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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - January 8, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Six morning journal snafu Day january 8, 1921. Albuquerque morning journal fam an int newspaper a Puhi i by a porn of i 111 Tell i n it. T 0x1 a % \ x Macik president in a Marvi 11 a i so. N Ca i c. Al a pc Gilbert Row i n ii. Chi Hhd h i Malk is a a a it a 11 f a i a1 my. Cd kit met til ton.,. P. A. Mac of i or Tom. Kill Sipplin gtd Hijos a a 4, i a w�1 m 5on ? pm in c Mph n i my i n in a of on he r j a Nyk of Ralph r. I Rnk-ii.,1 in a. Of Albuquerque Iii Arch i. Is a t rots Ca Trier it a Rev. Morn Ina j pm Khi an Arni i i n. Ii., Loti s t at i v is Nettir tit ditto t. 48 b 4 3d St matter the under act of c her Pally by a re Quot the rat Ina than so of Xii Ani Only paper in Newyl a. Mhz of i the aha Quot int. To Piu to it for re pubic it Ion not Tisci w i j. A i a it <1 new published by hat it a v. 7 of Bubs or by to in Adan our Itai a i to Ain a i it an new Al Isle is in Hiim ii a i of a i other paper i i eve month 8 \ a clot Day new the i the of tit is a a it e f a rein soc i at a it telus vely in new Ere Jim paper a press. A i11� to i a to it Sui ill ill lie bin�1 pt2 i will re pet a ple or ii in it form. I. A primary rift i Ion Law which a Tore Hie Janmir to tin Ham the a Here it Helen in 2. A Tenn part Omeh Ion of Tiree or flit to by t i to rite of tour Soli anti tits it a tonal Luth. Anti the permanent Trust funds Deal my therefrom. I. A fair nth Quale Arni pot tax Law which will equitably the tribute the horde be of a. Eminent. Xxx Luitt Imperial referent to Fin Minim Tat Law although we will to reach any tilter it adept or to a Little whom we find. Xxv a % or a mint Tat Law had upon an and Valorme property fasts As other property in to Ted. 4. A Fuller Bot fact t by tem fur the tits in an Effort to put mate expenditure to an t Iti Lelit Aud progressive . In the t re i his it a a it in a sort of a round a har. Cd the Man. Playing that a the hat i a setting on All Rife iffy the shape Felt Dlf frent by that time and the Man serf to no Day to he without a Bai. Arent von afraid to a la Batell cold Nett inc me and into Iii in i Quick Rod riving we not. Ii 111 look up a and theft on l Ith and in ii re St hat aspirin Bayer Quot on gentling and be in i off going and i Lek i ult the hat in the int la the Avreet looking i they Iliff it and us fellow yelled May a for. Hay in sat or and then Rani a the Dick Iff liquor purchasers i Are to be indexed warning unless it of see the name a Bayer a on tablets you Are not getting genuine aspirin prescribed Gay physicians for 21 years and proved Safe by millions. The fad la i a it a i in. 7. Pun hitters Uro to la card indexed a Pfoh ration director for Loper supervision of liquor aah the in Tern to Rcv Nita Bureau a Nemone d i Day. To it Irr Etera will it re it Milf a cd to pre pare end Tot it arh pct Quot to entitled to Purchase liquor in i stale. The a it i will show the amount on hand amount and kind bought. Shipped a us de i Bret 1. As Well a the name of tis person exercising Tho permit. Bar Tom or 1? Cly a Hung or before no i the n i f ran Tor. It a a a the h ill to tee if Helen of. Kun in 1 Bondon could go to the tailor i re me in be with Nic. She w a willing. >51 in women �?�1 half an b in w e Hart i. A if Boul a a of iou a talk to r by voice Tri my we cached the tailor a bul you t. T a hot gave my Little encouragement j a moment that i it told go t a suit t a Perth a a come than fifty Dollar. In that. I a ii it Tai ? 1 Rte. More. He subway agr r. I Okieff when 1 egg stated a Lew mad. In t a 1 \ suit hut 1 have taken i i Cit ton bin a it 1 1 a Good custom he i off r any w it Fyk t a it a i in .1 i f. A a. La Flash it i 1 Bro lot Erif to 11� Rinako ii a Point if Taftt f 1 to a a it y it wet Iii intimate 1 i rid of i my ride in or. 0 he a i t him to do Tho i Home. But Budder ask permission to Cut employees wages we i k t 1 so i of the i it a nver it 11 f asking i Duce the v ii a a pollen w Industrial con Colorado in the reduction let Natrona i Aamir hated to re Toi in. 7. A bettor term Taal on to pc 50 of t Nion foundry filed Arith the state to o in today by Tbs Drymen association. Would affect the j a molders t Nion of North am Lea shops including in re Oft puny. And eight the Denver Loai Rock Meta it St i a thous a it hid la Wanstreet have to j u tit i Ai i. It i i fell hat k to la 1 closed Fey eyes. Safety first accept Only an Quot unbroken package of Ermine Quot Bayer tablets of aspirin a which contains proper direct fur headache earache Toothache neuralgia Cobb Rheu Latium neuritis Lumbago and pain generally. Strictly american Handy tin Bote of 12 Tablet Quot it i it 1 few nth Largo puck age. Of a a a a la mid Mark of to for Manti arturs of m a a a Ltd it or of sat. I track a or stolen a Ireton if 1 it re von. Open d to i to a t Hook a. Pay f i Law. 1 pm. In a x he taxi a my 1 a a gasp of con in monthly a St a annatto n a a m fumbled we Day through it<4 in. Using for them what is it a a i a a i. I could he in farm t a hardly of by i Treter third so from Asit a j i 1 Iii a a k Ness. A i be St or i of my Chance Pun Quot which hot i All in Money in a it it a it was St sen Iii i he i v. If a in the j Brent Votto ii a. Of i Quot pay the Del null i. Ii Fin i or he i had every Cut i hoi with a music the bom i h a to n timid a How to Fth ? i asked it a uni Quot accuse i in a i Clr a ? forty cents. U in by ground j that Al i a Ltd plied touching a a woman j Hilt i. Re a wild dash i Quot you la have 0 heir 1 v it re i whispered a a i took out a five s i Alfa d this Hill Tom had Given Trio to i a control f pay the inst a brr a 11 Man when he so than did the Carne that aft re icon. Hiu Al push i a How much i inquired War a it it of his tar. Had Ait still n a Quarter 3 by tonci by by Nway a she ropy he last i in w i a i a she. Do me at to put the Chang bark in my Pic a. The a remembered la crawled get ii is tit Quot the a a la a him the eur rent and on to the Couch. Helen the Stet t. 11 Elk con. In with n it amt helped me r in and i it my things off Ami Hen she water which a had thrown j said she was aim. Oing to ii Clown i heard the i., ii ring two or How a or. Three in a. I t i is 1 or moved Bill a a ghost in til Tom can in and switched in an awful i Ort the Light. By Tho aum la Fri new York Jan. Lri the Market today made numerous to it add it Buff to a tins of the violin Desoto but tie great r of 111 Iii Stock in pre part a for 1 n of to of efficient i Lions a j is the count the and a multitude of other f acts the times and Ltd Toms fall people a in the fourth edition of Hank and Puhi throughout the world the Annua Pul the guaranty to 1 a com by of by y has just been issued for the year 1921. As in previous editions this Book is divided two parts. Part i contains the Chronos it Gie Al la the usual Tenter arrangement with the names the % countries and colonies in which there so a Holiday printed under the Date on which the actual Observance will take place part ii comprises an alphabetical list of the principal countries and Coloni m of the world including the subdivisions of Australia my the states of the american t Nion with the Sites and names of holidays which will be celebrated in each one during the ensuing year. In presenting the current volume of Bank and Public holidays now generally recognized As Ani authority on the subject the company says Quot the world is still to much distracted by the manifold Prole no to id it to readjustment to the i profound changes result j to or from the War to devote much attention to the matter it holidays. Sopris singly few countries h tvs As yet set apart dates i commemorating any of the Ted with the great conf in t. Or its Clos than it Issue of rank and Public. Holidays the re Toro contains a la Tivey few Chang a in the holidays of the various countries and colonies although Many re in lists have been added. For then it in Republica in Central Europe now having diplomatic and consular repro i sedatives in the fitted states and Well established banking connections Here. The lists Given in this Ivity and strength reported of to sport latin. Bara ter a son. I hares scoring rout i Ara Lin to Small Advance. Transactions in stocks were the Larder of any Day of the new but almost on third of Tho Over Coffee it toted in steel a quip motts motors out and leathers. Then was a steady Faquir i n 11 to state. By i at a net g i i Point although f of Cen the corporation s i tee uni a r unfilled tonnage to a issued Nett monday. Indicate another Revere shrinkage of bookings. Final Price showed gains of one to is wants for Crucible and Vanadium by eels Baldwin locomotive mexican Petroleum. American Woolen american International and International paper rail Mak. Lug Only trivial changes either Way. Bolted states rubber Royal Hutch and Gin rat a halt record i nominal toss Batea aggregated 1,1 or Foo Shat. Liberty issues were again the conspicuous feat or of the Bomi Market that entire group except Ting the first second 4%m rising a ppr Cia my convertible rails and foreign issues its were Strong. Tot ii salts War value a re Iit-17f�,Foo. Old 1 nit i Stales Bonds we re unchanged on Call. It losing Price beet Bungar. Can. A Tielung Attef a. Sumatra tobacco. To pfc to. Zinc. Copper. The argentin and australian Portal surplus would total 261 000.090 bushels. The Market closed line tiled i a to 2 84c it Low Wail March $1.71 at a $1.72 and May $104% to a Corn lost vie to a and Oats it pc 0 be. In pro vat ions the outcome w is a of 12e to two. Inasmuch of figures heretofore j available put the Argentine a us frat Ion surplus at Only 229.oou.oot hush is the new estimates Cave n a it it 1 adva Tiik to the bears in the wheat mar Kwh. Moreover Ai luge part of the Hort int a St in a been eliminated during it Day s j Rudd n bulge on the Dee Linen the fact apparent that it onside Abb new Export Huff nees had developed. Country offerings in the Southwest were retorted Havier. A and it was Aid that improve Foht a a Heftie to Trad continued to Lac turn til undertone wan rather heavy and Ike greater part of the Day de it lies i spit continued alertness in regard j to new it Corn and cult Tho wheat s. Back but buying of i Corn for n Larr int rest tend it j later to Hock the downturns. Provisions were a pro a d at times with Groin Bot finally became More responsive to higher quotations in hogs. Firming pric. Wheat March $1 71% May $ i mice Rny May 74 he july 7 a. No May. 4 july 4x< pork Jan$24,901 May $24.30. Lard�?.tan., $13.30 May $13.97. Dibs Jan. $ ll.90 May $12 it. By Putni turn Giok Outing a food it con Tell of Yon us her a Stinch str tvs of stg to ii Ami min pour a amp it alged with Tan to a your bar it it xxx York potion. Other hand information of Ervid in within Tho edition arc practically official. On the it is still impossible to secure authentic regarding the holidays actually being the vast regions formerly comprised russian Empire. A in this Edison the footnotes under the different countries colonies and stat have but n materially amplified and brought up to Date. And will a found to a Onnin much interesting information regarding the holidays observed in it a it ii locality lenticular pains Bai. Been taken to and turn Mariao briefly the facts relative to the Obsen it. Of election Day As a Legal hold y in the United plates and its possessions. A the tendency noted in previous editions to suppress a1 minor holidays and give official recognition Only to those of National important still Eon tin ties particularly in countries formerly having Large numbers of religious fetes generally accepted As Bank and Public holidays and those where the Observance of dates connected with the reigning family was More or it a general. Largo numbers of holidays of the latter class have been omitted in this and Tho preceding editions the Rule being to later Only those actually observed by Banks and just folks copyright 1920, by Edgar a. Quest Oli x i hrs Anh m Vav. By tile into t of a at years and new years All blended by St of w hat there is to in., the he in gone. Let s Bury All the failures in the dim past and keep the smiles of Friendship and laughter to Hie last. A1 old we the and old years and new years life a in the making still Han t come to glory yet but Theresa Tho Hope we will dead old year was to Cive months Long hut now from it we re fit what son year of Good or bad to All Tho years to be years and new years we need them Olio and All to a a ii thy dome of character and build its sheltering Wall past failures tried the souls of us but if their tests we stood the aum of what we Are to be May yet be counted Good. It old years and m w years with All their pain and strife Are but the bricks Abd steel and Stone with which to fashion 11 f a so put the bin and shame away and keep the Fin and True and on the glory of the past lets build the better now. Seedless raisins. I just mix these things in the Ord it r in which i have i named then and pack All into a quart site l aking powder tin then put on the cover of the tin a a i place it in a Kettle it Bowling water i caving it there and of course keeping the water boiling for two hours. It is Fine. I serve it hot with ii hard Monee by Cream a Ting two purls of Brown sugar with Vul part of butter adding just i j enough milk to moisten sightly land Flavouring with a Teaspoon of Peirino Mon. My husband ukes it i better than any other Brid a i a just discovered a v in to got around the outdone i of runt ing ribbons through line. Jilt after washing. I tie a pm of j White Cotton a a iring to one end of Tho ribbon and then when i with ii Vav big ribbon before a to a j the suing takes its place aft washing i simply to an end of the ribbon to the string and pull out the string thus running the ribbon in again it May be a Lazy Many a but it has saved me a lot of time and trouble. My he band often says however make myself Mere Trot but l Fin a a i tit task tha in he accept mrs. T cd discovered thai f can remove the i wrinkles from my Gorgette waists. I caused by lying in a drawer some i length let time by hanging them Lover a lot Radiator for a few nor muted this Woald he a wonder i help to the woman who travels i for the travelling bae does wrinkle j a Waist so much. The Nuoi Aine v i rim ply vanishes like j Bride Llo seke wanted to do my share tills Christ Mas. In contributing articles for our Church j t air and set my husband salary j is so mull that i could not posed my go to Modi expense to i j thought out this Way to do my part i. Luckily had kept a by of lard us Ile kind with removable lops in my cellar Ami i covered these with some old flowered Creyonne i had on hand pasting ii on. I that n made a Holt in the 1 Bottom of the can put a five rent twill if twine inside ult the end i of the twin the Roo he the Hoiu in the can and put on tic a and h Dot of me Only five cents a porno for the Bali of twine a Harriet women throw away their worn out Black is k Stock to. . Some it it off the it to Silt Down 00 Side cd use the to on dusters Bot have found i Pew for them i Ravel them out hid use these soft Raveling for filling Dainty pin cushions for Ift. I also made a Brid fro of a boudoir Pillow out of them Oring the Raveling with Pink and then mar Dering in Fine Linen slip for it. I use t old White silk stocking Raveling for this x Little Benny s of Srote boo Lee papa a in Rica n a Mer Iran a Merlean american american a a Rit an Anaconda Atchison. Baltimore amp Ohio Bethlehem steel �?~�?~b�?T.,. Butt 4k Superior California Petroleum. Canadian Pacific. T ventral to Ather. Chesapeake amp Ohio. Chicago Mil. Amp St. Paul. Chino Copper. Crucible Steed. Cuba Cane sugar. Urie great Northern pad. Inspiration Copper. Int. Mer Marine pad. Kenner it Copper. Coy j Louisville amp Nashville. Satin met Vlcan Petroi Eom. Miami Copper. Missouri Pacific. New York Centro. Narthy in Pacific. Pennsylvania. Lay consolidated Copp treading. Republic Iron amp Ste. Is Cebu Oil a refining. Southern Pacl tic. Southern railway. Stud chador corporation to it was compare. To it Banco products. Union Pacific. United St ites steel. Utah Copper. New York. Jan 7 Lur i a a firm March lf.20 m in 15.28 oct., 15.40. A la to Jan., 15,18, n Fu-14,24 j Aly Nix Youk Moma % 48% 21% 39 79%99 a 9%. 38 h 8 4 l 3�i. A. 29% 117x4. 40% a %21%. 88% 24 h. 14% 70%. 25% a a a 20% it 2 %. 1 re % 18%20% 73 a j 84 % 4 1 % i. Is % i 84 ii i. On %24 % 99 % 23 u Jin 44 % 55% 121% a %f.3% new x Ork Jan. 7 prime mar Cantile Pilger unchanged Exchange irregular Sterling i in n cd 88.83% cables $s.t>4. Montreal 14 i -1 up r Cut discount time loan a St Ady. Unc Hnnry Call Motey steady. High Low. Ruling nit and in t loan 7 per cent closing at 6 to 7 per a tit. Max x Ouk Mil alb. New a Ork. Jan. 7.�? tin firm. Spot $38.25 futures. $39. It other metals unchanged. Bur solver Domestic unchanged Tot sign $1 c. Ilex can dollars r�0%c. La it i .41 i Koi �1 a in a Chicago Jan 7. Putter Market unsettled. Creamery extras a us aia Dordo 4 Ala Gay Market lower. Receipt i to j. Firfer t�?T6 v k ii Ordinary tarts 58 or 62c it Mark cases included 8ti 63c refrigerator firsts if it sic refrigerator extras .77% it j he. Poultry alive lower fowls 2fb. Springs 88c turkeys 4uc. Potatoes Market weak. Receipts 3 cars. Northern White sack of $ 2 of i<#86 cwt., Wisconsin Kings $1.25, i Ibur y roads. Tiler Vav is a fears wind this aft Mowa and us Fellows wan running in found Tho Street in stud paper blowing Ermound and having More fun than hot and All of to Siddiq a mans hat farm rolling up 11 the Greet without by Man and j pud Bim Kin caul it and we look that lied All Ermound for a Man without trying in hat without seeing Cay and then a round Art in peas j puds left Tho hat go Agen and we by doing tilt task had a cont to be. W in ii one could d Way a j catch it and we did that about 5 la a a have recently 1 More times till we was All tired put. Rut having Josh i by this oat would in a a go it i met aint i put it on the carbs Ono and sat Down on it feeling pretty. it i and fist than pud j Simkins be Holey in Oaks there he is now. Meeting a Man Down tit the Corner without a hat and on looking Allet round As if he was Hunting for one to put in Ami he saw us Fellows and came Uil saying i it id you boys see a hut blow past no sir. Sil us Fellows Xvi he we Didenti on aces a t it of us having St ppm >1 it before it it id time to blow pus and the Man Sec. Its Mitey pet till. R. In it Cly Peculiar it popped rite off my Hod Ermound the Corner Ami 1 have no Facer i h Way it went. Being a Man with a red Fum looking As if he could get awful mad if he had to. Me thinking Jimminy Crick its i Hope he it it it ask in to get up for any reason. Wat Kab d of a hat wan it i v. Red. A a a a cover thus making a Tiffe to fave f4#t ? i a d. Put of it. They acid Uke Bot Oak it made of stiff foil aaa its a w York Jan. 7.�?liberty Bonds Beld Strong at 3%s. $93 first 4s $87 go second 4r $87.20 Firth $87 no Sec on <1 4%s, a 7.20 third 4 % a. $90.00 Fourt h in. $ 71 Victory 3 a $97.00 Victory 4 $97,00, Hoston Wool Boston Jan 7.�?the commercial bulletin tomorrow will say a a the demand for Wool hag been it s keen this week although Thor is a modest weight of Wool moving More or less regularly. Price Are fully firm a compared with a week ago and the tendency h to miss Hie prices at the moment especially in View of the improved Outlook for Tariff enactment. Thor is into apparent Chang in the manufacturing actuation unemployment being heavy. There is a general it Ling. However that with lower wages in effect the situation is fundamentally scour <3 Banig t was Fin Quot i months. 75<b 80c Fine 8 months . Territory Fine staph Choice 80 Iii 8 7c half blood combing 65 or tee three eighth blood com Bing a us he plaster blood combing 40 in 4 5c Fine clothing fi5e medium clothing 50 4 Rue pulled Delaine 85c a a Supe hoc 6 in m Chai re Best com Bing 32c Hest carding. 25 of ?7e. Fin 75c 30# Ril Luxo Board of Trade. F hic ago. Jan. 7 wheat underwent a setback in Price today owing More or fare to estimates that Kansas i i i x prod it 11. Kansan City Jan Market in higher. Of Chinfa 60c, butter and poultry. 7.�?egg#�? first soc unchanged. 1jx Estock >1 us its Chicago Jan. 7.�?cattle�? receipts 6,000. Beef steer steady better Grade moving slowly Noth fag Choice sold Early bulk ground $8,601 10.00 she Stock steady to lower. Bulk Butcher cows $.50 7.00 canners mostly $3.70 bulls Dull Bologna largely 25c lower. Bulk $5,60fij 6.35 calves steady with yesterday s close bulk veal Era to packers $ l Loo it 12.00 stockers mid feeder sit Cidy. Hogs receipt 34,000. Musket Strong to i cd higher than yesterday 8 average big packers buying sparingly. Top $10.00 in 150-Pound weights top $9.85<tf 9.75 pigs Jeudy to Strong bulk desirable 90 to 1.0-Pound pigs $0.35 y 10.00. Sheep a receipts 11,000. Tut Lata is 25o higher top $12.40, bulk $ii.25 g 12.25 Tat sheep 26c to 5 0c higher prime ewes $6.of bulk fat ewes $4.284$t.5.0 tillers St Ady Hest feeder lambs $10.25. Kunnas City Jan. 7 Dottley ret seipts 800. Beef Sti Era unevenly higher. Sales $7.000 8.75 Butcher Stock Strong to 25c higher heavy Cusk $7,is, fair heifers $7. I mixed yearlings $k,0oq 8.25. All other Ciao a a Stead few Choice \ Euler $ 12.00 u 12.23. Hogs receipts 2,8 of Market opened 15c to it 26c higher closing a til pc mostly 2 5 c higher Light Light to shipper in Tup Butch int $9.50 bulk of sales $9.25it 9.60 Hest pig $10,10, she p i i pts 2,700. 6h�cp Saily to 250 higher. Best Ewe $160 wether $6.00 lambs mostly 25c higher Colorado pea fed $11,00 Market closing weak. Aim St every Rny know that Gage ten an a still or properly Coin pounded brings Barit the n it ural a Dor und Lustre to the hair when faded streaked or Gray a a oars ago the Only Way to get this mixture was to make it Thorn who h i of Pussy and troublesome nowadays by asking fit any drug Atory for Wyeth a fag gild Kule Hur compound a you will it a targe Bott of this famous old re in improved t v the Addil n of oth a to Troedl to nth at a a i Rill Cost. In not slay it a try in no on Ell hint Yon darkened it do in so naturally nod evenly. You Dampen # pm Ong or soft Brush with it and raw to i through your hair taking on mall strand at a time by morning the Gray hair disappear i rid after another Appart on or two yur he or becomes beautifully dark. Etc a a and so True Tiv Wyeth s rage and Sulphur compound in a delightful toilet req ii a if a Hue who ii a ire dark hair and n Youthful appearance. If u not in i for til cure mitigation or or vent if to of disease. Xxx Orth considering. The question u not so much How v it 1 cot to cold but t it gift Rill of it with the. Ii rust lows of Bino anti inc to a i it i a. Of you will consider the exp Olero e of others under St liar a who ii.v�?T, Ltd Hen ii St Pucce soul in checking to a or colds in their a ginning it it i will secure a bottle of Chamberlain rough remedy without delay and us it Faith fully tiler Ira run families who Hay tired this preparation duo a for years and hold it in High esteem it is excellent. Legal notice. Nhi b i a >1�?T i \ i a i Tri it the Breba to court of Bern Alii to county a w Mexico. In Tho matter of the fatal of Kirt b. Fisher i vet a a. Notice in Hen i a Given that the undersigned was on Lim 41ii Day of january 1921, duly a Point executrix to of the Ltd Uto of Kin la Fisher Deita cd by Iii court of Kermu Itin county and having flu Alifeld a such executrix. All a is having claims again the at of lid decedent an hereby notified Ned required to present Tho Tam to the under sign d in the manner and within the time prescribed by Law. Kli2abkth Fisher executrix. Dated january 4, 1921. Of or v. Of x do i a Tor. State of in w Mexico county of Bernalillo. In the probate court in the mutter of the a state of Amanda j. Merry weather notice is her Given that or. Jam a a. Is wit. Administrator of the i stat of Amanda j. Merry weather deceased has filed in the probate court of Bernalillo county new Mexico his fir ii report As such Adroin Trator. Ami the court Lias set saturday the 15th Day of january 1921, at to of Stock of the Forenoon of said Day. A the Day for heating objections of any there be to the approval of said final report and for the dutch Irge of said administrator and Iii Bond. It Ness any hand Ami Tho Teal of said probate court this Lith Day of december 1 920. Nestor Montoya Seal probate clerk. Admin dts a torn a notice state of be Mexico county of Bernalillo. Or the probate court. In the matter of the estate of s. A futile land. Deceased. Notice is her by Given that John r burp. Administrator of the estate of s. 8. Sutherland deem Sod has filed in the by Bate court of Bernalillo county new Mexico his final report As such administrator and the court has set saturday the 15th Day of january 13i. At in of clock of the Forenoon of said Day a the Day for hearing objections if any there by to the approval of said final report and for the final discharge of said administrator and i Bond. Witness nit hand and the Seil of a Abl probate court this Lith Day of december 1920. Nestor Montoya. Beal probate a Turk. Santa Opst pcs Midy Catarrh of the a bladder \ relieved in i i 24 hours each cop f n Kul Tommu to tsp Smidt j atm time or f Fem writer f a it

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