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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 8, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico a leading newspaper Albuquerque morning journal forty fifth year vol. Xxx xvii i. No. , new Mexico Friday january 8, 1926. New Mexico leading advertising medium prices five cents officers follow clues. In murder of japanese Omo mro i Beler discover that Nick Yamate former Albuquerque grocery Man was to marry deceased wife a sister on january 18 Slayer president is extending Aid to monopolies Shepherd. Cleared of murder of Ward. Sues for youth s Fortune a representative Connelly Democrat Texas says Coolidge was brought up in that atmosphere wore Tennis shoes Over others to Dis-1 thinks wealth should Guise tracks trickle from top criticizes executives statement that there is nothing wrong with big business in America is the no or cod wan. I. Rill am Mcc disposing a declare Twain of sound and in publish Valencia county officers late thursday were working on several clues to the solution of the mystery enveloping the murder of Nick Yamate 40-year-old night car inspector for the Santa be Railroad who was shot through the head 1 by an unknown assailant As he sat Reading a newspaper at Washin com to a table in the Kitchen of his Home at Belen Atter Muling to pm president Coolidge thursday morning. Yamate who was a japanese was a Ai a a by a uts Quot v .0 to a. Or for la. Today by representative invitation a 1 Bantu feta Belen. Connally Democrat Texas sheriff a. J. Archuleta it l of who contended he had Leins asst ted in the in courage i the development of i a Ilion by Joseph Tondre for-1 a i liter sheriff of Valencia county i trusts. The executive he i the m is brought to ainu a charged has sought a to Crip Guerque thursday night by Strong it pie the Tariff commission and is being held pending the ar-1 rival it it of relatives to take funeral arrangements. De that Yamate was to have been married on january to miss Elisa Chave of Peralta 18-year-old Bister of Yamate a first wife who died about three and a half months ago. Yamat went off duty at Midnight it is believed that he was shot soon after that time As la was Reading a newspaper be for e going to bed. Two old men sleeping in in adjoining room. Did not a a Tho shot and knew nothing of the murder until they found tamale body when they arose thursday morning. He was found sitting in a chair with Bis head jesting on a to Hie and with his right hand on a can it it of smoking tobacco. Or s. I it. Wilkinson who examined tile body said that death must have been instantaneous. The slain Many a name As carried on hts life insurance Papdeja a Yamate he carried on the Santa be payroll As Tuumalo 11 my it orderer track offic i a thursday found tracks in the soft a had b a i Yard g a Tess Dently had is form by the fired through wore Tennis a shoes and ten a fief gaining of Tho Yuma Trail is to were in ill r shoes. Lie a a regular is is then tied the Bis ankle to piece of St Rill Yam ate t three and t a said it i of ret Alta. N and of Tho to marry some Objet Ding for ii capitalists will develop Timber and minerals on three Large Grants and build resort hotel my the affair in murderer us i f the Yard. I Ltd o hitch to h i he cd r i ant a be in. 7-the Santa land my lumber company has faults in tied for $2,500,000 i from Field Boc Lothree new aggregating 305,-vt Loument of -1 i Esou Reet and a i rat it i St is the be it n i Evi and h. Loci i poral in to Nirchi plat 1 a it c be he my Zic if Pueblo a Graffito. In. Her Quot a it Quot re for d a Gill a 1 a r or hotel id Miner project. South in or nits i int. I Meguiar 1 i giant. I. F his ii re a Tho a be lie 11. Phi Al ant. To in. I. Ali a a a a to Mil die the i about it a a a on the i and Coal it tone to it w s Fin us these Button ti., \ county in in Injo be to Arriba county and the 4�,000-acre in Valencia coun i lire to a erected in manse stands of Hgt i Ai f in l Grants and other Mineral i to iture the h into Grant. A resort built it is planned. To a a gel. St Tan mar it ii also f i Rill lands my Bio Anile and to destroy the Federal Trade commission a Boily created by Congress to control trusts. A i do not Challenge the a sincerity of the president he alerted. Quot it does seem however that the president has Bien m in ironed during i life that to sincerely believe that the w in to create happiness and Prosperity is to give the wealth of the country to a i it w great interests and out of their Charity let some trickle downward to the Bottom and As it goes touch and Hie All it ism to believes Lle Ferring to the pre ident s speech before the new York state chamber it a Commerce in it w York City last november or. said that or Coolidge had disclosed the i Pinion that tag Hull had i id f jul May have future nothing is wrong with it now. Describing a a a marvelous situation Quot the i he Quot wondered had in mind a trusts that a i then enumerated Large Busin eting the alumni America the it party of a w Yin company of Cal Oral electric a Continental till Mise Lathy Rind fest or Fer Aylo apers Atren Nero t not May Otho through Boner insides four Sill am d Leat Oil a acred duty or a the bequests Token of it re a a i hers in i do id Foster iou Iii i the Cere to itself Foster father of this of on hts the ashes end Deattra int in fit the above Locum it. Consisting of too Bach a Hick ears properly by Tho to tatar a �.?.r�s re �,,.vv57 a ff.1, or arts secs Aho in i presence . It a Quot a a a a a a Rentle Ned sch Al gesture to the Abey arbitration of Libor disputes agreed upon by William Darling Shepherd and the Mcc Lutock will. A year ago William Darling Shepherd was in Albuquerqu visiting friends. At that time he was under Antip Leion of having murdered i Ward Lillie Mcc Lutock Chicago millionaire. There was much interest in the Case and newspaper men hers were kept Busy supplying interviews with Shepherd and other stories connected with the my Cit Ator k Case to the big City . In. Shepherd has Sines been acquitted and is now engaged in a i a Battle for Possession of the Mccllen k Fortune which was i it Hail by Young Coll Stock in a will Jam employees signed a Short turn before in <1< uth. Tho picture of Shepherd is life Uke. Employing roads join in submission of proposed plan to Congress for legislative enactment mediation Ioard is Given jurisdiction abolition of rail labor Board is said to be implied president authorized to investigate Washington Jan. 7 apr legislation for the settlement of Railroad labor disputes began to take shape for submission to Congress today after president Coolidge had been apprised of agreements reached Between the employers and employees on the subject. Chairman Wanton of the Senate interstate Commerce committee w. I Atterbury. President of the Pennsylvania Railroad and a delegation of head of Railroad unions including i. I. I Robertaon w. N. Honk and i m. Jewell with Donald it. Richburg attorney for Tho labor organizations were among those who discussed the matter with the president. Jailer Alfred i. Thorn counsel for the association of hallway five wounds found in Wilburn a body i upset suicide theory , n. Of. Jan. 7.after Tho examination of 15 witnesses the state unexpectedly rested its Case today in the trial of Sam Lewis and his son Frank. The examination of defense witnesses began soon after 2 p. In. Arthur Davis a sheep Herder for the Wilburn testified that he was an Eye witness to Tho shooting of Dee Wilburn and that in a dying statement Wilburn said he was trying to get away when shot. Davis was Given a gruelling Cross examination by attorney Fullen of the defense. Davis testified that the body had five gunshot wounds but Only one Bullet wound was found. He waa not definite a to whether one gun or two was used. The defense claims Wilburn shot himself. Graft alleged of pen term of , in District atty Cline thinks Money was used in behalf of wrecker of Hibernia Trust co two former officials hastily leave state prisoner will be arraigned on new charge in connection with sensational crash of 1923 Denver colo., Jan. 7 apr Maurice Mandell a boy broker a whose Penitentiary sentence in connection with the Hibernia Bank and Trust company Here in 1923 was commuted by governor Morley tuesday will be brought to Denver from begins at Guthrie Brown Case first Guthrie okla., Jan. 7 of a a fatted states grand jury after two delays today opened its inquiry into the deaths of 17 persons in the Osage country. The first witnesses were who found the body of Anna lir own Rich Osage woman whose death Early in 1922 to the executives joined with or Kleh egret Over which the Shadow of Berg in making Public a statement mystery has settled. They were declaring that Railroad employers i followed by the physicians who investigation of wholesale ,. Slaving of Rosacia Indian the state Anson to plead to is a ans new charges of embezzle Shepherd is described As Loving and tender and As Arch plotter in fight for Mclintock estate it numb it or inc said president r of big a int. He lumber of is. Including my of i it a Cern Pacific ii the Denaud Thip my. I ing the by the Chicago. Jan. 7 4b.William the boy Darling Shepherd was described him the both a having the ii Ait of a Loving father and of a scheming conspirator in the Cou it a of u will con Tost today in the tire court where Shepherd seek to probate the will of ins millionaire Ward William Nelson Mcclintock of whose murder be w it acquitted. Probate of the will drawn by Shepherd and having Shepherd mein made no reference to abolition of the Railroad labor Board j although this was understood to j be implied in the proposal. The to draw a will leaving iat tement summarized the prostate and skilfully Coy a visions of the Bill As follows plot by remaining in ,.nrlthi cooperate Quot first that it shall be the duty is presented in 0 to to exert every re a i a objections by at i. Tome a for the Cousin and miss Pope a Hilt to Laier were withdrawn the instrument was allowed to stand is an exhibit and shop Lead reached an j conducted an autopsy and Tho a agreement on legislation to create de taker who prepared the body u Hord of mediation for Railroad for burial. Labor dispute with provisions for there was every indication that arbitration in Case mediation is the jury was starting at the begin unsure Mafut. And also to authorize j Ming of the strange tale of an altho president to Institute investors i,.god conspiracy aimed at the de in a i by a special Board it Case of traction of an entire Osage Fain threatened disturbance. The state by with r Coltune estimated at $2,000,000 As the stake. The Only expression of the any came from Roy Lewis United states District attorney who said that a unexpected developments had increased the Hope of Federal authorities for a successful termination of tile last phase of the Long investigation until today carried out through the secret Chsn nationalization ii hot land near to and is repo to a k. a year old a w Tell pm leg in id i Hill but of Loden. Hilt Eilt h ted ill i Ipi ii ii i <1 i to. A pro of which a a if i be la Fields or. E in. We a Fie to i Ilion Dollar by <1 in the lord attorneys Ca w Hen he cd it Mony ofter prese it witness a servants herds Hon hold a the will a witness Shepherd w is Pio was Milt. Strep died t or Hist sit. I in it i a w i a bout a ibid Ltd i i n v to till i it pud ii of the a i it a it. In St Vav. I i to All i. A d Are it in in former governor Campbell of Arizona says Stream belongs to whole country not his own state t ill la Iii a to it t Oli pm rain eight of of miss will. H asks $5,000 in damage suit is. Sheriff Zamora pm 1 Thorn in the i Hie May be asked a an id s attorney cloned their Case. Minnow for the Cousin do maintained that the contents of Iii. Wilt ten of cutting of blood t i Tive and giving i Pope a univ an $1,0�� annuity the Manta i i which it a drawn by a tuft t i i a of and the fact by Volt a of sit Phr a a servants Moil to w .tiim.h, All Fenili cited Indue influence to induce melt by k n r git the will shortly aft Iii i ame 21 years of a. Shah i attorneys in reply i there a nothing to up. I s the Barge of undue in f i it a v it i of t Hei e w Ere it i i d be taken Toto consider it in a probate Heiring in i brought out by the sub a i ii,. \ i no a a any diaries undue int Titi e must the out in the chancery Colin they said. Conscientious booze vender lives in Raton amiable Effort to make and main lain agree tents., a second a any and All dispute Bel of government agencies. Shall lie first considered in con-1 1 Quot noted however Ference Between Tho parties direct finest Burkhart barged ment misapplication and misappropriation of the Bank a funds. District attorney Foster Cline announced that Auch action will occur soon in order to circumvent Sny attempt to week Protection under the three year statute of limitations. Mandell by the state executives reduction of hts sentence will be eligible to seek parole july 7. Of he chooses he May face trial on the new charges before that Date. Another development in the Case late today was Tbs announcement by District attorney Cline that he would summon the county grand jury tomorrow to investigate Quot rumours that Money was used in obtaining the commutation of Mendon two witnesses state or former state officials for whom subpoenas to appear before the grand jury wore issued today were reported to be Quot out of town a Cline stated and could not be served. They Ere Alpheus p. Ardourel former adjutant general of the Colorado National guard who waa a member of the firm of Mandell a co Ardour was reported to be in Mexico Cline said and Earl Cooley former Secretary of state and now registrar of the state lend Board. District attorney Cline said the new charges against Mandril involved the alleged Emu Slement of $25 too of the Hibernia Bank a Bonds lie indicated Leo Floyd May be a prosecution witness in it i 11 la of i j i Irmi it let a a governor honors request for extradition of Paul Lohman wanted for Stock swindling it the f i Man goes on trial for second murder in hop Field riots t it r in con i it lense w Mexico v University school after tells the fallowing h Bootlegger with a of fit Fin Ling of it i i my of Merit i various a Thor to dog Lible Ingrid a a whisky Analysed 11hits, the particular in Begum i tax bulb Irp no. F i their taking t fling in usic but or o Al re that with by interested. J murder in connection with one of third a adjustment Board the deaths under investigation had hit., 11 he established by agreement j taken to or. Kiwis office not which shall be fit it t Between before. Or a was would not individual t Arrier and its employees my whether he had talked with a regional or National. Thee Burkhart. Adjustment Board will in a Juris a. A Quot diction it Vii any dispute relating Floody Iii Ltd j to Kyle i no a or to Intel pre-1 Mexico it itt Jan 7 <40�? a it a application of existing flood in to. To to of Durango Quot wry convicted with Lla Odell at eminent hut will have no Juri have d unpaged property and crops diction or change in rates of to the i Lum of several million pay rules or working conditions j pesos i a fourth a Board of mediation a its created to consist of five Neiti i Ber appointed by us president by amt with the advice and consent of the Senate wit ii the duty to int Rem it the Lequeta of either Phi to or on in own motion in any unsettled labor dispute a fifth hoards of arbitration ire provided for when Bot ii Par to a Content to Alla trate Aho method of selecting members of the boards and us arbitration j proc Dure any a fir made by Lite arbitral shall be filed in Hie it appt opiate diet Rbt court of the i oiled h it and shall become a judgment of tits court binding upon the parties six his in Huttt possible event dispute Between a Carrier employee is not St a i in a of foregoing met hods on is made that the Board , of in it judgment a Pule threaten to Abustan interrupt interstate Cornelia notify the president a thereupon authorized in Erst Ion to create a Hoard too a Ami report to i pies. To Day from the Ion of Hie Board d that after Hie a Board arum for it has made its Ridant co change eat ail ill be mails the controversy in i at of wide the if i that i and it Lier la proves i f Iii Hie <1 tingly Merce who his i investigate i Ideal within Tun Date of the Crest it a als. Provid ration it f us h thirty tilt is after report to the prot except by at Rem t y the Paul cond old timers in Republican party quietly passing word Coolidge will not ask nomination in 1928 a a president keeping his own than one who constantly must i 11., Ciarus his to i think of h second or possibly the counsel Ana May portion of a third term As factors be traced Back to receptor consideration in his Acta and live nominees 1 it Inay he that the Quot ten years i in the White House i too Washington Jan. 7-Al n,u4j�?� slogan hit been framed though us. Has not been the at this time to smoke or. Cool slightest intimation of any such ids out. It is Bot Likely to sue thing from the Willis House or cd. Or. Coolidge keeps his of n either directly or indirectly word i counsel of or a Man did. To he lug passed along among the also is an Able and astute poll uld timers of tile grand old Lucian. Ile knows that if he vier party that Coolidge will to announce at this time a decline ask flt a Tho nomination in ton nut to run in 192h he would 12. The a a Wold is being so j lose a great Deal of his pc Sligo companies by argument Quot justify j and pow r with the politicians. Int Quot or. Coolidge in ins a deeds j they would immediately begin to ton scramble and try and possibly Lii argument is the keynote they would Stew but in any event of the anti third termer and a1 they would a thinking All the ready there is plenty of evidence while in the terms of the next bit it is being used to Quot talk elect Ion and paying Leas attention or. Coolidge out of the White to the present occupant of the of it ,., by of his own party deut to chair. Or. Coolidge is who believe Flat a toe other Avail j not to be placed in such a postal. Candidate should be put for i Hon. To weather lest and. Lead i Tun i defrauded Bank by stealing travellers checks. Is alleged <1 a t to i h in 111 ill Bujac continues As assistant to attorney general Day in Washington Mist suns a t in Ming the five Are Hort by explosion on battleship Ward two years hence. In the argument it i readily admit a of Routs Hist if or. Pridge wore to run again in la he would be seeking Only i second elective term. It is they admitted that in com a Ting his Iii is. It term and in Tho unexpired portion Jol Iii Oil is Teav Pilro the new slogan ions the less is quickening the pulse of a number of distinguished gentlemen of the Republican party who a in a receptive mod today and will he far More so in 192tt. Not especially that speaking of receptive candidates always or Cool j brings to mind Hiram Johnson of defective Shell goes off on Oklahoma one of the victims Seaman King May lose eyesight Ling it the to f will hive served Leas than1 California nevertheless it so Hap r fill year. Hut it is just Hare pens that an intriguing Story is go get the Pew slogan comr in. Ling the Washington rounds at Tho it who ii or intended Ilia expense of he to mesh t hectic poll the ii a Cay that any his gentleman from California. Ii i id Servo ten Yourn in Ute i it Scoma that the Johnson or White la Ltd a mrs were attending a quite aimed to be the mean fashionable tem one afternoon of third term tradition a late when the senator found him a Pisces eight years in of with a rather limit for any Man rating tidy. The two had con he Maul in the office versed for several minutes when f to Agist Acy i finally the lady remarked a Quot of Don t believe j a aught you that is leg of ult to Idit Lon a Stablish of to Hui stage Star will act in his wheel chair Eye led gtd Calif j pm from a into g i it in Fig i an. 7 of an stage illness his place a wheel week to is wheel Han Pedro Ca a the sex Plush n Neil aboard the b horns while the War gaming in anti Alan. A its Iii a Island Tod the injury of five in one of the men a Kitag received in jut he May i use the Olgi the Accident o noon but nothing Ai to t a it it Tive to Reship of i vessel was in it practice off in resulted in Btl Seaman named is from which t of both recurred about Gas known of precedent is cited to i ing g with some of Tho War Hora of thy a o. P., one hears the further argument that several presidents of the past have exp ased themselves a favouring a turn term of six years flt r the Tbs of executive. Coque Honsby i Bere has been a distinct trend in this due it lion. The politicians ther it name Quot Johnson replied the senator. Quot him Johnson of califor la Quot of yes sir. Johnson beamed the lady a and what bring you to Washington Washington is celebrating today the turning on of automatic synchronized traffic signal lights on Ere endear Hong to fur the first Street to be thus equip it is Felt that a president Ped in the National capital. The in for he still is unit her till the Batt j i p return us leg Ki-4 u to port from inactive. With years in office and Noth cities have had the signal for lug to Ltd worry him As to reelection years but Congress legislates for w mid be better Abl to formulate Washington. This is in Index to god wig / foils Aid his elicit congressional suited

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