraged Many from making wine now however the department of in �?T10 a is to have removed that objection by ruling that the Amateur wine maker i within the Law so Jong As his product is not intoxicating in fact a the average la Man will wonder what i meant by a one pc aunt in a re Mage in to to ruled out id no Standard remain. It interesting to Nett that ii m do to from California a that gravel a j hipper believe the attorney Gen a Ralha possible for the in United stat to wine drinking nation and it a 1 please them. I of than at map Abr Alt i do for co of it la Hack and cough Ani a it be. Tennyson j Daft in Karmas City stir so extravaganza i out her in now Mexico Wear playing g of or Root r Rig. In Sunshine and Crisp Breeze the full Vara Arth Only things in this night re it it <1 that wheeze around the do e Wallath by arg swe g a that r Flie and most 1 f a or far toe warm a we Arins Ujj v. I % a a or i Iov a Rny think this i lid r monopoly or thing it a 1 it too far l eng i f .1 i f Tkv fret kit. I of to. Tattoos h the Grant of it saving Watt for Cju a 11, nut of it Gnu had a speck of a r your ills to it you d try to it t in k it Ltd u it a your a a Ting Vou ii 1 my wat the d z tort is to in Nora bring it in trill it. I h i did. Hing a Appl pm. Or a ii. >10 favorite k my of de n a count of City for to far outta kit i Battier Appl with in Cream in top Ltd it i ,.ft#r every cd c l 11 Alice the n 14 Cine silo left. End i at my to Low it not to leu k us if i a i hurry up try to % to finish Quot i Conj j . The Der i Quot a Etc i ,1 a it a bar. Luff to last to i or t to it a i to to ant in sect. Wall. The s who wants it a a f i heat priest India no the. i or # Ith o who t i ran i r of i s a j dam f a \ a in a lug # i t Bern la a i u Ltd jul $ i Jai us inc Lav it of ii a a it Vestern. M i. A St. A pad. In i a Birc w by i cd to Histo the it f it i r e Volny. I a is i a Titer. A till w s h i Fol. A a. A Light if is or i to k k y a let d Arr investigation of hts a Ltd where it a ported that it inking s indulged in a Tut int a i a Ful Ohio in ires a i am to a a thing As till. Y once sed to by a p to a f it to a he s by 1 a i Lecoin pm to 111 111 i a folks out her it few wild he a i it # the edit in t tag in then que i it s a a a hid Iii to police Acy posing As 1 Nti in it n him. Pc of i ilk a teen cd so 1 hut pc # u habitat it kit a me i pm i t so i think a Lily of it p. Of i the of. Pop fed my it get to say. At d big n a i f bed h 1�j into the p to com i is up is ii dear n the. To re re a. B bet 1 body f i hat Paradise by Law by or. Frank Crane ast night when i flopped into bed i Felt like biting the bedpost. Everything had gone wrong from morning until night. The world was going to the Bow wows and the wicked were prospering mightily. If i were Sultan of is sorry scheme of things i reflected i could shatter it to bits and remold i it nearer to the hearts desire. Hut i was not. Moreover in Titis land of democracy the e seemed Little Chance of my Ever attaining sultanic shattering Power then i remembered the latest reports Fri the legislative firing line. In Hammonton new Jersey so my morning paper had reported the rec ordinances had passed a second Reading of the Council. They eliminated from the township of Berlin the cackling of liens the crowing of roosters the Barking of dogs the blow ing of horns and the backfiring of automobiles. Also in Bort Arthur l exas the cracking of peanuts in Public gatherings w As abolished forever by a legislative decree. Paradise by Law seemed on the Way. I la Egan to consider the pleasant possibilities. Instead of being a Sultan All i needed to he was a senator. If legislative Power resided in my hands so like the Queen Iii Quot Alice in wonderland i could say. A off with their what decapitations would take place first i began to feel better already and snuggled Down under the covers to it it contemplate. First of All the a Send seaters disappeared from our fair land in a sweeping decree they Are the gentle witling of tile human species who persist in arriving Early at Public gatherings and sitting Iii the end seats of the Row and Budge Only with Clour i ohs when i others have to crawl Over them. Also tile late Comers at Public gatherings who come Iii with scuffling feet Aho pedestrians who walk along highways on the righthand Side of the Road where the speeding machines approach i from the rear instead of on the left hand Side w Here they can see machines coming and flee for their lives it necessary. I Hen came those who drive Auto in it it he is and Cut in close in front of machines they pass and immediately slow up. F next on the list to came men who feel it beneath their dig Limity to whisper and speak to their Friend during a lecture Iii a a droning audible Monotone Ais 41 so after this legislative 01 i thur t i Al it a threat Deal More at peace with the world ii i if i remember r Jort alike Abou Hen Adam Auk iut deep Ltd cams of peace. Copyright. 192ft, fat a in Mcclure newel Syndicate ing rat 4 Al 4 4 u 5 4 i let f i ids f. I Heifer i a 2 a ran i in 4. Call it it gnat ice try nera and Cutler pm ii i 2tsprac Anent i1,. i it a us it in t fixed Titi top Vuu 111 0in 111 of a 0 j a nth 4. By in or Ann ii Stoi Kera and f. Hita Al a Leady. Paper 4tm 4 hog he ii a to. A Flipper a a a irk it uneven Tarn cents t la Erl j Loti Iii higher than ult no need \ rage new York. Jan. 7. Liber d Whipp a top r a q ii 1 4 Ltd my Bond closed j99.25 fit a i overage. Fiji 0 Oji i 0 t 0 no 4 4 a. L l t a t. I 4 4 a. J Pound by 1 at n t a 1 kor Market a 100.22 third 4 a a. In a 11 v few in leu t a 5 c Cut a fourth 1 4 r la b. It a a it a a h Farr ticker Fop Al i us of tent 154 j 1 a la. A in ii 1 70 t i Nile ii a i 11 in 1> it i 1 Whf rat i i to it Grain i 12 t a. A f ,1 i #10 a mud a a. A. 2 10 1 i 2 i n or Fnu vow a Jio 25 Chicago Jan 7 a is 61 0�?~ , $ v 7 re to 12 re took heartened i v Light v. N. Of j Ign to to 1c 1 her i la .50 up new a Linsui Atli buying id a 12 2r, Ait till an of Export Iii it a i. I j sheep need p t g 7 v tiling a 4�i 12sh 9 a a 16 % 5 4 i Sih 3t>, 9t 40ti six a 4 Ltd it 4� Many Traier Jet pit. A i he a ilex Tea 1 y Alf a t a t it. F a dlr. The wheat in a re a a 24�?Tt #<1 heavy to 4�?� 1 a uht \ new Fie. May j 1.74 to ii to Tot july i a a to i j a f of tilt in at in to >4 <1�?~ till. I 1 11 to 4 it \ off Ami in i it a divvy i. A i a i in in i tin�&�nf#4 to �5c up. Oat w 1 rein firm v a is g. Rural offering 1 a by a Valona re to <1 to a i five demand Felt in inventors 32 a a j us j Iti a a 4 i a a a w Baet ii if it. I what the it b Vav about i a. A the brain and prov lion i Ltd a follow wit it a May. A v \ m i la to j in. T. A in a six. A i a. July is 1 a. 4 l. I a Iti. I a # Mav f i i bib. La i it i a j ti., fir n it. T r ii Jan a 4&Quot. My. I i a Bra. A Jan. Fie. A it 1� Salve it to a a i. Thaha Ltd higher n a a a i. Ji.1.00 a i us a a a if Lei a Rio Fred. E re of j k in. a it j a try. I in <4 i if financial t 4 Quot Quot n uti /. In. J Appling re byrncs Fly w i i St i la i i by uni Imp i lid m1 to 42 7 t 1 44 livestock produce 4 i a a to lit hid t v i by w i 9 4r i a i us in it in whence and whither the first Quarter of the twenties fury has been completed i ring period greater change has a a u wrought for Mankind than in and other Emdur period in the worlds annals. The greatest Warin i tory a been fought the it # Iii i Ary despotism in Europe have fallen sub merged nation have found plat in the Sun China India Egypt Mexico and Africa have made marvelous strides toward self determination and self govern ment. Scienza Aud invention made up atari lid Progress submarine machines the automobile he n a Ray moving pier Reg electric i a it Len i v. Lying ill i w 4 n to r i. Drew Ufi s firm d la g am to no a i eel lug a to it a id e i flying. Of Fop fit a. Us of then. A .1s. Power i a a to Vinik on the to. R frill it m \ v irk my inc p i a a l my a 14.14,

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